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Spin City: U.S. Enters Recession, White House Keeps Moving Goal Posts

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 28, 2022 12:42 pm

Spin City: U.S. Enters Recession, White House Keeps Moving Goal Posts

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 28, 2022 12:42 pm

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Why is New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill me.

I buddy thanks much for being here, Brian Kilby, Joe Julie Banderas Bob Liao Chad program standing by about 15 minutes.

We did get the news and it's not good for the second consecutive quarter we have negative growth, GDP growth, which means recession. This administration want to tell you means something else, just like they tell you a man and woman don't mean the same thing, just like they tell you the war, Afghanistan, the porch of my Afghanistan was successful. They want us to not believe what we know is the truth. Look Eve I told you there was in a recession is positive growth. You still get a mutual decision is still affect you when you get your energy bill and it's up 100% when you go to go fill up your gas tank with your truck driver and diesel cost more. Yesterday I was out in Georgia and they would tell me how much everything got their prices going up almost daily in restaurants because they're paying almost more daily from deliveries so that your personal economy. But that is the breaking news.

We are technically in a recession big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is also expected to bring issues regarding fentanyl exports from China and regarding origins of 19, I think, is to be a range of issues really range of issues that should be first and foremost, you don't even start that issue. Talk about the conversation going on right now between present she and Pres. Biden. Of course, to present chief of China.

Abide will have to speak and you have to speak candidly for once.

Will the speaker will he actually bring up the fact that the speakers going to Taiwan. I'm sure that'll come up from China's agenda speak up close he has to go. She said she wanted to.

There are now, I don't put cast aside with the Pentagon says Ms. speaker grabber Republican and go to Taiwan to never discuss with my son or brother or anyone else. Not true. Hunter's antics are now beginning to stain Joe, but it will take a midterm red wave for to leave a true political mark.

I'll bring you the latest mind-boggling revelation. It's increased .9% the first quarter estimate final estimate was 1.6% decrease. Now we have a first estimate of the second quarter decrease of .9% civility that common definition of a recession that is a recession. The first half of this year been city � the ministrations doing as they redefine a recession we don't and let us know how great the economy is by you or is in great but is slowing down and interest rates are going up. They tell us that's a good thing. Oh yeah, Joe mansion mysteriously caves details are coming your way. Talk about that. We chatted what it means yesterday cup just about everybody by surprise when Joe mansion decides he cut a deal announced with Chuck Schumer to put out a $700 billion with a claim is a deficit reduction bill. The second we print $700 billion for the money we weapon eyes the IRS. We incentivize people to buy electric cars by giving them money that we don't have an Joe mansion seems to have given a major win technically to the left wing of his party, but I ask you know check what Cinema no one check with Kelly knowing check with the sun. No no in check week with Sarah Masso of Nevada what is going on here. Why do people not understand that spending during a recession has never got a set a recession and certainly is in control inflation.

So we are just looking at now a -.9% growth. So to me that feels like a recession for Stephen Moore with new computer yesterday. The Wall Street seemed to embrace the Fed coming out and upping rates .75% and not more. But the question is what does this feel like to you. Here's economist even more content.

I think on a soft recession right now with with contractionary growth but is also right that it's a really strong employment number. So we got this kind of strange, almost full employment recession and I'll tell you what I think is the underlying weakness where Jerome Powell and Joe Biden, and members of Congress are missing the picture. This is what I call a cost-of-living recession so the average worker.

Because of this high inflation Neil has lost somewhere between three and $5000 in purchasing power this year because of this high inflation and that is why you're getting these terrible numbers on the economy because Americans are feeling it. Every time they go to the grocery store and the gas pump gasoline up a year to year 60% airfare 34% cereal 15% meat and poultry for 10% of fruit and vegetables a percent used car 7% so maybe you didn't need to get the GDP number to find out how your families dealing with at McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Huggies among the major brands to hike their prices so these are practical goods that really affect how you live your life and then whoa hoping that Washington will help make your life better and Joe mansion who you know I would be his biggest fan. He's help make sure the court was impact on he make sure DC and Puerto Rico were in a state without a Republican support.

He also make sure we didn't pass a $4 trillion bill back better bill deal which this to me to seems to be an unforced error. This will spend now $433 billion. If you add in some of the other items in the $700 billion on energy and climate provisions 64 billion extending Obama care subsidies, tax credits for buying electric cars and they say they can use some of the money as a weapon eyes the IRS to mess with your tax return to pay down the debt. No one ever pays down the debt with money center Cinema said what's going on here. When told about this deal and I'm just wondering if all these other people that feel the same way, everybody's gotta be on board. Remember, would you sacrifice six more years in office of the job you really thought you can contribute to that you wanted more. Pres. Biden spend more agenda Larry Summers mysteriously thinks this bill will help inflation cut 14 verse. This reduces budget deficits and so by reducing budget deficit reduces the level of demand by in the economy. Second, this reduces prices directly by going after prescription drugs and getting lower prices and a better deal for taxpayers when they purchased prescription drugs. Third, this increases supply by stimulating energy production and by subsidizing and supporting our energy transition to renewables, so less demand more on supply and direct better bargaining for lower prices those little things that are involved in reducing inflation, the okay energy and security. Climate change three and 69 billion that is so vague the last thing we need is more subsidies to make solar panels that we can throw out or batteries. We can't get the rare Harry earth and in the middle of a energy crisis, which is what we basically and right now if you look at Woodward pain at the pump historic highs.

Even with the decrease of $0.40 really now were transitioning spending money into renewables when we all have electric cars and ships to make them it was a chip deal signed yesterday this going to bring manufacturing back here artificially business gotta be government-sponsored. We can debate that one thing was clear Republican signed off on it because Joe mansion said bill back better was put on hold after they did the chip deal. Joe mansion announced the deal that is diabolical and I would say the same thing if of this was under the Trump administration and Republicans that the Democrats because it poisons the well in a way that gets extremely personal because when you feel like you were duped and it hurts not only the people you work for, but your reelection chances. That is going to really any time you say anything here on in people and I can believe it. Okay all we recession has if you'll find out Chad program and how all this is resonating in Washington is a try to get set to sense celebrate their summer month off and that we back in September. Then Julie Banderas of the bottom of the hour, Joe calls to 1-866-408-7669 Brian Kelly Joe politics and use that thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say.

Stay with Brian until made from a Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News five or wherever you get your podcast information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show this is a good is important on inflation with my preoccupation this last year*on the environment it's going to make our society more fair and equal. At long last, getting rid of the carried interest loophole. It's going to take important steps forward on access to healthcare and it's going to invest in the future of our country. This is a very strong bill that is Larry Summers who's been a critic of this administration happy with with Joe mansion past were put forward that they think will get every Democrat to vote for it on a simple majority bill in the for the parliamentarian signs off on it will pass a mini bill back better.

Chad program joined just now Fox News congressional correspondent Chad this catch you by surprise because a lot of people by surprise because you know we thought weeks ago were talking like July 18. This was put to bed. That said, I always thought and said this on the air couple of times over the past year and 1/2 that you don't create a budget reconciliation vehicle.

That's the actual parliamentary tool that you can only use you know twice for Congress, one for each fiscal year to go around the filibuster and pass something that is physical in nature. You don't get that vehicle ready and then burn notice something with it and I only said and reported in it been told that they probably do something with this eventually will guess what.

Here they are. I think people are little bit surprised at how quickly that this may have come together here now the plan is to try to move this to the Senate next week. Just need 50 votes and presumably VP Harris breaking the tie I pill mansion has been out with cold guest who tested positive here in the past 40 minutes, Dick Durbin, the Democratic whip. You also hand on the Republican side, Lisa Murkowski has been out lately. The Democratic senator from Vermont has been out all summer. After two surgeries, he fell and had hip surgery as I always say, Brian. It's about the math right now it's about math and they don't have the boat they think they can get this done in person. YOU see that's that's the other interesting thing the Senate has with this this idea of remote voting during the pandemic. The house put that in pretty quickly and has renewed the Senate has never gone to so you know you're operating down in Oakville for five people right now and if the plan was to move this next week and then maybe bring the House of Representatives back the week after that middle August the all of this is going to be contingent upon covert were still middle and upper Jake Sherman put this out from principal said a heads up to the Hill press course Senate Democrats have barred reporters from staking out the room in which they are discussing the reconciliation package. Don't waste your time going well.

