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Biden cancels up to $20k in student loans, insists it's "fair"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 25, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden cancels up to $20k in student loans, insists it's "fair"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 25, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:10:31] Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX)

[00:18:25] Rich Lowry

[00:36:47] Marc Thiessen

[00:55:10] Carley Shimkus

[01:13:32] David Avella

[01:31:50] Charlie Hurt

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Why is New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me. Thank you much for being here by you throwing to me Joe Kurtzman, Kevin Brady will be with us. He's the ranking member.

The House Ways and Means Committee once was chair he'll be retiring soon and I think giving up food to Morgan Luttrell. But until that time he'll be joining us to get his take on tapping their economy more numbers in and so much more in the bottom of the hour, Rich Larry from the national review giver perspective on what everybody should take away from this primary season 76 days until the midterm. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three right now we are doing about the situation I'd be in Washington every minute saying we have to close the border.

New York City is saying what can we do. We have over a thousand illegal immigrants.

Texas has had over 2 million. Yeah that's called a national idea. George protected the buses keep coming to New York City because border still broken in Texas in the fact the fax numbers and the bite administration's negligence coming your way. This is clearly a fishing expedition either to get at documents and former president trumps possession and to use this as a August surprise, thanks to climate change that the October surprise are coming earlier. That is true for me doing trunk drama and what it means for 2022 midterms is the red wave is in jeopardy. Even if the red wind is not a lot of these folks in small business are working, middle-class families who needed help the right thing to do. So the outrage over helping working people. Student student loans. I think is simply wrong wrong, of course, you don't think it's dead wrong. That's why you waffled on it for months. As you know, it's wrong. It's uneven loan forgiveness presence fulfills a campaign promise, but I think his promises to be a big problem, especially for those who paid off their loans or who make sure not to take out one and who decided not to go to college and keep in mind to. If you ever missed the show. This owes the podcast which you can get anywhere. Bring to me and anywhere you get your podcast so let's talk about this when talk about is loan forgiveness, which I think is unforgivable.


Okay, why would two relevance overview make over hundred 25,000 you not eligible every eligible for a Pell grant which means your extreme financial services extreme financial need. Then you can get up to 20,000 because you decide to sign off on student loan erroneously, perhaps foolishly, and you decided after two years. This president said, I really feel bad for the college kid so I'm going to take 10,000 off with AO showing you that no good deed goes unpunished in the present binds mine Cory Bush, the NAACP says it's racist.

Why is just 10. The average college-age woman owes 52 if you're black so you don't like black people.

And if you're Tim Ryan.

If you're Michael Bennett. If you Larry Summers. If you, Jason Furman, your old Democrats you all think this is a bad move for the country, not Susan Rice, whose idea it probably is cut nine hands right now and there there are people who decided to college or join the armed forces there. Yes, there is but there's also a double standard.

And this is a debate we are happy to have really were having a dumb move.

Now if is really flat out buying votes take those people that owe a lot of money and take a little less maybe total and people should be focusing on the interest rate students above the prime so you have a kid get to a good school. The school was about $70,000 or $50,000 in between 50 and maybe if it's NYU I think it's up to 84 Georgetown George Washington University run $84,000 well grades are good enough got some academic money but can't afford it. So I think alone still can't afford to take our parent loan and congratulations get your degree in Europe against.

I feel bad for your for that, but still you sign on that. A lot of people get the cars they really can't afford that really the sum of the car payments outstrip their mortgage or their rent nights.

I could move you might regret it, but I'm not to pay for when he saying is you pay for and listen to this idiotic statement that he made as he was leaving the press conference after taking I think between his covariate. The reoccurrence of golden taking those weeks off. The guy has been working in about a month so it gives a press conference forgives loans and then says this as he leaves, cut seven I will never apologize for helping Americans working working America's middle-class, especially not to the same folks who voted for $2 trillion tax cut. Maybe benefited the wealthiest Americans in the biggest corporations that slowed economy didn't do a lot for economic growth and wasn't paid for and racked up this enormous deficit is so much wrong with what he said number 1.the 1% of the top bracket that was decreased by the trump tax cuts number two the corporate tax rate is far outstripping every other Western industrialized economy. I was about 35%. They knocked down to the low 20s under the Trump administration. It gave rocket fuel to the economy when it could bring corporations get a tax cut. It doesn't benefit the CEO, it doesn't just then benefit the stock and stockholders, many of which are in your 401(k)s or your 501(c)(3)'s whatever it is, it also benefits people to work there, whether you, the free just out of college and you're making lateral 45,000 or 65,000 you benefit when you corporate tax rate beach corporations go the invest elsewhere and a lot of the manufacturing comes home, people voted for the people he didn't vote for. Was it because Donald Trump added in the so far not the corporate tax rate really hasn't picked up and were competitive for the first time nobody really wouldn't trade this economy for the one that Donald Trump had pre-pandemic.

Nobody most of the carts were lower and I can't give someone a tax cut either.

Can you if they don't pay taxes, which is any which was basically 49% of the country, cutting their just idiotic statement. It's nonsensical statement is all about college and his decisions to go to college and college you pick, and for me personally.

I remember I graduated 1986 and I remember getting my financial I got got into NYU and it cost at that time 22,000 and they said here's your grand academic rent. Okay cool I hear is your student loan guarantees to loan all right and international direct student loan and it didn't even our rack up to half without even living on campus in Manhattan so I said really can't go want to go there to play soccer thereto had the best TV and film may be in the country outside Syracuse at the time leave University Missouri bike and go there so went to the school at a great time almost transferred still didn't get enough money, but I still had four years of student loans now in proportion in the 80s. I don't know. Maybe it's a little bit more expensive then it is now at 70, but in proportion to the 80s committed by the money in academic money and other money that you might be able to get grants pretty much in proportion but you make decisions other people out there saying yeah like the little for your school, but I need to help work to help my family. I like to go to for your school, but I'm better off going with community college so I can work at the same time and spend my next two years in a four-year school, I'm not in that decision that you so I don't really want to pay for your decision.

Norton should you pay for mine. But now that's all changed thanks to socialists like Elizabeth Warren cut 17 not off the price that Mitch McConnell is attacking. Attacking is because it is bearing very popular popular among Democrats and independents, Republicans, popular wine think there's anything left in America who doesn't know somebody struggling with student one has become part of our country. Their only sin was to want to try to get an education and not be in a family that could afford to write a check and what were saying as a nation we can do better than I gotta tell you how detached she is when Michael Bennett, the senator from Colorado wants to get reelected.

When Tim Ryan wants to defy the odds. These will Democrats by the way, you probably don't know if you don't know he's trying to be be JD Vance and become a senator from Ohio. Anybody that's running in a district that is in bright blue is virtually against this or silent, so Larry Summers aid to trade the former treasury sector for Pres. Obama. If you're not upset you're not surprising. Mitch McConnell is like it okay what about the Democrats Kevin Brady next will break this down Branko Michelle, your knowledge base. Ryan kill me show precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Mao and Fox news or wherever you get your podcast Fox news network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast.

Listen now by doing a Fox News five fastest three hours and radio your Ryan kill made Mark and others like them who have significant economic perspective not going to have an impact on inflation independent have been very clear that he is making responsible decisions is going to help people make sure that it doesn't have an impact on inflation.

Yet Mark Sandy Wood by Larry Summers whereby Jason Furman, what about Kevin Brady Thompson from Texas Congressman, your reaction to this move. I don't get it. American taxpayers personal campaign plus and it is immoral. I think about an unfair thing about my neighborhood. We really did man he's worked three jobs as long as I've known him, including selling carpet on the weekend to wipe just make sure that their daughter could go to a state college and graduate with a good degree with no student so 15 years probably do that now have to fax to go pay all someone else's student that just look at. She got you got a single mom will crap the bed of the computer science that she got up plumber of the position of janitor The death of the psychologist is often spent cleaning.

It's just wrong. I think think think this is all about boats but I think American rebel against working families and those didn't take them out of college. I think there's been a huge backlash.

Yeah, actually. So I am looking political this morning I see senator Catherine Cortez master once you're elected she quote I don't agree with today's executive action it doesn't address the root problem making college affordable. We should be focusing on passing legislation to expand Pell grants. Jared golden this decision by the present is out of touch, Chris Papp, Lisa Democrats, New Hampshire. This announcement oppresses no way to make policy and sidesteps Congress Tim). While there's no doubt that a college education is about open opportunities waving debt for those already on this trajectory.

Financial security sends the wrong message. Michael Bennett something very similar know who loves it. Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Rafael Warnock Warnock is placing his own breasts because the people of Georgia don't by this law are all in blue-collar caller state. Working you know don't don't all may know about people who are more well-to-do maybe Amaral $90 trillion or more to be challenged by the cards. I think we know Pres. Amber using authority from like 9/11 authority so hopeful it sounds and reports that magic is a fraction of that will bring a marker so bad managing fraction that will getting people skills in developing more welders more farmers, more skilled trade craving right now many different family okay so here's what present by said by your tax reform to help Hassan right cut seven I will never apologize for helping Americans working working America's middle-class, especially not to the same folks who voted for $2 trillion tax cut. Maybe benefited the wealthiest Americans in the biggest corporation that slowed economy didn't do a lot for economic growth is that how you describe the tax reform. Is that accurate not know what else repeatedly, including my liberal groups turned leading nominee claim simply not true. Why every opportunity to get the bottom line to forms traded more household income in one year and all eight years under Obama and Biden people out of poverty first century started to reduce income inequality. Everything from Republican tax right now only 20%. The country think were on the right track and it's been two years since the pandemic we been held down artificially in these blue states especially and finally at the thatch is going be leaving, but with damage he did ask to Congressman about was having with illegal immigration. Is this the worst that you have seen your reaction between Gov. Abbott shipping willing white migrants, illegal immigrants to New York City in the battle between the mayor and the governor. It's hard how bad it is beyond anything quickly deal with courseware pain and deep-fried drug trafficking game sex trafficking. Unfortunately, I do more sex trafficking in the country so frustrating to watch mayors in New York and DC. Joe send out the alarm welcome to Joe Biden's America open borders and they're just getting a tiny fraction of their overwhelmed think about what's happening. Mentoring Christ. That silly 60s way the midterms I know you like to run again. But I know you want to see the Republicans in charge. Consider the Red Wings. In jeopardy, and if so is it because of the dog decision. I don't think it Democrats.a temporary bump that you know are on track for a major win in November. But we are not taken for granted. No campaigning right now anything you know, Democrats like are going to pull out all the stops to try to buy the selection so that's why you see our commitment to America from House Republicans really about. You know the opposite day," wrote program working from security and privacy agenda. Americans are never allowed to do so different from this radical agenda their nursing right now because they don't work within single digits of Gov. Abbott yeah I don't think you stamped a chance to run all you see the big project objections were purple state were going to go blue or nine and back were gaining stretching the congressional level, but the local mayors level" that you got my report no waning right now. She's already needing my old or new commercial districts against Vincent taken solace's candidate Kevin Brady will talk you again soon. Always great to get your insight will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen just Fox news can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news by or wherever you get your favorite podcast talkshow that's getting you talk you are with Brian kill me.

