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Dividin' Biden: President spends Labor Day calling MAGA "Trumpies"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 6, 2022 12:32 pm

Dividin' Biden: President spends Labor Day calling MAGA "Trumpies"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 6, 2022 12:32 pm

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Why is New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive rights which Humira but if the right q. week show we are back summers over white pants put them away.

It is time to get started in spring towards the returns.

I'm excited about it to Col. Allen West a little while but your next 1-866-408-7669.

Of course, would be in Albany on Thursday is good to be an exciting week and I'll be coming from a local diner there on Friday to the TV and radio from there.

I'll run back to the to the station. Will Siegler bring to is what I could see you in person at the egg in Albany was great to go where great affiliate is we have a lot to go over the Arizona race is tightening up New Hampshire Republicans. You have a candidate soon enjoyed your Herschel is beginning to surge and in Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz is closing the gap but everything is still up for grabs. You have to stay here the entire midterm election season and dare I say beyond what get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three we have that laptop in the Department of Justice and FBI for months and months before anybody knows it existed. That's why total transparency is important yet would help. The plot thickens soon to be disgraced FBI agent Tim Timbo was Tony Bob Linsky's point man in the spiked hunter laptop story right in the big guy Biden the international finance gamut still trying to unwind you knew more about present Biden's role then Tony Bob Linsky and even some scene and correspondence are now asking the questions, that's a potentially explosive ruling if it holds the Justice Department assume that Trump only had attorney-client privilege that he did not have executive privilege what the problem is it's it's not 100% settled true and any McCarthy surprised Trump gets his wish in a special master's name to review what was taken from our Lagos home. As we learn with the FBI took that include his medical records, tax information, even rifled through his 16-year-old son's room. Does anyone think that's okay under the definition of democracy is acceptable. The people one votes honestly counter these guys don't go to this day back a Republican Congress defend the that storm the capital people died late really dividing by divider divider and cheap remarkable divisive angry speeches from raging Joe Biden using terms like ultra trumpets and maggot to ridicule divide Republicans will will he keep his party in power come November, so let's get started. So this is his approach and the word is starting on Thursday.

A lot of people with on his staff said spreads are not sure there's a good approach. Member on Thursday he goes to Liberty Hall and he has Marines behind him, which is okay.

It's I can be political.

I thought to myself, can be a political speech at the Marines, there will was pure politics was something should be said at the Democratic national convention would've been appropriate. Perhaps you want to be very negative but not as a prison United States saying this is a presidential address about saving our soul which is bizarre. I don't really think we look to a president to save our soul, but unless you Lincoln and the Civil War. I could see. I don't really see Biden as a Lincoln.

Although Biden sees Biden as a Lincoln was evidently some people on the steps of his present luggage speech don't really not too sure that really got to be effective what you talk about your accomplishment which want to do member get the guy give the inaugural by coming together not hating each other. You pretty much ate the president, former president, you never mention them up until for the most part. Up until yesterday. They mention his supporters people to follow are extremist and ultra that's really true. Now you could before. Present Trump enough for January 6 before present Trump in saline. I don't think it's voting machines writing else and that's a story, and now when you see how dramatically different your policies are when it comes to the board when it comes to tax policy, international trade deals foreign policy, defense spending, of course, was going on society and gender in fluidity and which are teaching kids in school everything that you agree with a lot of people are comfortable with and when people agree with present truck they want to be called extremist to get attorney off. Worse yet, you could be turning off the party.

A lot of people turn you off betterments on appearing with you. He did appear once Jade excuse me.Tim Ryan nowhere to be found. Shapiro wants of the Lieut. Gov. Doug wants be the next governor.

He wasn't there, so view the governor of Wisconsin would show up one appearance, but for the most part, your candidates are staying away, use a little of the divisiveness and I wonder what he's even thinking cut one republicanism like a Republican Republican embraces that extreme ally ideology. I know because I've been able to work at banks republics my whole career, but that extreme IV Republican Congress have chosen to go backwards full of anger and violence. Agent division. The biggest contrast from what Mager Republicans the extreme right trumpets. They want to go to cottage Mager Republicans in Congress are coming for your Social Security as well. Have you been to any speech from present Trump any interview the present Trump's gun and hear him talk about cutting those programs. He never does. So the fact he never does that make him extreme which Rick Scott said is we should move some of these are automatic spending programs. I think he was to examine and to make sure that there being no work to officially because for the most part think the spending skinny I control what I have listed.

Would Rick Scott did as party agenda. Now you can simply get rid of him. He said I want to examine them and find out where the money is being spent. But it but if you want to see Donald Trump said that catches mistaken.

If you want to say that Mager Republicans are for storm in the capital. That's just wrong. I know anybody that supports it and factors people that are caught on video or with their dealing with that. Now we know that, but the speech was just a terrible idea. The president responded in between Biden speeches cut for you know all about that Takeaway are energetic and believe it. No fossil feel destroy our Second Amendment attack the right to live as American will be just a refrain that old out spring. This quickly down Trump predicted all these moves by Joe Biden. He predicted everything that's happening right now between the border collapsing fossil fuels being being attacked and being a label. The fascist is you you want to make America great again cut for it all about that Takeaway are energetic and believe it.

No fossil feel destroy our Second Amendment attack the right to life and replace American freedom with left wing left-wing will go left wing all the way fascist fascist. Some of them. Not all of them but some of them but they getting closer and closer. We have to win this election. While they didn't. He got 74 million votes more than any Republican history, but they didn't win a lot of people say upset about the election.

I could not care less is done. The reforms that were put in reported by legislatures and governors it's done so Jim Crow 2.0 totally responsible by this president. Another divider and chief example. With the Democrats have grown form is the.decision evidently more women suburban women are registering to vote since the top decision came down. What is that that return the of the right for an abortion to the states. How many weeks their exemptions are there exceptions thanks to that nature.

Every state is deciding and that's going to affect now the downstream effect that tactically put conservative judges on the stand. Three of them, the Supreme Court, but heat the evidently he told people this can be a problem.

Come election time because most of America wants a degree of abortion but they don't want long-term rating past 15 weeks of the can negotiate now the amount of women want the right to have it is gone up.

I don't care where you stand on the issue, which is fact. So why these purple states or these blue states are say now I really gotta register now I really gonna go to the midterms because I gotta make sure my governor. My senator goes to baffle what I think and that is pretty much the Democratic Party that's what you think. The prison will be emphasizing instead the he's coming out and trying to label everyone a Trump supporter. Well, most Republicans are is very few Liz Cheney met Romney supporters no way I like Adam Kinsinger but he is not going to fill up a gymnasium. This prison. Stadiums still despite January 6, despite Malaga despite the Georgia investigator despite the Atty. Gen. looking into. Despite all these things and he won by think 87% of the people. 93% of the people that put forward, but as president, Biden says he's extremist without got wind of what vote against these extremists. We had to make sure these trumpet people don't get back in power, Larry Hogan, the moderates moderate governor of Maryland said this present. Biden is truly serious about threats to democracy. Then he would condemn the tens of billions of Democratic groups who spent tons of money promoting extremist threatening democracy.

Those so called extremist did you say these Trump East. These ultra Mager Democrats are supporting and pushing them forward, hoping to get the nomination as a think they're beatable. Well if if the president was truly the present for all people concerned about the direction of the country, not his party.

He was saying a knock that off.

I'm not for that that would be a cool moment, but instead you got Democrats defending the speech cut five Street called out, he called out mainstream Republicans, Democrats, independents, come join him to help protect to fight to protect our democracy.

So it was about a specific particular extreme extreme part of the party has taken over what I see in this speech I seen words of encouragement. I think optimism I think a commander-in-chief who is calling out all of us, no matter our political affiliation of the hallmarks of the fascist political party are one they don't accept the results of elections that don't go their way into the embrace political violence and I think that's why Pres. Biden was right to sound the alarm.

There is nothing the president said on Thursday that has not been said by leading conservatives and Republicans.

I mean, Republicans and Democrats are in large part in agreement.

It's the magna movement that is extreme.

See you nuts.

Number one, you don't get it. I mean, are you really that stupid demand to make America great again movement simple build strong borders, strong military, few foreign wars rework trade deals cut taxes for everyone build the wall on top of that, because it symbolizes reinforcing a border and immigration rules reforming immigration as well is part of it was able to get it done.

This is pretty much with the magna movement is not extreme January 6 is an aberration for the most part these these rallies are all extremely peaceful, which made it so bizarre to watch it on January 6, number two is what about which Amy Raskin was saying a hallmark of fascist political parties are once it's only set the results of the election you mean like Stacy Abrams does accept the result of election 2018. To this day that Hillary Clinton it says I really want had it stolen from me to this day that most of Al Gore supporters look to George Bush, George W. Bush is an illegitimate president. To this day I made you think the president Trump inventiveness unbelievable to me.

Unbelievable. They would take that tact real quick. I want you you you you it he was on with Brett bear last night just talking about the labor day trips and weekend trips of the president and his approach cut seven areas faced after. We go back to the satellite fascist slur that we go forward in the student loan bailout that we go forward to the rent setting the red wedding speech which was much, and by everyone there was objective about it today at the Wisconsin Democratic Sen. candidate not showing up with the president like Tim Ryan O'Reilly. Don't be in or near 38% approval is following is by the United States.

People want to shaming the oil like immigrants on God will show up, etc. been a disastrous start of the Labor Day campaign and we'll talk later specific races, I think, but right now you'd rather have the Republican cards in the Democratic cards in your browser rather be led by Mitch McConnell and Lee and Kevin McCarthy, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi says if she happens to lose the speakership.

She wants to be ambassador to Italy already making alternative plans, but the red wave could be altered will discuss that because a lot of reporters and networks are reporting it as fact, but they're actually cheerleading in many respects go over that go over the poles good and bad for whoever the candidate is, but this is the place to be for politics don't move we come back your calls, 1-866-408-7669 you listening to the Brian kill me and show learning something new every day, Brian kill ratio, precise personal power is America's limiting in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast Fox News network. I'm been dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me is really problematic when you look at the apartment office is handling this case. Overall, you have a conflict of interest possibility, but also the appearance of a conflict of interest and that's really failed miserably with this case and you know it's very important for the public to know that this case is being treated fairly hundred Biden should be treated any worse because of who is what he should be treated any better and the way they are handling. This gives the appearance that he's being treated better and be treated with special treatment really the form DHS assistant secretary Jonathan Fahey on Fox and print first today, but I find it unbelievable. We said it seems to word appears. Of course it for your investigation into his tax records you still never verdict if you don't think you can special treatment as he walks the earth stays in Malibu at some billionaires house thing goes back and forth from Delaware to the White House on a regular basis free with his third family Guy. Don't you think there's a special rules for him.

