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The Ministry of Presence

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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April 21, 2021 8:00 am

The Ministry of Presence

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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April 21, 2021 8:00 am

Pastor Mike Karns updates church and missionary information, then speaks from Job 2 beginning at 32-30.

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Good evening to you from beacon Baptist Church. Thank you for joining me this evening for our lifestream service. It's been a beautiful spring day, and it is going to get cold this evening, calling for a Frost, 33, 34° so it is that time a year said to me yesterday should not it should be. There should be a law against it freeze and after April 15 were not in charge of that so what good have you here with me this evening, just a few announcements to bring up to speed.

I will have a life people present services coming Sunday both morning and evening. I'm sorry mate, let me clarify people present services Sunday morning?

Not be away on vacation. He and Marty are going up to see Marty some married sister of faith was married to Ken Mays, and Ken has Parkinson's and they want to be able to visit with them while their health is still sufficient enough to enjoy visit so going to make a trip there and I'll be preaching here Sunday morning people present pastoral tour will conduct a lifestream only service Sunday night so heads up for this coming Lord's day off encouraged will meet on April 27 is Tuesday, April 27 at 915 in the fellowship hall known a new announcement of your getting the prayer sheet is concerning the Ocean City Bible conference you are aware that they did not have a conference this past year because of covert. They are planning on holding a conference this year but with reduced attendance.

They run three, 300, 350 in attendance typically enough talk to the staff there at the church in their planning to reduce that in half so around hundred and 50 people so the fact that they didn't have a conference last year and are planning to one this year as soon as registration opens up II anticipate within a couple of days. The registration will be full so all that to say, if you're interested in going to the Bible conference. Let me know as soon as you can so I've got my calendar marked two dates to the dirt anticipating opening opening up registration and I will be on that date's and his check that day. First date they gave me and registrations open all have those planning to go and I'll get everybody registered so I need to know your name and your intentions are if you're planning to go to the conference this year. I know there's a couple folks that are already planning to go told me so.

So I like to go to take a group pastoral tour and Jane Margolin with take the group this year so let us know as soon as you can still some copies of we will not be silenced by Irma lutes or Dr. lutes are in the book room. So take advantage of that resource. The top of the Percy tonight we have over the verse from Proverbs chapter 16 in verse 20 that says he who heeds the word wisely will find good, and whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he a man in a manner that is take a look at the will before we do let me pray and then we'll look at prayer requests.

Father, we bound your presence tonight to thank you. We have audience with you through your son, the Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you for life and for health and for strength and most of all, we thank you for salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ will be.

Thank you for the soundness of mind, we thank you for the ministry. The spirit of God illuminates our minds that we might understand Scriptures thank you for the word of God that is a light unto our pathway father. It's food for our souls, and it leads us in the way everlasting.

Pray that you bless our service this evening as we turn again to the book of Job and consider the ministry of presence. Lord, we thank you for the ministry of your Holy Spirit, who is with us, you sent him return to glory back you said it is expedient that you go away, because if you don't do not go away. You will not be able to send the comforter Lord you did go away and you did send him the Paraclete, the one who abides within the one who was with us as long as were on the face of this earth. So Lord, please enable him to minister to our hearts and to our needs this evening. Father, you know, our needs and you know our hearts and we ask that you help us to draw near unto you to resist the devil might flee from him.

Thank you father for this Wednesday night for people of God's who make up beacon Baptist Church were gathered around the Internet to participate in the service tonight. Lord blesses draws near to you and one another. Pray in Christ name, amen. Now prayer requests are government official.

The week is Methvin counsel member Patricia Patricia Phillips were praising the Lord of Marseilles, Councilman got a good report from her recent eye surgery so she said both arise done and she is got that behind her and enjoying improved eyesight. We thank the Lord for that and remembers were asking you to remember Betty Duncan who continues to suffer with back pain and is very weak. Pray for Pat as well as he has responsibility for air and Jeannie she has moved in with their in Greensboro we pray ask you to pray for Drew Guthrie. She continues to battle cancer Doris Loftus she's recovering from a broken arm. Debbie red is she's dealing with issues related to balance walking. She's asking that the therapy did. She goes through will indeed help her with that. So please stand with Debbie in that regard, and for Shirley Watkins who had to go to the ER again last week is now home.

