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Relentless: DOJ appeals Special Master, still ignoring Hunter's laptop

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 9, 2022 12:45 pm

Relentless: DOJ appeals Special Master, still ignoring Hunter's laptop

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 9, 2022 12:45 pm

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Attention shoppers on the Watson snacks are available in the deli section beats not meet next protein packed sausage by pickles like chips fresh crunchy no added brine and deeds and that Drew Murray Robert Erica Drake, you told you can't be back in the door was unlocked.

Deeds wants me she's next, 1939 Fox news orders. Yours always seeking solutions versus selling is Brian Kelly I want to write to me what the latest moment of the brain to me Joe, hope you are been with us all week long.

It's been a big week starting week. Last I was able to go up on stage in Albany be able to talk about America from 1776 not 1619. Take your questions and I got a chance to meet some of your states. Find a store very optimistically, seldom to be successful today I come to you from the Amtrak train station in Albany, W. G.

DJ's own Paul Vanderburg was able to host us last night was able to get the word out about the event and then I'm able to hear the train station look out of it at this great scenery and give you a shot at what it's like being in the capital of New York State totally different than New York City.

I might add a lot nicer. I would be right now is that when most successful men in American media.

He is Tucker Carlson Tucker Carlson has a daily shows he's gotta go to work almost every day at 8 o'clock is also not Tucker Carlson today is also does documentary series uses gotta be talk about shortly, and Tucker. I was not able to watch her show live but I watched the replay on Fox nation brilliant approach to a story that everybody's doing. You talked about put the UK in perspective in history and you so you great writing skills on display.

Why was that of your approach once you get that idea to approach this story the death of the Queen. This way because it marking the end of something bigger than just one human life.

The end of England coming toward me about and we were kids. It was known as England your partner in England, the country was a place with the people in the language in the history and that's gone.

It was destroyed by two world wars, both of which England quote wanton, but the Empire was over in the country was over the country lost self-confidence and then decided to degrade itself, which is been doing ever since and blocked its manufacturing base became a banking center and essentially refugee camp for the rest of the world for its former colonies. A character and no one sort of ever positive notice like this. This was a world power. This country can know what the largest empire in human history to control the world that the English struck fear into the hearts of you know, the entire globe and now with this kind of decayed medium and that happened in one lifetime. Like how did that happen very fast that no empires ever fallen quicker, more ignominiously, 100 and wasn't no sack by the Germans by you with something even more insidious and sad happened. People who run the country just lost confidence in themselves and and and became pathetic and self hating, and I don't know I just think someone should point that out.

Maybe their lessons for us and that I remember that when that statute came down this it will this guy use a philanthropist, but he showed tinges of our racist in his background which was he's pretty much a person of his time. So let's take a statue and throw it in the canal much like were doing here with Robert he Lee there were there.

Try to do is Thomas Jefferson's University of Virginia go out people's history with Abraham Lincoln take them off grandma's blanket with sleeves.

What any court England and the transatlantic slave trade the end the ritual murder of widows in India. England was no Empire and bad things, but compared to what compared to any other empire in history. This was the most benign Empire ever can ask me nothing compares to actually and no one says that and you have to have like to say that wire the intent Empire was evil, and of course the answer is because there always on the Chinese Empire right so by by denying your knowledge of the past. The make it possible to sell you something even worse in the future. So is this interesting to you believe China's economic dominance is making these leaders subservient and even educator subservient to the Chinese doctrine rip apart our foundation no longer feel as though you're more to anything and be open to this new change and that and natural were seen across the world that that's what I mean look. History of the future. Obviously, you have to know what happened to me that this is true, and in every fear of being the reason our plane crashes because the NTSB studies no previous plane crashes right we keep close track of what happened in order to chart our future and for the second. People begin to deny your knowledge of the pastor live sport the past.

You have to ask, why are they doing out there doing that in order to control your future look we always starter country dominate. We countries. That's just effective.

After that level never change.

You will always have empires we always have empires going back to the beginning of recorded history. In 1400 BC. We've always had empires globally and we always will. And so the question is what kind of Empire do you want the ideology of the Christian empire, or is it a totalitarian empire. The British, a Christian empire again with flaws. You know I'm personally not even for empires, but if you decide human nature right you know and is so the people who are telling the British Empire was evil, are the ones who are standing back and allowing China to colonize Africa on a much larger scale.

The British ever attempted. The Chinese have more control over Africa right now that the British had in 1880, the Chinese control Africa.

No one ever said that China is a colonial power and it's an atheist, totalitarian colonial power. It's a much harsher master than the British ever work and you don't know what that because people instinctively suck up to the most powerful player that's another feature unattractive pretrip human nature, but it's true. So Tucker Natalie control Africa the making use moves in Central and South America and that's why it's so important.

Do you want now they need to be present by the bows and Arrow. He's basically the of the linchpin if they could get him out China will take over that country to Boston. I was pushed back against China and in Central and South America.

We just basically gave up without even looking at. We don't even meet with them about stopping illegal immigrants from pouring in. So we have no interest. For some reason in the Middle East. No interest in any of this.

We have no interest in central South America.

We basically decide to go all electric and gas go green and the rare-earth is all controlled by China and the Congo was the place where where they have even more rare are they doing, China, and China's now control the Congo, so it's amazing it seems as though either were sleeveless, which were intentionally there. Here's the other thing I did when China takes over country and has or influence. They do this, Belton Road program to build a road program is a form of extortion Halo medical building infrastructure you can afford and what you can't make the payments. We will take it we will take your ports will take what we just built. We have use that influence in your government Solomon Islands. Another example would they have stopped us from bringing our ships to port at the Solomon Islands because we allowed China to get in there and have their influence and take it over. We cannot sit on our hands is a country if we are serious in in not giving up the world and we won the Solomon Islands with the blood of American Marines and sailors from the Japanese war through a series of incredibly brutal battles, so we had control the Solomon Islands. I would say full justification we we we earned it and we handed over to turn it in but by doing this is how empires always behave when the collapse is how the British vehicle they collapse. They handed Africa over to the worst people. British government handed Rhodesia to a racist lunatic called Robert Godbey. They sided with him over the people of Rhodesia, which became later Zimbabwe should work doing the same thing are empires in the treatment and decline in core handing publicly, handing it knowingly handing it to the Chinese and I I think it's the function of self-hatred. We no longer believe in ourselves a midnight did that script on the decline of Great Britain last night because I think it has left for us your vitality in our decline so sad but but it all starts with self-confident, the Brits began to believe that they wouldn't. They were no moral justification. They started to hate themselves and self-hatred is like a cancer, and it kills you. In the end right and allowing it to spread in this country so we got them international relations. Then we got a handle.

I also think with the right leaders we could bring it all way back. This we have the fundamental still in place, the natural resources, the history, the innovation, the smarts, the educational system just needs to be tapped into the bush into the right direction, but I love the series that you have coming out because you still can look at this whole push towards pronouns and his transgender thing and say this is wrong.

This is crazy with this come from. You actually examine where does come from you point out different things in your series, the traumatic events happen in people's lives and suddenly they realize they have an identity crisis memory a gender crisis. Here is the clip that you sent over to give people at home an idea of your series. It's now about your latest documentary this now out on Fox nation. Let's listen. There's a growing movement designed to confuse children about who they are on the mental level. This is the calls of transgender is the transient phenomenon is not a small-scale operation is not led by a single man instead is led by the most influential power centers in the country. Our own government and corporations.

The medical institutions and of course the mass media so you break it you you you sum it up, and then you break it down with. Did you discover in you that you were so hands-on on this series.

In particular, will a couple of things back what's going on here if you want to destroy the country you would convince its young people that biological sex wasn't real and he would confuse them about their own quote gender identity mean the gender binary. The difference between men and women is the basis of civilization, everything from our personal lives to our government, military, everything is based on those differences.

Biological differences are the core of everything.

Because biology is the core of everything because reality is the core of everything.

So if you wanted to throw society into confusion and make a collapse. You would so confusion around gender and that's exactly what they're doing and so that the big picture on the personal level, destroying kids, so we are allowing children to be sexually mutilated, castrated subject of vasectomies sterilized for life and standing back and not say anything because the rest was strictly those of us in the media are so completely cowed, so intimidated by the screaming and the violence activists are pushing this. We don't say anything and so were like well know gender affirming and even news organizations that should know better described as gender affirming care castration is not gender. It's an atrocity and when it's committed against children to crime small crime and it should be legal, the people you should be present in my opinion Dr. to castrate kids should be in jail, and nobody says that for some reason and the reason is because they're completely intimidated and every HR department in the country is backing up these atrocities and and my point is you know this is insane. Let's wake up when the fever dream and see the damage that were doing to children the people to watch this documentary and understand more what is happening before it's too late because at nine-year-old he walks into your kitchen and says you know I I feel like I want to be the other gender.

