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Producers’ Pick | Jamie Lissow: Hunter’s laptop was stuck shut

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 28, 2022 12:00 am

Producers’ Pick | Jamie Lissow: Hunter’s laptop was stuck shut

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 28, 2022 12:00 am

Actor, comedian and “Gutfeld!” regular on Hunter’s laptop, Mark Zuckerberg’s “robot face” and how Greg Gutfeld helped get him his big break.

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Visit to learn more about Galaxy Z Fold 4. All day today. Yeah, from sunup to sundown. Yeah, I was working till the wee hours of the afternoon. All day today. Just doing it.

Getting stuff done. And that is Jamie Lissau. Is that the way you pronounce your name? Yeah, I say Lissau. A lot of people say Lissau. Oh, I should say it right. Including Gutfeld. Maybe I've been saying it wrong.

Right. I never thought you'd take the blame. Jamie, great to see you. That was you doing stand-up and people see you all over Gutfeld now. Now, Gutfeld's show, I loved it when it was Red Eye. Same. Were you on it when it was Red Eye?

I did Red Eye like 40 times. So describe the difference from when you did Red Eye with Gutfeld as Jamie Lissau. Yes.

As opposed to when he calls you Lissau. Uh-huh. And as opposed to this show.

The biggest difference, Brian, is that people are watching the new show. But it's kind of funny though, man, because I did Red Eye so many times. I met Gutfeld. They did an audition at Gotham Comedy Club in New York to find comedians that would go on Red Eye. And I did a set. And I was like, okay. Was he there? Gutfeld was there.

I didn't know. Didn't know him at the time. And I did my set and then afterwards there was like a bar next door. And he came up to me and he goes, dude, he's like, I don't know if he even remembers this.

But he goes, people keep coming up to me saying good set. They thought we were dressed exactly alike. We both had glasses on and these like blazer things. And that's how we met was that people were telling him he was funny, which was like a compliment for me. So I guess I did okay. And then I did that show.

I went on to, you know, we became good friends and I probably did it like 40 times. But I remember Red Eye used to beat Anderson Cooper. Seriously.

I mean, their ratings were really good. It got crazy. Right. It got crazy.

And because no one really knew what you were doing though. Right. I mean, that stuff was really racy. It was the Wild West.

Right. It was amazing. But it wouldn't, it was the most fun. But I'll tell you, as a comedian, it really got me used to cameras. Giant cameras used to freak me out.

Red Eye 40 times. It's like, it's just easy. You know how it is with your own show. Like all of a sudden you almost love the camera. You start to play like you become more comfortable.

And so Red Eye really did that for me. And then, but no, but it didn't make an impact. Certain things don't impact the comedy club audience.

It's very strange. Like that was a great show. I have a Netflix series. I'm in two seasons of a Netflix original show and people watch it.

Which is what? It's called Real Rob with Rob Schneider. Alright. But it's not like, you know, I go to comedy clubs and some people will come, but it's not like filling up because of the Netflix show.

You never know what will do that. Gutfeld will do that. Wow. So I did, I came back, my like resurgence with Gutfeld was like six months ago and I did one spot, one night. It was great. Flew in from Alaska and that weekend I was opening for Rob Schneider. And after the show, this guy comes up and he goes, oh dude, I came because you mentioned you were going to be here on Gutfeld. I'm like, you did? And then soon there was a line of people.

And like 50 people paid like 40 bucks. I'm the opener. I'm doing 15 minutes to come see me open for a guy. And I was like, this is interesting. And then we just, you know, I started being out in every two weeks, then every week. And then, and now, dude, Brian, it's, it's, I've been doing comedy for 25 years. I did the Tonight Show in 2001.

You did? That's how old I am. So who was host of Leno? Leno. Right.

But it's been a long time. Yeah. Of pretty mediocre, like I did okay. Did you kill on the Tonight Show? Did you?

Best set I've ever had. Right. In my whole life. And the next day was, wasn't that transformational? It was just a Wednesday. That was it?

It wasn't. Really? That blows me away.

Dude, you have to, I don't know if you've ever heard, uh, I love Steve Martin. In his book, he, he sort of describes how, I thought, oh, I came in on the school where the Tonight Show didn't impact it like it used to, where you would just do one set. And he said he did Carson like 20 times before he started filling up. Even for him, it like took a minute.