She said three or four trips to the ER checked out and then sometimes receiving fluids and returning home, so continue to remember Shirley if you would breast-feed. Remember Tom Allred retired missionary to Saipan brother to William Allred who attended here number years ago Tom comes to our tri-state's health allows him but he went under the knife for open heart surgery on Monday.

He and I had an email exchange last weekend and made me aware that so he was having shortness of breath and they went in for catheterization. Anticipating that he need have a stent put in blockage in the order was in such a place that they could not do that it necessitated bypass surgery so pray for Tom Allred. We have some good news with Jeff Etheridge date of this is Jane. The tour's cousins husband was seriously injured in a work-related accident has been taken to Moore County Hospital for inpatient rehab. Anticipation is a newbie there several weeks and then continue with rehab at home so improvement there with with him. Keith Sir Muskie man and we prayed for a friend of Joel Fanon up in Canada got an update for with him my note here says he is now home and continues to deal with some issues including weakness on his left side, especially the shoulder and hand is lung health is improving. He was able to spend a couple of hours at work for company lunch. He has a heart test on April 30 to rule out the need for an internal defibrillator and there are some issues with insurance so continue to pray for him and for his spiritual needs. He's a man who needs to know Christ, Robert Sweet Ryan Cardwell's father-in-law, Sarah Cardwell's father had heart catheterization again on Monday.

I don't know how many of those he said 45 in the last six months or so. The doctors did not find any signs the required intervention but during catheterization.

He had a dangerous spike in his blood pressure which required them to immediately give him blood pressure lowering medication.

So the cardiologist thinks he may be having the spikes in blood pressure when he is exerting himself at work in just daily daily activities. So they've adjusted his medication to bring his blood pressure spikes under control and trusting that that is what has been creating the chest pain and discomfort that he's been dealing with. Amy Freeman is asking us to stand with her in prayer for mother and father Daniel naming the family working towards moving them here.

Amy's father David has dementia and is in Shepard's care in Greenville South Carolina so plan is for four Naomi to move here to live with Daniel and Amy and then them to move her dad David to from Shepard's care to a local facility?

When read portions of a email exchange that he had with Laverne wall staff meeting today.

Nothing real newsworthy other than things up in the air there in the country.

She'd like to come to the states for a period of weeks five or six weeks but it depends on the school schedule depends on the restrictions at the border and coming going so she has no definite plans but was good to hear correspondence with from her. So continue to remember her in your prayers, and Mike Webster sees recovering from colon cancer surgery were asking you to pray for the family of darling guarantor, sister of Barbara Coble wife to Rance guarantor he passed away this past Saturday.

I think maybe it was Friday.

Friday evening at a graveside service will be scouted scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at Pleasant Hill Christian church with a reception to follow the service in the church fellowship hall.

That's a graveside service at Pleasant Hill Christian church for darling guarantor salvation were asking you to remember Andrew Fleming, nephew of Amy Freeman spiritual needs under cancer of updates friend of Nancy Verity David Moxley had a scan. I recently revealed a small growth and has started to week round of radiation on Monday.

He said several bouts, several rounds of chemotherapy can't take anymore that administer radiation to them to help deal with this so recent cancer detection. Dana Smith is a dear friend of Jamie Henshaw. She is found out again. She's has cancer. This is the third time and she will be undergoing a minimum of six months of treatments with potential dangerous side effects of Jamie would appreciate you standing with her in regards to her friend, Dana Smith and then Naomi Williams Freeman's mother has cancer. As I mentioned they're working on moving her here so that's the prayer requests I want one other that comes to my mind, I talked with Paul Ellis this afternoon. Nancy Ellis, who was hospitalized Covidien ammonia header or lung collapsed. They thought the lung was healing so they released from the hospital, but recent test revealed that they're going to have to try correct that, along with the surgical procedure.

So the plan is a vacant find a bed or to have surgery tomorrow she will be in the hospital for 25 days.

Please remember Nancy Ellis in your prayers as we think of the needs that we've spoken of in the needs we all have.

I'm reminded of this.

