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Demanding Answers: DOJ, FBI Silent on Mar-A-Lago Raid

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 11, 2022 1:19 pm

Demanding Answers: DOJ, FBI Silent on Mar-A-Lago Raid

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 11, 2022 1:19 pm

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Why is New York City set up Fox and friends. So America's receptive Brian kill me.

Thank you much for being here everybody of the brain to me Joe. We had a big Thursday edition 1-866-408-7669 will you do a simulcast on America's newsroom will be starting, and McCarthy just got out of the shower he wants to buy a little bit of time is a Fox News contributor pharmacist and US attorney for Southern District of New York and author of both collusion and we did take a look at why the president for present side ticket for yesterday what happened with the raid on his house the other day. So let's get to the big stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three is a anti-American governor that is really going to give us everything we stand. He's a global global embarrassment right Mayor Adams. Please look in the mirror clueless Adams demanding Texas stop sending illegals a big spine to serve him more money you got a few thousand near New York City. Texas has almost 2 million. The president ignores the problem at the border and wants to, but wants him to pay attention to a northeastern city police.

Today we received news of our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July 0% people were still hurting with zero inflation must rally the economy present by mitigating we are rolling what you think is the present mysteriously since inflation is zero as the Democrat zeros a massive increase in IRS agents and green spending actually with the lie. The court directed collusion if they hear the Republicans take the cold the house be cute Jonathan Turley demanding answers present trump of the national demand answers from the in the nation to ban answers from the DOJ and FBI what's behind the Maryland mar Lago raid. Let's ask Annie McCarthy, Andy, do we need as as the American people are they all we we right to demand to see the warrant didn't understand what was into what went into this raid will know problem Brian commanding warranted the question what what what obligated the Justice Department have and I think it's important to explain to people when we say the warrant noticed two pieces to a warrant. One is the warrant itself, which is just like a one page document that that has the court issuance of the warrant on it that, is that it's been signed off by a judge, and the importance of it is that it basically describes what the agents are allowed to take right and then there's another bit of it which is usually could be 2030 or more pages long, which is the sworn affidavit that lays out the probable cause, the warrant yet that probable cause that a crime was committed and that evidence of the crime is likely to be found in the place that you want to search okay below the two pieces as far as the warrant of concern you would agree with me right that would be good to see that because then we could. We we would have an idea of what the probable cause was by seeing what the court allowed the agents to see everybody think everybody agrees it would be helpful to be able see that but the thing is president protest that they can put it out today if you could put it out really doesn't. Eric Eric told me last, Eric told me last night to hold the family is not seen Erickson that the different� If they don't want to look at their heightened under their desk, not looking at it that the different thing they had the law requires a copy of the warrant to be left, and they also have an inventory of what we see, I either don't have either you tell me they're not tell mattress was well known, they may not have it. They may be looking you in the I am thinking we don't have it, but the law requires the FBI to have left it now as I said at the family was not at mar Lago right when the delay may not have. They may not have it, but they could have it if they wanted it and the FBI is required to leave a copy of the warrant. They have a copy of the board.

Not only do they have a copy of the work. Brian trumps lawyers yesterday there not release it at this time. The fact that Eric hasn't seen it or somebody authenticated his best misdirection effective trump if he wanted to put it out and he could directed lawyers to put it out though. Yes, it be nice to see it but they could put it out the other piece of it is the probable cause affidavit filed by the FBI that gets filed under seal with the court. Now the reason I disagree slightly with my friend John Turley on on this is. And I haven't heard the whole bit of what John said but right that we had with the find is the stuff in Russia. Was Pfizer is a completely classified procedure where there is no defense counsel Bisno discovery does know nothing. We're talking now about the criminal justice system where we're talking about like a normal criminal investigation, criminal prosecution, the president's protection of the former president's protection. In that scenario is not the Justice Department you don't expect to get a friendly prosecutor. The president's protection is the court so if he is charged with a crime and it turns out that this warrant should not of been issued because they broke the law in issuing it, or they lied to the court or whatever people suspect that they did present trump could move to have been any evidence from season the warrant suppressed where to get if you get charged that warrant.

It's not like five of the Lord is good to be turned over discovery and where to be able see what was in it at exactly what was was represented. The problem with the D Pfizer system that doesn't exist in the criminal justice system is that there is no one checking in the criminal justice system.

The prosecutors and the agents we hope we get honorable people.

But what keeps them honest is the role looking for minuses.

Everybody see their work defense lawyers are going to get to see what they did and if they lied to the courts. Evidence can get the prospect of people to get you don't sanction for misconduct is all kinds of stuff that's available in the criminal justice is not available at five. The president's protection of the court. It's not just you telling me right now that the warrant was shown that day I heard was flashed and they did not leave it and they took the day they did not leave an inventory of what they talk to say neither of those I have to have to do that would make you think that there had been a lawsuit filed but they didn't. They violated the law for the purpose of criminal procedure allow him to march into court this minute and demand the return of his property. If they didn't comply with the law in whatever they did use Lindsay halogen who was there, the attorney for the present: so I arrived around 11 alarm and there were about 30 to 40 at the I that I saw five outlets were wearing suits. The rest where and cargo pants mass and gloves and they basically had unfettered access to the property they refuse to talk to me refuse to let me and all I knew is that they were searching areas one, two and three, which I understood to be the former president bedroom. I his office and storage room and other than that we were not allowed to talk to them or go inside at all session write to you that you get what you can. Why would be doing a search will have the authority of the court.

Why would they talk to a defense lawyer. Is that what you think Brian Toler if they do a search warrant on the Mafia. You don't get it.

They should like Johnny got his lawyer there.

Let me explain to you what our investigation is about what we're here to do so. So they're waiting my house your your my turn life and you want to follow them into the bedroom into the living room and everything that you can tell me that they have a right to say don't tell you that they can they can discourage it and I better know exactly what my rights are and this is a situation where as I understand it, what you're talking about is national security information classified information in the criminal justice system before a lawyer can get access to classified information.

They have to be cleared. They have to make sure that they have a security clearance from the Justice Department.

Now the FBI doesn't have to let them see everything that they take what they have to give them an inventory describing it before they leave and when they happened when you have a situation where you have classified documents that the lawyer who arrived may not have a security clearance to be able to see then there has to be accommodation. Make yeah they said they had no idea how many boxes of her between seven and 10 boxes Brian, we can't evaluate whether that's good or bad unless we know what it was that they were authorized to 10 just blows me away that you can just take 10 boxes from somebody's house so well whatever you tell lawyer go jump in a lake because some judge said it's okay and this judges got some issues that I think might be my featured something people should look into number one on on Facebook page. He is an anti-trumps just read it also clearly should have recused himself. Some say he is also another side the cold woke folks and he's got some conflict of interest here.

Don't you think Brian I agree with all that what I'm what I'm thinking it was president trumps the caption under the law and his due process is the court that we ought to be much more disturbed about the fact that openly anti-trump jurist did not recuse himself from search one. That to me is a much bigger problem than how the FBI carried it out because if the FBI broke the law work. The Justice Department broke the law are our recompense are our remedy for that is supposed to be to be able to go to court so that Karachi so you know the court.

The problem of the problem is with your experience is that if the national archives just wanted generic paperwork back trump would've set you're saying that Trump had 10. Read the affidavit, he can read the warrant, no doubt about the family or whoever right yes a giant national presidential record that is not a criminal statute. Okay, so that we aren't able to get so that the family was not clear with me when they said talk to family members when they said we have not seen the warrant and we don't know what they left with their day of their not being there. Being disingenuous while it may be true that they like to. I know that Eric trump when the Lord of course not.

I've no idea whether he did or didn't do the FBI leave a copy of the warrant with an inventory.

I have to assume they did because the law requires.

And if they didn't, I would assume that Trump floors would've been in court like the next minute you're screaming their heads off and also again, Brian the lawyer for the site yesterday, I happened to be on Fox while it was while it was put out with a lawyer said we don't see any reason to publicize the warrant at this time, though, you know, the fact that some members of the family haven't seen it doesn't mean that the FBI didn't comply with federal law which requires them to leave the warrant in an inventory map. Importantly, they don't believe the warrant affidavit, though I'm not. I'm not perfect in contending that anyone in trumps orbit as seen the affidavit knows what the FBI told the court regarding probable cause with no one to see that, unless and until one of two things happens either trump gets charged with a crime in which I think it is close to discovery or if he never gets charged with a crime. I assume eventually somebody can file a Freedom of information act request and will will see it that way but okay warrant, they should have the warrant that describes what they're allowed to take. They should have worn describe whether there yes to the sense that it you know it makes it clear that it's a search warrant on the judges signed off on it and in the court has empowered the agents who would pay for the FBI to see items that are consistent with the description of the warrant eyeglasses. The president stated a busy day yesterday was with the Atty. Gen. to Leticia James ASAP for five hours and the only it's the only question he said yes to was his name.

