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When He Shall Come - 4

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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April 11, 2021 7:00 pm

When He Shall Come - 4

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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April 11, 2021 7:00 pm

The second coming of Jesus Christ is the culmination of saving faith. Pastor Greg Barkman continues his expositional series in 1 Corinthians.

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The doctrine of the second coming of Jesus Christ is a delightful truth for God's children, because we recognize that in many ways it can be considered the culmination of our salvation.

Although of course after Christ returns. We still go on into eternity with the Lord in heaven and that is an unending continuation of our salvation.

But what is so wonderful about the second coming of Christ is the reality that on that day we shall finally come face-to-face with our Savior, the one that we have trusted in by faith, one that we have seen by the eyes of the soul, but without the eyes of our of our physical bodies will in that day become real both to our souls as well as to our eyes and we will see this one lay down his life for us upon the cross. This doctrine, the second coming of Jesus Christ is a very prominent doctrine in the book of first Thessalonians mentioned, as I'm sure you know somewhere in every one of the five chapters of this book and it is highlighted in the last verse of chapter 1 there the doctrine of the second coming emphasizes deliverance from divine wrath. There are many aspects of the second coming that could be highlighted and I've already mentioned several this particular text. What is highlighted is in the second coming of Christ.

We who believe in Christ are going to be delivered from the wrath to come. So thus we return today to our study in first Thessalonians, and we conclude our study of chapter 1. After the delightful interruption of our spring Bible conference and we are looking at some of the details concerning true saving faith and I'm going to travel over a little bit of the territory that we've already covered. There will be some overlapping which I think will be helpful because of the break in our in our train of thought with the Bible conference, but nevertheless we are moving toward verse 10. The last verse of the chapter that we have not yet had opportunity to address but this chapter shows us what your conversion conversion looks like it dispels many of the false notions of people have about what it means to be a Christian. It shows us what faith in Christ accomplishes in our lives and then ultimate one of the accomplishes in that day when the Lord Jesus Christ returns to take his own unto himself. So I want us to see in the last part of chapter 1 is number one what a company saving faith and number two. What follows saving faith are two things suggested to us in verse six that a company saving faith. Then there are number of things that follows saving faith, some of which precede verse six others that follow it, will just pick out several of follow moving toward the final one in verse 10, first of all, let's consider what a company saving faith and I found this distinction helpful. It took me a while even to see it having been over this chapter. Many, many times, but it became clear to me in verse six when Paul says and you became followers of us and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Spirit to answer the question what a company saving faith.

I offer a twofold answer number one commitment number two joy you see those concepts in verse six, but let me show you why I say these two elements, a company saving faith even more than it would be true to say that they follow saving faith which actually both are true.

But these are company saving faith in a way that the other elements that follow salvation in chapter 1 do not. First of all commitment it again looking at verse six and you became followers of us and of the Lord. Having received the word in much affliction, with joy the Holy Spirit notice carefully the, the outflow of the of the statement and the tense of the verb's and you will realize that Paul is talking about there becoming followers. Having already received, you see that you became followers of us and of the Lord, having received or after you had received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Spirit. In other words they had received something prior to becoming followers of Paul and the other missionaries and Jesus Christ. Now we know that we all become followers of Jesus Christ. Immediately after conversion.

There is no particular time lag from the time that we are converted by the work of the Holy Spirit brought into the family of God. We immediately become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. So if there's something that goes before that, it must come along with our faith in Christ. It has to if it comes before are becoming followers of Jesus Christ and what comes along with our receiving the word that is faith in the gospel and what comes along is number one. Much affliction which precedes becoming followers of Christ and joy of the Holy Spirit, which also precedes becoming followers of Jesus Christ. Much of flexion precedes are becoming followers of Christ and therefore accompanies faith not. We know that affliction follows faith and it's part of our life. It's part of the expectation of being a Christian and will accompany our lives as long as we are on the earth. But here, the, the wording is such that we learn that much affliction accompanies our faith in Christ and what I'm understanding.

If I am understanding this this nuance correctly what I'm saying is that when they believed in Jesus Christ. They were keenly aware of the cost of doing so.

Their faith was mixed with their faith was accompanied with much affliction that is the affliction that they knew would accompany their faith. If I believe in Jesus Christ. I know that what I will experience is much affliction, which leads me therefore to conclude that their faith was accompanied by strong commitment knowing the affliction that Shirley would come if they trusted Christ, they nevertheless trusted him which demonstrates the strength of their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes in evangelistic proclamations. We talk in terms of believing in Christ in terms of the commitment.

