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Primary matchups are set; Biden continues economic victory lap

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 15, 2022 12:37 pm

Primary matchups are set; Biden continues economic victory lap

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 15, 2022 12:37 pm

[00:18:25] Carley Shimkus

[00:36:46] Marc Thiessen

[00:55:09] Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)

[01:13:32] Dr. Mehmet Oz

[01:31:55] Tim Kennedy

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They are guys calling Shimkus is going to be here in the in about 35 minutes, but I hope you there now 1-868-408-7669 a lot going on.

We will do it to cover it all just kind of amazing. I would get a present Biden today I'm working with. The house is doing today looking to Veterans Affairs and finger my soul getting to work all present. It's all about politics present Biden a keynote speech at United we stand some of the cat of the corrosive effects of heat fueled violence all about this speech last week and now House oversight committee viewing the climate crisis. Hey, let's talk about the green energy plan that we passed last month has veterans committee of Corsica turbo veterans issues right no access to the full spectrum of medical care for women reproductive health care all about abortion. What you say all of Congress is about the midterms them. So it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three timetable for the midterm elections we have seen, and Fox News polls out tonight. Orders are extremely concerned about inflation at 59%. The state of democracy at 50%, and she abortion taking up there but at 45% of crime at 43% yeah they go primary complete. The matchups are set latest on the races which will decide the party in power in Washington. In the issues which will refi will define the races when Gov. Santos actually delivering them to Martha's Vineyard to see a whole new awareness on a sanctuary state where all the sudden this open border kind of mentality is coming home to roost. Mark Meadows weighing in border crisis is been horrific reality show for Arizona and Texas and now they're sharing it with all 50 states plane loads of illegals just landed a Martha's Vineyard busload to be dropped off at the BP BP residents all morning and when will the president realize this is all his fault now choosing to build a better America exactly let's do that energy and the economy will present bragged about the climate bill and demos.

Electric cars are counties being driven off a cliff.

How will this affect you and he is talking about climate agenda. Great.

We don't have the infrastructure wrote the checks a year ago and almost nothing's been done so the present didn't handle the regulation in the permitting process. Number two. Of course you want to plug in your car.

We all love to do that save some money on gas right. We should also know if you care about the climate coal fuels. Most of these power plants if we really cared.

We have nuclear if we care about the environment we would use natural gas, but it's about almost about this green religion and yesterday the presence over Detroit, Michigan. With thousands of people be out of jobs because were shifting their jobs overseas. When he lets workers for the electric engine cut one now choosing to build a better America America's workers leading away every growing economy economy are doing it from the bottom up loud.

I'm so tired trickle down.

I can't stand right trickle down the successful people are other people. That's what usually works you say whatever you want. By the way that the buzz term of the 90s. Get over it. I know that when you were just 15 years into your job as a center and probably to presidential runs, none of which worked in case you forgot present Biden yesterday taken a bow, but while 5000 workers will eventually lose their job because supply chain issues more more dealerships even though they start and get them trickling you now don't even have the cars. None of them are fully equipped as they try to get them off there lots the ones that do arrive to the present United States cares about our carbon footprint. If you care about your carbon footprint. Why is he waiting to the last minute to vote hops on Marine one and then to Air Force One to go over to Delaware in order to vote. Sci-fi salsa comes back. What kind of footprint is that and how much the exact cost uses some people weighing in on the hypocrisy of the green movement from Leland Leonardo DiCaprio and Sen. and former secretary of state Carrie hopping on their private jets, but we all have to sacrifice listener Tommy Turberville, the Sen. Gary Palmer, the Congressman and we lead with Nancy Mase from South Carolina code for Carol for the environment fly fishing mailing now balance for the last 10 years and with only five or apply for when I go vote like everybody else read hundred and 77.Epstein vote is never good example for anybody on surprised he didn't try to vote by proxy. So I do think it's a massive waste of taxpayer money. I think it's another sign of how Chris will politicize everything consult about the show and not about actually dissipating right, Harris actually be going up to Buffalo to talk about climate change which you doing there, take a plane.

Can anyone just be aware of it and say that is really my religion and I don't really want to go up there by plane but assume into saving you can actually tell people that she tweeted out this morning I'm heading to Buffalo New York to highlight how we are taking climate change thanks to the inflation reduction act when you start doing it you had out there for almost a year. Stephen Miller Twitter right back to you flying yeah you find real quick on the state of the economy present sock any great marks on that in terms of his competence, and Fox News polls out only 30% of the country said he's competent.

Considering there's about 45% of the country is Democrat that's not strong 52% now say he is not competent in September was 5145 saying he was so the more he does the job. The less people are convinced that he can do the job. Jason Furman saw the disease.

The national economic advisor and counsel director for Pres. Obama. He looked at the situation right now.

Cut five 100 letters the Fed has is raising mortgage rates when they raise their interest rates and when they're expected to raise their interest rates. Mortgage rates go up. Mortgage rates have gone up so much this year � cooling the housing sector that is unfortunately good news for the economy as a whole because it helps bring down inflation by it can be tough for households to listen in inflations was at 9% is down to 8.3%.

It's a means and food prices, 16% in you goes across the board. Depending on where you are. People feeling that you and anything you can do the lesson that is the story but is usually combined. If you look at past can best success can yield future success is combined with tax cuts and spending cuts. Neither one of those things are happening so we'll talk about that later. I don't do it all now. In fact, I can take your calls.

1-866-408-7669. I don't know if you been watching Fox and friends, but this morning we watched were last night during talker. We watched my illegal immigrants being flown in from Florida to Martha's Vineyard, the home of Barack Obama and so many rich of the rich. So many celebrities there who love their lifestyle. Well time to feel like El Paso just a little bit. The Rio Grande Valley to perhaps maybe Tucson Arizona which they been living with that reality with 5 to 7000 a day. You just got 60 so now deal with that make that part of the conversation have local news cover that since most of the national news outside us ignores it.

What I thought is the best move ever. There is more people texting me with a smile on their face saying they love that the woman who told us over the weekend that the border is secure. We have sent buses to of illegal immigrants into Washington DC but instead to go to union station they want it to the vice president's residence. I absolutely love it. Remember, she said this over the weekend cut 13 the border is secure. But we also have a broken immigration system we have a secure border and that that is a priority for any nation, including our center administration, but there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix.

Given the deterioration that happened over the last four years. Don't make it up deterioration. It was called a massive push to secure the border get Mexico to put 20,000 on their southern border. Make all illegal immigrants, especially single bells way to Mexico as we process their asylum application and then rush them to the judge situation and make sure they're expelled immediately. If they don't get through. Meanwhile Lori Lightfoot complaining a few hundred of God in Chicago. She's sending some of them into the suburbs. For the most part this is that this is an in your face until you address it, but it doesn't solve the problem of the current lake was quite quite impressive last night. She's got the Republican nomination bit and got all the support a present trumped. She was always talker and just talking about this move. And this story broke while she was on with talker and here's her response to Gov. DeSantis lying illegals into Martha's Vineyard cut 16. You know I actually I get a kick out of it. Watching these liberal mayors tested out throw their hands up and say we can't handle it because it's life every day for us in these border states. However, I'm not a fan of it Tucker, I mean, we're just taking people here illegally should be here were moving on further inland. My plan is the most bold, aggressive plan on the border. We can secure the border. When you call it what it is issue a declaration of invasion onto a wine get troops on the border in the form of our National Guard were to stop people from coming over and were going to stop that the cartels from having control of our border. Yeah, that sounds great to me it sounds not anti-Hispanic would not anti-immigrant just for control of the immigration system. We can't do the easy reforms that we all agree on, unless we seal the border and no who are here that I told you about the matchups make fights matchups make Senate races center Fetterman skinny center. Lieut. Gov. Fetterman want to be a senator Fetterman are going against Dr. Ross is about three or four point lead. According to the latest poll. The problem is he had a stroke and he talks like that. We don't know if he's healthy, wishing the best but should you have someone if I got a stroke and you couldn't understand me. I my I have the best management but I could not work this job.

They say Brian will get you the best therapy we you got great health coverage which can't do the job. That fact.

So the question is not you have a big heart but can John Fetterman do the job looks an awful shape.

He does not speak well. He's agreed to a debate. One debate with close captioning. I guess he can even understand people that well is Warner Kenny do the job. Here's Fetterman cut 21.

