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Anthony Fauci to finally step down; Did DOJ leak details to the NYT?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 23, 2022 12:45 pm

Anthony Fauci to finally step down; Did DOJ leak details to the NYT?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 23, 2022 12:45 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice. Brian would kill me thank you much for being here about his brain to me Joe 1-866-408-7669 Lieut. Col. Allen West to the bottom of the hour, and of course you you goes right near Brian kill ought to discuss today. We are also monitoring their preventatives or the prisons almost at the commodification you imagine that having a major legislator Winfrey in his mind and take another week off instead of going out and keeping momentum around it.

The primary day in New York be primary day in Florida so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three right now were dealing with a politically motivated policy emergency and we think it can be a crisis in our city. That's why we've asked perfect will support nice mayor of DC you have an emergency. What about Texas and Arizona DC. New York City is try to get a true taste of the border state chaos buying this cause and help is not on the way.

As mayor Bowser gets rejected. Adams gets rejected and cries Val think politics could affect 20 fetches judgment as a scientist, but is it possible the starling, nonpartisan man of medicine has thought about what might happen in November when the Republican Congress takes over him.

Interesting found.

She says he's gone in December, but clearly Republicans are not done with him while Dimmesdale only hero. I believe he is done great harm to millions on never admitting a single misstep. The one thing that clearly is wrong is the Biden White House should not be able to waive the executive privilege of Pres. truck that would make the executive privilege a nullity through trump on offense as the government leaves contents of their raid, the New York Times, what else is new will bring you the latest.

So here's what New York Times it hundred 300 classified documents that Amar Lago oh they had no choice but to raid right come to this country look if I can go over the time they raided Hillary Clinton's because it didn't happen.

15 boxes turned over to the archives in January. We know that to look at all these papers in the chaotic exit 26 boxes overall $0.11 material marked is classified and now that that's why I find it so idiotic that the FBI, the Department of Justice says to this judge.

I can't give you the affidavit because I don't want details of the reason the raid I want details on what we found in the rate I wanted out there, really, but the New York Times seems to get everything how do they do that trauma is trump leaking about from find that hard to believe. What about you, so now they decided they wanted a special master somebody not Republican not Democrat to decide what they talk and what they need to give back.

Besides the presidents passport. Here is his attorney Alina Harbaugh got to weaning an empire so that means not Republican Partial special master to go anywhere, take a look at what is give back to the former president what is rightfully his. Things that are clearly to classify things that are also privilege, attorney-client privilege from when he was in the White House things that he should never have been seen in the passports.

We should have found that out after the fact. The problem is we have this incredibly broad warrant that should never have been in place in the first person you still reason for it.

And now, and as I said on the Saturday show. Trump is not the top story in the world today.

I mean look was going on the Ukraine with the assassination of dad that Putin allies daughter who's also an activist and anchor. Look at what's happening over in China and Taiwan. The military exerciser taken place. The Markkula 600 point yesterday and there's many banking titans who keep saying that were in recession, inflation city .5% and you got primary elections from should not be the top story.

Why did the FBI do the raid. Why did the DOJ said is the time for the rate when you can honestly say that Democrats might have enjoyed a chance to have the spotlight to talk about their climate bill which they mislabeled cut for Alan Dershowitz. The one thing that clearly is wrong is the Biden White House should not be able to waive the executive privilege of Pres. truck that would make the executive privilege a nullity.

It would mean that no president can ever speak to anybody in confidence without knowing that two years now three years to help all of it will be revealed by the current president. That's just not the way executive privilege was supposed to operate. So there are lots and lots of questions I hope will be answered by the affidavit's okay. Couple things to the present United States is getting on the offense was comfortable but experts say and legal experts say that by waiting so long and knowing that the FBI what he went through basically probably went through their nine hours with the stuff and there are countless boxes worth of material. Now you are asking for special master go through. I still want someone to go through it. They said they got their own vetting team. Note no. No offense but I like my own vetting team. Thank you. So the question is the present really not know what was happening. Do you really not sign off on this Department of Justice really such an emergency. They took weeks in order to do it. John Solomon investigation can investigate it with just the news was always Sean Hannity last night and said this goes a little deeper, cutting their lot. Either they know they were pushing the investigation they gave the permissions of the mouse archive to send the original boxes of documents that Donald Trump and sent back to the archives of the FBI that launches the criminal investigation.

They then give the archives a permission. Biden's blessing to waive the president's best legal defense by saying you can't claim executive properties over the current present will not allow it to happen all that occurs long before a grand jury drops a subpoena on present employers in May and June and long before the rain, the Biden White House is at the ignition point of this investigation, yeah. And here we go. They are the ignition point. That'll be explosive. The New York Times watch and post once that story is the big news. It happened yesterday.

I think one man who's done more damage while looking is always helping more is at the factory to this country into these people think about this. Don't wear a mask where a mascot get a shot. This is a vaccine. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. 6 feet atop a part or is you can't go to school you better stay out of school. It's not safe. You better not go have a family get together. It's not wise 54 years in government 38 years later, the national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases. He feels as though he was on top of the world should never be questioned and if you are questioning him your questioning science that is not true and that we never knew it was true but accepting it is true is almost every Democrat on the planet.

When you realize that the vaccine is well intended as it is, could not handle and I'm sure it save lives but could not handle any of the variance, and we told to get a booster you better understand too that there's a little bit of a physical risk to it, but never acknowledging that physical risk never acknowledging there might be a medication that he is not involved in that might be effective.

Here is Anthony fatty talking about how key can't believe his critics and we should neither cut nine what has spilled all over and really in many respects impeded the proper response to a public health challenge is something that we see that goes well beyond public health. It's a complete distortion of reality. I mean a world of where own truths have almost become normalized people that don't believe him. For example, that he had anything to do with gain of function research. He has not curious about the origins of a virus that caught him totally by surprise, and then quickly distanced himself from any ineptness that was associated with the CDC or FDA here is Sen. John Kennedy about what Anthony thought you could be looking at now that he's retired.

If Republicans gain control cut 12. I don't hate anyone, and that includes Dr. Faucher. He has decided to retire in December and I wish him well. However, unless you do your research on Twitter you know that the American people have many many questions about how Dr. faculty other public health officials and our government handle the pandemic and getting answers to those questions from Dr. Faucher.

He and others has been like trying to slam a revolving door. Now the Democrats are in charge and they refuse to press but the Republicans will, they will rent.

Paul said this between Archie's resignation will not prevent a full throated investigation to the origins of the pandemic.

You will be asked to testify under oath regarding any discussions he participated in concerning the lab league.

He never is. Evidently he has never reported to the house will see if he'll do it now. Dr. Scott Atlas. Very good.

Dr. Faucher is very critical of him as was Dr. Burks.

He was steadfast. He went there to the White House so the person could have somebody could speak to their and then he left for the present left cut 14 all say his legacy is presiding over the greatest debacle in public health history because his recommendations were implemented in those implementations of the lockdowns in the school closures that he recommended along with his underlying Dr. Burks failed they failed by the Dana to stop the spread of the infection. They failed to stop the known vulnerable to die from dying and they inflicted enormous harms they spared the affluent and the elites at the sacrifice of the poor, minorities and our children. This sinful and long-lasting damage to our children is one of his legacies because those policies of masking, isolating and quarantining healthy children introduced massive fear in them damage them really to make them think that their vectors of disease and everyone's in danger for them. We haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg of that damage. You gotta see I mean I walked in place people still wearing mass walking around airports.

I'm watching idiots walking around outside with Macedon by themselves in cars by themselves. That's the paranoia that Anthony fatty thrust on everyone member where two masks and then we had Dr. Burks one time tell me a television consider goggles because some of the disease could come through the eyes those the idiots that just tried to destroy our lives in an effort to evidently save us over the last 2 1/2 years and that's what Anthony bring Anthony Faucher brings all types of conflicts now at 82 years old. He says it's time for you to move on to do something else. I find that hard to believe your way to 82 to decide you want a second career.

Meanwhile, I'm sure I'll just make a ton of money making speeches to people that think he walks on water. We all know he doesn't this the Brian Kilby chose so glad you're here at the bottom of the error I bring you up-to-date and was happy Ukraine. Other challenges are happy with the Irani dealer about the sign-on as well as Florida politics with a former Florida Congressman Col. Allen West use of the brain to meet you radio show people for the Brian kill made Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian kill made right now were dealing with a politically motivated policy margin. We think price that's why we've asked federal court to that, we think that cities alone can't solve a broken immigration system, but having said that, we're going to do everything that we can to have a humane setting for people who are coming through our city to their final destinations and work and work hard to get. It's amazing that Washington DC's mayor, New York City's mayor gets a chance to get the cameras in front of them because he kept with the hardships they have. Because Texas did the brilliant move of sending these illegal immigrants to New York and DC.

Once they sign a waiver saying that they want to go in the not force their snow is gonna get sued. And now there they can't believe woe is me. I can't believe our cities overwhelmed.

