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Election denial has been around for decades... from Democrats

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 7, 2022 1:17 pm

Election denial has been around for decades... from Democrats

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 7, 2022 1:17 pm

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Live from the Fox news radio studios in New York City sure of the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice to kill me. They welcome back everyone with his moment of the brain can we chill this hour a lot of talent Bob Frank Schiller is done more for 9/11 victims and their families. And now military. Coppin was anybody else that I know over the last 21 years since his son since his brother died in the 9/11 attacks Frank Schiller has become a .21 years since those attacks we have in studio. Charlie heard Fox's contributor.

Wonderful guys all over the channel and Rich Larry, editor of Nash review with the bottom of the hour so before we get to Charlie and his latest thoughts and all the breaking news and there's a lot today. It's very exciting if you could see me on to on radio I'm tingling because the Obama's going back to the White House the official unveiling of their portraits in each room. I don't know why they didn't go during the Trump years and maybe they just can't finish now victory the stories you need to know Brian's three number three. Everyone has to do their part to help step up just a few more days please turn your thermostat up to 70� or higher, and avoid to the extent possible, using any really large appliances, energy, idiocy, California. The cutting edge green energy pushes rolling blackouts imminent and a demand for stop electricity usage. That's awesome. This is our electricity Energy Future.

I don't think Americans will stand for it or swept through it. Every Republican should put the word Biden in front of their opponent.

So is the Biden Warnick ticket to the Biden Fetterman tech admits to Biden Kelly to Just make sure everybody understands these people are all part of the same machine that is Newt Gingrich who knows a thing or two about politics, 20, 22 is heating up as the Masters Masters tries to get Sen. Kelly on the debate stage in Arizona and Dr. Oz in a desperate hunt for the hoodie wearing Bernie Sanders call John Fetterman to get him to square off on any stage and find out once and for all of these capable of actually holding this job after his stroke. From: Brian counts: elected leader. When you question so let's be clear, this is not a speech of conception. I believe he knows he's an illegitimate president was annexing denial, not a Donald Trump driven threat to democracy evidence clear from the present.

Biden's press secretary to Stacy Ames to Hillary Clinton. It's been in practice for decades. So why is Trump labeled ultra mega trumpet extremist threat to democracy now. Charlie heard them opposed to that question. White widely pretending that Donald Trump invented the election challenge, because it works because they got the media on their side and they get away with making the claim and edit and it's and it worked for them. You notes, in outward form in 2022 there to keep your but but I love her explanation. This is really a range on here her expiration. What is this is ridiculous. Meaning that no one should take her seriously but everybody should take Donald Trump seriously. That's why this is a ridiculous comparison, but which leads another question will wire you White House books person Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted this at nova December 17, 2016 stolen emails, stones, stone drone stone election. Welcome to the world of has take unprecedented Trump nice and by died this into over the background check. In the interview, how about April 2, 2020 brain camps told the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacy Abrams so this is embarrassing. I mean, most people are playing this so I mean they are bringing this up. Not as much as Fox's because I go about other people have an even little thought to bring this up. Yeah the APA or somebody else yeah and and when we got a better for some time but but I love you know I get it. You know you you can't help but cringe every time.

KG peak comes the disciple she once shared she is unprepared she doesn't know anything she she's in in all in the deep end of the pool. She shouldn't be and up, but she's actually a pretty good reflection of her boss and in that respect.

You know, I don't know as a as a lifelong newspaper got Ike I want my my spokesperson to be a reflection of the of the person's office and I think she does a good job and that's why you can't tell me they didn't know about this.

They knew about this. They don't care. It doesn't matter to them.

They are that they know that they're knocking to be held account for Joe. You know there's people to get himself in trouble mean we know you grant we know to Schwarzenegger got caught with his housekeeper.

Bill Clinton gets caught deposing and with what happens.

You need a crisis manager does no good answer but you have a strategy one strategies I admitted I was wrong. No numbered strategies. I never did it. Well that's problematic. Number three is explain yourself. So let's hear how she explains these tweets got one from: Brian counts: elected deny election results is extreme now really clear that comparison email. It is just ridiculous. I was talking specifically at the time of what was happening with voting rights in the white danger of voting rights. That's what I was speaking to at the time that the right right right says that even make up what you did in writing, but I mean I think about it and and you know you're coming it at politics from the perspective of somebody, but it is there is a 08 a, a laziness and softness that comes when you have the media on your side all the time. You're never in the one the LLC about Republican spokespeople is that they are forced to bring their a game every single day because they get challenged on everything they could be talking about how the sun is going to rise tomorrow and they're going to get challenged about it makes them sharper and better among Democrats, especially with this administration. The guy didn't even have to campaign he said in his basement for a campaign which of course John Fetterman is trying to to repeat that and we now know what happens when you elect somebody from their basement but but this is the youth that they get they get no sharpness.

They get know that there never forced to answer real questions and then you wind up with somebody like PGP so just done on that note by the Prez United States even into a didn't do as much.

I didn't listen to the whole speech but didn't do as much on Friday at the phone presidency talk about 20/20, but if you sent about 2020.

In a way that I think would resonate my humble opinion would be the FBI sitting on a story and Pfizer sitting on a vaccine and how would that of change how people voted, and then now the fact is the FBI you you have much more development study by Belinsky been interviewed by five out for five hours and this appointment was none other than Tim people to soon to be disgraced FBI agent though and all of those things are the reason people, you and me are still outraged about the way 2020. The problem with those with the Trump rallies are there carnivals there. It's it's it's it's it's so much fun and and the crowd loves the stuff and he goes into it and you get to an end. You know the problem of course is it allows the media who despise him to focus on the things that you know whatever they want to focus on when you give two hours of an interview and then allow the mediator to edit it down to one soundbite to pick the one that's that's best for you, but that crowd was pretty amazing as I dared to Mondays crowd with the present at the sitting prison United States still had the idea that I don't see anybody on either side of the aisle right now that has the kind of enthusiasm. The Trump has right now right and he has had all along and and all of the arguments it's it's weird all of the arguments for Trump in 2016.

I said I think are are still in play today. Obviously you've got a much better bench around them. You got other Republicans who I think are very tapped into it and have have picked up the issues that Trump brought to the table and then and then of course you also on the side of the aisle have the same situation where you have all of the elements that made Joe Biden the nominee in 2020 are still in play and you know it it's like were sort of locked-in in in Groundhog Day are our Democrats really do go to Bernie Sanders.

No, they're not willing to go to another to go yet they don't have a get you mean Gavin Newsom would be the guy we decided to take on the president is got terrible record in California. He's he looks like somebody would cast as the president but knowing right he's done he's totally inept bed Mayor's family moved to Florida because he couldn't stand the way that the way their son-in-law was running the state turncoat for so friend of mine was running a friend of mine from actio's was at the rally who's been in many rallies before he said this to me food for Trump. The rally was fascinating. The energy the anger was extremely high post raid I can see anybody taking the nomination from DJ T so that is somebody who's not Doug in but Pompeo's in Iowa. I says he got a team in Iowa. I think Tom Kahn's moving forward and I heard from pretty good source yesterday.

DeSantis announces in January so and and and here's the thing about you and obviously Republicans have a great field of options, all of whom have tremendous futures with its Pompeo or DeSantis or Christina no more any of the Nikki Haley any of these people. The problem is that, and we're kind of seeing it play out right now with something like this rate so it it's not enough to be right on all the issues at some point you know you're going into a knife fight with people who don't play by rules and and you know when you look back at the four years the Trump was in the White House, it's remarkable the things that he managed to get done. People think Trump is doing is going to get that type of blitz they were wrong.

Oh, I think so. I think the yeah I do think the wrong. I think the reason that they go after that they have gone after Trump like this is it's not because he's some sort of radical, it's not because he can be vulgar, it's because he's effective, it's because he's a centrist conservative he's ever been a conservative. He's just common sense, middle-of-the-road yet appeals to Democrats and he's not an exception makes the mag arguments are ridiculous right and they try to portray him as an extremist exactly because he's not an extremist, which makes him a threat to both parties. Yeah, and that's why they despise him and so so I know what I think it yeah there can it they hate Trump more than they hate anybody else but that's only because Trump is effective.

I think that if a guy like Rhonda Santos comes along and is that manages to be as effective as trumpets and I don't know that that that you have the jury's still out on that on on a national stage. But if if he does, there if you're making stuff up about somebody, then you can make up about anybody yet granted Trump's replays into it because he engages in, and he wants to like to make some unforced errors to yeah of course.

Among those unforced errors is part of the guys magic that he he's willing to go after people about these things. Charlie heard the matter moments we come back to. I want to bring up the Merrill log array with the Washington Post wrote about last night and with the why the special master has the Department of Justice beside himself using the brain to me Joe are coming up surely rich Larry. Nothing is better than Charlie heard and if he was I would say in front of him and then Frank Siller Beckenham both side's all okay until precise personal powerful is America's losing in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscriber list now and Fox News or wherever you get your project Fox News network London dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast.

Listen now by doing a Fox News five he's so busy he'll make here and kill me.

Mayor Garland before the American people.

He said we will speak to our filings, not through lease and yet it's been one salacious manipulative fabricated delete after another and if he cared what she doesn't care at all about justice in America. He would be impaling a grand jury tonight to get the linkers in his own agency who are the ultimate perversion of justice in America. Love Stephen Miller on lowering her less time responding to the revelation. The Washington Post highly classified documents were held tomorrow Lago they contain four nuclear secrets that only a cabinet level official or higher could authorize one thing Eric. We had Marco Rubio answer. This rate of the last block of Fox and friends. He said that that's a ridiculous statement because there certain things are are classified ultra-classified and he was ever even briefed and he was in the get. He's in the gang of eight Charlie her tear. Charlie Washington Post gets the story one day after a special master is named by a judge.