You have to arm the parents to understand what's happening and understand to someone brief them already.

We never talked about any of these things I remember eighth-grade health is the first time we talked about anything to do with sexuality and that was on a test. It wasn't we were winging it or riffing.

We hardly get into the schools. They did this teachers to convince to do this well by outlawing any conversation about anyone Marjorie Taylor Greene brought this up and immediately her house was flooded with people try to kill her to call the police and said there was an armed gunman inside her house of the SWAT recons with guns drawn and the point of that is to get Marjorie Taylor Greene killed that's how serious the people pushing this are.

That's how ruthless they are radical and violent they are and it scares the crap out of everybody nobody glides to working on against this is crazy not only feel it. Maybe it will pass them if you shut up. It'll just go away and parents are told.

You know what were you a hater, Ukrainians, phobic, what you know and lost in all of the mean and I'm talking about the physical effects, but the societal effects or even more damaging the entire country is being forced to lie in to say that you can change your sex by wishing I can't possibly can change your life, your hyperbaric hair color. This is not and so all of us are now complicit in this why were forced to tell it and were degraded. We lost our moral power.

Once they can force you to lie they can make you do anything and so were their slaves like at that point and this is really a big deal.

I don't know why you know no one is saying it out loud. I get afraid. I know, and we were the few places that you can actually real conversations. I know you're not in the New York New York core DC necessarily.

Would you have the we are.

We're still in somewhat of a word in normal business environment. Most other people are on pins and needles and don't come back to work because they're afraid of getting to some type of trouble saying something is gonna get offended getting a call from human resources, it's a it's very challenging time right now as we go back to the workplace. The few people that have the courage to go back. As we look at another 9/11 so Tucker overall, you just completed another summer. You're about to maybe switch locations again.

Are you is your lifestyle doable between the documentaries the series. The nightly show the specials you're doing is everything okay and talk a world great mean everything is great. I mean, I have four dogs the same wife I've always had the still like yeah yeah I mean there's a lot going on. No, I mean as you know I always pick you know at some point I'll get fired or killed or die like everyone else does. In the end, you know you while you have a chance to work, you should work to make him. I know you feel. I don't we have a window of opportunity now so let's do it. Have some fun yeah you shows a must watch every night. Even the times in which we don't agree which means you're wrong.

I just always find a fast and I can always tell your writing and conversation. It's it's great to congratulation everything everyone download this documentary is really important to get a perspective on what's happening to your generation or the next generation.

The current generation with your grandparents or parents. You need your eyes open Tucker. Thanks so much.

Thank you Brian hey listen, will you be back because just a moment where company from Albany, New York. Capital of new of this great state, 1-866-408-7669.

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There there putting forth false narratives and dangerous narratives, but they also can undermine themselves. They claimed that this information was so mishandled down at my Longo well, nobody knew anything about this. None of this was it, but showing up in the pages of the Washington Post or New York Times until the FBI and DOJ got there.

Does my Hemingway weighing in on the Merrill agar rate because we know that when the special master is named, they were outraged at the DOJ and FBI.

So what they thought what's outraged the American people tell them part of the story and we could to where where else Washington Post or New York Times. This time they chose the Washington Post and when it comes out and says all the seated stuff was in Donald Trump's Adm. Lago in the various areas and they say some of these folds were empty. We don't get the other side of the story and Bill Barr feels as though to take this paperwork home was responsible but I don't think Bill Barr is true according to Molly, and I can't agree with it. We got the whole story just this Washington Post has some selectively much will be the font certainly will have it all major project is brought to you by strength at 10 black kids contested poorest oily skin. If you struggle with any of these you need to try the new superstrength poor minimizing theorem from strength Acton. It's clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cores and blackheads and it helps reduce excess oil without leaving your skin feeling dry or tight, making it the perfect addition to your skincare routine FTR IV this episode is brought to you by Nirvana they'll drive you happy. Carbonic has purchased over a million cars from happy customers by giving them an offer within minutes and they can do the same for you.

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Download the app or visit information you truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show status through times and been through condemning second terrorism attacks and natural disasters mean of the tragedies we should before the country will other countries and what she's been helping us to celebrate with her.

She's been consoling us keeping this constant rock of support and she represents shalom in my opinion the very best of British values stoicism resilience juicy humility, strength of character never plays the victim always looking forward to putting the country before ourselves and by the way that Piers Morgan obviously talk about the Queen's passing yesterday changed everything. You've seen it. I think 23 of the 24 hours even show I Tucker Carlson a lead with the did the first half-hour had Nigel Faraj on a few of the guests. Laura Ingram at Woody Johnson on the ambassador, the UK, so it's remarkable life.

She's been she's a person, it can really mark time for 70 years. I get it. There's nothing I could tell you about her. They'll say wow I didn't know that I understand it, but just to put in perspective what I think is important is what we have seen in modern times is Queen Elizabeth at the head of Princess Diana became bigger than life and then her dissatisfaction with the family and her negative review of the family and most people after her death siding with her and they thought this could be the end of the royal family.

She stood up she spoke out little by little things have changed whisper so amazing to me as an outsider is is Harry seem to be the cougar, you know, okay maybe drank too much. You carouse too much like maybe every teenager did, but will that control as a kid I remember all will the typical older brothers to him and his him and will seem unbelievably tight.

He's a cow served in the military insisted on not being treated differently who would ever think that he married this third-rate actress who would convince him. It seems to divorce himself from his family still take the money go to America.

My favorite nation go to California tell everybody we should go green, we should go clean. We should go renewables at the same time, about to release a book. According to almost all reports think is going to eviscerate the family and is already through series of interviews labeled them as racist. Who would think that this woman or Harry would allow this woman to do that to him and how ridiculous and horrible. He must feel right now as he's basically left out as his grandmother, the Queen, the most famous person in the world is laid to rest and okay he was never going to be king who cares he was important person in their family really respected by everyone and now is pretty much an outcast. Something about this when I remember Piers Morgan was on the said morning show and he was the key personnel into that morning show and when they had a rift on Megan Markel coming out and ridiculing the family: the races he stood up for the royal family and that was a minority opinion and because of that he didn't want to stay in Fort he actually walked off his job wrist his entire career came back lives with vaccinations got a great series year. We love having part of full. The guy is an absolute blast. Interesting, but a deep thinker with great opinions but is also a good listener. Great interviewer but he put his career in the line and walking out sticking up for the royal family and you know we don't understand necessarily some people like Martha McCallum live and feel at Ainsley's the same way.

I don't.

I appreciate who she is but she was making the decisions that like Winston Churchill ruled for 70 years.

We could talk about how he made the decisions it brought you through war. He didn't was about 15 years came back up back and forth, back and forth.

Piers Morgan waited last I Woody Johnson, owner of the chats came out Laura Ingram. Here's what he said he saw about the creek the Queen in action cut 20 good news about her life and what she's done. As it lays out a pretty good path forward shape change with the times she has a lot of young people around her, so she gets different parts of you adding Charlie King Charles that will will do the same.

That that the presence met him.

We what we like him very smart and I think you'll do an excellent job.

So there you Woody Johnson will be an understatement but you had a chance to see behind closed doors.

One thing is pretty cool. They all agreed they got us a close to America. It doesn't matter if the will seem to be falling off the times we have the wrong leader. I think this one they met in England, not necessarily the Queen or the Prime Minister. They thought Trump was the wrong leader I thought was almost hysterical watching MSNBC last night as him flipping around. I want to see if everyone's doing solid Queen and they are doing the Queen and there showing the video with Donald Trump and how they seem to be getting along at Donald Trump with Prince Charles now King Charles and their same with David even manage to get along with unpopular American leaders. What are you talking about unpopular's popularity is fine. It's basically every American president is going to get 45% of the vote. He was at 42%. With all the media gets to totally unnecessary.

But the matter what's going on, they cannot put a video with Donald Trump and avoid putting on video Donald Trump without making disparaging comments. Even with the death of a Queen.

The figure that's been around forever.

1-866-408-7669 know what, let's go to the phones right now listening on W MNC in South Bend, Indiana. One of my favorite stations ever South Bend's awesome Sean you're there. Hey Sean, I what's going on well your doctor talking about the undermining of your nation, and it did something that happened in during the French Revolution. Eventually, the Jacobins started pushing no referring everybody is.

