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Massive Manchin-Schumer Spending Bill Set to Pass, China Lobs More Missiles

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 5, 2022 12:56 pm

Massive Manchin-Schumer Spending Bill Set to Pass, China Lobs More Missiles

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 5, 2022 12:56 pm

[00:00:00] Adm. James Stavridis (Ret.)

[00:18:32] Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA)

[00:36:58] Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL)

[00:55:18] Tom DiNanno

[01:13:56] Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)

[01:30:18] Gianno Caldwell

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Why Fox News radio's New York City office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thank you much being your buddy is the right to me Joe Emil James diabetes be 16 supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO. Currently a member the Carlyle group and author of several bestsellers, including one so appropriate for now 2034 novel, the next world war. It's against China and some of the way this stuff plays out reads like real life those listed as fiction will get tomb in a matter of moments, but I do want your calls at 45 after bottom of the R comes from buddy Carter will be with us member the house budget and energy and commerce committee as well as subcommittee and environment climate changes. Climate change, so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three crime is rising rapidly in our inner cities.

Part of it is due to I think unfortunately extreme left-wing progressive politicians where people are not being charged for the crimes of committed crime rising everywhere as mayor's bar in Gosport with governors Adams and Abbott and Gov. Dechant to suspend the lawbreaking Soros sponsored DA while the ministry can keep their head in the sand and won't stop the do nothing DAs or even attempt to seal the border causing havoc in all 50 states United States prepared for what Beijing chooses to do will not seek nor do we want a crisis. We will not be deterred from operating in the seas and the skies of the Western Pacific.

Okay John Kirby China is not the only one furious and Nancy Pelosi. They just sanction her so is the White House and State Department who reportedly tried to convince the speaker not to go to Bloomberg China is in day two of their exercises around the island nation that sent a rocket of missile over Taiwan for the first time why the idea and its inflation reduction is some Nata George Orwell. It's not but active the deficit gets worse for the next four years, until it gets better after that they'll talk about that in 10 minutes. Larry Kudlow, it will pass and let the damage begin. I'm talking about the mentioned tumor debacle which CinemaNow on board will likely pass Congress Saturday what the numbers say it will do and not to to the economy and your wallet, but first things first. This morning we have the speaker the house in South Korea at the DMZ yesterday at which time� Oh, China's broken off talks with us on military and climate have also personally sanction Nancy Pelosi and her immediate family. What is the aftermath and what about these exercises, how they're playing out. Amanda knows the region as well as anyone in the country. George is now Adm. James diabetes Adm., welcome back. What's your take on the impact of the speakers trip.

Well it very unhelpful to US China relations, but let me begin by saying we cannot see to China.

The ability to dictate who can calm and who can tell whether they are private citizens or senior government officials that our call, and, above all, it's the call of the Taiwanese. Having said that, tactically, Brian. This is going to put a lot of sand in the gears in terms of trying to reduce tensions, and here's what I'm really worried about. You've got Chinese fighter pilots Chinese destroyer captains there operating under very tense circumstances they surrounded, effectively blockading Taiwan just a few hundred miles away to the east are three US carriers so one nuclear powered two of our conventional power, very capable US strikeforce they're gonna come in contact and so the real worry Brian is a miscalculation that occurs up there in the air. In particular, as it did about 20 years ago when USP three was course down the lantern high noon island so we gotta remember up their findings just that's not Tony blanket up there client and hornet meal measured calm senior etc. this is Goossen maverick if you will, are up there in their equivalents on the Chinese side so the potential for an incident, a miscalculation, a spark is pretty hot right now so we understand the drills are in six zones over the last two days.

Are there really looks like. Just for some people are saying you're looking like it's a dry run for sealing off the island you wrote about different ways in which this war would begin with the takeover the of Taiwan would happen is this it certainly we have studied this week.

The U.S. Navy we the Department of Defense have thought China might instead of launching an immediate full out invasion might start with a blockade and boy there showing us what it would look like they're just flooding zones all around the island, North, South, East and West are launching missiles just start faxes from the mainland that are not getting Taiwan daughter hitting parts of the Pacific Ocean to the north and south. As you mentioned there potentially over flying very very dangerous situation. And yeah, this is a bit of a dry run for what a blockade would look like and if they institute that then the international community has a big decision to make. Just like were making in Ukraine right now with the grain shipments coming out do we go ineffectively and crack that blockade. So this is the path to real escalation very worrisome. So we see that Japan is called in trying to stop the exercises father missiles lands in the so-called economic zones and China's foreign minister yesterday walked out of dinner at a regional diplomatic form in protest of the criticism from the US and other nations.

By the way they been acting since the visit, so some of these things you are pretty are pretty direct. The other thing China did is they would no longer talk about climate military with the ramifications of that if any of the military.

One worries me, particularly because what we were discussing is a series communication protocol so that if a Chinese fighter and a US fighter ended up in the same airspace. How would they communicate how would they ensure they didn't have an inadvertent miscalculation. As we were talking about earlier when that stops again.

The risk of miscalculation goes up must climate long-term issue that can be put on pause, but I worry a lot. Additionally here to be talking to an economist shortly.

I think ask him about the impact of this will be on economic talks. Potentially we were thinking about lifting tariffs which would help US consumers now that looks like it's on hold.

So overall we got a very difficult tactical situation here.

I am not predicting out for the next few weeks or months, but I do worry about a miscalculation that could spark something broader will incident the Pentagon is doing another incident. Intercontinental ballistic missile tests to avoid get this angry China during their military drills. No ours was announced.

Some people are saying that that shows a weakness for postponing a routine test launch of an Air Force Minuteman three Intercontinental missile to avoid further problems you fully field that sends the wrong message. I think that our audit be business as usual.

We are to be sailing ships, where they would normally go. We are to be conducting military training and tests. We are to be doing our land exercises. Our Marines are to be deploying where date the employee in the Pacific business as usual at the same time saying to China look.

We stopped you. We should've done the rest. Yes, I agree with that. I think that business as usual is the order of the day alongside a message to China that look were not looking to escalate the situation and neither should you not in either nation's interests. So I am standing behind the scenes. You, you know, diplomacy. You also know military behind the scenes, the State Department and the White House officials. One said he was. Not a good time to go. What is postponement and evidently her indications was this is going to be like a capstone to my career. If that's the case, this would be a totally selfish move. I'll let others shed whether the motivations of the speaker were purely political, personal, somewhere in between, or boat, but I will say that it's an unhelpful time for a visit like this and it has done nothing to try and reduce tension in the region. It's confrontational and I don't think it's a good time for that kind of move on the part of the senior US official. So what happens is we finding out the Taiwanese short of fighter pilots a lot of their submarines from World War II.

A lot of the stuff is out of date. They need more to defend themselves so we going to blatantly get them defensive weapons like their own. Hi Mars or whatever would take to be six missile defense and if we do that can you see China interdicting the delivery we ought to be headed again here with Taiwan meaning offered them the opportunity to purchase that. Let's not forget this is a very rich countries is very different in Ukraine as a standalone economy. A nation of 23 million people.

It's roughly the 30th largest economy in the world. They certainly have the capacity to purchase weapons from lots from the West from any source that makes sense. What they need our antiship cruise missiles. They need smart minds that can go into the water be turned on, be turned off as necessary. They need better missile defense. They need better cyber I'm a little surprised we haven't seen a Chinese cyber attack directed at Taiwan. Watch for that over the next 48 hours.

The point is the Taiwanese can and should be purchasing weapons.

We are to make sure that we offer them the systems that make the most sense to defend themselves, which is Gordon Chang said about what their ultimate goal is with Russia cut 15.

Certainly China would like to replace the dollar as a global reserve currency with the Rev. base outsiders want to do this for decades talker so the Russians but now they're actually attacking the dollar because they think they can get away with it and so therefore this is a moment of vulnerability because certainly if we don't have a global reserve currency. The power of the United States will be substantially diminished.

Talk about that. The feasibility of that would mean please Gordon is absolutely right that China and Russia are drawing together.

There doing military exercises all over the world are aligning politically and economically.

They would love to see it diminishment of the US dollar as a reserve currency in terms of their ability to manifest that I think it's pretty low right now simply because look at the facts on the ground every time tension start to rise up people demand dollars they want dollars. We continue to have the strongest economy in the world that we thought five years ago, China would be overtaking us about now. Now it's now let's wait and see.

China has major demographic problems. Major internal economic problems so I think the chances of Russia, which has a broken economy, particularly under sanctions.

In China, which has its own set of challenges, particularly under constant covert lockdown.

The chances of them squeezing the US dollar out of its position as the top reserve currency. I think are unlikely in the near term. Lastly, just about Ukraine. Will you hear about the operation. Ukraine's under to take back your son. Another bone abridges kind of trying to box in the Russian occupying forces is can you shed any light on that for listeners I can.

It's going reasonably well. There doing exactly what you describe grinder kind cut off the logistics as we all know Russian logistics have been pathetic throughout this period, what Ukrainians want to do is isolate those Russian courses cracked around the no move offensively. I think they got a reasonably good chance it will be taking the strategic city of Tucson that would be major tactical victory in a major psychological victory.