The Trump appointed. Is there panic of the Department of Justice.

For this to leak out. I know is totally responsible to do it. Yeah, I think that it certainly a problem for them and but I but again it I I've I've gotten to the point where I am so cynical about all of it.

I don't think that they care.

I really don't think I don't think DOJ cares. I really don't. I think that they are that they are prosecuting a case in any of the special master through the boss is now the get answer to them and slow down and did not touch documents is that they had one of the place but but again, I'm very it to me this is a little bit like really into releasing the redacted version of the affidavit.

I'm I'm not really convinced that that this is going to toot to lead to more justice or clarity. Given the gift given the larger situation given given the zeal with which they are clearly trying to pursue Trump to I and I believe that they're going for an indictment in order to form for clinical purposes, but the but you know whether these leaks. I think are perfectly indicative of the polarization of this investigation and and and not only an in unit one point that there was talk that in that the documents contained crossfire hurricane records that Trump was trying to preserve in order to defend himself against this DOJ in fact going back as far as 2016. Well, the flipside of that is, those documents are not only important to Donald Trump in defending himself against DOJ. There also important to DOJ because they reveal a lot of really bad things that DOJ did in 2016.

Whether it's lying about things lying on official efforts to spy on the Trump campaign or actually spying on somebody running for office or you sit so that the idea that Trump is the only one that had sort of a vested interest in those documents it's it's pretty it's it's pretty frightening, actually think about no doubt about it I think about things rapidly number one Joe makes things a lot easier himself. He just is a guys. These are the boxes that want to make sure I can take them ale whatever reason, I want my library I want for my archives, I want to make casing pieces brought up against me on that would help number two you could solve this from forever, and should be before prison leaves have national archives of the mutual officer come out and just and just go over stuff as they listen, you can take this you can take that done. This is this is a controversy because of their lack of procedure and not see Nestl� the white essay should be a national archives procedure there and they go Trump go to.

I need these to Mark Meadows as any of the six boxes archives Luke Sanders like to push back on this and then again arbitrary decide who gets it. We don't have Charlie earn the right to lead our talk about this with him but inflation would talk about crime time at the border. All disasters but I'm willing to acknowledge that that that this is a lot of breakdown of procedures even on the part of Pres. Trump. I'm sure that he took some record, I would not be surprised if we find out that records he took. He did not he was not supposed to take no doubt about it that's there. There's a lot of imprecision that goes on in an administration like Donald Trump's but the idea that that you are aware, it's going to become such a federal case that the FBI raids the private home goes through the former first ladies underwear drawer and take there is an order taker passwords. This is not this is Lucy. This is Third World Banana Republic settlement with Springfield special master to make it better just go to a Catholic in the present value of your faith and give the president back to tax tech stuff. Give him back his passport give him back everything Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News by or wherever you get your favorite podcast will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

So will James subscribe and listen now and Fox News five just information you want to truth you demand this is the Brian kill me show you know that I've been day one empathetic to his condition as a physician was dealt with stroke and heart failure.

I know how challenging you to bounce back. But the reality is you haven't expressed yourself in any capacity about what these debates are good look like me to share with me what I can do to help you debate what concessions need to be made. I love that consider them talking through my goal and yours, John Fetterman should be to educate the people of Pennsylvania but undermines democracy, and he doesn't want to answer questions from the pressure from the voters and democracy is built on us asking difficult questions of each other to really figure out where the truth lies. And finally, that was the case. You don't win unless you talk makes available to present. Bide one by not being available that it everything to do with the pandemic which Larry Eder of Nash review wrote about this in the Nash review. We talked about Fetterman's condition, the guy was on Rudy did when his nomination even getting a stroke but after the stroke. He is not been the same rich. It's flat out.

Nobody thinks he's the same after stroke can even do the job.

Should that matter to matter and that the real question. I think what he said there made a lot of sense.

And the tone was perfect. I think it campaign struggle a bit to get the tone right and this could occasionally obtain overly sarcastic or mocking of Fetterman you know it's not his his fault, but had a stroke and I want you want recover quickly as possible, but he has trouble talking.

We we see not been back on the campaign trail for very brief appearances, but he oftentimes garbled his words and he can't understand the spoken word necessarily uses close captioning, you know to do using interviews with the press so that's the reason why a debate would be so hard for him, but that's the reason why. Also doing the job would be so hard for him. I mean this cynical view of the center is all a center does is talk right, but obviously a huge part of the job is talking outside of Florida. Yes, conferences at hearings to constituents and and listening as well and and he would meet. Maybe he'll pill be totally back up to snuff in two months three months six months a year, but we don't know at the moment II don't think you be able to do the job effectively sell Italian responses with the Fetterman cam said to Dr. Ozzie said the skies unavailable.

He does make sense, and he is his schedule so light it doesn't seem like you do it is a just essay John March for over two hours in the rain in Pittsburgh. I live in a parade and spoke it to other events after was anyone who says John spent do is speak to anyone seen John speak nose while he still recovering is more capable of fighting for Pennsylvania than Dr. Oz will ever be. And anyone who see Dr. speak knows he's a complete fraud.

We have seen repeatedly that we are up there were open to debating us were taught about the tone of the network and let's be clear, this is about debates is about mocking John for having a stroke because he got nothing else me because they don't want to talk about the fact that Oz wants to ban abortion and believe it's a form of murder. So first off, it's hard to have empathy when you camp when the campaign did you show empathy for can't tax you personally continuously that that's that's pretty much been effective so far, but it's also it's sobering. Could you go back the other guy and then let not people think that you're not cruel, yeah, but I think it's possible.

I think the clip was. It was a great example how is possible but yet look Fetterman, the campaign is been based almost entirely on mockery of laws on social media because Fetterman hasn't been out there and if they're maintaining that that's Fetterman you know is is back close to where he was due to a live TV interview onset you know we did an interview on MSNBC, but it was was via remote.

I just wonder where they had notes or prompts and do the debate in a date to do the debate and I just I doubt there they are gonna do it.

I think it's too hard for him and I do think this now. This initiative has tracked traction in the odds of pulling folks little better. There those horrifying double digit numbers that he is down by during the summer it tightened up for five points and I think that this this defined attack attraction will will see public masses. Also try to get Martelli on stage, the astronaut what's on it so much promise and I thought about Democrats got themselves a great candidate. What a great resume. What is given to the country any sums again, our client and invisible about the case of either head and he didn't want to mess anything up, and Blake Masters is underfunded in a he's caught now and the dispute between Mitch McConnell and Peter Keeler much because I will you fondle me know user guy and and also that he to be reallocating the outside groups to fund fund for funding elsewhere.

Indicate events that who's been underfunded as well so Masters is in no a lot of trouble and I'm I'm not hopeful about that three-point race. I kinda doubt it. You know maybe it is. If it is fantastic.

I'll take it and it that speaks to an environment that's maybe still favor more favorable to Republicans and they were hearing about in the press but I it's it's down my list.

You know I to I think I think you can win before Blake Masters does use Blake Masters yesterday with Laura cut 12 what I think nursing is propaganda. This is the medias desire narrative. They are trying to make the selection all about abortion Democrats Martelli in Arizona. He wants to just talk about abortion because they don't want to talk about the wide open southern border. They don't want to talk about double-digit inflation. They don't want to talk about how our kids are being taught transgender ideology in our schools. They don't talk about the failures of intransigent outrage on the abortion issue and I just don't believe that that is going to be the issue but maybe the border is what you know that Arizona will can we expect from Arizona.

This time around. Well one thing.

Another good answer and he caught a lot of flak for adjusting his website and his position on abortion. I think appropriately you he had a website that was kinda pre-Dobbs website and he had a pre-Dobbs position on abortion that was more symbolic than defensible want to became a real live political issues. So this I think all Republicans should do picket, you know, it just � this just spatial age that you think is defensible and inappropriate and the sticker flag there defend that position in the shoot at the other side for distracting from other issues the way Masters I did and/or being extremists because they all support abortion. You know, up to nine months and one a federally funded and in the borders can play and in Arizona but again I just think that that one is that's that's that's the end of the four Tulsa braces that that might be the one I'm most pessimistic about so when you look at the presidents attack plan against twin and midterms would be ultra mega magnetron prayers trump these, so whatever he wants to deal he wants to do. They find himself walking things back in between appearances on the word is a jewel by doing this himself. This what he wanted to do may trump the enemy thinks is the best thing to do is it effective because were not talking about we not talk about the board were not talking about crime were not talking about Afghanistan, I think so.

I think it's it's probably the best way to have an out hit abortion and and that that issues had more traction than I that I would've thought so far talk about trump to try to get the media to take the bait and talk about that instead of any other issues, and do anything else you can to try to gin up your base, which obviously did they been doing the last several months with the student loan forgiveness being the most prominent example and II still, I don't think it can save them but II think that if they've made some progress. I think of still lose the house and I still bet on Republicans winning the Senate. Although it is that's a bit of a coin toss. But if Republic is in a position if they just have they don't need a red wave. You know they have a standard midterm kind of election pickup 2025 House seats that will be the biggest majority Publix and had a very long time and when one Senate seat. You've taken the Senate, so the the bars and optically high to an end.

Democratic-controlled luckily got a hold of Wisconsin and you have to hold Pennsylvania and you have to hold Ohio and you have to find a way to get one more seat and maybe maybe it is Arizona. Maybe it is possibly Washington state. Other people point to Colorado rich were you thinking yet of second-tier people should pay attention Washington state. That's an interesting one Colorado to then at the top of the list Nevada. I think Republican up at Amoxil can win in Nevada and I still think Herschel, although you know it's been rocky. He is knocking to be, you know, AA, LBJ, type in the Senate you'll master the Senate obviously is not a huge policy guy. I think it a good man but II think you can barely get over the top and in Georgia and part on Brian Camp's coattails, and in that you know assuming you when Wisconsin and at that. You know that's touching go but Ron Johnson's done it before that that should be enough.