The parliamentarian's office is or is downstairs on the first floor, Elizabeth MacDonald, parliamentarian, whether going through what they called the bird that actually go through the bill and make sure it complies be special but you could bypass the filibuster. What I've never heard anybody say that I want to see exactly where they were referring to that now Schumer's office is backing out in the hallway off the Senate chamber. There were they only if you know kind of been a little risk restrictive of orders going back there the rule was it that you just have to keep moving. You just can't go there and stand in fact Helen to borrow the light L of the market with the congressional correspondent for the Washington Post sometimes is referred to as the Helen Delong because she would go through their win the Majority Leader's office was located there and walk very slow shuffle along and they finally fit you just can't stand back the upkeep moving survivor go back to the iconic try moving your going back-and-forth or on the elevator going down one floor coming back upstairs. Okay so which is in this that we know in layman's terms. The carried interest loophole is gone. That'll save 14 billion total investments 433 billion. The IRS is going on with the IRS is going to be westernized and they think going to collect 124 billion.

I guess the going to suddenly realize people are cheating on their taxes and I can guarantee I know they going to go for energy and security and climate change. 369.

Billions of this adds up to 700 billion and Larry Summers says I can support a because it's paid for what respect is a paid for it are going to use the budget reconciliation process again.

The only way the Democrats could move Bill back better this or anything else here is you have to go to reconciliation because you only need to suck majority, not 60 boat but the restriction is that the components of that bill have to be physical in nature, they cannot just be policy and also over a 10 year window. They have to be budget neutral will reduce the deficit inherently. This is a budget reconciliation mattered at that deal with the budget and so that's why you just can't quit straight policy. So yes, when they enter and binder there think you're dealing with such big numbers even more svelte package like this. Sometimes it is so hard to see where you are going to balance out but you not to get reports from the CDO joint committee on taxation that the youngest this works within the parameters about direct reconciliation and Elizabeth McDonough to go with China parliamentarian if she will guess that complies with because again you're just going on those provided numbers then that qualified the dirty little secret in Washington. The brine is I have seen all dozens of these reconciliation packages go through over the years and some of actually made small dents in deficit reduction.

There is packed a few years ago between Paul Ryan before he was speaker the house and also Patty Murray who is the chair of the Senate Budget Committee at the time, but that's a modest modest the deficit reduction. So sometimes they think they put it down and it, but most of the things they they don't. In the long run and again because you're dealing with projections and how we can have another pandemic or something and they have to spend a lot more money like that in a couple years yet you don't know you're dealing with just you know sitting in the future so famously the Palm attorney is struck down provisions to do anything to do with the budget they can sell on the budget so that is there anything that's what you have seen from this mansion, Schumer debacle, a bill that would maybe raise the eyebrows of parliamentarian that could strike a dancer anything it doesn't look finance related. The one area I would start to look at because we don't have specific details. This is where when they go through that process of determining what's in there and be very very specific and very granular area. I would look at is not so much on the regular tax-and-spend side, not so much even on the unit prescription drug medicine side I would look at the environmental stuff for some of that stuff again and it depends how it's awarded. And if you're dealing with tax credits for doing certain things environmentally like electronic vehicles, ghetto tax credits for carbon or something like that and guess what, you know that you're probably within the ballpark, but if some of those things start to creep to close the policy that that's the trouble and that could be the issue so maybe even some of that get scaled down the last minute looking at 360, $370 billion in some for the escorted Bible calls so zero with me to think that center Kelly center master oh Sen. Hassan who are in tough reelection center Warnock and Connor want to push was the president might save themselves is going to hurt my chances of this vitality and more during recession and you know and convince her and I might have to walk away from this well we don't know yet you and the thing is so brand-new it's barely 15 hours old. You know what what few people have talked about is where the senator cinema curtain.

Some of the Democrats Arizona stand on this. You talk about Warnock and Smothers. You know they have to look closely at this you know that it seems like anytime you have a neglected sometimes there are members who pop up and there are problems and sometimes they have to go to class individual issues or language in a bill to get the work together connect all 50 centers looking at that universal by here to get this done. The problem for some of those vulnerable Democrats facing competitive races this fall is that they are going to be tag by Republican George is lying in the weeds ready to do this, about the fate looking at the tax-and-spend bill here you go again that from Chad. Thanks for this analysis truly appreciated. Thank you, Julie McNair is coming up next. Don't think you phone +1-866-408-7669 changing the definition of everything. Will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen to Fox News by just Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News time just done, or wherever you get your favorite contest from his mouth to your ears kill me. Multiple coming forward with lots of fairies nation is one of those is the communication between James Healy had links to my having conversation which ensued on the very day that price we first broke the story from the laptop just three weeks before the presidential election. This communication has James Gilead talking twin unnamed person about what would happen if Hunter Biden joy Biden and joy Biden's campaign basically through that hotness under the box.

This was the concern that was being raised in multiple phone calls and messages between various people who were involved with Hunter Biden so this thing is moving so the laptop keeps on giving. The cloud keeps on giving and working more more information about Hunter Biden's international antics and how the president was indeed read in so this James Gill are the former British special forces officer I know where he come from gets a text from an unnamed person, officer, text message, text message to an unnamed person will find out soon.

Hunter viewed their concern. First, the premise they were concerned that as more exposure one on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden that they were going to be thrown under the bus and they said here's what they worried about who they actually use their names and sale was involved so this was a right Hunter, and Joe, I would try to make it all. We were never involved and will try to basically make us collateral damage.

Meaning galore in this other person going on to say, I don't see how this would work.

So think in that scenario if he wins the election. We would we would just leave a sleeping is think this if he wins, they would just leave a sleeping dogs lie. If they lose. Honestly, I don't think the big guy really cares about that because he'll be too busy focusing on all of the plight things God the things that he is doing so essentially saying don't worry about it. The Bidens would have more to lose. Regardless if they were to expose if these deals were to get exposed. They threw us under the bus and I'm pretty sure these guys are indicating that they would not take the fall which pretty amazing is Hunter Biden gets alerted by his financial advisor is been over 100 red flags on your business dealings from various banks, meaning they could be a legal international transactions. For example what he's doing in Mexico. He's doing in China.

What is doing Romania what he was doing with oligarchs in Russia now as we know is Tony Belinsky is said in the past that Joe Biden knew about everything. Everything that was happening in. He's labeled and referred to in all these scenarios as the big guys here is an example. If they lose. I honestly don't think the big guy really cares about what because he'll be due to focus on what he has to do that identity.

The big guy has formed part of formed part of the grand jury investigation into Wilmington Delaware into Hunter to Hunter Biden's dealings. That's what they say in theory as calls ramped up to have present Biden, who was repeatedly denied any involvement in his son's dealings including conspiracy pro I sense in less the Republicans can control the house in the Senate or the House for sure nothing's gonna move but it's more likely they will and already House Republicans are demanding answers from present Biden's son son's financial advisor's name is Edward pre-with on his business deals. He is the one that flagged that they told Hunter that his transactions have been flagged by banks, including Wells Fargo. Usually if there's one or two.

That's a big deal metaphor there was one or maybe two. This guys got over 100 hundred and 50 transactions of his business feelings of been played by FairPlay flagged by various US banks as with a close source suspicious activity reports so there is text messages teens financial advisor and him and if the big guy is listed as somebody to benefit from these deals. How could he not go to the president and what's the big deal because the trading on the family name, which is a violation on a sitting VP which is a violation and then he's profiting which is a violation and then the vice president. Four years later becomes president and you wonder how many governments who know this could destroy him will hold it over his head, including China. That's what makes it a big deal, very big deal more from rented by cut 20 that had nothing to offer except the Biden name, which was used basically by Pres. changing things belting right initiative type and doors around the world where the Chinese communist government wanted to flap infrastructure and basically track countries in not in debt and sorry when when joy Biden with getting 10 was allocated. Supposedly, the big guy 10% of the deal. This is just part of a lot of evidence on the laptop which might suggest that joy Biden was actually profiting from something scaled nitrogen understand what's going on here.

People looking at text messages seeing the Joe's involvement there being concerned, this investigation is to happen, something separate the whistleblowers come forward and talked about how the FBI been told to really bury the Hunter Biden story before and and since the election minimize his massive violations and how it may or may not link back to the present United States, a no-nonsense guy like Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Johnson who people like to label a somebody very political but is actually a guy who was spent his life in plastics, becoming a self-made multi-built multimillionaire. I want you or Chuck Grassley says he's hearing cut 18 when I come to Harter Biden with plenty of concrete information that was shut down. It's pretty simple. We have evidence that some of these people have exhibited this political bias over a long period of time because there's a guy by name of table that the whistleblowers told me about how I took it directly to Ray.

I guess he had done this re-one region of the press release on but I talked to them about it to thank him because he moved that guy out of the decision making of which investigation should go ahead and which one should be stopped.

But that gives you an example of political bias and it hurts or the integrity of the FBI. I would think so. More from you on this from Sen. Johnson.

Also along with Sean Hannity less on TV now are finding out from his whistleblowers of the FBI actually had start know what you would call it, but individuals are specifically taking derogatory information about against Hunter Biden downgrading it to and the investigations were great were they responsible talking to their intelligence or sisters of the 51 intelligence officials and came forward and engage their own information operation when they said the hammerlock Hunter by his laptop will have all the earmarks of the Russian information operation. This is dirty this is corrupt. We need answers MSA.