Would you urge the Pentagon and the White House to back off the vaccination policy, but you're about to lose tens of thousands of national guardsmen who do not want to be vaccinated in the time in which the vaccination is not effective in the booster doesn't address is Varian. Should we really be diminishing our National Guard forces.

Because of that, I disagree that we should walk away from the vaccination firm believer in the vaccine. It's not perfect. No vaccine is but you know when I joined the Navy. I took nine vaccinations.

I took 11 Amtrak shots in the run-up to the Persian Gulf War. I think there are still good strong reasons to apply those vaccines are no I would not argue for taking those ways 40,000 National Guard members 20,000 army reservists will be told to hit the streets. Is that okay let's wait and see how it all comes out in terms of numbers but the bottom line is if you won't take the vaccine that I just talk for. I think very clear medical reasons. I'm not sure I want is my shipmate headed into combat ID. No. I want to get into this, but I also know three college athletes who have been unable to get back in the field because the vaccine and the swelling of the heart, and there there and they were in prime shape. I'm sure we can find lots of anecdotes on the other hand, I would argue that the vaccines have saved hundreds of thousands if not millions of American lives. I think that's indisputable scientifically because I just I don't think me, I assume you I assume you vaccinated family know well I I got vaccinated, but I not get boosted. The booster doesn't stop effective against is Varian. I see no reason for but that's a decision that I think even there, changing the policy gradually in businesses around the country and hate for the Army to pay the price I have for the military pay the price.

I'll say this. Brian policies to change as new facts emerge as I look at the fact pattern at this moment, I would still advocate for the shot right we see video now from Thursday of the speaker in Japan. She was just in South Korea. Thanks so much Adm. will keep up with. Thanks much for running the breaking news with us, you bet Brian, thank you bye-bye you got it.

1-866-408-7669 Congressman Buddy Carter the bottom of the hour.

Your calls next will follow the breaking news here the brain to meet you both so it's all okay until Fox News can't just work on the dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast listen no Fox News precise personal powerful is America's liberty, your thoughts with the real thing throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News*just*, or wherever you did your project fastest three hours in radio with Brian kill me.

States attorneys that put their ideology over the rule of law are not satisfying the prosecutors around this country think they can pick and choose which laws to enforce the individual here from Hillsborough County say sign letters that there are certain laws. He just won't enforce and will prosecute and and that is not consistent with his oath of office and he is eligible at that point, suspension and removal so he suspended and warned the AG was so frustrated with these district attorneys. This district attorneys around the country in Chicago and Philadelphia, New York attempt to score Los Angeles and also in in Florida in the Tampa area and you are basically telling everybody on camera not enforce the law. I don't care about abortion of care with the with the Supreme Court says and I'll bring you some of his interview with CNN a little bit later but got around to censuses, yet he was elected but what am I able to deal he looked it up and suggest this because not doing his job. He suspended now. Last night he was saying he's gonna come to the office anyway.

I don't know what got I think you can toss them out, and I think the security what because Roger Santos is was when his auspices. To do this so Roger census again leading the charge. How many other Democrats of independence and certainly Republicans want to do the same thing to Alvin Bragg to Chester Bo Dean we see was having with the recall of gas cone in Los Angeles. They have to know that there's going to be instead of a formal recall which is Los Angeles, but I think Lee's elders talk about doing is firing Alvin Bragg tends got to go to the legislature, but effective building get elected OB because a crime and if Bragg wants to keep his job more than the day he will change his stance entirely or be fired on the spot. We'll see what happens because I think the average person sees what's happening with the people refusing to go to jail that the prosecution refusing to prosecute and we are sitting here helpless. I think people are fed up with it again. Rhonda Santos, head of the curve out of the Democrats have any idea what to do with we come back on somebody Carter will be in studio for the most important elections taking place in his state of Georgia. It was in the Brian kill Michelle so glad you Fox News podcasts network.

These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download knowing Fox News or wherever you did your favorite will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News contests talkshow that's getting you your with Brian kill me fill this in future. That's all there really say will pay them $3 billion in first. That is Eye Center Joe mansion and I was before he got the news sticker since it is been won over and a simple majority on reconciliation. This deficit reduction act which does not reduce the deficit and I've seen anyone that can actually say with honesty that it reduces the deficit will get past as early Saturday. In the present. Immediately sign it is consisted of $735 billion overall 369 billion of which are the investments acclimating clean energy the biggest in American history. There's some fossil fuel provisions and break it down but I'm it's rude not to get to my guests.

Are you watching what you seem on Fox nation right now car somebody Carter in studio.

The Georgia are Republicans never the house budget and energy committee and commerce committee's subcommittee on the environment and climate change, Carson. Welcome back for. Thank you. Appreciate being here this. What will this bill once it passes do well, actually they have misnamed. It is the inflation acceleration act is what it is and it's going to fuel the fire coming.

That's the last thing we need right now. You do not increase taxes during a recession and we are in a recession we keep saying I didn't increase taxes totally erroneous. If you read the reports, even from the joint committee on taxation. They have said that yes it is going to raise taxes and is to raise taxes on those who are making less than $400,000 a year which is something he said he would not, what is the joint committee on taxation that is a bipartisan committee that reviews these types of bit of bills and and and gives us their understanding of so Joe mansion says to Harris Faulkner companies goes, what was only the Republicans on the committee that did that study I'd I'd never heard that since or be before or after. Have you heard that that that's that sour grapes are our soldiers are true not okay this is what else he says we are going for fossil fuel people to make government is going to make the government cleaned out and lessen the time it takes to get permits pass-through when you want to drill. They are going to allow more federal land break that more available for drilling expand tax credits for coal and oil burning plants to do carbon capture and the money to bring wind and solar will go to areas in which the coal plants have closed. He's going to get to continue his pipeline in West Virginia. If that is true, it's a good thing. Now I am one who believes in all of the above type energy strategy. Yes, I do believe in climate change, a member of the conservative climate caucus on the select committee for climate change. I do understand that and how important it is, however, we are moving too quickly we we are going to suffer the same fate did that Europe is suffered and where they suffered that they have suffer because they let the policies get ahead of their innovation and now they're in a mess we I was just over Brussels back in February and and witnessed with the conservative climate caucus. We were there and we witness what is happening, of there that shut down the nuclear plants and now since wind and solar are not the are not giving us what they giving them what they need right now and supplying them what they need. They had to go back to Russia. They had to use dirty natural gas dirtier than what ours is and used to fuel from Russia to Russia cutting it off. That lesson did save substantially done Nordstrom one and they've cut off Latvia entirely absolutely and that's where Europe has gotten into Miss European Union's got to admit to be doing more to help them wait. We should be and we are way we can know if we could take export more natural gas which will keep in mind that the natural gas here in America is cleaner than the natural gas that comes from Russia about 47% cleaner and that's what they should be using. Anyway, I have an export facility in my district. Elba Island that were at one point was in at one point was an import facility but was converted to an export facility.

That's what we need to do is convert those to export facility.

What about building terminals LNG terminals in Europe, absolutely without take to three years. It it it it would be worth the investment and and yes, it would probably take about that.

Why would Russia from what you know think it's in their interest to cut off your belt don't need the revenue well and I will send you up to do something we been begging them to do. But that's gonna be a tough six months winter right well it it is going to be particular for Europe and their try some treasure, but but China is helping out Russia China find more Russian fuel more gas and oil from Russia. Let's face it Russia nothing more than a gas station masquerading as a country that's all they are China was getting Thomas Friedman writes in the New York Times, who is very tempting to the Biden White House. So when you read, to cite just a guy looking out the window, wondering if this would be a good idea. You think it's got of information babies got it agenda. He said China is helping us against Russia. He says they're not giving them weapons. They're not giving them drones.

They're getting their drones from Iran for reason and he said that you weep for that supposed to go visit their ill rattled her case to the point will they'll accelerate their their relationship with Russia. Maybe give them arms well and perhaps that is true by I don't know what he bases that on but I will tell you and I'm sure that a nobody based on either. I think it's because he doesn't. They don't give a weapons directly then want to lose the European markets they were losing American market exactly and end. As we well know, there are other ways to get weapons to them besides directly we are doing that herself and in the United States with Ukraine. The point is is I don't trust rushing father and pick him up and throw them. That's the key. Russia is not our friend.

Russia is not our adversary. Russia is our enemy when we recognize that then will be better off. Let's face it, the two greatest challenges our country faces right now are China in our debt and we've got to dress both of us right here, Sen. John Thune on what he knows about this inflation reduction package For if you're worried about inflation story by gas prices.

If you're worried about the economy.

Generally, I think this is a just a really bad bill and I'm hoping that more Democrats are going to come.

That realization. John tester is not signed off on it, but he said that he's not had the spine to stop anything even know he could be using the same leverage in his red stayed as a Democratic senator that matches been using yeah I think it's done deal. After Kiersten seminar signed off on it. Yes, last night or whenever it was, then you not think it's a done deal. In the center right now, what about carried interests.

