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Deceit & Deception: Biden Admin Denies, Redefines "Recession"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 26, 2022 12:45 pm

Deceit & Deception: Biden Admin Denies, Redefines "Recession"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 26, 2022 12:45 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian killed thank you much for being here buddy of the brain to me Joe it's Tuesday and it could be a great day and could be a big hour Charlie Kirk about the hours that a brand-new book is a impact player.

I you know, as he talks about turning point basically gets the next generation of young conservatives together and this is a growing like wildfire. The college scam is his new book how America universe.

American universities are bankrupting a brainwashing away. The future of America's youth.

Charlie Kirk will be here within a Col. Allen West. In a few minutes about 15 minutes. I should say, he joined us every Tuesday, so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three Zielinski feels like he is losing slowly that the bite administration is basically helping him play for a time. Unbelievable.

Michael Walters met with Zielinski and got some grim news, but some news that we could actually change in a good way playing for tie that to the White House is doing Ukraine costing lives while letting Europe off the hook and the Russians grind forward even though they are being humiliated on the battlefield this week felt like your PowerPoint from inconvenient truth come to life.

It's here for mother nature's already declared it a global emergency emergency really green energy obsession the left off the taxes trying to save the planet, they have zero control over making America feel the pain with their AC bill and at the pump. Yes, Al Gore's back.

Now we all remember why we've never missed him why we are not in a recession now has inflation peaked. I think probably got those indicators do not show that we are in a recession or even a pre-recession. Yeah, there we go. Can anyone here defined recession seems the bite administration is trying to find a new formula, deceit, deception is what they're good at. I have an idea. Let's try reality. What's your reality, I don't want to be an economist. I'm not either. You most likely leader. Unless Peter reaches listening or I don't know Steve Ratner but for the most part, you know, recession. You know it feels like you get officially from shows like this so you get it from economists I interview were from people that you might really pick up the paper or download download story and say all were in recession but you know when you feel as though your wages are not rising when you hear about your friends being laid off when you see that your job is not expanding.

When you feel as though your belt is tightening when your expenses at work are being heavily scrutinized when vacations and hard personal decisions have he decided that vacations are not for you this year or not to be as lavish as you originally thought. All last as long were you try to get a part-time job.

I mean, that recession means it's okay in a capitalist society would have ebbs and flows in a macro way I understand it.

What I don't understand is that tells the truth about it because we all know the truth will living unit reporting is something far, far away.

It's one we live in you taking about you taking about Mr. Pres., because gas drop $0.50 but it's already close to the five dollars and four dollars when it's that high already waterjet the sense to understand were knocking to be thrilled when it drops because you let me put the credit because your you gave them all the discredit when prices went up next when you told us that inflation was be transitory, you had 17 Nobel laureates call you call the switchboard. The White House is transitory, transitory, transitory. That is wrong when he told me that Afghanistan is not in danger being that the Saigon it ends up being worse over and over again were told a different story and you make up excuses when you're caught in not telling the nuts and essentially line your line when it comes to the border. It's not secure the other stuff you're trying to nuance the truth when you are true leader you tell people what they know and use tell him how you gonna try to fix it.

You don't deny you don't deny them the knowledge of knowing that you care enough to understand the reality and that's why this offensive over the weekend was offensive. Cut one. I do want to emphasize what a recession really means is a broad-based contraction in the economy and even if that number is negative. We are not in a recession now has inflation peaked.

I think probably, and this sounds much out of our control.

Information is a global problem when you're creating almost 400,000 jobs a month. That is not a recession. This is not an economy that's in recession but when the period of transition. Those indicators do not show that we are are in a recession or even a pre-recession. Come on you kidding of course were not going to grow back to backorders were knocking to grow. We can be negative growth. If you want to buy consumer confidence. USAID must feel different now because the job numbers are great. The 3.6% unemployment roughly 10 million open job 7 million looking for a job that's a good component, but today will get a fight about consumer confidence in you can spin it, it was an all-time high post pandemic 128 in June of last year. Now at 97.2, the lowest since February 2021 conference is dropping slowly. Are you going to go and tell the American people there more confident than they are.

Wednesday the Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates .75 is the hope may be less.

Although economists say the more pain we feel with interest rates, the less we spend, the less we do the brings down demand which will quickly get aside, the inflation it dropped. Now it is a gross 9.2% of gross.

Their GDP is coming out on Thursday not expected to be good in front of the personal consumption expenditure index so that might be better. Why because a lot of people are spending because you get a lot of free money early people were making more money. True, but they probably don't realize. In most cases when it comes to energy you give all that money back and more a might be given a backing rent because that goes up, you might be given a backing Gaskins echoes up might be giving a backing plate in air travel because that one up there this act rims Ramaswamy disguise already self-made billionaire is still working at it with his Ivy League background at giving other people the understanding of what exactly is happening in this country.

He joined Tucker Carlson last night. Cut 10. The best way to control a society is to control its language first and just like diversity is conformity. Inclusion and exclusion or a space now apparently recession is something other than two consecutive quarters of GDP decline and it's an insult.

Larry Summers and Art Laffer. The likelihood of recession being here are coming summers forward for the Obama administration famously and for Clinton Art Laffer for Reagan cutting I think is a very very high likelihood of recession. When we've been in this kind of situation before recession has essentially always followed when inflation has been hired on employment has been low to quarters back to back which it is for all practical purposes of the definition of a recession matter what the White House wants the site so they go.

It is so listen I it's how you experience it if I tell you in recession. You say my job never been better. Business is booming. My place is always packed you in a restaurant. I people are in a great mood. That's fine, but this is not the case with the number say I just find it very odd that in the day-to-day administration that has this much so-called experience would be choosing to spin things that way. So listen I do want to talk about what is happening with this whole green new deal before we go to break a sweat touch on this.

So Al Gore weaved themselves rolled himself out over the weekend he thought was a perfect time.

Why, because the new green deal is dead.

We don't go back better is on life support. We know that Joe mansion walked away from the latest deal and the facts about the economy make it almost impossible to put more pain on the American people already experience high inflation and high gas and oil prices right so was time for Al Gore to command, say it's a five alarm fire.

Let's go back to making sure the world gets all fossil fuels. No joke.

Al Gore cut 17 or mother nature's already declared it a global emergency, the EPA can take action to further limit emissions from power plants and from tailpipes on the Supreme Court decision did not take all their power away. We could stop allowing oil and gas drilling on public lands. Why we have to be able to drive the price down to our national security.

Does that mean anything to you.

When asked to that Joe Biden is out there. Same drill more lease words, only then begging the Saudi's to drill more and refine more is and that go against what you been saying that we should be doing if Democrats really understood the danger of climate change as well.

That's one short-term or long-term book, the answer is that cut 20 well, we made to avoid confusing the short term with the long term that's different from investing billions in new fossil bill infrastructure and new oil and gas drilling. That would not do anything to help the current crisis order held gasoline prices for that matter, but would guarantee increased omissions in the years ahead. You know the international energy agency has said that we should have zero new drilling for oil and gas reserves. We've already got enough to incinerate the planet. What were saying this global emergency play out and it's getting worse more quickly than was predicted that is Al Gore I'm in a push back on that because he got a free pass so we can loan you will get here on this, the brain can only Joe Charlie Kirk at the bottom of the our next Lieut. Col. Allen West. Not only will we talk about with tapping in Ukraine. Number two will going to be talking about what's happening in Texas New York Times over the weekend says it's a single digit race. How did that happen is Bitterroot really that close or they making it seem that way with Gov. Abbott using the brain kill each Joe so glad you're here and use that up. Thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian to Fox News, not just network time. Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine precise personal powerful is America's weather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast information you want truth you demand. This is Brian can show Zelinski feels like he is losing slowly that the Biden ministration is basically helping him play for a time, and if it's set up these lines settle as they are this winter and essentially he's cut off from the ocean -14 will hit the pause button. It won't be the end of hostilities to lick his wounds and come out it again why does that matter to the American people with prudent cake continues to chew up Ukraine. He will not stop. He will go in Eastern Europe and by letting Ukraine basically neuter the Russian army and giving them what they need when they been begging for. We can then truly focus on China which is where we need to be focused. It seems logical and Michael Walt's Green Berets got the respect of Zelinski busy Noel hard and he understands what it means. I think this fight in the Ukraine because it's Russia and he rushes nonstop.

Now they gotta gradually swallow backup Eastern Europe and why we leave this for another generation written for 10 years down the line or administration. Lieut. Col. Allen West may or may not feel the same way, but the way were giving them weapons is certainly making the description by Zelinski accurate Col., welcome back." Agree with Brian and am heading to a point that a lot of robots on the law's graduation from Army basic training is fantastic your recommendation. He joined yeah you know we had to sit down and talk about it in years gone through the Army basic training will come back and finish the last two years of college and then he is looking forward to being a commissioned officer in the Army so it's a great day. My grandson now have a dad sold to granddad so to great Grand Master was sold by that is that is awesome and how bad is the recruiting situation. While it is very bad, and great we cannot deny that you have all of the service chiefs out there asking people to little express drawn in the military and you know I have. You have a talk with the bistate staff of the Army recently was a friend of mine and he said that, really, about 75 to 80% of the people to join the military. Right now, military family so you know you still have family stepping up and support them but I think that because of the remoteness and critical race theory called Marxism on the screen for correct pronouns coming into the military because a lot of people scratch their heads as to whether not they want to join but is still an honorable profession and that's one problem at common law absolutely soon to its whiskey said I know if you have a human Michael Walt's said they met with them in the city were not getting the stuff. It's like the US is playing for time in Europe is gone. Woke I'm gone gone silent. Excuse me. Yeah I don't understand drip drip that we see coming out about in the economy does remind me of the Obama will be sent MRA. Yes, we are sending the lethal type of weaponry, but would not send it in the timely manner. We should have seen this, and should be gotten ahead of it. We go back you look with Pres. Trump. During his strength, and there was no desire for the courage about Levitical Russia and Ukraine. But the most important thing I can understand is why would not help in the Ukraine is the controlled airspace vacant controlled airspace and everything is taken care of because of that you have much in control in the airspace that allows them to have this massive artillery built up with you there just pounding the Ukraine see couple things behind bars to be effective. Nobody doubted.

Even the Russians have admitted we just had to get a more and then on Friday, Gen. Keene said he spoke to people the Pentagon there. Get ready to send over 15 616's and then on Sunday we had the press secretary Adm. Kirby commands it will not. We just think about it we might get into in December.

December the why bother.

In December would be left of both countries.

By December think about some of the weather, it's not clear that you know enables you to have that air superiority, air supremacy, and when you don't have that that you can do on the ground back where the high marks that are member testing the Highmore when I was a major back report Brian Alcala is an exceptional weapon system that does close the gap is for the artillery standoff, but you gotta have the right target at the addition assets to go along with that. Gotta have the satellite imagery help most people only. Again, you got to have the dominance of airspace. That's the most critical thing right now Ukraine absolutely. So what you what else Michael Walt's said that you might find disturbing. 26. I am very concerned for the taxpayer dollars and for oversight of these billions of dollars of equipment that were sending where is all going house or being used. Yeah, what's the maintenance what's the training here.

What's the utilization of it all. I is some of it being pilfered out to the black market. We just don't know were pushing the stuff across the border in Poland and were not talking people on the front lines, but we ought to have folks there out of our embassy with our eyes on to understand where all the stuff we don't have a way to audit this to stay on top of that dad is not not that is not a Republican or Democratic issue. That's an American responsibility of America.