Like it depends. He was filling out arenas. Yeah.

Then he was, then it got crazy. Right. But yeah, man, this, the, the couple of things have been amazing. And then when you do, I've been doing comedy for 25 years.

Like I worked like really hard at it, even when no one knows who I am. And so now I have people, I was in St. Louis last weekend. Right. I didn't know if that was going to be a God-filled audience.

Sold out four or five shows. They all already know. By the way, we have a huge station, KFTK in St. Louis. So we're national. Uh, and that was probably the, it's one of the most coveted affiliates. They are really into Fox and obviously. Man, I did the funny moment in St. Charles. What a town.

What supportive people. And then you're doing comedy and people already know. They already know I'm divorced because Greg makes fun of me all the time. And so you're, it's almost like standup comedy is harder than being funny with your friends because there's no context. Like all the jokes with your friends are because we all know what happened last year and this guy's a drunk. And, and going on stage when they know you from Gutfeld is like that.

As opposed to building something from scratch. Like they all already know. Dude, it's, I can't. It's totally different, right? So when people come in the audience, for example, if they come to watch Gutfeld, they actually got tickets, even though it's free and they took time out and they came to Manhattan, they waited two hours. So they're going to be, they're cheering for you. Yes. As opposed to you go to Gotham Comedy Club with Chris Mazzilli and you walk in there and you name, you're not famous yet. And those people said, I paid my money.

You better make me laugh. It's so, so dramatically different. A hundred percent. Right. Sometimes I feel like in New York, they want, you got to earn it. Right.

Like you really got to earn it. But you're from Alaska. Do you have any idea what New York was like when you got here? So I grew up in Rochester, New York.

Oh. Barely made it to the city though. We were always told it was dangerous and scary. We never, we were kind of poor.

We never like made trips down here. And so I was, I was pretty familiar. By the way, the criminals always go for the poor. Yeah, you can have my wallet.

Puts something in it. Right. So it'll be great. So Rochester, by the way, I spent a lot of time researching Frederick Douglass. Oh, is that right? Is he all, do you know he's all over Rochester?

I do know that. Did that matter to the people of Rochester? I would say it didn't matter as much as like George Eastman. George Eastman because? The Kodak. Oh, Eastman Kodak. That was the big.

Right. Because I don't know anything about, I'll be honest with you, the only reason we all know George Eastman is because he just did a lot of stuff. There's like a lot of stuff around and they go, oh, George Eastman did that.

You know, like a little museum or a, you know, well, he, his house is now a, you can walk in and look around and stuff. You know, it's pretty amazing and this may not be funny, but I think it's noteworthy. So. That's my whole act, by the way. That's what I say when nobody laughs. It might not be funny, but it's noteworthy. That was noteworthy though, right guys? Yeah, I learned a lot from him. It's somewhat of a seminar, not as many laughs as any other comedians. Yeah, I just tell him it's a Ted Talk if it's not going good.

Right. So my daughter, who's 19, she goes, she goes, I can't wait. I go, what? She goes, I took pictures on a disposable camera and I waited a month. I forgot what pictures there are.

I can't wait to get them back and find out. I go, what are you talking about? I go, she goes, it's going to be great. So like me and my friends are like, when are you going to develop those pictures? You act like this is an event.

She had no idea the first time she ever went to a place to get pictures dropped off. Now, number one, I should expose it to other things. It's bad parenting a little bit. I'm exposing myself. But number two is their focus on like the surprise of like, I remember that picture as opposed to picking up your phone.

Talk about culture and generational. And they do miss a lot of those fun joys. I went to a wedding where they put disposable cameras on every day. What a cool thing.

Right. That doesn't happen probably anymore because we're all just documenting. By the way, how many people did things irresponsible with the camera?

Yeah, there's a couple of shots in there that are not family friendly. So when did you realize your divorce was okay to kid around about? My ex-wife is the coolest, like we have a great relationship. And what I loved about her was her sense of humor from the start. And her parents were gigantic Fox News and Gutfeld fans. When I started doing Red Eye, they couldn't believe that I was on Fox News. Even though you were divorced? So that, I'm sorry, I'm a terrible storyteller for being a comedian. But that was noteworthy, right? Yes, it was. So like I start, when I first met her and like I was meeting her parents and trying to impress them, being on Fox News was huge.