You even if Oz loses Pennsylvania interesting and the deathly 60+ days. Leslie HME target about mag agenda not talk about crime the border and inflation. I think Republicans are losing should they find a way to do that.

Yeah, I mean just the pivot and and hit it and don't take the bait. You know, the, the FBI search let let let trump litigated don't get into it yourself and talk about the issues that the enter they are the issues that people really care about and that's the advantage I think still Republicans have here is the most important issues to the people.

The kitchen table type issues the things that have them fearful and have the greater the quality of life. Republicans have a big advantage on the just get those things is as hard as he can and I still think this will be good election for the I do think is definitely exciting and I think scratch you have everything to do with what comes out of the end and the better candidate wins doesn't mean that. So the most experience the better candidate speaks most authentically will see it out there is a long job interview, Rich Larrabee, writing it on the Nash on this review. And of course coming on our show rich.

Thanks. We come back. It's been 21 years since 9/11 attacks. Frank still doesn't forget. I know you don't forget we want to make sure the rest of America doesn't forget.

So Scott exciting program to announce CEO of Tulsa Terrace foundation in studio in a matter of moments.

You're listening to Brian Kilby, Joe, your knowledge base. Brian fill me show from his mouth to your ears.

Brian kill me that they will back everyone's coming up on 21 years since 9/11 attacks that never slipped the mind of Christ will tell the Terrace foundation are you visit T to, especially this time of year and prove that you don't forget to want the motel to tower strike you guys never stop expanding a meal. I couldn't believe that you are talking about this morning, yet yeah were proud to announce the tunnel towers. We have a new initiative. The tunnels towels 9/11 Institute right working to make sure that schools throughout the country have curriculum to be to to teach these new generation kids that know nothing about 9/11. It's important first mission its tunnel towers and make sure we never forget and honor the sacrifice that was made 21 years ago and this is a new thing. We have a 9/11 exhibit that goes around the country that hasn't. It's a rolling exhibit a tractor-trailer 19 Tulsa Tower says yes it's 93 feet and rolls it becomes 1100 square-foot museum will we make sure that goes all around.

It's manned by firefighters that were there on 9/11 and they tell the story of 9/11 to go to school so exactly a lot of schools different fares you know you can go to and and and look at it, you can save requested for an event and it's an important tool to make sure that we that we teach all the acts of heroism on 9/11 so you were shocked at how few commemorations there were in schools and how many schools have as party curriculum, so that's what prompted this action absolutely wouldn't. When we found out that only 16 states that mandate teaching something about 9/11. Not even a curriculum just something and only three states from K-12 mandate curriculum to be taught. I was appalled my team was appalled.

We got a great scholars together to create this curriculum and we can be more proud that we are of rolling it out right. 21 years later, the people really have to to remember you say like these kids are now grown up that where had it lifted that was in the news now becomes part of history and I was just thinking about some of the people I've been talking to now the evacuation of Afghanistan. The biggest disaster American military history single handily decided by this president over his military advisors and how those people went to Afghanistan to get bin Laden, and to make sure that the Al Qaeda is not there.

Al Qaeda is coming back to me with that really must hit home for you without them you brothers alive. Yet now that look no. It's very upsetting because I worry about it happening again, and that's a no more the reasons why. Gotta make sure that we that we never forget know this year at all tunnel towers run which is always a lessening September here in New York which we retraced what my brother did 21 years ago. He ran through the Brooklyn battery Tunnel. What is five-year on his back. To get to Ground Zero where you know saving others and gave up his life. We are going to recognize the 13 families that lost a servicemember simple loss in Afghanistan. The last 13. Seven of those families are to be joining us at the front and we have a special day and then we are also going to recognize and honor the 12 horsemen that rode into Afghanistan did a movie on 12 strong yeah it's incredible.

And these guys were told, you know you not coming home you going to die. Basically what you go to die for your country and you gonna go die because you can to protect our homeland and they volunteered to go in there to do it. You know this Sunday we have a press service down to Ground Zero and at 7 o'clock in morning it's it's a close service. It's only an invitation-only we have seven of those horsemen common to to pray with us and to be there will then be reading Bible scriptures, a Goldstar widow on 9/11 family and another family that's lost their loved one. The first responder from 9/11 illnesses.

They will to read Scripture and and about talking about how good will overcome evil and courage you need courage and life in every aspect of your life and it's can be very point think is America needs to pray that we come together, and most Americans are are are together on Frank so here for Tulsa Terrace foundation go to T to you can read about the organizational things are involved with the know you either support that other fueled you expanded now. It's about. Also, police officers, families right and you made that clear. A few years ago when you see what was going on in this country to disrespect towards men and women in blue and that's not easy to keep up with because the numbers are way too high so pay off their mortgage was pay off the mortgage or so since Texas Lewin Ramos December 20, 2014 when they were assassinated in New York City in their car. I went to visit him with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Christmas Eve and I told him will go to pay off their mortgages because that we heard they were worried about staying in the home.

There I saw the difference that it made and you know when it's the right thing to do.

You have no choice. You gotta do it and I sort alleviate that worry about though to those families that's white in America today. Every first responder police officer, firefighter, law enforcement everyone you give your life in the line of duty and you have young children left behind will get a pay off your mortgage 200 last year 200 fascia and in addition to 500 comfort homes that were building and and and we get and homeless veterans off the street so we are busy, well frankly all the years of noting that marking this day used to be just the footprints the empty footprints was to safety too unsafe to go down. Then they would just outlined, and then were wondering when they can rebuild the area and then would then when we get this the museum they commemorate said day. I think the museum is just fantastic. It's a great commemoration of what happened. Are you pleased with the way things have every conform down there while the museum is beautiful. It tells the whole story the memorial with the crying polls are beautiful as the names of everyone who parasite in the footprints with my parents right like the South how my brother's name with others of the squad one brothers that that that died that day. Yes, I'm happy. What they did but we must never forget the sacrifice that was made and that's what the Tulsa Towers is therefore to make sure we never forget and Frankie never stopped T to help Frank out help everybody you always seeking solutions versus selling is Brian Kelly. Thanks much for being here buddy is throwing to Michelle 1-866-408-7669.

We have course, take your calls. There will come here from 40th to seek treatment at Midtown Manhattan heard round the country around the world, David Limbaugh, the brother of Rush Limbaugh is coming with us, you got a great message she's got a continuing his Christian books does one talk about a year later with him and what is likely to choose a comic figure passing away. What I think is way too young age we knows just over a year ago when that happened it was a big supporter of Donald Trump. Along the way and maybe the foremost Republican and conservative thinker, but for now let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33. Everyone has to do their part to help step up just a few more days please turn your thermostat up to 70� or higher, and avoid to the extent possible, using any really large appliances unbelievable right energy idiocy Californian cutting edge green energy push has rolling blackouts imminent in California and his stopping of electricity usage demand is this our energy future or green future.

I don't think Americans will stand for it or swear throw it. Every Republican should put the word Biden in front of their opponent.

So is the Biden Warnick ticket to the Biden Federman Tech Ed Pitts of Biden Kelly ticket.

Just make sure everybody understands these people are all part of the same machine 20, 22 is heating up as masters tries to get Sen. Kelly on the debate stage, Arizona, Dr. Oz, the same with the Bernie Sanders clone hoodie wearing John Federman to get him to square off in any type of debate and the questions continue. Is he ready to be a senator after his stroke stolen when you question so let's be clear, this is not speech concession. I believe he knows he's an illegitimate president's house really election denial, not a Donald Trump driven threat to democracy evidence clear from the press of the Biden press secretary to Stacy Herbst.

Hillary Clinton is been a practice for decades. So why is Trump labeled an ultra mega grumpy extremist and they are not a threat to democracy with you right now is a man who wants to preserve it in our history and spends a lot of time on the 1776.

Project pack is Ryan Gursky.

He is the founder of the 1976 project political action committee which campaigns to stop the teaching of CRT in US schools, author of the 2020 book they're not listening how the elites created the national populace revolution Ryan welcome back. Thank you for having me Ryan, what, why is it important to preserve 1776) project that like many Americans brought 2020 oh my family, children were going to school virtually and parents of the first time got to be in the classroom with kids as teachers, many of them you know some very goodhearted but the administrators are pushing very radical things on policing my might nine-year-old guy from the portrait of a cold racecar nine years old about how police only target black cars, not white cars and teaching about police profiling to very, very young children and implanting the five-year mayor had, and I only think critically. Not really talking school, but it corrected school so we see things across the country in red County denim blue counties. Things like privileged walk things like he now in Minneapolis Minnesota where white teachers are fired before black teachers are all or any other minority future are in Atlanta, Georgia.

Parents are now suing the school district for segregating classrooms all over the country.

Now they have a nonwhite activities after school right cannot participate.

Things like this variety ways between people, between a country you believe your talk from the moment you are small child that this country is inherently ready for either against you or that you are part of a race with the thumb that your light you will not want to invest in the country going forward in the future anything yet.

We will have a country basically cover last few weeks was going to Madison's home seems minus imagine some months of clear on supplier over in Virginia as well as Monticello, Jefferson's home to try to take Jefferson and Madison say they're made up of the slaves they had and then we find out in the University of Virginia. Some students want Jefferson's building city design down in his presence removed from the school he created to me this is so much more than just immaturity. I think it's an intentional takedown of our foundation.