You could even be broken. Gail, if you referred to somewhat at their gender matter.

You are so poor and down that path. Think about what happened, especially in the aftermath of the French Revolution to sober up at some point realize this is totally asinine. It's idiotic and it's not where the majority the American people are I mean is the box office are only source of retribution, insanity, the box on the ballot box.

I should say right now it seemed like it� They like the parallel economy and I think it's a great idea, but I immediately thought 90% of the media.

Negative courts Trump are conservative in general. It's hard to get putting it really I use the. The boy got the courage to speak out, especially if it's your kids in particular grandkids or nephews you got as Beyonc� yelled this is flat out wrong. I also wonder to them talking a lot of people and I will be to discussing this on Saturday night. On one nation we can get recruits now for the Armed Forces. Even the Air Force when it comes to cops. Last night was speaking to a police officer that serve the military.

It's like they never stop serving and he said when he got on the state police seize with the Albany police force. He said there were 1200 people up for the class XIII were selected 13 people were selected for it to hit to go through. He says there were 100 people applying for about 500 slots right now in upstate New York that nobody's trying to be cops. No one's going for the military.

Why good people are discouraging the whole law enforcement and the red white and blue, and the pride I think that plays into it, but I also think it's an opportunity. Can you imagine we got a man or woman who wanted to get a big major officer a small office and just started talking about the need to compete as capitalists talk about the difference between men and women, girls and boys the opportunity to compete with happened in the past, point out the fact that you would think that 50% of the population is gay and suppressed or it's actually a very small population that there's anything wrong with that.

Obviously, when it comes to transgender. It's less than 1% of the population actually feels as though they're in the wrong gender were acting like it every other person. If people talk in Saturday's port numbers to the fray and I think the American people come out of the woodwork to support that man or that woman.

I think it presents an opportunity listen, there's a there's a sense of things are have gotten so out of control that there can be some massive change and I think it gives an opportunity for people like Republicans in traditionally blue cities, which is every major city in the country and blue states I may be Republicans if they get their act together. Their message clear and that's one of sanity over insanity and patriotism over anti-patriot patriotic behavior I think is a real opportunity so we come back on me to take more recalls 1-866-408-7669. I also want to go over something else. They are relentless. Last night the announcement of another investigation of Pres. Donald Trump. This time on his record fundraising. They think there's something unsavory about it. Have you seen the crowded Pennsylvania. Have you seen truths, social. There's a reason why he gives big crowds and why his social media platforms doing well believe it or not America. Lotta people like him a lot.

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Just make sure you look for people's interest patches on their profile and let you know what there entail and how they spend their time, then by checking out their bio find what you're looking for and download the bumble app today from his mouth to kill me. The hypocrisy of the Democrats and Joe Biden thinks that mega Republicans are the are a threat to the very foundations of our Republic. Why is the Democratic Party.

He lived spending tens of millions of dollars across the country trying to get mega Republicans elected nominated in GOP primaries. They did it in there doing it right now in New Hampshire they did in Colorado.

They did it in Michigan doing in California are doing across the country spinning tens of millions of dollars trying to make sure that the most extreme people. The people who deny the election results, who called Mike pence a traitor are are the ones were the nominees because they think they're easier to be total hypocrisy hundred percent correct. So that is part of the leadership thing that Pres. Biden is missing opportunities are capable.

He's probably not capable of doing it were strong enough to stand up to his own party and say listen James Clyburn to make a speech.

I'm really upset that the super PACs are out there pushing and pushing people fall like Doug my striatum seemed like a good guy but he has no interest in running his organization making a rule making a solid run for the governorship evidently use within four ports. Shapiro is not a strong candidate and he still has not formed a pack. He is not got a coherent message not to intone the press not doing much local has not built up a staff so to me you're not a serious candidate. Even though the skies had a PhD in history obviously a very good speaker communicatively doesn't seem to be put in the effort in part of the reason the master on the one the nomination is because Democrats part of the reason why bulldog, one who I think is strong, but evidently doesn't appeal to the mass New Hampshire audience. He is the weakest candidate the Democrats view in New Hampshire and they bolstered him up so if Pres. Biden is really worried about the future democracy in this country and the rise of extremist candidates and extremism in our nation. Why are they putting money to make sure these extremist one for major political office because along the way. In your view's extremist and in some people, fewer people that agree you should build a wall that you should redo trade deals that we bring manufacturing back but for traditional trims babe you don't allow your party to promote very simple and say yeah that whole magna doctrine of upset about the extreme mega followers. Those wondrous things that the election was frozen was thrown and the votes were flipped and thinks it can't be proven in the court cases that fail fell on their face were actually valid. There were corrupt judges know those things didn't take place while you you don't go out of your way to make sure those candidates are front and center. And that's what Marquise and appointed Martin since always to be a key gas because he knows that present from cooperating with him on a book he knows the thing the present. Trump is done is transform the party.

He believes in a positive way, but is also more for traditional Republican but open like Ari Fleischer to the fact that down. Trump came and shook things up for the better for a party. There was maybe thinking to international the maybe think was still going a little bit too global that maybe should've been thought think you little bit in the 80s and 90s about what will happen to manufacturing and workers. If we continue to allow these trade deals to take manufacturing out of this country long term it will be good down Trump always thought about that in the 80s and you know of people at work teasing him around so you that should be part of it and suddenly read. It's the Republicans with the base of blue of blue-collar workers at Republicans that are beginning to win over Hispanics, not with a great ad campaign And a catchy catchphrase, but they're doing it by by their actions and the policies and that's why it looks as though I can't believe this.

If you look at the popularity of the Joe Biden the Hispanic community is basically 45% approve. 44% disapprove. What a look into the Republican. My goodness, if the Republicans were able to get maybe even 20% of the African-American vote, which I think is abysmal. They should go from over.

They have less if they or somebody they can get 50% of the Hispanic vote. The Democrats are doomed, and if they continue to talk about things like how bad Donald Trump is instead of things like crime, inflation in our defense spending. I believe that there doomed to Jim Jordan weight in less I will Laura Ingram on the agenda that we should be talking about as a country cut to think about the past couple weeks we've had Eliza Fletcher gets murder when she got out for a run in her own neighborhood County in Maryland. Now that's imposed a curfew because crime is so bad it was a Washington Redskins football player who was shot when he was simply going out for dinner that will happen. The last couple weeks, and what were Joe Biden, the Democrats up to Joe Biden was writing the home of the present United States. They were taking the phone of a sitting member of Congress. They were calling half the country. Fast is an extremist and then he signed legislation that is going to unleash just as chipset 87,000 IRS agent to come harass the people.

That's what they been up to while they been passing these policies that are leading to the record crime we see in every major urban area in this country so the American people they can say what they want to depress the media but the American people get the facts and show up in a big way. I believe in 61 days. I will say this.

Think about this. If you see the size of present or former prison from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the passion which they brought you know I was texting with somebody from actio so I didn't get permission to use his name but he was at the event and I said would you think you been at all of them really for the last seven years, and he said I ready to you earlier this week, but I'll just paraphrase now.

He said the motion so strong, and the anger so great, he can't see anybody else getting the nomination or any other politician. Getting this type of crowd the next day the present United States on Labor Day where everybody is off appearing in front of unions in a prounion message he gets about 100 people and they try to make it seem like it's a big audience, but it's about three deep standing room only because there were no chairs. That's it for the use that phrase.

American people want.

Problem solved. They don't want their former presence rated to me. You'll never you'll never ever explained to me accurately. The reason for a raid on that and the leaks that have taken place over the so-called top-secret documents right to the watch and post a New York Times fly in the face of what you say of top-secret documents and should not be discussed in public and now we understand just to update you in case you don't know the special master that was appointed and they said to me five names Justice Department FBI give me five names Trump team and will pick a special master to go through all these things a unaffiliated bonded person honest to go through and decide what is real and what is not. What is the personal property of Donald Trump and what isn't, and how pervasive this was what they've just appealed the ruling, which means everything goes on hold so dear appealing the ruling on the special master will give you the latest on The revelation came as just apartments court filing asking the judge Alene Aileen Cannon to let it continue to look through the paperwork because she stopped looking through the skies by paperwork to some of the stuff is attorney-client privilege, and she believes executive privilege so the record seized by the FBI at the Trump Mayor Lagos state. No one is going anywhere. The FBI frustrated by this because things didn't go their direction so they leave the entire situation to the Washington Post, so this what I was talking about is I want to break last a federal grand jury in Washington is examining the formation and spending of a fundraising operation created by prison Trump after his loss in 2020. He was soliciting millions of dollars asserting that the results have been marred by widespread voting fraud princes subpoenas issued by the grandeur the contents of which were described by the to the New York Times, shocker that the just berms interested in the inner workings of save America back Trump's main fundraising vehicle after the election. Let me see they are investigating his inaugural fund they are investigating is fundraising ability. They're investigating what he took after you left the Oval Office. Now they're investigating a super pack design to get him and his allies into office. That doesn't bother you.