This I am the biggest critic of Russia, but we know you have relations with countries that have dice relationships dictatorships in Africa and certainly in the Middle East. Case in point Saudi Arabia. Why would you make up a scenario that involves one of our rivals/enemies Russia falsely so there making up. This is classic Russian disinformation. They wrongly accused a nation that we just really disparage a regular basis, up into the pew because their government and now here's later turns out that's totally fictitious so they are in operation at the FBI going to this whistleblower which logic tells you is under percent right to blame Russia for disinformation put on a laptop to help color the election for Donald Trump. Turns out the laptop was real.

The New York Post story was right. Russia had nothing to do with it. I'm not into apologizing to a nation, but think about this Russia sitting over there Gagne with diabolical the art we look at America's evil but all of a sudden watching all this misinformation being blamed for things that I even have anything to do with this. Anyone think about how it relates to our international relations or click Russia's conversation with Turkey as a conversation with article get guys yeah I'm I'm trying to screw the America their actually making stuff up that nothing to do with using us as the enemy. Anyway, Hunter is the problem, but the big issue is that the person knew about it and I bring this up in him: myself na�ve at one point. Upon prison by Obama. I'm sitting around Michelle. I don't get to the bottom. Hunter Biden. He was a problem in the White House was involved was about Romania treatment using over in China was over, and hungry, he was dealing over in Serbia in Ukraine on the family name with a government position that I gave his father what I'm asking his father to least important positions. He's out there trying to make money. I know a lot of you saying I'm sure Pres. Obama know that I actually don't think so.

I really don't think so.

You might Joe Biden been in those holes 30 years 30 years more experience in prison Obama at that time was only in the Senate for a term not even a full term and didn't really know his way around the halls didn't even like the chamber, but is usually Joe Biden was an expert on all things said I think reaching to the engine brings you to the edge of legality. So this is gonna get bigger, especially if Joe Biden's numbers stay low you watch Democrats. Protecting and will say I told you so but it would matter 186640876690 come back with you because just a moment a lot more to cover today in case you do not know.

It's not great news but is news you need to know the second consecutive quarter our economy did not grow it decreased .9%, it decreased last quarter over 1%. That equals a recession this administration is trying to tell us it's not.

We know better back in a moment, driving deep into today's top story.

Brian, kill me talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me and show this guy is familiar with him and his background is not only an arms dealer is American commander of US 2008 and we were celebrating because he was the one supplying weapons to the FARC. The terrorists in Columbia killing Americans and so is Tony Lincoln said these are never easy decision is the president has to weigh this but I think he is doing everything he can to bring these Americans home. Understandably so. That is James Servetus, the Adm. and he's talking about the man in the preserve change Brenda Greiner and wailing who are taking erroneously Taught attempting Russian prisons and now working a prisoner swap. Evidently the Secretary of State offered a Victor boot who people sacrifice their lives to arrestees and international arms dealer and as the Adm. said this guy profiles were the worst people on the planet selling to our enemies gorillas in the clay hills of Columbia to take out our special forces in Africa and when we got up.

This is a major victory. I mean to not consult to somebody in a prisoner swap. I didn't think that was. I thought that was standard. Evidently, no one even knows about this and the Russians are even anxious to do it of course is a big dent.

This is big news to the Russians now.

It's also been speculated that this guy is even more valuable to the Russians because he knows how he was caught.

He knows how he was questioned. He knows what we cared about. With our integral interrogation practices and he may or may not be candid about what he told us, but as candid as he can be. He would actually run down. You think the wailing of Greiner given to tell Sandy about Russia except for how cruel they are. I want both these people back but I think we have to think about what were doing here and now. Every time we get a valuable operator for many of our enemies with her to run Russian China really get them back with her to do is capture whatever innocent people. They were the go grab our ambassador when he goes out to the deli, but some drugs in his pocket and say this guy was trafficking drugs and that will be the story with China, no. Would Russia's capable of, we know that they had decent mysterious guys jump out of course just beat up US officials and get out before they could find out how there be recognized. So I think this gave people have to slow down and expose with this person swap look like don't get all caught up in the moment because obviously being Russia's dangerous playing in Russia is now going to be forbidden for soccer boys volleyball players and basketball players. Women who go there to make a lot of money in those professional leagues. So today, in case you do not know right now it's happening I don't to get over yet present she imprisoned. Biden was speaking at which time giant tribunes.

As with the can we talk about suing fentanyl South China Sea.

Could you tell us for sure that we talk about it. I can believe it, or maybe you will cut 23, the president is looking forward to his discussion with Pres. she here in coming days. There is an awful lot on the agenda. In this, one of the most consequential bilateral relationships we have in the world is with China and there's an awful lot on the plate to talk about the president wants to focus on those items on the agenda. Things like climate change things like tensions in the Indo Pacific things like Russia's unprovoked war in Ukraine. That's what he's focused on what climate change yet to about fentanyl that's giving to cartels is killing millions of Americans, young and old, doing for the always do admit Mr. present for your own votes your own party cut 24 climate change really climate change is absolutely going to be on the list when he talks to attend to China but I didn't. I wasn't trying to give you the list in no order of importance. I was just trying to go through a lot of different items that are gonna be on the agenda when it is a chance to talk to Pres.

She again be there for conversation. It's an important consequential relationship will climate change. Yet if you want to buy solar panels. Evidently we allowed them to become the manufacturing hub are solar panels.

The other big story is we have no place to throw them out, we can safely do would put them into the garbage dumps because of their metals in the Big Dig poison the ground we just arbitrarily shoot them into space. If everyone's got a solar panel we upgrade the solar panels and they do have an expiration date, we have no idea how to throw them out. We have no idea. Throughout these batteries either with their lithium and the other rare metals that make up these batteries.

But now we get to talk about climate change. Can you imagine the laughter laughter they must be going on with China as a harass or fighter jets in our ships at sea as they try to influence our our our allies in Africa, Central America and South America with the built-in Road program try to use their influence around the globe using their dollars and then you later when they can pay them back extorting those nations and now I hope he's not getting try to convince and sale convince Speaker Pelosi not to go to Taiwan. That's a weakness only second to the way we left Afghanistan in terms of damaging Sen. Tom cotton, who offered to go with Nancy Pelosi said this cut 26 the link of Nancy pleasure trip came straight from the White House pressure came from Joe Biden who doesn't want her to take this trip is once again kowtowing to Beijing but Lord Austin Joe Biden shouldn't be worried about China's aggressiveness they should be making China were about our aggressiveness for decades American lawmakers have been traveling to Taiwan about parties and that should continue now, especially after it became public actually saw Speaker Pelosi last night and I told her it was absolutely essential that she go for this trip.

No matter what your license as II do to me. Don't you understand, nobody wants a confrontation, but any time you show weakness you invite that a confrontation we owed to future generations as well as the current one right now were superior to China daily to pour all these money the monies into their military as he could care less about social programs. No one's voting for a legitimate election date repress their people lack up there people to test positive for this virus.

You know that they locked up another million people in Wuhan so they're able to take the money that we put into our social programs and supplement of various schooling to schools and colleges that money just goes to building more aircraft carriers more missile shields. Hypersonic program and now their own space station.

They look at a weapon eyes and maybe to dominate after the moon, no joke.

If I could feel the presence phrase so that's why it's important to stand up to them now and you may be a little thing the speaker the house was going to go to Taiwan. Now, she was told it would upset the Chinese and she canceled it only invites additional weakness. These were not dealing with somebody who thinks like us with dealing with somebody that thinks about anything that's not in our interest is in there's no move.

Use of the brain killing Joe so glad you're here. Please get dressed. Joe Fox news radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here buddies the brain to me shall come at you from your Committee Chairman had heard around the country around the world hopefully resonating with the Ukraine sinner Joni Ernst will be with us at the bottom of the ice. At a 45 after Ward currently in between that of interesting scenario. There Ward is the present of equal rights for all political action committee. He's also the president of the American civil rights Institute in a former region of the University of California.

He speaking about his opposition to reparations for black Californians. Yeah, that's how much money they have that is handing out reparations for something that hasn't that happened 200+ years ago which I'm pretty sure there is no there is nobody around from back then if they were right have a different stance on it. Sinner Joni Ernst and Marti's and standing by. We do have the news that relatively new there for the second consecutive quarter we have had a negative result on the GDP. Therefore, equaling recession, but he once again, you can't believe your eyes or the numbers when it comes to this administration. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is also expected to bring dishes running fentanyl exports from China and regarding the origins of 19 I think is a sender to be a range of vision range of issues that should be the first issue John Kirby critical time for the Americas present Biden present she have a chance to talk and then talking right now. It may have just wrapped up one of the topic. Speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. They cannot be canceled. But I fear will be because, get this, the Pentagon wanted canceled.