All that the permanent responsibility of the House armed services committee, which are set on and also committed so we don't want to see the same type of debacle that we witness in Afghanistan.

Report no millions upon billions of dollars in there would look a lot equipment over there, bear to use them to be exported by the Chinese as well. So we do need to have a paper trail to have a system of auditing where the money is going and once again I think the most important thing to send them weapons and armor them to pay up to do the five American people always say they don't want percent of thousand dollars.

People Ukraine willing to give them a quick ability to talk about a great variety understand foreign internal defense and those type of ministries last week, the 22nd last is really single-digit race between Abbott and Peter O'Rourke. Well, that's whatever was reported out here euros 67% separation, but I think that in the governor Abbott will prevail. Thank you so much Lieut. Col. Allen West are now the American constitutional rights union executive director. Thanks, Col. called five high impact player turning point found Charlie Curtis next to the printed book tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is to bend on its podcast listen no Fox News five Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News five or wherever you get your favorite contest from his mouth to your ears this week felt like your PowerPoint from the light.

Some of the headlines Colorado River having to do water rations. The Monarch butterfly declared an endangered species. We had ice melt in Greenland record high temperatures in the UK wildfires in France and Greece.

The Rio Grande is running dry, New Mexico. It's here that was the introduction to algal before even had to speak who is saying that everything here, but if you read it if you watches will be what you remember of it.

Most of the stuff that he said is that even come close to fruition. The world has been on fire by now. And there's always challenges because earth continues to spin on its axis. I am just amazed at how the new and we've seen this new motor report on CNN and other places seems to be climate change and there everywhere you go. If there's a fire gets a little bit hotter summer to take up there sure to put in a tank top is proof of climate change on someone is a big believer in the new green deal joins me now is Charlie Kerr I'm a big advocate of that right is not in your bio but I can show you. Just as founder of turning point.

Charlie Kirk is here in studio's book is out to its called the college scam how America's universities are bankrupting a brand brain washing away the future of America's youth and questions the current value of a college degree, which by the way, I have two kids in college. Okay oh cost me 70,000 years that it is 70 that's pretty expensive private universal big time yet.

Look, there's a place for college and higher education in a society. The argument, making the book is on indicting the industry as a whole, right, of course, there's exceptions and I'm getting strongly worded emails from people and how dare you, it was great for me but let's look at the numbers. For example, Brian 40% of people that enroll in college will drop out 40%. That number alone should be cause for concern is that a new number know it's it's it's been that way for about 20 years was me away to the department education website when I tell people they said really so that alone should be okay with too many people enrolling in it. When a student enrolls that means there and they don't anything in return there going into debt their confidence to their confidence. That's number one than the other number that's really interesting is that if they graduate than 40% of college graduates end up getting a job that does not require a college degree so that the college, the degree itself is questionable and then on top of that, Brian got another 20% of people that end up getting a job that is not the same field as their degree so the economics and they go into computer science and sort of discount up your numbers. If you add all that together out of the 23 million active college students in America, about 5 million of them will end up graduating will end up getting a job in the same field at their degree is in getting a job that requires a college refined at a 23 million. If any other industry restaurants travel leisure service clothes that kinda success rate. We would call the skin right see Troy did something that I really feel embarrassed about.

II had a topic off the soundbite. I got caught up in your title. I brought you a different direction. I think I've hurt my audience okay I guess you just before we can share this on this whole climate change thing.

Do you see a shift are you amazing and I'm amazed at the symphony I'm seeing from the networks from CNN all about global warming going out Al Gore again with a fake picture of the atmosphere behind him.

I grew up watching Al Gore not voluntarily, I was the guy was the Al Gore generation damage to get stiffer by the way yeah and I to deal Al Gore impersonation. I won't do that almost that I got felled last night. Big risk is if you mess it up.

You could you could of kind of really good on and finally autos yeah exactly, but I'll say this though about the whole Al Gore thing he is in his profession is a full-time job is hysteria. He's his whole if there is no hysteria.

There is no climate emergency. There's just one kind example though, and it's hard to articulate without the picture but just the way they used to tell the news 15 years growth whether, for example, used to be all green and blue colors. The same temperatures are now hot red and orange if you just look at. We had pink last week yeah same weather report. So, meaning the same time as your numbers. I believe that the claimant's agenda is very similar to the hysteria we see in the last couple years.

Tyrants need stereo date do not want you to be at ease right they want you to be in a frenzy.

How crazy is it that you see would happen with these Democratic staffers who got himself arrested for protesting in Chuck Schumer's office so I didn't see that this is the first time they know it, the staffers temporary staffers because they want Chuck Schumer to force Joe Manson to negotiate.

I've never seen such like on Democrat on Democrat crime and how you get to try to get more left on their own party.

It's a fight without you involved in, and please continue hiring on the environmental issue is one that is a non-negotiating issue religion it is and I have said it is political paganism. I don't mean that judgmentally I mean it factually right that their fervor, their zeal, they have the energy the enthusiasm Brian.

It's I have not seen that since I have spent time with missionaries that would go to Kenny India meeting.

I will go anywhere I will do anything and they truly believe in agenda that if they do not act with such aggressive decisive and unilateral action, the entire planets can follow pyrite and my last question.

My last point on this is that you have a situation where if you want to bring the free market wanted to bring electric cars into the free market. If you want electric planes and you want to go compete. If you show me how solar panels will save me money in the be a place to get rid of them. Right now we have a huge problem, no place to get rid of the solar panels. That's right responsibly, so give nor throw the batteries and following credible district. Unbelievable. You can treatment space and so if you do that you can save me money came on every marketer. We're not ready now and what they're doing is hurting our country and this is why I don't want to debate it.

This is yes or no, we are linked to fossil fuels. We do it more response with anybody else. If you tell Ford to get up F1 50 lightning and you make it more affordable. The F1 50 and I could save money every month.

I'm not anti-electric car but I put into my house and my house is fueled by a power station by coal. So were not idiots yeah and so look it's micromanagement at its worse nursing utility rates go up all across the country. This is a major store that people are talking about 60% of the country, paycheck to paycheck. You don't think they feel that their fill out or talk to someone in Texas. $600 last year $1300 this month and so but there's there's a very common sense prudent agenda here that could be embraced nuclear power and natural gas and the environmentalist want nothing to do with it.

That goes to show how insane they are. I love the environment. I think we as conservatives should actually be more forceful and how we love the environment why we love the environment and how God made no one wants to live with polluted water polluted air, and so natural gas incredibly clean. It lowers carbon emissions. Nuclear energy outside the 3 mile Island.

It's incredibly efficient, incredibly clean and get the environmentalist. They have a nonnegotiable position with a six stop oil stop natural gas and you cannot sustain yourself as a first world country that what I don't bag back to book Charlie Curtis here in his book is now out is called the college scam for you, Charlie. When I first met you I think you and your early 20s and art and I know I found out right away whether someone told me you told me while his way to go on stage LS Charlie Cook HON I CAE and within a few minutes he told me I never went to college going. You started this. Could you look so young you started this thing right as escort, no, I cannot commit high school so that was not your initial decision, though, to college. Yeah I read about this in the book is that it originally wanted to go to West Point.

I didn't get in. I then had Baylor as a backup option and just feel right to go borrow that money to go down to Texas and do that and so I summoned the gap year and a time to be Always Have Other Way Yeah That's Actually Met with the Funds I Met with Ken Starr While He Was There and We Had a Good Time.

I Say I Might Do This, Is That Is a Go, You Go Do That Now. He Serves on Our Honorary Board.

It's Kind of Hilarious We Were. He Told You Don't to College. It Was He Was I Would Say That He Was Very Open to the Idea That You Can Always Come Back.

This Sounds a Good Idea. You Have A Lot Of Energy Knowing Deep down You Might like This Guy's Got No Shot.

Who Knows What You Know. He Said the Right Thing That Gave Me Enough Confidence to Go Do It but It's Been This Amazing Only in America Story Turning Point USA Which Started Nothing 10 Years Ago and No Ideas No Connection, No Idea What I Was Doing and Now Has Really Blossomed into the Premier Movement of Young Conservatives across America and If Somebody Is a Politician and Wants to Maybe Break in or Establish Themselves or Be Successful. Whether It's for the Present United States or an Aspiring One They Call You. You Look Really Touched by That We Have a Constituency and so We Had Our Political Arm Turning Point Actually Hosted Ron Santos Josh Ali Ted Cruz Mike Lee Donald Trump Don Junior Matt Gates Lauren Bogert Marjorie Taylor Green and Many Others Coming All Those Are Kind of in the Mix Right and so We Had a Straw Poll. The Results Obviously Want Super Viral. I Find It to Be Really Instructed Donald Trump Pointing in the Greatest Opponent Did the Most Feared This Evidence of yet.

I Added That Question.

Such a Folder. Did the Polling for Us Independent Polling Firm, but We Are Able to Create the Questions of, What We Want to Tabulate Interesting What Is Our Audience Think Is Can Be the Biggest Obstacle to Winning Back the White House. I Thought Michelle Obama Was Going to Win Hands Away 30% of Our Students Think Gavin Newsom Is the Most Difficult to Defeat Going into 2024 A, but If You Look at His Record Is the Most Vulnerable Is Been Apsley off Yes I and He's a Terrible Person Who Says Hi Henry Is As Deep As As like a Puddle. I Will Say This Though, and Living in the West. I Live in Phoenix There Is a Strange Connection for Upper-Middle-Class Suburban Women Gavin Newsom They like Hayes Good-Looking Guy Looks the Part. I Cast Them If I Was Doing a Movie I or Laura Bond Villain, but I Don't Know What You're Casting for Deathly Something but Ice Being in the West. I Can See Even Center-Right Women like Oh I like to Me Is a Better Tone. I Think the Reason Brian Is A Lot like Trump's Style They Don't like Anything about Biden and They Say Oh Well, We Could Have Have the Movie Star. Lead Us Back to Normal and I Think That's Foolish and Obviously Baseless, but I Don't. Don't Discount Gavin Newsom.

He's a Worker Justin Trudeau. He Is Just in Hugh PR Justin Trudeau Who Looks the Part That Now You What Was Actually Right and Try to Look at College. So What I Was Getting at Is You See Your Probably 2122 When You Were in This Huge Organization Devil Went to School When Did You Realize That Your Decision Was Not Only Right for You Should Be Right for Others yet so I Don't Necessarily Say That My Path Is Right for Everybody.

I Say It Could Be and It Should Be an Option Right and I'm Different.

Obviously, I Enjoy Working 20 Hours, They, like You, Brian Never Sleep and Is Always Doing Something That That's Why Most Times Out Of a Hobby Guy I I Just like so Much Respect for Your Work Ethic I Say to Everybody's Eyes a Machine I and I Don't like Morning since That's Where I Really Left A Lot Of It of Her Spank How Hard You Work. It's Incredible. But Look at What I Do See in the Book Is That This Should Be an Option for You, but to Be Honest. Brian Wasn't until a Book Recently a Couple Years Ago That I Really Turned the Corner Because for Years I Would Kind of Be Sheepish and a Little Bit Scared to Admit I Didn't Go to College It on the Psyche Because It Almost Came with This Kind of Embedded Failure Expectation Their Big Certain Circles Rugby More Forceful Than Other Such As When I Met You within a Couple Years Ago I Sent Him This College Thing Is Making Our Generation. Poor It's Making Them with Their Blessed Purpose. They've Less Confidence I Think It's Destroying the Spiritual Health of the Nation and so I Decided to Start the Research. This Is Three Years Research That One to This Book Because There's so Many Facts and Summary Documents to Go through with 35 Pages of Footnotes at the End of the Book so You Think Charlie Is Happened in the Pandemic Is. My Daughter Was a Senior in High School and They Base Kendo Senior like Everybody Was. And Then We Went to College. It Was All These Restrictions and I'm Sure the Numbers Are Very Interested Get the Number from Last Year Because so Many Want to Go to Classes at Eight Hours off and Really Can't Do Anything They Want Me Restaurants Will Pick up Ice Cream Getting Delivered for Overreach and They Go Where My Doing so Instead of Seeking the Momentum from High School Graduation Go to the Beach Get a Job. September Ending All the Sudden They Stop down Yesterday Look Tries to Water My Doing and A Lot A Lot Of My Daughter's Friends Either Change Schools One at a School They Just Said They Took a Deep Breath Because the Momentum Was Lost Because the Whole Country Was Shut down in Many Cases Yeah and I Think One of the Few Good Things That Came out a Covert Which Was Obviously a Tragedy and a Terrible Thing, Is It Really Did Disrupt the Way People Viewed Education Challenge Pre-Existing Orthodoxies on the K-12 Level. Especially so, School Boards, but Also with College and so This Amazing Brian. I Got There There Withholding the Final Numbers.