I truly hope for each and every one of you have a doctor in your life making fun of it making light of it are telling you that you're not fit this serve know what unfortunately I do right be served. Maybe you not even bring it up at these very tasteful if you look at some of the tweets and social media tax ID is not he's been holding his fire compared to what would be saying any doughy thing he did say is ease watched you marked some of the shoots that he had in order to be Dave McCormick and get the nomination, Fetterman and Oz would be a great matchup. Warnock and Herschel Walker's great matchup and what is kerning into a great matchup is Lee Selden against the interim Gov. Hogle cut 27 people feel like their safety is under attack their wallets, their freedom volume their kids education and they believe that they go down to places like Texas or Florida. In some ways other places that their money will go further. They will feel safer they will live life freer. That's why New York leads the entire nation and population loss were seeing a debate in Illinois needs other places about whether or not they should have castle spelling and and get more DAs in the power who refuse to enforce the law well in New York, we actually have this we have the pro-criminal laws already past were seeing the consequences of it. We have the DAs like Alvin Bragg but refusing to do his job. We even have some wax judges refusing to do. There is one law enforcement is getting entirely thrown under the bus. Yeah, no question Lee Selden has to talk crime tested talk quickly and distinctly about the taxes and talk about the services and getting break, putting the criminal last instead of first. So criminal just reform I getting 30 years for for selling pot. Not good, not accurate, but letting people out the revolving door of justice is not to be effective and that will resonate with people in my humble view we come back I'll talk more about this as well as with tapping at the border and expand on energy in the economy and go over some more matchups because it's going to make it exciting. A real spring to last next 50+ days if anybody tells you they know I was gonna come out they are not telling you the truth you are listening to Brian Kilby true that's the truth you need to know basis and you need to know Brian kill me from Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News five or wherever you get your podcast. He's so busy you'll make your Brian kill me. I never denied that I noticed going around and it was me saying that we want and when I was referring to the one in terms of communities that were long left out of the electoral process right finally participate in right. She went on to say, but just as it's since been next. They talked about cleaning out the payrolls not to get rid of black people, Hispanic people were women that he she claims that his DCM was of course to complaining about the 2018 election and getting a pass from the view big shocker and she comes out and says well. These are these people wiped off the panels they had voted in decades. They probably have moved. They did not respond when asked to. They still live there, so they wiped out and they will cleanse. It was a rule that was put together in 1997 by Democrats at the time, desperate to take the state you see Stacy aim to do everything she wants and she will lose the brain And then once and for all people realize is smart and talented and speakers. She is her message is not good. The victimhood is not right I did. I watch your speed to law enforcement.

She is not into cops at all at all and and on the step are no different Cipro Herschel Walker is. That's why believe he's gonna beat Warnock in a big huge upset people want to put down Herschel Walker to in Georgia. Nice try but you all, election integrity is a big thing because I would prison trump and how we felt and still complaining as of yesterday about the election results, which he was unable to prove hundred percent rice, unable to prove it is court cases fell flat. All except one. So now he also says Mike Pentz destroyed his own political career by not throwing out all the electors and declaring prison trump the but the present.

Still, which is not smart to even say that. But when you Tobin, election integrity, why don't people bring up Stacy Abrams ever Tucker Carlson thought about that last night, cut 30 daily media remind us that anyone with questions about the outcome of the last election is a disgruntled voter that persons of criminal that person is embraced the big lot you see in every district. The big lie for years after the 2000 election, Democrats claimed that George W. Bush was not looking at present. Some still say they may believe, and then in 2016.

The entire Democratic Party rejected the outcome of the presidential election of foreign power.Donald Trump elected Democrat said that and they continue to say it every single day of Donald Trump*the impeached him over. They hamstrung the executive branch of the US government with an investigation into Russian influence in the end turned up nothing will recall that you call it election you call it the big why, but no one was punished for it and that's it. You can quit his whole premise. Last night was you question it and not go to jail in question. Hillary Clinton did Stacy Abrams or her own election in particular are constantly John Lewis, hundreds of Democrats have come out of various types of cities, not a legitimate president.

I'm not going to the inaugural, and they were put in jail that would grab their phones and I know I have to do is have a January 6 two wooden none of this stuff would've happened without January 6 interrupted the worst but all these other people did the questions elections pro-dating back to the Bush Gore even though Al Gore was magnanimous. His followers were we come back: Shimkus joins us. We have of the phones Brian Kilby Chuck, so glad you're here. Will came close to Fox and friends, we can try and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News five just Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite contest information you want truth you demand.

This is Brian kill me show the $52 grant for the American partnership right here in Detroit, including the big three trade workers and upgraded factories for electric vehicle revolution. For example, just like they used to be Bill Inc. doing that much anymore. You have to build a lot of vehicle batteries right and have the Chinese do it because you have any of the rare earth and we don't know where to throw them out where and how long they last. Either welcome back everyone that's praying this is Brian kill me show: Shimkus is find that out for the first time she is goes to Fox and friends first so that means she's been up since 2 AM yes and will earlier yeah like 1230 wow and you go to bed at trying get to bed by six 3630 when you eat dinner right before bed that bad. Some people say should meet right the 5 o'clock Erie five 530 and in his this can be a problem in the future. Sometimes I live on the edge typewriter seven. That's if I want to watch all of) shall wow the bread bear is your late-night show you how I do know Greg, I felt it so I DVR rats show. Sometimes I can finish it while I DVR anything centralized. Shimkus is here but currently owned of this is unbelievable. I thought they just did a great job last night chronicling where the money is for the infrastructure bill because it is been signed and sealed and delivered for year they got heated sidewalks in in Wisconsin and there's one of the small plant built. Nothing's been done. I mean if you got a pass some type of regulation reform. Along with this, you had to be called up what's going on here. Why is this not billed where the power stations be a leader yeah if that's what you think about the instruction rebel cell and I made it very clear that I miss Jesse show last night because I was snoozing, but I'm sure he brought up the indestructibility case is inviting was in Detroit at that car challenge. He announced $900 million for election for occult charger is like. That's really what we need right now exactly that's the kind of thing that people are like, especially with the inflation report that just came out and we saw how high food and gas. Everything else is that's really what they're hankering for but people actually have remind themselves like that's right, the E instruction build date pastor I been so long and now he's finally starting to roll out.

I guess you could say it's a good thing that this money is being spent. Right now though, because that way every single time he announces a new tranche of money that's getting put into the system. It does increase inflation right and is your inflated dollars so maybe but I don't think it's a good thing if you're in a big rush, the gym, electric cars down our throats. You gotta put building on the other thing is Tesla just an example of private industry.

They didn't say that I know that they are for some of their some of the renovation. There are indeed deftly financed by the government. I got it to get there eligible for grants. But what they do is they build their own systems. Some nothing there incompatible.

I don't know enough about it when you see those Tesla systems. It's clearly Tesla charging system. This fort have that whistle for devices with GM by charging system and that was saying that about 5000 autoworkers will lose their jobs as they morph into this electric range is heard. That's exactly what caught my ear when you play that present the present financing making carburetors anymore and it reminded me of when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline. All of these pipeline markers that were relying on that two-year job were all the sign out of employment and then the president and John Kerry went on TV and said don't worry every time I think of electric vehicles or green energy.

I think of jobs because all these people can get jobs making solar panels. I mean how insulting is that for people who have spent years and years of their time and energy and money investing in the equipment that goes along with being a pipeline or to just have somebody say oh you can just transfer your career. That's, that's awful and I think that's therapist there line is like someone in our business saying oh is no more radio jobs go to TV. No one can do but it's like telling a sideline reporter to put on the pockets right and I can go play football.

I like that analogy almost as good as mine yet almost none.

Not as good but it just shows you trying to change is a lot of times you phone in your segments here and now, here's Kevin McCarthy last night on how we message what you just said cut seven.

Don't you miss the days when the market was high and inflation and gas prices were low. It's the opposite.

It's exactly what they had done, they opened our border. They brought inflation with runaway spending, and watch what they've done to our schools is no one being held accountable if got looking to OPEC to solve our problems instead of America being energy independent right here. So the question is enough to house a split but it should questions how many Senate seats will and can be really interesting.

I now let me have fascinating yeah I also pointed out much of the certificates of this John Fetterman's get this you why does he wear a hoodie really's got this like you thing in the back of his neck psycho looks like a life preserver.

Really yeah how thing you were asleep but Tucker is not good for the country until yesterday. Claire and Chuck. I can't stagger in the morning after I watched the end of). Shall I turn my phone and that's when his rerun plans on other terms replays on Shannon bream used to be a big benefit when her show used to repeat B is very newsy about a soundbite yes yes I just thought I'd share that with so right. She's all right.

We would shoot Jill was going to get her terrific person I die down okay. I mean, I have never thought about it, really I think it should be a rotating panel of any anybody want to get a turn when communism is like everyone should do it ratio so when my eye when I was dating my husband, my my dad. We went to dinner with my dad, who is the best and he goes here like my life at the time was little nervous to meet him as any guy would be and we are at a seafood place my that's really into seafood relates only stars and my husband is from Memphis. Not really.

The oyster capital of the world and sell. My dad was like, I'll go try try and restart my husband like now it's time for me because communist stuff like solids and left one down right right but he's an exotic know know he typically my husband is non-Communist right to make that area I could be listening in terms of communism, Sen. John Kennedy feels as though this prison is spending is into oblivion. Cut nine.

The present.he is not thoroughly forgiving student debt, somebody's gotta pay for. He's just transferring it from the people who all went to the college of late to the people who don't follow it.

