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Trump demands DOJ unseal search warrant affidavit

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 16, 2022 12:46 pm

Trump demands DOJ unseal search warrant affidavit

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 16, 2022 12:46 pm

DOJ argues against releasing affidavit, gives back Trump's passports.

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Live from New York City said of Fox and friends America is receptive. Brian kill me. Yes, the letter sitting in for Brian kill me today. Hope everyone's having a fantastic day coming up later this hour will be joined by Lieut. Col. Allen West talk about radon trump border the immigration system and big big deal there. Of course now to be deal in New York and Washington DC and maybe coming soon to a city near you midterms a couple of races today Afghanistan. This let's start out though a talking little bit about the economy and about inflation, etc. so I can we have a Starbucks has been in the news lately constructs is closed, is planning to close a bunch of their their stores and the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz came out a couple weeks ago about a month ago and he said he would, after Democrat city make Democratic mayors and city councils because he accused them of abdicating their responsibility in fighting crime and addressing mental illness because some of their stores. They admitted closed because the employees were in for her other having to go to work of having to work in a store because are getting attached to sink. He sees people know what is wrong with people jumping across the counter because they got the wrong order and beaten up a barista and the braces like you know what, it's not worth it seem thinking of fast food restaurants to the I do not know what's happening in this country, but people have lost their minds. I don't know if it's the pandemic people their lives recommended I don't I don't know what is happening, but it seems to be recent that you could be sitting in a store and someone just comes up coldcocked in the head boat just what is walking past you so so I can't blame these people for not wanting to work in. In these these businesses were just anybody comes in. So he he.

But he made his comments. Like I said about a month ago. They've had to close their closing 16. Last they had announced in July that there were to close 16 restaurants due to current employee complaints of drug use and violent crime on the premises. Now the drug use. Remember the story not, they'll probably like to years ago when there was a big deal. I want to say was in Philadelphia because the cops had a calm and there was a guy who was using the bathroom and he was homeless and you know, Doug, drug abuse, whatever, but you have to buy average rep to buy a product in order to use the bathrooms as they blow up. It was racism in all the casino all that stuff is flying around the Starbucks in enacting a policy of keeping a bathroom so you don't have to buy a drink to use the bathroom so she working late. People started shooting you know shooting up in the bathrooms that he got to the point where actual paying customers couldn't go in and some places even put think it was Starbucks. Correct me if I'm wrong, I know you will put the in the Neil disposal thing in their bathrooms because the employees were home to pick up these these needles from the floors.

They were hoping that the drug users would properly dispose of them. So anyway so he is blaming what's happening in our big huge Democrat run cities for the reason they had to close now there's another piece to this is your so I'm bringing this up Starbucks you know there's a big push a lot of the employees want to be unionized and Starbucks whole areas late as I want them to be unionized and I always find it funny when karma comes around when irony is abundant because often times, the people who were sitting there in shock don't see the irony Starbucks very liberal company, they suddenly don't want to unionize.

Interesting that isn't it.

So they're asking the federal labor board net. We here's another twist of irony. Not only is it ironic that they don't want to unionize, but get this, the boats to unionize have been conducted by mailing ballots Starbucks essay alleging that that is a rife with corruption then is it should wait what mail-in ballot rife with corruption.

I'm sorry it's so they're asking the federal labor board to suspend all mail-in ballot union elections nation wide. Now they're saying that the the process is being corrupted by the board's personnel.

The national labor board and the union that is organizing the baristas no more than 220 Starbucks caf�s in the US have voted to unionize. There's 34 elections. In addition to that, that are being or that are taking place, or there being ordered and seven more stores are waiting to schedule elections.

A Starbucks is by becoming union shops.

Basically, with happening here so there also asking not only to pause in mail-in elections if they are asked the request and all future elections be held in person. You have to start to vote all the hardship I can't believe Starbucks is all horrible conservative organization according Starbucks NLRB officials have allegedly coordinated with union agents to arrange for in person voting at the labor board's offices during mail-in ballot elections.

The company is also alleging that workers United agents were given confidential real-time information about specific vote counts. So the union could target employees who had voted yet. Now both sides are obviously denying that there there is the company saying that the NLRB and workers United coordinated to cover up the activity so they they say that they were informed of these emails that went back and forth between the NLRB and workers United by a whistleblower and they say, similar behavior has occurred in elections in Buffalo, Seattle, New York, etc. so it's it's just hilarious. I think because I'm sure that that will never stop their and their liberal leanings, but it is fun to watch you come full circle. Let's move on this story, I saw the second part of it, but the store the first part of the story actually happened over the summer and see it.

We saw this know if you heard about this, but in June century aluminum company executives there announced that they were going to idle the Hallsville Kentucky aluminum mill for about 9 to 12 months because it was too expensive to even keep the lights on the cost of electricity is too expensive to keep the plans lights on and settle in for second is process that for just a second.

So the aluminum plant had to shut down because it was too expensive to pay the electricity to keep the plant running and also call to Bob and he couldn't keep it. So think about that is for second because, on the other hand, the government is telling you to go out and buy an electric vehicle, but the other electricity is too expensive.

This is the second largest aluminum mill in the United States. They had to lay off about 600 American workers due to what they call untenable electricity and energy prices now teach executives with two steel mills have announced that they are suspending operations because they can't afford the cost of energy to keep the plant open. Is anyone else noticing a theme. This is like taxes when they told people who want electric vehicles to please charge them during off hours because of the DM's drain on the system because of all the air conditioning running California having to turn off the electricity not heard stories about this this year she remember people can charge electric vehicles, Bloomberg reported that this in this aluminum mill that had a shut down.

That is going is starting to shut down that will lose 600 workers ticket for 20% of the US supply of aluminum. The electricity has tripled the cost of electricity is tripled in they say just a matter of months. It takes a couple months to shut down this deal because they have this molten metal in storage and they can have it solidify the pipes and stuff or else the Mills no good and then to restart it is another 6 to 9 months, Cindy according to Bloomberg owners don't halt operations of facilities like this unless they've exhausted all the other options at least two steel mills have begun suspending some operations to cut energy costs by MNA, a group of factories across the Midwest worn federal energy regulators that summer on the verge of closing because of what they described as unjust and unreasonable electricity costs. Alcoa announced in July that it's going to begin the process to immediately curtail one of three operation smelting lines in their plant in Warwick, Indiana. They had done this under in 2016 under the Obama administration because of cheap subsidized Chinese aluminum coming into the US market and then they reopened a year later, in 2017 under trump at least six coal-fired plants in Wisconsin, Indiana, Nebraska, New Mexico are expected to shut down operations by 2026.

Summer planning to close as early as 2024 so thousands of Americans are being laid off, but all of this production is being done in the United States is now going to come from. I guess China, which the administration is telling us how build back better is that were not bill back that was it inflation reduction at all working to coordinate ships in the US. That's organa do we have these companies in the US. I don't know how about we just make sure that they operate before we start investing in all a whole new business. This Sierra group is a environmental group and they say at that almost 360 coal-fired plants have closed or in the process of closing. In the last few years. Only 170 remain operating because they want everyone to go to electric.

But as we see that's not necessarily the answer because of the aluminum and steel mills that can afford the electric lights on is making sense write more about the economy coming up. If you want to jump in 866-6868 so upset my goodness, 86640876698664087669 phone number that I just gave you was actually from the old Alan Colmes show right take that off Libby's Bay priority date 866-408-7669 is my number. Don't forget Lieut. Col. Allen West will be joining us about 20 here on the brink of Nietzsche driving deep into today's job story Brian Gilman's personal power is Americas with all of your thoughts with you throughout your busy day subscriber and was the metal and Fox News largest river.

You did your project. Fox News broadcast network under Domino's Fox News contributor newsletter inviting you to join the conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast listen no Fox News you so busy you'll make your way.