I Am One of the Few People in the Country. It Always, Looks of the Part of Education Website and with Eager Expectation College Enrollment Went down Last Year They Had That We Don't Know yet for This Year. That Should Be Coming out Soon and Went down Slightly That's That's Remarkable Usually Was Just Going up Every Single Year Automatically. There's At Least 40 Colleges I Know of That Are on the Brink of Bankruptcy Action. That's Very Healthy.

I Don't Wish Pain on Anybody, but I Think That If You Do Have It Interview an Industry Where Businesses Never Go under and There's No Check and Balance, Then You're Not Can I Have a Superior Product and so All That Together.

I Think Coming Out Of Covert We Are Seeing a New Education Renaissance and the Thing Is When You Do Try to Supplement Private Insurances Private Colleges and Set Them Saying Okay. We Got Some Government Money with the Student Loan Is Been Raised They Raise Their Tuition. That's Right, Which Is Sinister It Is and Not to Mention the Endowments Alongside of It. So in the Book We Talk about How the College Has Basically, School Had Fund Attached and You Have These Multibillion-Dollar Tax-Free Endowments. If You Tabulate the Top Five Endowments in the Country. Stanford Union Respects Austin Yale Brown and I Think a More Godly School I Could Get or Make the Harder It Gets, but Harbors of One yet with 50, $56 Billion. It's $135 Billion in Tax-Free Endowments That Are Growing in All of Them Are Raising Their Tuition Year after Year and at Harvard, Went Out Of Their Way until They Got Back Last Go to PP P Money As If They Needed an Extra $59 and a Payroll It's Incredible Charlie Kirk Stick around Get a Brand-New Book out. I Gotta Go Pick It up School to College. Scan Back in Moment Brian Can Show Newsmakers and News Breakers. First, I Can Only Show Will Came Close to Fox and Friends, We Can Enjoy and Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics in Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business. So Just Subscribe and Listen to Fox News by Just Talkshow. That's Real. This Is the Brian Killed Show Sector.

I Know That That's What You Have Not, That's Not Okay President.

He Has the Right, Absolutely. That Is Done Was Bush O Greenbush of the Woman. There Was a Deed from the Police and Every Democrat Just Passes out on the Spot Because They Know It's Death to Their Party. Charlie Kirk Here Turning Point USA Founder Other Brand-New Book You Get a Pickup, Especially If You Have a Kid about to Go to College or Think about Going Going or Going Back Is Called the College Scam How America's Universities Are Bankrupting a Brain Washing Away the Future of America's Youth Questions the Current Value of a College Degree, As Does a Guy You and You Really like You Going There Tonight. Tucker Carlson Yes Tucker Endorsed the Book on the Front Cover and He Said College Scam and Read This Book and You'll Know It to an Inlet outside of College at Hillsdale College.

The Other Part outside of the Financial Aspect of It Is the Localism and the Bad Ideas Every Bad Idea Brian That We Make Fun of Beef on the Police As We Decide Climate Extremism Meant to Become Pregnant. All of It Originates from the University Same Way That the Chinese Coronavirus Came for the Tenants through Virology to Where to Come from Is the Same Way That All These Idea Pathogens Originated in the University and They Spread like Viruses across Our Society Was Initially I'm Even Scummy Harding for Eric to Do When Josh Holly Questioned the Berkeley Professor Beautiful, and the Fact Is I Go.

We Just Saw That Right in Front of Us Because the Berkeley Prof. Actually Thought She Scored Points and Josh Holly Could Not Believe That She Was Saying, Which I Said Said, Can a Man Get Pregnant Yes and Just Ending to See I Am Offended.

That's the Story of the Last Five Years Because Everyone's Offended about Everything about the Most Ridiculous Thing. The Thing Is People Losing Their Careers Because She Was so Smug to the Way She Handled It and I Said As Soon As That Back-And-Forth the Josh Holly Happened. I Turned My Team.

I Said This Is the Best Turning Point USA College Scam Commercial I've Ever Seen. She's an Expert Witness at a Senate Senate Testimony First to Think Whether the Democrats Thought She Was Gonna Help Their Cause Right like a Brother Involuntarily Felt like Some Sort of Random Things Still Think She Helped Read the Articles. Like She Got Josh Holly and I Thought Holly Was Perfect and He Handled It and That She Brings up She Brings up. She Says What Do You Think Men Can Become Pregnant and Josh Says No I Do Not with Your Trans Phobic. She's a Professor at University California Berkeley Berkeley That's Right, Right. The Websites College People Want to Check It They Could Buy the Book Right That's Right College and Here's the Best Part. You Can Be on Saturday Night at 8 O'clock and 11 O'clock with Me on One Nation. I Will Bring That Clip with Me That Will Be Perfect and a Brief One of the Click Okay and You Just Bring That Same Place Deal I Fox News Radio Studios in New York City Pressure Office Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice. Brian Is Killing Me from 4615 for Her around the Country around the World, Especially in Ukraine, Joined to a Simulcast with One of the Best Economic Find Great Personalities and FOXBusiness Parting Company with so Much Going on Right Now That Affects His Country in the World Supply Chain on down Is Perfect Person to Talk to and Then I Got You for Her from before but You Deftly Know the Topic Gregory Wrightsville, Geology, Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition and Author of This Inconvenient Fact, the Sites That Al Gore Doesn't Want You to Know, of Course, Al Gore Rolled Himself down to the Limelight Again. The Hundred Million Dollar Man Made a Ton of Money of Greenhouse Gas and Everything Else I Was Spewing All over the Weekend. It's Time to Bring Some Facts to His Diatribe and Let's Now Go to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Zielinski Feels like He Is Losing Slowly That the Bite Administration Is Basically Helping Him Play for a Time. No Kidding.

Michael Was Playing for Ty.

That's with the White House Is Doing to the Ukraine and Costing Lives. Little by Little, Giving Them Arms They Need to Sustain but Not Win Its Letting Europe off the Hook Because They're Not Fulfilling Any of Their Promises and Brushes Grinding Forward Even Though They Been Humiliated on the Battlefield This Week Felt like Your PowerPoint from Inconvenient Truth Come to Life. It's Here for Mother Nature's Already Declared It a Global Emergency Really Can Anyone Green Energy Obsession the Left off Its Axis Trying to Save the Planet, They Have Zero Control over and Making America Feel the Pain with Their AC Bill and That the Pump Yes Outboards Back and Now We All Remember Why We Did Miss Why We Are Not in a Recession Now Has Inflation Peaked.

I Think Probably Got Those Indicators Do Not Show That We Are in a Recession or Even a Pre-Recession Really Can Anyone Here to Find Recession. Suddenly, We Can't.

It Seems the Bite Administration Is Trying a New Formula for What Should I Say the Old One Deceit and Deception of an Idea. Let's Try Reality and What Is Your Reality Been Dominant. She's Right Here Been. I Cannot Believe Were Debating What a Recession Is Rather Than Going on and How Does It Feel Don't Believe Your Eyes or the Numbers but I've Ever Seen. Political Response to Economic Trouble. Let's Redefine Our Way Out Of It.

Such a Genius Who Is Trying to Help You Know It's Not a Lie. If You Believe It Right. That's the Sort of Thing I Noticed the White House Seems to Be Doing That When It Comes to Their Approach to This Economy, They're Basically Saying the People You Know That Everything That You See Happening around You All the Droids You're Looking for, and This Is the Sort of Situation That I Think You Have One White House Get Desperate about This Is the Kind of Playbook That They Turn to One That Doesn't Actually Acknowledge or Empathize or Have Any Kind of Connection to the Pain. The People Are Feeling When It Comes to Their Cost of Energy When They See the Inflation of the Capital around Them When They See the Packaging Getting Smaller and the Good Giving up and Far between, and the End of Your Hard Choices for Their Families in Their Household and This White House's Response Is Basically Not Happening and to the Derivative Shift Inflated in Your Mind by by the Media by Your People Who Are Giving You along the Pacific. Actually Everything Is Doing Just Great and I Still Think about Going to Work As a Political Strategy and Then of Course He Got His Decentralized Spectator Ice Also Mostly Set up in Dominic's Podcast Fence of the Try to Figure out Why All the Sudden We All Agree in Agreement. Up until Now the to Exceed Consecutive Quarters of Negative Growth Leads to Recession, the City Goes Back to Maybe the LBJ They Want to Prove His Visor Going to Prove That after a Bad Run of Economic News, the US Wasn't in a Recession. So We've Always Accepted That Member Bush 41 to Read the Thing Was Debatable Band You Come on Here and Debate with the Reasons Were behind It. Now People Are Saying Were Not in It. Bush 41.

The Last One to Lose a Second Term Because a Recession and and He Never Denied It Was There. He Just Did I Do with the Causes Were Any New Were about to Come Out Of It. Sadly, Bill Clinton Was to Benefit Beneficiary of It, but I Want You to Hear a Couple People Debate on What the Recession Is and It's Not a Debate with Two People Usually Disagree (Larry Summers Cutting I Think Is a Very High Likelihood of Recession. When We've Been in This Kind of Situation before Recession Has Essentially Always Followed When Inflation Has Been Hired on Employment Has Been Low. Two Quarters Back to Back Which It Is for All Practical Purposes of the Definition of a Recession Matter What the White House Wants the Site Becoming Wood Which Going on Here.

Have the Flyer Played within the People of the Community of Economists You Actually Know the Way Things Work and Look at the White House and Try to Spin This As Much As They Want to Put Effective Debate Inherited Their Economy That Was Actually Doing Going in a Very Positive Direction and Coming Out Of a Pandemic Lots of People Going Back out Traveling Again, Wanting to Spend Money and It's Only through Their Own Approach to Policy That We've Gotten to This Point They Wanted to Just Spend Spend and Spend and the Factors That Even the Day They Spent so Much Money so Fast That They Flooded Our Economy in a Way That Was Really Responsible Led Directly to This Inflation and Then on the Energy Policy Side of Things Dramatically Opposite Approach of the Previous Administration, in a Way That Other People Felt Pain Immediately. They Can Talk As Much. They Want about This Being Due To the Great Claim, but It Simply Gives a Look at the Chart Effective the Energy Places Them and Cost Will Go up Well before Decided to Invade and This Is Something That Unfortunately This White House Is so Wedded to the Green Agenda. As You Mentioned, with Al Gore Emerging from under His in Their Crate Cave to Come out and Scare People. Again, This Is a Situation Where There so Wedded to the Doctrine of a Climate Agenda That Is Designed to Quickly Make Energy More Expensive in the Short Term, It Leads to a Worse Admissions. What Makes All These Coal-Fired Plants Go Back Online. It Hampers Us When It Comes to Natural Gas, and It Makes the Holding of Course, As We Seem to the Middle Eastern Countries around the World in a Way That We Really Shouldn't Be in Order for Our National Security Policy to Be What We Would like. So Outlook Comes out Yes Aces a Common Emergency When It When Asked Easily of the Present United States Has Been Big in Saudi Arabia for More Than Yelling at the Oil and Gas Industry Refine More. So We Mean It's Emergency Will That Short-Term Long-Term.