Some well-known him has endeared itself to so many of us know an old-time him. What a friend we have in Jesus. What a friend we have in Jesus all our sin and griefs to bear.

What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.

Oh what peace we often forfeit all what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer. Have we trials and temptations. Is there trouble anywhere not to look hard and long to find that we should never be discouraged taken to the Lord in prayer. Can we find a friend so faithful, who will all our sorrows share Jesus knows our every week take it to the Lord in prayer. Are we weak and heavy laden comfort with a load of care, precious Savior, still our refuge. Take it to prayer, do thy friends despise for safety take it to the Lord in prayer in his arms he'll take and shield the thou wilt find a solace there.

Amen and amen on that. Let me share some missionary correspondence with you this evening. This is from Tom and Connie Chapman came on Friday in box. They write their praying friends. This letter is truly a prayer letter. Tom's health is our main Prairie West right now in March. He spent two days in the hospital after having lots of headache and dizziness.

Tests showed low sodium, but everything else was a much normal he's been drinking the electrolyte drinks and limiting his water intake is heart test were normal in the Cova test was negative would covet your prayers for comfort and for wisdom and for the doctors then I Connie would like to share with you the thoughts that are upholding us through these trials. He says the reassurance of our calling of our salvation and of our calling to Antofagasta, Chile. We have never lost the presence of God in us. We know he is there, even though at times we find it hard to pray, being so distracted even confused. I ask myself how often in his many trials did Paul have to bring to mind is salvation on the road to Damascus. What is the anchor of our lives.

If you have life in Christ. It will be more evident in a trial than in any other time in your life you will know it you will have an intercom, I trust in God's sovereignty in all things. We are just thankful to be part of his eternal plan.

She's again recounting thoughts that are upholding her this time of trial. And I thought would be good to share this because it's applicable to all of us. She says the reworking of our faith recall has not stood here on Wednesday nights we been talking about the development of persevering faith. She says the reworking of our faith. Patients in trial we see things in the Scriptures. Every day that speak to us, assuring us of what God has done in the past, encouraging us to submit to his will and believe his word and encourage us to persevere in this trial. I personally also had to stop and be reminded of Tom's heart to serve the Lord of his strong desire to help form a new work for the Lord and Antofagasta when it seems God is obscuring that goal and effort. At least for the moment Tom's discouraged, fearful, questioning what God was doing and why he felt that he was doing all he could to keep a healthy body. Why was God letting this happen one night in March, I heard him pray. I don't understand Jesus disciples must've thought or spoken the same prayer, they believe, but needed to be reassured and to have their faith reworked and renewed to produce more fruit and more Christ likeness in them. So it is we don't understand, but we don't have to. We have a God who understands that it'll all is working together for our good.

Our desires that this trial will not only reassure us of our calling and rework our faith, but that they will also renew us for whatever future ministry God has for.

She says I heard in a sermon recently that our trials produce in us new life defined by boldness to speak the truth of God's love for God and others enjoying service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We see it in the physical world. The seed dies and produces new life. The goal that is put through fire and the water that is boiled to purify it. How much more true, is it is of the trials God allows in our lives, and of the results he wants to accomplish through them. She says one of the good things that we have seen the Lord do in these weeks is to arouse in our son Dan a concern.

His dad, he calls us weekly now wants us to call him anytime. Please pray for the salvation of Dan, his wife Kelly and daughter. Serenity also Chile's cup Cova numbers are higher than ever are people need grace and strength for this time of strict warranting that affects normal activities and meeting in person.

We all are so ready to get back to meeting together pray for God to be glorified in our lives. In these difficult times. Thank you all for your faithful prayers for us.

We are aware that many of you are facing similar or worse trials and ours and we pray the same things for you.

May God bless and may you be renewed in your service or Christ grateful for your prayers, Tom and Connie chat.

Here's a interesting look into the lives of Tony and Kathy pain but more of a personal letter little universe in some respects, but he Senate because he wants us to. I think demystify the notion about. Sometimes we have missionaries that they live a life so contrary, Dawson, God protects them from all these things and their lives are so abnormal compared to ours but I think if you hear this, you'll see no the deal with some of the same things we do.