You got a social healthcare system is going to be bub blitzed and that we have a school system that's going to be hit and wow way. I need the federal government to help me out. I need the National Guard when we have out. We have a governor of Texas. You know what, Rick Perry. I remember going after Barack Obama was ended nearly as bad, who is dying for some type of attention outside conservative media in which you totally being ignored.

That was Mayor Muriel Bowser complaining about about 6000 illegals but at the border.

It is chaos. Lieut. Gov. Dan Patrick knows soup is a desperate situation but also not only are people coming across steadily a terrace coming across but drugs are common across curious cut 20.

We've had a drug problem in this country for a long time but now we have a mortality problem were going to say more young adults and children die from Sentinel pills and other drugs are coming across the board, but ethanol is so dangerous, even to be near it or touch it or even take a small amount can kill a child or an adult. And now, as you called them the different colored candies that look like sweethearts to many children. Where is your line is he not care, does it. People are dying in America from follow these drugs coming over the border. We know he's okay with people coming over the border, but does he not care what's happening happening to the American public into our teenagers and our young adult yeah in New York City over thousand migrants to over 20 buses since August 5, 6000 illegal immigrants have arrived in New York City over all. And that's just what we know about the thing is it's it's a sanctuary city. So is DC knows how to report notes that a fear of being deported. The cops and have the ability to do it that a terrorist get a criminal. Ice is going to come get you. But they're not empowered like they used to. The sillier of the numbers that they had overall just last month and a month usually so hot that many people cross 199,976 and put 200,000 minimum of got a ways, let alone the people that come across by drug traffickers who come into our country to sell because sadly is in America. We are very good customers, Ron Vitiello, the former border patrol chief cut 19 that I am parsing meter is past the red line because now that is there are people in the Democratic Party if they're saying there's a crisis and there's a crisis brought by thousands and thousands of people coming across the border illegally every single night on the Southwest border in a couple of hundred are a couple of thousand people come and DC is now crisis so somebody in the party, not a president not a secretary by saying that they have a crisis. So now I have to admit what they did little of the board. So yeah you got a crisis.

One of the unit would dress it so we can even say it's a bad pause with Pres. Obama you thought you meant he could do such a better job on enforcement and you could have done such a better job on pressuring that the Central and South American countries but they're not doing anything at all. That's what I find the most frustrating I almost didn't want to do this if it wasn't for the migrant buses as important a story of this is I find it so frustrating. I was going to ignore it. When the migrant buses made this a story again and that is to brilliance of Abbott inducing, but mostly avid Ducey of Arizona just started doing it.

Meanwhile, images pivot real quick before we get to Col. Allen West of the bodily hour and I want talk about what's happening locally. This is narrative that Herschel Walker Dr. Ausmus Triano were these bad candidates really are they really bad candidates or they professionals in other areas in Herschel Walker business and sports and Dr. Oz in television presenting motivational speaking business and he's a surgeon. This is with the type of people that we want in politics like Dr. Ben Carson needs the project more, but the guy is a Boolean brain surgeon so these are the people that we want its cabinet members.

These are people that we want running our state to senators and governors mass Triano I don't know much about them except for I know he's a fervent trump supporter is Newt Gingrich.

Keep your eye and Dr. Oz cut 22 you have an Fetterman somebody so radical that they can't possibly represent the people of Pennsylvania. And I think that's what makes all of this dangerous. We just saw this in Wyoming where Liz Cheney was repudiated, getting only 29% of the vote. And I think that's because you have this growing gap. I suspect when the average Pennsylvania looks at Dr. Oz's real record looks at Fetterman's real record asked themselves which person is going to fight for Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate have a hunch arises and when a surprisingly big victory, I do. I think the people who win. Here's the thing Bill put the different things from his TV show. So what is it Dr. doing the show for the masses, not for medical students still talk about everything right will came close to Fox and friends, we can try and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

So subscribe and listen to Fox News by just Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest. The talkshow that's getting you talk to your Brian kill made sources on the ground and keep our preparing for the worst and acquires 24 hours of people and in touch with including my partner news is in Ukraine you know you got.

I think the Polish prime minister. Is there currently which is brothers stalwart sinus solidarity if there is a can be looming barrage of missiles and rockets would come together. I think in the Russian playbook again retaliation for this alleged car bombing the daughter rather controversial but very public figure in Russia and Ukraine forthcoming Independence Day. Symbolically I could see Putin deciding now is the time to to to escalate MOC because of the car bombing that killed the 29-year-old daughter of Prudence brain, the one who really push the Ukraine war. They say the Ukrainians had to be behind it really not sure about that. Will see. I took someone this morning thought. Yes, it took somebody else's morning you said not I doubt it did have tentacles reach that far. Remember the wars of that popular with a lot of the Russians who know who are seeing 85,000 removed from the battlefield over a dozen generals killed thousands of dollars a mean this is you can tell me that there are people angry in Russia.

Lieut. Col. Allen West joint just now their expected escalation and keep Col. from your experience in the region from you watching this war for the last six months you would do we make the right move, saying everyone out of the embassy. Think you might begin to that point, you have an pillow on the ground that you're about to see a larger increase of Russian shelling and bombardment and we know that it's pretty much, so indiscriminate that like their decision missions, artillery and bargaining areas and thought that might be a key aspect, but we also have to be able to show strong resolve this whole thing about the 29-year-old daughter. You know what would that have gained Ukraine to do something like that. I think that you know you would lose all high ground. You will be seeing more so is fighting an insurgency gone after the Russian people, so perhaps something that will only Russia, but Rahm Emanuel never let Christ build you is Michael Weiss just heard from. He's a senior correspondence to Yahoo cut 30 father Alexander Dugan's process for most fascist ideologue and philosophy for many many years. He has been advocating a Russian conquest of Ukraine.

He doesn't believe in the existence of Ukraine as an independent sovereign nationstate, and frankly, he makes letting her food look kittenish on the issue for so for him to say that now is the time for Russia to go all out, possibly what he means by that is a full-scale mobilization unit with a total declaration of war. Remember that if the Russian campaign is still Support special military operation and is not your by their definition is not surprising.

So that's were at right now.

You also have a very frustrating rush. I imagine they have not moved anywhere in about a month have been unable to make progress, and it looks as though the Ukrainians are in penetrating some guerrilla warfare into Crimea to using drones to blow up a couple ships, damaging ships in the Black Sea and moving and cure son.

I want to paint an overly optimistic picture but the Russians don't have a lot to be happy about. You wouldn't think know no time is on Ukrainians and they're using acrylic that more so going to ground and fighting with certain Russian and I would say it would not the Russian very well as you get it ready to move toward Webster and start to put more forces into the area you know in eastern Ukraine.

I think it bodes well for the rest of the code that shorter supply lines is the Russians try to push deeper Ukraine that will extend those supply lines and then go to make themselves more vulnerable to you know guerrilla style attacks.

Yeah, I guess Lou witnessing now dues and fear among some Ukrainian officials that led by Jake Sullivan they going to force Ukraine to say ended here will then let the Russians keep what they got. Like she's in this war here before the election is at a legitimate fear of them out with a phone call on heroic concerned about that. Basically what they by the administration is saying they don't care about the sovereignty of nations. We know that by the minister to go to care about the sovereignty of America if they're willing to say about a portion of your country and they call it the day that the day of Ukrainians, but that's not something that Ukrainians want to think about the rights and constraints that pray a file thing like converse within this one also many long-term ramifications within the Innotek what it is today and lose ourselves in this little battle between the state sensing to present United States extended uniquely with the states now warring with each other when it comes illegal immigration jewelers in Texas is being overwhelmed to the shipping them to New York City if they want to go and let everybody else understand the border states got a deal with Manuel Castro's New York City office of immigration affairs. He's outraged New York City cut 18. Unfortunately, Gov. Abbott is is using this for for his political reelection, and that's unfortunate instead of making sure he's coordinating with other states making sure that he is providing assistance he's making the situation worse. There is he's hired a private security firm number of bus companies, it appears, and has made them sign nondisclosure agreements so we don't have any information from them is trying to make this as chaotic and disruptive best possible pork for the cities that are welcoming asylum-seekers you really think that's Gov. Abbott Trottier reelected no political operative political gimmicks.

The rule of law person you know me very well by and I think that right now nobody is that enough of the rule of law and the people that have the hurt of the folks are to be a traffic sex trafficking Sentinel issue and of course safety and security. When I see those boxes and then up in New York City are lots in DC talk about single military age males is not a good thing if you're the boss, illegal immigrants and let's get rid of the asylum-seekers, the migrant 800,000 got away.