The rest was. He took the fifth to really have no choice on the paraphrase. He said my whole families under attack. We arty know which exchanges on record saying them before she got the job which is running for election.

She's going after this, the former sitting president so he's like I'm I can answer any questions. Was that a good strategic move more cough to Brian in a civil case and there is a criminal. You know you have to take that into account when you decide that it and what I mean by that is in a criminal case, the judge tells the jury that the defendant doesn't testify. You have to put that in your mind you can try any negative inference from it completely up to the product approved the text in a civil case it's not that way in a civil case you're allowed to draw a negative influence against somebody who uses the testify. So you still get to take your fifth amendment privilege, but they can hold it against you. The facts on the couch so what you're saying about essentially is a risk to me of testifying is higher than the risk to me of not testifying. Even though that cost me now. I'm completely with the with those who say Leticia James is a complete partisan maniac and I think you did say key difference between the state and federal system in the federal system to get an Atty. Gen. who is nominated by the president, but don't get the serverless department look the Senate confirms usually what they want is assurance that the person back to be a partisan maniac in New York. The Atty. Gen. is elected and being part of being a partisan maniac. New York appears to be part of the day so I get completely with president traffic coming from but that doesn't change the fact that in the four corners of the litigation taking the fifth the cost of your negative inference.

I will see what happens. Will talk more about that any McCarthy.

Thanks so much for fatherly our simulcast.

Next you write to me Joe contests networks Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist.

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I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week just to bend on its podcast and listen well by doing a Fox news, the fastest three hours and radio is your Brian kill me today received news of our economy 010%. That means something last month.

First road down the same amount result zero inflation.

Most people still heard was zero inflation.

I said 010 using context. Can you imagine being the Cincinnati Reds were steaming baseball and imagine losing 15 to 2, but you let up all the runs in the first and third inning and nearly eighth-inning and you haven't let up a running three innings, you are still trailing by 13 runs. She could say I let up. Zero runs over the last six innings. She's me, but the score is 15 to 2. That's the difference. So by saying 000 you're not being inaccurate for you being disingenuous and what you saying to people is that inflation you feel the four dollars gas. It's five dollars, but is still a dollar 80 more than you were paying were almost double what you are paying everything that you're doing on the water. Whether it's marine fuel for diesel fuel.

Everything that you're feeling that's increased 00 it's your imagination it's zero. That's what they're saying we go back is a recession is not too negative quarters of growth in a row tell you that's not a recession that is just being inaccurate and makes people distrust you a really a man or woman doesn't really matter to me. It matters not to this administration, with black and white on white is nice.

Personal power is Americas with all of your Fox weather update throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News five just start, or wherever you did your project will gain close to Fox and friends, we can hear my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen. Fox News five just good talkshow that's getting you your Brian kill me. I deeply contemplated taking a bus load of New Yorkers to go to Texas and do some good old-fashioned doorknocking because we we have to for the good of America.

We have to get them out of really made her Adam's apple to talk about this on America's usually about five minutes. Really, for the good of America get Gov. Abbott out of office wide is get somebody in there who say welcome 2.7 million illegals welcome overwhelm our city overcrowd our classrooms. You don't speak English will double the number of teachers we have English as a second language, although that'll come out of the taxpayer base of people. The following here that applied to come here, the right way that spent generations in a state remarkably proud of where they're from, but if your anti-American that your Gov. Abbott right because you want to protect your people of your state and make them part of this country and also worry about our security in the fentanyl infecting every major city bull far and near to Texas and they're also saying look, you got a problem. New York you got a problem.

DC your lawmakers are welcome this with sanctuary cities. So this way only to say if any of you illegals want to get on a boss. Since I can't take you out and you want to go thousand miles but you there for free. Got air conditioning got a bathroom and when you get there you not our problem, but it's a sanctuary city. They are built to take you. Yes, using exorbitant taxpayer dollars that are forcing there so I for the people are leaving that state in droves about almost as fast as are leaving California now you can go in and say the shelter get on the food line have accommodations maybe get a nice hotel room all on the taxpayer and because you don't like your country.

We have to take you in our country that is never been the case in America before. And if you're the mayor of a blue city who was to welcome everyone except for the people that are dropped off in your lap and you say that I welcome then too bad. Tough. You want Gov. Abbott out of his anti-American now 2.7 million people come here illegally. 4 million overall decanters under New Mexico and California, let alone the got a ways of 800,000. The fentanyl kills on on contact in many cases, that to me is unacceptable. 186-640-8766 and begin to this battle little bit so I'll gotta set up to be talking about. Here's Marilyn's cut 2420. Sorry 26.

What first of all, I know he thinks he's Clint Eastwood, but is not is a anti-American governor that is really going to give us everything we stand, and I am going to do everything feasible to make sure Texan people of Texas realize how harmful he used to our scope of he's a gold global embarrassment because this is not what we do as Americans really don't protect your citizens.

You don't dispatch the Texas Rangers in the Texas National Guard. If the federal government would take care your people. That to me is being responsible. So Gov. Abbott did Mayor Abbott to just to our Mayor Adams to just update you and say you know I'm so angry at this Gov. I might send some New Yorkers up there and knock on doors, take buses down there until going to vote for Bader O'Rourke Gov. Abbott hears this knows how Texans feel about New Yorkers and then said this, this makes sense of what he meant by companies would cut 25.

Go ahead. Mayor make my day. There can hardly be anything better to aid in my campaign. I guess that's O'Rourke than to have better O'Rourke have his campaign aided by a bunch of New Yorkers that will not be viewed very positively the state of Texas. Generally, the only thing better than that is what is already occurred and that is Bento has received million dollars from George Soros.

This is a campaign by better this thing run by people outside of the state of Texas.

This race is about Texans and Texans are fed up with what the bond administration has done on our border.

The chaos that is caused the damage. That is because in the state of Texas. Texas is no state tax but still they have the right huge checks just in revenue to help fund their personal security because federal governments are doing its job on specifics in the last five weeks. Gov. Abbott has directed police's police to arrest and transport back to the ports of entry, any person suspected of illegal entry that states so how do they do over the last few weeks. The state is returned nearly 4000 people.

The Texas National Guard and an Department of Public Safety officers evaporated them more than a year that they will have been deployed on the border under operation loan store 4000 3900 roughly they have to do it. They have no choice. You can ignore it like the vice president can so Gov. Abbott wrote this message to the mayor's not the mayors of America's most popular cities and the nations capitals are complaining about a few thousand migrants which Gov. Adams is, by the way he imagined what with their with these small borders come communities with more limited resources face on the front lines, New York City and DC recent interest in this relentless crisis is a welcome departure from willful ignorance of the by demonstration continued to demonstrate Biden's never visited the border to understand the magnitude of the crisis and crated his his borders.

RVP Harris simply taken no meaningful actions to address the gravity of the situation, except one visit to El Paso sector over a year ago, many orchids recently testified the southern border safe and secure thousands of illegal immigrants across the border each day and statement is either shockingly uninformed or intentionally deceptive and Mayor Adams of Bowser recently announced the border crisis demands immediate and decisive federal action. I asked that they call present Biden to stop dismissing this crisis is on the duty of preserving America's national security. Instead, I think that would really, I think Biden is going to do is I think Biden to do is meet with Mayor Adams make it a continued war with Gov. Abbott and hope to compartmentalize and just make it seem like this is a Republican, Democrat, issue, what is really an American issue and that's I think is going to come across and I don't think Abbott I think Abbott smart not to get involved personally, I think Abbott is really smart to look at this and say I have an opportunity here on an opportunity get the president's attention because Mayor Adams in his case. In particular, I know about Mayor Bowser but evidently buying them and and Adams really get along so Adams to pick up the phone and call and I think even those on vacation. I think you would make a statement. I think he would possibly answer his call, write a check, at which time will get more attention hopefully get some answers. Allusions been watching this from afar with boom illusion while using California full-time, but he spent so much time in the border I wouldn't doubt that he has a place there. He wrote this just for perspective. New York City Mayor Eric Adams is calling for federal help because he says around 4000 migrants have arrived in New York City over the last three months. In May, Texas averages 4000 migrants crossing the border every single day and so far has enlisted 100 migrants to New York City either to little more than 100 a bout five buses, none of which are full about 1/3 folio sign waivers. No one's being duped. Everyone knows what's going on so that's what's happening. The Texas troopers returned almost 4000 we have Texas National Guard on the border. They building their own wall. They are desperate to get a hold of the rope border.

They want to stop the drugs they want to stop the overcrowded classrooms and want to stop the ranchers who said that these guys are basically Families are camping out on their property.