People think that the president of the 19th does not he can postpone can delay but he does not have that have to be an act of Congress, the most powerful woman in the history, Democratic politics, says the president does not have the power to do what he did yesterday. Rich Lowry has the power to join us now enter of Nash review author of the case for nationalism.

Rich is she right yesterday won't you write a month ago when she was at, or year ago when she was asked about this area.

I wonder looking back why she was so categorical about it, but I think it and that timeframe they're trying to talk down the left and the AOC types and try to convince them know this is gonna happen, don't get your hopes up, and now course, she's totally changed her tune, but the legal justification for this is so thin and pretextual.

There, pointing at the thing called heroes act, which is basically your member the active-duty military and is in a terrorist attack on the US. Deployed overseas, and they want to make sure that your your ear not you status of your loan. It isn't harmed by that but the idea that this would apply to the entirety of the country. Some people benefited from the pandemic right they got enhance unemployment benefits or they got free checks and that they might not been heard at all, so why would you give them the sweeping loan forgiveness if anyone moves so the whole thing is is ridiculous. If someone can get standing against it. That's an and if someone can demonstrate a harm and nothing gets in the courts is no way to get struck down right brings it forward and it it be difficult it might be someone you know who's on on the cost to who is affected by the cut off.

You know who makes hundred and $25,000 and one dollar a year so doesn't get the loan forgiveness were someone at hundred 20 5K does. Maybe someone like that. But if he gets it gets in the court that there's no way it's expanding in this is just a terrible trend. You know, Barack Obama did the pennant phone and trumpeted the diversion of funding for the wall which I think is wrong and and now binds in two or three.

They think clearly, way beyond his authority in the present United States is not a monarchy is a busted execute the laws.

Not rewrite them on the fly based on his own power to this a terrible trend for the country is several though that we get enough money for the wall and I think Jerry Chris was in yesterday said he found a way to repurpose a defense money and said that I can rationalize this because it is defense of the country and he was desperate as to colorable legal Competency.

Note Plus He Was Right First Time Round on This One Congress to Do It.

Congress Should've Funded the Wall If It but about More Than Amnesty Congress to Pass the Congress Is Supposed to Be the Preeminent Lawmaking Body and and We Gotten Away from That to so A Lot Of People Don't Agree with You Rich. On the Left and by the Way Pointed out Earlier That Sen. Michael Bennet Democrat, Not for This. Tim Ryan Wants to Be the Center for Mild Not for Congressman.

You and Larry Summers Not for Jason Furman, Not Ford, but Guess It Was for It.

Let's Listen Together. Cut 15 Is Where Is That College Has Gotten Too Expensive, and 20 Campaign Clients.

He Told a Really I Thought Heartrending Story about Why It Is Personally so Important to Him.

His Family Cannot Afford to Send Him to College and He Talked about How His Father Felt Ashamed to Get Another Victory for for the President and His Supporters.

And As You Now Tie in Your View for the Rest Abbott Country As a Whole and Take off Your Political Hat on That Front.

Everyone Would like to Have Their Their Loans Pay down and Go to College. Unbelievable Right I Mean Is Even Rh IIB I Took out I Took a Four Years Loans and When I Moved I Went up to the Bagley Solution Can Lessen These Payments Will Yield an Extended Two More Years Are Set Great.

So I Did It and Then I Had Asked for a Deferment, I Got It but I Never Thought a Million Years. I Wouldn't Even Be Late for a Payment and Listen I Did. I Know What It's like. I Made a Decision and I Also Didn't Get to Go to More Expensive School Because I Didn't Have That Money. I Didn't Want to Loans on on Top of the 40 for Two Kinds of That Point, Rich. Everyone's Got Their Own Story.

Other People You Know I Never Want to Go to College Other Said I Couldn't Afford to Go.

Other Said You Know I Dropped out Because I Start Seeing the Debt Piling up. So I Think Politically It Seems to Be a Man without More, Evermore Talking about but Could You Tell Me If I'm Wrong. Politically, It Might've Ticked off More People Than It Helped. Maybe I'm Just Not Sure. Obviously They They Think It's a Big Collection and They Need to Gin up Turn on the Time to Democrat Turnout Is Is up in Some of the Special Election They Think This Will Juice It Further but This Just per Your Story. There Is a Active in the near Times This Young Young Woman, Children of Mexican Child of Mexican Immigrants. She Went to Community College for Two Years and Then Got into UCLA and It Story about How She Was Yelped with Joy and Adornment When She Heard This Was Come through $25,000 in Debt and Then at the End Almost If Your Heartstrings Are Just Starting to Be Pulled Back the Endnotes and She's Currently Working on Her Masters Degree at the London School of Economics Really Think She Sees the Child Need Help. I Mean That There Are Millions of Children of Immigrants Who Aren't Going to College, Let Alone the London School of Economics Certificate to the Rank Unfairness of This so I'm Hoping Republican Compound at Home and It Hurt Summit Terrible Policy on This. Not Sure about It, Believe That the Democrats Are Building off to Dobbs Decision and Starting to Get Some Momentum and I Were You Looking at That Race in New York and Saying That That That's a Canaria Call My Will Known Ari Lost Yeah I Mean a near Different Rest of the Country, Obviously, but We Got a Couple Flashing Red Signs Now Right at the Generic Ballot Where Democrats Have Markedly Improved.

You Have These Special Elections and You Have in Senate Races, Republicans Are Are Still under Performing so It's It's concerning. I Still Think the House of the Lock.

But As We Talked about You Know for for Weeks Now That You Want about Senate Okay Here We Go.

Let's Move on and Talk about A Few of the Things Number One When You When You Talk about What You Wrote about with Mayor Garland in the Drama with a Present from so Listen Present from the Could Make Things Very Easy Not to Get a Documents Just Left He Did. He Took Him and How We Got to This Point and You Just Say Listen Summit Democrat Was Even Investigated and You Have To Go Back to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton Handle Being Investigated G Just Sit There and Kick Back and Say Hope This Turns out Good Honey Yeah so Natural When When You Get Investigated You Feel Defensive of Him and the Guy Getting Investigative Fights Back with the Ferocity of a Tiger We Thought with Bill Clinton. The Independent Counsel Investigation We Saw with the Holy Emails by the End Know They Were Excoriating Games Coming in Are Justifiably in Some Respects, Shouldn't of Been Speaking Publicly about That Case but but the Idea That If the If This Was a Raid Carried out during the George W. Bush Administration by the FBI against John Kerry or Al Gore That You the Media and All the Democrats Women Only Okay There Was a Warrant to Find out More Than They Would've Gone Absolutely Bonkers. So I Think That Reaction Is Natural It's It's Very American. It Goes to a Deep Distrust of Both Sides Have of Executive Power. One Is Wielded by the Other Side, but It Seems You Know We We Need to Learn More Never Than Entrusting a Leak in Leaks Media Reports Again. That Said, What Was Seen so Far Suggests That Trump Would Be Better Served Cooperating More Than He Did, but That We Need to Learn More. So the Reactions We Expect Today This Afternoon. I Have a Different Take. I Think That I Believe They Won't Overreact Because They Don't Want to Extend This. They Want to Get to the Heart of the Cc Some Downside to Extending This Investigation. So I Believe They'll Make It Interesting. So the Judge Could Release If They Reject Everything and Send It Back. This Gives Them More Time. Leslie Read Their Case Is Really Terrible and They're Scared to Death of It Coming out, Which Means the Judge Could Look at Allowing Allowing the Rate to Happen. I Think We Might Get a Bigger Look Today What You Think.

Maybe I'm Not Sure about That. I Don't Think the Affidavit Resolve Much and Also I Would Assume It Can Be Favorable to the Government Ramming This Who Can Be the Strongest Version of Their Case Why They Need to Go Get the Stuff so It's It's Can It, I Would Imagine There's Can Be Alarming Sounding Things in There, but I Don't Think Any of This Can Be Resolved until We We Get More Than Account.

What Exactly Were These Top-Secret Dock As Well As the Nature of Them Right at a Transcript of Phone Calls with Foreign Leaders, Which Might Be Top-Secret but Is Not Consenting Once Hair on Fire or Are They Really about Programs and No One Knows about or It Could Endanger Informants Here That That's a Different Beast Altogether. So I I Don't Think until We Know That, and They Were Not to Know That for Very Long Time.

It's Hard to Get to the Ground Truth Here through I Will Say That It's Donna Day. Evidently They Describe These Boxes Is Not Collated, They Were Really Organized and Had to Go through This at Telling the President Absolutely Number Two You Would Do You Been around the White House More Than I Have. I Did Not Know That Cindy Berg Had Go to the National Archives to Get the Sensitive Documents Is Taken down His Pants. No Joke I Did Not Know the Present Could Keep That around the White House.

I Thought That the National Archives Hold and T Needed in the Minute You Get a Transcription from When He Talked to the Present of Hungry They Take It in the West It so I Did Not Know This Was Accessible to Any President so People Have Explained to Me.

Look, If You Really Have a Top-Secret Document in about about a Sensitive Program CIA Program Somewhere, It Comes into the Oval Office Right As Part of a Briefing and Whoever Brought It in Their Responsibility to Pack It Back in Their Bag Lock It and Take It Back to the Agency Work Goes into a Triple Locked Safe for the Idea That That Even in a Chaotic Exit at the End They Can Tell That Though the White House Are Sure to Go Find That Kind of Document and Bring It with You If It's Implausible and If It Even If You Knew Where to Get It. No One to Let Him Have It, You Know, and If He Took It Immediately. Huge Alarm Bells Would Go off in the Next Call for the Washington Post. We All Know so It Does Make You Wonder What Truly Is the Nature of These Documents and and Byron York Is Pointing out That the Other Day This Big Washington Post Story Yesterday on on the Document Suddenly That the Phrase Nuclear Weapons Was Nowhere That Was a Poster a Week or Two.

Get Plaintiff Related to Nuclear Weapon and Apparently Not Been Dropped Right. That's Exactly down Some. Once My Lago. I Would Love to Have like Where the How Would to Launch Nuclear Weapons from My Resorts, Chris Workers, a Former Assistant FBI Director. He Was on Fox and Friends. First You the Big Story That I Want to Get You to Weigh in on Was the Hunter Biden Whistleblower Story. Evidently a FBI Agent Went up to Sen. Ron Johnson Say Listen.