Never discuss with my son, my brother or anyone else.

Does anyone believe that now we know for sure Hunter's antics are now beginning to stain Joe will take a midterm red wafer to leave a true political mark. I'll bring you the latest mind-boggling revelations decreased .9% of first quarter estimate final estimate was 1.6% decrease.

Now we have a first estimate of the second quarter decrease of .9% severely. The common definition of a recession that is a recession for the first half of this year.

Spin city that's of the ministrations doing as they redefine a recession we don't and let us know how great the economy is but is not showing it isn't slowing down and interest rates are going up in their day doing it intentionally does not hurt the everyday person. Oh yeah, Joe mansion, mysteriously caves, and now were spending $700 billion in inflationary cycle.

Something he said he couldn't sign off on turning us out to make sense of it. If it's indeed possible Marti's and former chief speechwriter for Bush factors contributed by some post comments mark we� Yeah you're right I overestimated you.

Thanks for calling Linda get somebody else mark idea. I never saw an administration it looks a reality and want to do not believe what you're seeing and living. For example, Afghanistan was a success.

What is a woman.

What is a man will change that definition. What should be taught and when will change will mislabel that Jim Crow 2.0. That's election reform as it looks in Georgia. Nothing close and then when it comes to recession. They told us leading up to today due to consecutive quarters of negative growth is not a recession for the first time in history. Do you believe it now. I don't believe the Biden live more than after he did everything you spent and the problem is that when when when a president says things that are not comported with the lived reality of American.

This is why his poll numbers are so low.

If it if you would just if you adjust technology every time he comes out make an economic statement that we have great low unemployment and everything was great were doing all these great accomplishments and that you cannot look I know Americans are hurting.

I know inflation is really bad were going through a tough time right now but here's what we can fix that than people of Lipton tea when you go out when you go in for the last 10 recession whenever they with the declared profession. It was when the when there were two consecutive quarters of negative grow.

Everyone agreed with perfection and now all of a sudden the for the first time in 10 recession birthday if not one multiple look and let you know what word God. Negative growth of Russian right I don't understand it but Orwell is running the running the bite speechwriter. This is where I would handle it with the wording recession technically are not as Prez United States I'm handling like it's recession because I locate what you're paying for everything that you do and that to me is something I have to address.

Regardless of what the GDP comes in it and that's fine you and it could to me up. Once the blow but now they tell us everything's great end and I recession that all definitions don't work. Here's the anything for inspirational Brian Deese, the Dir. of National economic Council cut six definition of recession which is been an issue that I know many of you have reported on as Sec. Ellen said on Sunday. Two negative quarters of GDP growth is not technical definition of recession.

It's not definition that economists have traditionally relied on really in 2008. He's on the record saying Brian Deese himself.

The two consecutive quarters of negative growth is a recession and everybody knows it.

So what do you think this approach is not bound by anything like that before and most Americans are not economists that they were running their own household and they can tell the early right so innovative that my definition of recession at the Ronald Reagan building the paraphrase. All right, that a recession is when your neighborly job. A depression when you lose.your job and recovery went by the job but not definition we need going forward. The other in the air. Americans are look lately. They keep talking they go out and they say while wages are rising, the birth of 5.5% or whatever the number is not on my watch and places that 9.1%. What what Americans are experiencing is the largest collapse in real wages and foredeck everybody paycheck is worth less and and and it works for people in the lower income than it is for higher income so they constantly say things that make them seem completely out of step with what's happening in the in the country and as a result got a quickwitted capital had the public 28% now. I mean the most unpopular president in the history of presidential polling going back to recruitment because it felt like this treatment bounced back to Lucy was truly school.

He never would've done this I want to bring you to a couple of things. Gasoline some 60% airfares are 34% serial 15 meet 10 fruit and vegetables up eight gas up as I think I said 60 used cars up 7%. The cows cocaine and Huggies diapers are all major brands that have high prices. Yesterday I was out in Georgia and I was just talking to. This is at a caf� and he said Brian Mike. I had to hike my price is 60%. Every time I get a delivery on paying more and I have to immediately convert it to my custard to my menu because I don't have much of a margin.

Most restaurants don't. So if they see up they look up at our show or another network and it says new definition of recession, not in a recession. They laugh they help you not only don't feel my pain there. Try to tell me I don't have any. Or they don't care that I do thing like to bring up is the Joe mansion situation. I know we don't know exactly what happened, but here's a guy that stood up to packing the court stood up to build back better $4 trillion stood up to making Puerto Rico and DC estate stood up to the blowing up the filibuster but yesterday he surrendered and revise a social spending package. He agreed to sign off on roughly $700 billion. They're trying to tell us it's paid for on first blush, what do you think about this Marti's and the ball everything you said about writing a paper country in so many ways. I'm hesitant to beat them up.

Even though I think the terrible idea because things could be so much work and they would they believe and we have the inflation right now is because they pack $1.9 trillion on covert social spending disguised as covertly right and then Joe mansion saved us from from Ma from Bill back better. What would it look good.

It was 3.5 codevelopment made it even works right so if if if we look different than spending it from 3.5 to 700 billion. I guess we pocket out of the wind.

However, the that that meant the broader perspective. However, it is the Republicans were going to block this China chip will and about that over this and they they got where the minima, with basely told that that mansion had killed the bill so he let the chips will go in literally hours later than now so this is that won't go by the Democrat. They knew that they were planning to do that even before they have the vote of the chip and Joe mansion went along with that so he is the champion of bipartisanship, but needed to rope a dope on the on his Republican allies being kind rope a dope. I would think to just pull the rug out from under them stabbed in the back because you said there's an understanding that you know there's times when these parties have to fight in this times when they thought they could get along. Now the distrust is jihad everywhere. They'll never cease. For this scenario there, done so have the date they had a gun bill they had the infrastructure bill.

Now they had the chips bill where they both feel is okay as bad as it is necessary and why do people like for example, center County, since chips most terrible and that he signs often and then they go ahead and go so social pricing was his center cinema said she had no idea about and more things analyst Mark yet more things in this market. Is this is this interest rate of this interest rate bill that they regard the interest rates that they're going to sleep all that they would.

They're going to close now that she did not want to do that she would not sign off on and there's a lot of people in battleground states that might not sign off on this might hurt them. Do you think you can get the cart ahead of the horse.

In one embodiment of the parent greatly carried illustrate it if it is entirely possible that she will not vote for the and now you know it. If the dollar chips bill or built.

Because of this rope a dope because of the.I mean I mean look. If you think about this the reason we have the inflation of the $1.9 trillion, but were now going to add seven almost $800 billion and more spending is going to get hurt inflation to pay for by raising taxes on businesses.

How would I don't know if it ever been a president who on the same day that the that we declared a recession and out the plan to raise taxes on business so it is literally making everything worse. Don't learn their lesson is energy security and climate change. $369 billion. Who knows what's in that after having see Al Gore this Sunday. I'm still not emotionally over it. As he goes in sending the praises of himself even though his movie is proved to be the liberal fiction. However, to my surprise, even though he was for Bill back better. Believe it or not, because he said help social spending was now Larry Summers characterized the mansion Bill cut 13 this is a good bill. This is an important step forward on inflation which is been my preoccupation this last year. It's historic on the environment it's going to make our society more fair and equal.

At long last, getting rid of the carried interest loophole.

It's going to take important steps forward on access to healthcare and it's going to invest in the future of our country so this is a very strong bill. We surprised her that I am a little bit Democrat so I would agree that something that the democratically make. They immediately dismissed the so you know will will see if you need to give the guy who predicted that the $1.9 trillion bill before would will unleash inflation.

We haven't been in the generation and the Democrat don't even accept even today that he was right so you know that I love thing that now promote a note citing Larry Summers about how wonderful the bill is when they want but when they don't acknowledge that he was right about about their spending bill placed a call zero downside to letting Medicare negotiate with drug companies that that that the good question. I wish it were the pharmaceutical industry to favor country may bear that they get.

They came out in the end and then produce that the vaccine in record time. In a way that that that that is a lot of our lives back. So on one hand got a lot of people you know are just frustrated with the high cost of prescription drugs. So the very topical is they say that they gotta do is allow these these companies to be able to bring in venture capital in order to ounces like a capitalist and adventure which we need because that way it has to be. It's a win-win for you want innovation, and pharmaceutical. You want people doing what they are poor for other diseases.

What they did to stop.

Stop the covert epidemic would be with the backseat answered yes want them to innovate and if you get if you if you are at the up government spending prices and taking away their profit ability to make money, which is not a crime, then them know they won't do that and no be no innovation is a reason why the vaccine work and final back and the Sputnik vaccine don't we do what we don't want Sputnik vaccine.