She held out she could try to get rid of it doesn't matter well and intending it helps, but it doesn't matter us and in the package as a whole was still completely bad. Also some things in the package $7500 to anyone buying electric car billions in rebates to anyone who buys energy energy efficient appliances as well as companies that use solar or wind money will be paid to them. 60 billion to encourage clean energy usage overall that could be anything.

Who knows what that is to be a billboard and also 60 billion to poor communities who they say is unfairly damaged because of climate again here we are. We had the Democrats picking winners and losers. She can't do that in a capitalistic society that that's not the it's not the way it works and that's what they're doing. Obviously, so that's happening. I'm looking at the market.

We added to the surprises almost double projections we had over 500,000 jobs in the markets down to hundred and 48 points is it I sense that is something to do with the pack. This package passing because they know what happened with the rescue plan. People 1.9 trillion that we didn't need in the economy.

In this passage, but evidently Larry Summers got on the phone with center mansion and convinced him that this would be different. This would actually help the economy now for Joe matches been a star it wasn't for him. We have Puerto Rico could be stayed. DC could be state, the court could be packed, the filibuster could be gone so you can't dismiss that you bring his brother seems to know what brought Joe mansion here. Well, obviously he got a lot for his estate to got a lot for West Virginia and and I get it. I know they are hurting and I know from personal experience from we represent the people who elect us. That is what we're up there for, but at the same time this this bill in again is the inflation acceleration and what it's going to do this but fuel the fire. You cannot spin your way out of inflation.

Let's face it, that's the key here and that's what this can happen. This is fuel the fire. I have to tell you the speaker the house, she's a majority for a few more months and look by all group reports, but who knows. And evidently to put Some of her career. She insists on taking this trip, and Bloomberg writes that the White House is furious with her and the State Department furious with her.

They wanted her to just postpone and she said I'm going anyway. Since that time there's been live fire military exercises by China and first time a missile flew over the island in Japan.

Five rockets hit their economic zones and of the speaker is now impersonally sanctioned in the broken of climate talks with us and military talks with us just you or take Congressman on that.

I have to tell you that I believe in giving credit or credit is due, and I applaud Speaker Pelosi for doing what she's done because let's face it, Joe Biden, that doesn't have the guts to stand up to China. We witnessed his leadership in his weak leadership. And in Afghanistan when he did what no other president what no other ministrations ever done he left he left Americans behind enemy lines, I can never get over that and I never will get over that America should not get over that Joe Biden in it portrays weakness and weakness is not what we need to get China we should be dictating the rules against China, not them dictating to us usual. Chris Kuhn said he can cut agrees with you because none. She's just one of many American elected leaders in Congress over decades to visit Taiwan.

She's not the first speaker of the House of Representatives to visit.

It did escalate tensions with China, but one of the things I've emphasized and so have many others is that our one China policy has not changed and the core commitments made in the Taiwan relations act have not changed life.

I know you stand up strong. The fact that they can get on the same page with the speaker in the present.

It's not trumping Pelosi this is Biden Pelosi. The fact that she's doing it. The fact that the presences the Pentagon doesn't want to go on the Pentagon says no I never said that really that this looks like the Keystone cops and send Lindsey Graham had a great licensee gives a better name to the Keystone cops because somebody court is with us as a key state of Georgia you the new Florida when it comes to the selection I was able to spend a day with Herschel Walker think he's dramatically underestimated is taken a Rafael Warnock who pulled off a big upset and beating Kelly Stoffer in your state your reaction to what happened in 2020 and what you think the chances are of Herschel's within the margin of error. According to the letter Journal-Constitution on the last ball against Warnock well what happened in 2020 as arbiters didn't get out and I hope we learned an important lesson there that we have to get out.

It is extremely important not think that we have learned that lesson, we will turn our budgets and if you look at this primary that we just finish we had the largest turnout we've we've ever had in which it changed two things. First fall we learned our lesson.

Secondly, the election integrity act was passed by the Georgia legislature actually gay people more confident that we are in the Jim Crow 2.08 let me tell you, and that the election integrity act was the best thing that this legislature is done. I think you were smart to do behind closed really. They should've just been more out with it in terms of the presentation current perhaps seen you know on sites always 20/20 and that that could've been the case, but at the same time, I again I think it give people thing.

The confidence that we needed to do that and yes you are right. I think Herschel's can be found. Herschel's a personal friend endorsed Herschel Orleans and one of the first ones to endorse them as a matter fact in Herschel's has surrounded himself with good people. He's listening to him and I think he's can be our next senator so I think that any any military person. Assuming gratified and look forward to voting for me is what he's been to over 400 bases throughout his career as a player and beyond.

Just as a citizen number two law enforcement loves him because he he is very intimate friends with some of the leaders in law enforcement and they know he spoke with them, and many favors because he really feels that I've seen it, but what he has to do and I'm kinda surprised you grew up in a working class by every American areas.

Dad was a chalk worked in a chalk factory know his mom also had a job. He had big family very little money and he understands what it's like to farmers. That was a former really is 15% of the black vote. How would why and I know others, other Republicans can still win with that but Herschel doesn't have to. How does he get his message to the black community. Well, I think Herschel an example of someone who has as you indicated the pulled herself up from the bootstraps and is really done exceptionally well. He's born in St. Mary my dad was born in and you not fill in a special affinity to him because of that and and I will tell you, Herschel Walker has a heart of gold he he truly does care and that's what's going to set him apart from Rafael Warnock how a a minister.

Any minister can support abortion is beyond me right and he is he is at Martin Luther King's church, and when they go to debate. They did agree to debate October 14 on the governor's race had a chance. What is with Herschel Walker and I'll have that part two of that feature on one nation on Saturday night at eight and 11, but also a chance to see Stacy Abrams who spoke before Herschel very talented yes extremely good speaker. Good personal story, but really struggles and for law enforcement because I don't think she believes in them. I think she believes that the problem she does meet Asser with Stacy and statehouse. It is not the same Stacy Abrams that I serve with 15 years ago. I was thrilled by about two points. She is an and there are number of reasons for that.

First of all her profile and in her beliefs are leading our turning voters off. However I will say that Brian Brian Campos done an excellent job as governor, and he deserves to be reelected, and I think people of Georgia recognize that now. If she wins you run for president. Almost immediately, absolutely right. So every though leisure Georgia can handle pressure. How yeah how much would you like to be a could be the majority in the house. How much different is that than being well I can tell you have been in both have been in majority and minority and I and him in the minority stinks and because you don't control the agenda and that's the key. You gotta be able to control the agenda right and looks like almost everybody saying you'll take it you look at a church which chairman should be going for. I am running for budget chair, which as I said earlier, I think the two greatest challenge our country are China and our debt. As a father is a grandfather. I will tell you that leaving this generation with $30 trillion in debt.

That's intergenerational theft. Thank you so much comes from buddy cars found his way to the studio were thrilled member. The House Budget Committee could be chairmanship of the key chairmanships down the line. Talk to you again, thank you.

Right we come back will have more on this and other breaking news about more sanctions hand on Nancy Pelosi and breaking up of talks and the latest on Britney Greiner that stories moving newsmakers and news breakers.

First, I can only show he's so busy he'll make your head spin. Brian kill me no matter where you are in the glow knowing you as if someone just came to America.

What would you like to go and I want to say I don't hold say they going to say the city that everyone knows I go to signal your so you basically set us up and no, this is a real crisis.

I don't know where to start with that.

That is the mayor of New York City talking about 100 immigrants.

He says illegal immigrants coming to a city burning his social system, but I guess technically mine.

I'm in New York. I appreciate his honesty getting it from the microphone sing with Democrats all know, but they don't say that these illegal immigrants letting in the middle the night are huge problem they don't communicate federal government is not community, local municipalities, their burden on the schools are burdened with teachers, their burden on to shelters their burden on food banks and the president will not crackdown the border but blaming the governor of Texas for allowing people to come to his city was only bussing to DC so he said stop accusing me of bussing people to your city.

I'm not but by the way, this is huge problem, come and see it answers. None of you shelter them there until make it our problem because that's it so governor rabbit loaded up a boss for anyone who wanted to go to New York City and it let out this morning so governor mayor Adams you had a chance to be a national figure address a national problem you want to be present to tell everybody that this could a bit. You could've been Henry Cuellar of the city of the urban's. The urban challenge, but instead you getting illegal immigrants and you try to vilify a Republican governor, and he wants the scrutiny because no one, no one is helping us in the right to me to write to me that, you live August 27 in New Jersey September 8 in Albany, New York Fox News radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here everybody, it's Brian kill Michelle come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country heard around the world and of course in the Ukraine and now in China hotspots that matter most others are will be joined by Sen. Tommy Turberville.