Make a commitment to Christ. But oftentimes in saying that it almost loses the strength of the commitment. It just becomes language that we use it loses its force, but here are people who were keenly aware of the level of sacrifice and suffering and affliction that they knew would come if they stepped out to become identified as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and they did it anyway. And we know that Jesus has taught the afflictions of the company. Faith in him over and over and over again in the Gospels. I just picked out one statement could have a good read, a dozen to you at this point, but Jesus said in Luke 1426 and 27. If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple and whoever does not bear his cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple to understand that statement. Another similar ones we first of all have to dispel ourselves of the notion is that there's a difference between doing becoming a born-again Christian becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. In biblical language that one of the same to believe in Jesus is to become a disciple of Jesus that is a follower of Jesus is not a two-stage process. It's not step one, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved and that at some later time. You really need to make a stronger commitment to become a follower of Christ Jesus is saying they go together and this is pretty jarring language and it is indeed intended to be, it's intended to to jolt us when he says if anyone comes after me and does not hate father mother son and daughter, wife and children more does not does not love me more than these he cannot be my disciple. If he does not hate them.

Obviously he's not talking about an active debtor antagonistic hatred toward them but it's a contrast the love we have for Christ needs to be so much greater than our love for anything or anyone on earth that, by contrast, you can almost call 18 in comparison to the great and high level of love that accompanies the other. In other words, Christ is calling for a pretty pretty cross that would pretty Christ is calling for an extremely significant commitment to become a follower of Jesus Christ, which is the same thing as true faith in Jesus Christ.

Christ has to be first in Christ has to be waived first above everything else. Or else it's not true saving faith or else you cannot be my disciple, but swallow down easily doesn't. That's the words of Jesus.

And as I say there many similar statements of Christ like this in the Scriptures, and they knew that the Thessalonians knew that one day whatever language you want to use whenever they made their commitment to Jesus Christ. Whatever they made a decision for Jesus Christ. Whatever they believed on Jesus Christ. They knew the great cost was involved and they didn't shrink away from it and that demonstrates a strong commitment that accompanied their faith and secondly joy falls into the same category were six and you became followers of us and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction and you could insert those words. Parenthetically, here again, having received joy, having received much joy of the Holy Spirit you received the word in much affliction you received great joy of the Holy Spirit at the same time, so faith was accompanied by joy. This clearly is not the fleeting temporary joy of an emotional experience which some people mistake for joy but it is joy that is sourced in the Holy Spirit in our emotions not in the commotion that may be going on around us, but it is something that is within us by the work of the Holy Spirit. Can you tell the difference between worked up emotional joy in the true Holy Spirit joy. I thought Mark Webb had a very perspective was comment this week. I hope you remember it when he said in regard to the Holy Spirit and how you know the Holy Spirit is operating in your life. He said if it's something you feel it's probably not the Holy Spirit not never heard that before exactly that way never really thought of it executive before exactly that way before the light firmly believe that what he said is true and I said it in other ways, but it's something that you feel and so many people are looking for something to feel. In fact we even sing songs about that bump bump bump on the field, the spirit moving well that's true sense when the Holy Spirit prompts you to pray but what exactly is this feeling talking about if you can feel it's probably not the Holy Spirit is probably something emotional. The presence of the Holy Spirit is not detected by a tingling feeling or some similar feeling, but it's detected by the results. The, the, the operation of the spirit produces certain things in our lives such as the fruit of the spirit and one of the manifold fruits of the spirit is what joy joy that is a fruit of the spirit. So how do you tell the difference. Well I would say probably in this way, if the joy vanishes. It's not from the Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, joy endures. If it comes and goes.

Probably not from the Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, joy may wax and wane. In other words, there may be times when stronger times was weaker but it's never God never goes away. It's always there and what it's there to do as much as anything is to carry us through those times of affliction. We have trusted Christ, knowing that affliction awaits us for doing so.

How are we going to hold up to that were going to hold up just fine thank you by the ministry of the Holy Spirit who, among other things, is going to give us a level of joy in the midst of affliction that will enable us to person for verily endure to the very end he tell the difference.