The president and some mansions tax and spending will is a massive transfer of the pockets of the American people. The green deal and it's going to call energy prices to go up and you know how much it's going to reduce world temperatures zero none not because India and China and Indonesia and Russia and sub-Saharan Africa and South America will continue to emit CO2 so Americans get to sacrifice that they get they get the Spanish without without any of the desert that there was Sen. John Kennedy, one of my favorites on Mary Walter sitting in for Brian kill me and we we been talking about the economy we we talking about plants of steel and aluminum plants that have are shuddering down there. There is pausing operation. Some of the me close permanently because the cost of energy and previous that we're talking about Starbucks in the Army going on. They are bobbing in a have to close stores because of crime in some of these cities are rich listening on W DBL and Cocoa Beach, Florida is on the line rich you are on the Brian Kim each a high good morning that you brought up a really good talking point where to say, for instance like if it is Starbucks who opened up their bathrooms to the public and he allow people to shoot up in your bathrooms. If that is the case and am you know these people are going crazy and there's a lot more about Valda not to get there ever were but say they create violence in debt on that property. Isn't that like allowing that a lawsuit to be kind ill think about their allowing for these people shoot up her bathroom and then say they create a violent seal at the possibility my mind like I don't understand what opening up the dog the door for a lawsuit now. Well, I think because of their woke policies you had meeting they decided and they took a lot of heat for forcing people to buy a drink in order to use the bathroom because poor people can afford it and there was a big to do in Philadelphia and empty alleged charges of racism so they went instead of just dealing with it. They went to the total opposite extremes that sure would open up her bathrooms to everyone and I did look it up in 2019. They did add needle disposal boxes to bathrooms and some of its locations see right it does lead to two.

The possible lawsuits, especially does this started because two employees were stuck by hypodermic needles in Oregon because of the employees clean the bathrooms so it actually came about because of a petition that was started by Starbucks employees adjusted in 2018 and got a bunch of signatures on it and so thousands and so the company said all right will add needle. The needle disposal boxes because you know people who are shooting up heroin in your bathroom usually are so considerate to leave a clean when they leave so they can put the needles of a rich thank you to grade-point.

It's a fantastic way like I don't know of any lawsuits that have arisen out of that. Let's go to lunch. Let's talk about the inflation reduction act for a hot second tier I love this is go to cut 20 Eric this is Jamie Raskin and he was asked about the inflation reduction after the IRA is there calling it now and about how to reduce inflation areas will soon as the act goes into effect. I hope that all of the provisions will begin to work. I am those who been blaming Pres. Biden for the inflation going up or no given present Biden all the credit for inflation going down the right direction already parts of the bill do you think will work on that next question is part of the building is specifically think works on that next question no answer that. But here's the thing, according to an issues and insight whole. It shows that most Americans say we are in a recession despite what Jean Karine Pierce says that and doxies may Karine Jean-Pierre. I apologize that most Americans do think we are in a recession and the majority of Americans blame the government so I think there there holding onto this and the beauty of this this, but is it the inflation reduction act of humor never remember what the name is that they call it because it's none of those things it's not inflation reduction reduction act, but the beauty often for the Democrats � so smart when they do this stuff is this is it taking years to have any kind of an effect down the road. They we will be into another Pres. Biden's going to be gone be fear if it takes two years to work is just becoming out of office because we know he's either not running again or will not be reelected if there is a God and and so they're not deal with any of the consequences of it right of the Republicans visible will probably have a Republican president again.

Dr. Webb hopefully will have Republicans in control of Congress and if we do, hopefully they will repeal or adjust slow walk. A lot of this stuff, but the Republicans will catch the blame so brilliant with the said they shoved this through.

They got this through and there to spend more trillions and trillions of more dollars.

They know that by the time the bill comes due different to be dead out of office. Whatever is a desire to them and their praying fingers crossed that it will be a Republican who is in charge of the economy and then they complain Republican because if that happens you know that the media will blame the Republican as well.

Rather, never to say. Oh well, if you look at this happened because of the inflation reduction act and if the Democrats fall never happened never to happen I coming up. Lieut. Col. Allen West to join us on a whole list of topics including the border and immigration in a look at midterms right will gain close to Fox and friends, we can enjoy and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from pop-culture politics and business. Subscriber must know just Fox News can't just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening Dumbo knowing Fox News or wherever you did your favorite project information you want truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show after 45 hours from you about know what was measured what was happening adult or child horrific conditions. Employees human beings under and so it wouldn't surprise me abusive with the commission stated that they felt some form of stress. We are going to provide these families with the dignity that the Texas governor failed to do that is who we are as New Yorkers. New York city Mayor Eric Adams. Let's talk about that. There was a little bit of the Civil War Bruin here in the United States Lieut. Col. Allen West, the American constitutional rights. Union Executive Director, former Congressman and also the author of the books hold Texas hold the nation victory or death and we can overcome an American black conservative manifesto, Lieut. Col. Allen West. Welcome to the Brian kill each high marriage good to be with you. It's good to be with you as well. See heard it sounds like Eric Adams is the Ro endowment taxes and says that Texas is not treating these people with dignity and their forcing them onto these buses and forcing them to go to New York City and they don't want to go to New York City. This trip but that's not the case may be, or not be important to go to New York City to Birkbeck.

You're more than willing to get all these buses bear their volunteer in the hell becomes about to go but the real problem I have with all of this is that when we go to hell. Someone fails up and do what is you know cost is crucially correct when it comes to this issue of the illegal immigration of babies that were seeing.America and the fact that I look at many of these buses and we see single military age males pouring of these the 31st of course this should not be factors in United States of America Bethel unconstitutional. The second thing is that Gov. Abbott or no one but should be putting illegals on both employees or whatever mode of transportation and dispersing them throughout the United States of America, without violation of our Constitution, article 4, section 4, the federal government is supposed to protect everything you knew from invasion, and furthermore, in article 4, section 7 of the Petco state constitution governs the commander-in-chief of the Turkish military departments oppose repellent basis. That's what we have happening on our our borders here in another strata took 1254 miles of Gordon's wide-open people porn across the numbers that accounting into the million 800,000 got away so we don't even know or not it would tracking think about the drug crisis that were faced with the personal think about the human sexual trafficking in Christ that were facing so no one should be aiding and abetting human trafficking in the amount of such bear yet that's what people do yeah absolutely. Now I want to play equipment is cut 13 Eric this is the commissioner of the New York City office of migrant affairs. His name is Manuel Castro and he was at port authority where these buses are being led off here so he had to say about these people being forced to come to New York.

How will we heard from individual). Many most people that started off in Texas how to get all on their way here somewhere being refused to be allowed out of the bus to what he's referring to here and I don't know if you saw the story but apparently there was a bus from Texas to New York and a stop in some of the smaller places in Tennessee and Georgia and they want to get off in Chattanooga and the bus they forced the bus to stop and chat news and if you don't let us off this bus were calling the police. These people are in the country illegally, but they were to call the police on the bus driver and apparently a whole bunch of them just got out and left that open up for lawsuits because if they're not afraid to call the cops still will easily file a lawsuit.

I'm sure there's a liar out there who is more than happy to to take the case especially if something happens to him that they get off the bus in Chattanooga and God forbid, one of is is murdered or injured or something like that doesn't open up for lawsuit welfare would go where the litigation very rare people that are here illegally can somehow use our own legal through public gifts that they should be here in the nonofficial murder. They should not be on buses replying, and what is so amazing to me. Where were all these folks in New York complaining about when we had airplane landing of the biblical diet and the airports right up there Westchester County or you know any of the other places in Pennsylvania where they have been flown in in the middle of the night. You know they were been flown in and the floor. Been flown in the chemistry all of a sudden the left wants to try to use this to their planet and this is what happens very when you deviate from the rule of law. Gov. Abbott was doing what was right and necessary. Under the Constitution. These are not microsphere illegal immigrants in saying that were on the process you will go to get the best of whatever the abuse about family that will repatriate you back across the border and we don't have this back and forth to New York. Did you bring the real attention to the bond administration not doing his job and that's what happens when I will be very obvious when you create this political circus whose political start gimmick bit is going on now the left was taken in their little run with it. Then they're going to you know create their own America cook their advantage instead of Jos�. We have to do with the federal government� Special� Secure in our pool. We are not going to fall into the trap of enabling a drug a human and sex trafficking crisis. The amount of place America now to to that point, you do have the GOP chair in Texas. Matt Rinaldi is asking for Gov. Abbott to declare an invasion at the southern border. So far, nine counties and one Mayor have declared an invasion should be done at the statewide level and what would that do what what would that change about that one of the critical we could hold focus our resources and traffic along with that you need to build the Clarksville there are transnational criminal curves organization in the state of Texas can designate them as such and we can start going up to the Clarksville money here in banks and we can go out the cartel members that operate freely. Here we can go out the bathhouses. We can start to please their bank assets and their counsel is that nature and freeze the assets of those people that are aiding and abetting the court failed when we declare them with their shoulders and so it opens up a whole avenue of approach because we are not. This is not just going up against a business organization will find a curves which were fighting an insurgency along the border in those border counties. They understand that there be a whole lot.