We want actually one real innovative medicine that we have. Government getting involved. I see no channel, thanks so much Marti's inflation, but 186640876 external come back, take your calls get you to weigh in and then welcome into great guest will go is education and I want to get sinner Joni Ernst away and the present on the speaker the house, going to Taiwan will she acquiesce, will she cave Joe mansion Justin to a degree trying to meet you, giving you everything you need to know your Ryan kill me radio show like no other Americans have taken possibilities got mild symptoms to Paxil is at home) slow is taking Paxil, Paxil, Paxil, recent plaques avoid the plaques event.

The plat was polycentric.

Now, easy reason. Breathe in and where was that little montage Eric put together and put all Eric did not Stephen Colbert now correct. Wow, it would be a little bit of everything on you and your amazing pronunciation. The present bind with his pronunciation and we ended it with a little compared to Lily as to what side is Eric on the side of the lesson. I went out and calming them to think twice about it. Stephen Colbert actually since the radio show and we know it was my sealants to do this from our step is to pick and he's too good, he added something like that must've been on network television right if he says well as soon as I find somebody who Ms. Cooper mispronounced as badly as Brian does make a montage and he founded with the president think anything is running our country absolutely so did you see the president compared try to compare his recovery to present trump that I only read this you think it was an attacker you think you just turn it was the do you think it was him calling out the present for overreacting to getting a the first initiate the first variant of not the first read the actual original disease.

I want to say.

Now they felt he was try to attack him and call back. Santa really dumb joke about that you like least bind and go to Wall Street like they were two different names think it's so no vaccine at the time and there was no therapeutic at the time and to me. I said to myself, could he be that crass know the thing is, I believe the political approaches make everything trump by your people's mind off the election of the economy. Just take on even trump imprisoned by this comfortable school about three or four times and remember the more you listen to Lori. Although Ryan kill me commonsense perspective in preparation for United States slavery and its legacies to the new Jim 02 before the events of human slavery and its legacy Jim Crow and the new Jim Crow that Telcom is that's come out, more chairperson California reparations task force and believe it or not reparations are are moving here is our ward Connolly present equal rights for all particle action committee sees Pres. Ward is president of the American civil rights Institute and a former region at the University California ward. We are are reparations for the citizens of California now are they are they on the threshold of passing. I don't think so. Legislature wants to do something that they realize the political football on their hands and many of the extraordinary status and sink is not a good idea so I don't think anything is going to actually, bending at the dads fight it, that's taken formal action you treated the prop 29 could stop any form of reparation for black Californians from happening and what respect how corrupt 209 says that you cannot in this state and about nine other states that we fought over events over the last 24 years you cannot discriminate against or grant preferential treatment to any fitness center on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin, and a preference. I don't know what is.

How can you possibly qualify for how mean it's it's currently the rear individual did has a pure background that dates back to slavery and how does that benefit somebody somebody from something that happened over 200 years ago, Ryan L would really like to just distribute benefits to people like me black people finding that we've had a rough time in this country and it's time to pay it back. I don't disagree with We have had a rough time in this country but we made the conscious decision as the people country did 25 years ago so that we had to resolve the issue raised in our country when we came out of Jim Crow. Pres. Kennedy had said race has no right in American life, or law, and so we consciously decided to enter great not have separate institutions that Malcolm X said proposed so it made it certain to integrate. That was a good decision but there are people who are looking for another mission progressives in our country where that they're going or they want to go but they want to transform the country and in the cross were dealing with issues that we've already resolve which said that we want integration but people are not people with that. We want to offer. Currently, Robert, but they're not that.

And so what we have just a mess on our hands. No political leadership no moral leadership by not a leader. He is the problem.

But that's not to say that Pres. Franklin because to a large extent, the stores of many of our problems that we face right now with 11 policies but delivering them is problematic for a lot of people and what you say what reparations Brian is the outcome of all of this distant redneck country and and were going to have to do in California because the Coit don't it's going to promote regular rest of the current three people will come near who were not residents of California because they might get some sort of a unity distributed by the legislature meant it's just that met side notes. I never thought about that people coming from the outside to say I moved out of the country. My great-grandparents were here. I need to pay out notetakers. I'll take a condo here is assembly assemblyman Reggie Jones Sawyer talking about this very issue, a Democrat from Los Angeles member Californians reparation task force has been done in California because African-Americans is unbelievably I really do need to look at some of the laws that were in place that restricted African-Americans to link certain places that restricted you could marry.

You could not marry your race here in California so that vestiges of slavery that may have started in the south and east coast still permeated in California society. So that's the sentiment that you say has no place right right right not wrong and find some of our great but we do not all problems in our country by passing on different generations. The responsibility of paying for that.

My grandkids would be paying for the damage that was done to me, arguing made reparation were Edward Chinese exclusion act, gave everything we have been marginalized, people are just now coming to the country from across the southern border are going to argue that illegal immigration had been going around her neck were talking trillions of dollars. More importantly were upsetting the fabric of our people.

We are society and this kind. Actually in California and people came near my people did from the deep South because we thought the California land of opportunity. Now were being told that we were living a lie. This is idiocy and we have to bring a close to it more from the assemblyman cut 36 things going on in America that have stifled impeded or stop after marriage and some really realizing our full potential is not all about money is about generational change for all that is what's flawed about that reasoning is not all about money is by generational change but is about money it's about money and I think that there are some people who see the low hanging fruit. There were vulnerable in society white guilt leadership, no moral leadership hey there hello yet and I think that there flirting with danger here. I know what I know you are so your African-American what is your background was your heritage, which was your family from my family and friendly.

We are a a by multiracial people.

Some of my people were Irish on my father's side. My one of my great-grandparents left 30 left the ranch and Mary display on my mother decided it Irish and Choctaw Indian, no African dissent therein as a whole another story. What is right for America, whose been discriminated against when it reaches the point that the resume discriminate towards are going to be paid by those who didn't want slavery at all. Most people of California. You reached the land. The land there of public policy needs some courage to stand up to that and let people say well you're being racially insensitive in understanding your behavior denying our past, knowing that were living in the present.

We cannot continue to look back the way we are.

We study history. I didn't think we get a Judges where we are and then asked for caching return from it. This is their side to say Irish need not apply. The Italians for the Mafia because it felt to be discriminated against and couldn't get a job there.

The proofs for neuroprotective society. The American Indians constantly say and they might have a case.

They were here first. So that's not the way America was made America's consummate progress. We acknowledge where we been weak knowledge we want to go and I think we're kind of their country continues to self-correct, but this I hundred percent agree with you Ward II think this is this is a sinkhole bill could further poison the country how close or is this the passing. I don't think it's close to right now where I will say that it's close but I think that we can prevent it, and we do have an entry laws that some of us respect is not an easy one for me, my friend, I'm going to be called everything that you can imagine by my fellow black Americans, but this event right. It has long-term ramifications and if they go forward will try the law because it's a violation of crop 209 which is then our Constitution is seeking to circumvent it by this hokey notion of ancestry and and it will invite people to come to California in search that low hanging fruit. As I described my dear brave guy, you know how to take a backward step, Americans had to get better first and foremost you gotta love the country and then everything else will work out if we can all get on that page. I'd love to go forward together. That would certainly be an equity relief never deny Jim Crow happened never to lie slavery took place on never deny the mistakes but also deny the great net don't deny the greatness of war. Thanks so much. Thank you very when we come back and be joined by Sen. Joni Ernst.

She pointed at something that happened in Argentina that I had no idea about and they the Justice Department is ignoring that has to be recognized and I wont get her to weigh in on what's at stake if Nancy Pelosi cancels a trip to Taiwan.

Brian kill me show you something new every day, Brian kill me show if you're interested in Brian's talking about is you are with Brian kill me for about the aggressiveness of the PRC and the kinds of things that we've been saying in the region and so I think we have to be vigilant throughout never operating in the region that is Secretary of Defense Austin trying to diplomatically walk back and prevent Nancy Pelosi to speak without going to Taiwan it. What a joke which we give the Pentagon billions of dollars to defend our interest and now they're saying that we should cower and wait for China to approve on trips to visit our ally. This to me is unacceptable. Sen. Joni Ernst served in the military is now in the arm for his service in the Armed Forces in small business community joined yourself center I I fear that Speaker Pelosi's not going to go to Taiwan at this point if that's the case, how weak will we look Brian, I think you're right on had planned many not think out with delayed pelagic out and I don't normally agree a way that they comply fan on a whole lot that I did think that that trip is important to to important care that Taiwanese that we think no clear link here. We support kill so I think it's entirely appropriate that she goes as she had planned many months ago and we have to get them on missile defense systems to prevent the invasion.