We don't know where they are and as I share with you before 800,000 Galloway illegal ever that we don't know who they are in United States of America that the number bigger than the active-duty strength of our United States Army and Marine Corps so have to stand up for the rule of law and do what is right St. George cities raw bus and illegal embers all across this country was wrong. Flying them all across this country like Obama administration is doing is wrong, so the rule of law is because Gov. Abby take anybody's attention in Washington is using Texas Rangers National Guard so they sponsor paying for these buses. Other Texas taxpayers getting fed up with it with Abba's decisions to do this. I personally back it up at think it's a good move. But are they getting upset they are what we are saying is that you want to get the effect of the Bartlett administration them on a very short trip back across the Rio Grande that will get their attention. We just saw an incident not sure you saw this well report on Fox news where you have United States border patrol unlock a gate on private property to allow illegal immigrants in undermining the safety and security of our state of Texas where the number one state human and sex trafficking taxes. I have the top two states with sex trafficking. Dallas and Houston. Yet we have more patrol agents open the gate on private property know we have got to do what is necessary to make a spare and I gotta tell you, that's where the government should make this play is saying that if you want to protect. I will poor people are failing in your constitutional duty for the central governments can stop him from doing is he just put these guys on buses and turns them around the central governments they know they can stay. We just saw them unlock the gate. Why would you think they turn around a bus because I think that right now you are saying what is called a you know, a notification of the Constitution, the federal government guaranteed every state of protection from invasion, article 1 section. Clause number three which is what everyone is saying needs to be." The state ability to protect themselves from this event is 5 million people in two years. That's not just an immigration problem invasion of our sovereignty issue and I'm telling you that someone needs to stand up and go toe to toe against the bond administration against merit violent and not be fearful of people that are violating the law to protect our state and protect the United States of America because right now we have a red carpet here in Texas along 1002 or 54 miles of border is allowing the undermining of the Constitution of Hallie's data O'Rourke who wants to take down the wall is going to go easier on decay on illegal immigration policy within single digits. Because there are a lot of people that move business of the corporations here from California, Illinois, New York, and the employment base became longer happy with leftist politics. I don't understand how he could be that close what he is wrong on the border wrong on the immigration issue that they do is wrong on every single thing that works right here in United States of America. I Lieut. Col. Allen West. Thanks so much. Mount Pleasant taken out.

Got it.

186-640-8766 and we come back I'll take your calls also talk about politics to. I thought that as we go to break. She's your bill more going out of his way to say listen, I don't like him, but you gotta look a look at the present trump and save yourself a good job so far in the primaries cut 2585% of the people from endorsed 151/178.

Say what you want about Mr. able, but boy what a politician I mean that's impressive and an evil way and tested this out and there's 10 members of Congress who voted to impeach and and he found to knock them off. It's so Tarantino movie he's going to get all 10 got eight out of the 10 for frequent because they knew they listen for lost both sides all these so as a dealmaker and kill me. So it's easy to criticize but the really criticizing science because I represent science you really attacking not only Dr. Anthony you are attacking science behind the bad guy to hire a subset of people because I represent something that is uncomfortable for them. It's called the truth that is Anthony that you think she's bigger than life. But I just cannot wait for him to move on the seas going to be replaced.

When he does retire in December by a multiple of people nobody should have the type of powers, my inference from that Scott you seeing in Rockville, Maryland hey Scott and technical. Let me show you appear on thank you. So I had some sort of idea.

Why not state that they Arizona and Texas trinkets were most troubled and affected by the current situation on the border create a NATO like block could do just what you suggested putting illegals on buses and send them back to Mexico if one states picked out that any and Texas is obviously a perfect paradigm if you will. That's powerful, but you have a block of states that represent tens of millions of folks. I think that would send as clear a method that you can possibly transmit to the federal government.

I think that would be great.

Ice is central governments gotta be on top of it because we watch them open the gates and close the gates and they just trump this date. So what if they say you can't turn around. By law, federal government if they get here they get the stay can't do that.

It's like if you come up in Florida and you wash up on a raft they say if you put 1 foot on land.

You are now can stay were you going to be able to be processed and apply. If you just put that person back in a raft and send them towards Cuba. That would then be illegal.

You lose your power so that said that's the one thing that I worry about. Thanks much for the call. I'm getting a lot of emails from you guys to apply to One is from Don Don says, I would have air B&B could use the White House.

It's really occupy you know she saying they've sheet the present bite is never there is been a vacation day was at a friends house in South South Carolina and the muzzle rented out of no one's gonna be there. Hey listen I. You have to convince me. What about abortion, so everyone is focusing on the fact that part of the rebirth of the Democratic Party. This giving them hope the holding onto the said it is abortion because Roe V Wade could be a legal in your state. It's up to states to make that decision. Lynn writes this Brian would be advantageous for the right to adopt a campaign position of let's work together on a state level to craft abortion right that works for all. Rather than getting beaten over the head for defending national level decisions. The national decision afforded each state the chance to have the conversation on abortion should be handled at the state level.

We should use that to deflect criticism and promote the drive for the equitable solution via a state-level dramatic democratic process. You think that's a moderate is that a chance to galvanize people possibly if I would have me looking what Glenn young cadet. He said 15 weeks now the Republican position is pro-life zero weeks you still want it. We say no us and him him for a purple state.

I know not everyone agrees with me 15 weeks so what about the sound majority when it comes in selection. Courtney writes the problem of the subtle majority she says is silence. Sound is because the younger generation to believe what they hear and see in the media wanted to affect common sense change. We cannot be afraid to speak anymore. This means speaking up for our communities. Even when it's hard and unpopular, not just on Fox news Iberia so you could be the sound majority could be the majority that speaks up against people better perception of the reality. Keep in mind to all I made a statement this morning that Pennsylvania's landlocked admin from oceans. They said we have lakes, I get it. Illegals verse our vets. Brian, I am the wife and army that was dementia and Alzheimer's disease has yet to live in an assisted living village going on three years now I've apply financial assistance with the VA to help the cost of the cost of getting in there would have the money but we have all this money for all these illegals. I understand Elaine. It's gotta be extremely frustrating. This is another one about an email as common interest, saying illegal immigration should be the number one issue by problem is when is that it's not the normal issue in almost every survey I see, and it drives me crazy. I think it's seventh in the last when I saw how could that not be a number one issue. Even if you are in Maryland here in Washington state.

You have these issues of homeless buses. These planes flying into city or state.

Your taxpayer dollars going to go to support them. Now the getting phones to getting healthcare. The getting schooling. Meanwhile, most likely lecturing places like Florida year. You state is underwater after balance the budget, technically, but you could take out loan to sustain itself. But a lot of that money goes to social progress of people don't belong here.

That's what I find them legally frustrating. So quick personal note, if you want to see me in action. Hope you do on stage to go Brian kill right now. If you're in Albany. If your branded Albany, September 8, Brandon, Mississippi, November 12, or Tulsa, Oklahoma November 13 we have a red white and blue night a chance to talk about my books are marked through history and a pushback on 1619 and an underlining of 1776. It was in the Brian kill me, Joe, Fox news radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here.

Everybody is trying to me Joe 1-868-408-7669, 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country heard around the world, especially in Ukraine which is on tenterhooks. Now because of the attack on the daughter of Putin's brain who eyed the idea was to throw up Ukraine.

She was blown up in her car over the weekend and Russians merely said it was Ukrainians you crazy with nothing to do with that. When I thirsting that we don't do that so will see they told us to the submitted announcement or clear out the embassy everybody out of the American Embassy to ski could go on fire will see they tried to take he wants it didn't work. Bonnie and company will do a simulcast and Congressman Burgess. Owens is waiting on deck so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three right now were dealing with a politically motivated policy merchants. We think it can be a crisis in our city. That's why we've asked for support. Yeah that's what's happening you want federal support would buy federal support for Texas and Arizona DC New York City attorney get a true taste of the border problems in the chaos. The present binder thrust upon us and they want help.

Really hate to think politics could affect 20 fetches judgment as a scientist, but is it possible this totally nonpartisan man of medicine has thought about what might happen in November when the Republican Congress takes over the answers yes Patty says he's gone. In December, but clearly Republicans are not done with him will discuss why the one thing that clearly is wrong is the binding White House should not be able to waive the executive privilege of Pres. Trump that would make the executive privilege carnality by the way that's exactly with the Biden White House did and that was Alan Dershowitz Trump on offense as the government leaks contents of the raid on New York flight to the New York Times, will bring you the latest and let's bring in Burgess owns a congressman from Utah looking to get a two more years but not just that bring others in minorities with him because Republican for the longest time have been a mostly white party. Not that they've avoided, but they haven't been. My view made the effort to be more inclusive.

Yet, that seems to be there growing basis best with the Hispanic community. Carson, welcome back. I yeah yeah so confident. First off, it comes to that rate a marijuana go.

It seems to have had the opposite effect was supposed to neutralize Trump. It's actually makes him looks like it empowered him American people on the computer and experience now for you to have gone a lot much longer than that at some point American.

What accountability we just wanted to live a lot going to do the right thing that would not good at coming up and annotate more of the Lago analyst about 87,000 IRS agents payment plan. Watch out, I would look into what we can to stop this� And I was understated by I now living the dream I started four years ago with just when baby Pat recognize letting it fail big beat. I do that, so my community hitting the wrong direction.