And that's what we should be focused on putting people in them to New York or Washington DC now before I before we run out of time here and in and I realize you could do all those things if you declared an invasion just basically do with the federal government isn't doing and it's sad, Texas.

Texas has to do that but I just want to switch gears quickly before I run out of time with you. I just pick your brain about the midterms. If you don't mind so clearly Liz Cheney is going down. She's she's not. She's been primary told not going to be reelected and it's by a staggering percentage.

What say to you about Tromp is it about Trump or is it about the movement that he started in this country because I can separate the two figures so important that we don't focus on the person we don't focus all personality focus all policy approachable, but I think that's what you see happening but you know when you look after the raid that was about a monologue of what happened in the primaries in Wisconsin. Several of the space last week. Trump candidates want overwhelmingly look what happened little or will you be a competitor you want, but pinpoints over GOP establishment candidate in your right leg straight is going to trial for anywhere from 30 to 40%.

So I think the message to the GOP establishment types is that you need to get on board the American people especially conservatives are understated ideological delegate where it is 7000 new IRS agents who have to be comfortable with being armed, and also the use of deadly force or threat to the American people. So who's going to stand in the way of this progress was socially smart, whose onslaught and the disregard of the rule of law, so we need to have a plan from the GOP.

This is exactly what they're going to do much that he was looking to share with his contract with America. Does Mitch McConnell have an income McCarthy have the guts to actually do it.

Having been in that that little bubble. I don't think so. You may be looking at new leadership and what I look at the fact that you have a very tepid response from so there's some nova spot after what happened at that weight of monologue of Republican yeah absolutely I agree, I'd I don't think Mitch McKay I've been wanting to get me to Mitch McConnell great job and he got a lot of judges through have to give him credit Trump you get a lot of judges through and that's a good thing I don't think their fighters. They think they're too comfortable and they're very comfortable with the status quo because the kids put money in their pockets and so I agree it's maybe it's time. Maybe it's time to retire. Some of them one more quick question. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. They have a weird system there. I think the top four will vote getters get to get to go on like she right now is underwater and she's been there for really long time. Is that because she voted against Trump would have to say yeah and again people are really looking at who's going to spend five or to defend the rule of law, the good, very lawless administration that we see up there wasabi speak about who the type of person that I think that many want to see up there. Washington DC right now.

Yeah, absolutely. I say this all the time because I have to give my husband credit but he said he's been saying for years now that the GOP needs more women who fight because women seem to be the fighters and Marjorie Taylor greens that Laura Bovary it's the least a phonics seem to be the ones who are willing to fight, he said you know what hate to say it, think, add some of the men in the older men in the GOP need to retire and let some of the women take over for you honey.

You know women of Sparta.

That's what were looking for before somebody's Republican leader find a good boy. This exactly. I love that Lieut. Col. Allen West. Thank you so much for your time today. Always offer you. You pick your matter on Shelley eight 664-087-6690 like to comment 866-408-7669 I'll get your calls coming up on the Brian kill me. Ciao all from his mouth to your peers very well to sitting in speaking with Alan last and we're talking fight that seems to be growing in Muriel Bowser in Washington DC asking for the National Guard. All areas but this very easy from telegraph similar problem a little in the overseas rates, not just here but this is with Afghan refugees. Apparently on Friday the government in the UK revealed that about 2100 Afghans have been relocated to the UK after we had that spectacular handing over of the country to the Taliban under Joe Biden a year ago yesterday member that well according to a report from the telegraph about 9500 Afghans and their families are still living in hotels in England.

A year later after they were evacuated from Kabul. It's costing taxpayers about a million pounds a day. This is in addition to the 3 million that have been spent per day housing other migrants in hotels including those who crossed the English Channel illegally and have to tell you the kind where my heart to hear that because faith is like a good were not the only idiots least you have please you have friends in other parts of the world that are also idiots despite a lot of these Afghans being unhappy living in hotels not happy living there, which I can't get it. It sounds really great to someone else's pain at Tafoya. It's a room it's our room and you live in close quarters with everybody he can escape anywhere.

So I kinda get it. There is a reluctance to move to Scotland or Wales because they think that there it's too cold there and they also are they, also, for whatever reason, don't think the people speak English. There so they're saying it did British government saying it's a challenge. Overall, finding local housing to accommodate asylum-seekers, not the Afghans but also they have British citizens were on a list waiting for homes and I personally think the citizen should go to the top of the list. He said while hotels do not provide a long-term solution.

They do offer safe, secure and clean accommodations so they the UK border for submitted last year that on top of all is that many Afghans arriving in the country with forged identity documents. Now that they were asked how Memphis was asked how many Afghans were brought to Britain who turned out to be either a watchlist or persons previously deported, but they they said is not the public interest to release these statistics will because now we don't go there. It's too cold for free housing three homes in Scotland and with free US you've got UK citizens are getting free home to call their feeling it, and besides in speak English. There like no, they speak English there. Similarly, you kick him out of the hotel sorry stays up were done paying there you go bye-bye and the this that the telegraph tells a story about in 2020 and migrant from sedan went on a stabbing spree in Glasgow in a hotel. He was living in the hotel he stabbed six people including a police officer who was critically injured because the quality of his free room in the hotel wasn't good enough for him and he and on migrants at the hotel were unhappy because their free hot meals were often comprised of spaghetti or macaroni and cheese and culturally appropriate for their diet kick him out. You like the combinations you can go back.

You really will will buy a plane ticket break is cheaper but they're just as dumb as we are apparently in the UK led very quickly.

Let's get Steve in Florida on the Brian kill me. Ciao hi Steve hello hey I wanted call and say that it was very responsible of you to lead into the segment by saying that that were getting into a civil war. What they were getting into simple yet you did. You said you were working into a little bit of a civil war how big and I know that's been baby eventually your exact words you're right you're right. I was looking at get only a little bit of a civil war here means literally a sinner and you are literally means literally a Civil War dude, stop it, stop stop stop keep Civil War New York fighting Texas north-south it's it's an but he call comparisons so you got this from Steve got this going on with the immigrants in in England and like we have here with the North is where you got these blue cities in DC.

By the way, is considered a southern city so there you got from going from Texas and Florida and Arizona to Texas and Arizona and their being biased to the sanctuary cities and their promising that that's not just to be New York. It's not going to just be Washington DC.

It's going to be other blue cities around the country and honestly if you declared yourself a sanctuary city there's cut their states that have declared themselves century states like New Jersey.

I think it's good to be a problem when more and more of them start to calm and they start to get unloaded and those declared sanctuary states and cities are ready for them ready for and now all of a sudden the problem that's it's okay when it's being kept them at the border because it's not in my backyard then it's okay right but it very well may be coming to their backyard or your backyard unwittingly and that's when the team changes very well to find Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach. Brian very well to for writing my shelf landscape copier with Andrew McCarthy. Fox News contributor is a former UN assistant US attorney for the Southern District of New York is football occlusion. The election and destroy presidency great read. I read it.

One into the other fantastic.

What any McCarthy welcome to the Brian Kim each have a great I'm so good to have you, because I rapidly learn about a year ago everyone on Twitter.

What were medical experts regarding COBIT and now everyone is a constitutional law experts regarding the radon trump so maybe we could speak with someone who really does know what is what is happening think I got through all of the Twitter noise so you know that the DOJ says they're not to release this affidavit that just that is uses up the supporting document used to get the warrant they read you know we got the warrant, but are not a release that just if that that documentation underneath it. Last night the president called for the immediate release of it saying I have no problem with this.

I want this released what doesn't, the DOJ want this released and is in a legit concern while they never really generally leaking in a normal criminal case.