They want a way our heroes get rid of Columbus and Jefferson in Washington like to get rid of Robert E Lee and member every national hero we ever have it illegitimate it becomes harder to bear and defend the institution of the country of what socialist and communist movement done across history is one opportunity to get rid of all your Teddy Roosevelt is no longer the American history Museum in New York City, you know, when you preserve a huge portion of our natural wildlife and United States. This is their mentality that there may want to brought you anything you could possibly be proud of when it comes to America and applied that music project pack my pack.

We did over hundred and 35 school board elections in the last year and 1/2 with 95 school blast of the work involved in Florida week school district in Florida with foreign taxes. We warning we want to blue County, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, last year counted is not, but Republican George H. W. Bush, we want to abort a Mac County. I think that the possibility to change is because parent regardless of the feelings of big issues like abortion or Russia or whatever education is a fine line when it's apparent that you know what I moved community because the school district not to mess with my children on the path of their future and that the thing on the idea of merit and how the school districts are abolishing testing and standard, not school digits are too Asian or too white or cannot take personal and they are destroying, you know, the ability to sit there and and and and have thriving school, no question about it. Ryan so you target Florida where LC targeting wheel which was happening Virginia that's really to me where it seems to have first started where LC is going where LC focusing so after harming 350 habits running the school board asked for our support in our endorsement big state Virginia Michigan Florida tax Rhode Island North Carolina and California are all looking at for this November election, Illinois start in next April. So we have arrived on that as well.

I would hope my my goal is by next three years to have over a thousand feet across the entire country. So if you go to 776 project pack.donate the pack. We can all be running for school board health where you're running) endorsement or you know of things happening in your school district that fishy or weird or that their promoting critical race theory in some way. We love to hear about it.

You want to highlight that and promote the general public.

A public first started with Columbus was a rim blacklisting clumps is that you Danielle eating Treece the Indians that he found in the Caribbean too well and we don't like how he really discovered America, which by the way he change the world, people have described what he did and the risks he took is like going to the moon the first time, only more dangerous but let's go to meeting him go well, it's a big deal about clumps have actually made it to America anyway. Then all of a sudden they said what weight we have problem with Confederate statues. Okay Robert Ely, one of our best generals made a terrible decision. I got it. They even took about a West Point little that's where it stops endowed trunking mounted down these Jefferson Washington a big slaveowners while they next. Everyone left, no they're not.

Next, they are next and right there, and they're coming for them right and you know the funny thing is hundred percent right, but one, Columbus big irony that they speak about Native American Woodstock and everyone forming peaceloving damp yarn. When human sacrifice was the standard pre-Christian America brought Columbus and Spanish and on the French English bringing Christianity actually said million Native American live yet again. But anyone who discovered America will probably because they were on on the left, but they stop human sacrifice. They stopped, child sacrifice, they stop Hannibal Campbellton was widely practiced throughout the route that now what is the United States, but all of North America by Native American tribes, the idea and the idea that for some reason white people were the only ones who practice slavery, which is the broad thinking and for some reason, human beings at the beginning of time have all practice some of the same thing, they also set up all their own government their own religion and all practice slavery for some great dark pink. The human race that matches white on black and white on Native American, but that they have to demonize members of the path that there and and want to wipe them clean and start their new Marxist revolution really so you want this are doing these history books and George Watson secret six times Jefferson Tripoli Pirates Andrew Jackson America 1 Sam used in the Alamo avengers. Now the present freedom fighter.

Abraham Lincoln Frederick Douglass and about to save America's soul and what I did is what I found out I want to put towards want to events anything.

I found people relieved. They said no one's teaching history anymore. My kids are learning. And I'm thinking myself. Okay that's interesting with Washington. By the time I get up to Jackson to go there teaching anti-American history. So in the beginning there were just forgetting about it not going to detail about insane kids don't care about it and then they still will putting against it. So I put the of the shows. In fact, the next was going to be in Albany tomorrow America great in the start and I don't pretend they were perfect. If I did that that would be. Debbie is bad is pretending that American history is terrible. I talk about the stops and starts and why we are the greatest country ever why you should be proud that these are the people that came before you, and I found the people relieved they they instead of saying ill is to say, hey, can I really think to say thank you, thank you for not ripping America the team got into sports. We have to watch sports now wonder why they're kneeling or all why they're not coming out for the national anthem again and I think it's embarrassing to a degree, you can't get away from it, but very few people Ryan Gorski do what you did and that's found the 1776 pack to fight back against its I give you so much credit. Thank you so much.

I know it is true and everything in the other and reentering the victim are important but are coming up with a heart by not coming after matter. At the University of Illinois at Champlain one of the professors teaching about how to create lasting outline of their their members are Latino. Let's hang math and black map and black client and feminist science and how they want to really translate as she is an award-winning professor universe Illinois at Champlain and they are coming to the heart by next there is no end to this revolution is not stopping. It is the fundamental fight against all belief that come from liberalism and Westlaw small helical liberalism and Western civilization. And this is really in a you huge fight and it will really start at the school so there are a few people in the fight. I'm one of them. I'm probably one of them might have done a very very good job over only at the beginning it took old decades to get to the point get them to take a couple years to fight back and get pushed back holy were seeing it or seeing teachers or a war woke and left leave school districts when when when we put the feet following one of the Oklahoma superintendent rate in Oklahoma or Brian Walters when we put school district throughout Florida.

These very well.

People who are in education not hit but to make them soldiers and their ideology. They are leaving the profession and map our ultimate goal that there and make it where kids go to school for the Harcourt thing in New Bern yes America is not perfect nation but what would you want the long run. Leslie had three Democrats who see the wisdom in your ways. Yeah, I mean we could not win in the Democratic Democratic district Democrat well in Montgomery County company in Kansas City, Iraq and Hennepin County outside of Minneapolis E1 districts there Democrats.

Do not want their kids going to failing schools and he don't want their kids going to school where there is no specialized standard and Asian Hispanic parents, especially do not want their kids to be told their victim or they can't get a design diversity sound of the 1776. Project to put the collection committee and help him out right.

Thanks. Will you do will be in touch. Thank you. You got a week tobacco take your calls to see up there 1-866-408-7669. By the way, if you want to join me in Albany for 1776 night just go to bring to get this this legendary this iconic egg auditorium which looks awesome inside and out. Don't move Brian to meet you in your knowledge base. Brian film made show talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show again. We go back to people talking about the state of mind the agents when they got in there if that's even true, what, what's the only reason to do that if your conducting a serious investigation. You don't hear anything about these investigation. The Justice Department won't even acknowledge that someone is under investigation are not under investigation. Something investigated you after Justice Department say it's not true. They won't do it they will do it either way, they won't comment especially something that involves a former president and yet in this particular case every single day. Someone in the Justice Department is leaking. I would usually one recently.

And that is for create a narrative and why do you create a narrative political purpose for every single day. They are proving that this they are politicizing this by what they are doing is supposed along the pleadings in the case to work its way through and speak for itself. Marco Rubio join me on Fox and friends earlier and he was asked to about the new revelation the Washington Post that there is. There was a nuclear plans of one country in particular that were taken to Mara Lago and used to listen. The fact that you say to top-secret negotiations you fight so hard to keep away from special master that you took his personal talk to tax documents and health records out and his passport out you want into his 16-year-old room and then when a special masters need you so ticked off you go ahead and leak another story. The Washington Post of it so concerning why you so determined to get the narrative from the very compliant media and that's his point. It's not there to Donald Trump of taken the stuff likely not. I don't know the details visited for the most part the Trump team doesn't really answer. They shouldn't ever the most, but we always heard FBI doesn't talk about ongoing investigations but if you read the New York Times, Washington Post, you get what they think is the story so there is some revelations. It came out that is up top-secret things of you to put together that picture of all the so-called documents that are documents it don't belong in Mara Lago and then the pushback from the special master saying he does retain in this case me for the judge, who names the special master, which certainly will be appealed by the Department of Justice to special master supposed to be an agreed-upon person to unbiased. We look at all the material and decide what belongs. What's okay to keep what's okay not to keep and then you go if you decide you want to try to form a present for that.

Good luck fight each other by dividing the country. Even William Barr who is been very critical to present the ride odds.

Now say the egg I would recommend you prosecute and when Sen. Lindsey Graham said what he said he wasn't threatening violence of Donald Trump is indicted what he saying is the obvious, if you go ahead as the DOJ under by Joe Biden.

Who's to say the most disparaging things possible about Donald Trump and you, Alicia Department of Justice to invade Mara Lago and grab back paperwork and then you want to indict that president. Believe me, there are 74 million people who are not to be. Please, I am not predicting violence but who wouldn't think the after we seen in the past this not getting out of control because people are on the edge when it comes to politics. Even people who never even cared before it's now personal. That's what I've noticed, we come back somebody doesn't have to explain that fact is I had to be explained to his whole family has lived in David Limbaugh joins us onward Christian Limbaugh here. They wrote a book called the resurrected Jesus. The church in the New Testament. Also about politics everything else going on the world you listen to Brian Kelly Joe, so glad you are radio show like no other. I think the natural spirit all natural spirit of learning that we have free and conservatism is simply nobody can bond holders have Washington establishment. To this day does not understand. Donald probably don't understand his motors and are not curious to find out why I've always been oriented. Although the conservative side of things never ever wavered was never tempted by anything else. For Americans, which means we have the freedom to invest in what ever it is that makes us happy in our founding documents.

While that is a little Rush Limbaugh from the special he had such a presence to and for urine radio. You always try to live up to that, but I news for you never will I David Limbaugh knows that he's in her studio, along with his daughter Christian, Limbaugh, Bloom, whose new mom and Chris is great to see you. I've never seen you the headsets on what I've seen in the building for the longest time is to work with Sean right wonderful to be here and that you had a wonderful time work with you dad on the resurrected Jesus. The church in the New Testament, David is listed as great as it seems to be before we talk about your your brother and your uncle to work with your daughter. Unbelievable.