It scored like all these points because they are such fans. Of Gutfeld and Fox News. And then so fast forward, we get divorced, she totally gets it. Like she gets comedy and she has a great sense of humor.

And so it was like do whatever you want right out of the gate. But I will tell you that clip they played, which makes me cringe hearing my own voice. Any clip would have made me cringe. It's not a producer's fault, I just can't listen to my own comedy. So don't take it personal. But that clip is from this thing called Dry Bar Comedy. Have you ever heard of this?

No. So what happens is they call you up and go like would you like to do a Dry Bar special? And you go sure.

And then they fly up and they pay a little bit of money and you do a half hour special in Salt Lake City where the entire audience or high 90% is Mormons. And the only requirements are you have to be so clean. And I don't mean like of course no F words. I mean you can't say the other but word, the A word for but. Like you couldn't possibly say that. They told me not to mention I was divorced.

They felt like that wouldn't be good either. But you can't say, you certainly can't say oh my god I can't believe. You can't say oh my god.

I mean this is like, this is some real. So I, and that's not me really. Did you know this, did you know the rules before you got up there? I did and I thought about not doing it. I thought, I try, a couple times I go I don't know if this is for me. And the guy goes it's fine it'll be a challenge and it'll be great. And I go okay.

So I get there, Kilmeade, and they go, I do it. They're helping you by telling you don't, you can do whatever you want up there. And they're kind of going it's going to really get our crowd if you do it this way. You can do whatever you want. We'll bleep it out, we won't show.

But like we're telling you if you do it this way you'll do good. And the crowd's amazing. And then afterwards we're on a conference call and they release your special. It goes on Amazon. And they go what do you want to call it? And I go, and I'm on a conference call with like nine people. And I go what if we call it Jamie Lizzo tries not to say the F word. And they go no we can't. You can't say that.

And I go okay. And I go what about if we call it, is it Mormon here or is it just me? And they go no we can't, we can't call it that. So they end up calling it something, whatever it's called like something awesome. Jamie on stage.

Yeah it's just they picked a thing. But what's funny is sometimes, like I was walking through a mall last weekend, true story, with another comedian friend of mine Josh Snead and we're walking. This couple comes up and they go we can't believe you guys are in this mall.

And I go it's got to be Gutfeld right? They must know me from Gutfeld. And I go where do you know us from? They go Dry Bar.

And me and my friend both have like big dry. And they go what are you doing here? We go oh we had a show tonight. They go you got, this is amazing. You don't know how, this is crazy. We're walking through the mall. We see two of our favorite Dry Bar comics.

This is the craziest thing ever. They came to the show. My friend was opening. I was closing. He was doing 30 minutes. They left within 30 minutes. Because they think that our acts are this crazy clean Mormon thing.

But they're not. That was just for that one night. And my friend's Joe, he's very clean.

But all, he did something. But not clean enough. Yeah he did a joke about like I swear it wasn't dirty. Like it was like he was looking at an ultrasound. And the baby's legs were open. And he's like oh I hope it's a boy. I don't want it to be.

You know some kind of. That was it. And they got up and walked out. And they left.

Wow. Well I know Ainsley was one of the panelists. I don't know if you were there.

Ainsley Earhart. Oh yeah. Was on Gutfell. Were you on with her?

I was not. Well she brought her 8 year old or 7 year old. She lasted like 3 minutes. Right?

She had to quickly be escorted out by ushers that we didn't have. So Jamie we're going to find out if you in fact. Oh there's Mark Zuckerberg.

We should actually play that for you. Oh yeah. I'd love to hear that. He's talking to Joe Rogan. Yeah he's talking to Joe Rogan. He opens up. I guess he's trying to bond with him. But he says he does mixed martial arts. And he loves wrestling with all his friends. Okay. I didn't hear that part.

Yeah it's fantastic. And he loves to surf. He's desperately trying to broaden out a little. But he is remarkably intelligent. Don't you have the feeling that as he's talking he's like a robot trying to pretend he's human? Yes.

Like I'm a person. And we'll play that example in just a moment because Jamie Lissau. Lissau.