Not that there is anything very normal about the normal criminal case you don't be on the line search warrant gets filed on the field with the court and the reason is that for you layout your probable cause, and if you're using inform the main thing using informant information usually targets could read the be affidavit they would know informant door would identify the informant the walk even if the affidavit of name them by name will be enough information about that the people under investigation will know exactly who the government is talking to cooperating in the second thing is if you do a search in the middle of an investigation search warrant affidavit will layout your investigation that point and it will be a signal to people who under investigation number one that there were under investigation number two that maybe they want to start either getting in the window and door destroying evidence or getting the story straight. In my case is what real criminal cases reveal much like Mafia drug dealers about stuff you usually the search warrant at the end you would have the same affidavit for the search warrant arrest warrant but unusual in the middle of the nation, but here are the in the middle of an occasion and I think that's because they don't really intend to chart to prosecute any of these charges which it which is interesting, I noticed that the warrant was said that they could get take anything from when trump was in office from the day he took office January 2017 to January 2021 thing that seems to I'm not a lawyer but I that seems to me to be a bit broad yet very broad like almost brought to the point of being a general warrant and that the general warrant dumping the British king you recently had a revolution objected to the idea that you don't didn't really have to probable cause of anything and you could move around and take whatever he wanted. Here's what I think they're doing on that number one it shows the not about classified information on the I'm not saying that they don't want the classified information back and they don't care about. They wanted back that they want everything back. And the thing is, the presidential record that which was enacted in the 1970s after Watergate makes all of that stuff government property and the national archivist has been trying for almost 2 years to get it back from box you want to give them everything back and when Congress enacted the presidential record, Becky 70. It didn't put any criminal law provisions. So with a civil statute, and that means you shouldn't be able to get a search warrant to enforce the records of the crime.

What DOJ did here if they have the statute section 2071, which is cited warrant which makes it a crime to like removal can feel government filed what I think they've done here that the Presidential records act.

Criminal law is the first time in history when I tell people I think they created a crime specially for Donald Trump. That's what I mean criminal live presidential record back previously could not be enforced by the criminal law. I want to play a clicker from Leon Panetta that he was on CNN and we've heard a lot I hear and see him hundred people applying again on Twitter about the declassification how the president can declassify things. Here's Leon Panetta want to get your take on this. Former trumpets are not trying to claim that there was a standing order by the president Donald Trump to declassify any document, the left the West Wing for crumbs resident is that how declassification works with even with the reality is that there is a process for classifying information on presidents want to declassify.

They have to follow that process there is nothing that I'm aware of that indicates that a formal step was taken by this president to in fact declassify anything right now this is pretty much PS is it BS well and really illiterate but not entirely wrong but the reality is presidents are not bound by the regulations and procedures which are usually promulgated by presidents, by the way how subordinate agencies and subordinate official branches. So there was a process like if you're the head of the FBI and you want to declassify something you have to follow regulations that the president is promulgated in the last classification regulations were promulgated by Obama in 2009 and that should tell you something.

The fact that the president of the one issuing the regulations believe that therefore subordinates enough of the president. Presidents are only down by the Constitution and under the Constitution, the president can declassify anything you want, because he doesn't have to follow a process that's been prescribed for the executive branch subordinate. However, I need to the extent that Panetta is saying is that you're responsible to you willy-nilly declassify things or to have a standing order saying that like if I carry something from the Oval Office to the residence abracadabra declassify legally.

Trump may be right about that, but politically responsibly at every other thing that's not a way to classified information and more to the point. Let's say the Trump had nuclear information that would be damaging if it fell into the hands of one of America's enemies would be true that he could declassify. It would also be true that if they're responsible to have in the place were not well guarded.

So I think the thing we're seeing is people are melding what they think they know about the law and their political point of view about how you should handle the part of the mission like watching getting your information from the view that the president did declassify some documents regarding crossfire hurricane on January 20 of 2020 is last day in office and the administration chose the following ministration.

I chose not to. Their dirt is not releasing that there is concern that some of the information they could've taken that he could have had could have been things that he said he did declassify like that information that now they've taken and they won't give back.

Could it be this could this have been so kind of a cleanup operation. You know, I think, in part, sure. I think the three levels of the mourners that have in the battle over the presidential record that this is one of the things between Trump and the government were trump the mind and the government of mine before 1970, Trump would probably be right because on classified materials for presidential property. The president battle change so Trump want to keep it could be regarded. The government wanted back with the loss of their that whole thing is going on classified information, where they actually do want document back that there concerned about and then I think the third thing that going on. The canopy associated from everything else. The Justice Department has a very aggressive investigation with her trying to make the case on Trump on January 5 and their figuring that the stuff that one tomorrow. Logout was probably the last generated stuff by the Trump version you know most of Trump stuff up in the national archives work along stuff they packed up chaotically leaving at the end and to the extent of anything that might be relevant to that timeframe. January 6 they wanted held a local want the Lord as the day is long and they hope to accomplish all three of those things.

So they found Amanda looking for the crime and this is how they're going to do it on think they took his passport, three passports and that wasn't on the list and so is it up to president Trump or any of us in the situation with you, they just come and read or how should on their coming and they just take everything you don't know what they were supposed to come and take it up to you to just have I guess an inventory of literally everything in your homes that you can then go back and see what you're left with well inventory is not very illuminating.

Here are some of the stuff you know it is difficult to live but can't be expected like lighted every scrap of paper that I could like short but you know you usually get a little better to Scripture than box number 34 Bethany, the law entitles president Trump to file a motion for the return of the property when some one you want to contend that the government took think they should have taken in a search warrant below provides that if I were trump lawyer I would probably tell him to avoid that.

I wouldn't be afraid of saying something like what they took attorney-client privilege information. I don't think that all goes.

34 but you don't have to say much. With that, but I think with respect to anything else. Where you have to make factual representations if I had a guy who was under investigation by the government, I would not want to making factual representation people I saw with the government because of anything he says that locked in. Later on, so I think you know it's frustrating but I would just gonna watch how this plays out.

Because if he does get charged that he has all kinds of ability to like moved to suppress evidence and no warrant was illegal for exploiting the reason that point so I have I have two minutes into question so very quickly is comparable to what Hillary Clinton did yeah exactly took information she converted to her own use government records that were not heard some of the more classified and she destroyed tens of thousand of them and she will be prosecutor should not only wasn't prosecuted, but never weighted our place right so so much for equal treatment under the law, and lastly on a different note, we do have Alan Weissberg who is the former Trump organization CFO. He's rich agree with prosecutors and is expected to enter a guilty plea in a criminal track tax fraud case. Does this spell trouble for Trump to the Southern District of New York finally get them to Leticia James finally fulfill her dream while my recollection is that the Manhattan County did. Yeah, sorry for the district of New York, took the path on which means you my old New York for 20 years. They don't they don't give anything away, so you know I think they thought there wasn't anything there. My recollection of the indictment against wife ability, but with a bunch of nonsense like the getting overly favorable tax treatment for grandchildren putting in private schools with Jan Mickle and Don stuff and they were trying to squeeze him a hand up Trump but you wouldn't do it. So I really think if there was something there that would know what that would've taken the consult and this is the sad part is just lost their and they just get you to plead guilty to make it stop in and like like we indicted another one, Andy McCarthy, thank you so much is so enlightening and I feel smarter now. Thank you so much, Mike Porter, 86640876698664087669 your calls on all of this and you know what all that stuff. They took a really good proper research and a presidential candidate would your calls coming up in the Brian Kelly Joe something new every day, Brian kill me show talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show you emails now believe that information. We should all top-secret emails on our conversations on her server classifying authority. We should have thought that was seriously should think this is serious.

This is different. That was a former DOJ spokesperson Sarah Iger and ABC damn friend.

You know why because Trump did it not Hillary jump and it will more person tells me it's what about is on my head and explode and I just keep saying that it's not what about is when you say will wait a minute. This done in the past and there was no raid why now it's not what about is is him eats unequal treatment under the law. That's what it is and we should all be concerned about that because just because your team is on top and there get no free passes not there not being held to the law and you're only enforcing the law on people with whom you disagree just that point conflict very quickly and you're not going think it such a great thing anymore, 866408766 hemorrhages speaking with Andy McCarthy about what happened with the Trump raid and declassification all that good stuff home state in New Jersey, Alex.

You're on the Brian kill Nietzsche hi today doing great. I had questions real quick on the decrepit occasion and yet the we do know that you got stuck for the body value about the good bit of kidnapping and all that but I question how to declassify that the protocols were under him classify my question at this stage and me in the cubicle would never know that it is the power that classified so I believe that the documents go to review with which ever agency it would be it would pertain to, so if it's like foreign intelligence, I would assume that homeland security would be involved.

You may have CIA involved.