They Told Us to. As Soon As a Hunter by Laptop Broke, Don't Touch It Don't Look at It We Will Not Affect Another Election Which I Think Is Criminal Personally Hears Chris Wacker on That Information, Cut 29 I Think It Infuriates and Confuses People Because As You As I Just Mentioned the Equal Application of Justice If He Will. It Seems like This Got Buried That Hillary Clinton Matter with the with the Server in the Closet outside the Control of Government That Got Pretty Much Deep-Sixed yet All Things.

As I Said Dimension Are All Things Trump Seem to Get Aggressive, Proactive Investigations, so Now This I Talk to People inside and outside the FBI Colleagues of Mine Know a Wide Circle of People.

I Think This Is the Single Issue That Gets Them Really Worked up over How the Justice Department Is Operating Now When We Enrich Variables and It Is Exactly at Don't Hundred and 85% Chance of Rain for Printing or Something. So They Stop This Investigation Right Now, They Gonna Drop It or Not, but According to His Whistleblower We Need to Know.

You Know More Obviously Injunctive Calling on the DIG to Investigate More. Should That They Didn't Want to Touch That the Hunter Biden Think They're Worried about Affecting Election. So What What's What's the True Standard in Hillary Clinton Emailed the Affair Investigated. But No, She Broke the Law It Was Dropped Because James Comey Said Well That This Would Be Kind of an Unprecedented to Charge Someone so so Prominent for the for This Kind of Thing, or That Standard with Trump Right It Why They Are Investigating with Another Gonna Drop It If They Hurry. Standard Applies to Trust People and Saying It Is Undermining Trust in Our and Our Institutions and If True, Appalling, so We Know This When the White House Said They Had No Idea That Prove Wrong Prison Inmates in the May Memo.

It Came out, the White House Was Confronted with This and Said the Archives Has Their Blessing to Move Forward with the Investigation Were with That They Had to Do to Get This Answer so Right Away. The You Can't Say the White House Did Know Was Going on at the Very Least, so the Presence of the Records and I Had No Idea about the Rate Disturbing.

If No Disturbing If Yes but Overall If I Am Christopher Ray and I Get a Call from Eric Girl. It's a Need Some You Guys Don't Inform the Local Bureau. They Had No Idea I Need to Some You Guys to Go down Tomorrow Lago Stay There for As Long As It Takes to Get As Many Documents As Possible.

Why Would Christopher Ray Said, Are You Nuts They Hired Me to Depoliticize the Office and the Perception of the Bureau. Now You Got a Puppy in Their Present Trumps You Think There Was Pushback Will That Be a Story Would Christopher Ray Is He That Much of a Supplicant to the Department Of Justice Where He Had No Choice What You Think It's Tricky Right Would Go around Garland Call the President a Lucky That He Needed to Be Explosive or Just Salute and and Yes, the President Yeah What Were Probably Have To Wait for the Bob Order Book to Learn Nothing Targeted Story, but More the Story but I'm Sure People Were Freaked out after There Also to Memos Being Written and If They Weren't There Complete Morons Because Obviously You Know a Junior Student at an Taken Particle Size 101 in a College Somewhere Would've Known Explosive Political Effect of the Thing.

I Just Think on One Level People That Say That They'll Go in There to Get Something They Don't If They Know Exactly Where They Were Going with the So-Called Informant You Don't Spend Nine Hours. You Don't Go Open and Empty Safe. You Don't Go through Milani's Clothing Who Would Know about Milani's Clothing. Maybe I Do Note, Baron Was Barren Informant. I'm Not Sure in the and Lastly If They Walk out and There's Some Documents There That Help January 6 Investigation Rents Trump Even Usable and That They Are They That Desperate to Keep Going through the Election in Order to Do Something like This. These Are Some of the Questions He Could Begin to Get Answered Today Are Rich Have A Lot to Write about so Much That It Listen I Gave You Lot 21866408766 on a Come Back with You Because You Listen the Brain to Meet You One More. Brian Download the Podcast Had Brian Every Effort so Exclusive Interviews on Demand More. Kill Me Coming up so Busy He'll Make Kill Me.

The Other Five Tonight. Until Then, Let's Talk. Wayne, WS, KY Pay in Ocala Hey Wayne Brian Here on Yesterday. Joe Biden Mentioned in His Debt Forgiveness That This Was a Benefit Current and Future Recipients of Low.

I'm Just Curious What His Future. Me, I Don't Know Is You Forgive Everything All Those Good Grants Who's Paying for That Is Exactly Why I Was Wondering If You Could Look in the Body Address You Got It Sir. Thank You for the Call. Thank You for Ocala You Big Supporters. Molly Enables a Molly, I'm Sorry, My Bad. I Went to the Wrong Call Matt North Carolina. He Met with so You Might You Could Get Any of Your Loan Forgiven and Wondered What You Thought on This Great One. What Works for Loan Forgiveness for Putting up Illegal Migrants and Legal Immigrants and Five-Star Hotels Everything Including Smart to Have To Make a Choice to Make a Choice.

I Think You Both Horrendous. To Me That's Makes the Selection so Easy I Mean Come on 76 Days We Leave This No Red Weight. This Is Idiocy.

I Mean, I Understand. I Me. I Am so Frustrated with This Illegal Immigrant Story, Probably More Than Any Other Story and Then Just to Go out There and Be Defiant in Your Presentation and Say I'm Taken $10,000 Away from Everybody. Don't Worry about It. Meanwhile, Other People Have To Pay for Amazing Fox News Radio Studio City New York City Opinions and Facts with a Positive Brian Can Only Come in Here from New York Right 40th and Six in Midtown Manhattan Heard around the Country Heard around the World, Especially in the Ukraine. This Is the Right to Let Yoko Shimkus of the Bottom of the Hour Ride the News Back to Prince First Fellows MRT Cynthia Former Chief Speechwriter for George W. Bush. As We Await the Redacted Documents Possibly an Affidavit Could Get out to the Public Today to Find out What Precipitated the Mayor Lago Rate and We and We Are Also Finding out Five Bosses Came This Morning from Texas to New York City of Illegal Immigrants. I Watched Three of Them Unload on the Raw Feed A Lot Of Kids A Lot Of Kids There in Our School System Now Probably Great Kids. I'm Sure the Great Kids, but We Can't Raise Everybody's Children. They Get Phones That Parents Do They Get Hotel Rooms.

They Get Close. They and They Gets Our School System and English As a Second Language, Attention When That Happens, Someone Else Doesn't Victory the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Right Now We Are Doing about the Situation in Washington Every Minute Saying We Have To Close the Border.

New York City Is Saying What Can We Do. We Have over a Thousand Illegal Immigrants Texas I Sent over 2 Million Former Gov. George Pataki.

The Buses Keep Coming New York City Because Border Still Broken in Texas. The Fact the Numbers in the Biden Administration's Negligence by Orchestras at the Border Today.

This Is Clearly a Fishing Expedition Either to Get at Documents and Former President Trumps Possession to Use This As a August Surprise, Thanks to Climate Change. The October Surprises Are Coming Earlier Yes It's True from Trauma What It Means for Two 2022 Midterms As a Red Wave Is in Jeopardy. Even If a Red Win Is Not One of These Functions Will Work in Classroom Needed Help the Right Thing to Do. So the Outrage over Working People Was to Student Loans.

I Think It Is Simply Wrong Loan Forgiveness to Present Fulfills a Campaign Promise, but I Think This Promises to Be a Big Problem, Especially for Those Who Pay Their Loans or Make Sure Not to Take One or Decided Not to Go to College with Me Right Now. Marti's and Mark, You Know, Politics, and You Know Which Practical You Know What's Right. Was This the Right Thing to Do Yesterday. Forgiving $10-$20,000 Worth of Student Loans.Now I May Look in Providing Help Working A Lot, Providing $40,000 in Loan Forgiveness to a Married Couple Making $250,000.

60% of the Student Loan Debt Is Held by Rich and Upper-Middle-Class People Only 19% Is Held by Pourable Middle-Class. This Is a Massive Wealth Transfer from the Working Class of America to Be Wealthy. Wealthy American You Can Have Your Going to Going to Have Dr. Nurses Were Paying for Medical School and Work with Construction Workers Paying for the Law School Loans in Order to Defend Them in That Way with an Injured Teachers Paying for the Business School along with the Wealthy Parents Were Sending Their Schools to the Schools Firefighters Paying for the College Loan the Rich People Whose House They Say Is Just a Absolute Travesty. It's Regressive It and an Inflationary Both Larry Summers and Jason Furman Obama Economic Pouring Half $1 Trillion of Gasoline on the Inflationary Fire That Started to Push Back the Ready Elizabeth Warren Cut 17.

Look at All Surprised That Mitch McConnell Is Attacking the Reason He's Attacking Is Because It Is Very Very Popular Popular on Democrats and Independents, Republicans Popular You Know Why Think There's Anything Left in America Doesn't Know Somebody Struggling with Student One Has Become Part of Our Country.

Their Only Sin Was to Want to Try to Get an Education and Not Be in a Family That Could Afford to Write a Check and What Were Saying As a Nation We Can Do Better. So She Says We Can Do Better Than That.

And for the People to Pay Their Loans That Does, She Does She Really Think This Represents the Working Class and This Is You Really Think That Every Blue-Collar Worker Has a Degree in There Working a Second Job Because They Have a Loan to Go to Harvard Million American American Made in the Right Mother Made Compromises Right They Didn't Go to Hartford.

They Didn't Go to Community College or They Went or Will They Want to State School.

Instead, in Order to Reduce Their Cost.

They Would like with with Debt and A Lot Of People Made Irresponsible Decisions and Took on Debt They Couldn't Pay. Why Should the People Who Made Compromises or Acted Responsibly Subsidize People Made Irresponsible Decisions to Two or Two to Spend Money They Didn't Have on an Education That Maybe They Didn't Need so You Know, I Don't See How This Is Incredibly Popular and Again Because the Simple Question If You Are Having Some Work Done on Your House and the Guys Coming to Fix the Siding or Paint Would You Say to Him You Know What Could You Knock off Five or $600 All That Will Help Make Your College Loans. Basically by Us to Do Every Working American Couple Hundred Bucks to Kick in for My Kids College so I Went to Get Your Knowledge and You Know Let's Analyze What We Know so Far about the Midterms. It Seems People Are Emotional and Passionate Went down Trumps Involved. Either Way, Went down Trumps on File.

For Example, New York.

You See Some Wood. Many People Think of Bellwether Results When You Have a Democrat When a Republican District to Whisper Purple and Run on on These the Dobbs Decision and Many People Think That That Shows That That Put the Bounce Back in the Democrat Step Do You Believe It Has, I Think That It May Have Given a Little Bit of a Boost to the Democrats.