Of course I would get caught up in him. It's all out relates to the big guy Joe Biden. This CFC is a Chinese company that was the capitalist arm of the Belton Road program was the belt and reprogram the Belton Road program was put together by China to try to get these these cash-strapped countries to allow them to build to build their infrastructure chores and exorbitant amounts and then take that infrastructure so you build something in Zambia you decide to take their ports. You build the road. He'd build a bridge you decide to control the airport you build this again make the payments to find that in Pakistan and elsewhere.

We quickly have tried to get an answer to this because we look to build things with developing countries in a loan situation where the not predatory loans were not there to destroy the economy while road boot rub building an infrastructure, but China is still looking for the real estate so they come into a crappy job.

They rebuild the code.

This country's infrastructure to a degree of what they can afford when they can't make the payments they take it in the CFC was leading the charge. Guess who's investing with the CFC Hunter Biden and Joe Biden along with Tony Belinsky when they thought that was a firm in international business firm investment firm. They thought they investing which led them to Romania led them to the Kazakhstan to the into Ukraine and Brisbane Britain people not to follow that line is not for the FBI that the follow-through is criminal itself. Now we turns out last week we told you about Tim table Tim table 25 year FBI veteran who retired because his name was brought up in a congressional hearing. They say it's no link to that and said this guy according to whistleblowers suppressed the Hunter Biden story visit link to Joe and they wanted to protect the Biden's and then they came out did the FBI and Phyllis and my guides is Lori Greg is my has retired.

It's been 25 years.

Nothing to do with this. He can work case.

The Baltimore Bureau worked the case will Maranda divine writes the story that a Baltimore bureau may work the case point Tony Belinsky came in to be with the FBI agents and their names are listed they were told at the end of that interview Tony Belinsky after hours of testimony. Note not.

He was not asked to go in front of a grand jury to look at where the Hunter Biden and had a bath is worthy of criminal charges and that testimony was given a number that numbers Tim T both cell phone number since he's the point man for your testimony really people had nothing to do, nothing to do with this investigation really what the whistleblower said he squelched it and now we have Bob Belinsky told it was told he was the point man. Please don't tell me this guy was involved in that the Chris Ray should not a crackdown on this because he cannot be finding out about it really, really, truly from Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley, the FBI, you know it's going on your old building, let alone around the country.

No excuse.

I will not say content.

Carlisle was next with Ben on this will came close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture to politics and business, so will subscribe and listen now and Fox News five just Fox News can't just network. In these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite podcast information you on truth you demand. This is the Brian kill me show I worked 20 years in the mortar on both sides of the border, including Mexico, as he mentioned that when we see the increase in seizures of this type is not a good thing that means that we are getting swamped with retinol methamphetamine harrowing that is continuing to pour into this country. The seizures are good, like I mentioned, but that means that that it's coming in through every porous part of our open borders down the southern border and that should be disqualifying for this president because he is not a bad policy has no policy, which is a terrible policy and this is what Victor Aviles saying he's retired ice Special Agent and he said, people say what little the drug bust getting at the border must be good is because OSHA's the opposite because I been doing this for 20 years and when you get this much he means the rest of the border is wide open and it's flooding through wedding, through may be because her agents are distracted or maybe because they know that the. The policies are just so lax when they're going to see such a responsibility again cut 21 is definitely not enough being done to stop it, and all and I'll put it to you both ways.

One, we have to hold Mexico accountable there attached to us.

There are neighbors we must go in there with a different strategy to hold them accountable for what they're not doing in their country. And of course the United States and this administration is doing absolutely nothing to stop the flow of these killer poisonings is what I call him because were over 107,065% of those poisonings are fennel poisonings that to tapping the border and naturally to criminal about it and that's with this demonstration basically get away with and that is why I believe that there's a panic among other networks not to cover something so terrible.

But if you are in taxes you really think you're worried about the mag agenda what you mean the wall of the extra border patrol agents and the backing up of all border and the people were actually applying to come you the right way is that so terrible is that so extreme when it comes to enforcing the border in the wall. It absolutely worked whilst you think they're closing it in portions of Arizona. It's ridiculous. The other big story and I think it's genius.

I thought it was a defiant move to get attention at those may be a weak story on Gov. Abbott started sending illegal immigrants from his border voluntarily to Washington DC that was okay get attention. They said okay will you watch those buses Poland that they were about 1/3 fall I see people get on my case I really can be that big a deal was evidently was getting under the VC skin and then New York which gets these fights without anybody announcing it, which gets his fight with anyone announcing a New York started getting some of the started complaining and there wasn't anything happening there were no buses coming there. The company, but something wasn't taking place, but governments and I'll send them to you, Mayor Adams know you tie with Joe Biden so if you think we have to deal with seven hours in a day what you deal with maybe 70 tops and then send a few more buses when he struck complaining few more buses and then they started getting them in Chicago. Why, she just Texas be dealing with.

It is a major issue. So now these blue cities have to wonder are we going to send a reporter down there from the Chicago Sun-Times to cover the illegals why their company or Mayor Lightfoot could be seen idiotic things, but you still giving heed to the story and oxygen to the story that all Americans should be concerned about all border white setting that is a Republican or Democratic thing cut 23 is Mayor Lightfoot.

Listen to what she says Prof. Kristin.

This is not Christianity in the teaching of the Bible that the religious leaders all across the country are standing up and announcing exactly religious leaders, religious leaders will nibble on Catholic charities is taking government money to give these illegal immigrants a healthcare attention, a place to sleep.

Maybe a Nike bag to be able to get a fresh center) on buses and fiber on the country if they prefer flights to land to sponsor homes.

So that's all costing us money when it comes religion. Nothing to the religious what is religious about getting 7000 illegal immigrants a day you don't know who they are, where there from that not all Q4-year-olds and even if they are, that's our responsibility now to raise them, which I'm fine with that. If you have a charitable arm but not a immigration policy.

Now she's bringing up somebody's religion. Are you insane. That makes absolutely no sense and that to me is with the administration that's with the Republic should be talking about talk about the border you talk about inflation in first and foremost you talk about crime they're all related. Joe was at WRC and around Ajo Brian good morning yet shoplifting a.k.a. Sanchez saying about mad dog mag.

QuickTime self-proclaimed number one. The concrete mag that you love America your magnet magnetic love God, country and family magnet is deliberately individual freedom. The American dream called legal American Brian magnetic the defendant in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights magnet defended the children the same boat, the elderly, and I want to speak about if I can bribe out make another point Joe Biden's disgraceful speech got pregnant that Biagi will but Ichabod got married. He put that crop up in the redial show got that community to help you.but what he did in Afghanistan. Note 13 Marine killed soldiers and what is incompetent, go PUT them up there at the prop plot with the Marine. I was maybe my brother would the airport we all share what they tell that she wanted 10 children with a drone strike going get a talking point the work that they told us that was the bomber that was the bomber know know know the father with a drone strike doing a great it's going to get the talking point a drone the paid work and upon the children.

They went to get a no no no I know they told us they killed the bomber the suicide bomber. I navigate I think they do with the mastermind of the bombing so they instead ends up in a guy just filled up his trunk deliver gas to somebody they said it was to be a terrorist and they were totally wrong. The guy was actually an ally working for a government but here is a little from the prison little bit. The aftermath of the present speech. I want you here. Here's Jeff Mason what he saying about the politics of it is a good politics ease with Reuters content presents message of whether it's was Stuart camera arrived well with some part of the country was was certainly that he thinks trauma and trauma supporters are threats to American democracy, president of the White House. Are you and that was a political speech.

I think that's been a tough argument for them to make yeah they put those Marines behind him. Tough argument.

Thanks so much for the call 1-866-408-7669 and the thing is to do if it does work. The present can be in good stead.

Now a lot of people are saying and Nate Silver talked about this on Sunday there.

The red wave is being halted mainly by the Dobbs decision, but the president's approval ratings are budging this around between 30 and 41%, which is why so many Democratic candidates don't want anything to do with them is radioactive now in Pennsylvania.

They say Federman's got any point lead car in the 538, the Atty. Gen., Josh Shapiro, who wants to be the next governor. They say he's got about the same type lead a seven point lead over on Marciano. We will see maestros very good on job very good on the stump know he was there and they try to link up the 9/11. He was there that day's big drum supporter is a state rep will see if he's got what it takes. He's not a dumb guy is that a PhD in history of intermittent before is actually quite impressive but that is somebody that Donald Trump should go to bat for because the ultimate battleground state is Pennsylvania so this time Bonnier's Democratic strategist.

He was in actio's over the weekend is with target smart. He says the role wave of new women voters fired up by the Supreme Court wrote decision could swamp GOP's hopes of a red wave.

He said in my 28 years analyze lectures. I've never seen anything like it was In the past two months in American politics. We will see.

That's not been the New York Times. She got a look at where comes from you and I don't see I don't see people talk about the impact of the Hispanic vote on almost all sectors go to Florida.

He got the Cuban board to go to get the Hispanic vote in of yet. A lot of Cubans come through Texas inside to stay but the Hispanic humans, mostly bar are Republicans or Democrats for the most part think they're getting all these triangle countries and those people are voting the winter you're ready evidently pretty upset by the whole thing, so there probably are country boating for the Morgan or Tagus over the weekend talked about demonizing half the country. She's actually been doing on the ground trying to music with many reporters as possible. Dave McCormick's guillotine with Dr. Oz this week in Pennsylvania. I think on Thursday mornings could be there cut nine they made a calculated decision to divide this country to call so many people who voted for seven that Pres. Trent threat to the Republic. Pleasanton Pres. Biden and his team should now just look at the members of the military. For example, most members of the military. I probably are registered Republicans and probably voted for A trying to say to people who sign up content to give their lives for this country are a threat to Republic is one of the most insulting and demonizing things that I've ever seen a president Dale I to half the country to the prison keeps things I'm not saying all Republicans is the mag excuse me, most Republicans voted for Donald Trump.