In a matter of moments in time that Tom did not know it was going be with us alive and will be taking your calls. We have a lot of breaking news, including the Britney Greiner stories moving over to the Russians are engaging solely on that swap after the verdict came down that you have to serve 9 1/2 years imprisonment joke on top of that, I hope Whalen's included in this but the swap scares me because it looks so holy unequal the arms dealer that NGL has American blood on his hands and he's basically given enough weaponry out there to arm entire nations will follow that story as it happens to me while more sanctions come out of China so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three crime is rising rapidly in our inner cities. Part of it is due to I think unfortunately extreme left-wing progressive politicians where people are not being charged for the crimes committed there we go, crime rising everywhere as mayor's bar with governors Adams and Abbott governor DeSantis suspends lawbreaking sorrow sponsored DA while the administration keeps their head in the sand.

It won't stop the nothing to do nothing DAs or even attempt to seal the border causing havoc in all 50 states United States prepared for what Beijing chooses to do will not seek or do we want a crisis.

We will not be deterred from operating in the seas and the skies of the Western Pacific. Okay Adm. Kirby. If you are in charge of. Sure there will be the case for now. This administration China is not the only one fear is said Nancy Pelosi. They just sanctioned or so was the White House and State Department report we try to convince the speaker not to go try it isn't day two of their exercises surrounding the island nation of Taiwan sent a rocket over Taiwan for the first time the idea that it's inflation reduction is not a George Orwell it's not but active the deficit gets worse for the next four years, until it gets better after that the ego Larry Kudlow.

It will pass and let the damage begin. I'm talking about the mansion tumor debacle with CinemaNow on board will likely pass out of Congress with the number say will due to the economy and your wallet. Let's going to center Tommy Turberville on that center, not a surprise. I guess to you that Sen. Kiersten Cinema got a few concessions and will sign on to this reconciliation bill works.

Although port spending mode will be over $4 trillion.

Joe Bodnar spent what 16 73 months in office and thank goodness will be able to stop some of this November but still Lanka November but when it comes more money than unfortunate we got a Republican, jumped in on some of this impact as well. So they're not the only one combined but the CBO report came out yesterday not reduce inflation. It is not going to reduce our the money that we go and it is just the total tax bill. All they want to do is write as much money grunted they possibly can in the months to pay for their climate change agenda_hundred billion dollars in there for that so they want a couple years ago.

Supposedly they got control and what are they doing are taking full advantage of it. And so when we get hopefully to control will do the same and trying some new stuff around the right now the CBO report is due.

Inflation reduction act will not reduce inflation extending Obama care subsidies for the wealthy will reduce incentives to work 50% corporate minimum tax reduces incentives for businesses to invest and now they say with when it comes to Medicare being able to do price comparisons with different pharmaceutical companies in order to negotiate lower prices, it will knock out, it will knock out that entrepreneurship at all. In a lockout route research and development that makes us the best in the world are no what is really holding up the American people and those people study the people of Michael money in the PPM middleman set the price of progress and still no Mike billions and billions of $250 billion, nearly got him research and development. We gotta make sure we can keep it or our drug companies can continue to work on things that nobody else in the world can work on, but again this is just another tackle the American system that we have and we had to make sure that we don't destroy the golden goose. If we do that we don't have huge problems in the future.

We are have problems and help make that much work we did some good news is 500,000 jobs where they expect about 250 but the market is still down, so this is about to pass, and the market still down. I wonder what they know that we don't know we know that job until labor participation hasn't changed.

So some people who will not try to fill one of the 11 million open jobs.

It's really befuddling to me a woody when you guys sit around and try to figure out why so many people are working and get we take it.

So many people we can get staffer restaurants and bars and so many others and and retail stores would've the root with the reason hello, that's a problem are still 1110 11 million people working and they're still getting a lot of people use the credit cards.

There are some people that are actually working one job and are cutting another job outlook out there working on getting cash.

Hopefully that'll change thinkers, but the government handout that been a huge problem. I want talk about that, but I also want to get to something else that I'm passionate about and you live for a while and that's college sports on this name, image and likeness you have put a letter together you concerned about what is doing to college sports. It allows people whether it's your an outstanding to a swimmer or a quarterback at University Alabama. You can start making money off your name, image and likeness. Whether it's a promotional deal at a dealership or whether it's Adidas girl who wants to see with my black Donnelly field. How do you feel is changing sports and you you like me feel as though there's gotta be some parameters put in place on the got somebody to step in and that's going really put something in one we lost so don't mention white college boards for code 40 years of I would go stay out until this thing got already know rules regulations. I'm not getting in to stop money coming in that we need to put how they can do it when they can do it while we don't do that you lose women sports Olympic sports bellbottoms already attacked and it was transgender athletes are playing in town on really in a waiver as we speak, but you start taking money away from it which is what will happen. You're going to lose women sports Olympic sports and that's really have to step in and make it right for all 50 states right now you got everybody doing something different. We cannot allow that. So don't mention our (& hopefully in the next couple months is what and then nowhere but until we get those regulations and rules set in place but it's like a Wawa West and got slow this now do you explain this to me. I guess the I guess the athletes sue the NCAA for some freedom and now they're basically silent instantly goes fine. Do it. Go ahead, go get paid and they just stepped aside, it seems that a lot like leadership like a lot lot equal. What you really believe and it like that. I recorded is in court rule list go after it. But that including parameters and what coaches and administrators all been involved with coach.

We gotta help you got that man and so we don't do this again. If not, will be 100%.

The whereby don't like it, but the gotta say Olympic sports.

We got it, but women sports and we got college sports in general and again I'm not might not have always been go to this is a hard job you will make money. That's fun.

We gotta help people understand what you what you can't. Why did you write the SEC in this letter. When you write all sports or the NCAA welcoming were going. We talked all okay if the situation were we got a broad range of people.

We got up, took people in the product can big pan commissioners coming out a letter recently you got an idea college athletic bill on no coaches and players watermark appointment Brunner coach and all of this country up and I'm here from them almost every day and the when their call and make the cochlea problems on the problem is I were getting in the hopefully with the letter release will start getting information from anybody want to put some input in and will start putting this together sometime in September and hopefully with Joel.

The Democratic Republicans that we get 60 votes to pass covers our guest center to plan on having searing source because he said this is not easy this is.

This is you want to be fair. You don't want to limit to how this is their moment.

I get it. And there's a lot of people to most people don't go pro which people should listen, I know, but I don't know. I haven't heard the perfect plan yet. Do you think you know right now how to work and IL with some parameters were listening to the problem unless you know the problem you can't solve it so you have your is in the hearings or you guys never know what work on the committee work, education committee were. Don't get people talk about it will bring people and men will bring it to the floor. After hopefully get it out of committee and discussed and debated. This may be done the right way. I don't know all that, but when I moved here and all the problems we had better come up with some answer if not lose as we know, talk about having China real quickening in the 90 seconds we have left. We talk I told you, but the military exercise taken place have not stopped Japan's complaining five different missiles have hit into their economic zone and we know the speaker the house been personally sanctioned another broken off talks is China with us on climate change breaks my heart as well is military where we go from here. With that we have step we have we have put on hold. Our military are rocket testing that was scheduled for yesterday where do you wish we go from here on committee and we work on the door with the word about your current booklet from Don one dated in Oak about that would back out one word we don't buckle what I mean. I don't what we have and then we got work to determine how we affect the side. It will take Bender, 101/6 months ago and several other senators talk president so like all the dirty rats were going over Chinese color offices everyday. That's why they are but right now they're doing almost grilled over in the stripes and all around, one problem they're coming, but we know that we just don't know when but we have to get a plan, but we all got real fine clay don't we do not want another war and this will be a war of all this happened and that I like Arab I know that but we need to deter. We need to make sure that were transitioning from the Middle East overcome in the civic, we got good commanders barely know what you're doing but again it's like coaching a football team or start a branch you have to have everybody on the same page to get the job done. And right now you know we got shot in our country, but on farmland running lot of work. Start writing out that the there sucking all the energy and information for countries I possibly can and work around wondering about whether we'll go call her supper, he or she what pronoun were woke military there determine whether we want to what type of people who want the military which we are in terms of trying to put everything together to be a competitive country United States of America. We have a near peer competitor noun China that you writing back by militarily and economically and would better wake up and smell the roses if not be too late. I think too much center toes taking actions on the sanitary chemicals IQ right now we come back I'll take two calls 1-866-408-7669 was in the brain to Michelle your knowledge base Brian Kelly show information you want truth you demand is the Brian kill me show you have the power to do it today. Why do we have to wait for her to act were sitting here police officers having roundtables. Why isn't she here she's the one playing politics. I never mentioned her name came to sit down with police officers to learn how we make the streets safe. All she want to do is go to twitter and that's true.

Ken McCarthy came to New York, he sat down there with some police, some cops and find out what's happening here because crime is out of control. Overall of 36%.

I can while you with some numbers in New York City, but China using around the country and say that sounds like my city.

That sounds like Chicago. It sounds like Philadelphia's averages go Los Angeles Orlando. In summary, in some cases in Jacksonville in some areas.

So where you see it is you see a permissive a permissive criminal justice system allows criminal to take advantage of more more innocent people destroy the lives and people just blew a Felipe replaces their first and foremost, secure and affordable.

Both things are not happening in New York and Mayor Adams is complaining that he can't get the backing from Albany. That's a capital New York.