So he writes dear pastors and friends, we thank the Lord for his faithful provision for us all these years. Recently, Mount Calvary that is there sending church held a 30 year memorial for Pastor Boyd. We can personally testify that his ministry still impacts our lives and ministry day many things he taught us have kept us here. He taught us, if you take care of God's business. He will take care of yours from beginning full-time deputation in February 1987 with $25 a month support to her to arriving on the field.

In July 1988. We have never known God to fail to provide.

We are very thankful for your faithful support all these years. He says are able. 20, 21, prayer letters being edited and should be out by the end of the month. He says I do not want to repeat here any current update from that prayer letter but allow me to share some bits of news likely will not make the prayer letter recently when Kathy was visiting Serino one of our ladies.

A neighbor brought us.

It a neighbor brought a sick six week old puppy to the door and said here's the puppy you asked for. Kathy coddled the puppy and suggested that Serena could name him so Keith's little socks because he has for pure white feet.

Serena said that she had asked for the dog for her friends husband. Later that evening Serena called and begged Kathy to ask Pastor to please take the dog because Monica's husband did not want the puppy. This is the Monaco is meeting weekly with Kathy during our offer con translation of the exchange. He says I was in Delft between visits. When Kathy called me to asked me to look at the dog and consider getting him I did not want the puppy but long story short, we have inherited the little orphan now why did I not want him because he is a Jack Russell terrier. They say no one owns a Jack Russell terrier, but rather the Jack Russell Terrier owns you. He says please pray he has been whimpering and yelping for two nights and now I am wondering how much of that I will be able to preach over on Sunday when we again hold our service in our back garden.

I trust you've been praying for a venue in Delft the church to meet because winter rains are coming and socks is now with us. Pray for our neighbors Brian and Natosha who have been attending our services all year. Recently, Kathy delivered their six week old baby girl. When the ambulance arrived too late. After Brian called us to ask us to come at 1220 in the morning.

Do you see how interesting serving God is pray for enablement and daily grace from above. In his service, Tony and Kathy pain and he says PS please forgive this on personalized group letter. Frankly, I enjoyed reading it and I think you probably enjoyed hearing.

Here's a an update from Larry Bunyan hiring Carol Bunyan who are ministering in Montana among the Blackfeet Indians on the Blackfeet reservation. They write dear friends, we are in the midst of the most glorious celebration.

The greatest event in the history of the world, the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. So he's writing this at Easter time.

He says the angel's words were not only ending a an announcement.

They were also I remind her he is risen as he said Dr. Luke records the angel saying he is not here, but is risen. Remember how he spoke to you when he was still in Galilee saying the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified in the third day rise again.

All we need reminders. There is so much that we do not see so much that our finite minds do not grasp the weakness and frailty of our sin cursed.

Humanity often blinds even we who know the Lord. Some truths we are not ready to receive spiritual immaturity, carnal perspectives, lack of understanding all contribute to our inability to perceive spiritual truth as Jesus said to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus later that day, O foolish ones and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets of spoken. May we see the familiar, but blessed stories of the Scriptures with fresh eyes and open hearts and embrace them. Then he says we know that you will be reading this letter after resurrection Sunday, but we pray that your celebration season was filled with the blessing of God. They continue Carol is been counseling a young adult native mother who has had some difficult life issues to face this young lady was one of our want to kids years ago.

So we have been acquainted with her since her childhood. Carol had the joy of seeing her professed faith in Christ. A few weeks ago during one of their sessions.

Please pray for Carolyn for this young mother. She has an uphill battle in several areas of life. We've requested prayer for Jay several times over the last couple of years we had another opportunity to speak with him last week he stop by the church with a few questions and we talk for about an hour. He is searching for solutions to the destructive choices that he sees his friends and relatives making he's read quite a bit of the Bible made many notes but is still trying to synchronize the Scriptures with native tradition. Pray that God will open his eyes to truth in the hope found in the gospel. The Lord opened the door for Larry to speak at two funerals recently. The gatherings were large and provided another great opportunity to preach the gospel to many unbelievers pray with us for a harvest from the planting of seeds. We also rejoice to report to you that after 11 months we were able to return to our church facility in Harborview Sunday in February. Their attendance says steadily grown they had. I think he tells us 50 or so voices. We had a wonderful resurrection Sunday beginning with a breakfast at church than the service to follow. They were close to 50 people there including a number of unbelievers they are continuing to minister through sermon audio. They have 50 to 100 people watching the video every week so there encouraged by that. He says some on top of that, pressing ministry there and argue they have been reaching out to another area and he speaks of that here.