There are some that aren't I again at the Lincoln project in those for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger for the most part that's where almost all of them stand so vilify them incorrectly anger them holistically and do exactly what Hillary Clinton said demean them with the portables and that comment that's what this adds up to and the word is that many people on his staff did not want them delivered that tone of his speech in Independence Hall. He did it anyway. He said it was time is a lot of people please buy it out of the general electorate is, but maybe I'm wrong, I'll take calls X18664087669 Branko Mitchell both sides. All of us until from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me. Frankly, this is not to change the trajectory of the case of the part of the justices going to be this case and any prosecution in the was unlikely that they would announce any indictment before the midterm executive elections because of the standard policy of the Department of Justice.

Now, this order does prevent them from continuing to use these documents for prosecutorial purposes and that may be the reason that they do appeal. They have nothing to lose from an appeal except to the precedent that they might create with the time so what they said and in which Jonathan was going over Jonathan Turley, welcome back. Everybody was the Malaga rate. They asked for special master and everyone all these legal experts are saying why is the Trump team at the B team. This is the zone with her doing, they should have asked for a special master right away.

Now they've had a chance to go to the FB had a chance to go in there and they had their vetting team go through their says nothing is no reason for special master in the department of justice argue we don't need a special master of the church said I think we do because the present. Not only has attorney-client privilege papers to disappear, or may have, but he also has executive privilege, they should wait a second former president does have some executive privilege is see some of the documents that he might've declassified when he was present.

What are these documents is 11,000 documents that they took 48 empty folders are hundred and three classified documents. It seems 42 photo folders it said confidential on that.

There are also empty, so they took also his tax records.

Some contact records and his interaction on taxes, some of his emails and number two they took. They took his medical records.

We talked about at the Jetta taint team to work in there and merely screen it. Of course, you need a master a special master so that even I think the judge is very first to just give me five names or some names and you think I should consider is a special master told the Trump team give me some names of people he I she considers a special master to go through it you know it effectively. It does so for the most part is none said rule within 60 days in election he supposed to keep down investigations that affect that election. This would actually affect that election with 63 now so you and take your time going to appeal you going to continue to allow these headlines to get out the investigation to emerge. Now you use of our symposia New York Times leaks air quotes to get your point across. I get it, but they are deciding now with a special master to move forward by Friday they want some special master candidates so Canon. The judge was a Trump appointee was confirmed. The week after terms of feet in 2020 shows no trial trump anything with the order, not only unilaterally serve only to delay the criminal justice system. According to the Department of Justice. This will delay everything so they're not happy white wood toward the light which you big rush got you documents back. You have to wait for the subpoena to be satisfied. You want to negotiate a more but you took everything I thought you had some great intelligence that told you exactly where to go to find everything.

Here's Mike McCall talked about the rate cut 15 there's a certain just trust but verify attitude worth when it comes to the Department of Justice and the FBI and it frankly saddens me because is that alumni dear Jay, I hate to see people's faith in our institutions are being weekend I bought a questions what why didn't they enforce the subpoena before they did this unprecedented search warrant on a former president United States and also why did they tell the committee's Senate select committee hey guys, I got a problem with the phone president is got some items here in folders there then marrow I go that I don't gave me everything I think might have to do a rate guys. What do you think Republicans and Democrats tell me it is this an overreaction on the Department of Justice.

I would love to say yeah here's my press conference and by the way, I briefed all Republicans and Democrats on this at the highest level of our intelligence community before I did it in their support, but they didn't know anything about it. How serious can you be getting brief them or you just ignoring other branch of government.

Again James Coleman waited on Fox and friends first this morning at 14 he could be the next chairman of intelligence should the house go Republican cut 14 full amendment to present a lot.

I don't think the president would've been granted the special master had the DOJ had all their eyes dotted and tees crossed. Clearly they took way too many documents. They've already admitted that there were no a certain number of documents that may have been classified what they took significantly outnumbered what they said was classified so I think that after the department just if they're going to have a lot of explaining to do a screw while they took so many documents in addition to so many other questions, but in the short term. This was a big victory for Donald Trump right you doing here we did wrong to by doing what we got this got this and why distilled Department of Justice where this Atty. Gen. thought he could pull this off without major backlash is insane. I do. I think the present should report the civil know she was a screening team from the person earning another headache. I like some of these records for my own memorabilia and for my library. Would everyone do I need the archives come down here and check it out. I don't need to be in the middle of any of this if I really wanted documented that they don't want to give me make a big deal similar take it on this one document. I would have my attorneys can Volvo go to keep it on ice. Do we decided on Mike pence one through the normal process but vice president of a lot of paperwork. This extremely valuable like the president does, especially hands-on present like this unfortunate of a time to take any calls but I do was post about West on this hour but it didn't work out. We had missed medication. Also, we have this thing called a flight delay which is pretty much commonplace with everybody listening to me right now it is more an exception than rule when your flight lands on time and I would say that that is it, that's fine.

If that was say that's fine. If it was in 2022. Since find it was 1953 and will begin to put in airports and understand the magnitude of the passenger travel but that's decide that the Sec. of transportation life and the people to judge. Yeah, he says I'm really going to come down on people who don't fly and I don't think it's, you know, I don't think it's right to. I'm in a plane.

The airlines visited they were given money and they didn't spend it, retain their employees yeah they incentivize lot and to retire and have this age. This age caught off when it comes to pilots which I think is very dangerous to lose most experienced pilots in it shouldn't be a case by case basis me before boxing commission. They make sure if you're 30 or 40 could pass a medical exam. Make sure your tabby again why you may can somebody retire and hurting air travel Brian Kilby choking Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach Brian Kilby thank you much for being here. If I is the brain Kilby Cho 1-866-408-7669 so glad you're here come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan print run the country her around the world morning company Osama castanet began to get a chance to see what I look like if you're not watching Fox nation right now who was kind enough to scream or show Dan Hoffman 34 minutes after the hour, which can be fastened.

I got talk about tapping over in Russia first or there's a report that they understand that they're going to be under extreme long-term economic distress. Despite the fact that they are making money off the Royal at this moment I don't know if you soar over the weekend but there was a shot of Vladimir Putin on stage and is his feet were shaking uncontrollably. The word is cancer or some type of Parkinson's and I only wish him the worst I mean I really wish he suffers and dies a terrible death and what he's doing to innocent people that don't. They were actually doing their kidnapping Ukrainians, grandmother, mother houses to shipping them to Russia and their taking children and for adopting them into Russian families taken away from their families, let alone the people they killed in the war they started Michael Goodwin in matter of moments, so it's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three we have that laptop in the Department of Justice and FBI for months and months before anybody knows of the existence that's why total transparency is important yeah I would say so more revelations.

The plot thickens soon to be disgraced FBI agent Tim Temple was Tony Bob Linsky's point man on the spiked Hunter Biden story and the big guy's story on the international finance scam they were beginning to get exposed. Yeah, the guy that said he had nothing to do the investigation had everything to do with it.

You knew more about present Biden's role than he then been told by Belinsky and even CNN is getting test questions. That's a potentially explosive ruling if it holds the Justice Department assume that Trump only had attorney-client privilege that he did not have executive privilege what the problem is it's it's not 100% settled on the head is not to say I think my my opinion, is it any McCarthy was kind of surprised by the special master ruling, Trump gets his wish.

The special master will be in place to review what was taken from his home that includes medical records his passport tax information and even tax communications with his accountants. Why would they need all that and why do they need to rifle through Darren's room under the definition of democracy is acceptable. The people one votes honestly counter these guys don't go to this day back a Republican Congress defend the wild that storm the capital people died late dividing by unbelievable, divisive, angry speech as by not only not shock the world on Thursday with his idiotic remarks he does it again. All throughout the weekend through Labor Day. He thinks by saying people are ultra Trump Asian mag. He's read ridiculing a small segment of the Republican party if the whole thing will someone please whisper that in his ear and see if it sticks. Michael Goodwin knows all that he wrote about in in Sunday's worship is take his taste is a Sunday's New York Post. He joins us now and is a Fox News contributor Michael welcome back.

You believe the reports that Joe Biden is defying his own staff in writing these root in in in going with his tone with these remarks, I think that it was a mistake for him to give that speech. I think it may make him feel better getting the kind of sugar from denouncing from but as I've written a couple times Brian Joe Biden has a lot to be afraid of, and I think this speech comes out of a panic that if Republicans win either house of Congress.

They are going to investigate Joe Biden's connection to Hunter Biden and all of the all of the things that we've heard and so the only way Joe Biden can exempt himself from that is by helping the Democrats keep both houses and so they I think he has decided, perhaps along with some posters that you have to mention Donald Trump's name 10 times every day and you have to say magna Republican Maggie Republicans is another way of saying Trump and that I think is what they're pinning all all their hopes on now whether the White House like that speech like that setting.

I mean there have been reports of said no. They advised against it.

Bias against this speech, but I think that Joe Biden has decided this to put all his chips on this for the next 90 days. I think this is what were going to be hearing about put Donald Trump on the ballot January 6 on the ballot. Don't forget that Nancy Pelosi's move all along as well. That's why they did the January 6 commission. It was designed to come out and to be kind of bare hammer in this election. As it turned out they had nothing else but all along I think that was the goal and look Joe Biden really does. This is not a figment of his imagination.

For once, he may have invisible people. He wants to shake hands with all of that, but he's really got an issue here because it when the Republicans take either house, you're going Jim Jordan and others in the house. Are you going to have Grassley and Ron Johnson and others in the Senate going after this Hunter Biden telling Johnson and Grassley in particular in the Senate had done tremendous work and ferreting out the $11 million that the one Chinese company paid the Biden family CCS yeah yeah $11 million and I think people don't associate this Brian with what that company was was about this this project that Tony Bob Linsky was going to be the CEO of and that Hunter Biden Jim Biden Rob Walker, I mean the whole Biden family operation was going to be involved in. It was about the Chinese buying American infrastructure.

This work was done one point there was a on on Hunter Biden's laptop there was a list of Democratic officeholders in the United States as well as foreign officials, Democratic officeholders in the United States, whom the Bidens had made a list of that Joe Biden would be able to call and get a meeting with this group so the governor of New York, for example, Andrew Cuomo was on the list and the idea was the Chinese want to buy New York infrastructure weather and and you know we we will leave the Bidens will will make the deal will bring the two sides together that states need the money, states and cities whether it's a bridge or water tunnel or any highway and the Chinese.

This is part of their belt and road initiatives that they've been doing all the world never going to do it in America and the Bidens were going to be the fun people.

That's what they got paid $11 million for that we know just before anything was sold.

This was just for being on the team for arranging meetings, etc., etc. I mean this is going to be Belinsky has said this is going to be some billions of dollars so I you see newspaper Marines divine rights.