Ukraine was late in getting erosive. We gave them the proper systems they probably would not of been invaded a little lamb and we thought that where we really need that help bolster their defenses instead that administration's trying to rapidly pole American American soldier Ukraine when we should've been working to get them the equipment they need to keep a rush Ukraine that similar circumstance going on with Taiwan and I have heard many military leaders talk about how we need to make Taiwan like a porcupine. Give it the defenses that the Russian bear that big Chinese parents not wanting to let you know well, let's do it. Can't stop. On the flip servants and actually for the people of Taiwan time clock is ticking.

So you put something in my tension I had no idea about Argentina you say is the teen group of Iranians with links to a major terrorist organization is asked the Department of Justice and the US for help and so far Merrick Garland kids have been unable to even respond because they want to prosecute these guys if they don't anymore information intelligence that they have to let them go a little background on June with a plan with a crew that included Iranians with at least one member of the Islamic Revolutionary guard Corps, the IRG C landed in Argentina and many Argentine federal plaintiffs discovered that the condo contained intelligent technologies and other related military hardware and sound that provides incredible suspicion that they were engaging in maligning in that region can know what transpired then that the Argentine judiciary went through a standard process called mutual legal assistance treaty program and requested information from the Justice Department on the potential involvement of the plane and its credo in support of international and DOJ here in the United States, even under this and land are the treaty program did not ignore that would not risk bond and now I member my Republican colleagues and I might let this letter to the DOJ asking them to get involved with a Argentine official international terrorism potentially when engaged by my worry is that the Biden administration and so on getting that new new nuclear agreement done when I ran that they didn't want to push any buttons when it comes to Iran.

They just didn't want to upset them so they didn't engage even that were under this training went Argentina didn't engage because they're trying to appease the Iranian officials to poison relationship with the Saudi's the rebels signal the terror list.

That's why we are we so try to get a deal.

In fact, the presence of the other day still try to get a deal. The secretary stated I should say we just speculate on that right could just be that disjointed of being unable to have it bureaucratically laden have a few layers of topping Merrick Garland from fighting about finding out about this that could be that Iran has engaged in nefarious activity in the United States didn't want you know that the Iranians any further panic and that this administration we are under a tree application and went Argentina went Argentina when it comes to providing that mutual legal aid to NORAD as an absolute disgrace. It's completely unacceptable. They are one of five major non-NATO allies and this is exactly why I member of these nations in South America start to turn to China and Russia may cut the United States is not living up to their obligations and it simple for him to relate the information to them again under this treaty that would help provide evidence that they can use that against face Iranian that fell far Department of Justice has chosen not Joni Ernst always always working think somewhat center good luck in the congressional baseball game tonight. Thanks, Brian uses a right to me so so glad to hear right Find out when the live from the Fox news is New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me.

Thank you much for being here, but if the Brian kill me Joe committee from New York around the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine. Hope they're paying attention because the Congressman Coliseum and is will be joining us and he did a great thing you went into the borders for himself. They brought on other Congressman with them. I think a couple of Democrats is so bad now I know I feel like I say, the same story almost every day at least three times a week, but it's it's sacrificing our security sacrificing our social programs in the fabric of our country.

In the beginning I thought it was ignorance, and now I think it's negligence. And now I believe is thoroughly intentional.

Carlos Yemen is a Florida will be joining us. Karl Rove is standing by. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is also expected exports from China and regarding origins, I think, is to be a range of your range of issues including climate change, John Kirby, critical time for America's present Biden speaker present she right now and evidently pushing for Speaker Pelosi did not go to Taiwan. That would be a disaster to let China control of foreign policy, Karl Rove on that.

Never discuss with my son or anyone else. Not true. Hunter's antics are now beginning to stain Joe, but it will take a midterm red wafer to leave a true political Mark Ellis call about that decreased .9% the first quarter estimate final estimate was 1.6% decrease. Now we have a first estimate of the second quarter decrease of .9% of the common definition of a recession that is a recession for the first half of this year. Spin city data. This ministration is doing as they redefine the recession.

We don't and let us know how great the economy is we don't think so. What is this slowing down. Yes.

Is it intentional.

Yes, interest rates going up.

Yes, guess who gets hurt working-class and middle-class Americans were anybody else and Joe met you mysteriously caves and signs a bill back better plan that could add up to $700 billion is that the best way to fight our way through a recession was as Karl Rove, welcome back Carlos Karl Rove is and what I said to Allison and Peter to help with the show us again if you book one call. There's got to be another is the people demanded same first names is the secret to radio berries is a very smart member and you're right. You did a good thing by bringing a broad group of people aboard.

So let's talk about recession. Did you ever think about him lately when you're in the White House when things are going better economically in the numbers conclude that the just change what the numbers mean no you can't do that and you know we got. It was a recession in early 2001 sort of is the result of the tech boom having collapsed in 2000, so the numbers are what the numbers are the questions what to do to get you to get the economic situation changed and apparently the White House thinks that the way you change a recession into prosperity is to raise taxes and spend more money. At least half of that combination is what got us into the inflationary problem we have. So it's interesting is that you mentioned Sen. Schumer and they waited for the chips package to get Republican votes in order to announce this. I know it's I know it's you I'm in the I'm in the idealistic world here in the real political world, but it undermines the Democrats enlisting know that they're done in the majorities in both chambers. They have undermined trust from here on in that they do. They fully realize it is this worth it. Yeah I don't think they care think they are so desperate for anything. I mean look at think about this present Biden's approval numbers are the worst of any modern president at this time in his presidency, the worst of anybody.

Jimmy Carter was better than this.

Donald Trump was better than SME know nobody is at numbers is bad. The Democrats have a narrow margin of the house five seats at the 50-50 Senate they know they're going to lose the house they were either going to lose the Senate that the last two years of the Biden administration are to be divided government and they are desperate to hold onto power.

So yeah they don't care and it looked in the administration set the tone when the president came in.

He left the impression he was going to unite the country instead and he came in and pursued a gigantic left-wing agenda that was transformational.

They love that they were being called the most transformational president since at least LBJ, and in all likelihood since FDR. They love that they were going that big and that far left so you know that that they are where they are in large part because of the choices they made. The rhetoric they adopted in the attitude that that govern their actions call with the sampling case you do not know less than two hours. He came across a GDP number for this quarter is point -.9 and that to the negative GDP from last quarter we are in a recession, not according to Brian Deese, the director of the National economic Council, listen to his inspiring words cut six definition of recession which is been an issue that I know many of you have reported on as Sec. Ellington said on Sunday.

Two negative quarters of GDP growth is not technical definition of recession.

It's not the definition that economists have traditionally relied on really okay so I know you make a decision about the healthy economy depending on our family, our friends, and what were able to do or not to. What about this tactic and we know the presence could be speaking little bit later by telling people don't believe your lifestyle. I guess well sessions are declared by the national budget business research � by the government so is technically right that just simply to quarters in a row. Negative growth does not automatically recession, but I think that that we in all likelihood, this will be declared an official recession. But look, let's step back. Let's not argue about that. Let's look at the reality that people are facing better than three out of every four Americans think their economic circumstances are lousy. They think the country is going in the wrong direction. Why, because for the last year and 1/2 they've been experiencing intimately in almost every single day when they go to the grocery store when they stop by to pick up something for the kids when they been a part of it. You have to fill up their car there. Realizing how much more there pan today than they did before and they seem to work all the time that they hear and other colleagues at work in their clear coworkers talking about how how much more expensive it is for the all the inputs if they work in a factory or the services that they work in the service industry. How much more expensive so they know the economy is bad and they know how to impacting their own family budget.

Think about it today. What what you spent 20 bucks last year to get here to meet your purchasing power last year was 20 bucks this year.

Your purchasing power with that same 20 bucks is now 19 buys less and everybody knows that. So to the degree that the ministrations all low gas prices are coming down will people say I'm still paying almost twice as much as I did let your oh, don't worry that we we are not technically in recession. Well, maybe you aren't because you got a government salary, but in my in my life, my wages are not keeping up with all I have to lay out in order to keep my family live in the life that I want� Hope you know the administrations and took place that got only themselves to blame for.

They should've listened to Larry Summers rather than pursuing and passing the $1.9 trillion rescue plan and pursuing it. Fortunately not yet passing go back better. They change the name they lowered the dollar amount but it can have the same impact which is it's gonna increase inflation. So, by the way just in terms of real-life gasoline up 60% airfares up 34% serial 15 meet up 10 fruit and vegetables up a used car is up seven and goes on major companies have to raise their prices. Small restaurants at the razor prices because everything is costing more right away what I think is also underappreciated is the energy bill for people paying the gas electric in their house people focused on the on the gas pump, but you really can't yet we have central air. If you have natural gas that prices going up the field of oil that prices going up and you can't run renewables like California, to begin with right that is considered today.

Here's what I was surprised that Larry Summers said he was for go back better.