It should actively solicit to the right q. week radio show on the road in Albany don't move Skip to take out in the microwave meals and making the dinner they care reviews with Ragu sauce sauce that helps anyone anyone crush mealtime notes on the sauce that helps you cook a crowdpleaser's lower sauce that started in an Italian mother's kitchen cook with Ragu sauce and cook like a mother. Learn Sais personal is America's letter to follow your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Ellen Fox is not or wherever you get your project in this growing radio talk show and kill me. Thank you everybody. If the brain can only show you the phone number 1-866-408-7669 to be an interesting hour. Geraldo Rivera wants to buy. Sometimes just getting out of the shower and Joel Berry managing the Babylon peacoat walk-through by one being guide to democracy is called upon and I will be thinking your phone calls as well with two from the train station, Albany, New York. Thanks to Paul Vanderburg is going to be on with this little bit later this hour to go inside Albany to stay capitalizing nosing around the country and around the world. You may not know that. But there's a sense here in New York that there could be a change in at least else had a legitimate shot against the truly overmatched out of her dad Kathy Hogle with the inside story is really to be known and to be learned in the states capital. So before you get Geraldo let's get to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's 330 so you I yeah and things certainly change in her all-new axis of evil, hear about this. Josh Rogan wrote about today's Washington Post. Russia form and the black hatted worldwide outlaws. As the team ties as they actually have grown ties with North Korea, China and Iran, while slowly bleeding out battle after battle with the determine Ukrainian fighting force. What this means for the world.

This is total political hit on a former president because there therefore is going to be the present again. That is Mike Davis last night with Laura Ingram relentless that the DOJ is showing when it comes to Trump appealing the special master ruling last night and the moral array documents are now targeting his main fundraising arm while the government sits on Hunter's laptop and the big guys million-dollar paydays for the past couple weeks we had Eliza Fletcher gets murder when she goes out for a run in her own neighborhood and what were Joe Biden and the Democrats up to July was writing the home of the present United States. They were calling The country � is an extremist. Yeah, that is Jim Jordan.

Of course, the fight is on for entire eyes intolerance on all sides dominates the midterms the latest two brawl overmatched Gov. Hogle of New York Gov. DeSantis of Florida all the way to the ugliness between hoodie socialist John Fetterman and Dr. Oz.

Meanwhile, who is solving our problems on crime whose solving the problems of the border inflation and gas prices.

Nobody right now Geraldo Rivera if he was given a job he would solve all those things is nothing he can do and there's nobody hasn't met Geraldo welcome back. I never met the Queen and I regret I regret that elegant, compassionate person. Certainly such a fine symbol of the British Empire in its waning days but no Geraldo G.

Like a fine person. Certainly historic person is seen so much in a lifetime.

I get it with the other thing is people are forgetting or are they in the 1980s and 90s is Diana swamp them. The world was against them began sided with her and when her ghost stories of how she how she described the family and her tragic death. I mean the royal family was on its back on its heels would you say and what a remarkable turnaround of late happened in France when Diane died tragically serendipitous. Brian my driver who picked me up my boat in the island British island of Minorca and British flags were lowered to half staff and I thought the Queen that died then 9798 and it was shocking. I went immediately to just one of those lucky things. My driver was an associate of Andre Paul.

The driver of the fatal low limousine where Diana died so I had great access, and it was stunning how the royal family was thought to be responsible and certainly cheering on Diana's untimely eyes. I became friends with Dodi Fayed father, Mohammed, Delphi, the owner apparent apartment store and he definitely thought that the Duke of Edinburgh between husband was and British and my six who is responsible for damage that I never got any proof of that. I don't believe that. But as you point out correctly you know now were singing her praises, but there have been controversies in the past using is think about the timing of Harry and Megan Markel evidently know somebody briefly with JR Moreno whose writing Harry's book this is going to be the utter definition of explosives to blow up the whole royal family and basically label them in the Oprah interview was racist and now he takes his money comes to America feels is always high and mighty.

Think about the embarrassment it's already happened now is gonna come back and there's really no room for them. This guy was beloved by the UK the sky serving in the military want to be one of the guys people, can relate to. And now, whenever sat behind the scenes. I don't think you can feel pretty good about his decisions at this moment when you think the great Christian. Craig and I happen just by one of serendipitous timing again like I we were and how the problem many trips to Afghanistan.

We follow the print Harry into helmet problems remits them by couple of days but I must say that everybody in that very, very dangerous place with the Marines were fighting for their lives for our lives.

Everyone was extolling the virtue Harry's courage. How even though he was a royal he was in the mix. I didn't say in headquarters around parole trolls and so forth. So I came to hold area in very high regard with Megan Markel. You know you you married a movie star.

You got it, deal with a lot of things you know that brought Ralph into the issue of race into the royal family you know I think I think because of the military experience that I feel that I have a connection with him and I sympathize with him, perhaps more than most like into the presence tone of the last two weeks. This whole matter. Ultramodern people will easily semi-fascist Hollywood.

He say just bizarre over the last two weeks and then he walks back and he says I mean everybody but everybody, Mitch McConnell, I don't mean I don't get to Nate but I mean everybody so you what made America great, strong borders, low taxes, of redoing all the free trade agreements pressuring Central America to control their population not getting about the farm wars but building up the military to be able to fight them. That pretty much defines that you may not like some tweets that pretty much is without Trump brought the Republican Party and people that believe in that doesn't necessarily doesn't mean you have to rate the capital meshing two things in element tell you if you would agree with me on this.

This is an opportunity for present Biden to reset he could say listen, I have a major address for the American public. The addresses we gotta stop doubting our elections to the best we can secure you go ahead and have legal fights. If you wish, but for the last 20 years. Everybody that loses protests and screams corruption in 2001. Al Gore was magnanimous but a lot of his supporters worn as Karl Rove pointed out, they would there was James Clyburn led a delegation of 30+ to try to get for the delegates in Ohio. I forgot about this to flip and go for John Kerry. There was no substance in that that was wrong in 2016. The limited illegitimate cries about Donald Trump that was wrong as was Donald Trump wrong.

If you can condemn both sides on this very critical issue. We might be able to reset. We will looking at elections which everyone thinks is corruption every time we lose and you know we talk to people all the time that were Democrat or Republican.

I get out that was thrown the Russian through this George W. Bush got his brother the throw that and no one ever believes that the right man or woman one.

This was an opportunity to reset that callout both parties and then call them in you agree with that premise. This appointed by Biden's own speech and welfare, not in Philadelphia where they have record homicide where the streets are running red with blood in the ghetto civil war going on there. Biden ditto sidestepped all the real issues plaguing the people of Pennsylvania, and went off on a tirade that I was very very importunate and affected me uncharacteristically, who gave him the idea that speech, we call help of American idiot is appropriate. I was very very disappointed by the time you surprised as you flipped around, almost. I know you do. Almost everybody gave him thumbs up except for may be why an anchor to one CNN that had somebody military and their family. They said great idea. Finally, he's fighting back, calling out Trump. He went almost a year and 1/2 without saying my predecessor or the guy that was here before me.

Now we can stop saying Donald Trump and now Republicans can stop saying Joe Biden. It's a goal driven run clean all third James, let's get really so unfortunate that it erodes the one thing that Biden had done for him as going for them is a nice person is no compassionate person you know you he seems to have a good hardening the hunter by topic, but I wouldn't want Biden goes often become so strike and so you know inflammatory in his rhetoric using the Marines and red brown with claims that there was Satan, now you just wonder is everybody infected with this disease of opportunism look ruthless. You know partisanship will be reality doesn't matter only if it works for you. Politically I met and I long for the day. I remember when I was you know a young man in New York State you're in the capital. Now where they directly presiding officer in the gavel the governor was Nelson Rockefeller Republican, a liberal Republican.