The team T-ball two days now the discs seem to be disgraced 25 year veteran of the FBI was brought up by whistleblowers. It does into Grassley and or Johnson came forward and said this guy's close the story and T-ball's attorney came back said no he didn't. He had nothing to do with the Baltimore Bureau close the Biden store in the Hunter Biden laptop story and then it turns out in the story yesterday. Worse yet, was assigned a Sunday to cut a blending together and it turns out to T-ball was the point man who Tony Bob Linsky was told if you need anything. This is your contact and they gave them team T-ball to cell phone number so if he had nothing to do with the story. Why is Tony Bob Linsky, the most valuable witness that nobody cares about that the FBI had to bring into their Bureau to secret passageways, who was never brought in from the grand jury who provided all his text messages. His telephone please email all this stuff to. He was never followed up with. They never did anything again in the grand jury and T-ball never contacted how could you say he was not involved in this story she would see how it's all coming together when you were talking before about the raid on Monsanto. So you have to do is juxtapose these two things right.

This is the same attorney general. This is the same FBI right that doesn't have time or since, sincerely, makes an effort to investigate Hunter Biden over four years, but now has time to raid monologue doll has sufficient manpower for that meal does it in a hurry. If this is the same Justice Department and this is precisely why a lot of people don't trust the Justice Department given you could line up cases like that you know how they how they go after the parents that the Justice Department has no domestic terrorism watch on parent to complain at school board meetings right but never does anything about the people coming across the border who commit crimes semi-on and on, there is this juxtaposition of what looks like a very political Justice Department that is doing the bidding of the present United States and I have to say, but I believe there is a clear connection between the radar monologue doll and Joe Biden's determination to do mega mega mega mega I think that the two go hand in hand.

I don't think it's just a coincidence that Joe Biden turns to this claim on the campaign trail in the wake of monologue overlay. I think part of it is part of the White House political scene.

They flat out lied. He said I knew nothing about the raid I knew nothing about the rate at all. He was never even briefed on the rate which is enough to suspend logic to think that Pres. can you imagine Trump was in office and they go with an array will obliterate Barack Obama's house, not even tell Trump you kidding or if Obama was in office and they Salina rate Bush's office when I'm gonna tell Obama so yet they rated Morrow. I don't know. We never really brief the present. He's been busies Geico but really, he's got nothing to do. You can't text him a message. By the way were going to go to Merrill Largo today because what rating it so knowingly about underbody foreign businesses.

Why did he lie about that one because it such an it's like to disprove which bits been disproven. So why am I because you can't handle the follow-up question you can handle all of the questions about your association with your sons, business partners and paymasters. That's why he lies about the threshold question but did you ever discuss solderless scene and set my job and asked me to run the place like Dana Bassett asked a few questions that were provocative and interesting. They weren't. I'm not saying that she's not but you.

This is definite tilt of despising Donald Trump and everything she says and does a little bit less than most over the weekend. This Sarah Steiner tweeted this out. There was this is for CNN reporter.

There are serious questions that should be asked about Hunter Biden is an elected he's not an elected official, but legitimate question should be asked and answered about his former business dealings and how was handled by the FBI shouldn't be a partisan issue that craves is huge opera.

What happened in CNN.

Another concern organ utilize. She even missed the story.

We don't care about Hunter Biden. I only care about Hunter Biden as it has to do with trading on the family name as relates the big guy Joe Biden.

I care about Hunter Biden as much as I care about Billy Carter would. I was only nine at the time, so maybe that's a bad example but the Hunter Biden is also a distraction. They look at the crack in the attic so they try to get sympathy, CFC, Romania, Ukraine, Russia. All these dealings that this president is dealing with now that could Oman. These are all places that he was doing business with getting possibly a percentage of all investment on and that relates directly to a war in the Ukraine to work directly to anything in the Middle East and is surely re-reflex it directly on what's happening with China and why wouldn't I think that if you're during destroy the oil and gas business to push our country towards batteries which all the elements of which are lived that would conjure are contained in China.

Why would Knight think twice about why this president has these policies. Story months ago that did not get enough attention. I believe it was the post.finally, through I think freedom of information got vice presidential mansions. Visitor logs when Joe Biden was vice president and what the reporters were able to establish was a pattern of Hunter Biden and his partner Eric swirling sitting Joe Biden right before or after their foreign trips and so the sense that their reporting back to the big guy about their business activities.

To me it is highly suspect again when Joe Biden says I never talk with them about the business why Hunter Biden business partner visiting the vice president with Hunter, but 25 time Michael, I just say you might be disappointed. The rest of the media, but on our show. We had John Levine in here talking about that the next day, so please when you indict the media. Could you say, except for Brian kill meeting the next column now on I will thank you Diane all this as good as relates to Joe but my point when he was like things will be informed when the money was being made and then you have. I know that I know you know this Brian, but the idea when Hunter says pop make me give them half my salary when Eric swirling is working with checking accounts of hunters and Joe's. How do we examine Joe from this question, we can't we can't, and I think you hundred percent right when I look into this more when I can let up on it and will continue Mike Goodwin thanks so much.

My pleasure but I think you are right we come back I'll take your calls give you lot a 1-866-408-7669. Also Daniel Hopper the bottom of the hour was simpering to meet you, giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show they welcome back I mean there is for Michael Goodman come out and say that any does a lot of research to Aziz on apologist for Donald Trump goes down Trump is outplaying the perfect games I like talking to some people that great people but they just don't think down Trump ever did anything wrong. Mike good was called amount and written about it, but for the most part the fact that Joe Biden is able to lie his way through the knew nothing about Hunter Biden's business dealings. Yet he was benefiting from them. No one's ever asked Joe Biden this.

Do you know Tony Bob Linsky did you meet at the Beverly Hills Hotel. What about the correspondence and since you have to give 10% that you got 10% to the big guy that you were involved in the see if save dealings.

How do you mention the fact that you met with him and his business partners right after their major meetings overseas.

Look at these notes was present.

How do you explain all this and remember you said you knowingly about his business partner, but yet there's a picture of you with Devon Archer in the Hamptons in New York. Devon arch which is business part. Almost all of them are in jail.

The CFTC EFC contact you add in China has disappeared.

A met senior. I need to do with that. But China had something to do with that.

He is now gone. So this is pretty amazing.

The whole thing is heating up exponentially. Can you imagine that the Republicans had had control. My hope is that it's so obvious. This is not a Benghazi thing.

Where was the fog of war you have emails and laptop in pictures and if you know what I'm up lately. If I'm Barack Obama I'm angry.

You have all these meetings about private deals on ask you to work for me. Radio show like no other, kill me Russian news agency said the chairman of the country's largest private oil company has died after falling from the hospital window veil, not an outfit is now the eighth Russian energy executive to die suddenly this year. Lukoil is one of the few Russian companies to publicly call for an end to Moscow's military operation in Ukraine Russian state sponsored news outlet Interfax and Reuters both confirmed he died from falling out of the window, but a statement from Lukoil raids and output passed away. Following a serious illness wow to the Russians kill everybody. The disagrees even high-ranking executives into the most powerful company in the country, then you have to enjoy just now CIA station chief during Moscow in Moscow, Iraq, Pakistan and South Asia.

He joins us now Daniel you know Russia you think these guys just passing away.

Suddenly, no it doesn't seem like much of a coincidence to look at the chairman of Lukoil revealed McGonigal within the same hospital where Gorbachev died. The word was he had a heart condition. But he jumped out of the balcony and you know that's how he died. There was there were no CCTV coverage at all.

No evidence that in all those other Murders that would look like seem to indicate you know that Mark is undergoing a real stress test domestically, yet people are kinda acting as if there's really no war going on in the major city, but make no mistake, and are important really taken a hit here 80,000 dead or wounded and real questions about his inner circle in the Ministry of Defense spent in his intelligence services so that the energy energy which is where Russia gets all the income if the youth delivering a message not just to the energy sector but it don't die inner circle that youth is rootless of the ever what and if you crossed anything to make you pay for your life is your taken some of the video that showed them on stage sitting on the desk with his legs twitching think he's sick, you know, I talked to a lot of leadership analytic. There's no indication that Vladimir Putin is suffering from any theory of illness.

We should certainly I think factor in the possibility pretty significant stress 70 years old. And even if he is in pretty good shape. He swims a lot and pork is known for having practice martial arts judo but still no no indication that he got some sort of a debilitating defeat. Much of many of his own countrymen, but wish that he too might wind up with sort of a heart condition and might wind up being removed from from from his from his perch in the Kremlin. The worse he looks good meetings terrible dizzy local bloated regular 70-year-old Russian man and the average life expectancy for Russian mail. Tell you what, in the 90s. It was 57. If you can think about that and have inched up a whole lot even though again clipped up relatively clean lifestyle probably suffering from all sorts of ailments but none so debilitating. I don't think based on the leadership analyst with whom I've spoken that would lead to him to have some sort of cognitive implication but cognitive ability to run the country or physically able to lead Russia. Unfortunately I think were in for the long haul in the war of attrition between with brushes just barbaric onslaught raining down Helen Ukraine civilian.doc now the US government where the arsenal for democracy, we gotta give Ukraine what they need to end the war and ended up at the possible give them everything. Don't give him some of what they need because each is and it's ended.

It's is the torturous way we which were doing little write big checks if we did it all at once. They could strategize from what they knew they had were not doing it that way that we do need to wait for the week. We should have been given a more when Russia mapped all those troops back in April 2020, 21, when Russia started giving Ukraine military equipment that they needed. We started to open the aperture now but look at all of the civilian death and look at now that that the challenge for Ukraine to retake so much of the territory that they have lost that they will now fight over and meanwhile began.

Russia had targeted in Ukraine civilian hospitals maternity ward, but it is no school and in business within and 30 until President-elect get that look much of the band terrorists and Ukraine fight on, but our European partners have to be concerned about an approaching winter and in the path they provide a lesson And how long can they stay in the fight to continue to assist Ukraine have already seen a lot of protests on the street but I wouldn't rule out that that the Russian intelligence services had some pandan and fomenting some of that some of those up protests against the European governments but yet we need to do better at this and and and hopefully you will get from congressional oversight out of the Congress is back in session that we need to find out the webs were given is getting people to needed audio thing is Dan is dead will know someone is going to be stopped and returned to does exist to know someone with natural gas flowing is gonna be stopped. He said, is for them for repairs, but we don't know that's not true. So having said that, we are not doing enough to help out in Europe with natural gas, they would write the checks we have the fracking ability we doing enough because I hear the president of the prison of Germany was in the chancellor of Germany was. He was in Canada last weekend asking for natural gas and basically got a stiff arm. That's certainly one thing that the United States and our allies have to work out and I don't disagree with you at all on that look Germany turned around a policy on nuclear power there, leaving some of their nuclear power plant running even though they had planned to shut them down as part of their green new deal in Germany. But you're right. Look at increasing the supply of natural Otherwise make them real issue with European population support for the war against Russian Vladimir Putin at thinking on just that that we won't be able to stay in the fight that you can win this war of attrition.

