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Bodies In Christ - 5 Keys To Kingdom Health Part 3

Bodies in Christ / Micheal R James
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May 25, 2024 8:00 am

Bodies In Christ - 5 Keys To Kingdom Health Part 3

Bodies in Christ / Micheal R James

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May 25, 2024 8:00 am

Michael continues discussing the 5 Keys to Kingdom Health and speaks with in studio guest, Folice Bailey from Kingdom Builders Associates. Bodies In Christ provides helpful understanding to get you back on the path to better health.


This is Sam from the Masking Journey Podcast, and our goal with the podcast has helped you to try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is time for Kingdom Health Transformation with Mike James. We're going to look at some of that. I went over the first key and kind of went through the other keys, and also today we have a special guest in the studio, one of our sponsors, KBA, Kingdom Builders Associates.

So we'll speak with one of their representatives here in the studio with me, but again, I appreciate you all jumping on and being on the radio today. And, you know, I know this is an interesting time. Now, when you start talking about nutrition and food, and guess what? Everybody's celebrating graduations. Everybody's thinking about the Memorial Day weekend, the cookouts, the, you know, the food's going to be coming off the grill and everybody's eating everything. That's okay, because if you were with me during the first week, I talked about, yeah, it's okay to have feast. And this is a time of year, this weekend where, yes, people are going to be feasting and that's okay. So one of the things, if you stick with me to where you don't have to think about those feast times because they're built in and you don't have to stress about them because, yeah, you can eat what you pretty much want to eat. But now what happens over time, what you want to eat will change. You'll still be eating what you want to, but what you want to eat is change, if that makes sense. So last week we talked about the vision, the vision for your health and why it's important to have a vision, really a vision that God has given you, but you have to be in agreement with that vision of what your best health look like, which I call kingdom health, right?

So let's think about this. The word says where there is no vision, the people perish, but also they will cast off restraint. So then if you don't have a vision, you'll pretty much go anywhere with your health and you'll be kind of tossed to and fro by what you see, what you read, what you hear, because guess what? Those commercials are coming for Big Macs.

Those commercials are coming for milkshakes and, you know, whatever else, the latest, you know, chili fries and anything else you can think of. You're going to be tempted. So now you have to already have a vision for who you are health wise as it relates to, you know, as it relates to the vision that God has given you and then walk that out. So now the second key as we were going through the five keys, the first key was vision.

You got to have a vision for your health. The second key is commitment. Now, what does it mean to really be committed? And see, I asked this question one time before I asked it in the class and I asked, can you really be committed to something and not do it? See that I mean, it seemed like that really said, well, I was committed, but this came up or that came up.

No, if that's the case, you really were not committed. See, commitment is it doesn't matter how the wind winds blowing, how you feel, what's going on at the time. Commitment is you do it. You do it because you're committed. Right. I mean, you think about marriage.

I'll use that as an example. You take those vows. You are committed not only to your spouse, but you're committed to God as you stand before God. And you make those vows and you make that commitment. And one of the things about marriage vows and they still say it. And because they know everything is not going to be sun sunshine and rainbows every day. So they they make you say these these words right in sickness and in health.

For Richard, the richer part is easy or poor. And to death, do what to death do us part because the premise behind it is you are committed. So now as we talk about the vision for health. You have to be committed, you know, just pray about it, you know, just really focus in on what is my best health. What if if I'm thinking about the health that God wants for me, which he already says in his word. Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. So I know that's God's will for me to be in health.

So what does that look like? Right. But then also you have to commit to that vision. And with commitment comes action. Because once you commit, then you're going to have faith for it, right?

Because you're going to hear what that commitment means to you. You're going to you're going to study, OK, listen, how am I going to fulfill this commitment and be prayerful about it? And you have faith for it. Now, once you have faith for it, you have the grace. God will give you the grace to fulfill the commitment. But then, too, we know that faith is not just believing because, yes, that's a big part of faith. You do have to believe to have faith, but also the word says faith without works is what is dead.

Absolutely. You answered that on the other end. So when we talk about that and we talk about your commitment, having faith and then God giving you the grace to fulfill the commitment. Then you have two of the keys as it relates to a vision and commitment, two of the keys to walk this thing out. So then it's just a matter of, you know, kind of how do I go through this process? Because I got to change my mind about a lot of things as it relates to health and what I believe in order to do something different. So now one of the things I want to do, and I mentioned this before and I'll do it every show because you can get this booklet and download it.