Maybe your may be. Maybe your get your your mayors complaining to or your people complaining to independents and Democrat and conservative Democrats.

If there are any are moderates really have to speak up when it comes to what is happening in our cities at the governor DeSantis took the bull by the horns. He's got a permissive DA that allows other crimes are to run wild. So he took action yesterday, he took action and and find out told this guy you are suspended.

Here is Gov. Ron DeSantis saying that you want to come to abortion law when it comes to repeat offenders you not cracking down so I will. Here's Ron DeSantis talk about it DA that no longer I guess will be able to do his job and I think it was pretty shocked to see him. The subject to see him. The subject of cut number 70 states attorneys that put their ideology over the rule of law are not satisfying their oath of office. We had prosecutors around this country that think they can pick and choose which laws to enforce and we had the individual here from Hillsborough County say and sign letters that there are certain laws.

He just won't enforce and won't prosecute and and that is not consistent with his oath of office and he is eligible at that point, suspension and removal right here is Andrew Warren he's the guy in here he is in July cut 16 when many parts of the country 26 weeks or 20 where missing the fundamental question is how the Supreme Court and that he could weld up because he thought how sad it would be if his daughter can have an abortion. Synthesis enough from his mouth to your years. Brian kill me. Are you concerned well I think I testified here that the December 2000 biology on the cloning vector of the knee provide which is 60% lethal. We just experience a 1% lethal virus on my estimates would be that that could set spec millennium that the black plague was a 20% lethal than it was 250 years for civilization to return that employable a time to not enjoy just how adjunct fellow at Hudson Institute staff member. The House permanent select committee on intelligence, assistant secretary of state of arms control verification compliance. Tom welcome back right here.

Well first off, yeah, it's pretty amazing with this pandemic. You know, if I'm not sure what exactly happened but almost everyone agrees clear thinking people except Anthony Faucher who still thinks he came from a platypus or something.

She he came out and and and believe it came from this Wuhan lab. It turns out, will have you locked out again last week a million people locked down so whatever they did, they can control either really stunning development of the opening clip really stunning testimony and some really measured smart questions from the centers that were present. It's too bad that was only the publicans there.

This is not a Republican issue.

This is really a question a bipartisan question and we really need the entire country. The Democrats come along and help hard questions really stunning testimony.

So what did you learn from the testimony of the origins first. Dr. Clay genius 87 patents from the other very credible for a PhD talk to you by Dr. SL Dr. Clay talked about in great detail in great detail in his written testimony and encourage your listeners to read it that you discovered in a forensic review of some law data that the Chinese published samples in 2019 at the live he discovered traces of EPUB virus and as he pointed out the opening clip you provided is 60% deadly. This is the virus that contagion was based on actual based on the book is based on need.

So, for as a former diplomat, the former State Department official, yet it opens all sorts of questions that we need to talk to the Chinese about me to look at the declaration doing what we think about is the select agent is highly deadly and can really stunning that it was founded as a contaminant yet that constitutes a written really starting to me so with seven of these variants. It makes you think, according to a lot of people, including Redfield, who was the CDC director. He says it the way this thing is morphing. Italy has to be bioengineered by the by the way these variants are rolling out yeah but I'm a policymaker I can tell you, Brian was very clear early on, the pandemic seemed to email you know that we had to sue the government to get can just mind blowing.

This is not been forthcoming. The court to Patrick Morse, the NIH and other government agencies to disclose public information because it refused to do it. We know early on the pandemic seen experts that have since switched. That is a natural virus. Experts look at the virus and said it looks engineered to us again question of the right to change their mind, but it just lacks credibility. Just doesn't have to ask some hard questions of folks assuming and hoping never to write that the GOP gets the gavel hard serious questions won't be political grandstanding will be hard questions at all the great job. Measured smart questioning Sen. Marshall with you on this. We can all work keeping question politely knowing that American and we need to get some answers. I would think so, especially as we realize our vaccines are the best but there still able to protect his cesarean boosters are totally ineffective against it. I guess a lesson. Symptoms are you for mandating this vaccines into place like our military were we could be losing 40,000 unvaccinated soldiers get public health expert Brian but as a citizen no way right again to some other pieces of Dr. Clay's testimony is encouraged to read closely the presence of of a protein called wharf eight. I don't want is here, but essentially it blocks human immune response and and also would make the virus asymptomatic in the this is stunning to me and this is in congressional testimony. It's not hearsay next-door. We have to look closely at how this protein got into the virus again.Dr. Clay testimony talks about he's never seen a respiratory virus that is after the wake of the 19 have specific to using evasion and asymptomatic split so College of people read it. Look closely at it and I'm encouraged other folks on the other side of the aisle to help us ask better questions long but let's let's get it right but you can't pretend it didn't happen can't be done with one party really need a unified effort, and we can get it if the GOP gets a gavel in the fall. I thought about our arms and listens about our enemies we looks like Russia were try to bleed them out. Ukraine is anyway and try to wait them out is to try to make some progress in Tucson and then we have the challenges of the ongoing military exercises meant to intimidate us and Taiwan taking place in the Pacific, which is our focus be about. I think the hard lesson of Ukraine is number one must Be trusted. Pres. Lincoln said that the obvious. It was a creepy that the United States and UK had called the Budapest memorandum that convinced Ukraine to give up a nuclear weapon. I think they regret signing that treaty so that one issue to like it's really important if you can't complete it to current during the war. Scrambling now is doing to get weapon systems credible deterrent to the hand and two-handed Ukrainian real time almost impossible. So I think we can learn a lesson in Taiwan on this need to continue to do it with doing create credible more better capabilities more standoff capabilities that don't require the United States media sale right into the South China Sea that to to confront the Chinese and this is a matter of planning, long-term commitment to a capability doesn't happen weeks it doesn't happen a month hard lesson to learn from Ukraine to Taiwan.

That is, they will be interdicted because another international scene.

Yeah, look, I think the Taiwan scenario in the wiki very busy right between one coming online incredible platform or standoff capabilities coming online called long-range standoff LRS oh capabilities of U.S. Air Force ability to stand out of standoff strike capability to create a deterrent to China if you ask this capability will be available to us to deter you can't create these instantly can't create them in a matter of months. It's years long commitment. Democrats have been trying to kill a nuclear modernization for years. Finally, because the uniformed services have protested so significant credit general note to continue modernization of US nuclear forces. So this is a long term steady national commitment that again in the fall. GOP gets the gavel you can a few GOP projects that reflect the national security top priorities have to be done. Robin O'Brien said yesterday about Woody's witnessing with China that their overreaction to the speaker and then the military exercises now going on for three days. Content well. I'm very concerned. These theorists exercises at the comments part of China. There are engagement with their People's liberation Army and Navy and missile forces are not helpful other destabilizing the whole region and and they really need to knock it off.

There escalating their using Pelosi's recent visit to Taiwan which the speaker the American House representatives can go or she wants and that is not visit as a pretext of to further their plans to the course Taiwan and reunification that it has no interest in that is. He's hundred percent right. He's kind of amazing. This is happening.

This imposter and I guess going on to for a guy that want to get the lifetime you want to get the nod for a lifetime serving prison. She so where are you worried with our with our up with USS Ronald Reagan, standing by a nuclear powered aircraft carrier and all the the missiles flying around the something to get out of hand. Absolutely brining the rhetoric. Rhetoric is way out of bounds. In Inchon itself, now finds itself trapped its own rhetoric to the threats to the to the speaker and kudos to her for going. I'm glad that her eye American can be sent toward an adversary United States political outgassing at home. Kudos to the speaker is a rare moment of my powers by person power should learn from that that the bigger flights much more severe enemies and the folks on the other side of the aisle � a blind exactly right. The rhetoric really dangerous.

We take it down a notch and get to the speaker and some cream which is a never give up to nuclear weapons.

Who can blame them that Olivia probably feels the same way. So when you look at what's happening right now where the Russians at and where do you think you Ukraine will have success with Pierce on getting it back yet.

I cannot get a lot of talk about the tactical situation on the ground but as I said before, you can't create a deterrent in a matter of weeks a month is geopolitical work that needs to get done, I think, for example, adding Finland and Sweden to Norway, talk, talk is a is a long-term strategic play that will make it different.

Sure there's been talking about Europe versus trying debates going on in the circle but that's the type of long-term strategic play that will prevent another Ukraine right and certainly our allies in the Baltics are looking very closely at what our response will be that flat field with W so I can think of important steps we can't take Obama on eye off the ball, developing capabilities that can answer on the battlefield cannot get trapped into this arms control the paper that are meaningless to the Chinese and the Russians absolutely use them to constrain us to keep and banish them. Look no further than Ukraine in the Budapest number something that I think so much superbright.

Thank you. 186640876690, come back and get you because I know what you think about everything going on. We continue to monitor the situation. Capitol Hill looks like center cinemas on board, but is center tester was in the running to meet you Mr. show aptitude out early.