Consider the words of Christ in Matthew chapter 13 in the parable of the four soils and he said, but he who received the seed on's stony places, this is he who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy count that conversion. Chalk it up reported to headquarters tell people that we seen another decision for Christ. He received it with joy. Yet he had no root in himself, but endures only for a while. When tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he stumbles.

He received the word in some sense with some emotional experience and then the trials came along and washed them out is that your saving faith is not, but the joy that is produced by the Holy Spirit is going to stick with us. That's white people can speak confidently and encouragingly in the midst of trials. That's why true saints can actually encourage other people from their own beds of affliction, their own times of pain as people come to comfort them.

Many times a true saint of God going through difficult suffering will end up encouraging the person who's trying to encourage him more than the person is trying to encourage him encourages her or him because of this joy. The Holy Spirit that sustains Christians in times of their affliction, and so what a company saving faith. Number one commitment what a company saving faith number two joy and let me just ask you to see the evidence of this in your life is that the kind of faith you have a faith that is committed in spite of afflictions. When people tell me. Well, I used to be a Christian values to follow Christ, but this happened to me and that happened to me. I was so disappointed. I was so disillusioned I I just I just don't think that I that I can believe anymore.

What is that tell me they didn't have true saving faith Bible talks a great deal about counterfeit things here. In the parable of the sower's there were four kinds of soil.

How many of them represented true faith. One one represented abject unbelief, hard soil, no penetration of the seed there. People like that. They just don't believe won't believe don't claim to believe. Don't don't do don't act like they believe don't make a decision for Christ.

They reject the whole thing. That's the hard soil. But then there were two kinds of soil that responded in some way, but it wasn't saving faith. The thorns choked out the one response.

The sun beat upon the other response and withered it out and only the one soil represented true saving faith now, which represents you and God has not given you a commitment that will take you to the trials of life and you need to acknowledge that something is missing and asking for that God has given you a joy that sustains you in the midst of trials. The new me to acknowledge that something is missing and ask him to give that to you what a company saving faith. But the number two what follows saving faith in here. I'm going to have to sit through several things so I can spend the most time on the last one in verse 10, but what is it that accompanies saving faith will number one a conformity to Christ, we saw that in verse six.

Looking at it you became followers of us and of the Lord that followed, having received the word in much affliction, with joy the Holy Spirit to become followers of Christ. That's the goal of salvation. God is doing in salvation. He tells us in Romans chapter 8 verse 29 is to conformist into the image of the likeness of Jesus Christ. When God gets done with us were going to be as perfect in our humanity, as Christ was in his humanity. That's pretty astounding. We can never be like Christ is in his deity is only one God and will never be like God but we can be like the human perfect God, man, the human side of the perfect God man the Lord Jesus Christ never sinned, never had an evil thought never spoke a word out of season. Be careful little lips what you say be careful little lips what you say for the father up above is looking down and level. Be careful little lips what you say but when we are God's done with this working to be just as perfect in our thoughts and our words and our deeds and our desires as Jesus Christ, the sinless son of God. That's the goal he's confirming this unto the image of Jesus Christ and it starts right after conversion. This is one of the first things that accompanies her follows rather saving faith and we it's a learned process. We start out as babies, we can't look around this year. We landed in this new family. The family of God's new never been here before and were Christians and we want to be God honoring Christians and we say what is that mean what does that look like, and so we start picking out to look like they represent mature Christians and we try to follow and copy them for a while but that only last for a while because they're not perfect either and if we get our I sit upon man and never get beyond that were to be disappointed Jean, but Paul says you became followers of us. First of all the missionaries and of the Lord. That's the goal that's were going to grow beyond the place where our concept of Christian development is all wrapped up in this person or that person know we going to get beyond that, by the grace of God and recognize that no matter how other people disappoint us and fail us because they will because they're not fully sanctified yet they will disappoint us and fail us from time to time. Just like we will disappointed fail.

Others from time to time because were all sinners saved by grace but still centers until in the presence of the Lord. We turn our eyes upon Jesus, we will never ever ever ever be disappointed because he never fails.

He never sent.

He never did anything wrong. Just becoming like Jesus, and you won't be disappointed.

So conformity to Christ.

Number two. An example to others. Verse seven so that you became examples to all in Macedonia and Acadia who believe you graduate from following others to becoming the kind of Christians that others know can follow you and again they need to get beyond that. But be helpful in that way and it's a real shame.