Leaving things like water bottles their cows eat, and they died almost instantly.

You may think well with the big deal get another cow because thousands of dollars and are no longer productive. These are all the things the responsible people don't do around branches, but when you are legally coming from Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ukraine. You don't care about things like that border agents in Arizona yesterday sees 70,000 fennel pills and 7 pounds of foam old Sentinel at the border, according to boom illusion that to me is really really bad about two minutes will go live on television, but in the meantime were still looking at the raid that happened on the trumpet trumps Mayor Lago address reportedly they say that the reason why they did it with Trump that there is because they wanted to make sure he was a New Jersey basement stair in New York City at Trump Tower. They did want to create an uproar in doing its I thought everyone was out that would happen will bill behind closed doors for the place always gotta be staff the surveillance cameras everywhere when you go read a house with the FBI in all black.

You sit outside of machine guns.

Of course you get to be discovered.

Lindsay Halligan was scrambled there. She's attorney for Donald Trump. She said this, I should have these TV show as I cut one cut one was too close.

So I arrived around 11 alarm and there were about 30 to 40 that I saw five of which were wearing suits.

The rest where and cargo pants mass in glass and paint basically had unfettered access to the property they refuse to talk to me refuse to let me and all I knew is that they were searching areas one, two and three in which I understood to be settling Lindsay Halligan and their really befuddled about it so it's listening to America's newsroom, Dana Perino and Bill Hymowitz listen is offering a sympathy time demand that the number is just a fraction of what Texas deals with every single day Frank coming in because of Fox and friends in host of one nation right in his famous phrase of the week because it is just such a glaring eye moment of hypocrisy and misunderstanding and prayer Mayor Adams to call Gov. Abbott anti-American writing them from there. Is totally delusional.

He does understand he's losing the argument every time he speaks. He does understand that if you get a few hundred illegal immigrants on air-conditioned buses coming up from Texas on Texas is time to go to a sanctuary city which he runs. That's exactly what you call for and get this day and age, and because you will bill Mayo pointed out that they are actually asking for federal funds to handle.

I don't know 1004 thousand overall maybe 200 from Texas, he should be better at those flights that went to the middle of Westchester County, New York or Newburgh, New York, or in our Long Island out in Suffolk County. They don't report to the bear. They don't report to the governor they just drop them in and they say hey you know that class of 25 step 37. You know the new 12 students. They don't speak English know that you need resources, additional resources of taxpayer dollars to make sure those kids can gradually learn as much as the other kids. Is there any reason an incentive to do things right for Mayor Adams to say is anti-American for the governor of Texas to secure a border and estate for its own citizens then asked for the Texas Rangers.

The Texas National Guard to take the illegals and send them back to the port of entry into this guys add this to the whole freight there just saying hey what we deliver. We deliver them on top of that were asking for is a wall jacket to build a wall. Even though America paid for Texas dollars again we build our own wall that Tina desperate governor.

If you look at the video there's migrants, New York cell phone of his nice clothes on her almost all man on every single gotta get some of that buses seem to be of working age is 25 is 30 years old. Very few women there's a guy on the left of your screen here you can see he has dollar bills in his hand and he reaches out over the crowd as if to say hey you, you can have some of these dollars here in the people walking by your post covers is make my day. That doesn't there's a gentleman there are those of the words of the upgrade avid Adam says hillbilly campaign against him. Here's what he said in New York this week.

I am deeply contemplating taking a bus load of New Yorkers to go to Texas and do some good old-fashioned doorknocking because we have to for the good of America.

We have to get him out of that would be the political political story of the summer else going on at the New York City Mayor when campaign against the Texas governor, absolutely. I know so many Texans who see themselves. I don't know who to vote for. Does anyone know New Yorker to give me some advice that will be fantastic or hunting who's at the door, always a stranger from New York. Let me find out what he wants for me.

Oh, he wants me to vote for somebody else.

That sounds good. What you think. Let's go together. Hop in the state will head down there that will be fantastic will do the exact opposite of what New York want you no one else maybe in New York or California will answer the door because they left New York and California.

For that reason, somehow their spending all their money without any state tax in helping secure their own their own state and are being vilified by an oblivious loose state Mayor and another one in Washington DC that I would like to see is this the Adams and Biden get along great. I'm sure he would take Adams's call. I would not be surprised if Joe buying would get the advice to vilify the governor of Texas and take Adams side to get additional financing to handle the extra 4000 over the last five months.

Illegal immigrants into their city and say the same time, turn your back on the 3.9 million that of cross mostly in Texas since he took over. I've never seen such blame your responsibility as a leader of a country of a leader of the city as opposed to the leader of the state and why bitter works within single digits, reportedly of Gov. Abbott's beyond me as if Texas is unhappy now you're going to be miserable, underpaid O'Rourke.

Mr. take my gun and take the wall down. That's what he's going to give you along with standing in your kitchen table. Your countertop pretty upside down by Brian kill made on radio and on TV. How does he do it that amazing device physics every day as I was about seven euros are 186640876 excitement a quick break come back with more you cause just a moment so is that okay else you do will you rather me not to call you. He takes a coherent unit two sure that you take all the things about both half the people and see if they're worthy of your time. I cannot prove yourself worthy moment both sides all Fox news contest network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite piece so busy you'll make your Brian kill made tell people they need to masculine indoor setting upon by a lot of people. Not everybody has as an encroachment on your freedom that we never had the people I'm assuming it's almost inexplicable. Okay, we never had anybody tells to wear a mask anytime, anywhere except for a hospital. If somebody has sadly go to cancer treatment or got some rare disease. So when you tell the American people for two years to wear a mask to wear a mask, where mass put it on where to masks. I actually had Dr. Burks tell me one time on TV wear goggles because the virus could come through your eyes.

Now you're wondering Dr. fatty in an interview setting. After being booted throwing out the first pitch in Seattle you are wondering why people are reluctant to put on a mask, going to a concert going to a seminar going to a classroom anything public. Where does that come from.

We never had that happen before.

Are you that oblivious nobody trust you, I think would really getting onto him for him to get booed in Seattle. I think it shows the American people have standards and are seeing the contradiction. Seeing the aloofness seeing the arrogance seeing the inability to understand that this virus came for the Wuhan lab and the fact that you won't even legitimately entertain it except there's so much public pressure because of the logic involved that now you said you're open to it. We see all that after two years and soon well the fact that you didn't like Trump doesn't mean as much affected who do whatever Joe Biden says is a mean as much. You lost me as soon as you hopped on and told me I hopped on and I so your different attitude when you hopped on Fox's compared to other networks as of witnesses doctors issue and then we find that his favorite show is Rachel Maddow show you'll like Rachel Maddow unless you're a left-wing Democrat not saying she's not talented I'm just saying that your choice to walk Fox News radio's to New York City you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me. Thanks so much for being here buddy coming from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine were not getting about that war is make some progress there. Blowup nine Russian planes of the Crimea. That's how they got to do it. They got a let all the Russians know that you might occupy Ukraine which will never be safe there. That'll bring them to the table talk to match lap surely arose to talk to Stuart Forney with simulcast. There will be great Stuart Forney that's weekly thing. We also an earlier hour yesterday we did Harris Barker show which is fantastic always and we just had it was able to do a to do hidden America's newsroom coming up shortly. Kevin proxy or form assistant director of intelligence at the FBI important job important guy. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is a anti-American governor that is really going against everything we stand as a global global embarrassment clueless Mayor Adams demanding Texas stop sending illegals there and calls this governor of Texas anti-American is he kidding me. Let's talk about that today we received news of our economy had 0% inflation. The month of July 0% people still heard zero inflation last month, the same zero.

Not true. Present Biden indicated, we are rolling economically what you think is the present, mysteriously says inflation is at zero. Yeah in one month, but it didn't decrease just below 9% IRA IRS agents while you're about to get 85,000 more cost to billions of dollars that can help America why Ackley with the light court during the Russian collusion if they hear the Republicans take the told how to be a huge that is Jonathan Turley demanding answers present Trump in the nation to finances of the DOJ and FBI raid what's behind the Verilog arrayed a test guy that knows all about law enforcement form, assistant director of an Intel at the FBI and principal Deputy Director of National counterterrorism Center and founder of Brock CRS Kevin Brock welcome Brian kill me show hey Brian how are you Kim please give me an idea of the procedures right now does. Does the Trump team have to have a warrant in the affidavit to talk about why they went in on Monday.

Normally Brian's copy of the search warrant will be left behind as well as well as the receipt of the inventory of items that were seized from the residence doesn't necessarily mean that the war contained a probable cause statement authorized. If you do the search.