I other agencies as well, but they have teams that will go through this stuff and I'll go from one department to the next. Maybe we do it together to decide whether this is a good idea to classify this or not to declassify it or not that vetting profit is corrupt. Let me know right now it is not public, you, you bring up a really good point here Alex and drive carefully. I can hear your blinker thank you so much for joining us this is why Americans I don't think trust our agencies anymore because look at what happened with Carter page. We know that they concocted stuff and the guy Eric Kleinsmith was the only person to ever really to be charged and convicted of anything.

He wasn't disbarred. He had a slap on the wrist and he was let off probation really is back out as a practicing lawyer, so people don't trust them, and rightfully so very well to provide radio show like no other. Primary Walters sitting in with you trying to kill me. 664-0879 is my number so to me, very scary piece was written in the Atlantic, and I think we've seen bigotry.

Obviously there's anti-Semitic bigotry in this country but but I think it also is the kind of Christians and Catholics also have become a very favorite target is the Catholic Church is Eugene's revenge absently say which is gonna come in and work to vandalize and were gonna you were going to come after you and the Justice Department crickets because they are not a preferred religion or protective religion on the hierarchy in the left said there was a piece in the Atlantic by a contributor named Daniel Panna Tyne and it's titled how the rosary became extremist symbol and he says in here.

Just as the AR 15 rifle has become a sacred object for Christian nationalists. In general, the rosary has acquired a militaristic meaning for radical traditional or red triad Catholics. I didn't know that if your traditional Catholic your radical I know that now I am a practicing Catholic.

So I guess I'm a radical and I've had this conversation about this with my with my husband we were just on vacation with friends in Everett is We are all Catholic and nothing was a plan that way just worked out that way and we were discussing the topic this and has been sent to me because honey the last thing we have to worry about is the rosary sure our name is on watch list somewhere just for your job like thank you and he flies the Gadsden flag sometimes of the American flag, and sometimes blue lives matter, so I'm sure were on some several government watch lists you just add the fact that we are practicing Catholics who both say the rosary sought to another list because apparently we are radical that it's radical. He was on this piece to say on this extremist fringe rosary beads have been woven into a conspiratorial politics and absolutist gun culture. These arm to radical traditionalists have taken up a spiritual notion that the rosary can be a weapon in the fight against evil and turned into something dangerously literal wall Catholics. Do you saying the rosary as as part of your your prayer in it and end to fight evil because You believe that by praying in the power per Christians believe in the power prayer dumpster. Jews believe in the power prayer, but you'll often see when someone secrecy me in prayers. People asked for prayers and and I do believe that prayer can can help and can change things.

That's why we have things called miracles. You may see on the small scale could be a big scalp, but I do truly believe that but I don't think that that makes me a gun to and absolutist extremist in his peace. He says social media pages are saturated with images of rosaries draped over firearms warriors in prayer day as a bolts crusader memes which means God wills it, and exhortation's for men to rise up and cut and become church militants. You people were really upset over the Knights of Malta that that's An organization for many also probably be upset at the Knights of Columbus who do things like hold carnivals for children for the proceeds go to benefit children's charities.

But you know there's a lot of bullet wing Christians were being fed to lions. They think they can be had of resistance thing going on and they believe that God would know smite their enemies and a lot of religions believe that including Islam, including Judaism into religions believe that God will smite their enemies, but apparently it's the Catholics turn just been on the laughs.

Bad list for a long time and now it's a Catholics number just becoming more open with it and I found this scary, very scary and there's a lot of things you as as a Catholic, I noticed like Christians where you don't wear the rosary as a necklace. It's just not something you do so you see Pete Christians to do who will use the rosary as a symbol.

I guess they they like to wear it but that's not that's not our thing, 866-408-7669 equipment want to go to Rachel campus topic definitions cut 16 Eric as she was on prime time and she and her husband Sean are are Catholic and they are devout Catholics. I guess the red triad because there radical traditional Catholics. I would assume here she is discussing this op Ed don't know this is a prayer that was started in the 13th century on, is far from being defensive actually unites Catholics across centuries across the modern world, nations and races so what's behind why are they doing the question.

The reason is because the rosary all kinds of spiritual things that only a battle type imagery with legal Catholics and Christians who talk about this spiritual battle imagery and language extremist sounds funny at first but this is the first step for laying the foundation of calling them radical extremist. I absolutely hundred percent agree with everything that Rachel said, and especially that last part there. It sounds funny at first but this is the first step for laying the foundation of calling them radicals extremist and alienating them from the public square. Do you agree 866-408-7669 is my number. Let's go to Matt in North Carolina met year on the Brian kill me.

Ciao hi I'm doing great go-ahead by the way, a North Carolina Ct. reporter out your wedding for coal in a Catholic well he was for my opinion Nicole rosary, one of the radical left wrist but you know what I think Rachel campus Duffy is correct where she says it did. There laying the foundation for calling Catholics radicals extremist and to alienate them from the public square, which I find interesting because most Catholic parishes are really liberal like I know being in New Jersey are our Catholic Church is is pretty liberal man, which is why sometimes you go to a different church, but I find it odd that but it's it's a fact that it's the war on religion in and of itself. They started with the Jews. Now the going for the for the Catholics in the gopher Christians in general because it's just like a communist country.

All good things come from the government.

If you have a belief in another source of good, then you don't need the government as much, and that's what this is about you. Great yeah. She also talked again and I'm interested to see how your friend is going to see here. They on this when they talk about the Swiss guard in this piece and you have a friend is a vet absent sitting outside in his peace. He says in 2016, the pontifical Swiss guard accepted the donation of combat rosaries during a ceremony at the Vatican. Their commander describe the gift is the most beautiful weapon that exists on the market because Doug D Bob what they call combat rosaries were go back into World War I. When plastic rosaries were given to a serviceman when they were going overseas, the Catholic serviceman got these plastic ridges they can keep in their pocket and and to have and to pray on because as Catholics we believe we we pray for protection.

We pray for good things. There's a whole reason a lot of things that people pray for and yes, sometimes it's defeating the enemy, so I mean how would your friend feel if you know, clinical combat rosaries are now to be something that they're going to go after and you can have those either merit you go ask him to put you on hold.

Okay, I will come back to you. Let's quickly go to Paul on Long Island NW RCN hi Paul hi Mary how you very underestimated. You know in the Bible you know we pray you know when you will whatever non-denominational will believe the same thing. Jesus rose from you know they don't go in the radical Muslims you know what now ostracized absolutely rethink what I mean that the ludicrous but you know what we don't see what we see these attacks on Catholic churches in the wake of Roe yokes it's all the Catholics fall because there's no other denomination like Jews or Muslims are Christians, Presbyterians, whatever you happen to be. They could possibly think that abortion is that it has been.

Catholics use the Catholic statues that are being destroyed all over the country there being vandalized their having the other heads cut off the statues which I don't know how you do that these people are prepared to go into churches. They destroy the tabernacle date. The note click graffiti on the outside of the church DOJ talking about this in the DOJ declaring this you don't like we have to start watching churches or protecting them know it's happening and that says to me that they're okay with this, you will be able to block you know it really because you know what it we all have to vote come November and straighten this country out regardless of no when you are Catholic like you should double the current coastal Christian non-non-denominational. Whatever or Muslims in the peaceful know what is what our country was founded on the ground follows no so we could live in peace and they don't. They only wanted prosecutor they want to prosecute with the Hillary Clinton. I mean she can cry felons with her with her server and why I go after her downtown mean to really know the teams coming every ounce of them is no intent even though that was not part of the law. Paul, thank you.

I don't mean to be rude to you just want to quickly go back to Matt Matt on back your back so I just want to know. Does your is your friend familiar with combat rosaries Harley Harley going to come to know okay I was just curious if you if he was aware of this.

Thank you so much I appreciate you joining me man things are hanging on their 866-408-7669.

There's more from this this op-ed also. Something is happening at the Globe theater. You know Shakespeare's theater in England, the Globe theater and a play that they're doing their that a Catholic icon so it's not just here that this is happening is happening overseas as well and in and get more of your take on that 866-408-7669 Mary Walter and for Brian kill me on the Brian kill me.

Ciao Jamie like you're with Brian kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me wanted to call parents were fighting to your life out of the public from Christian America should be to do the commit to fighting in public square for religious Rachel campus Duffy on prime time talking about this Atlantic op-ed by Daniel Penn at time and I thought this was interesting and I am semi-can be the whole thing to. But how is the response he said many take genuine sustenance. Catholics from Catholic theology's concept of the church militant, and the tradition of regarding the rosary as a weapon against Satan.