From time to time I see somebody Christian and I can see younger, weaker Christians who are looking at them who are looking to them who are following them and they aren't sending a very good example. Sometimes we think it's all individual. You know, I know I'm not B and I really need to get things right in them so I need to do better and all that God I know is fully pleased with me right now know he certainly is not you. You know what areas need to be corrected but the sad thing is that you're also causing others to stumble. So what follows saving faith is number one conformity to Christ. Number two to become kind of Christian, who can be a fairly reliable and safe example to others. Never perfect.

One of the number three and evangelistic concern. Verse eight from you the word of the Lord sounded forth, not only in Macedonia and Acadia but also in every place. Your faith toward God has gone out, so that we do not need to say anything and part of that has to do with their their life. Their testimony people sought they went reported out elsewhere, but it's clear there's more than that going on here. There was some kind of evangelistic activity that that centered in the church and Thessalonica and went out from there to other places. There were messengers that went forth from that church and proclaimed the word of the Lord in other places. Details are not given to us. Identification of the names and titles that were given to these messengers are not given to us.

Were these call the preachers would be called an evangelist we call the missionaries.

Maybe, maybe not that they may have just been business men or women who traveled from Thessalonica to other places on business and as they went forth, they proclaim the word of the Lord. They were intentional about the proclamation of the gospel is the went from place to place Thessalonica remember was a great commercial center on the ignition way, great port city on the Aegean Sea travelers passing through there all the time who could report on what was going on in the church of Thessalonica, but members of the church of Thessalonica, traveling to other places regularly who could proclaim the word of the Lord and evangelistic concern is what follows faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Not all God's children have the same gifts and opportunities.

Not everybody has the opportunity to travel. Not everybody has the gifts of public preaching public proclamation, but all truly say people have the same concern for the gospel to others for the gospel to the ends of the earth and all find appropriate ways to be involved in that one of the opportunities that faith promise missions program gives to our congregation. Even people who are shy and timid and that doesn't excuses for never saying anything purposefully about the Lord.

We can find ways to do that, but admittedly some people just really struggle with that.

But there are other ways to be involved. Other ways to participate in getting out the gospel you can help. You could encourage you can support. You can pray you can give.

You can do things to get the gospel out and if you have been truly saved. You're going to have a hearts desire to do that sometimes those who have that more outgoing personality can understand why everybody just like them talk so easily and so freely preach the gospel in and all kinds of places and ways not everybody doesn't like you anymore than those who are very very generous givers to the cause of the gospel are like you either you are you are gifting.

That way, perhaps so you do what you are gifted to do others do what they are gifted to do but every body. Everybody. Everybody involved in this evangelistic endeavor everybody involved in the great commission body involved in go into all the world preaching the gospel to every creature and seeing Christians baptized and caught the word of God and seeing churches established and sing the gospel going out to the ends of the earth, everybody, everybody, everybody concerned about that burden for that interested in that involved and that that's one of the number four's rejection of false religion, we saw that in verse nine, for they themselves declare concerning us what manner of entry we had to you and how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God. The Christian faith is exclusive is one of the things it rubs the world so wrong so such great irritation with Christianity.

Why can't you just calm it down down. Why cannot you just acknowledge that that believing in Jesus Christ is one way to have in their other way as well. Why can't you just do that will all get along together, we won't won't have this friction.

This this irritation that you say there's only one way only one way to God only one way to salvation. Why can't we just encourage and command all people of faith, faith and brooding faith in all of faith and who knows what were all people of faith is that wonderful know it's not wonderful every other so-called religion is a damnable heresy that is designed to see to see people take people to help and true believers in Jesus Christ know that and have to say that is unpopular as it is. Christianity is an exclusive religion.

And when you come to Christianity.

You will put away all loyalties and relationships to false religion. If you have true saving faith. These people turn to Jesus Christ from their idols from their community. Religion from their family. It costs them but you cannot embrace Christ without rejecting false religion.

You cannot embrace the gospel without rejecting every every false and counterfeit gospel. You cannot get embrace the true gospel without rejecting every false encounter for gospel and that often requires painful separation from family and friends. We don't we don't enjoy that we don't look forward to that.

But the words of Jesus, but earlier unless you're willing, if necessary, to be you don't have to really push them aside.