The Atty. Gen. of New York City was Louis left click another Republican, another liberal pumpkin Jacob Javits the end of it. I think at that time another liberal Republican. We used to have liberals in the party as I am no more. Now the parties are divided ideologically red versus blue.

There is a kind of savage aspect of the disdain we have for the other the other side. You know I long for the days when each party had liberals, moderates and conservatives I filled. I work for the country and and I got a lot of press most of it negative last couple days where I said I would never support Donald Trump again because of his election.

Denial is 1 Country Rd. confidence in the like is your right to point out, you know.

Other examples of that happening but nothing ever approaching the scale of this with the Constitution itself was imperiled. Lastly, just hear your thoughts on if you Republican nominee is not Donald Trump, whoever it is Weathers DeSantis Nikki Haley Christine known Tom cotton by Pompeo, whoever it is you believe they are attacked and it's every media outlet except a handful against that Republican nominee again or is it just Donald Trump that people are so dead set against the massive investigations he wants another one yesterday on Trump is that is that going to be the story for every Republican weapon department, and I suspect that that is absolutely true and you raise an excellent excellent question for all of us is just about Donald Trump or something deeper where by any means necessary. And you know if there was Mitt Romney would Democrats be so savage in their attacks.

I think sadly that Trump is certainly exacerbated the situation very inflammatory figure. II worry that there's a divide. Now that very difficult to bridge could quickly reference Lee Belden and You that for very intriguing racing.

She obviously can know where Lieut. Gov. of New York in an elevator with Andrew Cuomo's travails, but whether or not she can sustain you know be really interesting to see what New Yorkers beset by crime and disorder. What secretly they do. I remember very clearly when David thinking the first black mayor of New York, ran against Rudy Giuliani and everybody said you vote for Dinkins in the count was tallied in the turn at the Giuliani one that second time they ran against each other so it be interesting to see if people think The local Kathy ogle hopefully filled since he and Paul Vanderburg who is knows everything about Albany says number one, he predicted the Cuomo go down and not come back up there now many allies and number two he says they'll got a real shot and I think that he started to make some inroads in Manhattan and that would be key is they say needs between 29, 31% if he wants to win by him and hat and I'll tell you I have not gone into Penn Station.

Of late, and not had somebody standing at the escalator same vote for Lee Selden handing out cards and I've never seen that before. Pretty good campaign you good solid former super flashing your particularly articulate but you get the message out hard worker and military guy military guy to me crucial job. Hey Geraldo, your mission now is have a great weekend and thanks of the boat. What a shocker.

Thanks so much.

Our other there once again reminding how narrow and empty my life is as he heads to his yacht so funny.

I was who we come back will take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 were on the road in Albany. But, of course, wherever you are, you could be on a national radio show in just a moment by the hour.

We have some laughs with the bow Monday both sides all tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast listen to Fox News Fox News contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite just talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show clear up front.

Not every Republican is in my Republican Republican race the same ideology I know because I work with them in the mainstream Republicans in the still of November. The extreme set of my Republican chosen to go backward, full of anger violent saying division, not really. Just not true. And that's my whole point is that the people you have work with them believe that everything down completely just would do differently. For example, Rob Portman voted with Sen. John Cornyn about it with them on guns. Portman was with them on infrastructure center, Cassie, and for in with them with them on infrastructure. Almost every one of them is not one that doesn't isn't for strong borders. Not one of them didn't vote for tax reform that Donald Trump did not one of them was in for the Donald Trump redoing NAFTA with US MCA. Not one of them was not in for the new trade deals with South Korea and others, all of them.

For the most part some of them disagree with Them Pulling Ave., Afghanistan.

I think that's normal. All of them were on board with isolating a Ron and for the Abraham accords that's with the bag agenda was you might not like the storming the capital. I don't know anyone.

The thought that was a good move to have the rally interest on the capital never good move, even to go to the capital, not a good move, but that is not radical mega behavior.

That's a bunch of people overzealous who one out-of-control don't know what was behind it and thought elections will be installing. I don't think it was stolen. But I do think things happen.

The need to be examined like the holding back of operation works with vaccine before the election and the hunter by the laptop suppression of that story. That would've absolutely affected the outcome was real. The other stuff is will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber. Listen Fox News contests radio show like no other and kill all want to be very clear up front. Not every Republican is in my Republican Republican race of the frame ideology. I know because I work with them in the mainstream Republicans are still a few of them left but the extreme set of mag Republicans chose to go backward, full of anger violent saying division well that is the message from prison by the last two weeks and various times he's given the same speech over and over.

Somehow he believes Geraldo thinks it's run claim, but I think it's Joe Biden. He believes the that's the way to do it to call out Donald Trump and say their unacceptable threat to democracy rather than attack crime inflation gas prices, certainly anything at the border and what is going on and maybe not helping our allies overseas with this right now to tackle this in some of the farcical nature of politics today is a man, it does on a regular basis.

He is from the Babylon be and he is going to be joining us right now. Joe Barry is with us now and Joel is co-author of the book, the Bible and be guide to democracy. Joe welcome no problem. So the first off is some of the stuff writing itself that you are actually covering when you see some of the speeches and some of things to come out of the city itself did I write that to I load his Teleprompter. I mean in a guided was to be unifying.

He goes out of his way with the words backdrop in the history of political politics in front of Independence Hall to pursue Marines to stand behind them and think it's one of the most divisive speeches ever abstain.

The whole thing is humorous if not tragic that so outrageous, not what he said the visual presentation of it was so outrageous and so you but at the same time you Babylon be in our our twisted minds were looking at it and think you just gave it that we have on the material from next week now.

I think the little Hitler, Macbeth, Ottoman in the right though, it really is.

While it is frustrating and and outrageous, but there is so much that it inherently funny about the way he's behaving in a thing that you saying it's just it's just right for comedy. Enjoy the times you guys became the news is what's going on social media and Lotta people to experience, especially my building at Fox office and their account suspended someone there being sarcastic. Number two is because they're saying something about a vaccine that might be some people think is inaccurate or they say something they thought all the people with danger label is dangerous. What happened you guys will for years now. Get started with Facebook partnership with no you weird fact checking scheme to come after the Babylon be but we've also been kicked out of Twitter for engendering Rachel Levine the nature just secretary was a man and became a woman I biological man and we what was what happened was that USA Today had named Rachel Levine their woman of the year you talk about a comedy just like that though we thought that was so funny. We control a little bit and make week we created our own Rachel Levine Babylon be used man of the year and that was there was a bridge too far for twitter and then I walked out which is I think it's time to go to social. Maybe I don't think they would knock you out of that. I'm pretty sure it won't judge you find humor in this on a regular basis and do you is is social media something you guys need desperately because I mean that you need to be on Facebook.

You need to be on twitter and Instagram yet what we do a lot of our traffic come from social media and it is very important.

I think the fight for our right to be on these platforms.

I know we have alternative electric social and parlor and get her things like that but I'm twitter still very much the public square, where most people are and I think it's important to fight that battle for our right to speak in the public square.

But you know the encouraging thing is that even as a kind of craft on social media. Our fans are still finding, you know, the Internet's amazing thing.

It's very hard to suppress a compelling voice or truthful voice and end up what were finding out a lot of traffic just organic people visit site.

People subscribe to our newsletter and and they're still able to get there. There morning Babylon defect without having to go to the oligarch and depend on them to show them what they think they should think so. The idea put this into a book come from, you know we we had last year we we release a book about Wendy. Got to work the switch which was a big hit and we were trying to think about what what we wanted to write about this year and very kindly because I think the word democracy is a word often spoken with such think the money and and self-righteousness these days by people that don't even really understand what democracy is and play without a little better than in the guide to how to protect and defend it and be a good a guardian of our our sacred and holy democracy. No insert sarcasm here exactly.

And you know it when we talked a little education about. I think the great thing about writing a book is that it allows us to get a little more material in their than you'll see in our our standard daily headlines. We talk about the system that America is designed to not appear to work the Republican you know, our system was designed to defend against thinking of the peer any of the majority and so we sprinkling a little education, and with a comedy will seal one thing I noticed, for example, I mean, there's so much immediately available, with Joe Biden. I think with even with his own family, we lose himself invisible handshakes the way when Barack Obama shows up all virtually disappears walked to the podium. Every goes at the very but no one brings that up. In fact, I remember during the debates will look like Joe Biden was done when he was no look even cold on on the debates before look at Bernie Sanders is going to get the nomination, they panicked and pushed them forward member, Jason should take his play.