This will help you with the journey. Some of you all have made a decision and have said to yourselves, you know what? I can be better in my health. Some of you have said that.

Some of you said, I know I can. Some of you have said, I don't know why I've been inconsistent with my health, which I know, you know, God wants to bless me in that area. So you can go to and download those five keys with the questions and answers. It's almost like a workbook to kind of help you to help start you on your journey. And then also you can also register for a class we do on Mondays every Monday and and and really get some teaching around how to take your health to the next level, because the word says faith comes by hearing. So you have to hear the word on health in order to get faith for it and to build your faith for it so that you can walk this journey out and experience Kingdom Health. So, yes, that is what you know, that is definitely a formula for walking this thing out.

So kind of went over that. So what I want to do now, too, is just recognize one of our sponsors. And then as a matter of fact, we're going to get to a very special sponsor that's in the actual studio with me. But right now I'm going to talk about gifted healing, massage and body work, because stress relief is a big part of your health, you know, being stress free. And then also, you know, as you're exercising and embarking upon other activities, you definitely want to to be stress free. So angelic and Jericho artists with Healing Massage and Body Works LLC invite you to definitely come and see her if it whether it's pain relief or help the body's natural healing processes. She's there for that. She's a certified licensed massage therapist. She believed that really massage and her gift is helping people to to help to support them in this way. So you can reach her at 336-448-3511 and Jericho artists with Gifted Healing Massage and Body Work.

So now what we're going to do, we're going to transition. And as I mentioned, we have a special guest in the studio with us. And so I'm going to introduce her right now.

She's with KBA or Kingdom Building Associates. And as a matter of fact, I've known this young lady a long time. I have the full disclosure and it's good to see her because I haven't seen in a while. So it's good to it's good to see. And so I'm going to introduce Felice Bailey with Kingdom Building Associates. How are you doing, Felice? Wonderful, wonderful. Absolutely. It's good to see you.

Good to see you. So now one of the things I had a question about, because I know you're working with Kingdom Building Associates and I know you have done other work in education. And, you know, so you have an extensive resume. I won't get into it, but you can get into it when you start talking about kind of yourself and your journey and how you ended up here. But let me ask you this. What how did Kingdom Builders Associates, even you're in the building in the building field, what made you all decide to partner with a show on a Christian radio station about health and healing? Well, our name says it all. Kingdom Builders Associates. So we believe in the kingdom. We believe in the principles of the kingdom of God. And so when this opportunity presented itself, we welcome the opportunity because it aligns with our mission and our vision to establish kingdom principles here on earth. And so whenever you reached out to Kewan about this opportunity, it was just it was a perfect fit because health, wellness, fitness, all of those things align with what the kingdom of God says we are and what we are to do. And as a construction company, we not only want to build the community and build kingdom, but we also want to.

We know that it's important that our health and our wellness and our vitality is there in order for us to be able to do that and to sustain it. OK, that's awesome. That's awesome. So now how did you come about come about your partnership with with KBA? I am a retired educator of twenty six plus years and I met Kewan actually doing kingdom work.

I'm probably going to get in trouble, but he's a musician. And because he's a musician and I work with another ministry called Soul Care, he actually began playing for us for worship events. And as the time grew, he had this opportunity to I got to lend some gifts and some talents from being in administration and operation. And that wasn't he's in a you know, he's in a building stage.

The company's in a building stage. And so it was a great opportunity as I transitioned out of education to be able to work on the leadership team, to be able to build infrastructures and operational things with the company. So that was just kind of an open door, transitioning from one career, stepping into another. That's awesome. That's awesome. Sounds like a kingdom plan.

Sounds like God's hand was all over that. Absolutely. All right.

That's awesome to see. So now let me ask you this, because I know, you know, integrity is a big part of what you all do and believe in. But what's what really sets KBA apart? I think what sets us apart is is the fact that our meetings are focused on or our our our intentions are focused on legitimately building the kingdom. Whenever we start our meetings, we start out with prayer. Whenever we end our meetings, we start we end our meetings with prayer. We make sure that that's a focal point and that we are doing what we do because we believe that who we are and what we do will will build the kingdom of God.

And I think that's the thing that really sets up sets us apart. Awesome. Awesome.

That's awesome. So now I know you know, you're a builder and you know, what are some of the services that you offer? Remodeling, renovation, painting.