So the search warrant could simply just be increased documents and go do this and signed by the judge, so we understand is reporting that the FBI that the FBI did their raid because they got a lead from somebody told me exactly where to go inside, Mara Lago. I don't know if it was Martin Malan is because it was a storage room the second floor office, but essentially three separate places to get a lead like that begat you negotiating with them for separate times through June would make them jump on that and say I gotta do it. Find a judge and I got a do it would make them jump on bad judgment. Frankly, they were in the middle of negotiations obviously from reporting were gone so far that the FBI and DOJ. DOJ was involved in getting back documents from Donald Funk face-to-face down Mara Lago pursuant to subpoena what triggered what changed to change this, subpoena, and negotiated process into a circle with 30 armed agents that the key question so generally the warm Holocaust and will probably have is true. Probably will have an inside source reporting information that certain documents may be requested by documents or possession of the former president Brian.

None of that. None of that justifies a wildly disproportionate response of 30 armed agents going in search warrant over eight document case of never think that in my Sprint would be FBI and it just is puzzling from the get-go solicitor led people to believe that okay this has everything to a January 6 to January 6 to try to prove some type of criminal misconduct you center Tim Scott cut six. I cannot imagine that they are literally looking for something on the provincial records no way in the world only about that that would be shocking starting and unprecedented. The truth is they continue to look for ways to literally put him in the corner and put the target on it feel like to make or its sweetly to some type generally six investigation that the Department of Justice may or may not be interested in pursuing what you think I I hate to say this but I think that it's going to boil down to an ill advised law enforcement investigation really disputed documents.

Yeah, I don't think that get mixed up with the January's except again I'm speculating, but literally I think applicable limit and should the FBI have been involved in the investigation were disputed, but documents actually not could be a walk away from it, even though there is clear evidence that perhaps a violation of the obscure statute occurred. Yes, I could walk away with FBI declined to pursue certain patient on a daily basis, even million-dollar product will walk away from so that it there is a concerning aspect of this because it has deep political ramifications and and question you have to be answered why the FBI decided to involve himself in such a minor case, but I'm you know it could happen.

Brian but I'm I think it's a distraction to think that this is a larger deal. A larger convergence January 6 with with the document dispute.

So how about this, knowing that you watch your back to Wipro political persuasion why he never used to matter with the FBI. Now everybody looks to that. What about going to a judge discuss the history of being tweeting out woke statements and anti-Trump stuff into as far back as 2017, why would that judge and if you're FBI knowing that you get scrutiny. Why would you choose that pathway. Great question.

In my experience when you have a protocol statement to bring to court judge for search warrant. The federal magistrate that's going to sign off on that is usually whoever's on duty that day.

That said, that doesn't mean that somebody within the Department of Justice wouldn't have called down to that district in Florida to find out who's going to be on duty on a given day. The thought outside the realm of possibility. Speculation on my part, but you know it does it does look unusual that this judge seemed to align so sympathetically against the former president of an coincidence. Yes, it could have another question. It's going to have to be answered. Brian, the FBI is not can emerge in the same agency after whereafter this is also sorted through. We don't know who ultimately made the decision to go down this path, whether came from the White House with her camp.

DOJ is already backing off and using sources to whisper news outlets that this was all on the FBI lining up the buses to throw people under but whoever it shakeup to be. It's the ramifications of this action which clearly won't talk thought through are going to have a profound impact on the future that went to Kevin Brock as assistant director, that tells you the FBI prints will Deputy Director of counterterrorism Center, so Kevin this what I worry about I were located two years as a Republican because present, there is legitimately an active investigation I hear to Hunter Biden anywhere generally revolves her at the president is implicated as the big guy over and over again. Got up to three people saying that absolutely is him and he actually profited from it.

I don't care what you think.

Listening to this right now so so Republican present goes okay.

I think it's time to rate Joe Biden's Delaware home.

I'm not happy about that either. And that that is one of the unfortunate fall out of all this is that a law enforcement action by the FBI. Ill advised probably kicked off one of the and pocket of of political wars in this country like we've never seen before were divided now we can see nothing yet with this little action is going to have profound repercussions for the country over the next few years. So the longer you are the something sometimes like the Clinton McCarthy the Trump team has the warrant and they could make it public for the choosing not to. If that in fact is the scenario could be.

Is there stuff on the warranty could be embarrassing or something it would lead to more questions from people I have not read too many warrants of my life. So to the earlier point toward it may not have a lot of information on an even even a copy of the warrant left behind and from people could release it would basically say that you are hereby commanded by the Portland court to search this residence and recover these types of documents contain the probable cause statement that's under seal and so on itself doesn't show that much like what we arty know telling why was the field office in my eye sees Miami, you would know better not informed that the that the feds were coming in that the FBI was coming in. Why, why would you not tell the Bureau.

Myself and other retired agents and current agents are puzzled by the thought of never seen that before.

Whenever search is executed. The local field offices involved even if the case emanates from another field office that originating field office will certainly send representatives down to participate in the search, but largely the execution is left of the local field office why a decision was made to send 30 agents from Washington and exclude the Miami division is another question, is going to have to be looked at because it is highly unusual interview Scott Terry laissez is hosting for talker and he was the congressman very tight with the pro forma present and they walked out they just took a cell phone so I just asked him what's going what happened, how did this go down and do you think it's related to the president the rate on the president cup 14. There are three FBI agents course like you said. I'm traveling with my family, with two young daughters and with my my elderly in-laws and innovate.

They want to take my cell phone and I said you know, could you contact my attorney in a while.

Why does this have to happen out on the street and how did you find me.

By the way course, they wouldn't answer that question of the sender and image the cell phone and return sometime later since I didn't have a phone. This is my personal cell phone right to have a you know I have a AAA official cell phone, they don't don't want that. So this is my personal cell phone that I talked to my wife on that. I talked to my children on my constituents so he went on, they just described to the ticket from and could you describe this is that seem unusual to you is that the way you do things not necessarily a new tool drug case organized crime or talking about here. Unusual part of it is that it is that the competition with the US Congressman but from a technical standpoint they want to get if there's something on the phone that they think is important to have from an evidentiary standpoint but want to get their hands on the phone before somebody can and you know maybe remove, delete or destroy that type of thing. So the approach is an unusual.

The context is highly unusual and again it's feeding into a narrative that that's really killing FBI right now you look at the you look at the law enforcement actions undertaken by the FBI against people with and political positions of power in the country and it's all slanting toward one side and not the other. There may be absolutely ironclad justification. In some cases but Oren and in many other cases but the perception is one that the FBI is working for one political party right now and against another, and that cannot stand the. The cost of the FBI by the American people is eroding rapidly and the FBI's leadership first responsibility is to protect the trust and right now that's apparel Celine Kevin Leslie I go to the scenario I go to the cabinet pass a background check. I go to the Academy amount of field I prove myself at 1015 years I get a call into something partisan, political, and I know it just doesn't seem rooted in anything routine empty calls tomorrow are Emily Cohen hit the former president's house under when I look at the material there. It seems pure politics as an agent to I lose my job if I say I don't want to go. You basically say okay you go you fired. It would be unusual objects, conscience or or something like or think that is not sufficient, then certainly suffer some career penalties.

Hopefully that wouldn't happen up with legitimate objection, but so and and so there is some freedom on the part of the agent to to withdraw from investigation for special specific justified reasons for not going something I am going to vacation I want vacant elected suffer the consequences on that but knowing the FBI knew there was room for making those kinds of objections.

I personally didn't want to participate in and searches involving child pornography as it was the father of a lot of kids. It was just something I'd like, I couldn't. I couldn't look at him, and without significant emotional impact and so I withdrew and nobody objected to that. So there is room for four to be his job. Yet this great reputation so proud of what you do and you should be over soon you watch of the enemy came to the world the Peter Scruggs of the world the week. Lisa page you seen James Comey make a total ass of himself. In my view, and then you watch this raid you seen yourself while I took care Roger Stone I taught Maitre Peter Navarro left in chains.

I rated Mara Largo without the president there and you wonder what happened to the reputation that you had so hopefully doesn't reflect on people like you, Kevin Brock. Thanks much for your insight Brent.

All right we come back your calls want. Maybe you think I'm way off 1-866-408-7669 listen to Brian kill me show you something new every day, Brian kill me show information you want truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show inflation drops to zero in July due to falling gas prices, inflation drops to zero might just be able might just be able to like to know what that while the question we are on the right track now. Yeah, this John Heilman forget it. Now it's not zero. It's 8.5% housing to be okay be in Jacksonville Florida.

Hayao Brian, thank you.

I like to point on my brother-in-law a little and call me last night there for you: Mara Largo you are not about information regarding now and we are well look, I never thought we get to this point, guys like Kevin Brock, I just spoke to, I trust I don't know who that is 30 where they were in there. I don't know the tips we know anything know we don't know how many to McCabe's are out there, or any McCabe's route that we don't know how many Peter structure out there.