Joe Biden as a comedic look at Joe Biden. He was hysterical. Talk too loud interrupted people made no sense. It was fun. That's what used to happen all the time. Member Ronald Reagan was always duped is all they said you know they made fun of every president, Republican and Democrat. If you look at Carson and then when he gets the job. The guide, it imitates Joe by just acts like Joe Biden yelled the guy into Alec Baldwin just acts like an angry Donald Trump do with the idea of humor, but they didn't intentionally deceptive blow you away.

A big part of what is right in 2015 when truck was elected a lot of doctors. I fear that you are democracy in danger now that that comedy have to take the back burner now use our platform full-time to protect our democracy and get rid of Donald Trump that with that became your mission and they reallybe forgot comedy supposed to be and so a lot of the low hanging fruit with five on everything surrounding him. You know they drop a lot of those joking and here we are, that one be low hanging fruit that no one else is picking up like okay will talk about it and we became the evidence of Joe Barry. Congratulations on the book the devil and be guide to democracy at best a lock and hopefully you will must buys twitter puts you back is one of his first moves and bring some normalcy to the social media world. I go again.

Joe thinks we come back. Paul Vanderburg joins us and brings us inside was happening in New York politics when people talk about sleeper races and candidates and upsets a lot of people point is Senate race in Colorado, others a lookout for tapping in Washington I say. And Paul believes look out for the governor's race in bright blue New York he'll explain we come back in the brain can only show educating like you're with Brian kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. It's a combination of pro-criminal laws that we see past in Albany.

We have some district attorneys like Alvin Bragg refusing to enforce the law. You have some wax in district attorneys Judges for letting people out in some other cases where the prosecutors are asking for bail to be set and then we end up reading about the repeat offenders. That is Lee's gelding. He's the congressman from Long Island who wants to be the governor from New York with me right now is Paul Vanderburg from WG DJ right over here in Albany, New York.

The kind enough to carry us here in 1300. Thanks so much Paul, thanks much helpless last night.

First off tell everybody were common great crowd appreciate you coming out to helpless at the end it was a good night yeah it was good now. Now on the side. I don't know the answer this I'll ask you your hobby will last night were great beautiful facility, the, the egg looks like an egg and what it on credit. They do two shows at the same time in that building will remember one thing about the egg to is the customer service there was outstanding yeah you know they they made sure he had everything in the late when I arrived they escorted me out.

They brought me up in the back elevator but that even where you were get on with your crew. I mean, you guys are appear from downstate.

They had food. They had plenty to drink. I mean they were. They were just there on top of their game. They have a nice job there. I give a lot of credit was good to see some people here, you told me so you don't through satellite you would never said this as much as you think Rob Estrin is a great guy and certainly broadcasters started broadcast right. We knew we was in a way. All in all, not all, you will have only been on either the radio here since $0.86 86. How well do you know the political landscape. I know very well very well you know of the players get a real sense of you do. You told me something about, we isolate these can have, I said all this money would you tell me about who Andrew enter that thing let Veronica what because I know it's my sense I'm going to this is in politics is more the human being, enter for a little while and it sums and what happened what happened what happened and you think about running again.

You know people are probably going to vote for you that you probably were not.

You're welcome. At that point personality you never run again for Andrew and employees. He has no friends. He has, you're right about that.

He has very few friends I was always when he was here. Remember heat. He grew up here went to school in New York but grew up here with his father was governor and there was so much said about him. Over time, know Fred Dicker did the show in this timeslot before you and Fred was on the state under for New York Post. He did the show from the state capital for 22 years for me.

One thing that Fred already brought up many times was that Mario Cuomo told Fred years ago that you can trust his son.

He went to tell the truth. Fred told that story many times and he was always quite concerned about about what he said and you know I think that came to fruition. Just he doesn't have very many friends. The whole story blew up on him and he's gone now and and I think people they have forgotten them, but he's pretty much gone out, so I was surprised last couple weeks and see them reemerge as our foreman at the yellow thing is you need someone to have a beer with you some of the respect you and you know this guy do things that that's what you're talking about you doesn't matter. Having people go to your barbecue as you have the respect is what you're referring to. Write what you said something to me last night that I got the sense but I'm on Long Island right looking more the national scene. But I see them all the time and I'm pulling for him being before he was running Congress you think Lee's gelding has more than just a shot although I think I think Lisa likes governor of New York is couple reasons why. First and foremost Brian I'm not buying into this garbage that the media is telling us about how it's not gonna be a red wave.

The term to be established put up what's not. As we get closer to election day people are going to settle in on issues that like you talk about all-time inflation, the border crime the people. This these are the issues now are trying to sell us on the idea that abortion is the big issue. Get out of my life. That's not the big issue. People in the world today just seemed divisive that the deciding issue.

As so far in Michigan, but you're not buying nominal not all you want talk to me about Kansas. Okay you can have these elections in the middle of August.

It all and one party not need to make about dates and send the message they're going to work harder to work harder to get their people out which the case Terry go do this in the summer we saw the election downstate here in the middle of summer where Molinaro was leaving and he lost the race while the a lot of folks appear attributed that to the idea Democrats just did a better job getting people outnumber Molinaro had a three point lead going into the barrels also kind of you always. He eats candlelight Republican to begin with and I might've heard a little bit about the Republicans really got out to support him because the race was in the summer but to get back to your original question, talk about Zelda Selden is a guy just pulled him out. About three weeks goal appear okay in this yellow pole pointed out that John was on. I believe 38% whole coal in a state that's dominant Democrat dominant 31 yes it once more to the one trade one. But it's it's up. It's six 6060s in the 30s all exactly what it is now but still this is a dominant Democrat state hope was that 53% now pole Zelda net 3038 I think was a 39 but the key that was sold and had very low name recognition.

Women should do what I 53% in the state that's that's that's one Democrat okay and then the Trafalgar polkadot two days later she got 51% and and buildings within three point something that will the Trafalgar public about this we cancel within three or four points, but what is she doing he has done a lot but the one thing he has done. He was on my show last week he was here in Albany he's in New York City and he's working in New York City and he told us he's gotta get 29% of the vote. New York Sagal Brian listen you got a really human being at some is to these people New York City to tell me there to vote for the Democrat from Buffalo. Everybody at a crime. She's letting people out of jail and she's telling you that abortion is the big issue she gives. The goal is a million plus dollars for the Buffalo Bills and and she's she's done nothing for the people in the state. Now we got a massive story in the Times Union appear yesterday about how she's taking kickbacks to kickback, kickbacks, and strong. She's taken money from these are campaign is taken off a lot of money from the preferred firms that are getting all kinds of money for cobra test kits and overcharging the state by a buyer by a rate of $13 to five dollars at the others or car truck.

I mean the stories with this moment do not get better. By the way she's missed lockdown number one number two is she told people who were conservative in New York State. Likely Selden go to Florida exact who ever heard of that approach to winning over voters go to Florida, nobody, and by did you see this yesterday were DeSantis really push back hard on her that regard, he pushed back hard. Now that he/she is Cuomo to point out he's right she is. You want to believe the state of this is what Cuomo did to Cuomo was a guy that did like conservatives didn't think of this as a place for Republicans, conservatives, and she's the same wake up right. She's never been elected to this day. You know, and now all of a sudden the story this week is a big deal because we have the thinker call the Buffalo billion where people were convicted, including the guy closest to Cuomo Joe Picone call they want foreman went to jail three or four before went to jail. Okay, also overall because of an appeal but still they went to jail. There were convicted on every charge.

The story the time unit laid out yesterday is pretty much the same thing I say it and it's now as I think I have between election and heard no Democrat AG in the state. I don't think the FBI's laughter. But it's it's quite a story.

Nonetheless, she's not can collect predicting Zelda you will hear first asked me to record this out. Thanks much for Brian Kilby Joe from Albany, New York. Don't move you. Always seeking solutions for selling Brian Kilby that leg left with Kathy Lee Gifford with Frank never got between us and so did a few years and my wife those things would stop this from happening.

We I'm very happy with the CEO of parent Associates on he is anything of Corin and he is a he wrote a book called Benghazi a new history of the fiasco. The pushed America and the world to the brink about the late president Bob got a total pass on that what he did there by Dylan Qaddafi doing the gorillas there and the rebels with absolutely no plan to help out after before urged on by the Arab League who disappeared once the military class began, and now it basically is allied with Russia and a total disaster.

Shanna Bremer standing by with a lot to discuss a sound course the passing of the Queen about 24 hours ago a historic time woman's been around in power for about 70 years.