There probably push you aside if they don't become followers of Christ. But if you're not willing to experience the separation from family from brother and sister and mother and father and son and daughter. If you not willing to pay that price and you can't be my disciple. Christianity is a an exclusive religion number five.

Here's what else follows true saving faith. A life of Christian service.

Also in verse nine, for they themselves declare concerning us what manner of entry we had to you how you turned to God from idols. What to serve, to serve this earth. The true and living God. Folks that's what were here for. As Christians were here to sire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ serve the cause of Christ.

The serve the church of the Lord Jesus Christ to serve the gospel of Christ were here to sire sought on a bumper sticker the other day I had seen this one for a long time but I like it it said my boss is a Jewish carpenter.

Is he your boss you really think of it that way. He's my master I'm his servant. I'm here to serve him. I'm here to do what he tells me to do. My boss is a Jewish carpenter courses now ascended to the throne of heaven, but is that your mindset, it was theirs. They turned from idols but not to be idle, different spellings of the word idle. They turned from idols to serve within number six saving faith produces a second coming expectation. Verse 10 and to wait for his son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus who delivers us from the wrath to come.

This is what saving faith produces second coming expectation waiting for the coming of Christ to wait for the coming of Christ means to expect the coming of Christ are to wait up for his one waited to translate it to wait up for the coming of Christ present tense continuous were doing this all the time when you know the guests are coming to visit your home. I presume this happens to you from time to time you fail to prepare for the DFL claim to clean the house and get ready for the DFL to have a room ready for them. You you failed to rearrange her schedule in order to accommodate them.

You just go on as if there is no difference.

The other coming but does make any change or any difference in my thinking or in my activity, you're certainly not looking forward to their coming and if the coming of Jesus Christ doesn't change anything about your schedule, your preparations, your expectations and you're not really waiting up for the coming of Jesus Christ. This is the culmination. This is what motivates all the other things we said this is what motivates our conformity to Christ and dark example to others in our evangelistic concern in our rejection of false religion are life of Christian service. It is because we are expecting Christ to return and there are so many things that that are related to that were looking forward to all of them but the one that is emphasized here is what deliverance from judgment to wait for his son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus who delivers us from the wrath to come.

A lot of interesting things in this verse, and I'll try to point them out. On my way to the main emphasis on delivering us to the wrath to come. But notice what's packed into this one. Text tells us number one.

The God has a son. Now we know that God is one here oh Israel, the Lord our Lord is one Lord, one God, and yet the Bible is filled with this teaching that there are more than one persons in the Godhead. God is one God, but the Godhead is a multiperson Godhead in the course we have the Holy Spirit we have and he's mentioned in here in this in this chapter, and we have God the son, father, son and Holy Spirit and God has a son and in a biblical understanding of that we know the God son is God as much as God the father, God has a son is not interesting that certainly would come as a surprise to people who were not familiar with the Christian religion number two God son is presently in heaven expecting to be the dwelling place of God. That's where we expect God to be God.

If God has a son. His son is God, and we expect him to be in heaven. But thirdly, we learned that God son was resurrected from the dead will God died because this presupposes death to be resurrected from the dead lets you die and if it presupposes death in the presupposes and in Carnation.

The Gospels packed into this in, by implication, as much a statement but God son was resurrected from the dead which then requires his incarnation as a man requires his living a human life in order that he can die. Otherwise he could. God can't die then can die.

God can take upon him humanity than he can die. He did furthermore makes it very clear who this son of God is who God raised from the dead is Jesus. Even Jesus the man born of Mary, who lived upon the earth.

The man who lived a perfect life and then died a substitutionary death, and then was raised again from the dead.

Jesus is God's son and Jesus is God.

Here's how Gordon fee put it, I thought it was so well stated I needed to quote it to you. He says the living and true God has a son who is in heaven.

By virtue of the fathers raising him from the dead. This what is Jesus read that again because it summarizes what I just said so succinctly and beautifully.

The living and true God has a son who is in heaven. By virtue of the father's right, raising him from the dead, and this one is Jesus.

That nails it.

Now if you understand that I believe that you got the right Jesus you got the right Savior.

You you are believing the true gospel. If any of those statements you have trouble with than you have trouble with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because then it goes on to make clear, number five, the God son is the Savior. This son was raised from the dead, even Jesus who in these words delivers us from the wrath to come. He delivers us God son is the Savior, God's son is the deliverer God son is the rescue work deliver from what rescue from what may.