You just want to hang on through the winter and he feels like that will give him an advantage where a copy for Ukraine want to keep taken the fight to the enemy and we need a component of LBP economic component you point out, it is the key want this a couple of things first thoughts are these friendly oligarchs also meeting with some untimely deaths and how you make sense of that for you, Lukoil which which came out after the war began that it was tragic and that that the war should be brought to a swift Dan, that's not a good way to stay alive in Russia no plan recruitment that like it when anyone criticizes his military operation for intelligence services and so making it clear to the rest of Lukoil look at the Serbian junior partner to China with an export of hydrocarbons. There to make deals with Iran and North Korea and your people just have to line up and do what I tell you to do and you don't then I'm gonna kill you, and I think what did I would estimate with a high degree of confidence know that the 88 senior business executives who were killed in the last six months that's all a message to Lukoil and to Just to Get Line into Vladimir Putin's Bidding or Helping to End up like Rafael MacDonald or Some of the Others. Time Magazine Is a Story about a Growing Backlash against Russian Tourists Dividing Europe Because the Arrogance Which They Shown. We Know That for Some Reason� Russian Tennis Player Play with a Band Them in Wilmington. We Let Them Play Here and We Band We Know That Joke of H Because He's Not Vaccinated You Make Sense of All These Mixed Messages Now That You Know US Foreign-Policy Man.

I Was Always Glad When I Didn't Do Policy Which Is Recruited by Install Secret, the Left the Policy for the State Department and the White House That You Said That You Wind up with Them about Nick McNett and When I Was at DIA We Depend across Car and Go Back to It Mistreatment and in Doing Our Work.

You Know, but I Wish I Could Explain O'Brien, but It Is the Way of the US Government Sometimes You Know It. I Personally Don't Think We Should Be Allowing Russian Tourists to Travel Freely Used Only in the Event Band Them and That the Good Thing but No, There Isn't a Consensus in Europe on That and When It Comes the Tennis Players Coming to the United States.

I Wish That It Get up There. One of the Kind of Player Nathaniel McNett. I Wish He Would Said Something about Russia's Barbaric Invitation but You Know, You Probably End up like Those Lukoil Executive That He Did Russia We We Lost Our Ambassador. He's Now out John Sullivan. Is There a Story behind That No Doubt They Accompanied the Real Hero He Unit with Deputy Secretary Of State. The Trump Administration, Acting Secretary Of State While Sec. Pompeo Thing Confirmed in Any Job, You Know, Thankless Job to Be Ambassador to Russia Facing All of the Harassment They Did End and the Drawdown Account and I'll Walk around the Embassy in Rows and Rows of Empty Death. Happy People There to Do the Work. We Should Be You Note Thanking Him for His Exceptional Service to Our Country from My Hometown of Boston, so Maybe I'm a Little Bit by, but You Did a Three Year Tour in Moscow. God Bless Them for Doing It. II Hope You Table You Know to Get out Front a Little Bit in the Media and Talk about What It Was like in Russia. Russia and We Need Someone like That. I Think Well Enough about What You Have To Say so Much from CCC Chief over My Skin of the Places They Stand Back and Go Live in the Now There Brian Kill Me Show Joins FOXBusiness's Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney Live on Your Radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian. Kill Me a Look Back Everyone to Bring to Me, Chose 10 Minutes before the Top of the Hour Do Something on FBN Shortly and Then of Be so Get on Board Because Right after Them Done with Morning Show We Part Ways LB of the Squeeze in A Few Calls Usually so Call 1-866-408-7669 Mile Get a Huge Event Coming up September 8 That's This Thursday 8 O'clock in the Egg in Albany for Some Tickets Left.

Not Many but I Hope to See Than Bullets Listening Together Now Just Coming upon and Is Now Exactly 1051 E. until You Know What That Means. Brian Kill Made It Joins Is Why Brian I'm Sure You've Seen This on This Workshop.

He Was Again on Robertson New York City Round That Car into an SUV and Took 20,000 Books off the Drive Right That the Middlemen Happen and It Happened Right in Broad Daylight on the Upper Eastside. You Know, It Just Doesn't Seem to Be Getting Any Better in the City Doesn't Know. I Mean the Numbers Are Staggering for Being so Distant.

Deceit Seemed like a Situation Where They Should Tell the Whole Thing Because $20,000 in the Car You Know Anyone Carrying around $20,000 These Days. If You Have It. Don't Carry It. There's Venlo and There's This Thing Called ATM Card. So This Is Something That Was Done Was Choreograph Number Two Every outside Murders.

Everything Is up in the City in Terms of Crime, so Murders Are down.

Shootings Are down but in Terms of Grand Theft Auto in Terms of Terms of the Assaults in Terms of Robberies in Terms of the Transit Crime Is All up in What I'm Saying Now Is Talking about New York, but I Could Be Talking about Philadelphia or Chicago or Memphis or Any Other Major City in America.

And That's Really Would. This Election Should Be about Who's to Keep You Safe. I Get to Keep Most Your Money in These Horrific Things Are Playing at a Camera like They Never Were before. Because of the Ring Doorbells the Surveillance on Every Street Corner. That's What Happens in Places like London and New York City, We Have the Money to Get to Get the Cameras to Get the Surveillance Brian.

This Is the Day Tuesday after Labor Day Weekend When Most Companies Are Telling Workers I Got Come Back to What Got Him Back to the Office While All People Coming Back to Their Offices in New York City. When He Got Crime like That Going on in the Streets outside.

Do We Know All People Back to the Office Today.

I Think You Three Things Happening. A Lot Of This Huge Push Back Major Firms, Major Investment Firms Really the People to Watch FOXBusiness More Than Anything Else Other Say Need You Back to Work No More. Two Days Any Tobacco Work and There's a Number One I Think Some Are Lazy, Number Two. Some of My Covert Still Covert Crazy and Number Three I Think There They're Worried about Crime so Covert Go See a Therapist It's Done Number Three. When It Comes to Crime You Got Some Legitimate Concerns Were People Are Knocking to Feel Comfortable Getting on the Subway Because Transit Crime Is up the Good and I Evidently Were Only 60% of Where We Were in 2019 of Terms People Hopping on Buses and Trains so I Know This. I'm on I Go to Penn Station Three Days a Week, Usually When I'm Not Working Late and I Noticed I Have Never Even on Prime Time Rush-Hour. I'm Never Looking for a Seat. I Always Find When It Never Used To Be the Case. You Are Lucky to Stand Some Sometimes You Wait for the Next Train into up until 2019. So There Still and When I Go on Subway Syria in Our Building.

I Notice It's Never Crowded like You Use to NPR Siding Crime and I How Do You Fight the Stats Right. Sometimes You're the Only Person on the Elevator. These Topics Next. That's a Difference of the Real Change. I Was Watching Fox and Friends This Morning.

Brian I Heard You Say That California Banning the Sale of New Gas Powered Caused by 2035. You Say That Is Flat-Out Criminal. The Way California's Treating Oil and Gas Companies Make Flat-Out Criminal to All above Strategy That's We Need to Imagine Vice It for Now on. The Only Wilderness Fire around Is Jet Packs and the Only Will and Will Get to the Moon If We Don't Get to the Moon. The Technology Is Not There for Jet Packs. The Technology Is Not There to Go to the Moon for Everybody All Winter Road. Yes, That's What You Need All of the above to Tell Everyone Making Combustion Engines That They're Out Of Business to Tell Everyone That You Going to Get to Work.

You Get to through Your Life on on Electric Cars When the Technology Is Not There. When Is Powered by Coal and When the Innovation and the Material Needed Is in China That Is Anti-American Is Not in Our National Interest to Be Relying on China for Anything. That Is Why This Chip Steel Is Interesting Because Vietnam Is Getting A Lot Of It in the Is Getting the More the Manufacturing from Apple and from Google and Other Places. But Now You Gotta Go. Give Me Lithium China Give Me All the Call Gimme Call Both Giving All the Necessary Elements to Build a Battery. This Could Be a More Expensive That We Can't Get Rid of That to Me Is Criminal.

It's against Our Country's Best Interest. I Don't Care about Anything about the Country. I Don't Care about Industry Avenues and Puts on Gel Every Day Wants to Be President When Every Decision He Makes in California Is Making His State Worse Is Why Everyone's Leaving and We Don't Need It. Nationally, 17 States Will Follow in His Way and That Is Criminal. I'm Glad You Got It off Your Chest There Brian Because I Entirely Agree with You That I Still Have so They Go 1-866-408-7669 I and by the Way, When I Was Talking about Going Young Kids Already Done When Young Can Evidently Said That We Came in There Was a Plan in Place to Have a Virginia Go along with What California Decided.

That Means 2035 Banning the Sale of Combustion Engines or Anything Looking in Oil and Gas, They Don't Really like They Should. Do You Know When I Got I Couldn't Believe the Stat Wall Street Journal Had a Story Yesterday That Part of My Alerts. I Thought Interesting. A Memorial Day Is Meant Labor Day Something like the Top of My My Words, and They Talked about Energy and Oil and Gas, You Know, This Demonstration Goes Where Pumping Oil and Were Doing Things and I'm Releasing I'm Giving the Leases Away for Exploration and I Give These Leases up. These Guys Aren't on Using Them, to Take More If They Don't Use Them. You Know That Biden Has Okay Funeral Fewer Federal Oil Leases Than Any President Who Is Been Present since World War II Just 126,000 Acres Offshore Drilling Leases Are down 97% from the First 18 Months of Pres. Trump. Do You Know That If You Look at All Leases Together and Would Biden Is Done.

He's 3.2% of What Eisenhower Did You Realize We Are in Think We Had Offshore Drilling When Eisenhower Was President. This Guy Is Bringing Oil and Gas to Its Knees. You Need Oil for Our Computers Need Oil to Make Genes You Need Oil to Fuel Your Cars and Now You're Telling the One State That Is Going Oil Going Full Electric Don't Plug in Your Cars over the Weekend Because of the Rolling Blackouts in California. I Am Talking about California. They Want Us to Go. They Want to Go All Electric, but They Can't Even Charge Their Cars to Make up 2% of the Total Core Population.