Then He Said This in an Effort to Pass His Climate Agenda. This Man Whose Dad Was in the Senate, Who He Made His Name in the Senate I Thought Was a Traditionalist Cut 19 Public Summers and Is Changing but Our Democracy Is Broken down in Order to Solve the Climate Crisis Were Have To Pay Attention to the Democracy Crisis. The Same Reason That Gives Them Seemingly Impossible for the Congress to Pass Legislation Banning the Use of Weapons of War Is the Same Reasoning That We Can Pass Climate Legislation. We Have a Minority Government We Have the Filibuster Still Which Audibly Eliminated Really Eliminate Everything Change Everything. Democracy Broken.

So What Al Gore Could Get Richer Democracy.

Democrats Are Now Going to Get Rid of the Filibuster Supreme Court and Completely Transform the Way That Our Election Were Done yet.

That's a Great Great Argument Graduation Box Redirecting Sort of Thing That You Delete a Time Began from from Al Gore Is Willing to Take Any Steps Any Steps at All. Do the Agenda You'd Never Willing to Reconsider Any of the Steps Recommended and Work He Is Out Of Step with the Actual Science and with Serious People on This Topic Because He Is Not about No Ramping up Nuclear Is Not about Trying to Move toward Cleaner Energy Sources in Ways That Frankly Involve A Lot Of Steps from Government, but He Doesn't Really Approve up the Fact Is That We Saw You under the Truck Administration. We Thought That the Mission Get Better and Why Waste in Part Because of the Natural Gas Boom and Everything Else Was Going on with That. And yet the Left Doesn't Want to Celebrate That Sort of Thing. Instead, They Are Invested in This to a Religious Degree and Frankly Brian. I'm Just Sick of It Because of the End of the Day the People Who Suffer the Most of People in the Developing World Working Denied Air Conditioning Matrix of Benefits That You and I and Every Other American Enjoys Right and We Do Have Air Conditioning Is A Lot More Expensive and Living Paycheck to Paycheck You'll Feel Every Dime in Your Life That Are Directly Affected and When Someone Gets on the to Get Spun like Monsters Economies Doing Good When on Recession It's Illnesses Exceed.

They Become an Adversary in Seven Advocate for You. I Want to Bring You to I Want to Bring into Politics If I Can Even Further. Congresswoman Cory Bush Mr. Fund the Police over Missouri Chief Said This about Pres. Biden's Future in Her Mind Is What She Didn't Say His Key Cut 32. Want to See Joe Biden Run for Senator.

Yeah, I Know That That's an Easy Question. I Sentence I Can't Do Want to See Drawdown Have Not.

That's Not Okay. I Mean, He's the President.

He Has the Right to Run for Second Term Absolutely Is That I Don't Say Yes, I Did Not Hear What You What You Thinking. Turning over There.

I Don't Think Joe Biden Could Run for Anything. I Hope We Could Go for a Jog. That's the Sort of Thing That Is Unfortunately True When It Comes to the Agent. He Is Reached in a Look.

You Never Know When You Want to Judge a Guide for the Crime of Getting Old but He Got Older He Got Old-Fashioned. The Fact Is That Being President It Does in Very Clear Respects and I Think That Unfortunately He Is Really at a Point Where He Cannot Fulfill the Duties of His Office in a Very Basic Way. Were Not Talking about Ideological Disagreement Here Were Not Talking about You, What Are You about Supportive Policies Are Close to Them. You Just Can't Have Confidence in This Man to Be Able to Do His Job and Stand for the Democrat Party Based Have To Face a Reality Where He Is Not Popular. He's Not Able to Function Call Is Not Popular Popular. She's Barely Able to Function and I Think That the Other People That There Have To Turn to Our Can Have Their Own Defects to Look at the End of the Day, You Probably Will Run Again from Whole Life Trying to Get the Position Is Not to Give It up. Try to White Knuckle It Just like All of These Older Politicians Do, but It May Become so Evident That He Is Incapable of Fulfilling the Job That Some Point, Barack Obama and Some of the Other Leaders of the Democratic Coalition Have To Weigh in on Whether You Really Ought to Run Again and Whether Second Term Is Even Something Is Possible. I Know That's Chewing Now to Try to Do Is Build up, She Stock Is the Name of the Editorial Today at the New York Times and They Talk about How She Just Get Such Hard Jobs.

Space Distinguish Yourself in Space Space for That.

You of the Chinese during Their Own Their Own Study Space Station. We Have the Conflict in Russia. If You Affirm and Direct You Got You Got the Clipboard.

Hey If You Want to Fix the Border. It's Not Easy, but Man, You Can Do It You Get That Jean Sure Don You Get a Camouflage Shirt You Go Flying As Other Countries You Threaten with Tariffs. You Get to Know Them. You Start Walking the Streets Seeing the Honduran Property. The Guatemalans You Show Compassion Their Wares, Cheese of the Border Where She Today She's Back at the Border You Have Election Integrity to Democrats.

She Could've Been Everywhere Targeting Wisconsin in Arizona in the Georgia but She Just Doesn't Do Anything and She Takes Weekends off Really Could've No Going All the Places You Build Yourself up and Away Being the Natural Go to When Joseph's Away, but Instead Going on All the Different TV Shows, and Speaking on Stay with the Word Salads Make You Feel Uncomfortable. It's like She Has a Nervous Tick or Something That Is Forcing Her to Say These Things in Ways That Are Repeated over and over Again. It's about the Passage of Time Brian and the Importance of the Way the Time That It Just Is Infuriating to See This and We Know That America Is Better Than This, That We Deserve.

Politicians Were Better Than This and I Think That Americans, Even Those Who Make Support Some of This Agenda Are Starting to Wake up to the Idea That These People Just Are Not Cut out for This Job and in the Moment When We Are Facing Somebody at Home and Abroad. We Need to Have People Who Were Capable of Standing up, and Delivering a Message Knowing What It Is and Having Clear Goals You Would Be Dean Smith's Assistance in His Later Years Does Let Them Do Everything You Would Be Bobby Knight's Assistance Is Do Everything You Would Be the Offense of Courting for Bill Belichick to Get More More Autonomy before You Go. This Could Be, Harris Doesn't Matter Who Did the Offense Do Well Even If the Team Lost You People Look around, Look for That Diamond in the Rough, but Instead, Unplugged, Let's Listen You Have To Xerox a Are Our Photocopy Your ID to Send It into Prove You Are Who You Are Well: People Special People Live in Rural Communities Don't.

There Is No Kinko's.

There's No OfficeMax. We Can Point Things out for and I Haven't Been to Europe.

We Think the Biggest Failure Has Been at This Point Cannot. It Didn't Seem like so Uncomfortable You Know It so You Know, Meandering and Telling the Same Story Twice or Three Times the Dinner Table and You Got, over There Tackling and Protecting like Everything Is Just Okay and It's Infuriating. I Think the American People and until the Democrats Discover an Alternative to This Approach to Governance.

They Are Headed for a Major Title Wave in November That Is Going to Sleep so Many of Them Out Of Office and Can Lead to A Lot Of New Blood in Washington DC and the New Building Have To Deal with Everything That Comes from to Find out Today Pretty Early. You Really Owe Me. Thanks so Much. Get That Then Damage Podcasting Spent Great. I Just before We Go. Just As News Now of Russian-Made Official. They Will Leave the International Space Station at the End of 2024 and Start Construction on Its Own Station. Good Riddance Brian Kim Each Show Brian Kim Radio Show like No Other.

They Will Come Back and Rewrite the Announcement and I Will Turn It You Know I Have a Passion for History by Books, History Books Now Working on Six to Have a Chance to Talk about It on Stage. We Just Got Four Dates with the Pandemic Was so Hard to Get Together on What Everything Is and Isn't Overall Set Now Going to Go. August 27 to Be Saturdays Can Be Newark, New Jersey.

Beautiful Theater to Be There I Met the Let Me See, That's the That's Albany Okay I'll Be at the ANOVA August 27 New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Just Go to Brian,, and the Egg Is Almost Sold out. Thanks, W.

D. G. J. Have a Great Affiliate up There That September 8 Two Day Later Date 20 Mississippi Have Not Been There Brandon, Mississippi.

I Cannot Wait City Hall Live. That Would Be November 12. The Next Day Almost like Him on the Road like a Band at the Cox Convention Center Utz Theater in Tulsa Oklahoma. It's Always Fun. Karen G. Listeners Go Get Your Tickets Now Get Out Of the Way. Take America's History Back of Thousand People at a Time and a Chance to Meet You All. Face-To-Face in an Unscripted Session Much like Radio We Come Back What's Wrong with Al Gore's Inconvenient Facts Gregory Right Stone. The More You Listen More, You'll Know, Brian, Kim Know This Week Felt like Your PowerPoint Come to Life.

Some of the Headlines. The Colorado River.

Having the Monarch Butterfly Declared in the Ice Melt Greenland Record High Temperatures in the UK Wildfires in France and Greece Rio Grande Is Running Dry, New Mexico. It's Here so They Go Chuck Todd, Outlining How What You Have Al Gore and How Lucky We Are That the Earth Is Still around and He Was 100% Right Is That in Fact the Facts Gregory Right Stone's Been on before Geological, Executive, Geologist and Executive Director of CO2 Coalition, Author of Inconvenient Facts. The Signs That Al Gore Doesn't Want You to Know Greg Welcome Back Has Weed Was Good for You to See Al Gore Again, Not at All What He Had to Say. Linking People like Me He Called Me a Denier. People like Me Who Don't Deny Climate Change at All.

In Fact, We We Recognize the Global Ecosystems Are Changing Because of Climate Change, but We See What Almost Every Metric. Brian, We Look at Earth's Echo Systems Are Thriving and Prospering Because of Modest Warming and Increased CO2. We Should Celebrate That Vegetation Is Increasing from the Polls to the Equator.

Every Ecological Niche When What the Commentator There Just Stated You Listed for Five or Six Things That Would Just Wrong.

If You Look at the Colorado River, Hansen Drought, Now It's the Southwest It's an Error in Dry Areas. It Goes through the Fact I Just Looked at Lee's Ferry. The River Levels Just Upstream of Lake Mead and It's It's Slow but What the Same Levels in Terms River Flow Home for Five Times, Dating Back to 1960 and Probably Authorities Were Much Much Lower Than for so These People Are Lying to You and Your Listeners and Again We See We See in Our Search Thriving and Prospering Again, We Should Celebrate That We Have Some Right Now They Keep Saying Record Heat Records. He Will Record Fire Record Fire so Would You Say That That People Watch the Especially over in California Looked at the Dallas Temperatures. I Posted a Commentary I Wrote That It Was, It Taught Its Late July.

It's Not Abnormal, and If You Look If You Put What's Going on Now in Context. Dallas Days of 100�F Eight.