We should start with who delivers who rescues who delivers us, said Paul he's talking about all believing people doesn't rescue everybody doesn't deliver everybody he delivers those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He delivers us but what does he deliver us from and here's the solemn part delivers us from the wrath to come. God has a holy wrath is not often emphasized in our day.

Nevertheless, it is taught throughout Scripture we would much rather talk about the love of God not talk so much about the wrath of God and our Lord and Savior talked about both in one is as true as the other.

We revel in the love of God, but we dare not ignore the wrath of God we dare not push it aside because it's not welcome because it doesn't make us comfortable. What you want a comfortable lie or a liberating truth. I hope you say I want the truth matter how hard it may be, God has wrath.

Jesus said this when John 336 he who believes in the son has everlasting life, and he who does not believe the son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him postdated elements of the wrath of God several times in the book of Romans chapter 1 verse 18 for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Romans 59 much more than having been justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. Romans 922.

What is God wanting to show his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much long-suffering the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, while I choke vessels of wrath prepared for destruction.

Ephesians 56 let no one deceive you with empty words or because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

God has a holy wrath, and anything that God has his holy anything that God has his righteous anything that God has just anything that God has is perfect in his perfection and sinlessness and holiness require his opposition. Yes, he is vehement opposition against sin and to his judgment upon sinners, God has a holy wrath of God's wrath is directed toward people to wait for his son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus who delivers us from the wrath to come, but he doesn't deliver others from the wrath to come. This idea that God hates sin but love the sinner is not exactly what the Bible says God indicates a God hates sin and God has a holy hatred holy wrath directed toward the center boat both but according to this God's wrath is future wrath to come.

There are some judgments of God fall in time, but there's a wrath that Paul is referring to here that comes with the second coming of Jesus Christ. The wrath to come is future that tells me that God is long-suffering how long is he waited before causing his wrath to justly fall upon sinners is waited for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and thousands of years since the state how long-suffering, how kind and yet unbelieving and skeptical people will even take the loving long-suffering of God and fault him for that.

He said he was coming setting is coming whereas eight. I don't believe that stuff will tell you where he is. He's holding back his just wrath so that it doesn't fall on you yet will unless you repent you will unless you believe that they have graphical, Jesus Christ returns in that day all unbelievers will suffer God's holy wrath in that day you will be too late to repent of your sins, and that day you will be too late to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. But now, now, now is the accepted time now is the day of salvation.

If you will come to Christ.

This passage teaches is surely the Christ demands serious commitment to he commands exclusive devotion.

Therefore, you need to let go of whatever competes with Christ you need to let go of whatever is of greater priority in your life in Jesus Christ. Number two. This passage teaches us the Christian faith is pivotal is not one option among many, it's the only way to escape the holy wrath of God. There is no other way to trust in Allah God's wrath will fall upon you if you trust in Bhutto God's wrath fall upon you if you trust in a Jesus who is not the Jesus of Scripture than God's wrath will fall upon you trusted in the only Savior that God has given you trust in your good works that God's wrath fall upon you if you trust the church membership and baptism, the God's wrath fall upon you if you trust in anything but Jesus Christ and him alone. God's wrath will fall upon you, and that day is coming.

Therefore, I plead with you, rouse yourself from your indifferent those of you who sit here and say I've heard that before heard of before hundred times now, but it's true. And one day will be too late for you rouse yourself from your indifference escape from your competing attachments without I've got to do this first about do that first and then I'll get right with God you have no promise of tomorrow you don't know that you have that opportunity. You better turn loose of this or that or whatever it is you're waiting, don't allow that to take you to hell you are playing with fire. There is danger here.

There's a wrath to come.

I plead with you to reject your cherished delusion. Whatever is causing you to doubt the word of God. Whatever is causing you to doubt the truth of what I'm proclaiming to you today that is a delusion, it may comfort you and allow you to to go on in this world without worrying about what's coming.

But if it is not true, then it is a damnable delusion that will sink your soul in eternal punishment.

When the wrath of God justly falls upon you and your unbelief. I plead with you, flee from the wrath to come. Shall we pray for father. Thank you for giving us the truth and unwelcome as it sometimes is, but father we do welcome it because we need it. We want to know the truth. We need to know the truth father by the work of your spirit.

Help us to respond to the truth. All of it in faith believing to the salvation of our souls. We pray in Jesus name

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