That to Me Is Responsible Live from the Fox News Radio Studio City New York City Fresh Office Set up Fox and Friends, America's Receptive Kill Me. Thanks Much for Being Here, but If the Brain to Me Shall Come at You from Six in Midtown Manhattan Heard around the Country Heard around the World Where You Listen Close You Get Here Illegal Immigrants Being Dropped off in Port Authority Operated the Binder Standing by Brad Fair the Bottom of the Outbred Worked on Labor Day. Did You See That Allison Brett Was Doing a Live Special Report on Labor Day to Seek a Time and 1/2. You Know That I Would Take That Offer. If We Were, They Would Give Me Time and I Would Need the Money Right Basically Fluid Care a Great Job Editing Is Me. My Brother Thought We Will Live on Monday Night Right so He Was Founded at the Time I Was so Good Show Today Do You Do the Show. I Don't Know into the Shop Selves Can We, but It's Good to Know People Were Not Easily Duped Great and That Your Brother Does Know Your Schedule so Brightly That He Knew That You Write Your Work and We Barely Keep in Touch with Get to the Victory. Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three We Have the Laptop in the Department Of Justice and FBI for Months and Months before Anybody Knows of the Existence That's Why You Total Transparency Is Important. I Would Think so. That Was Chuck Grassley, the Plot Thickens Assumed to Be Disgraced FBI Agent Tim Tim Boldt Was Tony Bob Linsky's Point Man of the Spiked Hunter Biden Story and the Big Guy, You Know, the International Finance Camp. If You Knew about Prison.

Biden's Role More about Prison by Controlled Attorney Bob Linsky and Guess What His Contact Was the Guy That They Told Us Had No Contact with This Whole Plot. That's a Potentially Explosive Rolling If It Holds the Justice Department Assume That Trump Only Had Attorney-Client Privilege That He Did Not Have Executive Privilege What the Problem Is It's It's Not Hundred Percent Settled Right Any McCarthy Seems Kind of Stunned Trump Gets His Wish, and a Special Master's Name to Review What Was Taken from His Malaga Home As You Learn the FBI Took His Medical Records, Tax Information, and Even Rifled through Karen's Room. That's an Okay with You. Your Definition of Democracy Is Acceptable. The People One Votes Honestly Counter These Guys Don't Go to This Day Back Republican Congress Defend the Bob That Storm the Capital People Died Right Job I and of Course Referring to Stacy Abrams and Hillary Clinton Who Said You She Was Robbed at the Election Stolen SHA Room Soon since You Never Lost a Governors Race. She Did Now.

I Guess He Was Meeting Donald Trump Remarkable, Divisive, Angry Speeches, One after Another. Joe Biden Thinks That's the Way to Keep the House and Senate. I'm Not Sure That's Going to End up Whispering and Rendered Divine New York Post Columnist, Author of Laptop from Hell Hunter Biden Big Tech in the Dirty Secrets of the President Tried to They Tried to Hide Miranda Welcome Back. You Never Stop Working.

I Read You on Sunday. I Couldn't Wait to Talk to You Today on Tuesday about What You Found out about What Is Going on with the Hunter Biden Joe Biden and This in This Investigation. Do You Want to Expand with on What You Found It Quite Shocking. We Already Knew. Thanks to the Lord Very Courageously Come Forth to Chuck Presley and Ron Johnson, Republican Senators, but What We Now Have Found out and What I Reported on Monday. Papery That Timothy Tebo Who Is the Disgraced FBI Agent Named by the Glow As Having Suppressed the Hunter Biden Information Came to the FBI before 2020 Election He Actually One in Charge of 25.

The Lien Keeps Material. He Was the Point Man Appointed by the FBI to Manage Tiny Bubbling Was Probably the Most Crucial Lichtblau When It Came to the Hunter Biden Material Nothing to Do with the Laptop but Tony Bob Linsky Had Been Business Partners Hunted by and He Knew That Joe Biden Was Involved with Dealing China Multimillion Dollar Deal with China That Was Detrimental to America's National Interest and Tiny Bubbling Being a Patriot Being a Naval Veteran Much Decorated Having Top Secret Security Clearance and Strong the NSA from the Department Of Energy.

He Decided to Stand up for the Election. He Gave a Press Conference a Couple of Weeks before the Election and He Told What He Knew.

He Said That the Big Guy Was Joined by You That Because That Was the Way Hunter Biden and His Business, Including Turning Bob Linsky Instrument That You Tried Biden Because They Didn't Want to Mention Him by Name Because He Was Central to This Corrupt Influence Peddling Program That the Bidens Had Been Prosecuting throughout the World during Joe Biden's Vice Presidency Enjoyed Biden Was Fully Aware That He Was Involved in It. Even Now He Lied to the American People.

I Can't Say the Word Lie. Likely There Is Just Overwhelming Evidence Showing That Chart Biden Line When He Said during the Election Campaigns That He Knew Nothing about His Son Hunted I Dictate Business Dealings. We Know That He Met the Days after Major Business Meeting City Had Overseas from Romania Kazakhstan to Ukraine to China with the Print Vice President at the Time with His Business Partner.

We Know That His Business Partner Also Was Talking about Who Gets What When a Term so Joe Biden's Taxes and Hunter Biden Are Getting Paid or Reimbursed for Things That He Did or Didn't Do. You Talk about Bob Linsky. Very Interestingly, so Bob Linsky Has His News 10 Days before the Election, and When the FBI Goes to See Them Because They Realize They Can't Really Deny Them with That Type of Background He Goes to See and They Want to Go to a Secret Entrance When He Goes in There. He Talks to Two Agents. They Got Hans off to Another to Agents When He's Done. He Was Given the Cell Phone of Tim T. Bolden Said That's B Appointment from Here on in That Way to Second. His Lawyer Told Us Last Week. Miranda Divine Didn't Tim Tebo Said That He Was There Was the Baltimore Office to the Investigation, Hunter Biden, but He Never Denies or Go Brings up Tony Bob Linsky Interaction Does He Know I Think I Very Curious. Tim Tebo Apparently Resigns from behind Last Week. I Now See Chuck Grassley 19 Thanks to Blow It Will Increase the Right Guy before the Senate and Said That He Was Deeply Troubled by the Revelations about Team Tee Box Not Only Been Alleged to Barry Hunter Biden Material, but All Start out with You in Trouble and That the Hatch Act Very Cranky Trump Very Partisan Political Tweaks That Hate Night at Start AT&T Part Resigns That Manger Court That Any Inspector General Investigation That Might Be Going on Because the Inspector General Had No Jurisdiction on Old Age and of Course You Will Keep It in Time. Very Generous Pension Which I'm Estimating At Least $80,000 and Can Keep on Going. He's a Lawyer, a Private Fine Art Lawyer. That Means for Free Getting Legal Control Frame from an Enormous International Law Attorneys Charge Thousand Dollars Now People Are Getting the Freight Lawyer.

She Did Statement Saying That He Had Nothing to Do with the Supervising Investigation of Hunted Time to Get That Thing Handled by the Baltimore Field Office and Also the Statement Did Not He Had Any Anything to Do with the Laptop but He Doesn't Mention Anything to Do with Bubbling Bubbling to Desperate to the Laptop Doesn't Have Anything to Do with the Laptop Now Are on the Laptop PC Skied into the Big Guy Email on the Laptop That Allocates 10% of the Big Chinese Steel Enjoyed Biden but He Was Not Involved in the Laptop or Anything to Do with Discovery and Abandonment in Delaware That I Can't Come to the FBI Separately Voluntarily Weak Bombshell Information on the Laptop Really Corroborates What's on the Laptop. A Highly Credible Witness Indicating What's on the Laptop and Had Extra Material and Rent Including the Jackpot. I Know You Have the Laptop from Hell Not Going to Say Anything Bad about That but As You Mentioned.

20. Bob Linsky's One-Stop Shopping You If You Just Had Bob Linsky in All His Emails. He Turned over His Phone and All the Correspondence and All the Files with the Numbers in the Text Messages You Even Need the Laptop to Understand Joe Biden's Involvement in It and the Way He Went under Oath, One for Five Hours to the FBI Went to the Senate Intelligence Committee Went to Ron Johnson Want to Grassley Then SEES At Least 12 FBI Agents That Outed You so If You Said It Won't Affect Election, but This Is a Real Story, but Instead They Not Only Froze the Story They Said Was Classic Russian Disinformation Which They Know Is a Lie. And If If I Told Tim Tebo Said That That Is Nothing Short of a Lie, so Bob Linsky Never Wanted for the Grand Jury.

How Could You Do a Legitimate Now for Your Investigation and Not Bring in the Guy That Was the Business Partner of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and Jim Biden and Not Bring Him in and Find out What He Had to Say. With His Background Who's Given to Both Democrats and Republicans Internationally International Business Person Who Served in the Military As an Officer and Is the Highest Level of Security Clearance.

Joe Biden Is Never Been Asked This Question. Do You Know Tony Bob Linsky. What Do You Think You Would Say That Probably Line Line Line about the Story I Get Away with It.

He Doesn't Make Her Indicate Exceptionally Friendly and Never Question You Have To Realize That Tony Bob Linsky's Name Doesn't Ring the Half of the Country� Who He Can't a Guy so Honorable He Thought That He Would Take His Intonation to the FBI and I Would Do Something about It 11 Days before the Election.

He Had a 5 1/2 Hour Interview in Washington DC at Washington Field Office.

He Went There. He Also Handed Either the Contents of Three Expiring.

The FBI Had That Just like They Had the Laptop from December 2019 and It Just Spelling to the Same Glycol and the Laptop Will Look Tony Bob Linsky Material and Enough in the Interest of National Security Was the Juicy of the FBI Safety Gang Very Credible Evidence from a Very Credible inside Witness Whistleblower Which Suggested That Chart by Candidate for President, May Have Been Compromised by China. At the Very Least, with Millions of Dollars That Was Paid to His Family and the FBI Buried the Story They Had Knocked on the Investigation You Mentioned the Grand Jury, Which Is Been Running for Years Hunted by Meditech Sedation Money Is the Biggest Joke You Met You for Your Investigation. We Have Everything out There, Including Information.

Where Is All This Money. By the Way We Raise This Money Is Season in That Mansion with That Compounded Joe Biden of the Career Center to Remain $200,000 a Year.