No problem. Download the podcasts that Brian kill me every episode exclusive interview on demand with kill me talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show Texas governor invited us to the border with the Texas governors should do is invite those who would try to find housing in his state to give them how instead of sitting here so spritzer that was Mary America Adams press secretary just as retweeted something Texas governor Texas governor about the buses running New York City in case you don't know the buses arrived in DC start about a month ago of illegal immigrants who assessing the border say how would like a ride to DC now. They said let's take a ride to New York and we watch the buses live on television. There probably are, maybe there's more than one dozens of people gotten off and the Arnold is a services form. They can be part of the system. Why should Texas go broke. Why can't all the 50 states go broke in hundreds of cities. So here is what they believe your rights breaking news Greg Abbott admits we know for all long you continue to use human beings is put upon to discuss in your city will continue to welcome asylum-seekers with open arms. As we have always W still need support from DC couple things dirty getting without your permission. The federal government from Texas and Arizona mode maybe New Mexico don't know a California there already arriving in New York, so will you like it or not they're doing it. Greg Abbott says no it's touching it. I'm a governor I'm sending them to the cities you to be a sanctuary city you would be a destination. I'll provide the air-conditioned bus and we can go we go from there. It makes me wonder if there's even more to know no Earth is spinning faster than usual.

Have you noticed I haven't been busy.

It's this bit of the earth is spinning fast. Teresa recorded shortest day ever. June 29, 2022, 1.59 ms less than the average day of the average day, according to a scientist did see do you remember June 29 to go fast same here. Other normal existed 24 is a three a six seconds so as opposed to leap years would have an extra day added a negative leap second would mean Scott Clark skip one second to interview for a while generation synthesized in keep time.

Eric you know that right sure. Normally we add seconds would be would have to take one away. Would you undo that no okay next NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and families get the shooting at the mall of America. I'm saying this could be bad for Kyle Busch which is shopping affiliative escape from safety because some clown started shooting simply said to know what appeared to be injured was still searching for the suspect. After securing the scene around 6 PM so it just shows you average guys on a day off don't mind shopping and people so I went to law America. Once you cannot possibly see the whole thing. It's half shops, half amusement park next Ellen Pompeo reveals that she wants her for Joe Grey's Anatomy to change how they tackle social issues and be less preachy case in point. I think if I had any desire.

Honestly, it would be to be the last sort of preaching in one episode about certain things. It's like we do. One episode about see Asian hate crimes is one that we did this past season. That was really moving. I think I'd like to see things in a little more subtly and over time in a consistent lien last sort of hit you over the head with it for just one hour and then we never talk about it again. I wish we could sort of touch on the social issues that are important and relevant and sort of happened. He thrives throughout right. She's tired of people giving a message through Grey's Anatomy. I don't watch but everybody else I know does so they go next session of your day celebrate annually the first Friday in August was started by a California man and some friends in 2008, the hollies regionally celebrate August 5 switch is on 2013 to make sure the holiday always fell on a Friday its initial bill did beer day is an opportunity for people to drink beer Jesse eyes alive and some friends did it the official website for the holiday states its purpose as threefold, together with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer to celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer and to bring the world together by celebrating the fears of all nations and cultures have in all love you right, I think, and so do you think will you be celebrating their faith.

Also Friday I think I have to have to do live from the Fox news New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Thank you much for being there by us the right to me Joe Sen. John Cornyn standing by John Caldwell Johnny as part of our crime, how it affected him and his family in Chicago, which is an absolute hell hole I don't know why anybody would live there and they have the worst leadership imaginable, and not only as governor but especially as mayor in the way to worse, is there in denial about it, but it's not just in Chicago and San Francisco. It's Cal it's services go to Los Angeles at Philadelphia it is Orlando I'm hearing more and more. We were in Memphis the other day.

Memphis was complaining about crime being the number one story and it certainly their one-story New York and now we have a battle between Texas and New York and of course were located 40th in six and Sen. John Cornyn Sen. from New York before we get to the center was hit to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three crime is rising rapidly in our inner cities. Part of it is due to I think unfortunately extreme left-wing progressive politicians where people are not being charged for the crimes committed, no kidding, that's John, you crime is it rising everywhere as mayor's bar with governors adamant Abbott the latest governor DeSantis gets rid of the DA that wouldn't prosecute crimes and all havoc is broken down all 50 states, thanks to illegals now fanning out across our country. As many as 4 million United States prepared for what Beijing chooses to do will not seek or do we want a crisis. We will not be deterred from operating in the seas and the skies of the Western Pacific ego China is not only one fear is a Nancy Pelosi. Dave just sanctioned or so's the White House and State Department according to Bloomberg try to convince the speaker not to go. She wants to make a Tone in her career. China is in day two of their exercises they so thoroughly surrounded the island nation and shot a rocket over it for the first time the idea that it's inflation reduction is sung by George Orwell. It's not but active the deficit gets worse. The next four years, until it gets better after that they go Larry Kudlow.

It will pass and let the damage begin.

I'm talking about the mansion Schumer debacle Kiersten Cinema has now voted is going to vote for. She made some adjusted to it with the number say will due to the economy in your wallet said we want to discuss. Thanks for joining me. Glad to be working right so we were you surprised at center cinema apparently has decided to sign on to this bill on reconciliation should pass tomorrow. Surprised, she was a consultant leader. Were any of the other Democratic senators recruit deal behind closed doors between management Schumer and so everybody was trying to figure out what the heck is what is me one thing we know for sure inflation is going to be a reduced botch. The title of the bill itself installed. But then we know there's massive but well transfers from the middle class to wealthy people. Whether it's to subsidize your health insurance or their raw electric vehicle. Drivers can't afford the price controls on the pharmaceuticals, which will result in shortages as they always do so.

This is a bad bill about Schlagel signal Republican vote for disappointed but not surprised.

Crunching to be of so what you getting on fossil fuels. Of course a Texas City oil state they do think the government auction off more lands for drilling and expand tax credits for coal and oil burning plans to do carbon capture and they said that the going to make it the permitting of reform. The permitting process. By September, does that make you feel better not really stretching the declared war on fossil fuels we saw what happened in Europe when Russia invaded Ukraine and they were depend solely on one source we got all the strategy will become your renewables up minstrel Hydro. That means fossil fuels, including especially natural gas, which is been responsible for dramatic reduction in the missions. In recent years, so I just I think this is kind of a bird much of a Grab Bag and no job. Body nutrition actually will execute skeptical yeah.

So we'll see how this goes in them. In the meantime, the market is not responded despite having 500,000 jobs and having this bill passed the markets down. I have finally little mysterious about that because the job numbers did come up over 5000 expected about 250 so when this goes on simple reconciliation.

Do you believe that Sen. McConnell was outmaneuvered when you voted for the chips bill or do you think would've passed the chips bill with 60 votes.

If you knew this was next crab United matter what we said no matter what we so I don't really consider them connected. I know some people connect to them, but I don't believe they should be. I talked with the chips builders show shoring up that whole semiconductor supply chain from Asia was absolutely critical to our national security and economy. So it stood on the child electric China's response to Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan demonstrates how vulnerable that is something we should've gotten too much earlier, but finally Mel addressed so what is happening. We know this size. Nancy Pelosi personally sanctioned and they broken off talks with United States as China on climate on military and on trade. What are the effects of that and what is your will. How you gauge the reaction so far. Factoring in the military exercises around Taiwan. Well, I don't think that sanctions mean anything whatever part of the Chinese were sincere about this climate stuff and build more coal-fired power plants in China today than anywhere else in the world they know they understand the importance of affordable energy to build their economy and their national security so I was in Taiwan with work colleagues from the house. Sen. thought last November and you the Communist Party there made threats against us. We just took that as part of what they do but what we seen in Ukraine is how one man's decision to invade a country what that can do to the world. In Europe and now I believe the present.

She stated that he intends to quote beautify the mainland China with Doug Taiwan sometime in the future is a real threat will not work for you think this is a dry run. Judging by the five sides, in which they are responded with chips. This is how they're going to do it.

I hope this is a wake-up call to the military planners in the Department of finance and administration members of Congress, we better get our act together. We don't want to be in a war with anybody� The best way to avoid wars to be prepared for one and to deter China from invading Taiwan in the first place. Is this a big threat to the whole region to Japan. All these countries major big understand the drug may not stop with Taiwan. So you sign off on defensive weapons into Taiwan and do you think that there's a plan in place to get them what they need to repel an attack. I forgiven the Taiwanese anything they can use to defend themselves. Actually that's consistent with the Taiwan relations act from 1978, part of our legal obligation to them.

But yeah, I think we just got a change or change the way we approach this because we can't simultaneously fight wars in Europe and Asia. Obviously a ram continues to seek nuclear one. North Korea continues to be a threat to the region and its neighbors. This is really a global threat. I think our priority should be Asia and the conflict in the South China Sea with the People's Republic of China. 13. General checking this morning with me.

This is not anything like this since 1995 in 1996 when the president of Taiwan visited the United States had a similar reaction took place not on the same not on the same scale assist so these people are pretty astounded what's going on right now how do you feel about the report, the Nancy Pelosi had the White House and State Department fuming the tooth to make the trip. They try to convince her not to, and she ignored it and she went there for her legacy. How you feel about the visit.