So let's get to the big three, and then to Shannon stories you need to know Brian's 330 so you that is the secretary of defense, Gen. Lloyd Austin all new axis of evil Russia forming this Bob Black had a worldwide outlaw group. They have ties now thick ties to North Korea to China to Iran with their negotiating and desperation. In many cases because Russia's running of the people running out of armaments and their being played out by the Ukrainians who were starting to make gains in tears on and kick the Russians right out of court. Keep in its entirety.

Look out. This is total political hit on a former president because there therefore he's given me the present again Mike Davis weighing in relentlessness with the DOJ showing when it comes to trump appealing. The special master ruling from Judge last week on the mayor allow document their log of documents it out targeting his main fundraising arm while the government sits on Hunter's laptop and the big guys million-dollar paydays. Where's the money the past couple weeks we've had Eliza Fletcher gets murder when she got out for a run in her own neighborhood were Joe Biden and the Democrats up to July was writing the home of the present United States.

They were calling the country fast is an extremist.

Besides that, not much that is Jim Jordan.

The fight is on as intolerance on all sides dominates the midterms the latest to brawl over match Gov. Hogle and New York of New York and Gov. Ron DeSantis all the way to the ugliness between 40 socialist John Fetterman and Dr. Azmi while who's having the promise of the country.

Crime the border inflation and gas prices. Those would be perfect topics and I can get into helping Shannon bring to Fox's Sunday and she doesn't need my help, but Shannon if you wanted to pick out topics that Americans care about you and bring you might want to think if you want me to get what you depend for crime the border inflation and gas you attack those four things. The American people will love you but so far were not having people really do that. Why get better here on really agree on how you get there to greet their current on all the time right now the president is Antarctic affected numbers in his calling on improvement with the most current on all the so Shannon this news just came across it looks like a sprinkler justice course. It says is making progress in a couple of days we should have story course etc. report/stemming from the internal Supreme Court investigation into the leak of the draft opinion on the Dobbs decision will be soon nobody is better sources inside the Supreme Court then you what does that tell you are in print cartridges are and I told the pool of potential backpack around a bit more detail that the court would actually like an internal committee doing if investigation we, the court recently ongoing at their conclusion that there is report public report are not many of them are very frustrating for Mark that well impact are ready to like each other.

The clerk working relationship and how to communicate with each other very important. There is ongoing and will get a report I mean one thing I would think it's in their best interest to find the leak risk is how do you know who shield certain things from and who your briefing and who you're not.

So we might've forgot about it, but I imagine if you course at Cavanaugh or anybody Supreme Court you want to get to the bottom of this. Unless of course you know in the just wondering if it's going to be too damaging to get out. You think they know it would have probably updated information in court-martial to get it done internally. He will you include bringing any outright report we heard no indication that anything like it more than any other deal I mass most people that could potentially get it with the clerk went from terminating the glider on their new job by him. We don't want 24 and other information that will get going, but he kept a completely internal at that point Shannon just looking at the tapping of the special master and the judge ruled last week that hey you know that Mary log arrayed. I do think a special master should go through everything taken out of there and find out what's the current attorney client privilege. What is executive privilege that still exists and what's his personal stuff like his tax reform headlines is his tax forms, as well as some other things that he did not want out there is there's been an appeal to this. So what is it do for the investigation.

Well, special master link really looking down, as you know that you're doing the document he took from our lotto criminal investigation until it felt huge ranch in he whatever you trying to do at that point, of course, if you really get you know that you can go on with the national security review that's going on to look at it. I think it definitely get their hand at this moment felt much that appeal to the Supreme Court. I don't know if we delay progress that they have for whatever their point will have at this were inside 60 days.

By the time Monday we had money is in there. There Jansson rule that you don't bring up the legal investigations this close to an election to contact now printed trump, if not on the ballot. Technically rated Democrats can keep telling him to be on the ballot where you could make an argument you know you are talking a political campaign certainly impact the midterm. You would wind down Shannon I this Sunday is your debut on Fox News Sunday you'll be putting yourself on this live show every single are you ready you well now I think I prepared your grade even know I mean the show N personality to provide every week from folk and rock start working network and on record five different people and their strength in their areas of expertise. Okay so this week Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democratic chair of the DCC chairperson, who wants to keep the house Democratic hands and tells everyone with two ears that they'll make it happen. We want your featured guest and also you have your panel how he cursed Marie Hart Francisca Chambers USA today and Mark sure how much pressure is in you getting from other panelists not to book me a trail every weekend. All that's left lung promo my my fault so I give you an anti-from writer going to tell that you have given the accurate problem right so Mike's proving that I should be on the mountains and say inaccurate things. I think that so who is going to be on your real show after Democrat Sen. Republican really care about fighting for. Whether a parent right here. You're lucky you fund the government calling the country.

No deplorable intentionally working for the Democrat party currently on order to be doing plenty more alighting at the Queen and no unique viewpoint on that went Bush 43 week unifier, party politics and I'm working now as well. First responders fell all through the time of the towers is with Frank Siller couple nights ago and he said anything to reached out and said I just want help. And of course he is independent he was there during his Yankee days.

The closest thing in America were released to New York to royalty is actually getting getting here official plaque tonight. Derek Jeter gave Stadium. So if you going to ask him any question about Queen Elizabeth, don't be surprised if he starts bring up a shortstop report that right so it's you think will get to be doing this is you, just as Santa bring the person you believe whose works of Fox you believe to be doing Queen all weekend waiting for everything to happen or impact here in the survey. Think about the influence on 15 Prime Minister meeting outline he had been until you think about the font between you and you can tell I'm looking now that we are connecting to it thinking that you check the I did my I know some people don't. I okay now on your on your checkbook and getting all of our Martin, over there, parked out for coverage on well when the person that related to the Queen have not lacking yet semi-from the Rowe family and everything okay I have something I have a real question for you, so Harry evidently who was there doing charity event so he flew over, but he was now with the family in the charter's own claim. We all know how would a pain the neck that is we have to try to room playing flies in.

He spends only 12 hours on the grounds doesn't seem to be with anyone all alone texting in a car he took of you think is a bad time is there were ever a good time to leave the world family. I mean this guy since he came and then he eviscerates the family basically calls them racist, but with Oprah and then he wants to come back and obviously even his own dad doesn't want to acknowledge and that is a weird subplot is not very heard about the last couple of years I will be greeting together and hopefully in looking back at the Queen call to duty on fire, all of them. Hopefully, I think that would be present connecting work hearing their believe me, they can have no role next to me, the story never to his pig and I'm telling Anton everybody Harry Quinn that this book and you know this arrayed the royal family but now instead of people siding with him with originally. I think it's good earn on him. I think you might want to pull the book and give back the advance money ultimately will be your decision. Don't think he well what they're doing in life a charted, her leading the way to write what appears to be an estrangement from family right so shall you have a lot to discuss.

I through try to throw you by doing last week's promo you would not fall for it, you realize you preparing for the wrong show) promo.

I never thought I'd ever heard that in my life I really have error that that is not Michelle so and I had to apologize iPod is for all those people who like that you know but I think your show will be better than what I promote back on it on your own right. Nothing with the charter you have everyone's well when I got to rotate the tires. I have to rent the plane and it's so annoying. Thanks so much and Fox News Sunday zone, Shannon Breen Morris Brian podcast Brian every episode, exclusive interviews on demand more.

Kill me coming up. If you're interested in Brian's talking about your with Brian kill me if the federal government, the president, the White House and anybody else who was involved in the National Guard not being granted for the district's humanitarian work back everybody and come at you right now from the wonderful train station. Here we get an Amtrak train beautiful overlooking overlooking all of Albany can really see the whole state capital here and last night we were over at the egg. Have a great time out there.

Everyone that came out last night, beating all the listeners in person.

I was fantastic had a chance to walk through history walk through the news coming up next were coming up on this weekend on 911 21 years. It's also been 10 years since Benghazi and we come back a look at were really what went wrong the investigation. It really was able to uncover why we were so unprepared to defend that embassy and what happened after we left we basically abandoned Libya Qaddafi's dead and now it's become a series of tribes and terrorists, and if anyone's got control.

It's not America is Russia present Obama and VP Biden get a pass on this, we'll talk about that with insurance we come back in the right radio that makes you say this is Brian kill me show what sparked the recent violence was erring on the Internet. Very hateful, very offensive video direct result of heinous and offensive video sparked by this hateful video yet.