He says for the last 18 months we have driven up into the mountains on Sunday afternoon to conduct the service at a small church fellowship in a sparsely populated area. It is 160 mile round trip, but the folks there are trying to maintain a gospel presence in their area and we are willing to help them. So that's something we can really undergird in prayer and then they conclude the letter with this news about Nathan. Nathan celebrated his 40th birthday on March 21. Hard to believe, but true. He was home with us for two weeks between his birthday and resurrection Sunday his sisters and their families all came for his birthday so was nice was a nice family gathering for a couple of days were thankful that our children are walking with him. Thank you for your faithful prayers and continuing financial support. Thankful for your partnership with us.

May God bless you resting in him. Larry and Carol so there were three updates that I think are very encouraging to us now turn with me to the book of Job book of Job for Psalms Gartner Job chapter 2 beginning to read at verse 11. Now when Job's three friends heard of all this adversity that had come upon him. Each one came from his own place. Eliphaz the Taman night Bildad the shoe light and so far the name of site, for they had made an appointment together to come and mourn with him, and to comfort him. When they raised their eyes from afar, and did not recognize him, they lifted their voices and wept in each one tore his robe and sprinkled dust on his head toward heaven, so they sat down with him on the ground seven days and seven nights, and no one spoke a word to him, for they saw that his grief was very great knowing these covert days. We are finding it challenging to apply some of the one another passages that we are admonished concerning in the Scriptures we had to be creative in how to do some of these things things it work pretty natural to us because were not able to come alongside people we've had to rethink that know you have. When the Bible says to bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Bear one another's burdens, it seems that that implies a closeness that we have to come alongside people and in order to help them bear their burdens tonight. I want us to look at this account of Job and his three friends. It's wonderful when we go through trials and difficulties in times of sorrow that we have friends's that are willing to come to us, have their lives disrupted and there plans and agendas altered in order to come and concentrate their efforts in ministering to us.

When Job didn't have just one friend. He had three friends that are mentioned here in the Scriptures, as we look again at verse 11. Like for us to think about these three headings that make up verse 11, number one, a report received number two a plan conceived number three. A goal perceived illusory headings here from verse 11. Let's pick this verse apart. A report received.

Now when Job's three friends heard of all this adversity that had come upon him, that is Joe and then each one of the three friends are mentioned by name.

A report received Job's three friends heard of the calamity, the adversity did come upon Joe we don't know how they receive this news. They lived in three different areas. But each of them receive news concerning the adversity that Job faced in again. We don't know how they learned that we don't know how long it took for them to learn and although it's implied that it wasn't too long after the death of his children and the destruction of his property and his belongings and perhaps his health as well. You don't know exactly what a report was received and it's good I think for us to realize that when God brings news across our pathway concerning people that we know that he does that for a reason he does that to alert us to a need and to activate in our hearts. Concern for the person or persons, or family and whatever that need might be that we might be praying that we might be alert to opportunities to minister in various ways and distance will determine what some of those things we might be able to do through a neighbor that'll that will dictate some very tangible things we might be able to do, but to connect this thought that when it's not just happenstance that we learn of somebody's adversity. Someone has discovered cancer you know when we find this out through a phone call or through a post on Facebook.

What we do with that which is it just information that we don't process is in one ear and out the other week, or is God alerting us to a need and for us to pause and to think and pray into sympathize with this person and then depending on the situation to be further involved, but number one hear a report received Job's three friends all three of them different places where they live received this report and it tells us a number things Lisa number things are implied. Number one the reputation of Job that he was well known in the area. He was Job lived during the time of the patriarchs. He was a contemporary to some of the patriarchs, so he will. He was well known. His reputation went far and wide in the calamities that came upon him, that kind of news spreads fast and I don't know what means they had for news to spread, but these three men received this news rather quickly order for them to respond when they did so number one a report received number two a plan conceived. This is now when Job's three friends heard of all this adversity that had come upon him. Each one came from his own place. Eliphaz the Taman night Bildad the shoe white and so far the name of site, for they had made an appointment together an appointment together. That's up interesting word there in Hebrew translated in my Bible appointment. Can I consulted a couple of other translations in the idea here is the date came update. They made a pack between the three of them sauce wives call this a plan can see the had this report that came to him it to them.