His Entire Life Is Sitting There Where Is This 9 Million Where a Zillion Dollars. Why Is He Living in the Spare Room of a Billionaire in Malibu.

Hunter Biden Did He Actually Did He Actually Speak of Suspended on Crack or Workers of Both but A Lot Of the Money Went to His Family. So I Find the Last $50 I Have for My Taxes. I Would Still without Does He Get Away with It to Paint $2.8 Million in Back Taxes to Try and Get Out Of Grand Jury and Private Body with Tiny Debit Wife in Delaware and A Lot Of That Money We Know Basically When Not Been Slightly Chilly Because He Cannot Find Much Crack during These Years Barry Explained That He Was Very Wasteful with Money Money Keeping Time in Spanish That Is Not His Wife, Yukon through the Court That We Often Are Not Just a Tiny Bit of Information from the Laptop That He Was Paying Something Father Maintenance Bills That Chart by Mansion in Delaware on Things like Building a Retaining Wall Fixing Shutters and Fixing It Conditioning How We Know That He and His Father Had Shared Finances by Climbing the Financial Patient Bank Account and Start in on. That's Why You Need to Have Proper Investigators with Subpoena Power with the Ability to Look into Bank Accounts and Follow the Money Trail and That's Not Been Happening on the FBI Going on in Delaware. The Fact That They Grand Jury Did Not Call the Star Witness 20 Bubbling Skate Says It All.

Why Did 20 Bubbling Schemes Not Testify Weakly, Knowing That At Least One of the People of the Grand Jury Last Year with the Big Guy and Got Annoyed That He, Linsky, and He Was Willing to Testify Outrageous. There Is a Cover-Up.

I Think with Only Thing a Cover-Up Ends up Being Just As Bad Story As the Original Story I Want You Chuck Grassley Cut 18 Laptop Department Of Justice and FBI for Months and Months before Anybody Knows of the Existence and They Were Told That There Were People Don't Touch the Laptop Are They an Enforcement Agency or on Think Are They Using Political Bias or Not.

That's Why Total Transparency Is Important. And Lastly, New York Post an Editorial Today Calling on Christopher Ready to Be Responsible for This Weird Word See This Entire Time If It Wasn't His Fault. When We Went, What Does He Ever Discover Anything That You Don't Write in the Book with It Isn't Discovered by the Senate If Useful to Investigate Crime and Stop the Next Terror Attack.

He Can Even Though He Came to Get a Hold Was Happening in His Own Building Final Thought Right but He's Not Interested in Talking Being Transparent.

He Ran Away. The Last Time You Called to the Senate Last Month Really Just Respectfully Told Him That He Had to Get Somewhere on His Private Jet Somewhere That He Had to Get to on the FBI's Credit Check Paid by Faculty Text That Going on Holiday Commander and Adirondacks Side Yard Credibility Only to Stonewall If He Didn't Know about This Cover-Up. He Should Be Chairing the Agent the Hot and Making Him If He Cared If He Can Print Eye with Someone Soon Go over but Thankfully the Charge Here I Mean You He Thinks Hitting the Movie.

The Story with Facts, Not Opinion and I Appreciate It. Thanks for 1-866-408-7665 Out Of the Outbred Pair but Next I Want to Get Your Opinion on This. In the Course Top of the Hour Might Outnumber. If You're Interested in Brian's Talking about Your with Brian until Made.

They Will Come Back Everybody Will Be Taking Your Calls by Fred Bear Unsurely with Myrna Divine Having to Think That This One Newspaper That Had Their Twitter Account and That Basically Can Everything Suspended Is Still Moving the Story Forward and That CNN Has One Reporter Come out and Tweet Something That Hunter Biden's Legitimate Questions about Hunter Biden That Need to Be Answered. I'm Just Paraphrasing It and Sarah Sighed Her in and She's Gotten Blitz.

What Happened Is CNN I'm Watching CNN Whole Site, Change the In-Place Anderson Cooper with Rick Santorum Uncle What Will Will What Just Happened What's Going on Here.

She'll Even Get the Story.

Most People to Follow the Hunter Biden Story Are Only Following Hunter Biden outside This Channel, but the Story Is Not Hunter Biden. He Is at the Head of a Family That Is Cutting These Deals with This Countries and Doing It and Were Exposed Because This Crack Addict Dropped the Laptop off and They Also Had a Whistleblowing Tony Bob Linsky Come Forward and Say I've Been Doing These Deals with These Guys and Upcoming Phobias.

They Doublecross Me in the Middle of Doing These Deals.

I Realize It Would Double Doing on Me in Their Trading on the Country and Is Fundamentally a Patriot Is an Officer in the Military. Penn State Wrestler Who Already Made Enough Money.

He Doesn't Need the Money You Want to Do the Right Thing and Everyone Ignored Him Threes Wondering about That. I Just Was My Reputation for That) Trying to Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show Republican Republican Republican Embraces That Extreme Ideology I Know Because I've Been Able to Work All Career Republican Congress Chose Not to Go Backwards Full of Anger, Violence and Division. The Biggest Contrast from What Might Your Republicans the Extreme Right Trumpets. They Want to Go to Car These Micro Republicans in Congress Are Coming for Your Social Security As Well. Yup Exactly down Trumper Ran on That I'm Integrally so Security in Your Medicare and Vote for Me. Who's with Me. I'm Pretty Sure That Was It Bread. She Put Blank on Fox News Anchor Special Report Showing Just Now Brett You Working on Monday so I Know Exactly What's Important to You, Work, and I Also Know Your Area Priorities. What about This Strategy That the Presence Been Putting Forward in His Blood Red Speech on Thursday and Then the One over the Weekend Where Is about Mag Altar Mag and Trumper's Trumpets or Whatever He Calls Him Trim Piece so Is This the Strategy That This Can Be Effective Form Would You Think That This True Story Is True, That He's Pushback on His People to Think It's a Bad Idea You Were Hearing Is That Is Going for Now There Is Some Skepticism about It in That Half of America May Not Identify Directly As Background Republicans, but That They Did Identify with Backup Policies and so You Start Crossing the Streams Here and People Get Confused and for a Guy Who Said He Is a Uniter. This Is Fairly Dividing. Now You Can Go All the Dots of the Critics Are Saying That's What You Know That Is Not Going to Work Babe Determined in the Inner Circle of Present Biden That This Is Where They're Going and That's One of the Pictures Are Going to Make. Here's What We Did Legislatively. And Here's the Bad Guys but You Can't Let Get an Office Because They're a Threat to Democracy.

I Think That You Know If You Can Go down That Road You Have To Sit down for Some Interviews You Have To Do Oppress, This President Has Not Had a One-On-One Interview with a Journalist in More Than 200 Something That He Is Not Had a Press Conference in a Long Time Here or There Screamed out a Question That He Answers. But If You Look in the Modern President Is Way behind Answering Questions from Journalists or Formal or Even Informal?

It's Unbelievable. I Mean Is, It's That There's so Many Things to Go over, but He Hasn't Done It.

He's Had Signing Ceremonies at Co-Visits to Three Times Day Goes on Vacation More Time Than I Think Anybody Else in History. Any Recent Present More Times Out Of the White House Than Any Recent Present. Think about This You Try 40 Years to Become Present If I Become Present. You Want to Be There Makes Apsley No Sense and You Go like 10 Miles Away in Delaware or Few Train Rides, It Makes It. It's Crazy, but for the for the for Joe Biden.

Very Interesting Because He Wants to Run against down Trumper in the Midterms and Will See If That Works. The One Thing That Might Not Be Working. He like You Know Michael Goodwin Came on His Economists. He Said He Firmly Believes That the Whole Radius Really Is on Our Lago Is Linked to This Whole Mag a Push Altar Mag a Portion Trying to Isolate down Trumper's Entrance with the Republican Party Is No Proof of Proof Certain of That yet, but It Does Seem to Drama Coordinated Even of the Presidency Was Even Briefed on What I Also What I Also Find Interesting Is It on the Morrow Log Arrayed Which Develop Their Animal Looks As Though the Special Master's Going to Be in Place Am Sure Appeal Will Happen. But This Can Be a Delay and If the Delay Happens before We Talk about with the Judge Said the Second Insight 60 Days That Put Everything on Ice While I'm Not Sure Ultimate Goal Know Well before an Election so They Said in the Wake of 2016 and What Happened with the FBI Not Investigation It Does Slow Things down and You Know You Have To Find a Special Master Who Can Handle the Most Top-Secret Documents in the You Know, It's Fairly Small Pool of People.

I Don't Think That Barack Obama Is on the List, but He Somebody You Could Do It. I'm Joking but He I Think, Listen, It Does Probably Push Things Back and I Do Think That the Filters Can Appeal Some a Number of Fronts for All the Pundits Who Were out There Saying This Is Ridiculous.

Why Are They Bothering It so Unnecessary. There's No Way to Judge Will Approve This and Then Here We Are Now There Lambasting the Judge Saying That She's in Trumper's Pocket, Appointed by Tromp Know It's It's a Crazy Circle of Punditry. Bottom Line, and Take a Little Bit Longer with These Freaking Pretty Clearly Hearing Executive Privilege Does Matter and Attorney Client Privilege Does Matter. So the Significance of That Is Matters A Lot.

Okay, This Is Todd. This Is Top-Secret of This Is Confidential Yeah, but Executive Privilege Does Matter. According to This Judge and Maybe the Special Master Good Thing That Came to Light Is on. One Thing That the Classification Thing Still Potentially Documents That the Government Owns the Former President Doesn't Own, so There Is This You Know Thing about the Line Classified in Executive Privilege, yet A Lot Of Executive Privilege Legal Theory Has Not Been Tested and and There It May Be Tested Soon and Believe It or Not, a Misty Panic Case That May an Appeal Go All the Way to the Supreme Court, Even Justice Cavanaugh Just Recently Suggested There Many Things the Supreme Court Should Probably Weigh in on on Executive Privilege, so That Whole Thing over, but the Documents Themselves Really Do Belong to the Government under the Present Facility and Sleep for Now on National Archives to Lawyers on Both Sides Should Be Meeting before One Page Leaves the White House from Here on in. This Is Totally Avoidable.