We don't have a James Comey egomaniac's are out there for the most part FBI guys and women are underpaid and underappreciated and they do so much, which is about 35,000 in their ranks. Nationally, I don't want to besmirch any of them totally.

But if I'm Trump I'm a little worried.

I'm worried about what you just brought up FBI agents or somebody in my own circle trying to save themselves for something they might've done by selling down Trump down the river for something he may or may not from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me. Today we received news of our economy 0% inflation. July 0%. That means the price of something is grew up, went up last month the price rode down for the same amount result zero inflation?

People are still heard but zero inflation Rainman 000 match flap, not a zero he run C packed fresh another successful conference, author of the Dessa craters. Matt would you think about inflation in the right direction. The market seems to like it. In terms of the increase in prices markets up 318 points today. I don't think zero is the creek communication held a little deceptive, don't you think, like when they run on the fact that it's all about the long-term trajectory and I can't get it for one month inflation forecast output from what people are telling me inside the swamp. The apparatchiks inside the Department of Labor, doing everything they can to try to boost Biden and their doing everything they can to cook a number so I just they look at the long-term trajectory and I don't know anybody that knows a lot about the economy receive anything very positive about the economy and also conflicted. Brian almost all and the question is will Biden wait to get could get destroyed in November to change course will be ever change course they go double down on making things hard for all about.

You will not going to Lucas happening tomorrow. Tomorrow will get three and $69 billion, with new green deal whole bunch IRS agents, some limited drilling in some easing promises when it comes permitting and drilling on land in a pipeline for West Virginia so this is this is many bill back better. Don't you think Brian I want to caution you on all the fossil fuel project in Louisville, including Joe mansions pipeline. Unfortunately Joe Mansour didn't negotiate very well date and there's going to be all kinds of legal hurdles put in the way of all these projects. That pipeline is no more prove that this bill signed today and that's with the lack you or use they fight it out in the court and and so without that without that being taken off the table 1 loss at the end, the whole raid you write to Matt you write about the raid on Trump's Malaga home by buying politicizing FBI means US now 1/3 world country.

Is that a little severe. Now I have to say Brian United know each other pretty well.

I'm sure sometimes my rhetoric exceeded. I am really worried about our country know Bill Clinton had a special prosecutor for all his wrongdoing got into the White House and that all they did was deposed and Mary got himself in trouble, not deposition, but never rated Homer got into his private papers. Let me know.

That happened because there should be a little humility when it comes to people who were either in the office of the present fuel, former president, remember this office they rate it is our office and saw United States when you leave the presidency. You're still get taxpayer funds to keep an office and the scary thing because Brian would've done taken those people that there was a lot of election fraud in shenanigans like the mayors and now the swamp played into the hands of the people that you really are the worst and I think it's a terrible thing our country bear the ones who orchestrate democracy and by the way, people like me better connect to people like me to 87,000 new IRS agent. Anybody who stands with probable conservatism, potential victim.

We just got a call stop that Scott Perry I know you're friendly with him right after Shirley had a phone taken away like literally as at the leading seatback that was that. Happily, the seatback I did not know that so he explained that to us yesterday and then he went on to talk about what it means in the big picture. You know his tie would Trump said he ever wanted. I would've given it to you but I didn't ask for it.

Safety Roger Stone. He said I would reported. Same thing with Peter Navarro. He said you know I'm on right near the FBI by agency.

I could went down there myself.

Cut 15 just contacted my attorney certainly will provide the information necessary as required by law that would been the end of it that they want this spectacle. They want to show they want the intimidation and a course the media is not saying anything about the fact that reported today that I am not a target of the of this invalidation. This is the DOJ run amok, and I think what people need to really think about is about a day working a vote on a package and it will probably pass where they're going to employ 87,000 new IRS agents what you think they're gonna be doing to be coming for all of you, you know yesterday was my cell phone tomorrow it's going to be asking to be average hard-working Americans are just trying to make it through their days and that's what people worry about.

I just don't even understand it politically. It's detrimental to you to to to double the size of the entire IRS force because do this know what you're targeting. Just rich people and there's got to be our middle working class people going to get screwed. Remember Obama use the IRS to go after his opponent in the tea party and an Obama and Biden have a terrible track record whether using the intelligence agencies to spiral porters to the IRS to go after their opponents. If a terrible finger Brown remember that Hillary and Bill Clinton stole $200,000 worth of power for no subpoenas, no investigation. Call them and good luck you stole the people's furniture and artwork you back eventually had to write a check for 23,000 was a legal proceeding. If there's a question about whether Donald Trump took a document he could take what the lawyers figured out their subjects because they are not the raid a man's office or at home.

That's true so you just said you freshens your conference. How was the present received really well I mean your Odyssey here like a 98% approval rating 98 or 99 now confused as to the thing is that there is this bond Brian.

I know sometimes people get up at the real bond between Trump and the conservative back. Some of them say it's time for new guy to come on the field like around but not all of them think that he did what he said with a level IV and I'll tell you what the FBI to get with Biden to get by grade by grade, so his Chief of Staff Brockway. I've talked to people who have these positions in Republican administrations. There's no way the White House wasn't fully aware of this rated how is this different than what they impeach Trump for calling the president you carrying to go after the Biden family different. You know going after your potential opponent 2024 will notice the math of the differences the presidency wasn't according to his press secretary. They were even informed yeah and Mayor garden thing.

He didn't know. There's a 0% chance that the White House was not informed the White House counsel Chief of Staff was unaware of this rated there's a 0% chance they think. They think were so stupid and you really doing is building more support for Trump. The more they persecuted unfairly.

The mortar support grows. I don't know what they're thinking, but they're so corrupt and they hang around people that think you're so smart that groupthink is that it when you hear me language I see with the Newsweek story. They say that Newsweek said the information on the FBI's confidential human source, who is also identified as classified documents.

These are some buy from for Trump's orbit.

The new exactly where these documents were.

It was either get a be in the locker with the Did the deed chairs and the umbrellas to be in second floor office going to be the safe where Milani is wardrobe your thoughts which is what is like all because what's the underlying crime where they can accuse about what they're going to work is the fact that Trump was involved in efforts to plot an insurrection by saying that the election was filled with fraud unit (you know what I did. Nevada put me in prison to you can't decide to use voter ID income election, but not other election mayors and governors don't get the side which election laws are going to follow Trump to go to prison because he pushed you know a conspiracy theory is that there that they didn't follow voter ID but Hunter in prison because we thought first hand. It should never happen again. Go get a match lab. Always good to talk to talk to you soon.

Thank you, Brian, you got it and he is a big story on toxins, we come back I'll be joined by Stuart Varney right will do fine company and then at the end of this block limited do is take some your calls. So stay right there from time to recorder to James will be with you. Three. We return the fastest growing talk show America you're with Brian now there Brian kill me showed joints.

FOXBusiness is Varney & Co. would Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian kill me hey let's go right to the phones and try squeezing calling to type okay to do is simulcast and FBI FOXBusiness network and then I went to get all your calls from Long Island to Texas to West Virginia, especially West Virginia, especially consider what's going on right now the FBI raid is because little bit controversial yurt Kevin Proctor Sarah come out and say listen is a guy there was a high ranking FBI agents really disturbed by what happened. He got tremendous tremendous doubt on the reasons behind it. That would ever rationalize for it to.

Especially with the former president doing it and then match lab playing in saying listen member would Bill Clinton did know what he was accused of doing what he actually did do they depose him once was on video's release a little bit later. They didn't raid his house and believe me, when the Clintons took all the furniture they probably could have.

I did not know that Barack Obama took 33,000 pages of documents and promised to digitize them and send back. I don't know if you noticed but he is a bit in office in six years. He is not misread, digitize them and sent it back in his librarianship to open which is another thing because people in Chicago don't really want so little while we'll talk about the rape� And in together to Stuart Varney's 1050 were almost 10 yet now it's 1051. That means Brian kill me joints is on Brian Hunter Biden gets on Air Force One goes on vacation with his dad. This is just a couple of days after the feds rated Trump's private home.

Look at the optics of climbing up the staircase for Air Force One to think this was designed to make Hunter look kind of untouchable yes I do. I also think to myself, okay prison. Biden has just gotten Kobe twice in four weeks so is been isolated for this entire time. Who knows what kind of work he's been doing and now is going on vacation for another couple weeks and to do that.

Let's show the whole new Hunter Biden family, not as a legitimate kid located somewhere on the East Coast, not his former sister-in-law who dated after Bo Biden's death, which is go along with that nuclear families clean shaven off crack.