Working-class Americans but the way the president handle has handled the economy and social and economic policies have not put the year's Facebook page has more credibility with the American people then Pres. Biden does when it comes to the economy we go to one like Yogi Berra with the setup like you wonder where this comes do you think he thinks I mean he's just a soundbite machine on the he's right right about that that student loan stuff. I mean something that the president past and then has never talked about sentence yeah and it's because he just angered Giovanni and it's also such a bad idea me for obvious reasons that have already been discussed. But Democrats hated it a lot people thought it was too little. That's crazy and everybody else is like are you joking me. This is insane and so unfair to literally everybody outside of college educated people that get white collar jobs and can ultimately path their student loans if they finance and budget.

An appropriate way when we haven't come we work for Fox, okay. What else we live on the East Coast were in his room together. These are all good accurately and we also love foreign policy when this war starts with like diving into it, no one is reporting this a unified and imprudent present sheer meeting to discuss Ukraine. War is not going well, yeah. And we know this, but he put his limousine was hit by a loud bang of possible attack. Yeah, according to an anti-Kremlin sources reveal who been reviewing health scares when they say Putin's whimsy was allegedly hit by a loud bang on the left side of the wheel, according to general SVR telegram channel that's a telegram is how they communicate over there through the war. The car drove safely on harmful prudent this been multiple rest from his own security service. They claim they separate post that Putin ordered on us as separate post or something else, but of the security that he was in the using the decoy caravan and the fact that a loud bang hit the left side of his car.

He feels as though someone is lying.

John was inside me think about this really loud bang like possibly in God, possibly possibly happen in his back think that's where he is right now know it happened in Russia so that we do not know which going on with this with the head, though the presence had bodyguards of other people have been suspended or in custody claimed the telegram channel without naming anyone want to be them is been in our circle. People knew about his movement of the president and and is a posse and all of them were from the president's private security service.

He also lives in a total bubble and you see the videos of him where he is on one end of this massively long IL and the closest person is like the other side has a food tester and his health issues.

That was a huge story, especially the start of the Ukraine where he was shaking there something keep some people were saying that he possibly could have cancer, but nobody can verify these things because he is who he is and then speaking of death threats at the beginning of the war till all of these people who were trying to go after Vladimir Zelinski and his life was being threatened. Yeah, he's I mean he's now he's doing mean yeah and he is able to be more to the front lines everything. I mean, think about this almost 3000 mi.� been taken back by the Ukrainian dozens of towns of been reclaimed and then you wonder if they could move we worried about Odessa in the south.

Now they have to worry about holding cure son in the salicylate file this very closely. Why are they now. Why were they so successful in regaining this territorial number one they had to reorganize number two were actually helping with tactics number three were given in the high Morrison to push the Russians back. We were blown apart other depots and fundamentally, Ukraine is a fighting for their sovereignty and the Russians have no idea whether there and they don't know what they've always been the case. Yeah. And everything is into layman's terms. He takes her to drive differently. We have captains and lieutenants who have given you have been given permission to run battles on the ground and make decisions and report back after they make them they are run by generals, some of which were just put there for ceremonial position section of the real war. That's why this almost 20 of been killed another in this battle to get them a quick decision. There was like I'm not big and I quit take off my uniform and their running dressing like Ukrainians and running away yeah I just wonder if this is a quick change of tide or if this is a long-lasting thing and then how do you end this war. What's the ultimate thing going on for what sentiments our IME Big Dig and and when they have to. And the thing is rush is, and that they've distorted this week only about 1/5 of the country that's less and then you wonder if you get behind enemy lines and you start blowing things up behind enemy lines like those nine planes and magically magically blew up in Crimea so they were describing them a yesterday. There's a huge line to get out of Crimean out the tape.

It's a resort town.

It was like we got Crimea to everybody wants to be there is the jewel of of the Black Sea and now they like nothing safe when leaving. So what's the point of having it. If you're Russia.

You can even save you anymore and that's with Hussein and then put you started with talking at pulling and using paint meeting in his neck is the first time by the licensee changing pain has left China since the pandemic pandemic. Yeah so what can happen in that meaningful one of their goals is to figure out a new world order, like that's not you know Austin Powers carries Catholic writers in the head and then you know Russia is losing this war right now. Obviously put in trying get weapons and military support from China.

You have to wonder under the table.

Maybe he's already helping pull and get you know now I if he starts to more obviously and overtly help Russia and the what it what it will feel secondary sanctions and then that affects our economy, which I'm not saying is, is a good thing or a bad thing because he had think about and help global land and foreign policy are coming and I did absolutely well but will determine probably help us to have to divorce ocelli now, but when our weakness start pharmaceuticals domain China bullets still made in China.

I was reading some of them I do say that there's a view to push to get a lot of the manufacturing push from Apple and others into Vietnam and parts of India that's has to happen and now I would say this I been to but I'm told that as much as China is allied with Russia. They also realized they are dependent on the west and they do not want to be caught in this especially this tornado of doom that brushes it right now. I hope they learn and say listen you think you could take Taiwan. They also want to fight for the servitude they want no part of you. They don't want to be part of communism. There are thriving little island.

Good luck with that. You might and you are before the war since 1979 and by the way Vietnam did well in repelling the Chinese.

I just I think that China is using paint probably sees Russia as sort of the junior partner and it's really just And there used to be that way it didn't. But if he helps put then inserted dependent reliance in that he always he a favor and then asked stand up winning the war. That's that strengthens China so there's sort of an Ukraine Russia thing. There's no real loss for China gets subtly involved.

So Crowe Shimkus. Thank you for participating in this segment we come back to find out if a woman who goes to bed at 6 o'clock at night and gets up at 130 needs to know more. Your knowledge base. Brian kill me show from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me. Got a few minutes here. Crowe Shimkus is with us to find out if Carly wants to know more, no way of currently Shimkus done for one of the less powerful to improve health. Both the relationship and just better with your smile.

Really, it's just that both the Americans apparently tend to smile more and wider than folks in other countries. This article 10,000 MW grains are actually good for our mental health so if you're in your car right now and you're frowning turn that frown upside down for yourself even if you feel that you could go the other way.

The straps are to look your best and you may need a friend. Next John publicist is fuming because she was a mention of the enemies, the guys name is Michael DiCaprio Caprio publicist for 24 years, said Michael feels decision was not right given it with his extensive tracker to hug especially on TV including acting and TV movies, a bomb for Christmas.

Never heard of it. RuPaul's drag race. Sadly, I did Murphy Brown is off the air for a while and clearly so do you believe that they were wrong. Not to mention it would be really bad men checked mentioned Oscar they're still there because she's more of a movie actor and I wouldn't blink an eye going on mention of unit yeah next I too much blue light from screen snakes to grow old there after Good Friday like television, laptop, smart phone can accept and accelerate the aging process. Researchers found that light could also lead to onset the city shall I read on excessive exposure to blue light from everyday devices such as TVs, laptops found may have detrimental effects on a wide range of cells in our body from skin cells to sensory neurons while never selling your dog have an allowance. The average pet owner spends nearly $300 a month on their pet. The survey 2000 pet owners putting a thousand dog owners a thousand Catalans revealed that half of the respondents have set up a monthly budget for their pet percent with an average Of $308 that once I had a hamster and $200 to keep it alive you wet talented time and at that point, did you have a lot of money now. Actually I didn't let you have died, if that's what hamster die from effective the day that's also a little more. I think some other things. Fastest-growing radio talk show and kill me. Thanks much for being here about is Brian kill me show all 1-866-408-7669 come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard round the country around the world, but others a lot of things going on Manhattan one when I talk about illegal immigration. There come in here thanks to Gov. Abbott fed up because no one paying attention to Texas or Arizona.

Specifically, then Congressman Louise Eldon is doing so much better than anyone thought in his quest to become the next governor of the state first Republican since the techie won three straight times and Louise Eldon's going to be a guest today, Marti's and standing by why he believes that when the present United States closeout ultra mega is really calling out all Republican, so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three table for the midterm elections we have center functions pulls out tonight. Orders are extremely concerned about inflation of 59%. The state of democracy at 50% is for abortion taking up there but at 45% of crime at 43% rate bear laying out the foxes pulled the primaries complete the matchups of said latest on the ages the races which will be decided will decide the party in power in the direction of our country.

The issues that matter will talk about when Gov. Sanford is actually delivering them to Martha's Vineyard to see a whole new awareness on a sanctuary state where all the sudden this open border kind of mentality is coming home to roost. They go and that of course is Mark Meadows border crisis has been a horrific reality show for Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and maybe California. Now it's being spread to all 50 states explain loads of illegals just landed Martha's Vineyard and busloads dropped off across from Carmel Harris's residence.

When will the president realize it starts with him now choosing to build a better America America's workers were away economy rights energy in the economy or the president brags about his climate bill and demos.

Electric cars are economies being driven off a cliff. How this will affect you when most people I can't believe it, or really believe the presence incompetent. It's almost total reversal from where we were a year ago in 2021.