Outgrowth of proud, patriotic, educated business owners everywhere cannot enter key is learning to respect that Delta elders 1980s that it wasn't that without changing, so I thought some kind of way pack my my race. Will he will for you later and we have Americans across the board minority to semantic women of black men, veterans that are saying you know what we don't have to wait. We're going to get out there to bring my alchemy was back as we do that will bring our country back. So I think another so excited that I am right now that this coming November, Americans can really show particular part of the part show that we are in an inclusive way and just say this is the day that I'm bumping the board with just when baby Pat and him and the Republican Party will put the power to make our country strong nation say government accountable and out dutifully policy and misuse are the super PACs Easter super back a call.

Just when baby after without her baby and exact independent candidate minorities all minority who believe that believing to report our country and have not yet later date with for getting back to our basic foundation of hope and opportunity and fairness walk morning and I look forward to being part of processing got Tim Scott to get you Burgess Owens now you have a Byron Donald's and now you have a Herschel Walker who want to do exactly what you did succeed in the field succeed in business and then succeed as a senator. How do you feel Herschel's doing fine.

I would think that George is looking for the real deal, someone who understands that outrage to come from God Left the country so notably the fairness of someone who understand risk goes up and down like real life to come out on top. I am excited to work with personal and been more. Won't you give the macro backbone encourage you and and Democrat date. They all reap the same Bob Bob the same script that have occurred with the heart left and that's why we are where we are today.

We need current backbone of the American people and the people a politician on the line so that rehearsal and in all those again.

We don't mind my gift when they packed nuclear can candidate across the country. Semantic black women that are just am so excited about him and build open bring up going to get back to quickly click so you supporting them financially as you recruiting them.

What would you guys doing finance.

I'm actually in the law right now working with Carlita Janet a lot lot and I'll be get down to the biggest the coming week.

Time down that way with April Becker.

I will be across the goal right now.

Brian and all Americans think this way.

I know Beverly felt exhausted have nothing left to delete everything in the field in the Congo country back. Leave the thought that landlady stand in the field. Whatever account might be in right now across the board, cross country, not financially supporting a candidate to support his your country back and have no more excited about the next few months, I get the next few days really coming down. Going into November.

Burgess owns here Burgess you know what they're saying, you know, Herschel Walker grew up in the very black area in working class to be generous area of Georgia and yet he only has 15% of the black vote and they look at him. Many people look at him. He told me this himself.

They look at him as a sellout because he is not on the not a Democrat, and he laughs at it and said are you kidding me what what do they with the both parties.

Stanford tell me where you belong, but he hears it doesn't do you hear it doesn't bother you about it happening.

Biden is really a gift all one thing that happens when your misery with the contrast we come together and start talking. And yet become Babbitt slowly moving back to what foundational conservative values the black American experiment development.

Thank you, Rebecca change because I think that more more American people and the Democrats try harder to get a power American thing I'm going to want help when opportunity grew up in a safe environment. We want to have a kind of strong again and makes the state in a few You can be crying about, so I'm next you do delete deluxe and going to next year. Believe me, I'll cut Qu�bec truck foundation. So for those who might like, okay. Hang in there, come your way. That Republican party have asked for right so Mitch McConnell came out. He basically said is going to come down to Kennedy quality instead of the 50-50 skinny razor razor close fine. I'm surprise Mitch McConnell I know is low-key by nature and I know again I understands in his upper 70s. But you should be somewhat of a cheerleader for your side. I mean, why should there be that we have enough analysts in this world only you about go back out when you bring folks on it that that might not be in Atlanta might not be an they know they can have the wedding I would be truly a American people. People always under attack, we come out and we come together we just when big folks happen. I'm not much more about this than when they hear from the Senate and with a mental cynic but but how American people are waking up is nothing more how powerful that we the people we realize when under attack we have elected Marxist left that does not want us to win right state remarking education.

Okay, April Becker your supporting Nevada's congressional district, third District Anna Helena Luna of Florida's congressional district 13, John, James, trying in the house got very close in the Senate for the 10th district in Michigan that'll be a tough battle. Our ride to Road Tori lists in Florida on the 22nd district that might be with on Allen West is from. So Casey Garcia Santa Catalina lofts is there as well as Jennifer Ruth Greene Tamika Hamilton Wesley Hunt to seems to be issuing now. They won the primary, Monica de la Cruz. So all these Burgess Owens are on your starting lineup for your brand-new super pack correct. Over 80 black American that Republican what time around, and what I get out of the bed and talk with what we feel cannot bring one leg and bring you can candidate across my weather map American look good, patient go to just one baby pack now is our time to show America little punk party always been about his conclusion is actually the idea that America is the very best bet with the best policy folks again by both the looking.

Remember this kind of strong nation state governments accountable and free that the Republican Party an athlete can candidate that that would bring across 120.3 constant Burgess Owens last question to you is nothing to politics and IL name, image and likeness.

How do you feel about that in college sports today. You know that I wish I could answer that don't have not paid a lot of attention. Unfortunately, I only ask you, how do you feel as though you should've been paid in college you know what I would think the pain when I came through is great, but allowed a college occasion and move on. It was not about NFL of the time things change and we We do have a backup that grant calendars on the field can get some type enumeration, of course, without destroying the game. The method that the balancing rep do anything that leave a pecans not having conversation how to make that groundwork across the board.

Keep it fair put all the wrong up all the involved process. I hope your dog is, Congress is taking it up because it is out of control. Right now there are no rules so hopefully you will take it up if you can do what you did last time. And that's when the selection constant Burgess Owens thanks so much. Thank you. Right now you got it, we come back I'll take two calls 1-866-408-7669. Who you like Adams or Abbott in this battle of illegal immigration, and when it comes to Anthony fatty is his legacy.

Something that is going to cost him big time for me, the answer is absolutely yes she was in the brain kill major newsmakers and news breakers. First, Brian kill me show information you want truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show the governor's using this for his political reelection, and that's unfortunate instead of making sure he's coordinating with other state, making sure that he is providing assistance she's making the situation worse.

There's he's hired a private security firm number of bus companies, it appears, and has made them sign nondisclosure agreements so we don't have any information from them.

He's trying to make this as chaotic and disruptive best possible port for the cities that are welcoming asylum-seekers. All please.

He always try to do is get everybody's attention.

And why should Texas be bearing this burden you heard Col. at West he ran for governor said they listening we should turn these buds turn these guys around. This is across the border and sent over as far as I know I did.

The federal government would stop the state from doing that just like to open up the fence last week in the Rio Grande Valley. Eric was sent W NIS in beautiful Virginia Beach.

Eric events around me, so I was doing some research, and 90% of Republicans and 70% of Democrats support permanent and in the 90s they picked up.

I like DCH or something like that and I really think you're going to go towards the middle and win this election going the general election. We can put it on the 450 and then will have no cannon fodder for the 2024 for the people to vote against it. But if we really push the term limits.

I think will get a lot of bipartisan vote can pick off you know the one and 201 and 100 people. We need to win some of these closely assessing the house. These people just stay there for ever look at Nadler in his 70s now late 70s Maloney late 70s Cliburn AEDs come on, move over was never supposed to be that John listen W DBO in excuse me DBQ over in Iowa hey John, earlier today I was about distributions in California and I can understand really why the government can't.

More news about 100,000 people a year to overdoses of these drugs include the ones that are getting rundown on the highways or targeting children drive-bys from gang wars and battles and so forth. So if you really want to do something to try to put a stop to visit. Why don't they write some legislation that would make Pier 1 Sentinel cocaine in all forms of methamphetamine weapons of terrorism and basically arrest anybody that's involved in manufactured coaches aggression being what people know the Chinese manufacturing and giving of the cartels and doesn't even boast of the board of the when they get with China is no proof that the bring up Sentinel manufacturing number two in the comes to the cartels you even have pressure on the Mexican government to see how we can help suppress that and then they don't both. They don't Bob Dole build up the border so you're looking at this is a rational human being saying we gotta stop this, but there's no interest in stopping it, and I can understand why if you diff that doesn't lose you the suburban suburban vote.

I don't know what does.

Because it absolutely should thankfully call John appreciated goes and by the way, the suburban vote did leave trump, especially suburban women, but if he emphasized the Fed to know if he sees what's happening on these communities. They target these areas and his people. For example, not just addicts. Yeah, I understand this is at the bow the buy more drugs.

But let's say here you want to Ritalin because it helps you focus, so he and a friend of yours to give you some your your ADD brothers Ritalin all turns out that Ritalin manufacturer bought on the board and the Internet might have fentanyl in it because it's not coming from a prescription which a lot of people get their medication off label and next thing you know they are dead and you wonder did he have a drug problem that you have a drug probably enters no Mentos out to kill you, not addict you if you are addicted. That's great, but better yet, from Charlie's respective they better us with a much more much more would like us dead.

Dell became a good Brian kill I'm to be on stage. Talk about all things red white and blue include my books present in freedom fighter albeit the egg in Albany go to Brian kill see September 8.