But I Don't Get That Outweigh the Cost of Inflation. All the Other Things. The Problem Is Is That We Should Not Be Talking about Donald Trump and Morlock Should Be Talking about Inflation. We Should Talk It Be Talking about the Student Loan Crisis in the Democrat That Handed out but the Issue on Which the Campaign and When These Midterm Election Widely Talk about Morlock Where We Talk about a Former President's Records. This Is This Is This Is Exactly in Every One of These Campaign What the Republicans Want to Do Is Talk about the Serial Disasters That Biden Has Unleashed the Inflation the Crime That He Is on the Border Christ Published and What Does the Democrats Wanted They Want to Talk about so This Whole Morlock Opening Helps Them to Shift the Conversation Change the Topic to Talk.

This Is Not What We Should Be Talking about Yesterday, Put out a Statement Attacking Mitch McConnell Yesterday but They That They Did Make a Statement about the Student Loans. Why, Why Is He Doing That We Can't Be Focused on Donald Trump Right Now We Get to Visit. The Reason Why We Lost in the End, 2020 Is Because Biden Had a Very Delivered Strategy of Hiding in the Basement and Letting Trump Make the Election Be about Himself.

A Referendum on All and Are Trying to Do That Again. The Midterms Do It Again in 2020 for We Can't Let Them Do That We Need to Make Them Own Their Serial Failures Use Nancy Pelosi Cut 31 Should Be Very, Very, Very Scared This Morning about Their Prospects. I Have Never Believed That We Would Not Hold My Mission and That's What I Hope to Accomplish and Plan to Do It under Leadership of Sean Patrick Maloney Had a Big Victory Himself Last Night. He Is Chair like This One Date Expected to Win and Have They Outspent Us That We Organize Them and That's What We We Don't Nicely Organized but That Wasn't Necessarily the Case When You Talk about This. The What I Think Is the Key to Victory in Their Running on Something That for Example Schools and the School Boards, Especially in Florida That Have Tilted to the Right.

The Awareness That Parents Have. And of Course the Big Thing Is Inflation in the Economy and I Hope That You Meant That the Republicans Have Some Way of Expressing to the Country That We Have a Huge Border Problem That Affects All of Us Talk about Joe Biden. Even with the Little Tiny up to Keypad 41, 42% Back in the 40s Again.

He Is Still the Least Popular President in the History of Present All He's Unleashed the Worst Inflation and Forty-Year the Highest Gas Price Is on Record Worth More Crisis in the in American History. The Worst Crime Waves of the 1990. This Should Be a Red Wave of Unprecedented Proportion. If You Should, and If It's Not Then Shame on the Republicans. We Need to Do a Look at Our Company Because What It Means That with All the Disasters That That the Democrats Unleashed Voters Took a Look at the Republican Party and 30 and You Need to Do Some Real Soul-Searching on the Public in Five.

If We Can't Take Advantage of the Most Common Thing Political Environment That Has Presented Itself to Conservative in Possibly My Lifetime. He Sees a Pullout since Only 21% of the Country Think Were Heading in the Right Direction so As You Know, the Sentence Different. I Think You Would Number in the 70s for over a Year Right. It's His Time in the History of the Pole That This Is the Best Political Environment, and I'm Sorry but with All That Going on. Dobbs Should Be Made, Making It the Site Making It Not Be Back. It Might Help a Little Bit Might Break Them in the Book, Most People It When People Are Choosing between Gap and Vote on Top. Maybe in Some Maybe in Some Purple States That They Might Do That. Maybe That If You Stay so That Maybe a Blue State like New York Which Is Very Pro-Choice Back Could Be Decisive.

I Don't Think Going to Be Decisive in Place to Another Part of the Country. That's Not What It's about Is Whether the Republican Party of the Caliber Palatable Alternative to the Disaster the Democrat to Put out Absent a Referendum on out That We Do If We Send A Lot Has To Much Much More Has To Do with the Matchup Itself. Rafael Warnock Mysteriously Really Push the Present. To Do This Loan Forgiveness.

That's to Me, Not a Recipe for Winning in a Formerly Red State Turn Purple at Best. In Pennsylvania You Not to Get the Senate Majority Was Dr. Oz Wins Listen to Who Is Going against Even in Perfect Health. John Fetterman Is Bernie Sanders in Pennsylvania.

He's against Fracking.

He's Pro-Criminal.

This Guy Is Unproductive As a Human Being Is a Lieutenant Governor. He Was Invisible and We Know about Them Living in His Parents House till He Was in His 40s Out Of His Going to Blame Student Loan Debt, but He Is Obviously Struggling since His Stroke. Listen to This Cut 33?

If You Say the Word of Its Worker.

What Words Come to Your Mind If You Say Steelworkers Is Wrong with for an Easy Say Kind of Their Income to Say When You Work Come on, Really.

I Think I Lied When He Went to Struggle, but We Watching a President Who Is Able to Get Away with It Because of the Pandemic. You Have To Be Underperform. And This Guy Is Not Ready to Watch It out. If You Got Together Because of the Tragedy of Stroke. But Yeah, You're Right, but Again He's Beating Dr. Oz by 10 Points. Right Now That You That's What Again Maybe All the Poles along That Been Wrong before, but I'm Telling You You Again. Everyone Waited with Duncan on Mitchell Call Complaining about Candidate Quality and What He Should Be Playing Political Analyst, He Should Be out There Fighting for Republican Dominated but You Got Dr. Oz to Go down First Told like the Crudit�s Pastor and Then Said Well Good John Fetterman Wouldn't Have a Stroke If You Didn't Budge. I Mean Candidate Quality Matters Just Incompetent. So We Really Talked Her out the Window.

I Would Rather Have an Applicant We Meet with the Election and Take Back the Senate Majority Bend and Have a John Fetterman and the Majority, but We've Been Nominated A Lot Of People Who Are Not or Not Ready for Prime Time and We Gotta Get Them Ready for Prime Time between Now and Election Day, but No, We Did It Again If This If We If We Don't Get Back the Senate Again A Lot Of Introspection on Where the Republican Party Is the Leader and the and What Kind of What What What Presented to the American People. As an Alternative to Smart to Take a Step Back for Second Forget about Messaging and Staffing.

If You Told Me I Had a Top Surgeon Who Was a Self-Made Success in Business with International Experience Because He's Dealt with China in the Middle East and Then I Told You That in a Guest Appearance with the Number One Talk Show Host in the Country Oprah. He Was so Convincing Became a Syndicated Show Once Been Top Three in the Country for 15 Years I That's Ideal Well He Might Misstep and You Might Be out Might Say Something Politically Damaging but for the Most Part That Was the Image of the Founding Fathers Have an Expert TB a Farmer Be a Businessperson like the Philosopher and Then Certainly Get out to Me.

I Want to Bend Carson's of the World and There I Want the Jade Events Is in There, but They Might Say Something Awkward to Me. Don't Cut a Crudit�s Tape True for the Most Part You Can Talk to Put down Eight Elites Will in a Way Eating He's Been Holding Back If That Was Trump Going against Him or I Are Meant for the Most Part He's Not.

He's Holding Back.

He If You Watch My Moringa Website.

Laura Can I Think I Can Talk to Me like Let's Move on to Talk about. I Want to Debate Them for Five Straight Times and Is Tough for a Doctor to Be a Doctor the Same Time Lucas Opponent Go. The Guy Can Put Two Sentences Together. How by Losing to the Sky. No Doubt the Bed Always Yeah I Mean Would You Know I'm and I'm Terrified of Is That the Democrats Managed to Hold on the Stakes in the Collection Are so High, the Democrats Managed to Hold onto the House and They Can Gain Enough Seats to Make Make Joe Mansion and Kirsten Cinema Irrelevant. They Are Going to Get Rid of the Filibuster.

They Are Going to Pack the Supreme Court They're Going to Pack the Other Get a Pack of the Senate by Adding District Of Columbia and Puerto Rico's State They Are Going to Do so Much Damage in Their Going up and That They Won't Need to Compromise with Joe Mansion Reconciliation Bill with $3.5 Trillion and Spend One RTC Thanks Information You Want Truth You Demand. This Is Brian Kill Me Show You As Soon As He Fired Her College Remember Going down to Border War to You Because There Is No Greater Good Used Car.

So I Think I'm Going down My 51 Plymouth Tells Her She Covers Want to See You. Don't You Form Which Was a State Purchase Car to Charlie Tomorrow.

By the End of June I Will Forget It Will and That Was James Gordon Last Night. I Was Just Watching the Replay I DVR It That Once in A While Because to Me at These the Only Funny Guy.

Late-Night Television Is a Great and I Just Listen to That and They Couldn't Even Pretend That He Made since Yesterday so They Rule That in the Just.

It Was All over the Place and He Never Mentioned Most Important Thing.

Why Do Heroes Act Was Worthy of This $10,000 Discount for Everybody Else Was Meant for the Military Wasn't Meant for Average Everyday People Was Passed in 2000 Never Mentioned That He Talked about Himself and His Spikes in His Dad from His Mouth to Kill Me. How I Wanted to Share with All of You Feel Real Will Find out If You Can Call Shimkus with the Sale. Cosa Bike and Prefers That Unfolded You Have the Exclusive Right Because I Did the Gender of Your Cake Cake and It Was Very Interesting to Give the Gender Results to a Total Stranger and Be like so There's There's Just Another Customer. Nelly Actually Was More Than Just Another Customer They like, They Get Invest. I Was Talking to the Doctor, He's like It's Really an Honor to Do These Kinds of Things to Think That It's Eccentric.

This Is What He Was Saying Such a Big Part of the Person's Life.

However, They Kind of Screwed It up Because the Icing Was a Little Something on the Top of the Cake so I Saw That It Was Blue before I Cut into at All upon What Will Naming No Insight Was. I Didn't Realize the Gender Reveal Was New to the Woman to I Can Now Wow I Thought You Knew. And Then You Can Review. I May Have Done a Very Bad Job of Telling the Story. What Happens Now. People Go Crazy and Nadir like Fireworks and Something I Slicing Very Simple Fact Meme Has Been so You Get the Gender Results in an Envelope from Your Doctor May Need to Take Them to a Baker If He Wanted to Cake and You Give Them to the Bank and Make a Cake and the inside Is Either Pink or Blue. So When You Cut into the Cake. You Will Find out Together. It's Cool. I Didn't Really Cool and You Know It so Interesting I Could Say It. Kaylee McInerney Came in to Do My Saturday Show and She Was Really Bummed out, and She Said I Made a Huge Mess. Tell Everybody What Happened You Know Actually Happened. You Were a Part of the Key Number That I Was Pregnant.

She's Pregnant to Some Kind of Fit into the Story and Were Friends.