I assume the big story is not his addiction, sexual or otherwise, how it relates to the big guy. He was walking up the big steps with and I would ask you this. In this way, just as Kevin Brock was a high ranking FBI agents disturbed the direction of the FBI so the investigation is legitimate into Hunter Biden is been going on now for since 20 eighteenths of looking at for years. What is going to stop the FBI for Republican becomes present saying you know what that investigation is going, but there's definitely some linkage between Hunter and the big guy, the former present United States will stop the next Republican from going to Delaware to go to that compound to grab some documents and maybe 20 double insecure former former business partner might want the country loses on all counts. Just think about how this goes.

Isn't that a real concern amongst Republicans that they will find something really damning in not right in monologue that they do find conclusive proof of criminal wrongdoing.

A lot of Republicans must be very worried about. I don't know anything is that nonstop with the president. From the minute he takes office. The rating, Michael Cohen's office and missing this gotta be something really wrong here Robert Muller Vladimir Putin commentary said hey Vladimir if you find 35,000 emails I'll let us know. Because if you do is make it a sarcastic comment. That means a presence in a lot of trouble is really friends with Vladimir Putin we go over and over this in the call Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine. He's in a lot of trouble. January 6. He's in a lot of trouble with tissue changes in a lot of trouble. I think people think about that and with Trump anymore that point for point right.

Let's move on to live golf Rory McElroy. He's applauding the battle live golfers from the PGA Tour's FedEx cup playoffs. Your I think you're a supporter of live golf if I'm not mistaken, so you approve of what's going on here you disapprove of Rory McElroy over this with this petition of antitrust. I believe a lawsuit against against the PGA St. Lucie Monopolies another week starts and in the world golf Association recognize it. Gotta be able to acquire points if you win a live tournament and compete in the majors. That's the key is, unless your past winter.

You gotta be able to compete in these major tournaments arrest live probably doesn't live long so I think that's can be a lawsuit for the most part Rory McElroy is one of the few big stars to walk away from live and he's saying I'm glad those other guys when they made the decision can't do it. I understand his sentiment, but if you want to start another league to compete in a famous sport and eight establish sport you should be able to do it and not to judge all that was going to decide even though these three golfers got rejected that I approve of live golf. I think that bringing something new of the staid sport. I don't play golf myself.

I like to watch it, but I noticed that the live tournament to play loud music. There's an atmosphere of camaraderie, the only fight 54 holes relatively short day shotgun start back. I think having the bringing something good to the whole game. LOL back up your statement with the AFL and the NFL. You were probably in Australia and New Zealand or England at the time when the AFL rolled out.

They played it different exciting brand of football they opened up they passed a lot more they change the game when they finally merge the NFL was a better league.

When the exit fell started. Six maybe 10 years ago.

They put that camera in the approaching field level with the quarterback. They burn excitement to the game exit fell fell apart. He came back again. You might have another love might have another play. I don't know what he change the game for the better. Got your new angles this year, the USFL Fox owns it.

All the sudden I'm here in the often supported call the plays I'm hearing a coach walk to sideline. If you were the quarterback is like in the huddle.

I think the bills and be forced to adapt the PGA already up there prize money. So why not having think I make the game better. It's called competition its counseling session yesterday and every day you're right. You're so right competition make things better thanks about Brian.

I will see you again soon. Right if you like the outcome. I'll invite thank you. Glad they record a year in Texas hey Ricardo how are you worried about the IRS to write yeah right I was five years now retired Juan: I believe the Republican Party is is not been entirely correct in all 35 of those 35 or 87,000 agents are going to be carrying weapons. There is part of the iris.current weapons and criminal investigation division, but the majority of us did not carry weapons for obvious reasons people should be concerned about his or not it's in the collection techniques are now using people to lose her money, for the love of money that they don't need 98. They have enforcement techniques that are all administrative judge to tell them what to do when to do it. I know and to be more than the border agents unbelievable Ricardo you're right what you're referring to is an ad that went out the said IRS agents wanted to be able use a gun have a gun and use a gun and be willing to use it. That makes sense for the data they put it back up. So he's disseminated between the two. Use of the brain to Michelle.

So glad to hear that applying to get tickets my Albany September 8 live from the Fox News radio's fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice. Brian would kill me.

Thanks, which are being hereby used to bring to me Joe, you from the time and had heard around the country and around the world. Martin said in the bottom of the hour will let us know how he feels about what's going on right now.

The present United States of Port-au-Prince United States seems that the Windows back even though you would think it's in his face stopping him but he seems to thrive during all these tense times legal problems with the in New York with his business and of course the radon is on tomorrow Lago with with him not being there, which is in Florida which it might be key to the story and cash patella standing by the Chief of Staff and acting Secretary of Defense and Deputy Assistant to present trouble want to get his perspective from inside Trump world.

The first, let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is a anti-American governor that is really going against everything we stand. He's a global global embarrassment. Yeah, that is not true, but that's what he believes Mayor Eric Adams clueless. He's demanding Texas stop sending illegals to his car to his city. He bakes buying for more money to help with a few hundred illegals. How about over 2 million illegals headed to Texas in the present flag noise and it's the Texas governor whose anti-American. Today we received news of our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July 0% people still heard zero inflation must say same zero economy present by indicating where we are rolling now.

What you think is the present mysteriously since inflation is at zero as the Dems zero in on a massive increase in IRS agents and green spending that lie the court here. The Republicans take control the how the huge demanding answers present trouble. The nation demand answers from the DOJ and FBI what's behind the mayor Lago raid not Newsweek's report in the Wall Street Journal, saying that he got a huge tip from a Trump insider told me exactly where to go to get these extreme documents that are going to change everything. We don't know was free and cash patella former Chief of Staff and acting Dir. of defense and Deputy Assistant to present Trump cash. Welcome back. What is the aftermath. Three days later of that rain and the all the so-called sources that say they knew exactly what they were going for. And they got it right, but political expert on a journey from a popular Russian guy. What I can tell you that this is not how search warrants are executed and definitely not block or judge so extremely by putting that aside and conducting a raid during the daytime and preventing legal counsel from entering the premises, it is unheard of, if not unlawful. And here's the bottom line with what they wanted. You know they ran out with Ken running out of time so their goal is to create a narrative whereby they can somehow get some not run. But here's the problem is that both legally and factually impossible to connect present topic of fidelity formation and be trumped up nonsense about how the presidential record that somehow applied by statute does not apply to the president. It applies that we have an office in the government. United States run out of that once you try to drag narrative output as long as they can because they knew that they know the fake news media will lop it up and projected this information to Americans that we can celebrate you talking about is a law that was part of the books in the Trump years after we watch with Hillary Clinton did with her emails and destroying them afterwards and Barack Obama took 30,000 pages of some could be classified information to make it a felony to be take stuff that belongs to the White House the obviously the presidencies wasn't how to get people packed up in big boxes and moved it out, some of which boxes been handed back and there were negotiating. Here's what Bill Bennett says to look out for you so special report and he sees this in one way as a big head fake cut 12. I'm worried that Democrats and liberals. Maybe two steps ahead of us on this.

I want to focus on Donald Trump certainly succeeded in doing that, no matter what else is there tomorrow Lago Warwick. They might've even brought tomorrow. Lago focuses on Donald trip since Monday we've not heard a lot about inflation a little bit. We've heard mostly by Donald Trump think they'd like him to declare before the year 22 midterms and because then they can make in the focus and this is just what Republicans were met with them last night. As you reported. Brett wanted to do, which is declare the sea becomes the focus and not the condition of the country. We think about that.

Yeah right now to find out about my bill and probably right on them wanting him to declare and laugh effort because the look lamplight, but it somehow present the rate somehow. Yesterday I conjured up the information which we know they can capable of doing and he goes the other way than they could pin the whole thing on something politically savvy now by Dell but I would remind the audience that this is the same FBI agent named DOJ that that Donald Trump unlawfully during the rusty gate which showed witchhunt and Mike, my intention is to go in there and get the documentation from the Bureau and the FBI were created basis for the search warrant. I bet you find it. Same The character who correctly prosecuted cases like acquittal, who entrapped people during January. Thick are the same FBI agent who worked in the rush to get help with Hillary Clinton email server scandal and the divided laptop they think don't happen to Linda and Emily and my efforts are going to be to expose the people and for Congress to completely hold the FBI accountable come November. Well I guess I just happen but you know the guys really start the rush to get things out Comey out pages out struck is out. McCabe is out meshes off the top my head, why don't people just got out while he still could. You can tell me the next generations just as bad increase of array was a big mistake but not the next generation biweekly got a lot of them out believing everybody guys like Special Agent ought to theater the guys that label divided laptop rush and information knowing these are the guys that verify the 5.5.1 knowing it would fall even the guys that were particularly, these are the guys running the application and miraculously leaking out. Some of them were removed from their current roles due to congressional oversight. That's not a coincidence.