I mean it's a kind of a dream that I've had. She is been so spirit filled as a Christian. In such an inspiration to me in her faith and much earlier than I ever did it that I and she started writing for Fox the website and and sees started on website hapless or have you pronounce it you guys names and I just I just thought you know what this might help jumpstart her writing career. I'd like to help her with this is you know she's a good writer. Awesome right video. This didn't, this isn't you know benefits for no reason. It's it's it's just she actually made this book so much better than my previous books and I thought those were pretty good by the great Christian input in particular for you. We did you grow up really just grew up in a household where will go to church every Sunday and yes, mom, and always ready status slip a strong foundation in Christianity prayed with us every night and I only had foundation of faith that when I went to college at Strayer letter that you're trying to find yourself and ask yourself of what you've been taught as a young person is what you truly believe they are soft and for me I did to set it at that time and I think became very personal and I really started to see Jesus working in my life. On a personal level, and I say reading the Bible and health he speaking directly into my life. I had that revelation and since families continue to work in my life and sell Me to share this with dad and condign our different gifting and passions within the faith has been on such a guest until fine but I can imagine so take this on their biblical scholars who take on topics like this. You said you came to this religious side of you late with an early because Rusty really have that the knowledge of the Bible you had now to bring that to the show anyway yeah honey, didn't study it that much. And so it was not that he wasn't faithful. It's that he felt.

I'm not gonna talk about something. I'm not really an expert on that's what you always tell me, but you know that in the years before his death after his diagnosis, he became closer and closer to God and and I am absolutely convinced of his salvation. And that's pretty gratifying well versus sublists about this once about Raja. After this, so you decide to tackle what with this book you you go through Paul and what was Paul doing that you feel need to be chronicled while the first I've written for Christian books before this first one, my faith journey. Jesus on trial. Second on the Emmaus code Jesus in the Old Testament the prophecies and all that. The third one was the true Jesus, which was a consolidation of the Gospels in chronological order. Going through the text.

The fourth was Jesus is risen, which was the book of acts, which is the history of the early church and the first 76 epistles of the apostle Paul and what we what I did was go through the text chapter and verse. The Bible literally, it verse by verse kind of paraphrase and sometimes using the actual words. The Bible, interspersing it with commentary and my own insights that this book is that the final six epistles, the Paul wrote, so I wanted to complete that and that's what she joined me on the thing about his whole purpose of this these books is to draw people closer to the Bible so the read the Bible as president expendables scholar is rounded to the every man that's right everyone.

That's right know exactly because we are not scholars, I'm a late student. She's a late student and I found that when I taught Sunday school and all that I could really convey points I the fact that I was early skeptic and I came to this kicking and screaming I think enabled me to better communicate to people who are in my position. Ryan and young Christians on their early in their walk I can communicate in a way that the scholar, the theologian, the pastor may not be able. I'm not saying I'm great at.

I'm just saying it's a different audience right there is an and Christians so good at this. To insist it was very complement. So Kristin did Paul write things down so hello. He dictated as well. So okay so what is your goal to interpret what he was doing to his goal was to spread Christianity through Europe yes well. His goal is really to spread it through your app and Asia, and Asia as well our hands on. I think right so powerful about Paul is that he had was so passionate about spreading the gospel all over that the globe and then he gets stuck in a prison cell under house arrest in his writing his letters to everyone for preaching the gospel and so he's under arrest and he is writing these letters to different churches trying to encourage. I am trying to beseech Stan on to correct them and teach that all the different things that Christ is trying to fix Andy's different church, as these modern churches and what's so incredible is the way that God uses these words that he's writing and praising.

He's been confined, and yet now they are some of the most powerful books in the Bible that really resonate with people all over the world and so just goes to show that God continue actually is a verse and letter to the Ephesian church more than all we ask or imagine beyond our wildest imagination. When we submit our waste to hanging on Paul's life exemplifies that.

So with that, he witnessed the resurrection know know he was that he was a very Orthodox Jew, the Hebrew of Hebrews he call himself and he was a persecutor of the church.

He hated Christianity, which makes him an unlikely candidate for being the greatest veins Jesus encountered him on the Damascus Road presented himself so he knew who Jesus was. He met a matting face-to-face in a spiritual counselor converted him that very experience Jesus hitting with a lightning bolt figuratively on the Damascus Road. He was on his way to persecute, kill and imprison Christians in Jesus hitting and approaching there in a in a dramatic way. And then he went went on to Damascus and was converted and so for him so he became an apostle. Yes he he was the 13th you know he was loud, not part of the original people that that walked alongside Jesus during his life and even to make the cut for the last being the most the most effective evangelist when he wrote 13 books epistles in the Bible, and his influence, especially doctrinally, I mean, he said he lays out Christian doctrine in the book of Romans and Ephesians better than any other biblical writer. In my view, John is amazing to put this in the Gospels with details of what Jesus said Paul really is inspiring in these words so you feel like you was going to history as well is going through the Bible. Do you feel like you going to history Kristin when you going through this ideal and especially length writing a stuck alongside that because he's such a thorough researcher taught me his process and sell I'm going to the different scholars and really reading every single line in verse over another reading and background to these historical background see that these letters has been settled and retching.

It really helps you understand the taxing and new land and also how to apply it to your own life because and you see that Paul is a real person had real problems and he's still writing these things not overcoming on the very real threats to his online since its growing church at the time and except all of them are real and inspiring for our current issues that are facing today, and lastly dividends just hope he could stay for another saying this talk about what's going on the world and also a lawyer deftly need your legal expertise and Chris and I think living and working which are not living which which is actually separate states that are actually working on is what you do you live and breathe this in your produce your fox the resurrected Jesus Mallette my last question is to and both he could answer what you hope people get from this that they're not able to get from their church are the books that they've read.

I think the Bible is intimidating for so many people. It is a daunting task. I don't open so where do I begin. The purpose of these books has always been to excite people about the Bible, to let them know the Bible really is the word of God when I discovered when I had this epiphany that the Bible really is sort of got after studying all the evidence that it is. I realize I was holding in my hand. The word that while God is actually talking me always artisanal book of inner principles and rules. No, it's tells the story of real lives imperfect people in its tells a story of God's will and God's love story for human beings he created man man fell he sent his own son to die to redeem us to live with him for eternity.

That's the best love story in the world from a perfect God to imperfect people who had his own son become a human being and he saw he was perfectly human perfectly God the same time.

Dual dual realities and perfectly identified so that he could save us in Christ suffered more than any of us ever could. We can't relate. We can even see the invisible God. Christ is God's human week. He will always be human in God we will see him in heaven and can always relate to him and go to them with our troubles either tough objective. I thought getting Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln in the same book without objective is much harder Kristin final thought on this on. I just think that especially how people will read this and understand that the same Holy Spirit who ran inside Paul, who is so incredible at such an incredible life went inside and I certainly accept Jesus and God can do some after that our lives and we trust and believing hands. I pray that they are encouraged to do amazing things for hand. It's a readable version of the Bible. The resurrected Jesus David Limbaugh and Kristin Limbaugh Bloom.

Thanks so much, don't move will then come back more talk about what's happening in the world, and a little bit more about the book it was in the brain to meet you, educating, entertaining, and like you're with Brian kill me.

The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me that conservatives is been so long state run media for solar years always want success for everybody. We want freedom for everybody. We understand that a great nation is made up of great people doing great things. Ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things. We don't look at the American population with contempt and derision will look at a group of people and pick out the number of Blacks in the number of why it's a number of women we see America see human beings see potential liberals look at a group of people and they see incompetence. They see people it can't overcome the obstacles of life on government program to help them. Yeah, that's it.

So it's somewhat frustrating because conservatism when we talk for this lifetime. Conservatism is the process some people save me to be read or modernized or whatever era of Reagan is over and freedom will never go out of style, and that's the foundation conservatism Limbaugh here Kristin Limbaugh there across from me. Bloom I should say your married name and that of course is Rush Limbaugh who passed away was is been over a year now. Yes, you have to what you thought this from 2000 and what you thought both you thought about listening to Ms. Dave years Brother audience devastating to hear his voice, and because it is Ms. makes me sad to be honest that such a inspiration to me and what what I've been moved by more than anything else is right. I knew him since I was born and we are close, closer the as the years went by I was always in awe of his talent and his intellect might he's like not my dad's brain I I'm a Scott will like the fifth cousins brain process that true he's not in what really Brian blows me away more than anything else is the love that his audience has for him.

If you have spare time, go to my twitter feed every day I get tens and 20s get hundreds of people tell me I miss wrestling mispriced and he was like family him, his best friend.

They never met.

I mean it's II had no idea. Of course I knew his talent.

I didn't know how close they were intimate he was on the radio. Your radio guy. I listen you're right, but I love your radios help you. You're so informative and so down to earth rash had a way of people thinking he was in the room with them. They were just buddies. He just he just was so engaging and so natural and so fluent in any felt the people felt like he was there advocate. He was state like Trump standing in the way of the radical left destroying this country. How do you think you feel about being labeled an ultra mag or how would he have handled that this new tactic. Now senior extremists. If you want to make America great again he would be very proud of the label because he loved Donald from aunt and but this effort to demonize all of this is so absurd and so dishonest. I really I've been strong conservative since I was 15 years. Our dad raised us steeped in the staff. Trust me. He taught us that heat. He taught the DOS Atoll in the Communist manifesto to ask our members seventh grade talk to the teacher about it because the teacher would give everybody sees I said that's communism. The math teacher in seventh grade and so my dad, our dad taught us that we rash would not be bothered at all.