So She Calls Me There.

It Was like the Most Innocent and Pure Confession of Something That I Couldn't Care Less What You Said Something on Here before Day Later, It Doesn't Matter.

Kaylee Probably She Was Still Apologetic. I Want to Live My Conversation Feeling Bad for Her for How That She Felt Right When Some People like That Though Mean You Don't Lose One's Engagement. For Example You Got Engageable. We Can Know I Didn't. Oh, I'm Sorry It's Monday, so You Want to Be That You Know What My Care Level and She Told Me Was Dear out That She Brought Me up on a Number so I Was.

You Know You Working on the Count. Now I Know That Is so Right. Yeah I Know but so We Take Her Segment We Usually Do You Intend to Currently Announce That Now. Right Did You Consult Her Make Her Feel Better.

I Know I Kept It Factual Is I Don't Know If I I Think She's Nice Easy, Not Just Nicely Think a Nice Person in the World Right yet.

She's Deftly I Thought Was to Better Than Anyone Going to Have. It's Probably like Her Name Is Artie Asked Emerald and I'm Pretty Sure That Was No Big Deal to Me and I Truly and Feeling Worse for Her.

Because of How Politics You As I Can Think Clearly and Okay, That's an Answer to My Nose at Your Parents Are Indifferent Negative Reaction and Now They Have Fewer but Bigger Holidays. It's a Growing Family Can Be Quite That I Can Tell You That. But I Do Find a Little Different Couple Things. It I Want to Discuss. First off on This Redaction Today Present. We Might Get This Affidavit Is Can We Have To Judge Today by Noon and I Mean Do You Believe That the Judge and I'm Not Clear on This, the Judge Okay Looks Good to Be Put It out Was You Look at It and Hold a Couple Things Have Evolved over This Week Cell Last Week When He Made That Decision.

He Said He That Some Portion of the Affidavit Should Be Released Which Will Show Details of Why They Rate a 50-50 Thing. He Was like He Wants Nothing from Steam Wants Everything. Let's Look at What the DOJ DOJ Redact All Looking over Make My Own Reactions Maybe Delete Some Judge Things You Can Release Some of the Affidavit Right, but Then Did You Hear What He Said This Week He Was.

He Really Statement and Was like I Never Really Some but I Might Not Release Any Event Kit. It Just Depends on What the DOJ's Excellent Point, so It Feels like He over the Weekend. Thought about. I Got Some Counsel or What Ever Got a Call from DOJ Yeah and Now It Feels like This Could Possibly Be Taken. Nothing Better. We Were Talking Chris like on Fox and Friends First Is a Former FBI. I Agent and He Was Saying That What Probably What What Might Be Released Are Not of the Reasons Why They Rate Add, but All Sort of the UI We Pulled It from Your Show Cut 28 I Think DOJ Is Going to Win Their Argument with This Judgment Lease and That Is to Say We Are Well. This Can Be so Much Information about the Reliability of the Sources. The Specificity of Their Information That Is Can Identify Them We Can't Do That. So That Leaves Us Is the Conduct of the Former President. I Think That DOJ Would Be More Than Happy to Release That I Could Possibly Make Trump Any of the Color or Context Surrounding That I Think Are Definitely Still Some Underlying Questions like There Was a Wall Street Journal Piece about What Led up to This and How Mary Carlin Was Really Sitting on This for a Couple Weeks and Saying Should I Approve This Rate, China, and Apparently He's a Very Slow and Calculated Methodical Person by Writing the Home of the Former President Because They Have, I Top Secret Classified Information Times That Signifies to People That Information Could Be in Some Sort of Danger. So If It Really Is and Why I Use for Me Dylan Last Night. Cut 27. She Is Not Hell I'm Doing This Case for Trump Is Handled of the Cases for Trump, Clearly a Fishing Expedition to Get Either to Get at Documents and Former President Trump's Possession to Use This As a August Surprise You Now Thanks to Climate Change.

The October Surprises Are Coming Earlier And/or Otherwise Just Keep Them in the News and That's Exactly What's Happening and It Is a Disgrace to the Good Name of the DOJ and It Is Ignoring Both DOJ Rules As Well As Federal Statutes That Prevent This Exact Type of Behavior from Happening Out Of the United States Department of MRT's Went on to Say When He Joined Us Earlier That the Longest Outcomes in the News the Better Is for Democrats and Talk about Inflation. I Talk about the Border Not Talking about Anything Else That You Keep Them in the News and You Keep Them Front and Center. They Want That and You Could Use. I Would Imagine to Risk Some of What You Rated in Use on I Told You Use on the January. The January 6.

Yes, You Can Imagine, This Is What I Say. If You Notice I Actually Think He Is Really Set the Whole Thing about How You Drag This out and It Works Better for Democrats That He Is a Great Point Because Now When You Link to Headlines. There's a Fork. There Are 14 Screens in Front of Me and It's Faxing Friends Any Other Networks That Liberal Networks and Inflation. Nothing There, They Discovered Some Stuff so You Know Your If You Get a Bunch of Possibly like I Democrats Independence Watching That There Laser Focused on Dance with Their Spin on It and It Takes Their Mind off Inflation until a Certain Point, but Then You Live Your Life and Recognize That Price and How Much Impact Somebody Thinking but I Think That That's What the Narrative Is on the Democratic That They're Trying to Tell You Know Gas Is Going up Again. You Know after the Joy Because the Child Is Getting on Lunch Time and Is Going so Much More Eloquently Than Me, but Isn't There Some Sort of Deadline Going on in Your App to Finally Pull Further Back from Russian Oil and Gas and That Can Gas Prices Go up.

Truly a Noel Said the Russians Are Doing the Russians Are Saying Were Testing Nordstrom One Is Some Problems with Trust and They're Starting to Slow the Flow of Natural Gas, Which by the Way, We Could Have an All Hands on Deck Push to Be the Number One Supplier of Natural Gas but We Refuse We Could Build an LNG Plant within 18 Months, and Have One off the Coast of Spain and Was Somewhere in Europe That Works for Everybody and Be Able to Supply Them and Become the Number One Supplier, but This Administration Doesn't Want to Frak They Don't Want to Build Because They Look at Natural Gas As a Fossil Fuel and a Couple Days Ago He Was like We We Talk about How We Want to Go Green and Were Pulling Back on Natural Gas and Every Other Country Is Providing Tactical Are You Kidding Me and That's What's Going on and A Lot Of These Other Country's Windows and Firing of the Coal Plants and That's Making Our Country Even Dirtier World That Will Be a Boon That a Dirty Country Will Clean. Although I Was out on the Street. Recently, Several Rats Right How We Lived in New York City since 2009, so Is Producing a Big Difference on a Daily Basis in Terms That While I Am out and Endured Online Mail Pandemic to Now at Homeless Situation Home Was Getting Worse and Violent Homeless Yeah Going You're Getting Your Luck Belligerence I See Belligerent Homeless People. Yeah, I Saw Which Was Interesting but Not Really Muscular like Jacked up Homeless Guy You Know What I See A Lot Of the Homeless People Have Better Bills and Me Bothered Me Is Clear They Don't Have the Nutritional Plan That I Have and They They Are Somewhat Defined.

I've Seen Very Few Homeless People Never Seen so Many Life As a Homeless Person I Saw and He Definitely Was Crazy and Kinda Scary. I Was like Wow Maybe Prison for the Good.

Anything Absolutely. He Takes Her Was in Prison. I Don't Think We Have A Lot Of Time Right Now When I See It Right Instead of Diet Right Rules. Also, You Could You Imagine That of All the Things to Smuggle in the Prison Steroids Release Defensive Right If You Been to Prison, 186640876 and Smuggle Steroids into a Mac Superman like Your Body Mass Index Please Yes This Weekend. Check out Brian's New Show on Fox News Channel Saturday so Rowing Your Weekends to Take It Easy Will Really Hurt One Nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox News Channel Laura Brian Coming out on a Talk Show. That's Real. This Is Brian Kill Me Show Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste. A Phrase Coined by Kill Means Barber As Male Pattern Baldness Is in the Shape of Belarus like Brian Kill Means. Please Head Scratcher like Hill Means Doll Collection Does Make Me Sad. It's like Would Kill Me to Enters a Crowded Elevator. They Treated Him like He's Got Monkeypox, It's Likely Someone No One Can Stand. I Call Them Creeps but Wyeth and Brian Kill Me As Executor Was Open for That Hurt More Than When Gregory Stopped Him in the Shin When I'm Sitting at a Normal Chair. Not One of the Small Ones. Custom Crafted to Fit Greg's Abnormally Childlike, Full Grown Adult. We Also Are the States to Remove the Sippy Cup Because I Don't Feel like the Normal Host Who's Not Anything That Was Unless I Hosted Got Comedy Yeah It Was Cool to Do Some Different Muscle on Fire Yeah and Mean You Teach Is Interesting That a Great Staff Anything Right. I Do Fear Say This, It's Dating Turn on Me. I Said Recommended. My Approach Was I Don't Really Watch the Show.

I Do a Morning Show.

But Here Greg Talks about Me Lots That Was My Approach and Then They Rolled in All the Negative Clips of Selling the Staff Turned on Me, I Chose to Have Them Turn over All Get an Origin Story on This Pseudo-Feud between You and Greg Start.

I Just I Don't like like No You Tell Now I Well I Just Think They Were Better off Being Enemies and Think, and Nobody Wants to Back off You Will Download to Get in the Time Right and That's to Be There When He Dave Usually Asked Me. I Usually Try to Do It but I Will Not Go on the Offense. I Prefer That He Look like the Bad Guy Going after Me so Funny That You Do a Show Called Fox and Friends When You're Neither a Fox and You Have No Friends Keep That to Eric, Why, Why Was It Necessary for That. That's My Staff Turning on Me. I Never Laugh at the Jokes Directed at You Went on When You're the Show. Yes, Thank You Went and Got Fouled and He's Taking on You. I Sit There Stoically.

Can You Look up Unilaterally after the Show. No, Hey, Let's Find out This Morning. No Correlation.

Jennifer Played Any of the Board What's at Stake, $440 Million between the Mega Split 50-50. You Believe the Women She Had Any Money. I Mean, Shouldn't for Her Own Self-Esteem That They Are Getting a Divorce and He's Got a Tattoo on His Deltoid Her so He Was Supposing. He Said He Is Retouched up to but Actually Now He Gets the Dog for the Rocky Movies Is Now Covered His Wife's Face on His Wall. Wow There Must've Been Trouble in Paradise for Quite Some Time Right Evidently They've Had Somewhat of an Open Relationship.