There was supposed to be a normal presidency of normalcy is back. We got his boat back to back to the 70s with if you consider Jimmy Carter's recording theories normal. If you look right now to Fox's pole question has the by demonstration incompetent and effective in managing the government 38% said yes that was a 52% skews me.

It was at 51% in September 2021 now 52% say no, only 40% had said no. 38% of the people think she's competent.

Let's come in right now with 100% of the people in my studio think is competent.

He is calm this contributor Marti's and Mark welcome back, they are first off on those numbers 30% consider them only 30% consider competent and effective, so I would say 42% of the country are Democrats pretty bad, pretty bad.

You know it. We rolled out, but he was number competent and effective method worked fine until that each evil lies. He presided over the disastrously withdraw from Afghanistan and then deeper than many like the American people about it that he was an extraordinary fix that.

He lied about the fact that the military commanders did recommend will bear an American just looked at that incompetent and once one people beside your incompetent really really hard to recover. And so that started the slide and that it would and then you piled on the inflation piled on the labor crime are a lot higher food prices that may die the highest shelter coffin 1984 and the crisis of the crime was crime away from the 1990 and all of the bed and cascaded into the numbers you're seeing today but it started. Remember it started with Afghanistan so you know what this whole thing with these things in the past. Yet the chips go past. Got some bipartisan support as to guns and infrastructure.

Another generated from the White House. The old generator from the Senate and affect humans and up to and by the way work with them on bipartisan interest all celebrating other than the inflation reduction act, which is now actually, we now know is called inflation and the and the American all working together on a bipartisan way to get run around. The Republicans are obstructing our progress with celebrating yes will bring to calm then move on.

You believe it's all Republican.

He says Magen I thought I believe so too ultra mega mega what are you talking about if you want to saddle like prison trumpet write this letter people the tone and Liz Cheney in those company. I get in. There's that site so I understand it, but when he used the term mag does ultra mega it makes you say, what does that stand for and when you drill down on it Mark you agree with a lot of the stuff they'd make up them. What made America great movement. All red mega Republicans want to take away a woman's right to choose. So basically if you're pro-life your Magnum Republican will Percival 70% of Republican so immediately claimed to not talk about the majority of Republican foldaway and second of all the parties pro-life blanket of 1981, Ronald Reagan was there. Ronald Reagan, every Republican president that has been pro-life Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush bail Magnum Republican and then he said that Liberty Street mega: take away your Social Security will call Donald Trump didn't want the back of the Republican Party about about about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan showed Paul Ryan pushing the little old lady in the wheelchair over a cliff Democratic attack on Republicans for decades. And so, I guess, by definition, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are mega Republican and the list goes on. The Bowlby's issues with you back at is not attacking from not attacking top supporters keep attacking all conservative. That's what it sold on conservative movement. If you are one of the 74 million American who disagree with his policies and Barbara's opponent. You are a threat to democracy. That is what the messages and not be interpreting it by the way yeah some historic figure who wants to marginalizes bonus. I get it to run for office and do it but don't make them evil to make them lead to something's gotta be arrested or eradicated because you wanted to reprint you want put present Trump on the ballot. That's a tactic, but condemning people from believing it is dangerous and the state is trapping and wasn't all-wheel.

I've given up on that mark.

But you're right, I know you elected anyone to follow the election. October 50 American a record high that they were better off than they were four years ago under trumpet were better off than I ever been on the Gallup poll, nobody was voting against the voting against the recording again. The entire campaign was based on what you said to be out in the opening of the country and not only happy� You become everything he can.

By the way, just put it in the speech on that this piece of the blood red in the background at Independence Hall. Evidently Joe Biden was good at history and really believes he is in the one person who is behind it.

I'm stunned by John Meacham. John Meacham started working on that speech, by the way, is an amazing John Meacham who I like he's endorsed couple of my books and I believe that a manager's books are fantastic on Andrew Jackson but he commented on the speech that he wrote oh you help brighten orbital and then part one of the people that wrote the speech this is this John Meacham was a long view of history, one would think he's the one who set the tone and tenor of that speech, which is one of the I think were the biggest mistakes of his career correct and political one.

The inaugural of solely uniting the country to bring together and then less than two years later whitest speech. Basically 4 million Americans were country that that shameful couple things just depressing yesterday basically is making it clear that he's going to be driven by the clean energy religion. It's not even a practical approach. Right now it's a religion here is cut one now choosing to build a better America and Americans workers were economy are doing it from the bottom up loud. I'm so trying to trickle down.

I can't stand with even talking about trickle down number one with people when people are successful.

They hire the people that technically trickle down with the CEO and the founder makes more than the people working for them. Then they split out to their own companies. I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as what he's discussing, but also when he comes to this green energy push this you know how many autoworkers are being laid off as he is basically subsidizing this push towards electric cars number one talk about working for Wall Street.

I'm sorry that working-class American electric cars for people autoworkers to pay for the greater degree of doctors and lawyers and Wall Street executive so their college loan graduate school loan or maybe Mr. Joe Makin education and technical climates talk about the event the other day in the prior written, you'll want to talk about how the great thing for climate change in the history of Congress left that event and got on Air Force One to fly 100 miles to Delaware to The ballot. Mr. Mr. Malin ballot Mr. ballot and an implied back emitting carbon into the atmosphere when he was just in Delaware on early voting.they went about it. You will be climate roasting highly general liberty protected life on the private jet Air Force One on the back also shows me say this also shows me that is this a good body manner schedule with him. I mean, for the most part famous present casino early voting. Today's early morning saw this bouncer.

Thank you, Jill Diablo you know you and I don't have Butler's but he's got 25 yet worried you're right Mark, I should not jump to conclusions. So I mean if anybody should know about early voting. It's him instead. While my confusion, vote, and now we have people on the lawn. We can take the chopper so now we got a put you in 100 SUVs, we gotta bring you to Air Force One, then you gotta go to Delaware then you stop by your house then you fly back. How is that efficient.

I'm wide awake to school, Harris is going today to talk about climate change.

Buffalo can she walk. I don't think so. Is she going on a passenger jet, not sure. Pretty sure the answers Air Force two so can somebody else do they want their wheels to sacrifice.

We want everybody else to pay more money for these cars find some charging station and then of course they're knocking to be affected by when it's all perfected their out the real world. They got drivers and Secret Service anyway so real quick on the things that matter most of the midterms number one inflation 59% said that is 50% said the number one problem is future of democracy, number 345% said abortion did Lindsay Graham coming out making a speech on abortion and saying this help or hurt cut 30 will know what I'll ask you did it help or hurt when he came out and said he's got a push for legislation to have the life the baby and it fit the decision into 15 weeks I get back on the harbor Whole that showed 72% of American support restricting abortion of the first 15 weeks, including 79% of women and 50% of what Lindsay is trying to say where it appears the majoritarian position when it comes to abortion.

The problem is is that Republicans have been thinking thing for the last five decades.

We need to repeal Roe V Wade of the state courts abortion what it all the candidate who are out there on the campaign trail the state issue.

I hope elected legislator.

Congress should not be legislating abortion law them under the bus to pick up a cute mistake it did overwhelm one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make his presence and that celebrate a 1500.0 or 1200 point Dow Jones drop inflationary .3%. So instead of right so what you do if you Republicans. You cannot not talk about what you do when he won the primary in New Hampshire today and she handled it exactly right that I believe in the right to life, but also believe in the Coptic church and state issue state should handle it. On the other part of it is that you might want to talk about abortion. What name the restrictions you would put on abortion because the American people most majority of Americans don't believe in abortion on demand. Up until the moment of birth and so That's what my opponent believes that an severity experience make the moment, abortion, extremism and state issue that should Marti's and I decided that we can go through the break. I don't have that type of power so very much Bill, you got it marked decent thanks, we come back your thoughts about what Mark said 18664 awaits 408-7669 Brian Kilby learning something new every day, Brian Kilby show talk show that's real. This is Brian Kilby show they walk back everyone 1-822-408-7669 Doug you listening online in Illinois hey Doug hey Brian, I was just going to talk about the mailman actually made it had to go back to the state. Yes, even the people running on codifying Roe.

I don't think the federal level, and I'm not a lawyer but to hear what some of the root of the legal experts are really do say about the suit back to sleep couple things I have heard that is legally challenging want to see who would say who would sue for, you know, and go from there.

But let's forget legal. I was just talking more political so which would you bring up how you bring up crime should be number one thing people talk about number two inflation and that fits into the whole category of the economy and what you would do different how you go about it, not just I am against crime.

No kidding. And at the border what you would do and then the question is when Lindsay Graham stepped forward and does a press conference makes everybody talk about that and Democrats revel in it, and that's why stalking tactics rather than reality. And I don't know if he could even do it.

He said he was going to do with it with a wreath with a Democratic run government.