It's Harder Than a Normal Summer, but There Been Many Men in the Many Other Somerset Had Formed Five Times the Number of 100 Great Degree Fahrenheit Days so We Need to Chill out Licorice. It's Hard to Sleep Supply Especially Warm and Summer, and in Fact Most of the Temperature Records across North America Here in the United States Were Set in the 1930s Some 85% of the High Temperature Records Were Set in the 1920s and 30s.

In Fact, the Number of Record Lows per Record High Close Have Increased, so Getting Anonymous Cold in the Winter and That's a Good Thing. Brian Will Tell You What We Shoot 15 to 20 Times As Many People Die Due To Cold It Is to Heat Recent Nature Study Was Interested in in the Journal Nature Was Released Last Week.

It's Actually They Admitted That Global Warming Saves Lives Because Were Seeing Higher Low Temperatures in the Winter Time Due To Global Warming Someone Easier Would It Wails about the Way We See the Greenland Melting While Greenland Cycles up and down Enhancement and Retreat in the Courtroom Were in a Warming Trend. Brian but That Warming Trend Started More Than 300 Years Ago, Long before the First Model T Rolled off the Assembly Line so We Had 250 Years of Warming That Had to Be Entirely Naturally Driven Warming Told Now It's Man's Releases of What They're Calling the Demon Molecule, CO2, Carbon Dioxide Is Leading to This Unusual and Unprecedented and Dangerous Warming. We Just Don't See That We in Fact I Love to Look Back through Human History.

And I Know You're a Huge History of History You Your History Is More All the Last 150, 200 Years Were As My History Goes Back Thousands of Years, and If We Look at If We Look at Human History and Climate and Temperature History. We See a Strong Relationship between the Rise and Fall Temperature and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations and Community in the Previous Warming. Standing Back to First Grade Civilizations All the Warming Periods, We See Were Hugely Beneficial When Was the First the First Great Warming. The First Great Nations, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Hittites First Great Chinese Civilization Rose up in a Thing Called Kunkel of the Minoan Warm. Up to the Bronze Age and It Was Much, Much Warmer Than Today. We Know They Were Growing a Crop Cult Called Millet and Scandinavia, Which Can Only Be Grown in Subtropical Eric Harris Rick Bickley's Historical Records and Say Will Corset Have To Be A Lot Warmer and I Can These Great Civilizations Rose up and Then It Started Getting Cold and All of These Great Civilizations Collapsed Late Bronze Age Collapse and They All Collapsed during This Cold. We See It Repeated Time and Again, CO2 Levels. Well, They're Not High Enough. We Wishing Them Huge Benefits of CO2 Work 420 N. and Give You Nonfunctional Percent Work for 20 Ppm. Right Now the Average throughout Earth's History's 2600 Ppm Six and Half Times What We Are Today and the Plants That Involved We Would Rely on for Sustenance Evolved at Those Higher CO2 Levels and They Crave.

That's What People Actually Go to the Greenhouses to Grow Marijuana Use in the Mind. Huge Amounts of CO2 Canisters Because Plants Thrive on Nursing Crop Growth Records. Brian Broken Year after Year, and There Being Broken: Countries in One Country's Indians, Breaking Records and It's It's a Combination of Modest Warming Is with the Warming We Get Links and Growing Seasons Course You Have More Plantings, More More Harvest and That's Turbocharge by the CO2 Fertilization Effect of More CO2 Fuel and Plant Growth Number.

Back to Middle School You Know Photosynthesis You Need Water Sunlight and Carbon Dioxide per Plant Growth so Much Easier. Al Gore Went on to Get More Specific Cut 20 Well, We Need to Avoid Confusing the Short Term with the Long Term That's Different from Investing Billions in New Fossil Deal Infrastructure and New Oil and Gas Drilling. That Would Not Do Anything to Help the Current Prices or to Help Gasoline Prices for That Matter, but Would Guarantee Increased Omissions in the Years Ahead. You Know the International Energy Agency Has Said That We Should Have Zero New Drilling for Oil and Gas Reserves. We've Already Got Enough to Incinerate the Planet. What Were Saying This Global Emergency Play out and It's Getting Worse More Quickly Than Was Predicted. So I Guess You Want to Take That on. If You Look Temperature Rise.

We've Seen Increasing Temperatures Going in Fits and Starts for about 2/10 of a Degree Protected and so You Know in 200 Years. By the End of the Century. Another Hundred Years. We May Increase a Little Again.

Looking Back through History. Additional Heat Has Always Provided Bountiful Food and Good Conditions for Humanity, but We Seem Actually Very Very Little Temperature Rise from the Last 10 or 12 Years Really and Which Was Interesting to Brian.

We Just Started Having Lots of CO2 to the Atmosphere and What the Mid 20th Century Internet Post-World War II Economic and What's Funny If You Look That Was Just As We Started Hearing CO2 to the Atmosphere. We Went into a 30 Year Temperature Decline.

You're Not Old Enough to Remember When I Was in School in the Late 70s There Was Talk of the Next Ice Age Because We Been Declining and Temperature for 30 Years. Just As We Started Adding CO2 Is Just Fine in the Face of This Notion That CO2 Is the Control Knob of the Temperature of the Atmosphere so Great, Why Are You Being from LinkedIn. All That Was It's Kind of Funny Thing to Start a Band, Scientists Robert Publishing Scientific Information. And They Started Taking Stuff down Right and Left Everything up Posted False and Misleading Might Very Find This Funny. My Very Last Post I Sent My Post Was I Think I'm about to Be and in the Platform from LinkedIn.

They Took It down: False or Misleading and Then Band the Platform and in This Time Was Permanent. They Said Permanent and There's No Way for Me to Peel Your Geologist in These These Knuckleheads at the Social Media States Decide That Your Point of View Based on Fact. The Challenges Would Many Democrats Consider Settled Science, Which Is the Wrong Is to Worsen Bond Together. It's Almost an Honor at This Point Gregory Right Stone Al Gore's Back You Willing to Take a Minor Inconvenience Asked Amy about. Thanks Much, Greg Front, I Went over the Economy.

Next, with Unfunny Company to Get a Chance to See What I Look like Mine.

Now There, Brian Killed Each Show Joins FOXBusiness's Barney in Company with Stuart Varney Live on Your Radio and on FOXBusiness Years Brian Killed Everyone. Welcome Back My Coat off for about to Go on Television and so Get on Board Right Now Because at the End of This Will Be Able to Squeeze in a Couple Calls It's like My Other and in Case You Don't Know the Couple Things Going on Today in Washington DC the America First Policy Institute Hosted Its First Ever American First Agenda Summit. I Know Newt Gingrich Will Be Speaking There in a Guy Named Prison Donald Trump Will Be Speaking There and That Is His Agenda so Makes Perfect Sense. Also, Former VP Mike Pence Already Spoke Gave Remarks to Young America's Foundation, the 44th National Convention of Student Conferences Will Battle Joins Us Now Live on Form a Present from Returns to DC Today for the First Time since Leaving Office and Joe Biden That Will Be Present Buying Is Already Picking a Fight with Him. I Had a Visit. It Looks like There's Going to Be a Head-To-Head Fight in DC What You Say. The Reason Why Just Present Biden Want to Fight Praising Trump When He's Got Inflation, He's Got Ukraine War.

The Presence of Wednesday Coming out and Saying the Presence Playing for a Tie When I Getting Weapons Quick Enough. Why Is He Looking at All the Challenges with China, Should Nancy Pelosi Go Not to Taiwan. Why Is He Picking a Fight with Trump.

Why Because It's Easiest Distraction and He Wants to Tell His Party on the Guy Be the Last Time I Can Be to Begin to See Him Squint His Way through Another Speech Yesterday Was Painful, and Then to See Them Go Ahead in a Very Stilted Way Pretend to Be Tough. I Think His Prompters Is Slightly above Cameras so As If I Was Staring up Here and That We Want to Take on Trump He Wants to Show the Corey Bushes of the World You Want to Show the Gavin Newsom's of the World. Back off.

It's My Gig Went 79 Years Old. He Can Barely Do It but for Trump It Makes Total Sense. This Is His Agenda.

What Is Present. Trump's Greatest Strength. The Stuff He Did and the Policies He Implemented This Certainty in Which He Put Them into Use and I Think Ultimately the People around Him at the End with the People That Understood His Agenda so This Makes Total Sense Because the Feather at the Very Least It Presents.

Trump Is Arisen on the Ballot Is If the Republicans Are Smart, His Issues Will Be Is That Agenda Works for the Country to Think That Present for the Present Trump Go to DC First Time since He Left Office Is Going to Be That Today Willie Hughes Today in the Speech Today As an Opportunity to Declassify the Presidency in 2024.

Make That Declaration Today Think It Doesn't Know Because He's He's Too Smart for That. And Here's What I Mean by That. He Wants Something Dramatic Coming down the Escalators Gonna Live in Infamy Know a Major Setting with 10 2030 4050 60,000 People in Alabama Is the Place He'll Announce and Even If It September, Which Is Three Months Too Early.

It Does Not Work to the Parties and Managed to Do It. I Don't Anybody Who Thinks He Should. I Don't Think Late July Merely Afternoon Makes Sense in Washington DC Is Not His Speed.

I Want to Talk about Taiwan. I Know We Been Saying This of Pictures of the Air Raid Warnings That That Been Giving in Many Cities in Taiwan. This Is All about Speaker Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan When That Visit Was Announced. The Chinese Respond with Threats to Taiwan. Do You Think the Speaker Should Be Going to Taiwan. I Don't Know What Prompted This but I Hundred Percent Support Are Going and Now She Cannot Not Go Because the Weakness That You Will Display by Backing off. I Don't Care about Her. The Party She Represents a Country Third Most Powerful Person in the Country. She Has To Go If She Backs off You Know That Saying to South Korea That's in the Japan Know That St. Australia Seen India We Can Compete. We Were the Only Where the Only Hope This World Has Economically, Militarily, We Are Superior in Every Way Start Acting like It. We Want to Go to Taiwan Taiwan. This Was Speaker Gingrich Was over This Yesterday Fox and Friends.

I Went There in the Late 90s I Even Semisweet Their Level Brief of Belligerent. Now You're so What Were They Going to Go to Taiwan. We Have To Also Get Them the Defensive Weapons Needed to Defend Themselves against China, and I Think China in Many Ways Is Looking at Was Capital Russia and Seeing That We Thought That Red Menace and Is Much As They Are Grinding Forward to Making Some Progress. They Have Been Humiliated on the Battlefield. They Are, They Are Relic There Were Rusting Old Power and Were Seeing It and I Think on Some Level, China Has Not a a Conflict since Vietnam. When They Tried to Teach Vietnam a Lesson Because of Being so Belligerent about Something Else and It Didn't Go Well so Makes Them Think These Wargames Have They Been Practicing the Last 50 Years, Lead to Activists on the Battlefield. They Wanted to They Want to Be Maybe Brought down to Earth. Got It Brought Amount of Time.

Good Stuff. See You Next Week, but Excellent Price to Innovate Right Now. 1-866-408-7669 I I Am so Glad That Stu Brought Me to That. So the Speaker Makes an Announcement Couple Weeks Ago Officially and Unofficially. She's Going to Go and Then Joe Biden's Asked after His Terrible Speech at That Massachusetts Coal Plant That You Did What about Nancy Pelosi Going since You Know My Defense Department Is Think Is a Good Thing Really.

The Pentagon Defense Department Best Weapons of the World.

We Put Billions into Every Single Day.

They Will Think We Should Go. Why What Is Wrong with Visiting One of Our Allies in the Region.