Oh, Did You Hear about This, Who Were Not Together with the Not Together, but She Says I Can Tell You Is We Sweep You the Five Nights a Week and with Their 70s yet so If You Think about Open Relationship. I Don't. I Haven't Seen It Work. Next, Kelly Chestnut, He Broke the Popcorn Eating World Record in Indiana Top-Rated Professional Theater July Chestnut Broke a New World Record for the Sport When He Ate 32 Servings of Popcorn 24 Ounces Each and Such a Choking Hazard Makes Me Nervous to Even Arrange That's Why We Have Were Sponsored by Life Back. This Is a Perfect like That. Please Push Paul, I Now I'm Not. I'm Personally Not Funded by like Three of You Did for Individual Members of My Life. Use BK and You Get 10% off.You Do Not like 10% of Whatever You're Making The Property He Done to Individual Kernels and Water Because That's Gross Because of the Hot Dogs Next Dennis Rodman. He Backs Out Of Try to Get Britney Spears from Russia. The Shoe and Brighter Yahoo to Britney Spears Very Good Parents, Dennis, Robert Hogan, Robert Harris Said That Is Wrong Because He I Got Permission to Go.

It Was They Gave Me Permission If You Are Britney Greiner and Rodman Shows up in Print Really Sending Rodman.

I Think at This Point We Can Stop Going to Russia to Play Sports, Stop Going to Russia or North Korean or Nice Screen Time Is the Problem for Kids.

A New Study Finds. Parents Also Picked up Several Bad Habits When They Stare at Their Smoking for Phones All the Time. Yeah like for Example, Researchers from University of Waterloo L. Where Is My Last Day in the Discovery That Parents and Caregivers to Consume Too Much Digital Media for Relaxation. Relaxation and Engaging in Negative Parenting Practices Plant This One in My Mind. Maybe Sections That I Now Know When You Have This Kid Pay Attention. That's All I Sort of Common Sense. Not Sure I Would like Dr. Live Fox News New York City Set a Fox and Friends, America's Receptive Kill Me.

Thank You Much for Being There Embodies the Right to Me Choking 46 in Midtown Manhattan around the Country around the World. Charlie for the Bottom of the Hour You Help Me out on Got the Less I Was Lucky Enough to Host and David Avella's in Studio Use GOPAC Chairperson GOP Strategist Extraordinaire to Go inside Now the Primary Season Is Virtually Done 76 Days to the Big Election. So before We Get to David. Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Right Now about a Situation I'd Be in Washington Every Minute Saying We Have To Close the Border. New York City Is Saying What We Do. We Have over a Thousand Illegal Immigrants in Texas. I Sent over 2 Million. No Kidding, George Pataki, but to Bed.

Republicans Are Not in Charge Now. The Buses Keep Coming Because the Border Still Broken the Facts.

The Numbers in the Buying Administration's Negligence May Focuses at the Border at This Hour. This Is Clearly a Fishing Expedition Either to Get at Documents and Former President Trumps Possession to Use This As a August Surprise, Thanks to Climate Change. The October Surprises Are Coming Earlier Yes for Me Doing Former Concurring Still Healing Some of the Legal Work for Donald Trump. The Trump Drama and What It Means for 2022 Is the Red Wave Is Indeed in Jeopardy. That's the Question and If so, Can They Still Win One of These Folks Who Smoke Is Working. They Needed Help Right Thing to Do. So the Outrage over Working People to Student Loans. I Think Is Wrong Loan Forgiveness Present Fulfills a Campaign Promise, but I Think This Promises to Be a Big Problem, Especially for Those Who Paid off the Loan to Make Sure Not to Take One Will Explain. So A Lot Of People Are David Avella, Whose If You're Watching Fox ACC David Fresh of TV Now with America's Favorite App Marin Brand the Divine. Hardly a Left-Wing, This Is an Incredible Job Most Specifically and Recently with 100 by an Investigation since the Winning the Wind by Mark Molinaro in New York State Yesterday in the Special Election Will Be Immediate Rematch in November Is a Warning Sign to Republicans. It Was a Tiny Turnout across the Board, but Especially for the Trump Base, Trump Was Not Involved in This One Trumps on Involve the Enthusiasms out There.

She Says, and Therefore A Lot Of Times Republics at This Point of the Result Issue Right There Is Record Turnout Going on Right Now amongst Republicans and Primaries across the Country. Certainly Candidates Do Matter As We Think about That New York Special and As We Get Ready to Is Martin's Think about What He Needs to Do to Fine Tune His Message. Ultimately, When This November and Take That Seat. As We Have Three or Four Other Opportunities Here in New York to Pick up Congressional Seats, but If You Look at the Bigger Trend That Is That Overall Voter Turnout Is up 10% over 2018, Driven by Republican Turnout Is up 26% in Democratic Turnout Is down 4% and That Trend Continued Even in Florida Where We Had Record Turnout Particular Much Republicans You See You Still See the Enthusiasm despite the Media Narrative That's Being Driven Right Now and the Democrats Narrative That Somehow Republicans of Lost Momentum, but but Brian It Would Be Historic If the Country Is at 72% Disapproval of the Direction of the Country.

The President Said 42% and Republican Turnout of the Opposition Parties. Turnout Is up at Record Levels and Somehow the President Doesn't Take a Beating on Election Day. ILM Listened. I Think He's Earned a Beating on Election Day and I Know That Only 21% of the Country Think Were Heading in the Right Direction. NBC Poll but I Saw Rhonda McDaniel Was Basically on with with a Bob Potential Donors and She Had a Big Plea Admit the Rising Concerns of the Party over His Candidates This Going to Politico Lagging Fundraiser Totals As Overall Prospects. There Is 36 Minute Conference Call.

I Assume the Reporter Was on Their Regard and on the Recording Was Obtained by Politico McDaniel Argued That the Party Is Has Strong Senate Candidates in a Favorable Political Environment with There Being out Race.

We Absolutely Have To Better Candidates or Candidates Can Win If We Outspend with. They Can't Win If Were Outspend to the One That's Going on Right Now 61, It Becomes More Difficult Were Seen That Specifically in the Senate Side Feels That She Has a Desperate Call for Action and She See Money Pouring to Fetterman Money Pour into Wisconsin Money Pour into May 2 That May Work Us but Warnock in Georgia Issue Right to Be Concerned Every Chairman Says They Don't Have Enough Money to Anyone Whose Responsibility for Very Fairpoint You're Always Looking for More Funds so That You Can Put into Races to Elect More Republican. She Is a Pretty Standard Line.

It Would've Been More Disappointing and Quite Frankly More Newsworthy and She Said We Have All the Money When They Don't Send Any More Money.

Right. And the Good News Is in Newton on That Same Call. It's Been Reported Said That We Don't Have To Match Them, Dollar for Dollar We Get Outspent One to 213 to 1. We Still When I Typically Start Getting to 5 to 1 or 61 That Starts Becoming a Little More Challenging. A Lot Of the Money Comes from outside. For Example, Most of Stacy Abrams Money Is Not Coming from Georgians Is Coming from outside, but Is Still A Lot Of Money. The Bad News Is, It Was Her People Invested in Her They Can Actually Vote for. So That's Something to Keep in Mind, but When You Look at Walker and When You Look at Our Dr.'s Macchiato.

The One Thing They Have in Common Is That They Are Picked by the Former President You Believe the Present Trump Should Be Kicking in Some Money to Them and What Are the Limitations for an Individual Donor or with Is His Case. He Got a Super Pack. Anyone Who Wants to See a Republican Majority Should Be Stepping up Right Now and Giving Rise to the Former President Said, Listen, I Don't Leave Them out There on the Vine.

They Do Need Some Support Present Has Been out There Campaigning for Candidates That He's Endorsed and Given Money to Candidates and He's Endorsed Everyone Needs to Be Chipping in Here but Let's Not Get past the Bigger Picture, Which Is the Record, the Democrats Have To Ultimately Defend Your Looking at a President Who Almost Every Single Action This President Is Taken Has Resulted in Job Creation Being Suppressed, but It Keeps Inflation about an Area That Makes It Harder.

Please Got Low Unemployment Right As Folks Are in the Job Market Right Now How How Good It Is Particularly When It Comes to Their Seeing Their Taxes Go up. I Mean It's Laughable to Suggest That I Energy Bill That Just Passed That Raises Taxes on Petroleum Production Somehow Won't Get to Consumers in the Price They Pay for Gasoline. In Fact Brian I Was Just in Maine This Week and Heard from a Number of Voters Who Said Each Week. They Look at Home. Fuel Prices Heating Oil Prices. This Is the Time to Do That in Each Week There Hoping the Prices Are Going to Come down a Little Bit.

That's One Thing That No One Thought about the Focus on Just Cars Talk about Everyone in Their House. How Do You Also Feel about California Coming out to Perez to Ban the Sale of Gas Cars You Have a Car Lot Full of Toyota Pickup Trucks and This Is the Same State That Hasn't Built a Gas Station in Quite a Long Time That They Learn That Their March to This Getting Rid of Fuel Cars Is As Not Starting Today Is Been Going for A While.

I I Suppose If Your Car Dealer Right Now in California Are Figure Now You Set up Shop in the Batter or Oregon. Three. The Top Three Issues You Believe in Order for Republicans, Education, Crime, All in Order Economy Crime and the Education Drill down on the Economy, Inflation, and Ultimate Always Comes down to Job Creation Having a Thriving Economy. You Do That by Having a Stable Tax Policy and Stable Regulatory Policy, Which Is What This Pres.'s Not Doing and If Republicans Ever Questioned Whether Education Was a Big Issue Again. Look at Florida We We Took Majority and Five School Boards Two Days Ago in Areas That Aren't Exactly Favorable to Republican. Did You Everything Would Be Talking about School Boards, Absolutely. When You Say What's Going on in Schools and Never Were until and Overcame along Well Yes and Use Parents. What I Focus on Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Stem, and Pronouncing It Did Not Coming Out Of the Schools Also Again to Candidates a Little Bit. John Fetterman Students by Newport Employment. We All Know That Joe Biden Lost His Fastball and We Was Being Mocked on SNL. It Looked like He Was Out Of the Race When He Got Back in the Race. The Pandemic Eats up. He Doesn't Have To Tent in the Dance. He Never Had to Leave You Was Because the Responsible Candidate Not to Have Big Rallies, John Fetterman Has a Stroke.

He Does Not Even Tea with the Primary.Showing up. We Wish Him the Best. But Clearly He's Not on His Game 33 Is John Fetterman over the Last Couple Appearances? If You Say the Word of Its Words Come to Your Mind If You Say Steel Workers Is Wrong with for an Easy Say Kind of Their Income to Say When Work. What the Hell Is Clearly Not Well Why Would Democrats Just Pulled This Guy. Well, I Always Win by Each Word by between Five and 10 Points. I Always Go Back to Democrats Always Find a Way You May Remember Is Been Many Years Ago but in New Jersey When They Had a Scandal Plagued Senator and It Was in the Last Month That They Pulled up and Got the Supreme Court to Agree to Put Someone Else on the Ballot.