Don't move. We come back to glory calls go through emails. This is the brain kill Riccio from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me all they were both in something called "the way we do it now.

The Republicans run only with Republican. So the biggest nuts come out and vote for the biggest and the Democrats have their version of that they're not as snotty but it's you know you just wind up with people who are the most fringe of each side, open primaries, which we don't have much, but we have at least two places anybody from any party can get in and then you appeal after appeal to more moderate voters. Is this not a fix for much of what ails us to die. Don't know how that work meeting so I will and I'm only if I'm a Democrat and Republican primary to get the 90s persons for the 90s per se, then you're not putting the Democratic primary. Your voting once okay so your chicken on the boat, especially if you're if you know your candidates can occur through like Rhonda Santos that it depends on independently.

Election is depends on the state I wasn't I general Patrice is this a long time, but that the problem with our system is the closed primary system because it lacks the extremes on both sides when you can only be in registered to vote. Yeah, I guess I don't know how that's in the big picture really sows letting people sincerely are voting people came out against voting for the town trump candidates a vote, Democrats came out for the doctrine candidates because they thought their easily beatable.

November that thing also not each state is different than many states, you can only when the prime if you're registered something I a lot of independence and don't put it all in the primaries to bring forth more moderate candidates because they don't want to register Democrat or Republican South Carolina factors and I rich listen, W DBO in Cocoa Beach, Florida hey Rich, point out how critical the Democrats are right now it Ukraine and Chicago, Illinois on a weekend.

Many people killed in Chicago as there is in Ukraine on the weekend probably and then on the money they spend on Ukraine and I don't spend. They dismantled the police in Chicago to some extent just blows my mind that there are so hypocritical and not even airborne. She got the company. People are dying I need. It's not just Chicago it's got used to be, well, what's going on over there Philadelphia what's going on over there now at Seattle now is Portland now is Los Angeles out San Francisco definitely is New York. No question about it murder slightly downward shootings aren't the means used as good a shot and everything else overall crime is up 36% overall in New York and I just think that everything the one thing they have in common the role run by Democrats and Republicans could get serious with the message and a plan and that's one thing they should do if they get the house start having meetings not just about the House and Senate and the presidency, but start having meetings would you do locally was part of their success early on when things arrange previous day, probably better than any other RNC chair is Windows state houses that set the groundwork for the gerrymandering and there for the redistricting. They also put governors in power. You want to came to voting prank. So much of the call, Anthony W VMT Anthony good morning Brian, what you're talking about with open primaries happened in Vermont and a couple of interesting things occurred.

We had first off we had somebody who was middle-of-the-road, what a shot at becoming a senator competing are Peter Welch's been in the house forever replacing Pat lady who's been in the Senate forever.

She lost to a further right candidate because a lot of the middle-of-the-road Republican pulled Democratic ballot to vote for more middle-of-the-road Democrat running for house though in a way it it kinda shifted you know the energy towards the middle, but ultimately wound up electing far left and far right people in each primary, even though in Vermont you could pull any ballot you want one. I don't know if it does it any good or not and then the two Republican ladies that were running for house U.S. House got beaten by a guy who declared that he's not a Republican not going to run as a Republican but with more he identified with more voters in the Republican side and he went up 35% of the vote and so now we have a Republican on the ballot. Who's already said he's not a Republican joke.

They say it's it's it's terrible.

Thanks so much appreciated in terms of what is happening.

The leader of this party. Joe Biden is not even standing up to some party saying guys you and now you way to put people into the primary think you could be like Doug Doug Mastroianni right fine Jill Mastro's within three points of Shapiro in Pennsylvania and they went out of their way to put some other radicals in their in Colorado and I think they're doing quite well to see your own nightmare that you are third might be coming together in terms of the leader. He's always on vacation.

The vice president goes on vacation this setting new records did not allude Kelly and Conway cut 23 points as far as having every Friday afternoon. Yes, they are quote vice president has nothing on a public sector this weekend. Checking out that for French, has to be on vacation semi finals is 150 in Delaware thinking the current president.

That's pretty remarkable. Vacations are indication for czarina turnaround majorities of Americans say their suffering can't pay the bills.

There truly pessimistic and worried about their economic situation out of the nation and the Chester activity from our president and vice president. I agree. So listen I just think the number one I don't have a problem vacation if you working this guys not working and why go to Delaware it's so close to Washington. So what if you worked your whole life 50 years to get to the White House. Why don't you want to be there. Why do you always have to run to your beach house and then at which time you not taking any questions at all one word answers just flicking the press sit out there the whole time and not same thing makes people think not even call the shots. It's not even a charge so far your prison trump was never like that. And they grind clean actually falls prison trump the expectations. The presence going to be as engaging and accessible. No, don't blame him.

That was his style, and that's pretty much why it's got 40% of the vote still in his in in his in his camp and the other major issue is we just had Jared Kushner on Fox and friends, at which time he just talked about how they got up every day looking to get things done and he did. Especially he did trade deal shall be on our show shortly. I did trade deals. He did the Abraham accords he got 400 miles built of the wall repurchasing defense department funds when they only give a 1.6 billion to do it they did. They did criminal justice reform. I ordered they've revamped it sentencing when they did that. So they're looking to do in the trade deals they did US MCA they did South Korea they did a few others say or did phase 1 of China metal blew up when they poison the world with their pandemic but they got a pretty day looking to get things done. You can't do that by getting up every day, looking gone vacation you want to do your work in order to call your shots and in order to do you word to call you shots in politics, you get the job by competing and winning. Why once you get it. Don't you show up to actually run the thing.

The other big stories got a second to be shown up. After severance Anthony fatty he is going to be done. Thank goodness. Remember, he considered himself above all, any got insulted when he was challenged constantly by Sen. Rand Paul now always but I think at least half the country to me. He doesn't realize it, but he's been totally defamed and disgraced. Here's a little of Anthony fatty showing that arrogance cut 11 so it's easy to criticize but there really criticizing science because I represent science really attacking not only Dr. Anthony you are attacking science behind the bad guy to hire a subset of people because I represent something that is uncomfortable for them. It's called the truth. Yeah, that's uncomfortable. The truth know your statements as the truth not to be challenged may be uncomfortable.

Remember he was all over the place.

We made it worse.

He never admitted it, we taped it.

Listen people should not be walking around with mass. Let me just state for the record that masks are not theater wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and asks are protective and what is not providing the perfect protection that people think that people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face, but in the situation when you have people indoors, particularly crowded, you should wear a mask, so even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask if in fact you are vaccinated fully vaccinated.

You are protected and you do not need to wear a mask outdoors or indoors. I do not hear that last one that's the person I heard that so you saying Adler originally came as if you are vaccinated. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated sit empty. We have actually they started getting it listen. It's not perfect but the operation warp speed worked, but then when the variance came in. It seems as though operation were speed will only help you with the symptoms.

He never told us that soon we still guide while vaccinated and it wasn't rare which they said it was 92% effective. It's now about 60% effective if you look at the stats and almost 10% effective. That's my words with these new variants were to three variance in deep so we might have the best so-called shot will chart out a vaccine, but it's not what they sold us as it was and they never admitted that they change, move the goalpost. That's what drives me nuts to be an interesting into Anthony fatty's career got a new reason why Skolnick went crying to me morning now there Brian kill me show joints.

FOXBusiness is finally in company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian kill me. Got a few seconds to go back and guided immigration through Varney at the end that's going cable station all the country lowers watching cable these days that I went home to pay the cable bill will have to see about that and then will talk about something else. We assume there right after him. Don't Stuart to stick on call now 1-866-408-7669 and then what I'll do is be able to squeeze in some because of the of the other side of me while just finding more more out about the primary so looks like is like turnout in Florida. We understand New York expected to be a little bit better will be more intriguing to the redistricting because people motivated so it's listening, 1051. That means Brian kill me joins us by Brian New York City, a certain influx of what 6000 illegal migrants just since May that dropping off by the busload in New York City in DC, the Pentagon is again denied Matt Bowser's request for the National Guard to help with the migrants. Why did these places, declare themselves century citizen the first place because they want to be politically correct to look at Chicago. You can always other left-wing run cities. He said we're tired of these great people and they might be being feeling silly could be arrested and deported a moment so if you stay the cops now know they can arrest you, and less you're breaking the law by being here illegally fear Century City you're not breaking the law. So now if you come here illegally. You can stay so when with Gov. Abbott said okay will send you some illegal since use.

We seem to have some extra and now they're complaining you see Bowser get turned down again in DC for national see form of from the national from National Guard, a Jesus, we can't use it. We can start doing that that I trained to handle this.

So what you're buying actually comes back to work, which I think should be in a day or two. Take your time. It's only been three weeks in place to be a factor in the Fekete Cove in 19 for for about three months after before that he's present worked in a quite a while so we go back to work. Would Bowser close one 800 White House and says I got a huge illegal immigration problem you think Joe Biden will have the leadership quality or temerity to go behind the microphones is we have to handle the border because the borders now come to his doorstep. Gov. Abbott made a great move. A desperate move.