We Don't Think It's Getting Win-Win Is It a Good Idea and Effectively Protest Makes It Impossible First to Back off. My Fear Is She's Going to Say Now Is Not the Time to Go Week Week Week Week on Top of the Fact That Were Slowly Getting behind Mars Slowly Getting the Wheat Out Of the Black Sea. We Are Slowly Deciding of F-15s and F-16s Are to Be in All These Things Make Us Look Anemic on the World Stage.

I Don't Want to Be Liked. I Rather Be Respected, and Dare I Say Feared. Fear Not Because Want to Take Your Land a Fear of Fierce, a Fierce Way Which Want to Defend Our Allies and Our Interests, You Back off Now. On Top of the Way You Left Afghanistan Almost a Year Ago.

On Top of. I Think There's Some Positive Things He's Done with Ukraine Not Getting the Web Is at a Time. Terrible.

Not Understanding the Real Scope of the Invasion of Russia Awful Not Be Able to Stop Russia from Doing It Because of Retribution Mixes Present the Perception Look beyond Reproach but since That Time Getting Weapons in Backing Them up. Understanding Our Projections Were Wrong about the Invasion and How Long Russia Would Take to Take out Zelinski but Now Only 40% of the Money That We Gave You Mr. Pres., Have Gone to Ukraine and There Is No Audit in Place to Understand Where It's Going to Spend Again and How This Money Being Used in the Present.

Zelinski Said He Didn't Know Basis of the Brain to My Children, Applying and Find out Where I'll Be August 27 Work New Jersey W ABC Listeners Leave Their Very Don't Know What You're Talking Fox News Radio Studio City New York City Giving You Opinions and Facts with a Positive Chance.

Brian Can.

Thanks Much for Being Here, but Is the Right Philly Joe 1-868-408-7669 Sen. James Langford Is the Author without Him on from Oklahoma Home with Your Secretary Energy and Natural Resources, Finance Committees, and We Got Some Debate on What a Recession Is and Steve Mosher the Bottom of the Hour and Now You Know Lisa China Expert.

He's Done the Impossible. He Has Written a Column That Narrowed down the Five Major Mistakes a Doctor Thought You Made. I'm Shocked Any Deep Thinker Was Able to Narrow down to Just Five. I'm to Talk to about That and It Matters so Much Because Dottie Is Not Going Away, nor Is the Virus so It Will Take Some Calls between so Let's Get to the Victory.

Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Zelinski Feels like He Is Losing Slowly That the Bite Administration Is Basically Helping Him Play for a Tie and Matt That Is That a Situation They Can't Stand Michael Walsh Was Just There.

Talk to Zielinski 101 White House Is Going to Ukraine Is Costing Lives Because Were Taking Time Getting Them the Acquittal They Need to Be Successful Giving Him Enough to Let Them Hang on. The Russians Are Terrible. Their Forces Have Been Exposed to Their Grinding Forward As They Don't Care about Human Life Including Their Own. This Week Felt like Your PowerPoint from Inconvenient Truth Come to Life. It's Here Where Mother Nature's Already Declared It a Global Emergency Really That's the Unmistakable Tones of Al Gore. He's Back Green Energy Obsession the Left off the Taxes Trying to Save the Planet, They Have Zero Effect over We'll Talk about Why We Are Not in a Recession Will Pass Inflation Peaked. I Think Probably, Those Indicators Do Not Show That We Are in a Recession or Even a Pre-Recession by the Ego. Can Anyone Here Defined Recession. It Seems the by Demonstrations Trying a New Formula to See the Deception I Have an Idea to Reality. What Is Your Economic Reality. Forget about Well the GDP Is Negative Growth. Does That Mean I Just Want to Know Why I Seem to Have Less Money at the End of the Week. What Is That Mean I'm Trying to Figure out Why the My Flight to Become so Expensive Why My Stay at That All-Inclusive Resort Is Now Maybe Out Of My Range, so That's the Economy, the Average American Thinks about in the Present United States Who Prides Himself As a Blue-Collar Guy from Scranton Who Wants to Get Some Breathing Room at the Dinner Table. So That's Why It's Goes Good to Have a Raise or a Little Bit of Opaque Tax-Cut. Instead He Sits There and Tells Everybody I Saved You 50% per Gallon on Gas. That's Great If It's Two Dollars and Our Dollar 50 but Is Just under Five Dollars Now. I Wish the Prez Would Understand That That's Not a Reason to Take about.

So Here He Is Saying Yesterday. Remote Does He Still Try to Get That Negative Test on His Covert Test Same Remote That I Don't Really Think We Can Have Recession, Jared Bernstein, a Member, the Council of Economic Visors Told Reporters Last Week. The Data on Payroll Employment. The Unemployment Rate in Consumer Spending, Says Were Very Much Inconsistent with Recessionary Cycles. Okay That's Very Much like Jana Yellen since Two Negative Quarters of Economic Growth Does Not Equal Recession in Her Book, Really, Because Why Are They Saying This Because Today the Consumer Competence Indexes out Tomorrow. The Federal Reserve Meeting Takes Place on Interest Rates Thursday. The GDP Comes out and Then Friday Personal Consumption Expenditure Are We Spending the Money That We Got As We Are Somewhat Flush with Cash. So What Is That Mean Here Is a Look at with the by Demonstrations Said Denying That Were in a Recession Cut 121 Emphasize What a Recession Really Means Is a Broad-Based Contraction of the Economy and Even If That Number Is Negative.

We Are Not in a Recession Now Has Inflation Peaked. I Think Probably, and This Sounds Much Out Of Our Control. Information Is a Global Problem When You're Creating Almost 400,000 Jobs a Month. That Is Not a Recession. This Is Not in the Kind of Maintenance in Recession but When the Period of Transition. Those Indicators Do Not Show That We Are in a Recession or Even a Pre-Recession I Will Market Their Profits Outlook As It Lowers Prices to Move Goods and Scan Interesting Walmart Said a Double Digit Food Inflation Is Higher Than It Was at the End of Last Quarter.

Noting This Affecting Consumer of Consumer's Ability to Spend on General Merchandising Categories.

This Is the Real World Stuff Because Most People I Know Shopper, Walmart, Kmart, Target Half America's Elderly Can Afford Essential Expenses Due To Rising Inflation and High Cost of Living Okay. That's What We're Hearing They Have Insufficient Incomes to Pay for Essential Expenses.

According to the University Massachusetts. That to Me Is Consistent with People Say You Know I Don't like the Way We Feel Economically Know Why That Happened. We Didn't Feel up a We We Should Have When the President Put in a We Put a Whole Lot of Money. Reprinted A Lot Of Money to Get Telus Everybody Go Home during the Pandemic. We Had All the Stimulus Funds and Then We Kept Doing It. We Got 800 Billion before down Trump Left Office. I Think It Was December and Then Joe Biden Using the Momentum He Had from His Election Decide to Use Our Rescue Fund. $1.9 Trillion. That's What Larry Summers Told Us Led to All the Spending That We Did Not Need That Made Us to Flush with Cash Sooner or Later, There Was Calls on That Cash. Usually, Casey Hunt Said of CNN As the So-Called Experts in the Ministration Told Us No Recession She Was with MSNBC Now on CNN Still Felt As Though She Had to Say What We All Know Cut Nine Inflation Affects Every American Directly by the Ministration Is Trying to Point out Different Definition of Recession Is Nuanced. But I Gotta Tell You, I Struggle with This. I Get Why They Wanted to. Larry Summers, Our Laffer Kind of Agreeing Cutting.

I Think There's a Very High Likelihood of Recession. When We've Been in This Kind of Situation before Recession Has Essentially Always Followed When Inflation Has Been Hired on Employment Has Been Low to Quarters Back to Back Which It Is for All Practical Purposes of the Definition of a Recession Matter What the White House Wants the Site so Larry Summers Been the Voice of Reason and He Did Indicate I Think Last Week They Said the Prison Reached out to so You Should Reach out to Him Because He's Been Critical but He Also This Whiskers Met Larry Summers. I Will Be Get Intimidated or This Is Where the Rubber Hits the Road Obviously Is a Professor at Harvard. For Years, Obviously, Is Gotta Be so Much More Than Everyone We've Ever Met Two Times over but He Said the Bill Back That Her Plan Would Not Add to Inflation.

II Just Don't Understand That Line of Thought. $1.9 Trillion Rescue Plan, Which Was Your Old Your Agenda Driven Would Not Be the Same As Bill Back Better, Which Was up to $4 Trillion Will down to 1.4 and Then Finally Joe Mansion Said My Goodness, 9% Unemployed a 9% Inflation Can't Do This, so Phil Flynn from FOXBusiness Was on Just about What the Real Economy.

Looks like JM Here.

He Is Cut 15 This Is an Administration That since the Beginning Just Spends Her Time Making Excuses for Their Failures. Whether It's Missed Predicting Inflation.

Whether It's Rising Gasoline Prices Course When Gasoline Prices Come down from All-Time Highs Go out and Put out Press Release Look at How Wonderful Are We.

It's Absolutely Crazy Right Great Winner Take a Timeout Come Back. I Want to Talk about the Ukraine. I Went over Tapping There Now Listen, I Know A Lot Of You Have Tuned out the War You Should Reasonably Get into It Much I like Ukraine Is More to Neutralize Russia with Vladimir Putin at the Helm. This Is Stalin Reincarnate You Shorter and Angrier, and Now If They Were Able to Whittle Away 20% Ukraine's Land without Any Blowback. Goodbye Georgia Goodbye Moldova Soon: Next Thing You Know They Can Start Infiltrating Different Government Saying Hey How Would You like to Taste a Little Ukraine's God Carnage. If You Just Put My Person in Place and to Do What I Would Do I Market a Bomb You Because He Doesn't Care His Own Soldiers Lust between 15 and 20,000 Doesn't Seem to Care. If You Protest That War. In Russia You Go to Jail. They Lost 300,000 of Their Biggest Thinkers, but They Will Use Any Money Revenue That They Get from Dollars in Gas, Oil and Gas Input into Military. If We Don't Stop Them Here. That's Why Think It's Important from What You Hear from Mike Walt's Will to See Who's Going to Let Us Know What Exactly Happened over There Use of the Brain Kill Each Your Knowledge Base Brian Film. Each Show.

If You're Interested in Brian's Talking about Your with Brian until Now, There Are a Couple of Key Points from Pres. Zielinski One Voice Continued Frustration with Europeans. They've Promised A Lot, but They're Delivering Very Little and Even What They Promised That They're Not Delivering It's a Fraction of What the United States Is Aside from Britain, Germany, Especially Their Delivering Right Now Less Than Estonia and Zielinski's Fear Is As We Head into Winter As They Become Even More Dependent on Russian Oil and Gas That They're Going to Backslide Even Further. Michael Welch Went over to to See Zielinski to See for Himself How Bad and with the Status of the Warriors in Ukraine and He's Really Concerned He's Concerned We Don't Know Where All the Money As He's Concerned There's No Infrastructure to Check on Where It's Going to Make Sure the Weapons Are Getting in the Wrong Hands. Obviously Ukraine Had Problems with Corruption before Every 5 to 3 Key Officials for Spying.

What I Make Sure They Know It's to Put off with How This Weaponry Is Coming in Is Costing Us Money.

A Lot Of It Is Always Stuff from Our Stocks. When I Exactly Charging Them. Not Only That We Are Depleting Ourselves. So As We Give You the Latest on the Ward, Loosing Russian Forces Conducting Limited Ground Attacks on Making Much Progress They Still Haven't Given up on Car Keep the down Blast Region Therefore Defined As Expect Some Counterattacks and Cure Son.