He'd take it in stride. Except he understands that the left and the nascent what they're doing now to state their lives. They live in everything they do. Biden saying that he did not intend to demonize all Trump rebels.

That's an outright lie. And then he had to back up later in that stupid, I've heard you come that stupid demonic background with the red scare. Here is you do as a producer.

If you are if if Sean walked out there to make a big speech and that was the background that the failure of staff that was held at Thomas Lake. Hard to believe something, except the guys here's what gets me money on Fox and everywhere else says prompt policy. Biden policies are failing.

I can't leave it. The truth is they intended to do this they intend to do everything they do. The only time they back up is when they get called on it effectively.

This is not Biden's economy is failing. This is what socialism leads to prosperity is destroyed. The inflation they were warned about in place and they lied and said it was transitory. We knew that wasn't it was a lie.

Now they have to raise interest rates to the point of killing the economy to get inflation under control.

Debts $31 trillion.

There's like 10 X essential threats the United States right now. I can't believe people are horrified the dealer but there haply you get you good feeling about by reading your book. The resurrected Jesus. The church in the New Testament. Thanks so much for coming in and I'll touch on TV with perhaps Chris and David, thank you, my dear Frank and what you live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City rash on set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me.

Thank you much for being nearby at the Brian kill me. Joe Martha McCallum's coming in the bottom the air until then it's just us. 1-866-408-7669 listen.

Today's big day Barack Obama gets a portrait of the White House.

I do not know why he didn't go Donald Trump was in the White House.

It was probably ready, but he and the First Lady will be picture there is kinda cool if you ever toured there you see all the portraits we have a lot to discuss. Anyway, this going through a kinda cool yeah the, the mayor of New York City finally sent a delegation down to the border see for themselves what's going on how bad it is and they took some shots there and they want to make sure the key people going onto the buses on their own volition. I think to get it a real education if they're open to about what to how bad this is what brought Gov. Abbott to that point. Governor duty to that point because he can handle it anymore. It is time for these blue cities century cities. The magnets is bringing them through the border to understand what is actually like.

I wish for Mayor Adams's political future.

He went down there looked it walked.

It understood how bad it was and then told Biden this story is for some reason I think Biden he really hit it off could make a real difference, but instead doesn't big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. Everyone has to do their part to help step up just a few more days please turn your thermostat up to 70� or higher, and avoid to the extent possible, using any really large appliances. Yeah why not here we are the 2022.

You think reward or something.

We all of a sudden can handle heat wave in California energy literacy idiocy is what it is California and the cutting edge green energy push has rolling blackouts imminent and a demand for stopping electricity usage as you just heard is this our electric energy future. I don't think Americans will stand for it. Forswear through every Republican should put the word Biden in front of their opponent source. The Biden Warnick ticket to the Biden Fetterman tech admits the Biden Kelly ticket. Just make sure everybody understands these people are all part of the same machine. New we get it 2022 is heating up as Mark Masters tries to get Sen. Kel Blake Masters tried to get Sen. Kelly on the debate stage in Arizona and Dr. Oz desperate hunt for the hoodie wearing Bernie Sanders call John Fetterman to get into square off anytime, anywhere but is fear his lead any stroke or keep it from the stage you will so let's be clear, this is not a speech of concession. I believe he knows he's an illegitimate president knows news election that I'll not a Donald Trump driven threat to democracy evidence clear from the Biden press secretary to Stacy Ames. Hillary Clinton is been a practice for decades.

So why is Trump labeled an ultra maggot trumpet extremists and a threat to democracy now.

I don't know. Quick note, I'll be in Albany tomorrow that Thursday. I want you ever get that there's a few seats left.

I want you to meet me there see in person VIP opportunity for before the show we talk about America great for the start 17 76/16, 19 have a chance talk about my books. The news and of course take questions from you and specials from Fox nation. If you show all the Fox nations coproducing this with me so it's gonna be great. Brian kill or discard Ticketmaster now would think when it comes to the ultra maggot agenda in the dangerous threat to democracy. The main threat is January 6 and January 6 is the present. After he lost.

I don't think his denials made him look. I think they look terrible. I think the fact it is low legal team went out there and try to prove things that were unprovable made it look even worse because when every court case fell on his face when there was no substance there. That was the issue. But here's the issue that is real, that the present could bring up the other pandemic crews allowed massive amount of a write in votes. It won't happen again. Number two. There's a lot of states, it tightened up the rulings with the drop boxes for the first time ever to certain blocks that can be surveilled, understood, you could expand, but not 24 Hours Not Dr. through voting makes no sense you could have two �18 in the backseat with the dad person you devote somehow.

You deserve privacy at the ballot box. If you can't get out of. Sure this belt exemptions depending on your state. Number one. If Pfizer held back the vaccine like salute look like they did until after the election. That's election that's affecting election, perhaps illegally number two we have with Hunter by an investigation as relates to Joe Biden totally suppressed for funding at the mechanics behind it that actually destroyed the social media presence of the New York Post for doing it.

If you retreated the story about Hunter Biden's laptop and how it's linked to the present, the big guy in 20 Bob Linsky, your account was suspended. All those things are happening that the FBI agents who are now being named by whistleblowers within the FBI. These are all real. You don't have to prove some theory about what happened at some ballot box with some ring doorbell video. Don't worry about that. This other stuff is legitimate so you want a rematch was present there is any doubt about it. You like to with his current president I understand it, with his current prison was to vilify you think is best advantage would be to tell everyone you're extremist because you never in doubt that you lost the election well is he the only one Curry Karine Jean-Pierre when she was a pundit and a lot smoother on MSNBC, I might add on to this and I guess not speak to anyone have to worry about a backlash tweeted this out in 2016, December 17 stony mouse stone drone stone election.

Welcome to the world of hashtag on presidential Trump looks like it. Denying the election results, but don't stop there would about 2020 Jean-Pierre before she got the job. Brian Stole the gubernatorial election for the Georgians and Stacy Abrams doesn't seem like you're accepting the election results are you seated Hillary Clinton except election results country. I believe he knows he's an illegitimate president's house.

He knows that there were a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did up. She just had one bad day when she said that in 2019. Remember any other times when she said that she claims and denies that she ever said the trump was illegitimate that she Everett said she didn't lose For was I happy when I beat Donald Trump by nearly 3 million votes but lost the electoral college.

Not happy that I even for a nano second think that a claim victory and try to get the Democrats to refuse to certify the election now okay you never acknowledged, you realize.

Now you have to pretend like that was it. But we taped to others member Stacy Abrams she protest so vociferously. Of course, claim race, we have a whole bunch of Hollywood movies that pulled out of George even though they love to shoot their and she didn't mind when she rallied every body against the new election rules in the state of Georgia that cause the the exit of major league baseball's All-Star game to Colorado in mind that in 2018. After she clearly lost the election. She said this cut six. I knowledge that former Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election, but to watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in the state baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the People's democratic right to vote has been truly appalling so let's be clear, this is not a speech of concession confession means to acknowledge an action is right. True or proper woman of conscience and faith. I cannot conceive that this is all bad, all bad and if the president was truly unifier, he would say this is all bad and he said, in order to get to Trump you have to go back and see who denied George W. Bush ever called them legitimate had to go back and see that John Lewis and others said present trump is not legitimate from Jerry Nadler on down. Obviously Hillary Clinton on through everybody that said he didn't really win, and then you go well. I'm really upset present trump for doing what he did and then maybe people listen. We come as a bag ultra maggots of island is jet January 6 yet to begin me. This was all heading there. He was the first he was the last one to go but believe me they will not. There were violence is brewing back in 2000 as well, but I respected Al Gore conceded the people around a lot of people around them didn't like coming on saying semi fascists by coming out and say ultra maggot extremists you are dividing the country in a way that may be distracting from inflation and crime for a couple days and your border catastrophe, but you're hurting the country are supposed to lead the country for 78 years old when will you grow up. Sen. John Kennedy cutting in the pen and the Democrats and Republicans are Americans and they're going to get pretty tired pretty quickly. Having the president of the United States of America.

Call them racist and misogynistic and ignorant and un-American and fastest because they disagree with the Bernie Sanders agenda that present modernism adopted and I guess that's a long-winded way of saying I think the president's new tactic is star-spangled we come back with McCown will join me. She's anything but star-spangled stupid. She got great insight and she also interviews William Barr yesterday who is very critical of the present for taking all this paperwork home which he did.

Will discuss that and how it changes things, and what it means for the 60+ days left until the midterm elections and Martha be part of our elite election coverage listening to the bright tell me Joe, so glad you're here. You need to know basis. You need to kill me if you're interested in Brian's talking about your Brian kill me, you will stream really clear that you made is just ridiculous. I was talking specifically that time of what was happening right in the danger of living right. That's what I was speaking to at the time that was Karine Jean-Pierre. I get Martha McCallum's take on how she did in trying to clarify how denying election when she was a pundit is different than tonight election when you're ready, president or former president or a defeated Sen. Karine Jean-Pierre on December 17, 2016 sandstone email stone drone stone election. I welcome to the on presidential Trump world of on presidential Trump. She also said that Brian Kemp stole the election from Stacy Abrams.

I she treated that now she's press secretary Martha she just got a little of her explanation effective. No language on both sides. Okay, this is very dangerous language and you wonder why people have lost faith in the system. Now we could go on for a long time talking about the covert voting rules, which I think are highly highly problematic, and may have changed elections forever and need to be retrenched and rethought some states have done that but the fact of the matter is that to to look at the former president and say that he is unique in claiming a stolen election is complete fabrication. It's made up fairytale land when you I just listen to what you're doing. Prior to this playing back all of the times that Henry Clinton said that the that Donald Trump is not the president you rush to get down from the election exactly and which was debunked after unfortunately and extraordinarily expensive to year Russia hoax investigation. So I there's a pox on both their houses. In this regard, and it's and it's a it's a big negative for the country.