Each one and somehow they were able to communicate with one another. I don't know. Again, how long that took in some time goes by here but they all three learned of their friend and of his adversity and they came into an agreement they made an appointment a pack together and work together indicates that they were collaborating together.

They were communicating with one another and again I just don't know what means they had in order to do that. It seems to suggest that perhaps they did live too far apart, but anyway, a report received a plan conceived they made a pact among themselves that they're going to go and minister to their friend and what was there a goal perceived they perceived as they went there they would have a ministry to Job and what was that goal perceived wealth. The rest of verse 11 says, for they'd made an appointment together to come and mourn with him and to comfort him. Three things are mentioned.

Were going to go to our friend.

This necessitates our physical presence were going to go to to Joe Morgan to go find him and were going to draw near to him and Morgan have a ministry to him were going to mourn with him and were gonna comfort him. That's what they said it's good to have a plan is good to see this. The Job had friends, let's think about these three men for moment and what we know about them. The first is Eliphaz the Taman night Eliphaz, the timid night. He's mentioned first and by consulting other places in the Scriptures where his name comes up Job chapter 15 tells us that he's a gray-haired man. He's an aged man. He's some much older even than Job's own father. Now we stop and try and get some kind of an idea how old. Job might've been Job had 10 grown children, so Job was not a 30-year-old man in I don't know exactly, but I would say let's just say he's he's a 50-year-old man he's got 10 grown children that he lost in this calamity. And here's this man whose is old or older than his own father. Here's a man.

Maybe 7075 years of age. Eliphaz Jeremiah says this Jeremiah chapter 49 verse seven asks this question is are no longer any wisdom in team and has good counsel been lost to the prudent has their wisdom decay. Eliphaz was at Taman night Tim and was a famous was famous for its wise men of the East and that's where Eliphaz was. So he's a man with a reputation of wisdom he's got some age on him and he's a friend of Joe. Eliphaz will speak first.

Here and in each time the three friends have something to say he be the first one to speak, Job, chapter 42, when God will speak later. He refers to Eliphaz as a representative of the other counselors so he's has a reputation of wisdom and age and maturity so that Sue Eliphaz is Bildad. Bildad the shoe I Bildad does not show up anywhere else in the Bible we don't know anything about him except what we learn about him in the book of Job, but at this point. We know this abiding Bildad was a friend of Joe we know quite a bit about Joe Job was an upright man, a God-fearing man because Bildad was a friend of Job. It says something about the kind of character he must have an excellent reference for his own character. He is a friend of Joe and then so far.

So far the name of site so far means young bird young bird.

He was the youngest of this trio of friends and again I pause to say if you if you have been battered in life's storms the way Job has. You need a friend.

Job doesn't just have a friend he has three friends who have gone out of their way to come to him in order to minister to him. So what we learn here in verse 12 it says and when they when they when they raised their eyes from afar. They probably had to consult with somebody. Perhaps they knew where he lived.

They went to the house.

Perhaps one of those servants that was spared in the destruction alerted them to where Job was that he was outside the city on the ash heap.

Perhaps a met with his wife and found out from his wife where Job was.

We again we don't know how they knew where to go looking for Joe but they came into the information. The Job was outside the city at the city dump in it says and when they raised their eyes from afar, and did not recognize him. They did not recognize him. Now we don't know how long it'd been since they'd seen Joe but they were his friends. So the assumption is that they been in his presence about at other times that I know who Job wasn't what he looked like, but Job wore the battle scars of adversity and Job did not look like himself.

He had suffered and he had suffered greatly and hear his friends come in a barely recognize him, they lifted their voices and they wept.

The Hebrew text says that these men were literally whale. They wailed in grief and shock gives us some kind of an idea of the physical suffering. The Job was enduring at this time.