A costly move, but a great move. The border has come to every town and city and state in the United States. That's a fact. Brian, you got a new Fox nation special out tomorrow. Called who is Joe Rogan Esquivel. Here is a brief print preview role type Joe Rogan is just done and said what he wanted to quit, say, and I think that's very appealing.

It's not easy.

You have to have confidence people have a strong reaction to Joe Rogan. He seems cocky. He seems in-your-face. He seems a little bit edgy. See you love them or you hate him, but you know who is Brian. I think he's very, very interesting. Broadcast was intrigued by his subjects, and how he goes about covering Bobby.

Most of his people he interviews are comedians or their UFC fighters or their deep thinkers a little bit different.

He's not looking for big-name personalities necessarily. Most of them aren't.

Would you have generally just it is humble enough to ask a question about people have an expertise is extremely well read. The question is, where'd he come from. He came out as an actor than a comedian, then fear factor in any Burstein got bigger as a comedian and then came out with this podcasting idea before outside Adam Corolla.

Almost nobody else was doing it said just let me roll for 34 hours and without you crazy spot if I said you didn't I have a better idea set a crazy. Here's $100 million. Keep doing it, just across, so we're still waiting for that call. Everyone said three minutes attention span. That's it.

That's the MTV generation. Not so much when it comes to Joe Rogan exactly. I remember his interview with Elon musk. When loss was certain that smoking weed that was quite a breakthrough that made some headlines. It really did what you don't do that. He does he keep let you drink on the set with them or do whatever you want. That's at some Stuart Varney allows that's not something that I absolutely not know what coffee will tell you all I said that there Brian, I think you're all right and I expect to see you again soon.

I can watch the full special who is Joe Rogan tomorrow exclusively on the Fox stuff sounds good programming. I shift my on the show that's great that's who is. That's why one thing we can be doing on regular basis, find a people like Alec Baldwin you see people in the news you see people news like Amber heard, and then the casino will reappear directly nimble enough with the staff on Fox nation to put together a special people are intrigued. But here's the thing we gotta be doing brought DeSantis to I thought we wanted to be right DeSantis and they said no we don't want people to talk about them. We want people's view of themselves.

So that's kind of interesting and interesting approach.

One of the guys it we might be doing as Anthony found she we were discussing that before we went on break, but I think that is going to be looking at I think is some investigations where people like Rachel Maddow.

This will bother me mostly pretend to be a nonpartisan player scientist. He's really a Democrat, not subtly but but holistically remember the first. He said when he got out when Trump left is now that I could do your show Rachel. I made Rachel Maddow you're my favorite show. Really you, not a Rachel Maddow fan you'll go to favorite show unless you are a left-wing person because you wouldn't be interested in that show and maybe 1% is interested in the show.

Just for opposition research purposes. So he let his colors be known in the way he was supported black lives matter in their marches right and the thrust of the pandemic and some of the anti-police marches in the middle of the George Ford riots wouldn't come out against that but at the same time command against no kids in the classroom, not 6 feet apart. As Sen. Kennedy said, would you be asking at the fact you some questions whether he's on-duty or not cut 13 work on asking questions about gain of function research why he didn't push back on Chano/why he pushed back so hard on the possibility which we know is not real that the virus originated in a Chinese lab why he went along with the greatest dissipation that that's the right word greatest taking of civil liberties of the American people in the history of our country have a lot of questions and and were going to subpoena him and expect an answer and I don't expect to do a lot of answering.

And of course you get to see from the Democrats which is just crazy. It is hard to get you even present from schism from confused mapping of the vaccine people blue operation works reproduced in its true is this which uses a hammer and a mandate and Anthony found she let that mandate the American people don't like it. I hated special when it comes to healthcare. We don't accept it.

Except during this pandemic from people whose beliefs don't end up being facts right from the Fox News radio studios in New York City rash office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian would kill me I will Brian tell me what delays moment trying to meet Josette Baron at the bottom the L managing enter the American mind, and author of the last days of New York inside New York is politics sees one stop shopping there and Josh crush our standing by senior political correspondent actio to see them all over our channel to they were monitoring all series of events, by the way, have a disgusted capital site.

Russia is beginning to shut down the Nordstrom one pipeline to Europe, which Donald Trump said why even due to notes from tree should have a note screen one, which means they are cutting their playing Europe plates are being toyed with, but I know that hey you know why if you don't do X, Y, and Z.

Maybe I'll shut down natural gas entirely.

Why would you go in bed with your enemies, someone capable of doing this, let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three right now were dealing with a politically motivated policy merchants.

We think it can be a crisis in our city that slightly asked perfect federal support Mayor Bowser in DC in New York City are starting to get a true taste of the border state chaos buying this cause and help to not on the help is not a way for the mayor Adams or Bowser think politics could affect 20,000 scientist but is it possible the Sterling nonpartisan man of medicine has thought about what might happen in November when the Republican Congress takes over yet. It is kind of strange that she says he's gone in December, but clearly Republicans are not done with him while Dems: the hero. I believe he's done great harm to millions. While never admitting a single misstep. The one thing that clearly is wrong is the binding White House should not be able to waive the executive privilege of Pres. Trump that would make the executive privilege are no really Alan Dershowitz Trump on offense of the government least contents of their rated New York in the New York Times saying there were 300 classified documents will bring you the latest in let's bring in Josh crush are the senior political correspondent actio's Josh welcome back hey Josh what are you finding this happen since the raid with Donald Trump's fortunes on our log, politically speaking, Brian.

He will only improve mandate. The Republican Party all out last weekend showing that more and more Republicans identify with Trump more than just the traditional Republican Party are you see is numbers going up at the base and a lot of polls is only enhanced his prospects.

If you decide to run 2420 corporate mental primary shall not sure the overall group independent swing voters to be determinable for greatest legal case goes, but in the meantime, there's a lot we talked about this before a lot of concern about the overreach of bureaucracy making in this case I will find out what they discovered. Hopefully in the near future. But in the short term. Baby food is much more aligned with corporate right to strange I was to tell you this pre-Trump well there be a raid on a candidate or former presidents home and they find documents there that are confidential, secret on a level CCC confidential documents you would say well that's trouble there probably done with Trump. It's just a different barometer. How do you explain so really conditioned a lot of his supporters to distrust the government distrust the federal bureaucracy even distrust law enforcement in the case of the FBI leadership in Washington so valued that with the theme of his presidency. The party changed quite a bit and in the last five years so you even all the Republican Party to run for president, micron defensive TEE would be running in governing Florida with a similar theme about the overreaching bureaucrats in Washington and and and and posted in Florida as well. Trump as the man on unfairly targeted the FBI's targeted law enforcement agencies soak in. Apparently there there is a reflexive reason for Trump motors from supporters to be skeptical of of of of of America above the right of the search so you someone who subscribes Josh. The Democrats have momentum. Be careful not to overstate how much momentum, but Republicans were looking at the historic midterm election about the numbers of the plover got Republican throughout most of the spring Democrats closed the gap a little bit. Their basic coming home but gas prices are going down.

It still looking like a very good year for Republicans, just not quite working look like in June or July so part of the reason some people pointed to is abortion. The Roe V Wade, and the different governors who said okay 00 with just 15 weeks whatever it is its force everyone to look at this issue and bring it front and center. It's the last post I saw it had that issue is one or two among people's chief concerns that we are finding popping up by owner looking at clearly registering the issue before the but the decision overturning Roe V Wade, and now it either. Number two, number three of the foxhole had went up on the list that I think the big big take away is coming home.

If you look at the polls throughout most of the year meant nothing to celebrate by the gender will scuttle the Republicans seem to be getting away and blocking a lot of clutter and just excited when anything other party with up to and the best way to go to get your voters to the coldest grievance to be upset about something, the court overturned a related set in play about the future of abortion rights. He states that gave Democrats something to show apartment terms. So if you look at the politics of the present got his tips. Billy got bipartisan infrastructure bill got bipartisan guns, some type of gun bill out there to a degree and then he's just got his many bill back better plan, and then immediately stayed on vacation and it didn't seem to really help him that much of the polls. Summer speculated on one of them. This because he's passing his agenda and not necessarily the agenda that helps the American people first and foremost inflation. This bill does not help inflation even though it's named after it. They've quickly pivoted and now called the climate bill basically even know it's named the same thing you agree with that, there may be the president's approval rating is at 40 because he's doing stuff for his people not initially American people) that when you're calling something a fight inflation.

I can really let the Purpose of this bill is really great credibility issues that the knowledge of the Republican argument that inflation is the top issue the cost of goods because of The pronation of the racemic rhetoric with that we really because we need the parameters of the fighting inflation building about mainly about climate change in healthcare so the best thing the Democrats got the bill of that they were united, but that you mentioned balancing page warrant that that helps the party of disillusionment dispirited going into the midterm. But the notion that voters are to be going to the polls November voted on this bill got them for many years really doesn't give a priority right now. The cost of goods because the grocery cost � I bet that it is really more of a nothing burger at the market have a huge impact on the victim to director so that's just interesting Lucy was to happen.