Never Put It past the Democrats to Figure out Some Way to Use the Rules and Get What They Want, but Right Now There's Not A Lot to Clamor about This. This Is the This Is the 6 Foot Seven Elephant in the Room.

Mr. Hoodie Can't Get a Sentence out.

In Addition to That, the Eyes Campaigning and Republicans Want to Win the Seat Need to Make Him Say out Loud What He Had Voted for This Environmental Bill That Joe Mansion Got Passed through the Senate or Not. Was He for Izzy for Raising Petroleum Prices Izzy for the Tax Increases That Were in That Bill I Allison I Hear You II Can't Believe This Is Happening. No One's Writing about This. I Listen to Them the Other Day Raw and This Is Just Consolidated. We Don't Have an Hour, but He's Not Thinking Clearly, No One Wishes Bad on Him, but I Do Miss Trish Anything Bad for the President.

Please Bring the Country Right Now Knowing Your No One Thought That Barack Obama Was Not Smart and Competent. You Might Disagree.

I Get Worried That Leaders Are in Positions They Are Incapable of Serving in the President Just Believes and Ideas That Just Aren't Good for the Country and Make Him a Bad Person Visits Here Are Taking Us down the Wrong Making These Decisions Is He Capable of Understanding the Selection We Need to Hold Them Accountable for Whether He's Making the Decisions or His Administration with Any President. They're the Ones That People Look to As Being the One Making the Decision. So What Is Making Were Not Easy to Get Held Responsible for Either Wanted a Couple of Things Just before You Go I Want about Illegal Immigration. Pat Fallon Weighed in on This Battle between the States Really between the City of New York. The City of Washington DC in the State of Texas. The Congressman from Texas Cut 34 Planes That Are Flying Out Of South Texas Are Full of Migrants and Footless Bill for Almost 2 Years and the Situation Is Never Literally Been Worse in Our History. We Need to Know the Truth, and Alejandra Marcus. My Office Is Preparing Articles of Impeachment Because This Fellow Said Nothing for Their People Other Than Grossly Ignore and Is so That's Where He Stands and Watching These Buses Today but Get More More Packed A Lot Of Children I Watched on Fox and Friends Live for Five Buses Packed so Weird They Get Hotel Rooms. They Get Phones They Get Close to Get Healthcare Think It's Schooling As Republican Strategist GOP of GOPAC Chair Will How Do You Strategize Way out This without Looking Cruel to Probably Find Families. The Reality Is We Can Be Optimistic about This Because Even When Democrats See Their Policies in Place.

They Realize How Bad They Are so Far Country.

We Show Them More. How Their Policies Actually Impact People Might Potentially Do Great Good for Our Country As Republicans Certainly Immigration and in the Border Is Important and Making Sure We Know Who's Coming into the Country but Brian Goes into the Bigger Question Should We Know Who's Coming into Our Country Are Not on That Issue. Just Leaving It Right There You Have Republicans and Independents in Persuadable Democrats All in Agreement and We Have Never Seen the Hispanic Vote, Go to the Republican Party like This so under under Covered Because When I Hear about This All the Suburbs. It Skews Me. If the Hispanic They Say If 5% of the Black Focus Republicans and the Hispanic Focus 50-50.

You Cannot Tell Me There's a Model in Which Democrats Don't Get Annihilated. You Are 100% Right and Is One Hispanic Voters. That Debate When I Fight Realize They Were Lying to Me about One Thing I Realized There Lying to Me about Everything in My Floras to You Is Bigger Than Just One Election. Yes, That Is a Good Bellwether for the Potential We Have If Were Willing to Go in and Asked for Votes and Tell Them What We Want to Do to Make Their Lives Better.

Right. And Finally, the Present United States Do You Expect Him to Announce before November and If He Was Ask You David Avella.

What Should I Do, Will You Tell Him Know He Will Not Announce before the Midterm Elections. You Know That for Sure. You Should Not but You Don't Know That I Don't Know Whether Well Here's What Is Historically Proven Any Pres. at 42% Approval Rating Gets a Primary Challenge. The Bigger Question Is Taken Out Of the Primary Whether Jimmy Carter Whether It Was Lyndon Johnson Whether Gerald Ford Expected Primary Challenge of Joe Biden Runs Again Why Think It's Deftly to Be Tough Is Aggressive, Friendly, but Gavin Newsom Is Doing Everything It Looks like to Run, but He Just Has To Run and Pretend He Wasn't Governor and Mayor David Novella, Always in Educational GOPAC Chairperson GOP Strategist. Best of Luck 76 Dayspring Take You Back in a Moment Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show a Radio Show like No Other. Why Are They Doing This One. Why Not Taxpayers with Loans out to the IRS. The IRS Is Told A Lot Of Taxpayers If You Lost Money Charging You Interest on Should the Government Dismiss Those People Companies for Their Car Rental Car Loans. What about People Should Be Forgiven No. The Answer Is That When You Apply for a Loan to Pay Back Your Loan and I Know during the Pandemic. Things Changed and People God Exonerated from Paying Rent Could Really Screw the Landlords and We Got the PPP so People Got Money to Sustain Themselves and Pay Their Employees. It Was All I Get It. We Were Rewriting the Rules, but That Was Two Years Ago. If This Is Going to Happen Trump She Was Done Two Years Ago to Just People Affected by the Pandemic and He Still Would Had Huge Pushback, but Instead with the Threshold of $125,000 As a Salary. You Are Now Losing $10,000 Worth of Loan Obligation. But, of Course, since the Federal Government Owns All This Money. The Money Goes into the Pot to Our Debt Which You They Say in the End Fox Just Put This out between 500 and $700 Billion.

Should They Say 20,000 Which People with Pell Grants Are Eligible for. You Talk about Almost 2 Trillion. Why Is This Worth It. And Believe Me, They Told They Told Present Biden Who Evidently Was Reluctant to Do This for This Is about Your Legacy. This How You Be Remembered and That's His Hot Button and He Signed off on It and Susan Rice Was behind It, but A Lot Of Democrats Are Sickened by It As a My Use of the Brain Kill Each Week of Actually Hurt You with This Right Now We Find out How He Really Thinks I Did. I Got the Last, the More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian.

Kill Me Be Very, Very, Very Scared This Morning about Their Prospects. I Have Never That We Would Not Hold My Mission and That's What I Hope to Accomplish and Plan to Do It under Leadership of Sean Patrick Maloney Had a Big Victory Himself Last Night. He Chaired a Batch like This One Date Expected to Win and Have They Outspent Us, but We Organize Them and That We Don't Agonize like an Right. I'm Not Sure What You Talking about Could Be Some of the New York Races or Some of the Others. She's Deftly Not Talking about the School Board Result in Florida, Five of Which Flipped to Our Republicans but Charlie Heard Is with Us Now. He's Essentially Hurt Is a Fox News Contributor Thomas to the Washington Times at Your Take on Her up Unions Yeah I Think I Think That He or She Is She Is She's She's Good She's Better Job for a Long Time for Reason. She Probably Ought to Retire to the Beach and Go Back to the Beach, a Good Communicator.

But Did You Know Know Which Is a Good Communicator Because the House Is a Really Weird Place. You Have To Be a Good Communicator within Your Carcass. You Have To Be Threaten People Right Now It's All about Threatening People.

It's All about Making Sure That You Keep People in Line and She Does a Masterful Job of Keeping People in Line and Whether That's through. It's Rarely with with Some Sometimes It's with Sweets but It's Mostly with Threats but but in Terms of Being Out Of Touch.

It's Kind of Astonishing and and Here's Other Things Convincing about Her Democrats. If You Look at It in Both Chambers Really, but Especially with In-House Temperature Read by Led by the Loneliest People in Their Party, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi Has Been the Linnaeus Person or Party for Decades, and in What Sort of Happened over the past 10 Years or so Is She Has the Party Has Attracted Such Linear People That She's Become Sort of More of a Moderate but the Problem Is When You Actually Talk about the Issues and We Saw This in 2016. We Have To Talk about the Issues Most People Most Democrat Voters Are Not in Line with What What Pelosi Is Selling and Definitely Not What the Linear People in the Way to the Left in the Squad and Esq. Lost a Member Monday or Jones Lost Right and the Guy That Did Win Is Bowman Bowman Did When Jamaal Bowman so He's Another Extremist so It's 11, but AOC Doesn't Seem to Have A Lot Of Coattails Know She Does Not, and Thankful for the Country.

By the Way, Because She Would Be That She Would Destroy the Country at That Party Gains Momentum, I Will Recognize the Country so I Think You and I Have Disagreed on This before. I Don't Know That I Don't. I Think There Are Some Advantages to Taking Your Most Eloquent Person for Your Crazy Positions and Put Them on a Pedestal, Let Them Talk Because I Think That It Would Expose the Lie of All of Her Promises Were Singing Now. It's like the Green New Deal Is Turning out to Be a Scam for Regular American Which Were Living in a Have To See It Fail in Order to Realize How Sad It Is and I Think That's a Good Thing. But I Totally Agree with You about This and That Is Removed.

Having Those People Get Removed by Their Own Voters and Replaced with Sensible People Is a Good Thing As Somebody Who's a Conservative. Even the Republican Party Fails to Sort of Line up Conservatively Enough with Me on A Lot Of Issues, but I Generally Want Republicans to Win Generally. That Said, I Want the Democrat Party to Be a Vibrant Party. I Wanted to Be As Smart and Hate the Country and Later His Exactly. I Want Them to Bring Their Best Ideas to the Table.

I Probably Will.

90% of the Time Disagree with Them but Don't Make Republicans Better and and I Want That Vital Torque but Here's the Thing.

Do You Clear Thinking Democrats Want to Blow up the Filibuster to Clear Thinking Democrats Want to Add to States, Clear Thinking Democrats Want to Pack the Court Why Think This Are Those Extreme Behaviors Will I Think This Is Where You and I Have Disagreed the past. I Don't Think That They Do and I It's Hard to Look at the It's Hard to Look Is in a Lady since Inevitable, Even Though He's Retiring. He Says It's Inevitably Told Brett Bear the Other Night Said One of the Parties Going to Do with Making an End. He and Everybody Else Can Thank Harry Reid for That Because Harry Reid Blew through All of the Norms in the Senate to Blow up the Every Sort of No Firewall Stressed. He Said Right Because of Intercourse before That He Was Using It All to Sport All of Pres. W. Bush's Judges Which Is Which Is Made up of about Mitt Romney. Everyone Doesn't Pay His Taxes and He Said I Made That up and He Bragged about It Now in Retirement and I Think at the End of the Day, You Know, I Know These Are Hard Times Politically, but I Do Think That in the Long Run. There's a Reason We Have These Processes and Put the Founders Gave Us These Wonderful Processes Is Not Because It's Good to Spend All of Our Time Talking with Processes, but the Processes Lead to Equitable Sensible Solution Right and for Example Roe V Wade Returning the Dobbs Decision, Returning the Issue of Abortion to the Voters and Their Elected Representatives Is a Really Good Procedural Move. I'm Not Gonna like Probably the Outcome That A Lot Of These Legislatures Reach When It Comes to Abortion Because I'm Part of the Right on, but I Can Live with It Because My Neighbors Decided It and Came up with the Solution of a Liver.