How do you feel about what went down and how disjointed we apparently look around the world and I think we do to buy the ministry wanted to pick a public fight with the speaker of the house to go to Taiwan the first place. Make sure what strong makes him look weak and just serve no useful purpose but the general came as the guy I look to for expert advice on those selected to use your nose was talking about but I don't think you should just legacy thing for Nancy, but mostly she's been pretty consistent on her all girl all opposition to the Chinese Communist Party. There so much are good for Leslie immigration Eric Adams in your governor having a battle evidencing come down to visit the border. I'm not dropping people in your state among department dropping the Washington DC because Washington DC is ignoring what is happening in his state in your state, as well as Arizona, New Mexico and California is what Mayor Eric Adams said yesterday cut 20 no matter where you are in a glow knowing if you ask someone is just came to America over to like to go then I want to say Idaho to say they going to say that city that everyone knows they go to St. New York and so you basically set us up and no, this is a real crisis. He went on cut 30 Texas governor invited us to the border with the Texas government should do is invite those who were trying to find housing in his state to give them housing instead of sending them here any ups he's upset that 100 people coming to a city which you reaction well.

I wonder what it would take time to get some folks across the aisle to wake up to what chapters of the border, but that they didn't like about 3 million bordering chowders that worked up after hundred 8000 Americans died of drug overdoses, mainly coming over the southwestern border focused a lot on the crime wave across the country blind just because that's the top of mind for most Americans in yesterday. The FBI director connected the dots between what You get the border of the criminal gang street gangs are distributing our cottage to come across the border responsible for the gun violence and a lot of what were sitting in terms of required white so all of this is connected but the bite ministrations been asleep at the wheel feel about the governor shipping illegals to city to city. How you feel about the fact that most of these guys as he came off the bus are single men.

This was to be turned back turned around.

Well, they were not being turned around. The fight over title 42, the code public health law will allow the border patrol to turn people back but the policy of the bite ministrations to welcome anybody and everybody wants to come across the southwestern border claims asylum into the United States to get work permits in my place and with their families were the around the country show. I'm all for what Gov. Abbott is doing because I think it's finally beginning to get the attention of some folks here in Washington. The mayor hopefully that will extend the White House will go work with us to try to secure the border and prevent the flow of this narcotics from come across the border killing so many across the country. So what I find unbelievable is it's very hard for Chris Ray to give a straight answer and a memory and and just talk about the alarm he must feel illegals come across the border. Number one with the Hunter Biden situation where FBI agents connive in order to keep that story down and of course the FBI agents what they would do with Gov. Witmer story they basically scripted the whole thing out 100 kidnapping and not only did they pay for it. In one case, a guy got a promotion. Here's a little of Chris Ray yesterday talking about the whistleblowers coming forward cut. We will be scrupulous in our adherence to the rules related to whistleblowers. Obviously, if there are allegations of misconduct by FBI employees. We want to make sure that we get that information so that we can use the tools that we have to go after that conduct the church so so we were you happy with the answers you getting all respect directly Ray, but policy I should work there every day but something rotten. I get so meshed in politics. We saw a lot of this drove the truck ministration with crossfire working the just sloppy and it undermines what sold the director yesterday.

Public competence and in the men and women to be up you were trying to do the right thing every day, but all of this politics is just does nothing but cause people to be skeptical and unfortunately it ends up meaning that the city lost support for their very important mission.

Yeah I just I was not happy since Miss McConnell was on special report yesterday and he was over two days ago and he basically didn't sound optimistic that you guys going to get the Senate at your party leadership do you feel as though the sin is within your grasp. Well, it should the Democrats give up so we know it's good to be a fight by doing everything it can to help inspire a low approval rating from the work we got a bill fight for the future of the country. Not strict about the house.

It should be tougher and tougher play because we have so many retirements but working to be there and get everything of God, and about the future of the country depends on it or not.

We know what's at stake and Joe mentioned doesn't talk about you that same good friends with. What is your take away why he did this, you know it's it's amazing to me does a flip-flop like that mattered couple weeks wonder what's going on. While I'm not sure Joe completely understands what he agreed to one of my colleagues ask him about the tax portion of the ocean showed no awareness at all about how it would work and how the trickle-down effect of the tax increases would even extend down the people making rules $10,000 a year. Joe shows will. This is a great way for fossil fuels including coal well the manufacturing back to corporate.

Their center is confusing, but thanks so much Sir John Cornyn radio show like no other. They work back everyone got a couple minutes he would tell Caldwell do you you you number top of the number 12 PM right thing here. Yes, absolutely.

Since Wednesday, my first time at headquarters 2019 some really be here with and certainly mama Fox's family so when we will talk about your situation, but I also want about what the governor of disinterested yesterday. You think when he came out and fired that DA suspend the DHS you think that was sending a message that with the other Republican governors could pick up on. I think Rhonda Santos is been a rock star so there's that there's not much that I disagree with that he's done he is my Gov. LFL Iomega 2022 months into the lid shut down for Miami and I'm telling you is a paradises Island on on his own. Yes, it is said in the signal yes to send signals to split the states attorneys, prosecutors all across Florida and across the country and this is what is needed. He didn't do anything wrong. He said, look, you got enforce the law. That's what you were elected to do, and if you don't want to do your job. You're out using this capstone is in a recall. In New York you could fire own prescriber through the legislature. Every states different right, but he will attend the second suspend the guys you suspended and he said I'm coming in anyway very curious to see what happens today for Gen. Caldwell just a moment is right to make you more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me working 20 years talking about how to improve our system so certainly I think that'll work on everyday on improving the system. I feel proud of what were doing. Dave's office just mention some of the work doing really encourage] homicides are down, students are down here today in Manhattan and so just like more work to do training in the right direction.

Really, I would brag trending in the right direction a lot more work to do about keeping people in prison you ever thought about that that might be effective is Manhattan DA would be right now in studio Gen. Caldwell not only Fox's political analyst to see them on the big show this weekend and sadly twice since I've known you, you in a family victim of a random act of violence, and they lost their lives and now you just close your brother that that's right and Chicago in Chicago. My brother Christian was murdered on June 24, 114 streets of Vincennes. He was standing outside of moving you want a black SUV pulled up 3 to 4 African-American men with drapes pulled out and began firing. He wasn't the intended target. There were multiple people hate he was only one who was killed with a GC do you think he intended to shoot him. They intended target and it was just a shoe. Whoever was nearby, so it didn't matter in Chicago just walking down the street. Make sure target.

It used to be when I was growing up to be affiliated with the gangs or someone in that sphere. Now it's everyone no matter what it for someone's next visit. Grandmother right next to you to get shot to and why is that how to get to this point, the cops just back out now and I don't think is that the cops and the fact out. Although the police are overworked, there is a need for thousand detectives to solve these cases, the software, policies that we've seen persist, which I think a lot of them started. Not that long ago 2017 being a key year will bill reform started by way of the Cook County chief judge, the Cook County Justice. He started bill reform. That's what a lot of these criminals will go in and come right out as a slap on the wrist and not in them the number these days.

It was actually violent crime.

So that was one issue and then you got what happened after George Lori you know the whole country turned on his head. People wanted just as they want to police reform and there's nothing wrong with police reform. There's nothing wrong with the right kind of criminal justice reform.violent crime but certainly there should be a balance in the Democrats went super far to the left and now my family spent a price.

I now know that no one owns it and I never said that it was so I was struck by this on August 4 10 people, 945 days, 485 crimes just 10 people committed 900 485 crimes is the same people over and over again yeah and there's new people tends every city and here's the thing though, and I'll tell you I've spoken with younger family members amount otherwise of the people are just committing all these crimes in Chicago and is a will another commit a crime and are likely to get arrested and if they get arrested and are likely to be prosecuted, so why not. And this is what we are right now is a country not just Chicago.

Yes, my family spent a price. Yes, I'm fine for justice for Christian every day, but at the same time there are so many others who are victims to this cancer called soft on crime policies which is infected every organ of the city government and state government and elected in Illinois and across the country.

So the very few Democrats will even say I understand the right thing, like does show frustration, but listen to Mayor Eric Adams cut 22.

The say the difference definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly but expect different results. All criminal justice system is insane. It is dangerous and harmful and is destroying the fabric of our city. Time and time again all police officers make an arrest and then the person who is arrested for assault felonious assault robberies and gum possesses finding themselves back on the street within days if not hours after arrest. So he's frustrated and he says it's up to the state legislature Democrat to reform the BELL so he can't win over his own party. Yeah, and it's become disgusting and disturbing trend in these major cities where they maybe they had good intentions. I don't know what is cost in lives that you're literally endangering the lives of millions of people across the country with these policies you look at the bodega for example you get a God who comes across the counter goals and the stars hit the guy can't really defend themselves. They want to prosecute him for what was it forgot what it was that the charge they wanted the prosecutor voice. Debbie got it right right right so you you have you had that situation where was clearly self-defense.