Could you go offer that the Senate get it passed, and then bring it up in the house with a be looking to do that. So thankfully call us and we come back major by Congressman Lee Selden. This guy is on the moves got a legitimate shot at being the first Republican governor since contacted 133 terms can he do it. We will see we Selden next radio show like no other, kill me. I'm not the governor of Texas is forcing one New York DC in Chicago and potentially other place needlessly last-minute and complex process that is a heartless display of politics over people. Why not give reasonable notice. Why send these folks only to blue cities or blue states. This is about politics for him. It is a manufactured crisis.

I ambush any dollar that goes to the state of Texas. Every single one of those dollars need to be re-committed to cities like Chicago, New York and Washington DC are really going to recommit dollars in taxes those high tax states like Illinois in New York because they get about 7000 illegal today in the rest of the country ignores it all the blue states ignore the present ignores it. So they have to take action, and now New York says they're overrun for creating these immigrant reception areas where they I watched today live and Mayor Adams walking around CIC bringing shirts and sneakers and beds. We're all paying for that because the administration will crackdown on that country Lee Selden joins us that we want to be the he is the Republican nominee for governor, and he wants to be the next governor of this date, Carson is there is a crisis going on right now I think Mayor Adams is worried that there is that these homeless shelters early overrun how would you handle this crisis is a crisis at our southern border and the communities border states or desperately need to get the attention of Pres. Biden in the Biden administration desperately try to do that don't know what else to do now that they have started to get the attention of the Democratic Party and basically of Pres. Biden and VP Harris will come down to the border, then you have a governor bringing the border to them, forcing them to do their jobs.

But here's the other issues on top of the federal government, their faces of your state local governments turning into sanctuary state sanctuary cities, we see that in New York in New York City. They wanted to give noncitizens the right to vote. Fortunately court just overturned that over 800,000 people. What you see in the New York State budget year after year as they keep coming up with new duties new words incentives that they doing well for people who were deciding whether or not the comments were country where they realize that if they come in and they go to New York that they find sanctuary and a whole lot of money that hard-working law abiding New Yorkers to pay a lot of taxes in the early struggle to make ends meet. They're the ones were going to have to bear that burden. So when you hear Democrats talking about free housing, free education, free healthcare, free money on top of it, free phones, whatever is in that goodie bag. It's time for us to come to this reality right now that all the federal government needs to finish construction of the border wall support customs and border patrol agents and catch and release and force the remaining Mexico policy and that they need to stop incentivizing and rewarding this illegal entry will also need is for places like the state of New York to also stop incentivizing and rewarding illegal entry into call on this president and this administration to do their job is a lot that the state can be doing.

That's not doing it's actually making things worse.better right now I want you current like she's also Republican nominee for the governorship, but in Arizona when Tucker Carlson last night said to Kari. Hey listen, they are now the governor of Florida is now dropping illegal immigrants often Martha's Vineyard. Here's what she said. Cut 16. You know I actually I get a kick out of watching these liberal mayors just now throw their hands up and say we can't handle it because it's life every day for us in these border states. However, I'm not a fan of it Tucker, I mean, we're just taking people here illegally should be here removing him further inland. My plan is the most bold, aggressive plan on the border.

We can secure the border. When you call it what it is issue a declaration of invasion on day one get troops on the border in the form of our National Guard were to stop people from coming over and were going to stop that the cartels from having control of our border that will cure the cartels on our border on your border.

New York, for the substantive action could you take because the city the city is a sanctuary city which means you get here you can stay. You cannot be deported. It's crazy that you have people who feel like this is their responsibility at the state level on the border. I made the fact that you even have this being discussed in the Arizona governor's race is a lot about the lack of leadership in action at the at the federal level we see in New York is the biggest contributor is one lack of leadership in silence when flights are secretly coming in the middle of the night and bring people legally. The governor here doesn't say anything about it because she doesn't want to put any pressure on her fellow Democrat Pres. Biden is governor honestly wouldn't be hesitating during this process. It's not just about putting pressure to stop this Biden travel agency that provide the flights and provide the phones but it's also about providing answers to New Yorkers who want to know who's coming when they're coming where they going with the cost is there to spend so much secrecy, so that's another way to help is as you go through the state budget and what we just saw this past years that they expanded Medicaid to provide additional taxpayer dollars to people who are legally here. The year prior, was a multibillion-dollar excluded workers fun. I don't support either that exclude workers funds what they called it for people who are illegally in this country to be able to get rid response money free money so that's was the budget I think it's the most important thing for the governor, the government in Albany to be able to do to tackle this but I gotta tell you, it pains me to hear it. Arizona governor's race or Texas governors race where they feel like they have to doing it themselves should be on them. So right now with suppose and we talked before I'm I'm sure it's on the austere but usually got a pipe about 30% of New York City voters you feel as though the upstate belongs to you and Long Island belongs to you. The question is by how much Trafalgar dear Paul, the remarkably accurate last time and in the one in August. You were late last week in August. Cocoa by five and now it's even down even further. Do you think this race is at right now I think it's good to look at it about a mid-single digit race at the moment. And that's a good place to be right now in the middle of September. At the end of the 1994 race between George Pataki against burial, last time New York State elected a new Republican governor that he was down the last six public polls the last week of the election all had him down the six public polls had him down double digits.

The average was 11.1 x 3.5 so the polls were 15 points off the week of the election that we were running were running statewide. If you run for mayor of New York City. After we New York City and in the candidate on the Republican line 1 for mayor of New York City, a whole bunch of times beating the candidate on the Democrat line in recent history right up until when Bill de Blasio got elected and started bringing everything down pretty quickly. New York City we need as you pointed out you mentioned a 30% number if we get less than 29% of the vote New York City. We can't win if we get more than 35% of the vote New York City.

We can't lose. We have to work on everywhere so everyone in all 62 counties of the state. They can help by mining for every last possible friend, neighbor, person they know to get out and vote in this election coming up in Lyndell 7 1/2 weeks inside of New York City. If we don't get that 29% number which is not going to win. But what's kind of exciting is when you look at how port and the issues are, especially of crime number one and the economy and the amount of Democrats to every single day, prominent Democrats, day after day are endorsing our campaign sitting elected officials formally elected credit community leaders. I feel like we should just go for that 35% of beyond number and win this way. Who the Democrats and supporters. I know Holden came out on Monday so Robert Holden, the New York City councilman into sitting near to the Council endorsements earlier this week, Steve Kaufman, former New York state assemblyman don't hike in former New York State assemblyman Ruben Diaz, former New York State Sen. and until last year was a New York City councilman last night there was an op-ed posted online at the New York Post of our interest on his former president of the New York City Councilman Hatboro president and a state assemblyman. And then there's a bunch of community leaders as well and I we posted a video on our social media where people can watch individuals outside of government, but they run groups and their talking about how their entire lives they've only voted Democrat. This is the first time in their entire life that they're voting Republican. So you start $1 million of the half of which from the ST Laura member.

The Est�e Lauder family so that that certainly will help help you get on the offensive.

But you're never going to be able to out raise governor Holcomb was a such democratic stalwarts here correct. That's right we don't have to good news is that we don't have to out razor and especially good news is because were not going to out razor. She's refusing to talk about issues that matter most to New Yorkers so she's belongs through a whole lot of extra money by trying to change the topic and should rather talk about trauma than ours over here talking about tackling rising crime and making it safe to be able to walk the streets of Democrats in New York City who used to be able to go take it a stroll for 15 blocks on a beautiful summer night and instead if you're going to box they have to call the bird that used to ride the subway, but now they don't, and if they do their hugging the polar grabbing a guardrail because they're afraid of being pushed in front of an oncoming subway car so we won't have as much money as The local dollars, but as long as were sitting there talking about the issues that matter most to New Yorkers in our solutions to fix it. It's all good as race on November 8 what happened with her in Buffalo and special interests that they say this is big as the Buffalo billion scandal that almost destroyed Cuomo secret process to get hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars in order to get a new Buffalo Bills. Stephen understand this desire to have a new bill stadium, but you don't have to totally release the New York State taxpayer to do what you can actually advocate for good deal because yes, you might be a fan of a particular team. You're also the governor of the state you have a duty to taxpayers and she was unable to do both in being able to secure a deal that gets a new stadium and doesn't please the taxpayers every 30 days. She's been signing off on these covert emergency powers that just finally expired.

This week she had one family donate $300,000 to her and then that company that they own. They getting in over $600 million covert testing contract no. It was all processed in one day in the state is paying twice the price of the covert tests so you donation 600 million return. That's enough to destroy any campaign. One thing is pretty clear.

Her numbers are going to grow in my opinion, does that much charisma or most of her constituencies.

Upstage never knew Gov. Cuomo.

She was put there to help so well. Plus upstate, so your challenge would be to sell yourself to Democrats. I will say I bows upstate all weekend go to various soccer games like it. I have two daughters who play college soccer so is it for different colleges.

Every town has. I've never seen so many so many Zelda signs or any sign outside trump in my life.

So upstate they are ready for a change.