Obviously it's a lifetime and they would have to see the present again at some point he comes off occasional Wednesday. Couple of things that one take a look at and that's what's happening with candidates. They could be in this race. One is Gavin Newsom. One reason people experts like you might conclude that he is going to put his hat in the ring is his decision to not support this supervised drug drug and just injection center.

These sites that allow people and give people drugs to inject themselves in the Safeway is something that maybe Californians might like the rest of the country would be repulsed by if you want to win over the rest of the country you don't say yes to this. He said no to it Californians with support injection center not popular even with that's why he also is looking to 2024 and a possible presidential campaign.

That said, let there a lot of other issues in California. One of the many problems that California weather rising crime homelessness, but right will carpeting on the middle class to afford the house of the big city.

The big market in California so yeah the part about Newsom challenged ever want to run for president is dealing with the California story which is not been a good story for all Californians.

Can I do think that Newsom parties move left work see if someone from outside of Washington Italy. You could see him as a very plausible candidate.

Just with the base like he certainly have appeal to charismatic government, big, big Democratic state, but boy, it's not just the drug injection site but the progressive prosecutors and temperatures going away.

If the homelessness crisis to provide the real thing. There a lot of other challenges the wood frame to be very vulnerable part of a general election. The record event that you government in California absolutely so Connell meets amused by what he didn't say that is we are going to win the Senate listen is probably a greater likelihood of the house is different candidate quality without any thanks that was exactly of the new Rockne speech where Kevin McCarthy's cheerleading all around that's on Mitch McConnell's approach doesn't he want to be in the majority was behind this hot old to determine the outcome of the quality of the candidate from child support when your when you're losing you. Have a tough season of the manager point but you have any ownership or a lot of finger-pointing going on and is already a lot of finger-pointing going on. This decrease is the scrimmage of publicly and you're already seeing a lot of fingers being pointed. McConnell had very concerned candidates from the outset that you got behind Herschel Walker in Georgia, but like masters in Arizona. Dr. Bucher candidate were not McConnell pop choices so people trumps candidate clearly McConnell and Trump do not have a good relationship right now I Mrs. McConnell, I'm not sure you pick up the Senate because of some of the quality of the candidate that had nothing to do. It just is amazing because I expect you to say that you're an analyst, I would expect the senator to say that and just make bring questions up to people yeah I don't really know about this Dr. from TV. I'm not sure about this one back from Georgia.

Since editors, the most powerful center in the Republican Party listen to a Newt Gingrich says he says when you look at Fetterman when you see his health. When you see his track record understand that he's Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders would not get elected in Pennsylvania. He believed Dr. Oz is going to be fine.

Got 22 Raven Fetterman somebody so radical that he can't possibly represent the people of Pennsylvania. And I think that's what makes all this dangerous. We just saw this in Wyoming where Liz Cheney was repudiated, getting only 29% of the vote. And I think that's because you have this growing gap. I suspect when the average Pennsylvania looks at Dr. Oz's real record looks at Fetterman's real record asked themselves which person is going to fight for Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate have a hunch arises and when a surprisingly big victory and I know new dues work personally with Herschel Walker to get him ready, on various issues walkers within the margin of error. What's the biggest hurdle for eyes did not commit conservative Republican. Even with trumps endorsement that he was credible on the big issues they care about the big picture. I write that you know this becomes a race between a very progressive guy Fetterman and the Republican come home to worry getting the Republican on the same team of doctors McConnell you have a lot of conservative activists in Pennsylvania that watch video about the show that think that you don't align with their with their will. But I think I close Pennsylvania going." In a competitive state and same with majority of his close Walker is trailing in the polls, but only by a few points, mostly margin of error, and that you have a bunch of places that are still competitive and Republican haven't started earning a lot of money a lot more money in the next couple months, and the millions of dollars into the creek Senate battleground figure preceded like you doing some scouting report on on advocate and maybe some of them think they have a good chance but the braces really haven't begun yet starting at 13 candidate on the campaign trail map of people start paying attention � of prison trumpets into the race the candidates will generally candidates. I see getting in would be Gov. Christie I see Gov. Young Ken and Mike pence.

Do you see any others. The legitimate candidates. I think you against while I would not rule that out now.

I think that the rate what happened over the last couple weeks without monologue improve the centers which it has gone from being tied with trumpets on pole now being back in second place by quite some distance, but no I would not know. It depends on how Trump walks by the time to think that have to make vision. He is the Republican that's generating a whole lot of interest and support from a lot of the public of all stripes. And that that is the most important candidate for certain terms of the Jamaican process, whether direct or not it would change the trajectory of the complaint against it, but my theory is if DeSantis wins the dam damage you have to do to Trump and each other would mean that he lose a lot of Trump supporters and why, why, if that's the price you pay, you can't win the general final thought on that the risk that is definitely the risk but you also mentioned Chris Christie Bryant. He decided not to run 2020 2012 against Mitt Romney. I think you might regret that that might've been his moment to shine and come up with way too long. Your dealership in her home state and that opportunity with four great analysis.

Thanks so much Josh calls human children sit down at the bottom of the talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show is while that Hollywood in general is very anti-God. Yes, they promote guns more than any other media on the planet right all the best movies, whether it's the gray man whether you watch the terminal list or mission impossible. All guns save the day gone kill aliens guns kill werewolves guns kill every everyone bad gets killed by guns. Guns should have guns is crazy Joe Rogan knows Hollywood knows hypocrisy Alex real quick and WABC in Brooklyn.

Alex think the technical actually about what you're open to set could be Hollywood. They feel responsible for many of the shooting there educating kids into the environment where there watching all these shooting movies could be. They want to guns at streets and out of the hand of the kids because they feel partly responsible. But the thing about the border I wanted.

I think that it's so wrong to give for these illegal immigrants on cell phones five-star hotels and all this money when we have thousands of homeless veterans and homeless American people on the streets right between the illegal immigrants better than the people that are homeless on the street, then maybe you don't them and because you feel bad for that why you treating them better than our own to the think that's right. Alex is so much under so many other things that New Yorkers need can't give his people don't pay taxes here are radio show like no other, kill me. I took action. My own hands. I directed corrections, inclusive vision to immediately examine whether or not this parole violation occurred yesterday telling you this is a person lifetime massive minutes ago that person is now in custody that is at my direction. People of New York need to know that the governor I'll stand up and protect. Oh come on, Gov. Hogan standing up into the sucker punch video cycled around for 24 hours and they knock you down to a misdemeanor set of attempted murder, despite the fact that victim was in a coma with a brain bleed and a crushed eye socket and was on permanent lifetime probation sit down with us now, managing area, managing editor of the American mind, and author of the last days of New York, I would say set those are enough about a New York politics and just about anyone over the last few decades.

Seth your reaction to Gov. Holcomb stepping up and being tough on crime superior meat that was to rip one thing I was on lifetime parole for raping a teenager 30 years ago so she's saying what she's greatly saying like we should be happy that you did that because otherwise you'd still be on the streets. I think that's the real problem. The fact of the matter is parole for the been violated instantly and you know she did have anything to do with that. The real question is why was he allowed back out after punching the guy in the face that was ridiculous because of these terrible bail laws and she won't do anything about it.

DA push for that to Bronx DA absolutely absolute in the Bronx. Downgraded the charges the cops had for attempted murder, and she downgraded it to a misdemeanor assault. How is that a misdemeanor, walking up behind somebody and punching them go fight argument listed here is the main problem is Kathy Vogel doesn't want to do her job. She does want to push the legislature to change the laws or impose a danger to realize Brian New York is the only state in the entire country that did not have an interest in standard which means that the judge can say okay will this person is clearly a danger to the community. They're not getting bail. New York doesn't have that and you know why because the leftists say, oh, that'll just let racist judges you know keep keep black and brown people in jail. That's ridiculous because the claimant judges up in the Bronx country. This is a total disaster. Kathy Vogel is ridiculous. I can't imagine anybody why I don't think anyone is good result was about to have a press conference and she Trump to buy 30 minutes in order to say that I told you everything you need to know what the state. The people in power in the state have completely lost it all. Holcomb wants to talk about and goes for Eric Adams to all they want talk about gardens and the need for federal gun control and know that New York so whenever there's somebody punching somebody somebody stab somebody that point were state prevent because they can't start squawking about gardens Sunni federal gun cassettes. Also they wanted to talk about qualified immunity. That's with you if you want to win in New York and beat the odds where there's every three Democrats everyone Republican you have to run on crime.