Anyone with a brain could see that yet and still you got the Rikers Dist. Atty. prosecute you because maybe you harm the criminal is witnesses stuff come from Georgia so this is these are the people that he is put in office. These are the people he's invested in and these are the people that he got he's going to continue to but to continue to back what needs to happen is the citizens of these major cities whether they be left right progressive or whatever have to speak up and let their voices be known as the need to recall these district attorneys who are Lebanese criminals go out and commit more crime and they need to ensure that these we will never get in again. They need to make sure the crime is illegal again. I have doubts that's sounds and insane. It does sound the same but it is true. So what is it going to take to going to the most challenging areas of Chicago and clean it out. Did I understand this is basically gang violence correct no now it's as though it is not mostly gang violence is violence against block after block. You can be against the disciple on one block or whatever against the sub on the next block and you guys are at war with each other or you can be a part of a click, not a gang but a part of a click of some sort. You just friends from high school your fight everyone else is a discombobulated moment for so many in the city of Chicago, whereas we don't know, left and right because the young folks are following the traditions of the old days of the gangs there just basically out here. While it is the term that the use in their communities crimes because they don't fear prosecution of the police. And here's the thing I here in Los Angeles. There following these criminals now following people with money into Beverly Hills out of rich areas up and that's what you said to me you said to me, as happened in Chicago going to the rich areas to smash and grab just to the assaults and Robert yes and New York upper East side upper West side are susceptible that sadly will beast that has to happen for people to realize it's everybody's problem and I think we are already at that point Brian is special.

You think you mentioned Beverly Hills. We can talk about any other area that is a very wealthy elite area and you know they don't really take too kindly to being in fear of their lives. They pay good money to live where they live, but were seen it already, in Chicago, the mayor has been sent. All we got a decrease in crime which is not really a decrease in Mont my view but at the same time there's been an increase in areas that were usually a traditionally save used to be able to go downtown without a problem. You have to look over your shoulder, but now you do on the day the day after my brother's funeral, which was assigned as stated. Nice hotel. I leave two hours later there's a shooting that takes place about two blocks away, where is this is this is insanity on steroids, but this is where we are and I think people have seen what these policies are doing and they're going to be demanding justice in these upcoming elections, but we need to really focus on these recalls get these people out now versus waiting for this what your Torah says everything is doing is working. Heath that he doubles and triples down on it. People have to be at a matching money. What yeah they they do and material people who were able to really and say, for example, Illinois can imagine with people like billionaire Karen Griffin became Griffin has seen the crime and he said I am over my business out of Chicago because of the crime he's going to Miami which is where I live now. The very same area I don't have to look around my shoulder when I'm in my got a great Mayor Mary Suarez yet know he's excellent so that a great governor and would be I don't have to rent out number which comes on at 12 o'clock but which the latest on your brothers investigation to find out who killed well. There is a lot the police don't know there's some things that aren't reportable yet so just can't wait and see you and hoping that the justice system works and that Kim Fox when these folks are called this. She prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law and on the keep the pressure campaign going thing for our Fox News family whose allowing me to keep the pressure going to keep my brother's name alive right so Jana great to see you and will you be back next week. What yes next week next week and I'll be cohosting the big show on Saturday and Sunday and folks can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at Gen. Caldwell GIA in an old Caldwell CAL BWELL Argento. Best of luck.

Thank you.

I think so much we come back we'll finish up with full find out for sure if there's more to no use in the brain to me Joe quick reminder coming up Saturday at 8 o'clock.

Repeat 11 and I believe it 3 o'clock in the morning to put in your time zone will be have one nation among our guests will be Mitch Daniels make heads or tails of this new bill Lindsay Graham will go respond honestly and openly about what's happened with the challenge of China and we also have another, more is more, special guests, including an interview with Herschel Walker, Branko Mitchell this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true. Well, that really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian.

If you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill made. I think the efforts by the White House to try to stop Taiwan new bill for Taiwan self and sentiment in this separate state. This is Ukraine all over again every time they come into conflict with the bully they back down, so they're trying to water down the bill of written Sen. Menendez.

There's no bigger defender of Taiwan and Bob Menendez. He's head of the Taiwan Caucus.

I think he's upset everybody should be upset so I basically you have the speaker the house who agreed to Bloomberg ticked off and infuriated the White House and the State Department because she went to Taiwan. Then she gets China all ticked off. They said sending rockets all over the place in military exercises, five of which landed in the so-called economic zone of Japan and the Egypt Japanese assay and the calling for you enter the exercises then they have individual sanctions on the speaker and they broke off talks with us on climate always breaks my heart as well as military social and trade so talks that are going on are all ended because the speaker the house went and she told him not to me the minute they protested you had to show up very interesting see where we go from here. We did do what I think is terrible is where the military exercises we ended military exercises supposed to happen for us who just got to do some rocket testing. You know, ICBMs make sure they work in Willis uplands and what let's not aggravate them without aggravate them over the chart so job to make sure ready to fight. Who cares of their aggravated but we have that and you have Thomas Friedman writing that you were doing a good job keeping them at bay in the Russia Ukraine fight.

This could take them off, they could start selling Russian arms and if they so Russian arms they would lose access to the European and US marketplace, at which time they were told not to sell manufacturing it would lead to the ultimate breakup of the two worlds. That's not our fault it's not our issue. That to me is key. By the way Lindsay Graham can be generally on one nation a little bit later on.

This could be this weekend at 8 o'clock is John Kirby trying to talk about his policy which I know he doesn't support cutting United States prepared for what Beijing chooses to do will not seek nor do we want a crisis. At the same time, we will not be deterred from operating in the seas and the skies of the Western Pacific consistent with international law. As we have for decades supporting Taiwan and defending a free open Indo Pacific okay read that and see if that works so will see others that that'll that region is on fire right now. And the question is what we do to stop it. Should they get a chance. Once the important buyers they cannot lose the pandemic. They got a million people minimum lockdown within their country. Number two. The housing market for them is collapsing and they have youth unemployment. I find this fascinating is really dragging down their economy and the one worry they have had is finding jobs for the people that they have they have built entire cities, there remains vacant, including storefronts like Starbucks and others is if people going to come there just to keep people busy. Think about that for a second just to keep people busy.

The other big story that happened last night's care since it is signed off on this big climate bill they want to say it's it's inflation reduction bill is anything but. And that's what experts are saying anything, but I'm talking about the CBO and of course both sides diminish the CBO when they come up with something that they don't like to listen to this. This is pretty flagrant and hard to spin. It doesn't address it doesn't address inflation quote inflation other than the CBO report inflation enacting this bill would also reduce some business incentives to invest through the changes in the after-tax return on private investments. What is that mean if you go ahead and just say everybody pays 50% tax. There's no incentive to maybe do things that will be a tax break like open up other branches open up open up other buildings open up other strip malls. Anything that you might want to do is a corporation if there's no break in you paying the same tax with the incentive to generate more that the rain the reduction act goes on to say. They say the range of likely outcomes reflects uncertainty about how various provisions of the bill would affect the demand and output the supply of labor. The persistent disruption of the supply of goods and services and how the Federal Reserve would respond to offset any increases make people.

The CBO may be undetermined on what will happen to the bill could increase inflation by 2023 extending Obama care subsidies for the wealthy would reduce incentives to work in the 50% corporate tax I think would be counterproductive. What I found stunning is this 230 economists warned Joe mansion spending bill will perpetrate it will perpetuate inflation 230 I'm talking about Princeton, Columbia, University of Virginia Duke.

These were these professors are from. Please describe to me this is not Hillsdale.

These are these are liberal groups. They say they would do nothing sort of instead of of said this is inaptly named the inflation reduction act. This would do nothing so sort of instead of a perturbed perpetuate the same fiscal policy errors that have helped precipitate the current troubling economic climate. A few of the notable signers include Nobel laureate Vernon Smith, Kevin Hassett, of course, Jim Miller, Robert Heller all their tort of 230. It's hard to type CCXXX people agree on anything.

One person that does agree that it's a problem. Our own Nobel laureate Larry Kudlow cut five the idea that it's inflation reduction is sung by George Orwell. It's not by way the CBO came out of the preliminary scorecard just preliminary stuff but actually the deficit gets worse for the next four years, until it gets better after that. But getting better is full of gimmicks so I don't believe a word of it and anybody's things more federal spending is not inflationary or all these tax sites as you say that middle-class tax likes. I agree with that pretty much across the board tax active business tax like Sean are going to be brutal and will have a bad impact on real wages and the typical family income is recorded told us he is and think that you mentioned even understands all this and their friends for good news for fossil fuel people.

It'll make the government auction off more lands for drilling expand tax credits for: coal burning coal and oil burning. They have carbon capture. So I'm to get to do open some coal plants so will see that they can make more federal land available and they're going to streamline the permit process as early as September, 369 billion investment climate clean entry 735 bill billion overall want to buy electric car to give you 7500 bucks of our money.

60 billion to encourage clean energy usage, more spending somebody's happy. I guess trying to me show don't get to watch one nation. 1 o'clock on Saturday night and go to to find out one of the New Jersey August 27 it's available over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources. A Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you

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