Across the board use a little of the election deniers and purchase bull blows me away. By the way on on the press secretary, she knew she was out there. She issues eventually you get this question, especially when the present brings it up your crisis management call anybody call up Ari Fleischer you go babe any crisis manager listen night between the Senate will prevent how we deal with this. Admitted.

Number one, number two denied possible but you could denied you say someone else bullied your account that works well or you could say is totally different given explanation might be plausible. All were number number four apologize and I play I played into it and I wish I didn't. I wish I never tweeted that out because it really is destructive and I see that now where I sit with you some more deniers you can run the best campaign you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you, we were rightly credited and really win so you when you present Julie my vice president. I election laws election but in all Trump no legitimate president president elect of the legally elected president is present, says John Lewis, LSM, so I would pretending like this is new. Now we sit in pain and honestly I find I find all of that heartbreaking and and you have these same individuals who turn around in the 2020 election and talk about the legitimacy of the out how how important it is to respect the outcome, which is what actually president Obama at the time during the 2016 election, he said while all this was going on with emails that were surfacing the Democratic national convention on the top Internet time. He said make no mistake, we know how to do this in this country.

The outcome of this will be a legitimate election.

That's the way it's done, and in America paraphrasing him but that was the message that he he sent out there, so either we need to we need to wrap her arms around our electoral system we need to make sure that people think most the majority of Americans would like to see voter ID we need to make sure you have custody of the ballots that that is close and accountable and we need to realize how very deeply dangerous. This discussion of stolen elections is on either side. So when the prison came out. I want to play it again it says ultra maggot magnetron. Trump bees or whatever he was involved is he waiting because the Republicans are showing their outrage and not talk about inflation, crime, and the border to an extent.

Yes at one of the things that I hear more than anything else from the nurse might go out and talk to people is they want to know what when when your time at the Republican party what they stand for and want to know what they're running on their asking where is the contract for America that they present in this midterm election, what are they going to do.

Specifically, that is different and you have this discussion about investigations. Now I want to know what happened with Hunter binds, much as anybody. It's a legitimate question. It should be investigated. The fact that they've had that laptop for two years is atrocious, but I don't know that voters want this to be the sole focus.

They don't want to hear elect us because will dig deep will will spend all of our time digging into investigations they want to hear what you're going to do about things like school choice. For example, about getting our kids educated in a way that is effective and meaningful and competitive in the world they want to hear about inflation they want to hear about bringing crime down you've got people all across the country paying for your private versions of protecting their buildings here in New York City pulling their money together just to keep their buildings hear people fighting back in the streets helping other citizens meet present finally says what was going on what is going on right. This is not normal. This is like exactly. So I think you're right. I think in terms of effective politics, Republicans are ceding the message and they're allowing themselves to get sucked into this language of Joe Biden so I think he's probably probably quite effective right him on my point was, yeah, I think you might be affected. For the most part, but he's getting blowback from his own people like Maggie is on Tim Ryan, the ones that are really out of fights go hoops is not helping me, but is not helping conversation about that and I think that with your point sucking everybody into this vortex where this is the discussion that were having instantly things that people really care about the country right and I just think crime should be number one. I think somehow this country if there alerted about was having at the border. That would be another major issue in my goodness that we forgetting about the way the president left Afghanistan and that was his sole decision. We will come back and talk about Brazil 60+ days who we even remember a couple days past Labor Day were talking about November 8 Ryan coming to my doing here the radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show even if they had technically make the case that there's another step, which is eventually they want to do it because it's a former Presidents impact on the country. I hope they don't but the Lord here I think is pretty clear that the Justice Department should be able to review these documents if it got to the point where they they wanted to actually put the documents before the grand jury without sanitizing them and protecting the deliberative process then you would litigate the issue. But for her to come in. Now insert this abstract thing and say this guys decide what is potentially privilege dodges the question which is does the president have standing to assert the privilege against the existing restriction that is Bill bar with one Martha McCown yesterday and then the revelation last night, the Washington Post gets another league highly classified documents held in Malaga was the headline they contain four nuclear secrets. According to the league that only a cabinet level official or higher could authorize others to know so now all of a sudden that's the pushback on the on the special master that the judge said was worthy of this process, it would decide what is classified, what's not and to give Donald Trump's stuff back in which protocol attorney-client privilege privilege. What's executive privilege. Martha, your reaction to the Bill bar interview and that excerpt so you know I think that what's important to remember about Bill bar is that he's looking at it from what the law says so and I think it was good the way that it's a Lay there, he saying he doesn't think that the special master decision was correct because you're all in the executive branch chief at the present got the department just that she got the FBI they can share these documents within their own confines and then come to some sort of conclusion on them. However, he said he obviously believes he said the other day on America's newsroom. He can't take these documents to a country club after Pres., that date doesn't work. He also believe that the Trump folks were jerking around the Department of Justice.

He doesn't think that that any of that was appropriate.

However, his coda is, but I hope they I don't think there's an indictment. I hope they don't because it would be so destructive and so bad for the country right now. I think you have to always listen to everything that he says in the end of the sentence is often different in some ways, you people want him to be a supporter or not a supporter.

He's been both in the course of his relationship with with Donald Trump but always based I think on on what the law is in reading his book and how much he accomplished, he enjoyed being fire the way down trump fire and exploded on them at the end and tried to besmirch his reputation when he did, and then when he comes out has a chance to write a book. He lets people know that, but he also points out a lot of good things about the present study was was a really good times and rod with a accomplish together.

That's why thought prison.

Trump should've been say hey listen this guys getting your microphone is going to get a pen he's gonna write a book.

Why does have to be negative. Look at how much they actually did together much better. He wasn't Jeff sessions know what you were Marco Rubio told us, trying to one up you I just happen to be on Fox imprint after you 12 hours after Marco Rubio was asked the same question, and here's his answer to these top-secret documents evidently were at Malaga, including nuclear.

The nuclear weapons of one country again. We go back to people talking about the state of mind of the agents when they got in there if that's even true white. What's the only reason to do that if your conducting a serious investigation don't hear anything about these investigations, the Justice Department won't even acknowledge that someone is under investigation are not under investigation of some is being investigated after Justice Department say it's not true. They won't do it they will do it either way, they won't, especially something that involves a former president and yet in this particular case every single day. Someone in the Justice Department is leaking.

Why would you leak there's only one reason to link the stuff and that is for create a narrative and why do you create a narrative political purpose for every single day. They are proving that this they are politicizing this by what they are doing is supposed along the pleadings in the case to work its way through and speak for itself and easily gain of eight. He shows be briefed on high level things these never briefed. It was so serious. Why would you tell us is hundred percent right. And if the Justice Department doesn't like the fact that they are ill perceived by the public.

They should take this to heart and they should wear where is Mayor Carlin with these people.

Why is he letting all of this information come out. If he is so you know if he only heard about Mayor Carlin when he was being nominated as a Supreme Court justice was how evenhanded he was. This does not reflect that the going after parents at school board meetings does not reflect that he's revealed himself in a way that is unfortunate for someone who supposed to have the blindfolds of justice on and they should be completely airtight. It is unfair enough. It is so unfair what's happening with these leaks to build this narrative assented. Rubio says that it makes everybody skeptical about these agencies. It's a sad state of affairs.

It really really is so right now the special master's gotta be in place. They want names by Friday when we get if I have the Department of Justice will challenge this is a virus that he thinks they should appeal. I just on the law and his reading of the law. I think that Evidence It Can Take a Really Long Time to Drag out Cannot Happen until after the Midterm's for Sure. And Then It Becomes a 2024 Issue. It's Unfortunate That Were Here Right That This Date Didn't Really Need Tape That You Need to Happen. That's a Whole. This Is There Certain Things That Happen Your Precedent and You Can't You Can't Avoid It. Controversy Comes Your Way. But This One Was. This Was Avoidable.

Write an Analysis This Protocols the Shui Archives Executives down There Doing with the Chief Of Staff and Disdain the Press Want to Take This My Problem with That Boxes X, Y, And Z Right Had to Talk Then. And Then I Want to Arbitrate Well in the Present Really Wants That Box in Overture and It Was Covet Right National Archives Was Shut down.

You Couldn't Get Anyone on the Phone at the National Archives for Two Years. If You Are Veteran Who Wanted to Get Your Hands on Your Own Records, People Died Waiting for That Documentation of Their Service Because They Couldn't Get Anyone to Answer the Phone. Nobody Worked for over Two Years, but Apparently They Were Very Focused on This Issue Right so Here Is the President's One of the Present Attorneys Alina Bob Cut 23. They Will Challenge Shannon, Which Means That They Have Stopped All Criminal Investigations Was Granted Which Is a Great Win for the Track Team That Is Handling This Matter. Additionally We Received an Approval to Get a Special Master Which Was Exactly What I Hoped Would Happen the DOJ. As You May Recall, Was Opposing This They Didn't Want It, and What the Public Had Assumed It Was until I Was in Fact the Fact That in the Judge Mentioned the Fact That DOJ Wasn't Willing to Grant Special Master When We Requested It Prior so That We Had to File a Motion, the Judge Made the Right Decision.