Do you sense that and New York. People look at New York is a blue state with 62 counties because of four counties for the 54 of the five boroughs of New York City, not on the side that's the reason why people call the blue state. If you took those four counties out on a given election.

It's a red state and the fact is that there are all 62 counties voting on the same day and that's what we have to make sure we hit that vocal getting only 29%. The reason why we don't have to win New York City. We just can't lose it by more than 40 is because of what you're seeing. I'm seeing it as well. I travel around the state. All across the state.

People want and one party rule. They want to fire The whole cool there hitting their breaking point to state the thing about fleeing themselves. The state leaves the entire nation and population loss and they realize that Kathy Hoke was not going to do anything about. She hasn't accepted any debate request yet. She's calling on me and people like me to leave the state claimant were no longer New Yorkers were not welcome here anymore just because her there's a whole lot of New Yorkers who resent this governor's entire approach to the job, realizing that she is not up to this task actually said that you should go to Florida yet since I've never heard that before. My life now I know the prayer form present race about $1 million for you where you stand. I know I know you but one of the staunchest supporters but Glenn Young King said yeah I appreciate present from support, but I'm running on my own in a blue state like this. What's the role of present trump over million dollars was actually closer to a million 1/2 and a great fundraiser that took place a couple weeks ago and the funding is as important help get our message out and what were looking to do is to be the governor for all New Yorkers, and that includes people who like Pres. trump they supported him. The other people who didn't vote for him. They're not supporters of Pres. trump on running as my own man to be the governor of the state of New York and to be the governor for all New Yorkers. And that's going to include a coalition of people who might've been the biggest supporters of present trump, and others who might not of been and that's and that's okay because what's most important is making sure that life in York is one we can feel safe again in our streets. We can afford to pay our bills.

We have a government that is to break but right now the budget so tight.

The mayor has to cut 3% across the board on all agencies including the NYPD with the budget like this in under a minute left, how you crackdown on crime. We wait we have to spell we need to find wrote district attorney like our break and refuse to enforce the law when you give her the whole factors are corrections officers are under attack with overhaul the parole board releasing cop killers and murderers and rapists. We need those elected judges to be doing their job because they're releasing violent criminals on the streets. There's auto websites open for New our streets a couple dozen or so proposals that directly answer your question, go get them constantly. Zelda and looking to pull off the upset of the year and shocking governor Hogle. Thanks, Congressman best you got something counties wanting a very purple area Kennywood in a blue state is the brain to meet your back with you in a moment's makers and breakers.

First, only show the more you listen more, you'll know kill me. I believe paternalism is extremely important.

I've had a media credential in Chicago for over 10 years in the award-winning print radio TV but Mayor Lightfoot is the least transparent mayor in our city's history and sadly my work. For better or for worse.

The reason my questions were so effective is because I was asking the questions that real Chicagoans wanted to hear but they were hurting her reelection campaign.

So she canceled my media credential, which is unbelievable that William Kelly Scott reporter can imagine that falling in May around asking tough questions in a tough city like Chicago where crime is everywhere and she did like and so she steals his credential cut 18 more from William Kelly. I think the real scandal here is that the mayor life as a plus security guards that are assigned to protect her from me asking her questions during a reelection campaign. At the time when the Chicago police are down 1500 officers crime is out of control. There's some record low arrests and a spike in police suicides. It's my prayer that a federal judge will restore my media credential tomorrow so I can go back to Chicago City Hall and ask about the spike in police suicide. I hope he does make you imagine not being as tough questions why even have a job, a good friend to ordering my books and get them signed a consent amount even personalize him and find out how to see me Tulsa Brandon, Mississippi is always seeking solutions for selling is Brian Kelly yeah that guy was Bobby Moynihan and he please me fat me on SNL so submitted today.

I actually was Allison's idea for me to send them a book and then evidently he was on Howard Stern's after show and he was asked about you put Branko Mead on this night, as yet, he sent me a book. I'm not a fan described with anything so I maybe I just said lose some ways I don't know if I said a thing like that but I just the main thing they maybe seem like a moron, which is okay but is just the whole hundred pounds overweight that I sent you off weeks just that with the weight aspect.

Dr. Dr. Oz is waiting on line again to get to in a second one most exciting races in the country. Bottom the hour, Tim Kennedy, one of our fiercest fighters sniper former UFC fighter served in Afghanistan. He now should save our allies. The change in tone and tactics have really paid off for you in the Ukraine. The Russians on the retreat. Tim Kennedy was on the ground. I want to get his take on these new sign of events and maybe an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin so it's good to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three for the midterm elections. We have some of Fox's polls out tonight fours are extremely concerned about inflation at 59%. The state of democracy 50% see abortion taking up there but at 45% of crime at 43%. Yeah, we change primary complete matchups are said latest on the all the races and what's going to decide the party in power and the issues that matter most. When Gov. Santos actually delivering them to market his vineyard were going to see a whole new awareness on a sanctuary state where all the sudden this open border kind of mentality is coming home to roost. Mark Meadows at the time of the border crisis. It's been horrific a reality show for Arizona and Texas but now it's for Chicago, New York, Washington DC and Martha's Vineyard playing loads are arriving in that luxury city which pretty hard to get to not appear legal. Also the VPs residence.

How do you feel about those tactics now choosing to build a better America and Americans were way clean energy economy really on who's back energy in the economy. While the present brags about his climate bill and demos electric cars, what about all those losing jobs that don't make electric cars are economies being driven off a cliff and I want to bring that to Dr. Russ Dr. Oz get this broad background because the suggested syndicated television got this great sense of international business, a self-made surgeon who is by all accounts, but one of the best in the business and then had one of the most successful syndicated shows in television and said you know what I'm to try something else.

I'm in a try to get that 17 Pennsylvania after rugged primary run against Dave McCormick very formidable prevails, now trailing by about four points going to some of the poor most of the poles to a guy coming off a stroke 6'6" former Lieut. Gov. Fetterman to me now Dr. Oz Dr. Oz welcome back Becky very much the nail on the head with that point people to start about the economy. Typically, taxes, cost of food and they are really upset about crime in my Commonwealth my Pennsylvania because they got the highest murder rate ever in our history in Philadelphia. You mentioned Fetterman he thinks is about the people about the law back massive middle-class tax hikes but did not pay his own 67 times. You're right. 67. Liens didn't pay taxes but he's very happy to check up taxes on folks you don't have much to the milk like you really get hurt so no one really talks about that just talk about how we seen every man candidate wearing a hoodie getting kind of big crowds. He was a pundit on MSNBC and then decides to throw his hat in the ring, but if you look at his background is more Bernie Sanders, then he is a moderate well without questioning much much further by all kinds of things about by not being liberal before you stay at the ground and what you and Amanda spoken for less than half an hour. The entire campaign. Out of all the talk. She just got done talking having trouble, but you can.

He had a stroke and I have tremendous empathy for that, but I've been pushing them and squeezing it to do a debate and where you're getting closer but it's remarkable that he doesn't think he has to answer any questions in this democracy talk with you.

Imagine having to vote for person with unanswered a single question on the campaign trail reporter manager single borders question on the campaign trail at the top. The mere entry.

My question won't debate me and these are the kind of changes to how Democrats running candidates that really bothersome because you can manufacture a candidate on television commercials. You make the person seem like the ideal candidate for America but they're not there fiction did not wield a comic book John sentiment speaking Sunday did indeed have an event over the weekend. Here's what he said something about you 21.

I truly hope for each and every one of you Dr. your life making fun of it are telling you you're not this serve know what unfortunately I you making fun of them not, I did with you what I think about John Fetterman I empathy I dealt with heart failure. I've dealt with strokes my patient. I know how difficult it is for you going throughout my argument is completely different. I'm saying if you're healthy enough to debate, and you say you are then debate although I was trying to hide your radical record or your lying about your health. Either way, we got a problem here, but it's not fair to the voters of Pennsylvania you not to think you have to answer any questions. I just mention the fact that he got 67 liens for not paying his taxes. But the man who wanted to at least one third of all prisoners intently at his back of the parole board three convicted murderers with life sentences over the objections of the other parole board members, but in the meantime, violent crime skyrocketed in his power. He had been there, skyrocketed, Pennsylvania and people are upset about it.

You have to answer why these policies don't work as argument as I tweeted out it sounded cool. People like that I don't have to defend my policy and I think America you do I have to dish that I take. I defendant every day about 200 campaign events. You got a nap doesn't mean it doesn't make sense that that he would think that is what campaigning is about but I'm not surprised that you like the shopper work getting on the job. Lieut. Gov. it didn't help.

A lot of it.

Most of what I can tell.

Mayor me don't like him for that reason, and he thinks you get promoted, but not doing his job in America you should have to work to earn your promotion so I want you ULC said he would do a couple of Sundays ago cut 22's. So I mean that's what that's what he believes that he would do first and I think that anyone was here the focus of your Democrat is nuts because two years later.