They Say This Could Be Another Falluja but It Looks As Though Ukrainians Are Determined to Take It Back. It Was the First Major City to Fall, so to Find out What's Happening over There. We Understand the Reason for It. I Think We Understand the Reason to Neutralize Russia but Here's Some of the Similar Controversy Russian Waltzes High Marks Are Effective Give a More We Don't Give Enough F-16s Are Needed, Don't Think about It Actually Executed Why We Taken so Long to Do Things.

We Are Eventually Going to Do Anyway.

Evidently That's Something the Body Ministration Is Frustrating. Everyone on the Sit There and 12 1212 Instead of Doing the Harry Truman Execute Cut 25 Zielinski Feels like He Is Losing Slowly That the Bite Administration Is Basically Helping Him Play for a Tie and If It Settle These Lines Settle As They Are. This Winter Then Essentially He's Cut off from the Ocean -1 Port Putin Will Hit the Pause Button.

It Won't Be the End of Hostilities to Lick His Wounds and Come out Again Why Does That Matter to the American People with Food Cake Continues to Chew up Ukraine. He Will Not Stop. He Will Go in Eastern Europe and by Letting Ukraine Basically near the Russian Army and Giving Them What They Need When They Been Begging for. We Can Then Truly Focus on China Which Is Where We Need to Be Focused Right Now Be Great and You Get Europeans Exercised. Evidently They've Got Their Oil Floats. He's Either Natural Gas Flow through North Stream 120% Capacity.

They Say the Russians That They're Rejiggering It. They Got Turbine Issues. Listen Russia Doesn't Even Understand There Is a Tomorrow That Tomorrow Is to Get a Lose European Union Forever As Customers and They Don't Mind Alienate Them Now.

That's How Desperate They Are They Going to Lose the Revenue in Order to Starve Them from Natural Gas, Which They Gonna Use in the Winter Shows Some Resourcefulness. See You Go out and Get Some Natural Gas Elsewhere and Tell Pres. Biden You.

We Need to Give It to Us or Better yet Sell It to Us. So Here Is Why There Are No Talks I've Got This One of the Sit down and Talk.

Why Would They Sit down and Talk Them.

Zielinski Knows the Reality Was Left Ukraine Cannot Stand Cut 20 so IT Was Clear That He Cannot Sit down with Them Where the Lines Are Today That He Has To Have Access to the Black Sea for His Economy to Run. Essentially, He Will Be a Neutered State Either Dependent on Humanitarian Aid from Europe or Eventually Depended on Russia. He's Got a Reestablish At Least the 2014 Lines before He Can Sit down and Negotiate. He Was Crystal Clear on That.

And I Think Is Right, Insert Elaborative Foreign Ministers over in Africa Try to Tell Africa You Starving but It's Really Because of the West. It's Not Us in the East. We Would Love to Give You All of Ukrainians Grain No One Spying That I Hope Even Though They Do Have Some I Guess Relationships with the Government Dating Back to the Soviet Union Days. Russia Says They Are Still They Are out to Alex Dolinsky. They Want to Kill Him. They Think He's the Problem They Would like to Install Their Own People in Their Their Own Guys and Their and That's What's Got to Be Stopped Soon As Can Be. Mold Dove Is Going to Go There's Going to Be George's Going to Go Then the Ghosts Are Rattling the Cage and Who Knows, Maybe Even Travel Sweet Challenge. Sweden and Finland with the Craziest Thing They've Ever Done.

But They Do Crazy Things before Mr. Pres. Execute Put That 15th F-16s and Their F-15s in Their Make Sure the Odessa Is Not Taken Put the Missile Defense in That Key Port City That Allows Ukraine Not to Be Locked in from the Black Sea and Locked Out Of the Backseat. Make Sure That Gets Done. Do Not Hesitate to Do It. Meanwhile, the Present United States, a Foreign Prison.

I Say to Speaking Right Now at His America First Conference, a Group That He Founded a Philosophy That He Formulated.

He Disses Him Talk the Present I Say Talk and Attorney Point in Tampa Cut 31 across the Country. We Need Young People like You to Get Involved. Speak up Joint Campaigns Run for Office and Help Us Reclaim America. We Have To Reclaim the Issues We Discussed Today Are Just Beginning. There Is so Much to Be Done If We Are Going to Save Our Country. While I Very Rarely Do You the Present about Other People. That's the Type of Thing That Was Selling the Midterms. You Don't Have To Declare Mr. Pres. Right Now so You Have Present Trump despite They Sipped I Listened January 6 Is Not Good for Him and and Way Shake 20 Million People Watching One Side of the Story. 17 Million Watching the Next Time Then People Writing It up after but If You Think the President Biden Is Benefiting You Crazy He Is. Try to Make It Trump Died.

He Loved That Matchup, Which He Barely Had to Take Part in Each of Said This Basement Because of the Pandemic.

So If You Want to Hear. And Yes, How Bad Was It That Gavin Newsom Went to the White House. While the Present Was out Terrible While He Was Overseas with His Jacket off Draped over His Shoulder Walking in the Front Door Say That What You Mean I'm Running for President. How about This Congresswoman Cory Bush and Embarrassment to Missouri for Certain Should Never Be in Congress, As Well As Conspiracy Theories and Her Goal Was to Defund the Police Still No Joke Cut 32. Want to See Joe Biden Run for a Second Term.

Yeah, I Know That That's in Question Is Not an Attack on the One You Have Not, That's Not Okay.

I Mean, the President, He Has the Right to Run for a Second Term Absolutely Is.

I Don't Oh My Goodness I'm Too Much of the Rest to Say Yes or No. You Know What It's like to Be That Much of a Rush. I'm so Exhausted I Get to Go to Bed. I Can't Say Yes I Can Say No You Wanted Answers That I'm Sorry I Have To Be at a Meeting in 25 Minutes I Can Answer Yes or No in 25 Minutes. She Had a Meeting Not Listen We Come Back to Bejeweled by Steve Mosher within a Breakdown. What Why Would I Bring up China to but He Also Broke down the Five Mistakes and Anthony That She Made on Sunday and I Want to Bring This Forward Number One If They Thought You Still out There Making These Mistakes. He Still Indicated We Should Be Where Mask in School. We Should Be Mainmast Indoors in High in the High Transmission Areas. Forget It. You Know They Don't Work on Our New 95 Not a Surgeon and You Gotta Stop the Boosters. The Boosters Are Effective against Experian. We Do Not Know the Long-Term Effects of It.

You Gotta Stop Just Assigning People to Do Things When the Best Example Is You with Four Shots in the Present with Four Shots, Both End up Flat on Your Back Was in the Brain Kill Me Just so Glad You're Here. Go to Brian

Find out How to Get Tickets My Show in Newark, New Jersey and Albany, New York Is Taking America's Story Back 1000 People at a Time Be Part of the Thousand Not a Joke.

Radio That It Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Show Your Reaction to Ramp All Another Saying They're Going to Investigate You If They Take That Well This Is No Reason to Do That but If They Want to Go Ahead.

My Records Are in Open Book. They Are Talking about Things That Are Really Bizarre John like Crimes against Democracy by Shutting down the Government.

All I Have Ever Done and Go Back and Look at Everything I've Ever Done Was to Recommend Common Sense, Good CDC Recommended Public Health Policies That Have Saved Millions of Lives That Is Empty Found She Has To Be a Little Unnerved by the Fact These Coming up on 80 and These about to Lose A Lot of Support among Democrats, Steve Mosher's Prison. The Population Research Institute, Best-Selling Author's Latest Book, the Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemics Is Is Available As of Today Is Calm, Caught My Attention on Sunday Five Mistakes. Dr. Anthony Faucher Made Uncoated Spell Disaster.

Steve Welcome Back Brian Jan on This Day Went Medically and Greg Not to Pandemics Is Finally Published. There's a Big Chapter on Anthony Faucher. As You Might Imagine. In the Book. I Imagine It Because We Seem to Be a Parallel Universe. He's Walks on Water on Every Other Channel and with the Only Ones Even Asking Real Questions and Gets Offended by It and People to Act As If We Can't See. Always on Every Side of Every Issue Wildly Conflicting Opinions about How Legal of Coronavirus Was about Pages. It Was about Whether Natural Immunity about Whether or Not You Should Mask Everything One Thing in Private. Another Thing in Public. I Just You Know Now.

He Said He Keeping after Denying That the Bullheaded Fit of Virology Had Anything to Do with the Coronavirus at All. Now He's Keeping an Open Mind on the on the Tiny Flat Feet. So without the Evidence Is Overwhelming. It Came from the Lab Evidence Is Overwhelming That This Virologist, This Kind of Whitecoat Youth Actually Never Put a Tent Look up on the Chest of the Living, Breathing Human Being, Not Everything Wrong in Terms of Public Health. He May Know A Lot about Viruses. Brian but He Knows Nothing about Epidemiology about the Spread of Disease. He Felt for a Fake Model. Remember the Imperial College Model with Which Predicted That Millions and Millions of Americans Will Die.

Yes, That Turned out to Be No Algorithmic Garbage and and so I Made Mistake after Mistake after Mistake and Masking Social Distancing Closing down the School Closing down the School Really Gets to Me Because I've Got a Got and Grandchildren and They Suffered per Year Year and 1/2 Doing Distance-Learning Which You Know It's Probably Learning about Half the Speed That You Would in a Classroom and Then We Had Example in Sweden That Never Shut down Its Cool That Never Socially Distant That Never Mask and Guess What the Kids That Die from Coronavirus.

They Didn't Even Spread It to the Teacher Are Their Parents.

They Just Got This Nickel and Life Went on and They Continued Learning Markets Did That Because of Anthony Faucher Rights Closing Schools Is One of the Top Five.

Also, the 6060 Report Back to 1918 Was Not Based on Any Science Remember the Night United Waited We Had a Virus. We Didn't Know What the Spanish Flu Was Really Because We Hadn't Invented the Electron Microscope and a Percent Fixed Rate Because That You Know If You Spent 6 Feet Apart from Someone You Can Barely Cut Fingers and Just Nonsense. You Know It in Norway.

The Distance Was 3' x 3', They Didn't Know Someplace and It Was 10 Feet Anyway Highly Effective Respiratory Airborne Respiratory Flu Can Travel Anywhere Fonts through Docs and Apartment Buildings, and You Can Be 100 Feet Away. But If the Duck Goes from Your Apartment to Somebody Else's Apartment Who Has the Coronavirus. Guess What, You're Probably Going to Get Fell, Just Nonsense. More Nonsense about the Fact That the System Is Asymptomatic.

Spread about. We Need to Know This Is the First Virus We Know Goes Human to Human Contact That He Claims Came from Natural Natural Event Some Type of Bad Been a Platypus or Something. Well Back That Angle It Angle and with What We Heard for A While. Then We Heard That We Heard A Lot about That to the Court That Coronavirus Originally Was the Background Virus.

Why Because Dr. Anthony Crouching through Eagle Health Alliance and the Dictator. Days like with Paying the 100 Feet of Virology to Collect Hundreds and Hundreds of Background Viruses Which Would Probably Never Never Impact Human Beings Because the Background Viruses and Also Because They're in a Cave Somewhere in Pants Not in Humans. We Had Very Little Contact with. They Brought Them into a Lab in the Middle of the City of 12 Million People and Then They Began Using Gain of Function Research Taught Chinese Scientists through Anthony County Funded Labs and Quickly Know the Rest of the Story That Were Trying to Develop a Vaccine against the Coronavirus That They Had Enhanced in the Lab and It Leaked out during Vaccine Trials, and Then from There Was Spread Deliberately around the World so People Say It Leaked Out Of the Lab, but What the Deliberately Spread an Answer Boat It It Leaked Out Of the Lab I Believe during Vaccine Trials When They Were Trying to Develop an Effective Vaccine against This Enhanced and Lethal Coronavirus and Then They Deliberately Spread around the World. Once They Had an Epidemic on Their Hands, so the Rest but Would Supper with China on Billy Bob Who Are Zero Lockdown Philosophy Which Is Destroying Their Economy but They Don't Seem to Care. They Don't Have the Same Election Laws We Have.