Now I thought fighting state was a good thing. Yes, that's how that is how we review it and it is a is a constant battle. Good versus evil, and you do, you know, pray to to defeat Satan absent so that they here in this piece from the from the Atlantic. Very weird James in Raleigh, North Carolina change on the Brian kill Michelle hi while you are on topic and I was writing under thought, you know, our free radical know that we have a not know to believe the Burke Fogelberg just what we believe in the power radical not so concerned about calling me radical and I am what do you do morning what's going on you know with would be gold gilded for loans, but it really is balanced out was that there be radical about to go kill somebody you got a little but that's radical. That is a great point. One of my favorite things to do, because I Do Dr. in New Jersey so it's it's just a zoo is a people will often be the bird and so this this van pulled up next to me and I have no idea like some is in my lane.

I was in the right-hand lane was only two lanes in a cup and left inside and they looked out and this woman flips in the parts of it so I just turned around and I just blew her a kiss and she she would make eye contact with me after that my husband is telling me know you have to be careful because they could be a psycho get out of the car and shoot you, which is a really sad comment on the world in which we live that that is actually a concern now, but I think you're right there Christians and Catholics fight in a certain way and we do it through the power of prayer, which doesn't hurt anybody, right were not a threat.

They think were a threat for obvious reasons them and that's the problem.

I will be.

My mom brought you like a mad world. You gotta be crazy to believe you created your note to read and believe and what we what we know what pin it all on you and Bill allow anybody to close the long wait and be confused about things that are confusing. I mean so here I radical uncle. I like it I like you a lot.

Thank you so much for joining me and taking the time out of your day. Appreciate that so much. Thank you.

I just tell you quickly that was happening at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. There's a new play that is that that is there called by Joan and it's about Joan of arc by they portray her as quote a legendary leader who in this production uses the pronouns they them so as they've made Joan of arc, transgender Joan of arc now. I would love to see them do that with a Muslim hero right like a fighter in Islam, with Mohammed, why don't you get back to me and how that works out for you, but they come after the easy targets the low hanging fruit. They're never going to do that to to an Islamicist hero, St., whatever you want to call it in their in their religion and the thing about this is she's a woman.

Joan of arc was a woman.

She was born a woman, she was a woman and that's what makes her so much of of a hero and why she's held up is everything that she did. She fought in wars as a woman she was a hero. She died for her beliefs. Take that away from the women were to take her as I wave as a female icon of American trans's were so hip and cool and where artists were pushing boundaries that were to do. They would never do that with any other religion. Matt Walsh says the fact that Joan of arc was an actual woman is the whole point.

What makes her story heroic and significant, but then again, shoehorning non-binary characters into historical stories will always be clumsy and stupid because non-binary didn't exist until 14 seconds ago. He's actually right thereunder. There are calls now in England for for defunding. Basically the Globe because it operates at part in taxpayer at taxpayer expense. So many things here. We know that story you know were paying for a lot of this liberal stuff on NPR, etc. and were paying for it in the name of art so it's okay I Mary Walter you're listening to the rank of each out by Fox news Rios New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me for Brian kill me. Their 86640879 is my number 866408769 the limit later ciao� A little light and I see some people think it's horrible. I think this is a little bit of the week so Al Gore told us that by now until we got to this point in 2020.

Is there all the world and really have somebody years laughed as he got okay then don't repay your student loan you think if you really believe is only eight years, student loan, which I don't think she's repaying it anyway but member. He said that the Arctic in the summer was gonna be ice free. This would be no ice in the Arctic member that we showed all our kids the polar bears dying because he had a scare them to become good little climate Scientologist The Oaks climate, adherence, and that's be there church of the church of a climate change well so the study was done and they looked at the national snow and ice data center that looks at all the snowfall in different parts of the world and also you know the ice covering set that the two poles and you zoom in on the chart look at this Arctic ice. The extent of the Arctic ice reached a 12 year mid August. I know they have a melt off in the summer months depending on where you are depending on whether north or south and they check the the Arctic ice there is a 12 year high.

But yet the administration and the Democrats to spend trillions and trillions of dollars you know so we can think of. Protect us from climate change because that the planets do not. And if you ever have one, have fun, especially with a keyboard warrior is talking about all the plants to hop.

We have decimal and how far how much we have to lower the temperature still tell you 1.5�.

If they know their stuff on the rise of San Antonio and call you a name 1.5� asked him why 1.5� and and if they if they if they have some answer. What is the world last at that temperature.

There are no and if they do, if you happen to get a live one on the hook then then you could do your research and see what the world really was like at that point in time and then what happened afterwards climax in the climate.

It's a lot of fun and when I'm when I'm bored that's what I do so you know everything is climate faults change rate everything is because of of climate change, climate, fall climate changes fault. I you see it all the time and everything is because of climate change member on those two people were killed outside of the White House in their walking that bolt of lightning came down and just got for people to with them died. We were told it's because the stores are more violent now because of climate change, and that's why those people were killed and it's your fault you don't drive electric because you hate people, and you want them to die and we find it will know actually that's not true. Thunderstorms are more prevalent in Washington DC that area I live there really bad weather here we keeping told every year.

This is to be the worst Atlantic hurricane record on season on record that doesn't happen since it since Sandy in 2012 in relatively good but they keep Thomas it's getting worse will now according to a study published in the journal called temperature. They are blamed in finding that today's children are 30% less aerobically fit than their parents were at their age. Fewer children are reaching the World Health Organization's recommendation of 60 minutes of exercise a day. Would you like to know why that's happening you ready climate change.sigh. I sent the winner. I showed Wanda a Morrison is one of the people in the study did partake partaking the stakes on the study authors and she argued that rising temperatures have caused children to stay indoors. They're getting more in active any more. Her work focused on what they call heat stress assessment and it makes a point is more dangerous and less fun to be active if it's extremely hot outside. Now as someone because I'm ancient who grew up without air-conditioning and actually in my own home. We had air conditioning installed five years ago so I've been living the majority of my life without the benefit of air-conditioning. Yeah, we are we are Neanderthals in our house when the kid actually dirty secret air-conditioning in our house but my father would only turn it on if there was company that was in my parents had a fan a window fan in their bedroom and it was too hot to sleep. You are led to bring your pillow and sleep on the floor in their room so you could feel the fan was conditioning on.

If it was too hot, he would tell us to go outside under a tree sit sit under a tree and read a book this summer we played as kids we come drenched in sweat. So think that's exactly what's going on here.

So what you think that our kids a little tub loves and you see a lot of kids really chunky 86640876698664087669 was a kid.

Very few kids really now you see it all the time and it's because these kids are not in a fight that's their entire lives. If they don't get it together getting it together when you're young because if you don't it's can be very very difficult for them to get together later they are saying that climate change 2021.

Abstract published in the US National Institutes of Health national Library of medicine's time entitled climate change and obesity said that the current coping 19 pandemic has caused the decline in greenhouse gas emissions so that indicates that the pandemic was a positive for global climate change right because with fewer greenhouse gases, that's him always being told that's a good thing to fix because according to Shalonda Morrison climate change will not only exert direct effects like higher ambient temperatures. In many reasons regions but will also be responsible for indirect efforts that can independently affect child physical activity habits. For example, as observed during the coping 19 global pandemic. We sit inside more. Yeah, I think the pandemic probably made us better now that a lot of us are like oh boy you know why Wednesdays and Margarita Mondays and tequila Tuesdays. Maybe we need to lighten up on that a little bit in the spine during the first two weeks, maybe that needs to change zero-based we were sweatpants, we didn't go to Jim's. A lot of people were even going out to go for walk and wear a mask on your face so a lot of us definitely became sedentary, but the climate change according to the US National Institutes of Health national Library of medicine that piece also said following multiple lockdowns there was further increased obesity in wealthier populations so we keeping told where people can come to Jim's.

It's not fair to poor people they can get healthy food.

Well, it was the wealthy who got fatter during the pandemic. 866-408-7669 is the number study by MarketWatch suggests that obesity may actually be causing climate change. So it could be the other way around. People are making it worse. First, wiggling the cows.

There was the cows fall because cows were forwarding. It was a cow farce or make it worse. So we should all become vegetarians. That whole thing will researchers in a recent recently published study found that global obesity was estimated to contribute to an extra 700 Mt of carbon dioxide emissions per year, 866-408-7669 Lisbon Virginia Austin you're on the Brian Kelly Chow hi there global warming.