Not only had a heady suffered catastrophic loss children and property and livestock and reputation in now his own physical body is racked they raise their voices and they wept. What other reactions are recorded here, it says each one tore his robe and sprinkled dust on his head toward heaven. The tearing of the robe is a is an outward expression of their grief of the heart ache that they were experiencing throwing dust on their heads was a custom that was done to identify with the sufferer and then verse 13 says so they sat down with him on the ground seven days and seven nights. You say will why seven days and seven nights would just as we have customs in our day that are observed for deaths and funerals. There were customs that were true and that day and seven days and seven nights was customary, the customer a time set aside for appropriate morning. We have some examples in the Scriptures. Joseph mourned for his father Jacob for seven days after he died in Egypt.

Genesis 50 verse 10 the men of Jay – Jillian mourned the death of King Saul for seven days. In first Samuel chapter 31 and verse 13 and again Job has already mourned.

No doubt the customary seven days for the death of his children because what came upon them came into stages that was the first thing death of his children and his property and his livestock is servants but then his health so he's already been through a period of mourning, but here, he's friends, to identify with him and to minister to him and for seven days and seven nights.

They said what else did they do.

They were silent, says, and no one spoke a word to no one spoke a word to doing never been in a room with somebody in 30 minutes. Seems like half a day if no one is talking not a word they speak to Joe. Why is that prep just out of respect for him. Perhaps they evaluated the situation and said this this defies human explanation. I don't know what to say. We've all been there.

We've all been close to somebody who's suffered family members died. We want to go want to minister to them. I want to identify with that. We want to comfort them. We want to minister to them and I think it's wise to realize that people are looking for an explanation from us that there were there looking for a sympathizing presence there there looking for us to draw near to them and Job's friends are wise in that regard, and what's interesting is they didn't come offering an explanation and God didn't give an explanation. So when God doesn't give an explanation I think is pretty wise for them and for us not to be offering one there's mystery with God. There is mystery and suffering. We we we best not pretend we have all the answers, but they came to minister it says their goal was to mourn the come to him to mourn with him, which they did, and to comfort him to comfort him. In order to comfort somebody your your your going to share in their pain when we identify emotionally with people we weep with them we cry with them a hug on them love on them.

We are ministering were comforting them and we have learned. I think I think this church excels in this that many times at comfort is very very tangible. It's carrying a meal it's running errands for people.

It's cleaning the house. It's doing laundry its washing dishes at mowing the lawn.

It's it's we we don't ask what can we do for you, we see things to do and we do it and that's the kind of ministry. I think that is effective and is blessed by God. We don't want to forget where these men are these men are at the city garbage dump. I think in a previous message I mentioned visiting the garbage dump in the heat of summer and I want to get rid of my garbage as quick as I can and get out of there smell in the squawking birds well.

These men didn't just go for an afternoon visit.

They spent seven days and seven nights. So when the sun came down they found a place to sleep when the sun rose in the morning. There they were, and they did that for seven days and seven nights.

While if you ever noticed no one is invited to a funeral you don't get an invitation to a funeral you get an invitation to weddings but you don't get an invitation to a funeral.

Invitations are mailed out word spreads and true friends show up and if they can't come because of distance or some other reason. They send flowers or they send notes or cards or communicate in some way to the sufferer. So despite the fact that were living in Cova days were not cut off for up from tangible ways of expressing ministry to people and I'm not saying that it there is never time to say a word minister the word of God to people.

I think that is one of the tools we have a significant tool we have, but just a couple of verses that I want to remind you of that are helpful here. Proverbs 20 5/11 is like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in season spoken in the right circumstance. Proverbs 1523 a man is joy in an apt answer, and how delightful is a timely word so when I think about these men. One man in particular comes to my mind and that is Gerald counts Gerald counts was a gifted man. He had a heart to minister to people he wept with people he cried with people he prayed with people. His presence had a soothing effect and Gerald in May would go to the hospital and they would set with the family member from the time the person when they they'd meet at the hospital they'd be there before they were there for the entire duration until the doctor came out to give a report that was Gerald counts he was exemplary in ministry presence. I want to conclude this evening with this word that I found in Chuck Swindoll's commentary on the book of Job quotes from Joseph Bailey's book entitled the last thing we talk about and he says this quote. Joe and his wife, Mary Lou lost three of their children, one son following surgery when he was only 18 days old.