This is affecting everybody's life and even in the suburbs is, but especially the city and soon in the extremely nice areas bleed into their pun intended often and that's what that's what I think we Zelda has to run on, and he's gotta get somehow into the city at the keys got up state of these get the majority of Long Island, but he needs what about 30% in New York City, I've heard that would need one word look look at the top Republican to win a statewide election. It happened it could be good year because I mean failures of the Democrats who have total control of the entire state and they got everything they want and everything and everything. But it got weeks he will you know I mean it's just a total meltdown every single day brought it every day there's another case of somebody getting punched him in somebody somebody stabbed in the subway to Park. It's ridiculous. We didn't see this before.

It's not a mystery. It's a question of policing and law enforcement as a contract to be heavy-handed. It's just like a no. What's up what's split the rest people what to say and write the same people committing the crime. Every single time. The majority the crime is a very small number of people the cops are disempowered, 35, 30 to 35,000 allowed with the NYPD Dell Eric Allen seems to be talking a big game. Unlike DiMaggio has he made a marked improvement in any place well murder, shooting down a little bit but crime is up 34% crime violent crime is way so I need maybe there maybe gone after a few the people or the shooters thoughts.

I mean as far like random street crime.

No terrible. I mean, he seems to really enjoy like being the bearer. Currently that's what like Bloomberg said about Emily being there, but it's not a book again. He says well the drudgery need to do something to DA need to do something. Need to do something he needs to go out needs to go to his friend's restaurant going to get there. Erica evidently said he said night like they are. For example, went to this Eurobond high-end Midtown eatery and he is one telling one who is going with you.

Also gets into exclusive clubs because $4000 earplugs Eurobond and he says I will not tell you I went with because they know this and you'll harass them. But he loves hanging out at night. I don't mind if you want to be celebrity, but he's got.

At first, do his job, swirling dirty stuff going on. Maybe not mean anything, it would convicted felon taking taking favors know you're right. All of that would be nothing like keeping crime down and street which is what he ran on. Frankly that's what he was elected yeah people outside the country since Darren don't know New York like you do list here and write about in your books and your columns don't understand. They think they probably Kathy Holcombe was the next to the heir apparent to governor, but in reality he had absolutely no relationship she was looking to sell out New York State upstate New York named her and now she's governor is she equipped no particular appointed governors because he needed a woman and he needed someone pliable and like euro total accident and she's trying to carry her across the line. What would she report appointed to serve that attorney, Yuri County Clerk. She terrible feet. She's took really bad and not qualified but no luck. You were stuck with what we got in New York State. Unfortunately had to be right big story over the weekend about Gov. Cuomo from the number one Democratic governor in the country. A man many people thought well we should Will be president. Now he's sleeping on his his brothers couch or his sister's house. What happened to him and why you think you can mount a comeback. Well, you know that good? I thought if he ran really with the harassment allegations that so much bad governor, but harassment 5 million to write a book about surviving the pandemic with the nursing home. Things still think so. Well, I don't like the popular you know a lot of people do so like some political payback going on that that people in it within the party took him out for their own reasons apparently still pulls pretty well. I whether there's a comeback coming. I mean the guy going, not like it. It would be interesting to see I guess so since Darren test a lot. Thanks so much.

It's all Matt since Darren NYC and also read about them on the American mindset. Thank you. Bryan's book the last days New York is out there quite insightfully humorous. So we come back I'll finish up your clothes and find out there is indeed more no use of the brain to Michelle. So glad you're in your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me say welcome back everyone got a few minutes. Here, the people we are close of the show me a ride you if you want to have a great red white and blue night and I think you'll enjoy the oven interact something I love doing on the show going Brian kill will be in Albany at a September 8 and November 11, 12th and 13th.

I'll be from Brandon, Mississippi going out over to Tulsa, Oklahoma. So go to Brian kill order tickets and the whole if you get the VIP I get there early, have a chance to talk to answer questions on your books. So let's find out if there's more to know Tom Brady returns the box practice nice of them. 11 days off after he took tutee after he took 11 days to deal with a personal issue. What is that about Vern Brad Brady initially left camp on August 11 with box and coach Todd Bowles explained to reporters at the time the quarterback was doing was some personal things to other books. Meanwhile, play two preseason games while Brady was out losing to Miami and to the Titans August 20. I wonder if this guy even committed to still want to do this is going to be celebrity. I mean, I hope it's nothing serious, but it wasn't really serious and just want to do personal things. I mean come on what's happening. The rest the team has and feel right guy retired stay retired.

If you don't want to play it. If you have a personal issue. You know, some with your family and then go have added you 45 years old should be able to but it is just to do a production deal or a business deal. That's not cool. Next, Ray denies being the mass singer appearance during the break in the Buccaneers to be 12 at social media in a frenzy last week when you suspect doing the quarterback was taking a break to be the mass singer atop those precepts have been a mystery considering the messaging is all about secrets would make sense for him to do that hush-hush so I mean, can Tom Brady even one perfect your amazing voice as it was. You actually sing in a guess who's singing here in some elaborate costumes. You can't tell who the person is it on the third thing little bit, but the cost is daily on a doing some windstorm all I am when the judge is why would you do that thing and that really don't think he is. But imagine he comes out like likable blame place your voice your voice as all things are not judging you and what you look like, or anything strictly who is the best way next Kim and Courtney Kardashian, Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Hart of something in common. They all got slammed for using excessive water amounts during a drought in California.

I Kim Kardashian is 232,000 more gallons of water than she's permitted so low 230,000, the average Los Angeles no. 72 gallons of water now. I can't believe this rest alone that I know would ever allow this to happen. I want to get out.

I want to recount on the amount of water. Maybe there's a reason for their art minister and see if I forget what celebrity reasoning which makes sense, they have a lot of very mature trees on the property.

Think slightly rather than these fees to die not nominate or even the deeper roots if there's a drought. Overall does matter how deep you go. You're still not I see one thing you should call my brother up and your turf.

Everyone should turf their backyards. I'm sure they would love that, in Beverly Hills next Brian James son Bryce. I do not know your son Bryce 15 received his first college basketball scholarship offer.

He tweeted this out on Sunday. Bryce shared an Instagram story they received his first Division I offer from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania quote blessed to receive my first D1 offer from Duquesne hashtag go Dukes James as part of the cuts at 2025. The prominent college vessel recruiting Alan don't have a store rating for him as of yet. He six 365 pounds, which is not great dimensions for vessel fiber doesn't preclude you from anything he's got. Have got have quickness to my questions of you getting it off is that usually a full ride. Can you like to further that might seminar think that he actually need someone to pay for his college minutes fathers of Ron James thought about what is Lebron James new salary anyway like he takes back salary. Michael Jordan never took Max salary want to leave the room for the player. I found out helping the little people. I mean he doesn't have any money. His dad has a true notice to Lebron. The paper is not college education. Think about the NIL this cake you get just by being Lebron son I didn't name him the coldest because this is the name of Nebraska wide receiver who got in a CDL because he was named the coldest next. I didn't see this. I didn't see his video yet I keep reading about it. Evidently the Finnish prime minister sodomite Maren tested negative for drugs Monday.

Why would she do that because she was seen partying and seem a little out of it at a party and she's 36 or so to bring the country a great country my manual wonderful beautiful country.

Evidently, in a very attractive woman and she was a little risqu� in the way she was dancing. Quote I will family life.

I work life and I have free time to spell my friends pretty much the same as many people my age quote I will be exactly the same person I've always been until now and hope that will be accepted.

How you feel about that. If you running your country a 36-year-old is dancing in a very provocative way. I think very provocative is that of an exaggeration. Given the way we see some other celebrities danced celebrity surely I spent a different standard.

I saw she was at her friend started having fun. It wasn't overly risqu�.

I did not keep all of the videos they mean. This is the problem.

Now if you actually got running allow you to be out dancing all night by Jerry Nadler, you have to worry about him dancing in a risqu� way or even bending his legs or his knee.

Maren is the world's youngest head of state. Her nighttime activities have made headlines when she appeared unfinished nightclub finished I Qu�bec to be exposed to someone was positive coping. 19. Maren face further criticism in the incident for leaving a government phone at home during the night out. I should have used better consideration on Saturday nightmare not on Facebook. I'm really sorry but issue is on younger and attractive and chemically see sort of the headlines read about Mary Adams dying out negative stories as much of you have about her pain truly want to see him dancing Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday vetoed a bill that would've allowed major cities like Los Angeles attempters consider facilities where drug ice can shoot up supervised by it was called SP 57. Newsom conceded such facilities would be helpful but worry that if someone without a strong plan they could work against his purpose. Worsening drug consumption you think so worst idea ever.

I understand the whole thing about give drug addicts, drugs, and they do it free, used dirty needles and diet spread hepatitis.

Whatever it is what you do not win national office.

If you do this makes one think that he's thinking beyond California because in California you would face almost 0 blowback they want to become the president he would not sad day for California's overdose death says State Sen. Scott Weiner, I would change his name, a Democratic Democrat from Tampa to school who authored the bill called Newsom's veto, tragic, and a huge lost opportunity.

Weiner maybe not over 100 meteorologists and the resources of Fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you get your

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