Children are barred window parent go out there children are going out and exercise you need to be, you know, I don't every Friday for a minute I go out run out by love you want to wear their becoming more electronic videogame you everything you know obviously that was something that before you know technology got where it is now. You have nobody to talk to anybody anymore.

The old people and is becoming more more like that, why not because of you know, climate change, which is named, you know million five global warming the climate change.

The climate crisis. Everything what you cannot tell what you got it when you go to change the name of your your your title and what you're peddling you know obviously people get on not real. You obviously there are key differences in climate, you know people.

We letter all the time which causes a lot of different issues, but you know I don't I don't think that it you obviously children being overweight, you know, stuff went out because the earth is getting warmer. Right now I listen W climate denier Austin believed to be in a watchlist somewhere. Thank you, thank you for joining the stuff even he talked about littering no yummy litter okay we do I think litter is becoming worse, especially in our big cities I but if you ever watch mad men. There is an episode kind of early on. Maybe like season three somewhere around there and there go for a picnic and there they got the car, the old car. They got that the blanket out in all their food anything kids run around playing with a ball or whatever they're doing and they clean up and she just takes the flag and takes the basket off of a pack stuff away and then the paper plates. The soda can all that stuff. She just shakes it in the air, folded up and leaves the apartment as it was the late 50s early 60s garbage some of you think we litter now. It was way worse.

So we got and we definitely gotten better at it but I laughed when I saw the know she didn't because that would be unthought of unheard of today, which is a good thing, 866-408-7669 our kids obese because the climate change is climate change than what is it calls coming up in the Brian Kelly Joe all if you're interested in it. Brian's talking about it. Brian kill me like I lies unmarried Walter sitting in Brian kill me today like joining 408-664-0876 98664087669 and were discussing study document that is blaming childhood obesity reason for climate change is climate change as well and everything is climate change about this because right climate change that climate change. So I but yet were receiving some medical and scientific publications also pushing back on that as well now as 2017, 2018. This is kind of old study from the CDC, serving over 5000 US adults and they found that 4/10 Americans are obese.

4 to 10 1/10 are severely obese Americans were considered severely of Americans that were considered severely obese in 1970 was only about 100. It's 10 times more common today.

The overall obesity rate has gone up about 40% since the year 2040%. So, such as the kids it's the adults as well, but I don't think it's because of climate change, but I think when you have parents who are overweight or obese.

They eat a certain way and the kids see that the kids are fed the same food and the parents probably larger portions of the kids eat larger portions. It becomes familial because you got a gene it's not because of anything like that is not a medical reason, medical reason is that you you you are fine. You're just learning its nature versus nurture and the nurture in the home is to eat bigger portions may be reward things with food, maybe not make choices not exercise and all those things in 2020 earth.or published a piece that link climate change to obesity has been going on for couple years and they wrote that malnutrition, especially obesity is a leading cause of poor health were worldwide despite no obvious connection.

Climate change is also a contributive factor to the issue so they say. Despite no obvious connection but is also climate change is to tell me what the connection is with climate change, 866-408-7669 this go to Virginia Cindy you're on the Brian Kelly Chow hi how are you doing Craig I had green with deer and one for 100% perfect know what's going on and what you were saying just man. In fact, it was almost what I was going to say to you, but the bottom line to me in all of this parent talk you don't want to be bothered with kids don't have much available to prevent having kids and the kids what the parents are eating in their behavior and they just fall in line with it and become generational and it didn't hurt me to go outside from sun up almost without knowing Val Graham Bradstreet like kind take them around for almost 8 generations.

It wouldn't hurt them to get out there and do the same thing but parents are afraid of the children if the kids don't want to do it they won't do it. There's no if they don't know. Don't spare the rod MSN beat him to death, but there needs to be some kind of discipline and this obesity thing could easily change around put the screen down and go do something typical, and if they want to cry about climate change. If they get the opportunity in a go that direction. They can discuss that with God he created all of this, as far as all the ice flows melting and all public scope from climate change. When I water it's going to milk anyway and what was there for yet nobody but they're saying that it's actually happening less that the ice flows of the icefield is growing which is a great thing Cindy a pleasure speaking with you. You have a great day and thank you for listening to the Brian kill me Chow. I think they will necessarily know that it's discipline. And just think it's the way the parents live their lives, and you have to make activity a family thing. I think of a family that I know that you have the kids for a treat.

We get carrots baby carrots. They were told that that was a treat that was there treat you all you I cannot yet see the kids always asked for baby made baby carrots is a treat. They also when they were really young they got little baby tomatoes because they could squish him and Stephanie thought it was great and they would eat them. So it's supposed to hate for a tree, got good grades.

Let's go get fast food or something along those lines. They also would go hiking and they would take the kids in get out wherever they could in their backpacks or whatever. And like one of the super granola families are not like that at all, but they wanted to get the kids out and I think that that's important.

Now all three of their children are incredibly healthy then you know never to have a problem with obesity. And that's because you learn these habits at home and so you know you kids practice what they learn what their Todd has a far more but it's easier to blame the client and the client. The climate and it's something that you can't control and say oh I can't control it.

That's sad and you don't give Johnny a cupcake you ever watch any of the shows like two large role in TLC's are two large my 60 day on the safety by 600 pound life to any of those you can see how it's familial and habits and how they see the kids falling into the same thing right were coming up on the right radio makes you think this is Brian kill me show my Mary about her sitting in for Brian kill me to leave it on the podcast on YouTube is on Peter radio will do new new episodes every every Thursday night around 7:15 PM Eastern time to just go to YouTube or guarantors look for Mary Walter radio. There is a 715 on Thursday evenings and took a lot of stuff right now, climate change and a study that's been published a published study says it's climate change fall that children are more obese than their parents were, and less aerobically capable than their parents were at the same time, 30% less aerobically fit than their parents were at their age that's a big deal here something else that I think plays into this is this push for what they call fat acceptance that your beautiful no matter what NIC on the beach eyes live in New Jersey so I see a lot of things on the beach but I've really noticed that young girls especially don't care about wearing a two-piece like there's just no second thought about it now. Part of me is very Torx party feels like let's a good thing because they're confident in who they are and then also like but you know there's there's that aspect of it is well so I think it's a double-edged sword, especially when it comes to kids between teaching them to love who they are and then also though saying you know what you can love who you are.

Maybe there should just be a little bit less of you. That's all and parents have to work a really fine line when it comes to that. What one of my nieces had a weight problem and her two sisters then tall in the hope that she is tall as well, but she always had away from the time she was a child and she loved her sweets, she was this weedeater and she would eat all that with the other two were as sweet driven, but she was four years old and she told me that she she doesn't look like her sister in a bathing suit and her friend says she's fat and she was four years old and said she was fat, you know, so we saw became a big taboo. We never talked about you know body. It is like that, you know, we tried to always reaffirm, but her parents also put an emphasis on eating healthy and exercising and all those things to help her and now she wants college. She was totally did it on her own. Bushes eat healthy and she's like a different kid, so maybe I'll finally sank in 866-408-7669 Jolly in Jacksonville. Listening on WO KV Joey you are on the Brian kill me Chow hi hi Mary, I have one observation on this conversation.

I live in a neighborhood like most people do with school and when I grew up on the weekends and after school we would meet and play on the schoolyard where everything was good play basketball. You could do anything you wanted.

Now they're locked up there, across the street and there locked up. You can't go there after hours. You can go there on the weekends order to expose the gout locked up.

Why are the playgrounds locked up. Is that normal for your confidently locked up. I don't know if it's too many lawyers or lack of control, but you can't get on the school grounds after hours, at least here in Jacksonville Beach look at the basketball hoop to go watch my walk my dog and they're all locked up every day it's going to train in a padlock on it, and although you know the playground equipment for their idle. So unless you're under revision, apparently, are not allowed to use it again. I think what part of the problem is kids today aren't running through the neighborhoods played kick the can learning how to deal with each other, putting up with bowling learning things on their own, girls under supervision of parents or teachers or somebody and they don't learn how to deal with anything that's very true that part of it is very very true. Kids cannot figure out how to get out of a box if you gave him directions and when we grew up.

You ought to get bullied. Default form may be bullied yourself and felt that you hung out with just two great told her to grade lower your plate in the neighborhood. There was nobody over overseeing all of the colors that be home by the streetlights.