I thought he was kind of harassed into that that was up as high as $4 trillion. He likes this mansion, Bill cut 14 first, this reduces budget deficits and survivor decent budget deficit reduces the level of demand by in the economy. Second, this will reduce prices directly by going after prescription drugs and getting lower prices and a better deal for taxpayers when they purchase prescription drugs third. This increases supply by stimulating energy production and by subsidizing instant our energy transition to renewables so let's demand more supply and direct better bargaining for lower prices for things that are involved in reducing inflation. You grew this through one by one.

At first he says this reduces demand to reduce demand. It raises taxes. It gives the government more money to spend and takes pocket money out of the pockets of American businesses and American workers and American consumers reduce reduces demand, but reduces demand by her the very people who need relief lowers prices. What it does is it sets price controls on drugs, which means there can be less research, less innovation, less creativity and as a result fewer cures to make our lives better and help fight disease and it finally stimulates the energy transition. Let's let's really understand what that means. That means working to take government money and subsidize higher-priced renewables and force Americans to move from low-cost energy.

The high cost energy all really good really really good so if you can afford to buy a $70,000 electric vehicle that can drive 200 miles because you live in an compact urban center, and you make a good salary to begin with, working to take money from the good from the workingman or working woman who has to drive long distance to get to their worker lives in rural America, working to take tax money from their pockets and subsidize yuppie to go by an electric vehicle to drive 10 miles a day so know this is not smart legislation. Let's let's let's be clear to use deceptive language, particularly when it came to energy were not stimulating the creation of and the development of low-cost energy where stimulating forced maneuver of people out of low-cost energy and a high cost, energy, and corrosion. Be honest with my show one nation on Saturday before I do that was good to calm the comedown on Thursday came out today Thursday and the Wall Street Journal where the prison trumps donations go. He's raise a lot of money you have questions on is it helping the candidates is it helping the party yet. Look at all of us get these appeals will help us stop the Democrat you. Let's flip the Senate flipped the house. He's got $121 million in the bank as of June 30.

He's raise more than that. He spent 300 and you're just under $400,000 in direct contributions of $5000. The legal limit to 60 house candidates and 13 Senate candidates and but that's a pittance at 400,000 out of what he's got 121 million cash on hand on independent expenditures which he could spend his money on this bed again a fraction of his total money on that night he spent 2 1/2 million dollars to try defeat Brian In the Republican primary failed and that is given 1/2 $1 million to try to defeat Liz Cheney those are Democrats. I keep getting this fundraising appeal same flipped the house split the Senate so when is he going to start begin start spending money on helping the candidates that he's endorsed for Gov. Sen. statewide offices of the Congress and state legislative race.

He begins on an endorsement, but unless he backs with money people to can be sinners and what it why did I give you money your endorsement conflict. Nothing to give out its backing it up about this. The amount of money that he had in his warchest at the end of June is equal to 70 per 8% of the combined resources available to the Republican national committee, the Republican national Senatorial committee and Republican congressional committee combined. So he's got in his poor little pocket there pretty pickpockets particular one of them save America hundred and $3 million in their pocket, so maybe he thinks that he can see he can just convert that money to a presidential campaign, but legally he cannot.

So when she can start spending it to help the people he's endorsed JD Vance in Ohio.

My brother Blake Masterson in Arizona Herschel Walker in Georgia. When is he going to start dumping money into be independent expenditure efforts to help get them across the finish charge of things like that for a candidate attending literally. This will open up his checkbook or her checkbook, who would lose his Chief of Staff, who is running these packs is loose, Lucy got a statement out as it is, those who Gen. Lee's great question to be something in the world but you do know that JD Vance not wanting Ohio Herschel Walker not winning Georgia you have ministry master Llanos in Pennsylvania they get any money. And the thing is if prison trumps has the money. Other Republicans don't see could say well when given prescriptive really cares what they trust his judgment for damages only a finite amount of money that goes to conservative causes of trumps getting all that, I would think he has an obligation to help out candidates. He endorsed her didn't endorse that have the America first agenda, the Republicans. I understand that we might not want to support Lisa Murkowski thereby little bit of a robbery. I get it. Maybe is one sort of support Brian. They fed more than a robbery. II get it for the rest of the people. Men and women endorsed or not. I would think you want to flood the zone plus doesn't build loyalty when you have that car. Lastly, doesn't work to really really have a minute left is kind we lost every second but doesn't also build loyalty for a future presidential candidate.

If you help out them and their races sure will also build loyalty among donors is actually doing what you're promising that you're going to do and in your fundraising solicitation summing people are given money to the former president because he is told him he wants to get involved in the fight to flip the Senate and flipped the house and so absolutely will not only build loyalty among mostly helps but it will build loyalty among its donors as well that they want to have that money used to good purpose.

I call you energy for me this weekend buddy I'm going to go to the gym before we tape and I gotta tell you I'm really looking forward and I'm honored to be on this. We cannot just my feelings have been hurt that you haven't asked me before, but thank you. I do know what cause you finally to look in your Rolodex are looking heartfelt search your computer and tell we have had robot Allison Allison back me up. I've had Karl Rove on and he's been my guest and will be again.

He is Karl Rove back in a moment. Radio show for the radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show your support the president and his reelection working on my own election and that's all I'm focused on right now God little under four months here in Ohio and run and working really hard something to focus on that and we can chat about that after I went and ended in the United States that I'll be happy to comment. Listen to Brian. I thought when he first got into Congress and of Ohio I was and house noses I was encouraging this guys taken into Pelosi. He's a moderate from Ohio would be great to see more moderate. He caved, he got spanked he ran for president fell on his face as a left wing, not winglike AOC wing, but left a true liberal Democrat. We have always temper tantrums on the house floor now. Tim Ryan wanted one to believe he is more conservative than even Rob Portman was looking up with representative replace JD Vance's conservative he's gotta get his campaign hitting on all cylinders with Tim Ryan is now pretending to be an enemy abide pretending to be a Nancy Pelosi don't fall victim to. You want to vote for them both from just don't believe this version of Tim Ryan by the way, everyone's consider one arc on down is no industry running from prison by five breaking unique opinions. All my Brian kill me and show his vitamins ration actively pursuing higher court is not the more pain we are all experiencing a high price price of gas more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicle of course what Yorty said earlier he was cursed because him and Yemen. As I joined just now, ranking member, the homeland security committee, transportation, a maritime security subcommittee more boasting in the homeland security Scott committee, I should say it was just down the border of the Congressman first doubles your take from the secretary transportation trying to sell us on green energy and not an kind of with the right smile. Not really suffering with us on the price of gas backed away from that. So this is really what their plan is to raise our gasoline prices try to force us into you know their green new deal stuff special electric electric cars, etc., so that in order for this to work in their estimation, work think I actually cowered to Germany you make it so painful that people say okay we know you green okay so that's exactly what they want to do. That's exactly why the price of gas is going up and and now that's what they want to do and so you know the forces of those green stuff solar panels are and when windmills are not worth following spine, but we should have in all the above should also be be using natural resources we have here in the United States to create jobs to balance balance or trade and also look for commercial use energy as a weapon we have, you know vast reserves here that we should be using it for the same purpose to help our allies help them. You know escape the threat of Russia, and an old misprision just refused to do it. We know this is now. That's two quarters of negative GDP growth, which usually means recession, but now with this administration and then yesterday we find out the Joe mansion. Cut a deal with Sen. Schumer on the get this inflation reduction act of 2022.

Total revenue raised.

They claim 739,000,000,015% corporate minimum tax at 313 billion. They claim prescription drug pricing reform will save us 288 billion IRS tax enforcement going to owe militarize and weapon eyes the IRS fantastic.

That worked out well last time the carried interest loophole 14 billion, which I heard center Cinemas against total investment 433 billion in energy and climate change, 369 billion into whatever that means whenever they wanted to mean we would do what was your sense when you heard about center matching cutting the steel line so long really know held office absolute insanity from this president and the Democrats you know I the time when we have instruction at a time. We have inflation. You are now what you were trying to get America back to using all the problems with off shoring and and and all of the supply changes that we got a frankly it's time that we stop funding know the Chinese commerce party and start bringing some reason she's knocking on stage to protect our long-term interests so we are going to do to make it make it harder for America. American comes back United States easier for them to leave you text. Oh by the way, if you love IRS audits.

I know we all look forward to the day we get audited by the IRS, looking to get a whole bunch more because we have to raise over $100 billion more in taxes and revenue from hard-working Americans.

Which by the way are now suffering from 9% inflation and then the Fed just raised their their base is now 75 basis points on interest to pay more for the for all the money that you have to borrow as citizens that were going to 10%. We basically took a 10% pay cut, then the IRS is going to come after us and pocketbook blight by auditing all of us came to the penny and all others in the name of climate change, climate change, give me a break they'll will happen to get a break is in the midterms this within the could stop it's the Republicans get a little bit of power back.