I Can Move but but Even If I Can't I'll Be Happier That I Be Happier That I Can Go Next Door and Argue with My Neighbor about It Right Then.

Then Having since Some Court with a Bunch of Unelected People in Robes Handing down an Edict That I Can't Argue with Anybody about or Do Anything about You Is Present by Yesterday Giving Us Something to Talk about.

We, As I Think This Is a Bad Political Decision As Well As Fiscal Decision Got Three I Believe My Plan Is Responsible and Fair. It Focuses the Benefit on the Class and Working Families and Health Both Current and Future Borrowers Will Fix a Badly Broken System. These Actually Build My Administration Is to Make College More Affordable in the First Place Makes a Badly Broken System by Saying You Have To Give Back $10,000 Total Cost Cumulatively between Five and $700 Billion. What Is Your Thought Charlie Hurt Badly Broken Wise a Badly Broken Meaning. But What Well and Also That That's the Entire Student Debt, Student Loan Program That Is Run by the Federal Government There. The Read the Whole Problem with This Is That the Federal Government Has Been Involved with Bird for Decades Now. So You Think the Federal Government Is Due To the Change.

When Barack Obama Said Looking to Federalize These Loans and Took Them All from the Banks Split, but I but the Idea but the Idea That Your You Got to the Federal Government on the Scene and Joe Biden Singh Working to Fix This Problem When You Created the Problem. What White Wire We Trust the People Created the Problem to Fix the Prime Wise 10,000 Hours Fixing Anything. Of Course, Is Not Intercourse. It's Also an and As We Talked about Last Night.

You Do Think That the Cost of College Is Going to Go down Cubic Tuitions Are Going to Go down There to Keep Going up and the You Have You Have These Places like Harvard You Have These Universities That Have Endowment That Are Individual Universities That Have Endowments That Are Larger Than 25 of the Smallest GDP P Countries on the Planet with Combined but You Think Harvard's a Good Example Because so Few People Ever Get into Harvard. What about the Average School Cross Country Texas A&M University of Florida That Soon but I Think That I Think Harvard's a Great One to Talk about Because the One Smart Politician Would Go after These Universities and Said Oh You Want to Forgive Student Loan Debt Here. Let's Do This. Everybody Taken a Haircut You Take Billions of Dollars from Harvard's Endowment and You Give It Back to the People That They Taught All of the Students That Got Defrauded by Them for an and Got Taught That There Are Eight Genders You Hold Harvard and You University Of Virginia and All of These Places Personally Financially Accountable for the This Scam They Have Perpetrated on on the Students and Ultimately the Thing Is Gonna Happen Is Everybody Was Good Harbor and Yelled the Ivies I Get It but Ultimately Was Can Happen Is People That Have To's Decide That They're Knocking to Pay $70,000 for School, but It Is Harder.

It's Unlikely That Your to Get People Ask Students to Make That Decision If You Got the Federal Government Sitting There Dangling All This Free Money in Front of Their Faces. Of Course, Who Wouldn't Take That This Is a Society We Live in a Society That Word like Debt Is so Great and Everybody Thinks It's so Awesome Right and and This Is Only to Make It Worse.

I Thought I Had a Great Idea Yesterday. Interest Rates Interest Rates Are above the Prime to Sell to These Kids Used To Be. I Always Thought It Was below 20 Enticements of a Student.

Now You Know the Escalation. Sometimes up to 10% for Parents Loan Present. Also Why You Want a Loaded 10%.

What Was This a Loan Shark. You Love to Be Able to Cut 3% of Your Interest Rate. I Don't Think Much of an Opera Get You Really Helping People Argue It's Totally Predatory Lending. If a Private Company Was Doing This on a Street Corner.

It Would Be Put Out Of Business by the Government, and It Is It's It's Payday Loan Level Loansharking and in Its NAL and I Don't Know. I Don't Know What the Answer and I Have A Lot Of Ideas about the Hazard Part of the with the with the Workable Political Solution Is I Know This Is Not It. And This Is Going to Make Things Much Worse. Couple Things Just so You Know Nancy Pelosi Is Now Firmly for It and I Played This Lesson, but I Want Everyone to Hear It. She Knows This Is Not Constitutional. She Knows the Present Doesn't Have This Power Got to People Think That the President of the United States Has the Power for Debt Forgiveness.

He Does Not He Can Postpone It Can Delay but He Does Not Have That Talent That Has To Be an Act of Congress and How Bad Is This That They're Tapping into the Hero, Zach, What Is Heroic about Having A Lot Of Debt so This Reminds Me of Remember When Obama Was in in Power and for Decades for for Years, Democrats Talked about How Pres. Biden Could Not Extend Dhaka Relief to Get It to Dreamers and an Obama Talked about Extensively. Biden Talked about Policy Talked about and Then As Soon As It Became Politically Expedient Boom.

They Go When They Do It and Also Sure the Courts Can Get a Hold of This Reverse It and They Didn't and Went Back to Obama Judge Trump Judge Silk Some of Things That People Should Understand When a Sitting Here Cell Group Saying That Are Spouting off about Republican Talking Points, Catherine Cortez, Masco Democrat Who Wants Six More Years in and in a Tough Fight in Nevada. I Don't Agree with Today's Executive Action Because It Does Address the Root Problem Jared Golden Congressman from Maine. The Decision by the Present Is Out Of Touch with the Majority of the American People Chris Pappas of New Hampshire. This Announcement by Pres. Biden's Is No Way Make to Make Policy and Sidesteps Congress.

He's a Democrat Charisse David's in Kansas Democrat. It's Not How I Would've Addressed This Issue. Tim Ryan.

While There's No Doubt the College Situation Should Be Open Should Be about Opening up Opportunities, Waving Debt for Those Already on a Trajectory to Financial Security Sends the Wrong Message to the Millions of Ohioans without a Degree.

That's Gotta Want to Win the State. I'm Nothing They Mean Is Still a Beloved, but They Know the American People Want Them to Say That Which Shows How Wrong That Michael Bennetts and Some Very Similar. It's Fundamentally Unfair and in the Thing That I Think Most People Realize You Were Talking a Minute Ago about How I Think That Voters Have Not Entirely Checked into the Election yet and Some Very Suspicious of Polls Right Now.

I'm Also Suspicious of the Results of Special Elections Where You Have Low Turnout. I Very Wary of What Happened in New York Right I'm Very Wary about Reading Too Much into This Think It's Important Information and Valuable Information, but You Can over Read into It. Same with Poles. I Don't Believe the Polls There's More Going on and and and and Inversely the Worst Things Are in People's Personal Lives. The Later That It Is That They Check into the Election.

But That Said, When You Know It's so Obviously Unfair. Joe Biden Is Doing with College Tuitions Here If He Actually Cares about the Working Poor and the Middle Class He Would Do Everything He Could to Lower Inflation and Lower the Price of Gasoline. If You Want to Bump in Their Pay Immediately. Those Two Things and He's Done Everything He Can to Make Those Things Worse in Home Heating Home Air Conditioning through the Roof. Everyone so My Gas Cars, but When People Talk about Their Electric Bill. That's What People Are Not Discussing A Lot Of the Times They Said They've Doubled. They Don't Understand Why There Are Still White People Are in Addressing That Zero Mission Cars. There's No Such Thing As a Zero Emission Car. It Gets Charged Somehow Absolutely Back in a Moment Where Charlie Heard Reviews My Performance Playing Greg Got Felled on a Television Show Back in Giving You Everything You Need to Know Your Ryan Kill Me If You're Interested in It. Bryan's Talking about Your Ryan Kill Me International Astronomical Canonical. I Think It's Something to Do with Planets Union Is Holding a Contest to Name a Show Some New Planets Discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope, What Would You Name Your Planet Because This Telescope Is Spotting so Many More Sell Dog Right Silk Will Rain This Jointed Team Would Change My Mind Right but You Know Who's Been There so That Was Showing the Charlie Heard Was the Superstar Last Night. I Got Felled. You've Done the Show before I Did before.

The Panelists Use First Time He's Taken a Week off so We Have a Series of Posts Tires Tuesday Monday Was Cat. Wednesday Was Me. Yeah, I Think That They I Mean You Are so Incredible Last Night. Oh, Thank You. I Think That I Mean I Think That Coppell Might Be Out Of a Job.

You Think You Might Not Come Back. I Think the I Think You Might Be Pushed out Right Think That I Think That When We Will See Tonight Will See Who Shows up at Dana Tonight, but Will She Good. I Think That They Might Just Sleep Last Night. Last Night You Know I Think That I Think You're Getting a Call at about 3 O'clock Really Yeah Just like We Can Do.

We Can Do This Anymore with We Thought His Own One through Late-Night Comedian and It's Brian Kelly Not Gigi Well I Will Say This Tonight at the Five.

I Will Try to Re-Reclaim Some of That Away Game Magic Because It's on My Home Turf. LBI Five and Then I Know You Get Upset at This, but I Also Know to Be on Stage September 8 in Albany and at the Bag and I Want People to See Me Go Get Tickets and Watch on Stage.

I Get Jokes about History and Politics. It's the Most Fun I Have.

I Think That That's Why It Was Such a Spectacular Success Is Because It Was Actually a Brian Kilby Infomercial Thing and It's All Part of Is Where Fox's Going Anyway We're Going to 24 Hours Primarily Right Just Nothing but and John Scott, I like to Be Me and John Scott but Also You Know You Have Your Your Hit with Barney Every Week so I Guess What We Have Fox Try to Shove It up to 24 1/2 Hours of Brian Kilby Programming Every Day. You Are Sellable.

Others Are You Kidding. Okay, That's True. I Can't Cars for Kids Is Not Every Company That Will Most Know They Sponsor the Most Annoying Commercial Ever Knowing It's Effective You Sing It to Yourself and Have Hates How Many Cars of Those Kids, but We Actually Use That Clip.

Charlie, Thanks so Much. I'll Talk to Sensitive Keep Here Right Tilting Show Rages on over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources a Fox Your Box Whether Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not or Wherever You

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