We can we can go from A to Z. We can start a project. And from the beginning of homes or commercials, whatever it is that you need, decks. We do a lot of decks and fencing and painting and renovation. So anything that you can think of that lands in the building industry or the construction industry, we do those things. We do those services. That's awesome.

That's awesome. So, yeah, we're going to get when when we come back from break, I'm going to ask you a couple of other questions. Just, you know, as it relates to I know you're a builder and you're in the building industry, but just kind of relating to health and wellness, because I've known you for a long time and you've already you've always taken care of yourself. So I'm ask you a few questions about, you know, just the health journey and why that's important to you. So, yeah, we're going to be going to break here in a couple of seconds.

But when we come back, we'll be back with our guest, Belize Bailey with KBA. If you or your loved one are facing challenges of intellectual development of disabilities or mental health diagnosis, Choice Behavioral Health and Consultive Services understand and they're here for you. Crystal Nickerson, owner and director, has been called by God into the role of pastoral counseling. She believes that the right relationship with God can transform lives, fostering right relationships with one another.

Call her today at 336-218-5176, where faith meets compassionate care. If you're in need of relaxation, rejuvenation, we'll look no further than Gifted Healing Massage and Body Work. Owned by Anjureka Artis, a licensed massage therapist since 2021.

She sees her abilities as a gift from God that's meant to be used for healing and edification. Experience the benefits of consistent massage therapy, reduce stress, relieve pain and support the body's natural healing processes. Call Anjureka Artis at 336-448-3511. Kingdom Builders Associates KBA was established in 2018 out of a heart to build trust and value for each client's experience and with the mission to advance the kingdom of God. One reason KBA exists is to set a precedent for and create the standard of excellence in the construction industry. That's excellent customer service through excellent craftsmanship by skilled craftsmen managed by highly qualified professional project managers. Visit them online at If you're tired of living with pain, Crawford Chiropractic Clinic has been serving the Greensboro community for 30 years helping patients recover from accidents and promoting overall health. Their compassionate team is there to support you and your journey to wellness. With Crawford Chiropractic, you're not just a patient, you're family. Remember at Crawford Chiropractic Clinic, they've got your back.

Visit them and experience the difference. Call 336-373-8344 and online at All right. All right. Yeah. Welcome back.

Welcome back. So as I mentioned, we do have Felice Bailey with Kingdom Builders Associates in the studio with us. So we're excited about that. So Felice, as I mentioned, so I know I've known you for a long time.

Yes. And, you know, and one of the things we talked about, you know, when you heard about kind of what we were doing and who was doing it that, you know, I had been in the nutrition, health and nutrition space for quite a while. But also, you know, the thing about you, you have always taken care of yourself health wise and everything. And let me ask you this, you know, as a believer, because, again, it's all about kingdom. Why has that been important to you? Well, the word of God lets us know.

And I think I think it's Genesis 126 or 129, 129 focus on. I've always I've always believed that what we put in our bodies matter. And I've always believed that God gives us what we need, the fruit of the land, the seed. He gives us what we need for us to be healthy.

I could go off on a soapbox, but honestly, I really believe that we are what we eat, what we put in our body matters. And I've always, you know, really been self-conscious about that, been conscientious about that, because I want to live a life of longevity. I want to live a life of health and vitality. You know, we have so many things that God has given us to do, our gifts and our talents. And I believe that our health is also a gift. So many can take it for granted. And I've just not been one that's tried to do that.

I've tried to exercise, eat right, be mindful of what I'm putting in my body. I haven't always done that. But I've learned as I've grown as a Christian, as a believer, that that really, really does matter. And so that's just that's you're much like you. That's that's been a part of who I've been for the longest. Even as a little girl, I remember whenever I would see somebody doing something, you know, smoking or something like that, you know, parents or whatever. I remember telling them, don't do that.

That's going to hurt your lungs. You know, I was a little girl, but, you know, those are little things. So they it's just kind of an innate desire to be healthy and well, because our bodies are temples and we represent the kingdom. And if we're going to be vessels, then we need to look like what the kingdom says we should look like and represent what the kingdom of God says we should. So that's kind of been where I've kind of way I've always thought. Awesome.

Awesome. Yeah, that's that's that's interesting because, you know, even as you said, you know, bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. So, you know, and I know sometimes it's hard to sometimes it's hard to kind of stick to, you know, OK, the right way of eating and everything else. But, you know, one of the things I try to encourage people to do, whether it's in the class or just, you know, just whenever I get the opportunity is it's not a matter of taking things away from you. More so than adding what is good, you know what I mean?