I just thought at first was just I'm still with the Democrats are so determined overturn every term policy. They overstep with the border. Then I thought it was just negligence. And now I think it's intentional what's happening what you conclude when you went down the tell everyone what you did this week we went out only look at the border was going on processing center were good so you every single day. That means that the border protection agency normally should be protecting our order processing all these you don't believe illegal immigrants coming into into the country to be well over 2 million actual encounters by customs and border patrol agents this year. Electric, but something else.

They told me was to have 500,000 that they know okay escape encounters which means that the they walked into this country.

We don't know who they are with their catches are no the criminal records know nothing about these people but it's even worse for the last one other commanders and will honey, okay don't you know that you can encounter how many do you think got away that you know nothing about any of the at least double that amount so looking at over a million immigrants are coming to this country. We know nothing about. You know what they are what they want. Nothing about them. And so this is all intentional. All of the planets, all intentional because you can't be this dumb.

The because of the border protection agent told me exactly what they have to do restore truck era policies reduce illegal immigration by 90%. But the first thing that blinded was overturn it. Why because you want this to happen. This is why this is by design. It is not by accident. Stop by incompetent.

It's completely by design. Why, I don't know what it is by design Democrats made the trip and how many outside. Henry Cuellar is ever expressed to you a real worry about what's happening down there, not zero. No Democrats on the launch of the border and I guess on reserve because you but no other Democrats, the border obviously the start order and and buying is not going to the border and so you know Majorca is not, no hot water, but for him to sit and tell us that this borders under control of no bald-faced lie. It's a completely untrue and you know he's heading and he's doing what the by demonstration want to do, which is continually positive because we like what's going on at the border.

There is a plan. I don't know what it is again Brian but this is done on purpose because Gimenez is with us. Of Florida's 26 districts Congressman what I'm encouraged that is Mayor Adam spoke up over the last few days will start last week and a few others and said we first he wanted to blame the governor of Texas and Arizona for dropping off illegals and turns out they're not doing it. The putting kids is to putting someone buses voluntarily dropping them in DC, not New York, but New York's mayor came out and said stop the midnight flights to Westchester and elsewhere.

The drop illegal immigrants into my city is overburdening the social welfare system, including the shelters themselves.

That to me is the beginning of thing will locally get the less political you get for the most part that seem they are just eclipsing I can't sustain this anymore elderberry monitored County right and so all politics is local mayors trying to save his. These are the Democrat policies and so they try to protect his city. What know you recommended for women to have an impact. Probably not. Shipping close to you know, in the middle and I took the washer and start all around the country and, give him a break okay because he is a Democrat mayor so this is not going to stop, not a change of policy and just to see more and more of it and until the entire nation and all and so at this point got one mayor not not not all you know Democrat manager saying the same thing.

A lot of these Democrat cities are our sanctuary cities young senior how well that works. So again until until there is some kind of a breaking point like there wasn't from San Francisco with the prosecutor, etc. what people say enough then it's not going to change your is not a good not a good not a good no I don't presently know the suffering on immigration. That's one of things related weaknesses, yet he continues to do it because he feels that his ideology is all else and so he's going to continue doing until he doesn't think until he thinks he got a realistic political course okay this is my hope between Democratic mayor speaking up in the Hispanic vote beginning to tilt to the right of Hispanic descent. I know it's happened in Florida where the prison trunk that a lot of the Hispanic vote, but now it seems to be happening nationwide to your friends and families and and political experts. What is happening and why is the blood.

The porous border working against the Democrats when it comes Hispanic community are pro-law and order came here for law and order.

We came here from places like America, but you know most of the migrants who came in and in most most of the people of Hispanic descent here came here legally and break the law coming in their hard-working they want opportunity for the children and they don't like what's happening at the border. People just coming in breaking outlaws and this president trying get back on and so be the young always felt that Hispanics eventually going to church with her to the Republican Party.

The Republican party is the values of the Republican Party are much more line with Hispanics the end of the values of the Democratic Party so the Democratic Party is leaning more and more. Further to the left left extreme left and and in some cases interplanetary left and that Hispanics are not there were not there you are working with people of faith people family. We came up opportunity. We want to live the American dream. We see that slipping away with these Democrat policies and that's why that's why Hispanics are now rushing to the GOP. Maybe that will wake up the Democrats but I don't believe so. I think their ideology blind to so you think that they'll say weight is working against us. I'm going to have to put down that have to go we have to enforce the border and I think what they always look on Paul's greatest amount of messaging they just think that were not smart enough to figure out how great the policies are in you because they actually do look down on us.

They think that in okay you know what, what's best for you all, and therefore you should you should be grateful that were doing these things were smart enough to figure this all out for ourselves. We don't need anybody telling us what to do day, they think that their ideology is the future and that is messaging adjusting the messages you hear that all time know what they just don't get it because they haven't heard it right and misinformed.

Therefore, you know, they'll come back to their doctor to come back they know exactly what to try to sell and were not by Dr. Carson.

Thanks so much appreciated appreciated by you because that is Carson close Gimenez of Florida, 26 district he could be that compelling chairman of the Homeland security committee. I certainly hope so. After November use of the brain to meet Shelby back with you because just a moment to move makers and breakers. First, I only show the fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian kill me. This is from talks privacy policy. It says we collect certain information about the device you use to access platform such as your IP address, user region, so all your apps and all your file names all things your file in your phony have access to that monitoring your keystrokes means they know every thing you type while just tell me how it can, it ends with China having all of your data yes Chinese try to buy up our farmland which is by the way, some of which borders on our military outposts there putting in listening devices through a big and big and small towns. And we know there into our colleges.

We also they want to supplant us in every way as military and economic superpower and they're on their way to doing it and other prison United States. Anderson had a two hour conversation with presidency between translation probably an hour was substantive and they do a relationship by measuring present she could probably speak English will just like Boudin pretend he doesn't use that time to think of an answer. He's upset that that's closest to visit Taiwan shortly with a delegation's closely bipartisan as Carson recalled Joyner, the Pentagon doesn't wanted to kiss her afraid of upsetting China who cares about upsetting China they cannot. The present would not even commit through his spokesperson to bring up fentanyl which is manufactured in China sold to cartels in Mexico brought across the border that is killing countless people across our country, not drug addicts necessarily people that maybe want to take Adderall and they buy their drugs from a friend of theirs or they take with a thicker prescription drug from a neighbor in the saying I was tabling study will turns out some offenders in the Adderall form you dead one and done is happening all over. These are well.

These drug addicts are taking this and this is bad drugs is not the case but no now turning up in some marijuana kills on contact in many cases from China. They will guarantee will John Kirby to talk about this though, cut 24 climate change is absolutely going to be on the list when he talks to to China but I didn't. I wasn't trying to give you the list in no order of importance. I was just trying to go through a lot of different items that are to be on the agenda when it is a chance to talk to Pres. She again be there for conversation. It's important consequential relationship. Why would comic change be necessary, even as an admiral to bring up this you really believe the climate change should be at even the top 50 lists of things which you talk about China who can ignore everything you say anyway just route clickers want to make an announcement if you want to get back our country for the American story of thousand people at a time.

Join me in my quest on stage as I do America. Griffin starts also to be on fire going to be in cooperation with vaccination to be on stage at the New Jersey performing arts Center WABC listeners hope to see out there in this region. I would be there Saturday, August 27. Tickets are on sale. Albany, New York September 8 the following week at the agate, the Empire State Plaza in Albany, Brandon, Mississippi City Hall live and that'll be November 12 the next day total, KR MG, the listeners of course. And maybe there get tickets Cox convention center. Have a great time talk with these books talk about America's history and be able to interact with you in a way I can do on the radio. This would be great face-to-face.

Let's find out if there's more to know I let's begin right here. The US is been offered a deal of prisoner swap for Britney Greiner and Paul Whalen to Victor bout this guy is evil is evil, gets 20 blanket city put it out there has not heard back yet. This guy's a pretty warm stealer with blood on his hands.

You've heard us talk about it as much as I want Whalen Greiner home is going to reinforce his terrible behavior amongst all our enemies.

There's gotta be a better way. Next, an all-female rowing team broke a world record by rolling more than 2400 nautical miles from California to why and 34 days 14 hours 11 minutes disaster like fun to you Allison. It sounds an amazing work and I will also add to the girls really together where we live now for Mountlake high school and Larry is that how it made it.

I'm now actually people down all on his own 19 on my own thing so it's four girls.

Two of them are the growth opposite story couch potato kids can develop high blood pressure by the age of case of high pressure in children and teens international team's findings were based on 6 to 16-year-olds with hypertension across Europe. So get on a bike, get on a big wheel going to the monkey bars and go down the slide 60 depressing and sad. It is, and by that will get a job worth 100% of the days before the trial everything up right they don't get one nation Saturday at 8 o'clock and repeated 11 Brian kill Michelle keep her here over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources. A Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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