These guys are still there. They been there for ever and what the FBI.they promote people who act unlawfully under the tenures of the Christian array he all he cares about his client the Adirondack Mountains and not answering questions from Tri-County city will not comment on this task you know about how things operate. Do you have the Atty. Gen. said indicated he did not know this was going to happen is that possible, is it possible that the White House is telling the truth when they say they didn't sign off on this rate that through their press secretary is not possible, and I know you don't know for sure you not hooked in with them, but you know how things work, cash, is it possible for either one of those things to be correct. Couple for warrant. At that level without the direct binocular director and direct sign-up Atty. Gen. I know that my date. It DOJ running high-profile cases like Benghazi and other. I also know that is impossible, using language that sort of God. The question the White House counsel for sure was notified by the Atty. Gen. of the type of rate involving a former president United States and likely contender to take on the current block. There is no way the White House counsel is not informed of this operation by it, but who really cares about that. So do you think in your estimation that was an in-your-face to watch prison by Lee with Hunter of the Air Force One stairs with family there at the same time prison. Trump is being deposed in New York State two days from when his compound was rated look fine in my thinking about networking Democrat publican ministration there are any: government not and the fact that they had that showcase undivided quote" freedom while you know you committed at least half a dozen crime based upon a laptop involving narcotic firearms and possibly underage children, and that he doesn't and stop is often the taxpayer dollars to vacation with his father. This is what the radical left on the mainstream media to carry because it's the only method they have to run on and now they can run on rate because they can't January because he completely gutted young black committee position with the truth so Newsweek has a story basically about the rate and they say FBI confidential human source who was also to identify what identify with classified documents former prison. Trump was still hiding. Even the location of those documents are two senior government officials told Newsweek for one person to give the source told him exactly where to go.

The affidavit to obtain the search warrant. The intelligence sources contain abundant and persuasive detailed that Trump continued to possess, develop the relevant records in violation of federal law and the investigation is sufficient information to prove that those records were located at Merrill Lago in order for the investigator to convince the foragers to prove such an unprecedented thing.

The information had to be solid.

According to the FBI source so they say there's somebody in the inside knew about the safe of the lock the storage house. The second floor and Milani is Milani's closet from you know how you know Trump worlds who are back who would know stuff like that. How many people would know details like that, but I pulled out warrant by the court when they went help information from the judge signed up on the work and why bring it back and if anything it now publican reported that Pres. Tromp welcomed and invited the FBI agent into the month of cooperating and are shocked by the cooperation the FBI at present Trump to put a stronger lock on the Secret Service came in and did that present Trump showed him around and so if they wanted documented that he was hiding them. I think the complete and total, yet that could have a sort anyone by carrying the heck out of them into threatening them of the DOJ prosecution. I know what that's like and I know that there's a lot of young folks and people might break, but not the underlying document about cortical source and when was it taken was it a repeat of information or did they just presented with the job did not tell him that month before Donald cooperating and invited into my log that the key for me. Sen. Ron Johnson is fearlessly going after the Hunter Biden case along with trying to team with attorney Bob Linsky to get to the bottom of the Biden case. Since this yesterday. In answer to a very simple question I asked you about the two visions. One of the Trump raid into of Air Force One and Biden cut 13. We need more people coming forward to restore credibility but official seal areas now in the corruption of certain levels of the justice, but it really shows that are missing a two-tier system is actually multiple tiered system system or just dogs protect people like Greg Carter by the people that are connected to Democrats to delete justice and progressive Americans are level you literally have the weaponization of our law enforcement agencies against Democrats. The last political ports are seeing here so you see the two differences absolutely right former public defender federal thought. Picking up more than anything out and clear data that was happening. � Appellee correct it interesting to hear multitiered, probably right on that one too. And it's why Americans have shown outrage at that and I think boomerang and punch them in the faith, and I agree, where the FBI whistleblower we need them to come forward now and throw. I know these men and women for the most part that working there would not have agreed to do that. But of course an agent for 15,000 people.

You can find 30 charlatans will do whatever you whatever the acrid playing in the Atty. Gen. mayor, after the due� But for the little box with the loan program. I hope more people component to cash last question, do you want to present to run again. Course I do America for simple agenda that I follow the national security like that. I'm not a political guy, but when it comes the border security countering terrorism taking on Iran, Russia, China, crushing the drug trafficking cartel taking on modeling. I don't know anyone in modern history better than present Trump in the fact, literally. I can't tell thank so much time I go get them. 1-866-408-7669 because we get back go around the country and then Marti said to the bottom of the our quick note in Albany, especially if you're listening in Albany right now good to be coming up September 8 I we have a great show with taking back the country of the American story thousand people at a time. I want to be one of those 1006 is shown great house till now.

Some take a little to the personal nobody want to sit right near me in front of me with the first two row and 1/2 are taken within the only other place.

It's really needs people is right in the middle try take the personal many market profile. They seem so straight on, and I really want to see from a different angle find it should give you more warning better's story but listen I just got brain tell me that, see their upstate New York to move to today's top story.

Brian, kill me talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show follow the law more on grounds of soldiers and not so he was yelling at somebody about you, but all the right runs which he knows nothing about any said check it out. Look it out and then use that attorney present in his crowd liked it. He was so quick to use that right.I don't to clean his mouth off like your politician running for office to like quickly.

Call one of your potential voters. They can enter first so quickly. What kind of self and usage thing is they say the Trump as I'm never her. I'm her much of it that he always curses, but he never occurred almost never occur.

Curses publicly and you would think a non-politician would have a troublemaking adjustment interruption/25 years like 20 years as a politician, but may be you did on purpose because we play that get the attention I mean, think about what he 30 done after you body stood upright in the front row questions, no questions. The governor and lieutenant governor in front of everybody. Remember now absolutely had some choice words there tightly. I think that in the sheriff but you see that Gov. Abbott came out and he said that a million-dollar chore sources given him $1 million towards campaign here. He had a huge huge pot of money so they say he's with the single digits.

I actually don't know what else you expect Abbott to do. He opened up a state as quick as possible.

I actually as much as I like Lieut. Col. around West. I was wondering what's the problem I mean he's not a liberal guy. Maybe Rob said he was too quick to shut down.

Maybe not quick enough to open up.

I'm not really sure. I'm not thrilled with the homeless in Austin but either was he Borders phone apart is anyone think that's Abbott's fall to me. What's more aggressive things can you do. I am initially people didn't want him to be more proactive about the border but now he is Johnny right now. You can flood the zone anymore than he is. I don't think we compared to the governor Ducey in Arizona.

I'm going to system nothing up until lately and then he just appear because Adams is Arizona and Texas ascending their people here while I know Arizona is taking part in the program and I think they are the only sentiment DCF was chilling to hear nothing.

I would not Marti's. We hope to hear something from him right radio show like no other man literally looked for something on the record is no way the world only about that that would be shocking to me that the truth. They can look for ways to literally put him in the corner of the target you like to make Tim's car show yesterday's got a book out Marti's enjoins us now former chief speechwriter for Bush. Fox News contributor was to post comments Mark so far. We see since the Monday raid were not talking much about inflation were not talking much about the price of oil and gas is at work to present binds advantage and his work to Donald Trump's advantage that were even talk about this right in some weird way well in question because certainly here right now and it certainly helped Miller the guy running back for the governors all relate to think of the trumpet back to where you definitely improve the chances of the candidate endorsed winning Republican primaries. The question is what the general election. And I don't know the answer to that clearly energizes base because it very clear that that you unprecedented action. They have explained it, that the great Hillary Clinton home in Chappaqua in which it was far worse than anything the trumpet accused of me not all. Not only did she have top-secret cohort information on a private server.

That information was compromised by foreign intelligence services according to the FBI yet. She was arrested on the radar home so you know this is going on here starting. All who were telling us what happened. Hillary Clinton.

Now expecting something right up or something far lesser. Yeah what you doing said last night about the double standard as you see Hunter Biden walk up Air Force One steps with Prez United States. The big guy knowing there's been a four-year investigation into them at two days. After two days prior. The former presence house gets ready cut 11. These people have somehow hijacked the entire federal bureaucracy and police forces to violate all of these norms. I'm in a hit as as it's been said many times this has never happened before 12 former president in living memory, Barack Obama had 30 million pages of documents truck directly from the White House to Chicago promising these archivists who are jumping up and down probably that he would digitize that a put them online for all to see and several years later, not a single page has been has been handled. Are there SWAT teams descending on Chicago to get those documents now so that the double standard and triple standard here is very apparent and I used to recently I didn't know that until this thing broke out that Barack Obama took a ton of a material with them. We know about the Clinton took the furniture literally took the furniture and Hillary emails so I mean if it is just about archivists wanting stuff back. What are the chances of that taking a risk like this is just archivists losing patience.