Their second son at age 5 from leukemia their third sanity at age 18 after us sledding accident, Joe wrote, quote I'm sitting torn by grief. Someone came and talked to me of God's dealings of why it happened.

Of hope beyond the grave. He talked constantly saying things I already knew were true. I was unmoved except I wished he go away. He finally did. Another came and sat beside me for an hour and and more listen when I said something answered briefly prayed simply left.

I was moved. I was comforted I hated to see him go." I think that's what we see exemplified in Job and his three friends is the power presence.

You don't have to be brilliant. You don't have to be articulate. You don't have to be scholarly. You don't have to be seasoned. You don't have to be winsome to show up. Your presence says volumes to people well. Thank you for your time this evening. Let me closer time together in prayer. Father, we thank you for the ministry of presence.

We thank you for the opportunity afforded to us to come alongside brothers and sisters in Christ and have a ministry to them. We thank you are God for this instruction for Job and his friends were, thank you tonight for the correspondence we've received from the bunions from Tom and Connie Chapman in Chile. Lord we ask that you will bless these folks and draw near to them and encourage them in the work that you called them to father, we thank you for the ministry of correspondence, we thank you for Tony and Kathy pain and for their ministry and we prayer God that you will help them not to become weary in well doing, help them to bear fruit for the honor and glory of Christ. Thank you for this lady whose professed faith in Christ contacted the bunions of had for years and years. Romanus, thank you for invitations. The common conduct funeral services. The opportunity afforded to preach the gospel to unbelievers or thank you for the confidence we have in your word that your word will not return unto you.

Void, but it will accomplish everything you sent out to do your the God who ordains all the circumstances and gives us these open doors. So thank you thank you to immerse a councilman is improved with her recovery for my surgery. We do pray for Drew Guthrie that you would minister to her. We thank you for the way you have the testimony that she is bearing for you in these difficult times.

Thank you to Doris Loftus is recovering from a broken arm. Pray for Debbie read that the therapy that she is undergoing would be profitable. Pray that you strength and Shirley Watkinson helped Patty. She cares for her mother. Pray for date for Daniel and Amy Freeman is there making decisions regarding Amy's folks, we thank you for the seasons of life to give us opportunity to to minister tenderly to our parents, order some who are battling cancer. Think of David Moxley and asked that you cause the radiation to be successful for Jamie Henshaw's dear friend whose discovered cancer now for the third time and is facing along six-month ordeal of treatments or please grant her body. The ability to endure these treatments and may they be effective to arrest and eradicate this cancer.

That is, attacked her body. Lord we want to pray for Nancy Ellis and asked that you will guide the doctors as the perform surgery is its plan tomorrow on her long they will be able to correct the difficulty. There, we thank you for seeing Robert sweep through another heart catheterization.

We pray for this medication adjustment will be exactly what is needed to eliminate the symptoms that he's been fighting.

We pray for the graveside service for darling guarantor tomorrow that you will draw near to that family and minister to them. Her home-going we thank you that she had a testimony of faith in Christ. We pray for those who would gather there at the do not know you that the gospel would be presented and that the Spirit of God would take the word of God and minister to the hearts of people for this set Keith Schumann ski in Canada. We thank you for his friendship with Joel Fanon. We know that's not by accident.

We pray that you give Joel opportunity to speak to this man but the goodness of God has preserved his life and allowed them to stay and be a father and a husband and May's heart returned to Christ. Father, we thank you that we can look to you and thank you for answered prayer that you have shown yourself strong on behalf of those whose hearts have been made right toward you.

We ask that you will bring healing and recovery to Tom already has had heart surgery. Thank you that this Jeff Etheridge has been moved and is apparently making progress toward our needs are great, but how great you are and we thank you that we can entrust our lives, our souls are every need to you and we can reason that if you have taken care of the greatest need our eternal soul where we will spend eternity you have settled that matter forever. Surely we can trust you for these temporary issues and needs. We have strengthen our faith. Please slower develop persevering faith in all of us for your honor and for your glory. We pray in Jesus name, amen

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