Crushed it. Right. Good. Is here. And he is actually going to be on One Nation this weekend if we come to terms with him. Because they're even stricter than the drive by terms.

Back in a moment. Basically the background here is the FBI I think basically came to us. Some folks on our team and was like hey just so you know you should be on high alert. We thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election.

We have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of that's similar to that. So just be vigilant. I think it was five or seven days when it was basically being determined whether it was false. The distribution on Facebook was decreased but people were still allowed to share it. So you could still share it.

You could still consume it. Did they specifically say you need to be on guard about that story. No.

I don't remember if it was that specifically but it was it basically fit the pattern. Jimmy Lissau here. You're hearing this for the first time Jamie right. So what is your take.

This is like two and a half hours in after going over grappling and UFC and Oculus glasses. He comes out and he's talking about the New York Post getting theirs. Their whole newspaper was brought down their account was frozen. If you retweeted it you were frozen out of Twitter.

And this story was suppressed on Facebook Miranda Devine came on earlier who had wrote the book Laptop from Hell and Jamie she said that they were the first and if Facebook didn't take the aggressive action Twitter wouldn't either. So what do you think about his delivery. You believe a word he's saying to when I when I first heard Rogan talking to Zuckerberg my first thought was I want to be on Rogan and then I was able to really listen. And it's this makes it's hard not to. I'm not kidding.

It's like a curse almost. Right. I want to say like this is such bull like it's.

I don't I don't believe anything he's saying how we just what the FBI briefed me generically and then this came across and I was surfing at the time and I just said why don't we just sink it. By the way. Really.

I thought the algorithm was supposed to be pure where if there's a popular story becomes number one. No I'm going to sink it and make it hard and both sides were mad at me. Believe me the Democrats were not mad at you. Oh absolutely. And it doesn't sound like he's kind of making up some there comes a moment where I go I think he's trying to say whatever he like I think he's in his head right and he's analyzing every word he's saying to not get in trouble. There's a moment where I feel that like whenever I hear Zuckerberg talk I feel like he's just like a million percent like he's got during this interview he took a break and plugged himself in for half hour. There's this moment where do Rogan is I feel like that's why Rogan is so good because he gets him comfortable. Right.

He gets him in there for three hours and that's why we get these admissions. Are you comfortable now. Yeah I feel good. Thank you.

I feel OK. Eric can you play the other Rogan cut. Is there regret for not having it evenly distributed and for throttling the distribution of that story. What do you mean evenly distributed.

I mean evenly in that it's not suppressed. It's not. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's it sucks.

It sucks. It sucks that a crack addicted son was doing international business deals with his dad benefiting prohibitively. It's not a matter of George W. Bush getting DWI what he did when he was 20. Which really affected the election against John against Al Gore. This is different.

This really affects who you vote for because it's going to affect how we deal with our adversaries. And you just said it. It's not. I hear some folks go like well it's his son. What does it have to do with him. We'll take away all that. What about the fact that there's the big the big guy.

You know he's benefiting from some of these things. Right. That's the connection. Right. You can't do that. But out of all the sons that could drop off their laptop in a repair shop.

What are the odds. What do you think it was like in the Biden House and they go excuse me where's your laptop. I don't know. Did you know he took it to a place called you break it we leak it. I did not know that.

Yeah. And at first they couldn't get it open because it was stuck shut. But then.

We don't know why. He likes candy. He's a big fan of candy. And what. What.

If you're the president. Don't you have. And he's the he's supposed to be the young guy. I could see if like I'm an older guy made a mistake.

I don't know that you can get things off of a laptop of all the. He's like the young guy. Shouldn't he know that there's a horrible mistake. Right. Don't you get a guy. Well how about this. He writes a book goes on a book tour and doesn't have an answer to the question was that your laptop because I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

Don't beat me if that's my laptop with me with hookers smoking crack. This guy. But I'm still going to write a book. Mike.

I blame Biden a little bit because I heard when he paid him his allowance he would roll up the dollar bills like cocaine straws which. That's a great point. That's your research. That's your research. I do deep dive. Jamie will be on One Nation. From the Fox News podcast network subscribe and listen to the Trey Gowdy podcast former federal prosecutor and four term U.S. congressman from South Carolina brings you a one of a kind podcast subscribe and listen now by going to Fox News podcast dot com.
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