I was Susan Rice and really she paid the price for those inaccurate statements. She is now a key advisor to Pres. Biden, but you learned a lot from that incident and that is not to be the public face of anything but still make bad decisions. I would not be surprised me right history the by the ministration that she was behind a lot of his ridiculous decisions. The worst of which was Afghanistan joining us out even shorten Susan Rice. Of course, was talking about Benghazi. The attack of the embassy and the reasons for Ethan is the CEO of parent Associates and posted to Libya with the US State Department from 2000 42,006 N. of the brand-new book Benghazi a new history of the fiasco pushed America and the world to the brink. Ethan 10 years and see attack, what do you well. Why write this book. Now what needs to be said and done, because a lot of the focus on the 13 hours around arguing point when we really don't have the American public forgotten the full complex come from scandal huge lengthy affair.

What would be the larger consequences of III argue that will quickly thing today, in large part colored by blank by then got in what respects because this is what they told us was the reason for the attack is Hillary Clinton cut 30. Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior, along with the protest that to place at our embassy in Cairo yesterday as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet. Would you subscribe to that that it was something from the Internet years were conquered the whole of the attentional go around. The important time and woodwork links 2013 hours and the longer-term end of the come out of nowhere with a product of 9/11, the American response to wave and particularly the engagement Libya back in early we effectively made several different rapid turnaround relationship with former being the Libyan origin and wound up basically trusting people back. So if you think I remember correctly, we, God Qaddafi to give up his nukes and we went in there and took him out and we cut a deal with them basically to start trading with them and bring them into more mainstream family of nations was that a mistake. I don't think it really was a mistake of the manner in which very incautious to say the least. We Qaddafi had the parts for nuclear weapons. But what was going on quite far from a nuclear weapon.

He had a habit of buying up broken material claim after after the Iraq war Qaddafi in the record small with him to be useful when a nuclear nuclear nongroup proliferation. It provided contracts with one or two materializing in Iraq and made a case for democracy building on other countries in the Middle East and I taken this book. I'm not paying I hear you know I hear it is just a follow-up on what you just said so you're saying in making this deal. We started we we kind of went against our instincts and our knowledge about terrorist and mujahedin is the fundamentals of the fundamentally were Al Qaeda and that we going into agreement with Al Qaeda that had a presence in Libya instead of just Qaddafi well in order to reform or walker. You smell a blog and in order to make up you'll we had to make you thought we would Qaddafi help birth enemies with whom we were partially supporting in previous years, and after after 9/11 became fully cooperated with Qaddafi to essentially interrogate and tortured them in order to get information out of them to prevent a future 9/11 locally and somewhere along the way, we started to become somewhat friendly with them were were offering up information and could be re-debilitated and I think that's where the policymakers in Washington lost track of the bigger picture. But those kinds of arrangements where we wind up well and the Arab spring never happened it off he would have been in place and control development but will be Arab spring all the cooking and moderates and radicals was mixed in no school school and people themselves as friendly and we wound up and ultimately hiring the US mission and if you really can't. You can't look for for much more of the above called to talk about. I would fundamentally agree with that too seems folly in the end the Arab spring was interesting because the Arab League was one was pushing us to act in Benghazi that Qaddafi was going to go wipe out these rebels.

If we didn't do anything in the Arab League got it disappeared. When we started supporting military action or defending or shielding some of these rebels. If I remember correctly correct the problem. Tension in the intervention on the course with no follow-through and there Arab League and many people wanted to go. You may look so essentially if you're going to go out eventually but by many in Europe and unbearable in the parking Benghazi was real low. No doubt in my mind of course people I know Benghazi quite well. A lot of fun there before, during and after the attack on the ground while Malcolm had strongly that almost every dictator says I will make sure that that's not the way I die from Vladimir seems obsessed with that as well.

Correct your main problem with Libya was repeated the lock. We created a political document that we didn't fill if you live long enough overlooking the come in and take advantage of about three that was one of the first first first of four foreign consequences of talk. We left immediately. Libya and their connections with. Well, we were going to figure out groups of rebels were friendly and not friendly, inferior, and Olivia around the same time the connection between the end of the committee tried to get some of those collections, but you failed to persevere about effort will were somewhat funny but you think of the tree got his effort to investigate Benghazi. Well, I think largely political, but I think that there was some of the committee you brought a lot of life with the new information became out of I still think the real story of from what what actually happened in Gaza.

What plus what happened was responsible got to the rituals were bought the trial and acquitted of most serious charges. We still don't have a clear assumptive thought publicly of what was responsible. I think there are many elements politically toxic topic become one of the bigger problem. You scandal will allowed foreign policy concerns to be hijacked for domestic political and we also blame to go around on ensuring guests. This is book Benghazi new history of the fiasco.

The pushed American the world to the brink.

My last question, Ethan is who's has the most influence in Libya today. Well here's the problem we've got several external powers development password: many of the shop that we can directly turkey and working the absent country that actually could we could have and we still potentially can have a great deal of influence on a small population great wealth.

You know unfortunately after 10 years of conflict its own political took them off much room is frustrating because there is bad policy new policy with no policy is no excuse for that. You have a whole State Department. There they could be working or providing recommendations. Same thing with a rack basically just handed over to Ron.

We started getting influence a new Iraqi government was looking for the US to help out and took the police be an ally and we just aren't interested and I just think that's inexcusable. Thanks. Go ahead with my book of the law, much of which will likely to vote Republican. Gotcha Ethan thanks so much a pickup Benghazi new history of the fiasco.

The pushed America and its world to the brink. Thank you Ethan, we come back I'll finish up your calls. This is the brain to me Joe and don't forget coming up Saturday at eight repeated at 11 one nation with Brian kill me.

I'll be the same guy but I'll be looking a lot nicer because I got hair and makeup awaiting your knowledge base. Brian kill me show breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me, Joe and God help me to make you recall right all these years ago. Queen Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth. Her dad dies and she sends in. She's able to hold that through over 70 years and the longest time. I remember reading junior high school. People talk about while she just step aside for her son. Now it's King Charles now but wait a long time. He's got a hold like 70 something so that is the big story can be everywhere and what we have not covered a lot of it was. I know you get a lot of it everywhere you go. Plus, where in America who put in perspective what you meant.

She's always been there, always in a positive thing to say about the country that is not commonplace these days. Here's a little more from Queen Elizabeth, 1977. That's right. When she was 21 at the silver Jubilee that you just heard here's her with on the Princess Diana statement, 1997. People were talking about the royal family. People just fed up because it really feel that she played a role in the authorization of Princess Diana and she became more popular in the royal family. Here's her statement in September 1997 after her death the 20 myself. He was an exceptional good times and bad. He never lost smile and now this won't respect energy others, especially that was the worst times for everybody to see that would stay at her family and a real simple aim to blame them for leaving the mountain.

Of course you were the book talk about the families like pretty brutal people forgot about that and now Megan Marco I think on some level try to do the same thing to the family that Diana did, which is not as popular in her accusations were unfounded for the most part they seem, and now is to make things worse. So I think she overplayed her hand, Princess Diana, think was bigger than the royal family because I think she got in the Hollywood kind of transcendent things end up being this great person below.

I'm sick of my watch.

I think there's time to know more all right good news were making the dictionary thicker. We all have thick dictionaries we are adding to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary entries eat with sauce complain pumpkin spice.

I know shrink inflation yet sadly workable weird subareas among you marrying okay let me see what I'm talking Mashable dorky and adorable means used to express surprise approval or excitement. Have you ever Allison heard anyone say she said no you will save all right. Next Steve Jobs daughter slams the new iPhone 14. This is interesting if the same version. She said Steve Jobs here to disapprove the new iPhone. She says with her three and 43,000 followers on Instagram. Other fans piled on and share their thoughts and social media power the iPhone 14 and the iPhone. 13. Not the exact same thing when user wrote with. Remember there is actually no reason the eye for the 13 prone promax cannot get the new camera features on the iPhone 14 same main sensor same's SOC etc. 9-to-5 Google contributor Max Weinberg tweeted that out evil byways 24 is a model and competitive horseback riding.

So is that true, let me I'm not an expert but that is that when most users say when they were advertising the new version is that small tweaks to the Run out and get me the thing is, there hasn't been planning to hasn't been that new innovation. Maybe the watch revolutionary iPad was kind of revolutionary thought that was highly like someplace like this 13 camera notice that her and my friend is like 11 just depends on what you really worth buying. Now you find a phone for the camera everywhere while thanks Michael is never going thanks to Paul Vanderburg to help us out here in Albany came out last night and keep it here.

The Brian kill me, Joe. Don't forget Saturday 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber. Listen now in Fox is not

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