Yet you know what though it'll impart it's it's societal because we've all been scared to believe that there is a veto a child of Dr. around every corner which kids now have cell phone so I think you're much less likely. At this point the game to be abducted than you were when we were kids because nobody would know for hours you be gone for hours and nobody would know.

But think how parents encounter believe that if the kid leaves their site. Oh my gosh are terrible parents and and in some places, if the kids walk across the street by themselves. So many calls the cops. So as so we don't want to let our kids out by themselves they have to be supervised at all times to your point and I think that that has played a lot into this as far as being very detrimental. That is great point. Thank you so much Joey. Have a great day that's that's an excellent point kids how to figure it out on their own anymore.

Your terrible parents. If you let your kid get a quote walk to the grocery store within a two dollars and telling until the bison bananas your horrible parent. She let your child now as far as playgrounds go, I can speak for my little town near Middletown has a kindergarten through eighth grade school one grade one classroom of each grade.

That's what we have. It's very small and everybody is everybody but the playgrounds everything is across the street from the school is open all the time so I think that you can't close and it's a huge Facebook is so IE can't be locked up, but I wonder if because we are such a litigious society so I blame you if you're one of those people that you know nobody can have your the reason why we can have nice things so that I think that that is part of it as well. Let's go to Kurt in the Missouri court. You are on the brink in which a hiker and love you think you will will greenhouse theory not climate what we need to orange okay there you cannot do that because� Get going the other or talk to Dr. I sent 10,000 years old.

The president's fitness test.

I know right now that Allison and Pete and Eric have no clue what this is, but I remember that the had climbed damn rope in the gym that hung down that road was for is for the president's fitness as you had climbed down rope. I hated hated hated it.

I was the bane of my existence. I was so happy when they got rid of that thing you do a great question. Thank you so much. I appreciate you joining me.

I hated that rope, gym class and everything now is that gone because you have time for recess kids need time to burn off steam. They really do special boys. Boys need that time. Anything that plays into why we say that you know boys are probably all happy, but is on Ritalin and everything else because they have ADD or hyperactivity disorder. Whatever because we don't run them. If you know you can take a run on at least once a day to let them get their energy out. If you feed him lunch, and then you make a go sit in a class with the falsely begot run up and if were not doing that. I think that that's really bad that that's a really sad thing if that's not happening in our inner school. So if you want to make me smarter and that please do 86640876690 lots of calls. People want to talk about this am so excited I will get to you next coming up on the Brian kill me Chow and Brian download the podcast had Brian every episode, exclusive interviews man kill me, you agree to use unique opinions. All Brian kill me and show very well to sitting in the Brian kill me so that meant I ended under the Obama administration man under the Obama administration for them is the retirement of the presidential fitness test inserted change and when Bill Clinton was president, and they started to. You didn't have to like rise to the top and the focus more was more equitable and that continued under Bush and Obama put the final nail in the coffin of the presidential fitness test but I'm not as old as I think I am because I everybody remembers Allison and Ann, Pete and Eric remember the presidential fitness test and Eric did point out that when you had climbed the rope they put like a little mat under it, even though you were in the gym on a hardwood floor and it went really high would go up to the rafter and had to touch the rafter. The top and then it'll come down if you fell your break and something nobody was in a catch at it was to be at whoops and it's unjust to the nurses office and then your mother coming at you and you go to the hospital and have your broken heart. Fixed her effort was and that was that it was like very like what you knowing presidential fitness test billing okay in the end of it. Things are little different today to talk about childhood obesity it if it's caused by climate changes. Some are alleging John in South Carolina John here on the Brian kill me Chow hi Mary, great show. You really think when I was a kid I grew up on the bicycle every field full of baseball all the time. When I got in high school is always pushing lawnmowers and Patty so we will talk climate change, business is a religion and it's a scam number one. About 12,000 years ago all of North America United States and Canada Siberia Europe the Ice Age glaciers a mile.

What happened to them. The Sahara desert was a big plane. The funds of the United States are grappling with Carrasco future. I took pictures of them and the hieroglyphics showing hunting animals. Why not listen to burn everything else.

Now it doesn't blame it on carbon dioxide and I know carbon dioxide is 0.04% of the air leaning one model for molecules of carbon dioxide out of every 10,000 molecules of air field to an old green plants picked up by the carbon dioxide using photosynthesis and make carbohydrate cellulose boldly algae in the ocean. It sold taken up in photosynthesis.

So you tell me where, how, when, and why man-made climate change is a big thing for it's a scam, and it used to scare people and uses many of the things to destroy it is an absolute religion your hundred percent right.

I agree with you on that they worship at this altar, and that's but they want to impose their religion on everyone. We all have to you know also worship at the same altar that they do because this is their religion as part of the government and the government is their religion. This is just a sect. One of the many sects of government religion Jean well said, thank you so much for joining me and I appreciate that. 866408766. Not having this conversation. Sorry that was John. Sorry that John on this conversation really. I feel so all back when I was a kid because my grandparents because a look at all these overweight kids come touch that gun kids gotta get out and ride you know I think also this is another thing that the advent of air conditioning has an instant widespread has made us because again I only had air conditioning. My home until five years ago because it's the home was built in 1881 and they shockingly didn't have a say cost a lot of money to put it in soap bubble for we notice that in the summer. We lived on salads. Butter and jelly sandwiches, cold food and you don't eat a lot during the day.

I would just drink water all day long. I eat a lot and I think maybe that has something to do with it that our parents and our grandparents will guard grandparents really didn't grow up with Eric and if they didn't live in air conditioning was a part of their life and so they lost weight in the summer they would help help maintain their weight in the summer and then in the winter. Either they would eat more because it was it was which was more comfortable.

So because her comfortable all the time.

I think it has a lot to do with this were soft.

People were soft coated Gina, North Carolina Jean, here are the Brian kill me Chow hi Gilbert, I'm doing great grad well you're going to make the point felt drawn to make your child knows a lot about helicopter parent.

A lot of parents are afraid to let their children outside to play. Her horrible thing film or whatever, which is understandable but explains on the farm to go outside and live life and balance to strike. I get it like I understand why parents are fearful because we been trained to be fearful right if the child was adopted in Ohio in the 70s here about it in you know New Jersey or South Carolina. Now it's you get an alert on your phone every time a child deducted which is very often what you tell you something.

But you know you know about it right away so I think this is fear that is been instilled and I don't know how you unring that bell because every parent wants keep their kids safe mode. So what what helicopter parent of all, you know what, about five let him breathe the air outside. Okay well I got the thing in the backyard but only on the other note for climate change your last caller agree with them on nautical we believe we expel all humans, so you agree with them on a scale is all about money.

There you go ding ding. It is all about the almighty dollar followed them Monday Jean thank you use it for everything you knows it's blamed for the cause of everything bad that happens if we can hurricane this year in the Atlantic, so that a couple months ago but there's that hurricane you're gonna put up global warming.

It's a climate you it's your fault as you drive electric vehicle you and you can stop this, but they been saying that every hurricane season when when you see we were getting fewer bad hurricanes, which I'm grateful for bite bill every before every hurricane season otitis can be the worst one yet. And then when it doesn't happen, they just not nobody says anything.

Let Ohio hey Jackie here on the Brian kill me Chow hi there, I just want to say the bank is gone and the liberals taken were motorcycles and turned it into climate change back to look at books on the letter. He's Trackable over the years.

You can see that these articles happen every 10, 20, 1500 years. As an example of the iceberg that came down to the Arctic in 2012 they were quiet in the world was going to come to an end.

There was the worst thing they'd ever seen 100 years. The same thing happened. Look at what think of gigantic doors coming out of the Arctic in 100 years. Nobody could remember seeing it like that right well I do think a lot of it is cyclical and that is a fantastic point.

I think you appreciate you joining me and he really the point with Al Gore and how they're making this a you know making a lot of money off this follow the money and look at all of our celebrities who fly around in their and their jets and on their big yachts. Leonardo DiCaprio story just came out about him and helping to final lawsuits against oil and gas companies for damaging the environment. Leonardo Caprio runs around in a plane that I'm pretty sure it does not fly. No courtesy of unicorns in the bottom that is flap their wings. Their little unicorn wings to make his point is burning fossil fuel. They're all a bunch of hypocrites.

So once again, Juergen have to cut back.

They're not going to marry Walter catch menu to Mary Walter radio you're listening to the Brian kill me now urologist resources a fox in your box with blog just personal talk just

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