It's overwhelming the Republican take the Senate today and there's an excellent chance that a Republican when the White House that they want to make the same mistake again.

I had not learned later on. The court. Read this or eight years ago that he has very little desire to compromise. She said if you like Joe mansion don't vote for me you wanted to work with people in his own party. Radical person that Pennsylvania think the Senate I'm a stop, because if you bought the filibuster. If you pack the Supreme Court that if he is able to get more states that it hurts this country in ways that are not easy to fix and it is imperative especially to put someone a job that they're willing to work hard at it and do their homework and be thoughtful about that that is not John's betterment should the pathway he's done all kinds of unhinged things in his life but he is the darling of the liberals on the coast. His money getting gargantuan about which is why this is such a tight race. He is getting supported by people don't know radical policies. That's why I asked you if you're concerned and you should be going to Republican are not told anybody Democrats are in fairness, we don't need as much money because were better candidates a lot of money to sell something you don't have but did you go to and keep me close to him financially, otherwise they tell a fairytale in their commercial. We have to call them out on it. If I can define John Fetterman as someone who thinking about the people and the law is someone who cares about criminals over the initiate I win this election. That simple. Accordingly, a doctor's couple of things I was see if I was to suffer a stroke. I'm kinda against it. I hope it doesn't happen. I have the most supportive management, but I wouldn't. And if I was unable to talk. I would not be able to keep this job and if you were you would ever say in your talkshow and I would be able to keep Fox and friends just would be five out trilobite you get better come back and that will be the fact you might say it's cool but it's effective because people are paying to get to get information from me or my opinion if I can if I can elaborate on that I can't do my job. It doesn't mean people they'd have to tell me to take some time off to recover are bad people. Is that how you feel your many against him but he can't do the job. It's important to point that out. Many have raised this issue and I don't have to because the liberal media is arguing what you just said because they don't want the Washington Post are supposed cannot see you got a debate at least twice and debate early. Don't try to stall to the last day I'm skeptical who show up worries mate that he would ever be put on the spot by by me voters, or by the press. But here's the deeper truth. You have been told anything if you did have a stroke why you can't be sure your medical records and information to educate both make additional insured any of the real information we would need to know in order to decide if you capable and intent to and he needs to be called out for that element of transparency to all of us deserve the boat for sheet in the US that seizes so much early voting. So he is waiting for the last minute will be October 25 in Harrisburg Pennsylvania will be on next door hosted by next door television. We understand the field 11 local network affiliates to cover all 67 counties. He has some things that he wants done uses a moderator must explain to the audience. It Fetterman is using a closed caption system. During the debate to explain any delay between him being asked a question and responding in the questions asked by any next-door employee during the practice session for Fetterman bears your resemblance to the actual questions are in the debate. I guess he needs a practice session because of the electronics that will practice what I empathize. I said yes take your practice session state that he closed captioning so I can actually see the words written. He has trouble, I'm told we have the records but has trouble processing work so he doesn't put the work together when he cheers them. Maybe read them and make more sense of what these words about what this bill closed captioning on the Senate the greatest deliberative body in America.

You don't get that close captioning so your issues that will have to work to if he is elected. But the biggest concern now is he doesn't want to do until very late. It was a very short, the bait were actually good one, which as you point out, the Washington Post argues, you must use trouble so late that the absent that the absentee ballot story return which could be 25% of all the ballots you're cheating the voters you're you're dodging the. The debate and understand what in at least debate me for and make up the time that you're wasting with the close captioning what you have to read the questions the process and slowly answer them that delete go to 90 minutes and there arguing that again. They're not furious about debating they don't want to debate the triangle pointed and we have to hold them accountable. So if you're looking at right now.

Tell your friends and go to Dr.� Supported but you must get spoke with the national implication race and that obesity went from 60 to 90 minutes and you have a moderator picked out. I don't have the moderator, but next-door is a strong system likely to seven debate. I read the seven large media debates from the big companies often do them only accepted this one so far. I think with more pressure baby. Hope that they only kept at this one because literally there was a course from every media outlet. As you point out, the Washington Post of Fox News and everyone in between was crying for some degree of integrity, or at least that you speak once about your issues, but someone asked you one question and I'm arguing that we should be the same number of questions you would normally have the bait solely through one fair chance. I wish there were more, but you don't.

He's pretty he's very evasive, very dodgy doesn't show up doesn't answer requests and doesn't answer questions so we are camping. Yes it's difficult for you, I mean the positive thing is she so different than you would think Pennsylvania has been Eddie's way to the left of the negative thing is because his health issues or whatever he does not want to debate you.

So it's hard to go out somebody who's just attacking you through staffers in social media. I mean, they say that you are making fun of him, which I don't think the you have that in your system what the attacks that have come through social media have been pretty cutting on you without question there fighting. I leave battle, they started they have been holding people for years. You know me, I'm going to countless times in the show and foster friend, not my personality that makes want to belittle people.

I would argue the issues and that's why their leaders evaporated, only talks about our ad hominem attacks on me. But if you're a mom struggling with the people your kids and if you're struggling as a business owner to get past the ridiculous regulation. If you worry that climate skyrocket in your community Fetterman making fun of it doesn't help that I'm actually specific to addressing these issues. I got the database endorsement by the fraternal order of police because they're so upset at how sediment undermines the I know that that we can improve our art city street safety and reduce mental deaths which are skyrocketing and you were number three in the country. If you close the border allow legal immigration and I also know energy production to keep you that you will drop inflation for the entire track again erupted trailing by five according to CVS by double figures.

According to Monmouth but the fight is just begun. I note the McCormick County coroner Pat Toomey strongly there and we know the president of former presidents always been their best talk Dr. Oz. If you're interested in Ryan's talking about kill me.

Hey, welcome back. I'll try to get to the phone calls right now as we continue to see events now presentation about printing the railroad strike was happy. Let's go to Howard and Ocean Beach in Ocean Grove, New Jersey hi Ryan, regarding abortion and would like to know what would've been a great time for crafted a compromise for now and not what you will come to the fore but I guess that moment my belief that Republican candidate should all start with what my opponent is not telling you and go through the you all think that our current postabortion noon up to the last minute and all the rest and left common on all that, I think. We help they it's going back to the state. That's not going to convince anybody particular people that are not really aware of everything and believe all that abortion is not available Monday what you think.

I just think back to the states make synthesis accurate number to the Chief Justice had a chance to craft a compromise could not get it. So do you have at the Republicans should be ready to answer the question like Marco Rubio did pieces on pro-life.

I like your lease for the people of Florida don't they want 15 weeks and that's where they'll probably severe Senate candidates. Applicant will affect you of the Senate candidate.

Thanks much. Listen everybody brain can only show back with Tim Kennedy talk more radio that makes you say this is Brian kill me show what's happened here is that to the credit of the administration. They seem to be all in and making sure this sophisticated weapons crane needs to win on the on the sanctions front. They been great were trying to put another tool in the toolbox so the way I look at this is that the combined effect of what Congress is done and what the administration has done is leading to outcomes. Nobody could imagine. When this thing for started. That is Sen. Lindsey Graham but also pointing out to that they didn't get there fast enough wasn't there before the invasion happened even know they predicted it would take place and they so far we still have held back on certain things he could permanently shift the tide, but the last time I talked to my next guest. Things look pretty grim for the Ukrainians and he was over there himself was also at the airport when the explosion happened to navigate and is fought for this country. Over the course of years as a sniper and served in Afghanistan now would save our allies and a better and up his book is now out. Tim Kennedy joins us now. Hey Tim, welcome back. Would you say now about things happening on the ground to the Ukrainians of a reason to be optimistic hope and optimism is something that you have on the battlefield regardless of how things are going about how things are going that there is a reason for hope and were moving into fall and winter is right here on the horizon. Like the time today said it all the way back to Genghis Khan about fighting the Russians in the winter where where were on the precipice of what I think it can be one of the worst humanitarian crisis is in modern-day history, which can be Eastern Europe this winter and they don't get ground.

They'll get powerplant back up and running. If we don't get gas flowing notes were not able to maintain the control of the harbor that day, then your work were talking about dire situations, so 3000 mi.� roughly and thinking back, we see Russians are changing your uniforms into civilian clothes and running. They definitely picked up so much Russian hardware between tanks and personnel carriers and guns while they move forward and now there's a thought they'd tear Sunday might have to move troops over to help stop the advancement ring things up in the South but you been on the ground. I mean the Ukrainians seem organized their intelligence seems great.