Because as you mentioned, Genesis one twenty nine, God gave us the blueprint about what's good. This is what's good. This is what I meant to be your food, to be your meat, as it says in Genesis. And it's just a matter of getting more of that on our plate. Right. As opposed to, you know, taking away everything.

No, get more of this on your plate. And so, like you talked about vitality, that's another thing, too, as we're completing the mission that God has given us, whatever that is, whether it's in the church, whether it's at work, whatever. You know, life, I feel like is a mission.

Right. Our whole life, not just what we do on Sunday mornings, our whole life is a mission. So, you know, having the energy and vitality to be effective in our whole life is a part of that mission.

And so that's why I feel like it's important to, you know, get the word out to really, you know, help believers to. OK, let's get a change of mind that we can walk in this direction and really make health a priority, because, you know, it should be. I mean, we only get one of these bodies while we're here. Only one. Only get one of these bodies while we're here. You can buy a new car, you can get a new Tesla, the bar, you know, if the one you have is broken down or whatever. But I said Tesla because I don't know why I said Tesla, but it's all good. But you only get one.

You only get one of these bodies. So I'm going to pivot back to KBA. OK. And so how long has KBA been in business? How long have you been in business?

2018, December 2018. OK, OK. So now who are who's an ideal customer? I know you mentioned some of the things that you all do. So so what what areas do you kind of is your sweet spot or things you all really enjoy doing from a building standpoint and helping people with? Well, we do a lot to help those individuals with like fire and water restoration.

You know, we've had several clients that have had unfortunate events that have happened in their lives. And so it's really an honor for us to be able to go in, go back in and restore their homes after they've had tragic events. You know, we also want to make sure that really anyone who has a need that wants to beautify their home. OK, that we can fit that need. We really like to work with a clientele, a premier clientele to help them to make their home, their place, a place where they want to be a sanctuary.

And it's important for us to be able to do that in a spirit of excellence. And so any time there's a customer that that's in a need that has something that they're doing to their home for the beautification of it, because they really want, you know, our homes are sanctuaries, right? It's where we go for peace.

It's where we go to get away from the woes of the world and out of the marketplace. And so whenever we have the opportunity to serve a client and a customer to help their homes be a sanctuary, we're always open to do that. That's awesome.

That's awesome. So so basically, you know, from a restoration standpoint, that's that's a big thing. If someone has gone through whether it's water damage, fire damage or something like that in the home has to be restored.

OK, I see that. And then also just beautification. If you want to if you want to decks, if you want a man cave, read the bathroom remodeling kitchen remodeling building. There was a situation at one time when a loved one wanted to move their elderly parents in because they were dealing with an illness, built a room for them to be able to do that. Our heart really is about serving people and helping them to do. I know that there was a situation one time where there was a pastor and she needed some support with her facility. And so we we did roofing. We went and did roofing.

So really it is it is out of a heart of serving and giving the community what they need so that they can serve God and serve humanity and serve the community as they need to. OK, awesome. Awesome. So remind us again, how can we reach or how can you all be reached if someone is reaching out to KBA?

OK. So for us, you can find us online at W.W.W. KBA builders dot com. You can also find us at KBA underscore services. And so if you go there, you will find us there at any given time to serve. OK, awesome.

Awesome. Felice, I want to thank you for being in studio with this. This was a lot of fun. Like I said, we hadn't seen each other in a long time.

And yes, it's been a while. And I'm glad to hear that you're doing well. And I know, you know, with your retirement, but then you were able to step right into something that I'm sure God will will bless the works of your hand because, you know, you just always have operated with the spirit of excellence. I appreciate that. I know you will continue to do that and serve the public as it relates to home building your part, whether it's, you know, from an administrative end. But still, I know they'll get the best service. Absolutely.

That's absolutely possible. Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure being here.

Absolutely. So, listen, enjoy your weekends out there. Memorial Day weekend. Everybody be safe. You know, again, enjoy the food. You know, enjoy the cookouts, you know, the graduation parties and everything else that comes with it. But we'll see you again next week.

Same time, same channel. Listen, God bless. And remember that the thief comes to steal, kill and to destroy.

But the beautiful thing about it is he came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. God bless. And we'll see you next week. Oh, and also remember the five keys.

You can get the five keys at the number five keys. Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. Join in every Thursday at three thirty p.m. and Saturday at nine thirty a.m. for a Kingdom Health Transformation with Mike Jay on the light. This is the Truth Network.
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