In My Opinion, I Don't Understand Why They Were so Worried about Special Ministership or Losing Control on the Team. Team This Was a Committed Screen at the Have Their Job Was to Screw Yoko Had Missed the Passport of Mrs. Medical Records Mrs. Tax Records and Wouldn't Do an Barron's Room. I Guess If He's Really Diabolical of Werewolf. They Look under Barron's Mattress on Maloney's Underwear Draw Natural Point. You Could Say That. But If They Were so Red in with These Whistleblowers Who Knew Where All the Stuff Was What You Need Nine Hours to Grab All This Stuff and in the End Keep Lawyers Pinned against the Ground When You Could've Said When You Walk through. I'm Tired of Waiting. I Just Briefed a Gang Eight.

I'm Tired of Waiting and Going It. Yeah, I Understand Where You're Coming from. I Think Part of the Reason That A Lot Of That Stuff Was Included Some of the Personal Items Were Included As That Is to Show Context of Where the Document Was and What Was with the Document When Else Was in the Box That's What Bill Barr Says Is the Reason for Presenting Lengths of This Is the Box That We Found and It Was Enough Framed Pictures Classify Documents and Barren Socks but That's the Reason I Managing Other Items to Show How These Things Were Being Stored in Where They Were Capped Right 00 We Come Back We'll Get a Fight after More Than Those A Lot If She Needs No More. We Got Enough of the Raid. Also, Martha, You Have Electric Car yet and Solar Panels in Your House to Steal You You Are You Kidding, I'm so Embarrassed.

Terrible, Because We Had the Green Degree near Has Arrived. I Go for Line Drives Sorry Anymore Back in Moment Learning Something New Every Day, Brian Kilby Show Breaking Loose Unique Opinions. All Brian Kilby Show. We Recognize That We Needed More Risk or Transition to Green Energy Second Will Talk More about That Moment That We Are Not Doing Anything except Accelerating Mention What Were Doing Permitting and Procurement Accelerating That Transition to Low Carbon Renewable Sources of Energy. And That's Why They Have None.

That Is, This Is Their Terrible Governor Was a Horrible Mayor Gavin Newsom Who Was Talking with a Bear and a Shirt and a Bareness Had about California Hey Guys I Know It's Hotter Than Hell Would You Mind Keeping Everything at 78� Don't Usually Drier Not to Put Your Head in It. But Even to Draw You Close Because I Have an Idea Get Rid of Nuclear and Get Rid Oil, Get Ready Gas to Make You Get Rid of You Cars to Two Days Later He St. Don't Plug in Your Car If You're the One Percent in California Martha McCallum You're Here You This Is This Our Future Is 17 States Want to Do Would Gavin Newsom Is Doing 35 Done with Cars Rent Divide between the States That Rapidly Divide between the States, Save That Now, As You Say, 17 States That Want to Do the Same Thing and Think about the Piece That You That's It This Morning with the Folks from West Virginia Who Had to Help His Electric Car Ran Out Of Coal Ran Out Of Coworkers.

Yeah, Coworkers, and the Skies Electric Car Ran Out Of Juice and He Had to Help Them. What an Amazing Image. That Whole Scene Is Right Had to Push Them to Coworkers Pushing an Electric Car That Ran Out Of Juice off of the Road for Safety. The Problem As I Always Said That We Don't Have the Replacement Ready for Call We Don't Have Energy Replacements That Are Ready to Go When We Do When There so Overwhelmingly Effective Right You Can Drive from New York to Cape Cod with Your Car without Stopping for 1/2 an Hour to Re-Juice It on, Then You've Got the Ability to Start Making Changes If You Want to, but What about the Question of a Cousin to These Batteries. What Do You Do with the Batteries When They're Gone. I've Done A Lot Of Work in This Renewable Wind Mall Wind Farm in the Ocean Issue You Take One of Those Blankets off, There's No Way to Get Rid of It Is the Size of Two Football Fields. They Break All the Time. They're Not Recyclable. You Have To Get like Three Trucks and Cut into Pieces in Order to Remove One of Them. It's These Issues Are Not Well Thought through and We're Seeing a Play in California Right May Look the Way Present California.

The Peregrine Consists of This Natural Gas 37%.

By the Way, Burns Clean If You Were Serious about This Should Be Fracking Solar 14 Wind 11 Nuclear Nine Coal Three and Oil Zero and What They Do Is Import A Lot Of Their Oil in Order to Keep These Things Running so It's a Total Joke in a Travesty and and a Fa�ade.

This Way People Move out to a Cost A Lot, We Have Rolling Blackouts and Now You're Told We Could Agree to Combustion Engines.

So Good Luck with That Please Tell Me Where This Works.

Also, I Love You Notice, but My IPad I Have To Plug It in by Time I Get Here at 9 O'clock so I've Been Using It since Three in the Morning Doesn't Hold Now Used To Hold but What about the Battery in Your Car after Six Months and Just Go 3 to 15 and a Rundown House to Very Quickly That I Sent 2010. I like Olson Is Out Of Juice I Don't Know How Is It Now Five Attesting to Test the Place so This Is Nothing to Do It Right but It Would. They Asked for All This Money That We Don't Have To Printed Two Goats Go to Use. So I'm Just Wondering If You Need to Know More. This Is Time We Do It out so You Want It You Start Okay. Justin Bieber Canceled His Justice World Tour Due To Physical and Mental Health Issues after Facial Paralysis Battle Saying I Need Some Time to Rest and to Get Better Top Announcement Obviously and He Thanked His Fans for Their Support, He Performed in Brazil on Sunday. After Resuming His World Tour. He Said He Thought She Just Overtook Him What's Going on with This Person, so Weight Is to His Face, Moves They Said Was Temporary He Can Perform but Mentally He Doesn't Want to Perform. It Looks like She's Having No I Mean He's Had a Light Issues over Time. He's a Child Star Who Soared to World Fame and There's A Lot Of Struggles Involved in That.

Perhaps There's No Emotional Side to This Story and We'll Be Gets Better Well. A Lot Of Times Is to Do about Accusing Them but A Lot Of Times Is to Substance Abuse Means That That That Usually Is When People Are Exhausted. I Hope That's Not the Case. Next Regulations to Everyone. ESPN the SP's Weak Initiative Raised $2.87 Million in Support of the Foundation. He Was One of the Things That He Pointed out before He Passed Away. Valvano Is How Much Money Is Going to AIDS and Other Organ and Other Diseases.

He Gets It. But Most People. Sadly in This Country Die from Cancer. We Get Some Cancer Money. There Let's Hope We See Some Progress Because A Few Years Ago I Would Get Close to Somewhat of a Vaccine. Have You Heard Anything like This. I Breast Cancer There. They Feel That They're Getting Closer to the Vaccines and Griffin Denigrate Report on It for Us Talking about the Form of Breast Cancer That She Had and That They Are Very Hopeful. One of the Things Is That for Doctors to Get Funding in These Areas, You Have To Have Some Success in Order to Get Funding through Your Hospital so so Much of This Research Is Privately Funded through Fundraising and I Have a Group of Friends to Do the Crash 11 Tour Every Year the Pan- Mass Challenge Just to Raise Money for One Brand One Brain Cancer Doctor in Boston Is Doing This Kind of Research That We Have To Keep We Have To Keep Going. I Do Believe Are Getting Close on It. I Really Doubt the Enterprise and Biotech Is One of the Keys to Our Success. Next Michael Jordan Jersey Expected to Fetch As Much As $5 Million at the Centimeter Convicted Sports Auction. Is It Worth $5 Million, Evidently Was in His Last Game That He Wore in the Last Alliance Jersey from Game Wine Which Is Usually Popular As a Great Series. If You Haven't Seen It Say. I Guess Maybe That Much like My Son Has an Autographed Jordan Jersey. I'm Not Sure He Sweated How I Find out to Get Out Of the Rain and It Now Is like Jordan Anything like Do You Take Joy in His Own Cologne Right Does He Smell Doesn't Smell like Michael Jordan Was a Smell like Would Michael Jordan Want to Smell and I Have To Break the Glass and Find out Next Griffin Blast of a Warning. Those Who Don't Vote Democrat Vote for Civil War. She Tweeted out Viewing the Civil War Vote for Democrats in November. If You Do Not Want a Civil War Vote. If You Do Want a Civil War Vote Republican Ted Cruz Upset about This since This Is Wrong Crazy Hollywood Lefty Threatening Civil War Attempt to Win. Sadly, This Is Totally Left Angry, Hateful and Violent Where You Stand. The First Image That Comes to My Mind Is Her Holding a Severed Head Fake Hand of the Former President of the United States. So As Far As Inciting Civil War. I Think She Start by Maybe Look in the Mirror. I Disses How Different Kathy Griffin Used To Be a 10 Year Anniversary for Fox and Friends. She Basically Hosted a Best of for Us for the Final Hour Tossing a Different Soundbite so I Don't Know If The Next Top Gun Maverick Becomes the Highest Grossing Movie of All Time at the Domestic Box Office $701 Million Passing Black Panther, Which Was at $700 Million. Tom Chris Right. This Is Clearly the Feel-Good Movie of the Time.

I Think It Was the Movie That Got the Masses Back into the Movie Theater Puts Covan I Thought It Was Now Made My Kids outside Just Write a Whole New Generation to the Top Franchise I Do, but You Really so Little Dialogue Was in This Shrewish I Maverick Required Next to Fire Too Fat to Fight Four-Star General, Say Americans Are Too Obese or Criminal to Join the Armed Forces to Defend the Country, Lisman As Its Lowest Point since the Vietnam War Is, According to Lieut. Gen. Brunson, the Commander of the Joint Base Lewis McCord in Washington State Theorized That Why Recruitment Is so Low Is for Those Reasons, the Army Announced That It Meant It Would Meet His 485,000 Recruitment Goal for 2022. They Found 20,000 Short, Should We Be Letting Heavy Guys in and Women in Getting That Initiation Be Reinforcing a Message of How I Read This Morning That There Is Clothing As Discriminatory, Not Anymore over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources of Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not Just

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