If it involving records. The aptlyflaking out the fire firing a missile apply if it involves top-secret classified information that the whole story, but the FBI in an interim keep in mind your people people rate Sandy Berger Cindy Berger goal unify classified documents from the national archives him and he what he was out of the plea deal where you click to lead to a misdemeanor unlawful possession of classified information. He paid a fine of $50,000 finally lost all life family must find information a serious talk, but the problem in they didn't want think standard number one and to trust the FBI explained anything in the white miracle and do something like this is not explained to take such impressment and then not explain it.

The American people. The FBI that meant a lot falsified intelligence, falsified information and that it gave the court the FBI that you think Democrat funded Clinton campaign funded as a pretext to spy on the current campaign.

The FBI that just last month, Chuck Grassley said that several FBI whistleblowers came to him, including senior officials saying that there was conspiracy, and by the FBI investigation, so they have actually squandered their trust of the American people, and then the whole Russian pollution conspiracy theory that they changed after the mullah report came out, poll came out Harbor catchpole came out that showed that 53% of Americans believe that their bias against her trumpet in the FBI. The caucus investigation.

63% want special counsel to the majority of Americans don't trust the FBI update squandered that trust. If they had a good reason for this rate.

They cannot explain it to the American people. Those people don't beat the people are not giving them the benefit of the doubt nor should you what you have to go to work so much better than I do. See scenario when a mini press, to be called in a statement released to an asset affidavit or warrant me public something to move this story so we don't end up with this wheel of speculation. I don't think I think Maryland is trying to are you hiding behind this side of impartiality and objectivity in their comment on the different if not your average investigation. Perform a present of the United States and it's coming at the time when American people that simply don't trust the Justice Department again, this is the same Eric Garland youth the FBI weapon at the FBI to intimidate parents are going to look to the two school board meeting and complaining about the children's education become lately squandered the cross so they can work for this is legit. You need to release the documents released the information confidential? You don't read the poem. Maybe it was justified if possible.

I'm open to that possibility how my mama hawk when it comes to handling classified information they need to explain why they didn't want to print what with the unique and explain why. Why is this different Hillary Clinton. What in the red Chappaqua inflation we can because it turns out we have nothing to worry about cut seven today received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July 0% is that means for the price of some things go up when up last month. The price rose from down for the same amount. The result zero inflation last month people was okay zero inflation last month so I'm sure the media is going to hold them accountable right John Heilman cut 18 drops to zero in July due to falling gas prices, inflation drops to zero, Democrats might just be able might just be able to be like you know what is been bad for a while inflation but we are on the right track now so everyone's jumping on the zero.

He read it like nine times. Never he picked his head up so obviously someone wrote it out. What is the impact of continued to tell people, life is not as you think it is not in recession despite two months of -2/4 of negative growth. Boys are not girls.

And inflation does not exist and the inflation bill. The anti-inflation bill is really going to address inflation. None of anything I said is true. Number one nobody else inflation right so you won't find a single government statistic or government official government document County saying that there was zero inflation last month.

It's just the political point in the bottom of the stretch number one. He also said that wages are rising in replacement. Inflation is zero if you win when you go out and say things as president of the United States that directly contradict the lived reality of the American people they tune you out they shut you down because the reality of the current American your you say say okay so micro so so my prices didn't go up more. Last month they've gone up 8 1/2% in the last year. Still having to choose between gas and food IS going down to $4.11 and I want from you from almost 5 dollars when you when you took office. It was two $58 $50.64 and when you took office in your saying that the victory from each the people. People in America are choosing between gas and food. Literally there people who can cook you have to decide whether it's worth it to drive to work because they can afford the gas to get there and they will earn enough to make it to make it work going go, they say, for example, wages have risen. You know what real wages have dropped faster than they have in 40 years because any wage gains have been more than wiped out by the inflation that eating a people's paychecks.

So when you save it. I understand are searching for the silver lining in the dark cloud, but people all people can see if the dark cloud of metal lines and what you say all this wonderful like you're not.

I will help you formulate a new column.

I want to leave but I got to historian Eric Adams is never been more clueless. I think his professional career continues to call for federal help to handle illegal immigration of those Westchester flights to come in the middle of the night and now the buses that come from Texas listen to what he threat how he's threatening the governor of Texas cut 24.

I am deeply contemplating taking a bus load of New Yorkers to go to Texas and do some good old-fashioned doorknocking because we we have to for the good of America. We have to get them out of really governor Greg out at respondent 25 go-ahead Mayor make my day. There can hardly be anything better to aid in my campaign against Betz O'Rourke than to have better work habits campaign aided by a bunch of New Yorkers will not be viewed very positively the state of Texas. Generally, the only thing better than that is what is already occurred and that is Bento has received $8 million from George Soros. So when you think about that threat is it so clueless and tone deaf to think he's going to threaten the governor of Texas with New Yorkers telling them how to vote. I am, I am reminded I'm sure of that old for personal cowboy thing on a campfire ship and I look at my you know the idea of a bunch of people New York City, the tech told how to run their state is laughable.

And here's the other thing is this Mayor Adams had declared openly declared city is a sanctuary city and all all the governor of Texas is doing is taking him up on his offer for illegal immigrants.

So all all all the legal limit to the sanctuary. He set up and he complained last year there were 2 million encounters of the order that I can't get on track for number 2 million across the border to Texas and Arizona and and he sent a few hundred elite illegal immigrants on a bus to New York, a nursing home on the resources where were we can report we can handle getting a tiny taste of what's happening to the border states, you know, if you want to be a sanctuary sanctuary welcome them, give them resources put them in school who will do all the things that you said you you get to complain sanctuary. How can you claim your next move present by a blast with Mehran's complaints about illegal immigrants because, yes, I think it's criminal with the governors doing him to get to New York City. Some some resources be able to handle this influx would that be something Pres. Biden would be crazy enough to do will you ignore the calls for funding to these blue cities knowing he's ignoring the border states, but you know I think I think whatever and it's the same thing with DC Mayor browser window collected statement saying we are a sanctuary. We welcome all of our legal and illegal District of Columbia courts so okay here you go you take care of people in Texas with the problem. So I think I think what is brilliant column on the block and if you want to be a sanctuary that even when people think you're on your house. What are the chances that Mark is going to use my idea of how you can isolate a credit like I was thinking of my study of the other day I wanted like I was on bright radio show is that too much to ask about the show and will talk about it more. There I will get you makeup and some hairy Nobel limo all your demand. I need a lot of makeup you're very handsome man, Mark Eason. Thanks so much. Have a great weekend, care got hey listen I got a lot of phone calls and I can do morning I'm doing calls when I get back trying to meet you one more Brian love the podcast Brian every episode, exclusive interviews on demand more. Kill me coming up.

The more you listen Memorial no Brian kill me drivers everywhere getting relief just to be under for had to make sure to sap after a summer fueled by inflation � but he says this good news could continue frequency the national average: another $0.15-$0.30 a gallon at the drivers once worried about cost is a new concern. Crowds returning to the roads at the end of the summer. Americans are either planned or summer travels or the current amount already. I don't know that there will be a meaningful increase in demand from the fall in price trips on now cheaper the savings on the drive from New York City to Niagara Falls, for example, could buy you a beer compared to what it would've cost Memorial day weekend. The track from LA to Lake Tahoe will save you almost 10 bucks which could pump more fuel into the economy when everything dies back down the money back into the comments from that CBS doing report talking about glad to just cheerleading for this ministration.

They want to get you so used a 5 Dollar Gas Way goes before you appreciated. Usually a $2.35 $2.40 should be the big thing it gets to three. That's a story when it drops around for which means it someplace like California it still closer to five. You don't celebrate by saying I can get a beer if I go from one city to another. It's amazing. Also, you heard the report earlier that the going out of their way match lapses a going away the bend stats in order to make it look like inflations going down, you know different. Hey Paul, you're in Boston.

Paul real quick with the new mine, Julie, St. Louis, Missouri 97 one Julie how idyllic federal agency my working life. Most people don't realize any regulation can be turned into a criminal violation with very little hiking parent shown on on the part of the person that the government is pursuing and the only thing saving average people from the kind of treatment they're getting Trump's prosecutorial restraint, indiscretion. I think this is going to continue to escalate and get worse because these decisions are made by career bureaucrats that have infested the federal government. I want to pursue the January 6 case in the pursuit just taking on the federal document it could be.

It wouldn't surprise me if there is a document somewhere at Mara Longo that needs to be returned to decriminalize it doesn't surprise me that a magistrate would issue a warrant because he knows the laws are so probably priceless to get 30,000 for Barack Obama to arrest him to urologists and resources of Fox box, whether personal, powerful subscriber.

Listen now influx is not or wherever you did your

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