The Highmore seem to be working there seems to be even Russian television, being critical of Russian military so I mean these are some of the things I never would've predicted correct wrong and when it started and the efficiency and effectiveness of an all similar to Germany's blitz campaign back more to where they're taking ground Kinoshita, Madeleine K even passed beyond even like the North and South questions freaking down this year� There invasion come from Belarus know that being a proxy for safe haven a lily pad for the military forces of Russia now you know it's I'm done. I'm dumbfounded as to the strategy of Russia, and unless they want a prolonged war and that is a battle of attrition that they're very able to win, even though we see ground being taken when we have an amazing team on the ground to our allies is doing great mentoring work are are are expeditionary forces. There are a really really trying to do good and there's so much good has to be done there. It is horrible and it is is horrific that the violence and the civilian populace that has had to absorb the collateral damage that come from the ineffectiveness of the Russian troops, even though it gained ground Ukraine sick when I say we men I'm not and and boy am I not a fan of military invasion subornation so there should be some solidarity in wanting to fight communism on the front, which is why 50 and the favor allies trying to do good there, but men are so much more that has to be done. Tim Kennedy, our guest's book is Stars & Stripes. It's out you gotta go pick it up so I understand this, let me prune's limousine was hit by a loud bang and a possible attack. He was evidently in a decoy contingent, at which time according to telegram which I think they communicate a lot on the head of the security is now been arrested and now circle of people that knew his movement have very been detained. This to me looks like there was a assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin. Between that and the broadcasts on his friendly bug broadcast network that are condemning some of his tactics in the promises is a post was been delivered as he goes to me was present. She's gotta be shucked to shoot to his core to a degree.

I hope so long time only gain power. Arguably, some people say yes or preinvasion sanctions oligarchs got up in Greek and the planet with no money been hidden millions of different entities and organizations over the planet and we concur second that that the strong grip of the radical ideas of communism have been shaken. They are still rooted in obviously China and Russia still is in Ukraine until they have been pushed back to their proper sovereign borders and tell you know they they see ground that is not rightfully theirs.

I love hope. I know that we still have a lot of work to do and I ate very very premature for anyone to start making any victory assertions or say that he is in a dangerous condition there's not very very dangerous admitted to China in their meeting yes click that China has questions and concerns about Ukraine so maybe getting the message that taking Taiwan might be a lot harder than it looks from the outside and once war starts, you really have no control the narrative. How could Vladimir Putin, at the very least have miscalculated so so precipitously as he did, thinking he'll take Eve put in the new government and be done with it. How could he be so wrong. The arrogance of of dictator they thought the Russian troops. We believe that they would be welcomed as liberators.

Today they had been so the propaganda machine that is Russia for generations that they've been sent Ukraine is actually there ground like Moscow was built by Keith engineers and architects. In truth the other way around a lot of Russia truly belongs Ukraine back in history long, but in their pompous position and deleting the propaganda of their own lies. They just started believing that confirmation bias. They had this assumption that they would cross the border to be welcomed like liberators and everything over the Ukrainian Eastern cities all the way to keep a good call finally rushes Russia here. He forgot Ukrainians for years. Strong people that are proud of their heritage and proud of having that distinction.

The syncope that is their own country, their own entity and no it is that the pompous ignorance in the pompous belief of the dictator that they are truly the solution to the world and these narcissists and there's a few of them are are dangerous and filing appeal back to see what happens when they get to see the real world and the other set up arrow that say no you have cross our sovereign border. Good luck taking another inch.

My dead body. The pilot blast Timothy capable of going to some guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines, we saw about those nine planes that were brought up beside assassination attempt inside Moscow. Would that be one way is to continue to demoralize that unity think that the Ukrainians could do that and are doing. We've brought my favorite popular world, which is what Green Berets have been built to do.

Yet knowledge is no train guerrilla warfare, insurgencies, and the past few wars we've been fighting with and counterinsurgency fighting insurgencies that were the Caliban Al Qaeda, Hamas, but will get to see here's the script being flipped and you know your question. It's a very insightful one. Are they capable they have been training to do this for generations. There there there were horrible articles that were that were calling from Ukrainian high school fascists that were their training young men to be conscious in truth what was happening in all of those young men were being trained and prepared to have to fight against the comments invasion force in the been doing it for generation and now we got to see what that looks like when clearly somebody gets to stand up and say no you don't have the scrub are ground matter-of-fact work in a fight every tooth and nail every way imaginable, and they were to push back and put back not just to our borders, but your orders and that is what is truly dangerous by the insurgency is when the belief when we call the center of gravity when the center of gravity is so unifying that you cannot talk about until you talk about belief in their belief is that Ukraine is ours and Russia has no chance of toppling into my last cousin.

A lot of people say we should be involved helping write checks.

I firmly believe that you live or any of you been in war I study it I really believe George would be next mulled over and then they started putting the ball try to replace the Baltic nations with their own stooges and this would be something we be doing for the last 20 years, unless there stop there.

Do you think that that's a premise. They were hoping to pull off my beliefs do I want American taxpayer dollars to be being pumped into Ukrainian oligarchs or any criminal entities, absolutely not.

Libertarian constitutionalist, but now I do not like him and I would even argue that they were pushed all the original borders of the USSR not to check obviously: would you next Czech Republic will be on the door you think about that.

They went all the way to keep in there.

They were looking up: next cacao was on the radar, looking only to Prague, Czech Republic. We Napoleon, which is now the number two Apache owner on the planet. The Apache helicopter designed to fight kinks which you know the artillery and the mechanized units of the Russian military been really their best force and the rest of Eastern Europe took notice it's it's a shame the American people have not taken notice. To understand the ramifications of the second third order effects of what would happen in Europe if Russia would be successful in Ukraine. I see it, and heartened by the fact that you use you've witnessed it and are back to report on it pick up Tim's book to talk about what he's been through it and where is going to school Stars & Stripes. No unapologetically American story of fighting the Taliban UFC worriers and myself. Not me, but you Tim thanks goes great to talk to you yes or write back a moment the fastest growing talk show in America you're with breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show you find inspiring vision of a stronger their paper care for all children. Your extraordinary leadership has made glorious.

I like great that was that was part of the disaster which was two days ago at the White House. Many people think that Lindsay Graham said the new cycle for Democrats because he came out say something to pass a law if we get control the Senate on an offer it to put a national legislation add 15 weeks okay I don't know be so the cycle we try to do is take the most difficult issue for Republicans and knock it out of the way and say this will we stand. Most of all I think 80% Republicans pro-life and the ones that are pro-choice can deliver 15 weight 50 weeks which are doing is you getting people who are moderate in the middle, or to the left motivated to go vote so that'll be a challenge but I don't think it's as big a challenge as everyone says I'm not sure.

It doesn't seem as though that Lindsay Graham really helped too many people on the right. Even though we intended to William listening in South Bend WT RCA William Dr. I was right about that man shall live by.

And I think it really had an impact on people. Action was all wrong was incorrect. When you and my wife and I want to talk to about seven point I could swear it's probably doing the same strategy is going on locally. Years ago there was a guy that was running for a judge that he was assured and he soon became action but he had parking violations but he never paid you want to have when you talk about who is running 29 attraction is yeah it's unbelievable but I would say this I'm guilty of this. William is I sold the posy into as if I have five short-term memory loss when they realize how inaccurate they are. Remember Sue because Sen. Collins was sent to college was not supposed to be close in Maine.

She won handily. Joni urges collusion. Iowa was even close member. The warehouse was supposed to be those posted widen the margin of the house they came within 5C to take out the house last election and then if wasn't for the present from playing a role in my view of blowing this to Georgia seats the Republicans would have left would've held onto the Senate and the president would everyone save a prison trumped at 74 million votes, the most in Republican history. I believe ever so at 74 million. Considering all the scandal to impeachments and everything else that happen you know between the Moscow between the Russian hoax in the impeachment, considering that he almost won again. It's hard to believe that I'm still looking at the polls, but I dismissed Monmouth almost right away and I would say Trafalgar's been a little leans a little right, it seems, but it's much more accurate. I listen to Ben's.

I look at Pennsylvania been there a million times mostly through soccer tournaments and just travel got great stations over there and I don't see anybody going for left-wing representative and at a local level maybe in Philadelphia. Certain areas or as certainly a statewide level.

If you weigh the left. What you doing in Pennsylvania, this 20 estates for you but not Pennsylvania.

And that's what Federman is, I can't believe he is actually using escrow to his advantage. I mean, does he really need all these things to happen for him to debate you need to close caption he needs more time to digest what he reads housing sit there and read a piece of complicated legislation may housing even look at some of these bills in the past and even have a chance and understanding them unless all you know is I'm against fracking for legalizing marijuana on 40 cash bail.

I'm going to think criminal first aid don't need to know much detail about that.

I am just astounded. I knew the Dr. Oz and Dave McCormick were a good matchup and if Dr. Ross when he gets back to me. I have yet it's pretty good matchup got a high profile guy gets but they're both very conservative and not total, not 100% conservative but very conservative you are not conservative like to take a cruise but in Pennsylvania that needs to be some way in a moderate. I think someone way to the right is also not to be successful in Pennsylvania. That's why thought the Dr. Oz have a much easier time. Generally, that he would in the primary. If he ends up walking away with this. Never leave other people and events they have neck and neck with Tim Ryan. I think people the house Marvin Tim Ryan is not a moderate I thought he was please not over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not

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