I'm Getting the Sense but There's A Few Things Going on Him.

He Was Still Trying to Recover from This. The Other Thing Is That Government Santa Scott Wright As a Nonscientist First Thing He Did As He Tried to Vaccine Vaccinate First and Protect First the Seniors in Our Society We Treated Everybody the Same Is Not Another Five to Mistake All Absolutely Vulnerable. You Know and and and When You Protect the Vulnerable. You Don't Quit Infected People in Nursing Homes of People on Infected and Kill Large Numbers of People the Way They Did in New York and New Jersey, and in A Few Other States so Failing to Protect the Vulnerable and You Know You Have Really Really Sensible People Involved in This from the Get Go You at Scott Atlas Was the Hero of the Story You Had Other Public Health Experts.

Some of Them Lost Their Job for Speaking out against Algae. The Level of Persecution of Actually Telling the Truth Was Just Incredible and and Those People Should All Get Their Jobs Back with with the Generous Back Pain As Far As I'm Concerned, but We Had Simply Protected the Vulnerable and the Immune Compromised and Let the Rest of Us Get on with Our Lives, We Would've Gone to Two Years of Lockdown, Pandemic, Hell Is Simon Sure Guess His Books out Today.

The Politically Correct Guide to Pandemics to Anthony Saatchi Talk about String Restrictions.

We Know Now 2 1/2 Years Later That Anywhere from 50 to 60% of the Transmission Occur from Someone without Symptoms. Either Someone Who Never Will Get Symptoms or Someone Who Is in the Presymptomatic Stage. Had We Known That, Then the Insidious Nature of Spread in the Community Would've Been Much More of an Alarm They Would've Been Much Much More Stringent Restrictions in the Sense of Very Very Heavy Encouraging People to Wear Masks Physical Distancing or What Have You Really Know about Half Years Ago. He Was Talking about a Symptomatic Transmission Then of Course We Were Misled for A While by the Chinese, the Party Which Had There Was No Human Human Transmission of Dr. Deborah's Caprices of the World Health and from World Health Organization Was Repeating That Nonsense. But Yeah I Did Look That Everything Every He Got Everything Everything Wrong Contact Tracing You Know We Were Originally Not Even Curious about How This Thing Started Was an Important Never Got a Heads up. I Was about to Hit Us and Was Given His Bad Information. Remember, He Said This about Masks Their Unintended Consequences. People Keep Fiddling with the Mask and They Keep Touching Their Face and Can You Get Some Sweats and so the Thing inside Their Horse. You Do Not Need to Wear a Mask Indoors.

If in Fact You Been Vaccinated That Your Vaccinated, but in the Situation When You Have People Indoors, Particularly Crowded, You Should Wear a Mask, so Even If You Are Vaccinated, You Should Wear a Man If in Fact You Are Vaccinated Fully Vaccinated. You Are Protected and You Do Not Need to Wear a Mask Outdoors Her and All over the Place All of You Know, and He Was Saying for a Long Time. We Did Wear a Mask and Then One Day That Came out He Was Saying but Want Your Vaccinated. You Don't Need to Wear Not Well, It Turns out That That You Need to Be Double Vaccinated Level Boosted and Perhaps You Will Get Coronavirus and You Still Need to Wear Masco Yeah It Keeps It's a Moving Moving Target 81 Years Old. I Think That Dr. Anthony County Is Probably the Oldest Person Working in a Bind Administration Other Than President by Himself and and I Must Say I Felt Drill Go down My Leg When He Said He Was Going to Retire and He Backed off Immediately Because He Thought People Were Too Happy about the Prospect of Him Leaving Me Said No, No, I'm Going to Stay on until the End of the Bind Administration Yeah Was Incredible and That Made Big News and I'm Wondering Is If People in This like Actually Own up to the Fact That They Been Interviewing Him Given a Free Pass Letting Contradicting Shelves and Never Following up on It. It Is Sinful. Lastly, I Know Your China Expert about How China Started This Whole Thing.

What You Think Was the Objective in the Wuhan Lab and Am Once It Leaked out and You Saw the Massive Arrests in the Lockups and the Shutdowns of Lockdowns You Think There Was Ever a Degree of Panic on the Chinese Side, Yeah, You Know That the Great Story and We May Never Know� Whole Story from the Chinese Side Because It Will Have Lab for Lockdown Is Still in Operation. By the Way I'm Looking at That Laminate Has To Somewhere Is Another Variant That Will Be Released at the Appropriate Time, but but Leaving Leaving That Aside, the Whole the Whole Problem with Funding the Chinese Labs of Course That Was the Original Pandemics in That Was Where Talk Dr. Anthony County Actually Took His Gain of Function Research Overseas 20 Was Told He Could No Longer Do an American Lamb and and of Course the 100th to the Virology Was Happy to Do It Because It Has the Interest in Developing a Dual Use Technology Technology That Can Be Used for Civilian Purposes and Also for Military Purposes and I Think They Saw in the Coronavirus Enhancement Gain of Function Enhancement the Chance to Develop a Weapon, but I Think We Also Were the Victim of the File, I Think You Know When Not When the Video Started Coming out Showing People Dropping Dead in the Streets of Wuhan.

And When When When Bert Started Coming out Wuhan That There Were Massive Numbers of Death, They Were Building the Hospitals Overnight Right in 10 Days, and the Rest of the World Started Worrying That There Was Going to Be a Repeat of Spanish Flu with 40 or 50 Million Deaths and Then Trying to Set Lockdown and Lockdowns Have Work Told the World Lockdowns Work Reduce the Number Transmission Tremendously, and Dr. Deborah Birch and Anthony County Who Know Nothing about China Shut All the Lockdowns Work Work and Have To Impose Lockdown Tier 2 and You Know the Rest of the Story and See If You Are China Expert to China Now Is Threatening Our Speaker Says Speaker Pelosi Said You Better Not Go to Taiwan of This Can Be Indicated Might Be Military Answers to That. Should We Back off Now Absolutely I Think More High-Level US Officials Should Go to Taiwan. I Think We Should Be Supplying Taiwan with Vines to Keep an Invasion Fleet from China At Bay. We Should Be Supplying Them with the That Ship to Shore to Ship Missile to Keep That Invasion. The Way That They We Don't Need to Have Another Ukraine and Bashan Situation on Our Hands.

With Regard to China and Taiwan, and We Can Forestall That We Can Prevent That If We Simply We Simply Act Now, but the Last Thing China Threatens Every Time Anybody Does Anything That They Don't like.

They Cluster and Glove and Threatened and and I Think We Got a Call Their Bluff.

I'm Glad Nancy Pelosi Is Going to Taiwan. I Hope She Doesn't Back out.

It Will Be Terrible.

What a Disaster.

Steve Congratulations on Your Book. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemic to Steve Mosher's See. Thank You, Thank You All 1-866-408-7669 We Come Back I'll Take Your Calls and Find out There's Indeed More. No Use of the Brain to Licia Learning Something New Every Day, for I Am Killed Each Breaking Loose Unique Opinions.

All Brian Kill Show Chooses the Word about Sumer and Saudi Arabia Placed the Metal Man Were about to Get Money Right Saudi Arabia Were about Where I Was Gonna Start When I Grew That Ridiculous When Logic to the Main Thing Is 9/11 Families Will Be There on Friday Protesting the Letter down Trumper C Sympathizing Want to Talk to about It Didn't Really Want to Hear It. They Think Saudi Arabia Had Something Directly to Do with 9/11 Attacks Is Just Emerging.

Now, More Than Anything Else Is the Live Tour by Setting Wealth Fund, but They've Also Bought Newcastle Is up 46 Separate Saudi Companies Are Investing the PGA. It Just Seems like More Its Competition with the PGA. The People Are Upset about Berkeley David Ferreting the Number One Personality in Golf Is Very Gone to Live Tour and Now Barclay Says I Want 60 Million to Go.

He's Getting Paid about Think 20 Million Now for Whatever He's Doing on TNT HEB Big Big Time Essay Have the Best Scoreboard Show. I Was Fine.

If There's More Than a No Ukrainian Limping This Oldest 2000 Silver Metal for $15,000 for the War Effort Some Medicine Medicine Golf but Is Metal Inherent in the 2000 Games on the Auction Block and a July 21 Got $14,438 Is Put It All Towards Their 41-year-old Olympian Everybody Is All in. Next, the NFL Is Got a New Streaming Platform.

It Will Be NFL Plus Allow Fans to View Aftermarket Preseason Games on All Devices. NFL Network Shows on Demand, along with the NFL Films Archive Which Is A Lot Of NFL Plus to Be Valid for 99 to 39, 99 a Year. They A Lot Of People Get to Be Getting That Next Whole Serino Dad Is 83 Hey Hearts Are Broken Good Guide by Almost All Accounts a Bit of a Couple Times Couldn't Be Nicer Very Successful Actor Has Been Awarded Warren Beatty's Reds, Henry Kissinger, and You Play Henry Kissinger in All of Stone's Nixon and Mob Boss Eddie Valentine in the Rocketeer. Good Job Ken Jennings Split Hosting Duties Are in Jeopardy with Raheem Filing That I Say That Right by Billy Milam. I Am Am I Am by like They're Both Geniuses Next Rush He Said Was Opt Out Of Being a Part of the International Space Station Good Get out.

Take Your Take Everything You Want. They Want to Build Their Own Space Station. I'm You. Good Luck Guarantee Anybody Board That They Building on Earth, but I Will Try to Build Something Their Own in Space a Failed Experiment. Do Not Change Your Mind. Promise Me You Won't Keep the Space Station. Thank You, but I Chinese Build Their Own to Real Quick. Try to Add Another Story and before We Had a Break One in Three Admits Stealing Coworkers Food from the Office Refrigerator Is Okay 34% Admit They Do It Even More. One in Five Resort to Picking the Food Thinking of Food They Love Out Of the Trashcan. Oh My God, When Presented from the Statement. I'll Do Anything to Enjoy My Favorite Food, 54% of Americans Agreed. So Would Willingly Subject Themselves to Their Worst Fears by Public Speaking, Thunder and Lightning and Heights and Spiders If It Meant Free Unlimited Access to Their Favorite Food.

What Are You, How Far Would You Go to Get Access to Your Favorite Food I Food Doesn't Mean That Much to Me. I Just Had a PowerPoint Diversity Have Eaten All Day.

What I Have a Cowboy Is the Only Thing That Eric Put in the Studio That Allows Me That It Felt like I Could Had Spaghetti Sushi for Power Bar. I Just Want to Survive Next We All Scream Seven in 10 Americans Have Ice Cream in the Freezer at All Times Have America so They're Happy to Let Their Kids Be Big Spenders of the Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck As Well That's a Poll Conducted by the Half of Our Old Leave and I'm Sure Nancy Pelosi Agrees That That You Also Suggest That People Eat More Ice Cream in the Summer Really Had No Idea Brian Kill Me, Make Sure You Write to Find out Where to See Me Live America Start over 100 Meteorologists Handle Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Box, Whether Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber and Listen Now If Fox Is Not or Wherever You Get Your

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