I'll Leave the Prison Should've Taken Him Babies Got Reasons for They Should Turn Them over and Go Cooperate Right Away. I'll Give You All That but Having Said That, You Need to Go to Barron's Room or the Milani's Closet. Do You Need to Take the President's Medical Records. You Need to Take His Passports. If You Need to Take His Tax Documents, All of Which He Claims Is Gone. Now the Passports. He Said He Lied Know What Leak They Both Said Sorry We Took It by Mistake, You There for Nine Hours You Got Your Bedding Team and You Still Left with All His Stuff. So, I Agree, and It's Horrible, and after Explaining That Action and That's No on the Beginning, the Action of Those Aged Take the Stuff out or Packet Goes and Then on the Backend. What Leads to This Raid and How It's Conducted and the Fallout from Ivory Brian H. A Total Total Mass Right Again into Its Unforced Error for the Prisoners Is under Incredible Scrutiny Want to Run Again. You Want to Play the Perfect Game That's on the Way down.

Trumper Runs but If You Saw the Emotion and the Packed Crowd in Pennsylvania.

He Doesn't Seem to of Lost Any Followers I Don't Know This Other Politician Can Do What He Does with Crowds and Passion That I've Ever Seen in My Lifetime I Don't Care If He Gets It. Even If It's 40%. I've Never Seen That the Passion like This before and Any Candidate Real Quick on One of the Accusations of Their Choosing Trump of Listen to Karine Jean-Pierre Cut 24 We Were in a Place Where Again Schools Were Not Open. It Shows You How Mismanaged the Pandemic Was and How the Impact of That Mismanagement Had on the Children on Kids Progress and Academic Will Be.

I Was Stunned When That Was When the Accusations on Trumper and All He Asked for after the Two Weeks or so. The Spread Was 10 Days You Want to Get the Schools Open How the Pushback Was so so over and They Kept Saying It's a Responsible Now They're Saying Donald Trump Shut the Schools down and That's the Reason Why the Kids Successes Is so so Curtailed, but Listen to This Ad. The Democrats Ran in 2020, Desperate to Reopen Schools Because He Thinks It Will Save His Reelection. We Have To Open the Schools Critical Threatening Their Funding Nestles When I Confront Them. Ignoring How the Virus Spreads, Risking Teachers and Parents Lives. Going against the Price of Experts for Young People. You Can't Have It Both Ways to Play When I'm Keeping the Clues Go Check and Then Vilified in 2020 Were Trying Open up the Schools so It's Really Something Political Jujitsu to Turn the Whole Thing around, but They Forget That We Are Pretty Okay. I'm Not Sure It Is You Can Go Back to That Time and Say the Democrats Were Pushing to Open Schools. No Siding with the Teachers Union and the Teachers Union Was Steering Cheating. She Guidelines Almost Word for Word That Came Out Of Multiple Stories and so If You Look Back at All the Clips and We Could Play It for Half an Hour Not Only Candidate Joe Biden, but Other Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Others Are Saying How Know This Was the Threat That They Can't Go Back to School. This Is What You Are with and Then Found She Saying There Is Not Irreparable Harm to Neil Caputo Just Recently, and Then the Very Next Week.

This Study Comes out about the Irreparable Harm That Started God to Students Back 30 Years Progress Is Polished Education so I Just Don't Think People Are Buying That Even Though the White House Press Secretary Says That I Just Don't Think That That's in a Cell. And That's Not Something That Any Democrat Runs on on the Campaign Trail. I Guarantee They Will Loan on Will Be Way They Will Run on Strict Democracy, but I Would Be Very Surprised If Anybody Thinks That Bone That Was Thrown by the White House Last Week. Tonight with Dr. Oz on Including 25 3080 Sterling by Eight and a You Do Your Own Research for This.

I Don't Believe There's Any Point Difference between the Two. This so Dramatically Different. If You Still with a Moderate Candidate, Not Fetterman Coming off a Stroke Who Is Bernie Sanders and a Hoodie Say to Myself Yelled. Maybe There Is Put to Me.

The People of Pennsylvania. The Ultimate Purple State. How Could They Be Siding with Someone so for the Left and against the Guy That so Familiar to the Entire Country Disease Had This Incident Successful Syndicated Show for All This Time Because the Encampment Spent A Lot Of Money on the Pre-Labor Day Ads and I Had outside Groups Bombarding You Know the Whole New Jersey Theme That's Looking to Do a Little New Jersey Thing and It Took off, and Then the Crudit�s, No Video That Dr. R's. They Jumped on That I Have A Lot Of Spending All after Labor Day Republican Spending Picks up outside Groups Picked up You Know Endorsers Stepped up Send Her Back to Me Alongside Dr. Oz Day Questioning Fetterman's Ability to Debate, There Are Vulnerabilities for This However Will Get into Some of Those Today to Talk about the Substance of What the Policies Are That She's Pushing and Some of Things Government Governments Going after Him on. We Asked the Lieutenant Governor to Come on. We Have Not Received a Response Can Also Town Halls and They Each Have Not Received a Response.

Oz Is Coming on Ship This Is Really a Tuesday Progress for Me Feels like a Monday but You Work Monday Because You Needed the Money to Be on Time and 1/2 Day Read. Thanks so Much Watching Tonight Fight We Come Back to See If You Need to Know More and Then I'm Going to Go Scramble up to Outnumber Frank Memorial, Listen More, You'll Know Brian Kill Me Back Everyone's Brain to Michelle, Top of the Hour and Got out Number on Fox News Channel.

Hope You Watch Will Be Sitting in the Middle. We Have A Lot Of Exciting Things to Talk about Their I'm Just Looking at My Watch.

I Realize You Need to Know Not Only Is Great Country Singer, but He Payback Young Fans Who Brought Their Own Tickets to the Show This Guy Bo Fenderson Is 12 Years Old and His Friend Tanner Stack Five Cords of Wood nor to Pay for Their Own Tickets to in Bangor Maine for a Concert. The Luke Combs Is Giving They Made 100 Bucks, Stacking Five Cords of Wood Bar to Luke Combs Tickets His Dad He Says Many Sounds Good. Our Dad's War Was a Waste of Time, but They Were Wrong.

Today Is My 12th Birthday and He Put up a Sign That Said This Is My 12th Birthday Award When It Rains It Pours.

And That's These Are Takeoffs on Loop. Will Combs a Song Combs Part of the Sign during His Friday Show Sat on the Stage Pulled out $140 Out Of His Wallet to Pay the Kids Back for Their Tickets.

How Much Your Tickets. He Said 100 200 You Paid 200 about 100 Bucks Apiece. Oh My God I Got 140 Right Here Weight Paper so That I Could Get You Some More until the Come Backstage after That Is so Cool Is It That That's Fantastic and I'm Certain until Your Point Early on the Show Bombarding with the Car Crash of 20 Grant I Could Carry 20 Grand If I Flew Combs Only of the 4840 Bucks and Is Why I Know Nobody Does with MO Now Officially Knowing to Ever and Now, but You Feel so Bad to When He Cometh Valet Parking, or Someone Helps You out. You Have To Actually Going to like You Asked Me for Money.

Thank You My Make I Have and I Never Payback Time.

But It's Fine.

It's Really All That I Asked Several Cisco School District Is so Bad It's Getting Risking Parents to Rent out Spare Rooms to Teachers Because the Teachers Get Paid so Little They Can Afford the Soaring Housing Cost the Average Price of a One-Bedroom Apartment and Went up 11% to $3000 a Month in San Francisco.

It's What No One Wants to Live There Anymore Services Goes Got This Great History They Best Parents with Spare Rooms to Consider Renting out the Teachers. This Unified School District Which Spans the Edge of Silicon Valley to San Jose to Fremont Employs 941 People but They're Struggling to Keep Teachers Because the Scarcity of Affordable Housing. That's Pathetic. Teachers in the District or from 6700 11,000 That's Really Not Too Bad for Teachers. All Right, Because You Really Work Nine Months a Year Real, but When the Cost of Living Is so High, but I Think All These People in San Francisco Working for Silicon Valley.

Why Don't They Figure out Ways to Pay the Teachers More Absolutely, That's a Good Point, Especially with Inflation When Which Require More Than That a Tenant Earns More 40 Times Monthly, Then They Aren't. So When You Write down You Fill That Application to Get an Apartment If Your Rent Doesn't Add up. If You Might've Set up the Apartment Super Can't Rent You Almost Where They Want Someone to Cosign Prices That I Can Get Trey to the 49ers. Were You Anything You Probably Can Afford an Apartment All Good Point Next NBA Superstar Lebron James and Drake and Future. The Wrappers and James Business Part of Member Court Reportedly Being Sued for $10 Million after Allegedly Stealing Intellectual Property Rights to a Film about the Segregated Hockey League Black Players in Canada Entitled Black Ice Lawsuit Filed in Manhattan Says Hunter Holds the Suit of This Guy Billy Hunter Used To Leave the NBA Players Association. I Know Him He's Sharing He's Seeking Share Profits for the Film As Well As $10 Million in Damages for the Defendants Lebron Drake and Maverick Are Internationally Known and Renowned Their Respective Fields Are Best for Music As I Do for Them the Right to Steal. They Say Was Offered to Say That a Deal Was Made behind behind His Back between the Accused Defendants and the Authors of the Book Black Ice Loss History. The Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes Out Of the Debt. I Don't Know the Back Story, but You Gotta Feel As Though This Guy's Got Something to Go on. You Don't Take on Lebron in Which Being Ill in This Powerful Mogul. If You Don't Think You Got Something or You Just Hope They're Going to Settle Out Of Court and You're to Get Something Right If That's True, but Billy Entries in the Middle of a Bunch of Strikes We Does Have a Pretty Good Name Himself Next Governor Gavin Newsom Signed a Landmark That We Talked about This Fast Food, Fast Food Workers Bill despite Concern of Driving up Costs. This Bill Is Called AB 257 Created 10 Member Fast Food Accounts with Equal Members Numbers of Workers Delegates Employee Representative along with Two State Officials Empowered to Set Minimum Standards.

Standards for Fast Food Workers. The Law MINIMUM Wage Increases for Fast Food Workers at Chains More Than 100 Restaurants at $22 an Hour Compared to a Statewide Minimum 1515 Hour, with an Average Cost of Living.

Who Are You to Do This to Me of Your Fast Food. You Have a Certain Balance Sheet That You Gotta Go Do It with Her Saying Is When a Good Way to Stop Building Fast Food Restaurants Where There Is Can Automate the Processing and Employ Fewer and Fewer People I Know. You Know I Told You Ruby Tuesdays I Walked in, Walked up to Me. They Said Here Everything Is like.

I like the Old Jukebox, Just Touch It. All You Order Although Interactional Only to Deliver the Food You Wanted to Delegates. Okay, They Still Want to over 100 Meteorologists and the Resources of Fox Fox Weather Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not or Wherever You

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