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The True Light

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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February 17, 2021 7:00 am

The True Light

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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February 17, 2021 7:00 am

After updates of church information and missionary news, Pastor Greg Barkman speaks of Jesus, the true light of God who came into the world.

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Greetings and welcome once again to the midweek lifestream service from beacon Baptist Church Kirkpatrick Rd., Burlington, NC. We've had will nearly a year now that we have not been having a people present service on Wednesday night or on Sunday night for them. For most, for the most part, and even a few weeks. Therefore, we didn't have any services at all, but I think it was in May that we began to gather once again on Sunday morning and were still doing that 930 on Sunday morning people present and we are having good services and our attendance has been growing little by little over the last several weeks and we think that trend will likely continue and were going to start adding some other things and I'm not going to make any definite announcement at this time except just to say that in our discussion this afternoon among the three elders. As we met on Wednesday as is is our custom, we talked about the timing and the manner of adding some additional meetings to our present schedule and we are going to do that. We've already given permission to one of the pastors to go ahead and start conducting one of the meetings that he is responsible for and would like to begin again and regret some others in mind were evaluating them and will be talking to you about the in the near future but were confident that the were not ready to just resume everything all at once that we can start gradually adding some additional meetings and hopefully in that manner. In time we will get back to a full schedule sometime in the next several weeks, or short months at the most a lease that is our desire, but for now we continue as we have.

Thank you for joining us tonight by means of computer or cell phone. However, you are joining us. We are very encouraged by the feedback that we received from people who are joining us by the Internet giving us feedback, letting us know that your present giving sometimes some some a response to the messages that you hear and it has been very encouraging. Indeed, the month of February is radio month at beacon and I simply mentioned that the Lord has given us a fairly busy schedule of services or or of broadcasts I should say we are on knife. I'm just looking here looks like about a dozen stations on a daily basis.

That is, Monday through Friday with a 15 minute broadcast and then were on about seven or so stations on Sundays with 1/2 hour broadcast and the Lord has opened those doors for us and so far has sustained us in those open doors, though we did suffers a weakness in our in our giving, and in contributions that came in from Regulus listeners.

During this last year and because of some savings that we had were able to continue our present log into 2021 and haven't cut any stations back yet. If we don't start seeing some some uptick in our donations that come in designated for the radio than we probably will have to cut back a station or to sometime in the months ahead so I can mention that to you would ask you to make that a matter of prayer. We want to be faithful to the opportunities God gives us and to go through every open door that God allows us to go through but we also want to be faithful with our finances and we don't believe in deficit financing.

We believe in looking to God to to support what we do and when the support diminishes. Then what we are able to do, also diminishes as well.

I'm going to go ahead with our prayer requests at this time. I'm happy to report that Marcie councilman surgery which was yesterday went well and her follow-up visit today also went well. This is eye surgery so she's now had both eyes done and hopefully will be much improved in the future were also praising the Lord that Alice Marley is much improved from her healing process, which took a number of weeks but she's doing much better is it home and doesn't need anyone to stay with her any longer, or also praising the Lord that Robert Sweet came through his carotid artery, catheterization and also his biopsy demonstrated that the tumor that they found was benign to causes for rejoicing.

We continue to pray for Drew Guthrie as she's dealing with cancer was Scott Hayes… He is recovering from back surgery and from Shirley Watkins who has had to go to the emergency room to three times over the last couple of months. She's back home doing well.

I checked on her yesterday. She's doing well but do please uphold her in prayer. We are praying for David Bachman, who had surgery recently for glorious joiner who is an UNC hospital burn unit. This request given to us by Jane mature. She had a reaction to gout medication and develop blisters over much of her body and in her throat. Please pray for four did I say her name was a glorious, glorious joiner, Jane Ferris, Wendy Lynch's mother is recovering from hip surgery. Pray for her case.

Schleiermacher was had some very serious health issues up in Canada is an acquaintance of Leslie Fanon's son Brenda remember what his first name is, but her son lives in Canada. This man, though he still not home from the hospital has has come a long ways and is rejoicing. His wife is rejoicing in his recovery still continuing to pray for him. We are of course praying for Laverne water.

She continues to adjust to life without her husband, who pressed into the presence of the Lord has several couple of weeks ago now and were also praying for Mike Webster who has colon cancer. He and his wife Melanie serve in France. So those are prayer requests will come back to them at the end of the service, but thank you for remembering these in prayer going to read the words of the hymn and then will pray and then will look at some missionary communications, but this him by the late James Montgomery Boyce says to him who loved us long ago before we came to be, who left his throne for earth below to save a wretch like me all praise to Christ from grateful men forevermore. Amen. To him who freed us from our sin by dying on the cross to make us whole without within redeemed from dreadful loss all praise to Christ from grateful men forevermore.

Men to him who comes arrayed in light when sinners here shall see the one they pierced and mourn the site. God promised it shall be all praise to Christ from grateful men forevermore. Amen with Angels saints and seraphim. The new creation sings all glory, power and praise to him who made us priests and kings all praise to Christ from grateful men forevermore. Men shall we pray for God as we bow in your presence. We do about to give you praise. We are grateful men and women having been made grateful by the work of your Holy Spirit within us. There was a time the Lord when we had no thought of you know desire for Christ. No gratitude toward you. We took your blessings for granted we thought very little about your requirements and very little about our danger, and the judgment day that faces us that we must give an account for the sins that we have committed Lord you made provision for us in eternity past you brought about the fulfillment of that provision in the sending of your son into this world and the work which he did both in his sinless life and in his vicarious death and his bodily resurrection and then by your spirit. You worked in our hearts showed us our sand made us feel our danger showed us Christ and enabled us to lay hold on him, and now we enjoy the life which comes from above, we enjoy the promises that you have given in your word to those who trust in Christ and we bow before you as grateful men and women who praise you, now and forevermore then and are looking forward to the time when we shall be in your presence without sin and without any hindrance to our full appreciation for all the Christ is done. Father, bless our gathering tonight by Internet cause us to rejoice in Christ our Savior, we pray in his name meant. Drew Guthrie rights to Pastor Bartman to beacon family. Thank you so much for the benevolence gift the Lord always provides for extra expenses.

Thank you also for the cards, calls, food, flowers, words of encouragement and most importantly prayers on my behalf. The Lord continues to give me the peace.

Only he can give love in Christ, signed Drew Guthrie holding in my hands.

The letter that came actually several weeks ago from our friends David and Carol Graham only a few beacon folks will remember them. They were members of our church back in well from from the beginning, not the very first day, but from the first several months of the beginning of our church in 1973 he was administrator elements Christian school at that time, they remain members of our church for. I suppose two or three years in the Lord called them on to another ministry of another state and they have served in several places, but every year they write to us and here's the letter that came at the end of December dear Greg, thank you for your friendship. I'm grateful the Lord has sustained you to remain faithful in his ministry. Beacon Baptist for all these years, Carol and I are honored that God allowed us the privilege of serving a beacon for a short time in its early years, we have blessed memories. Thank you for continuing to mail copies of the beacon beam.

Please apply the enclosed gift as you as you choose. God bless you and your family, and his grace. David and Carol, and he continues to serve as one of the pastors at Calvary Baptist Church in Covington, Kentucky.

Now I am holding the most recent letter from well I started to say from Stewart and Laverne water.

But, of course, not from Stewart. This was written after the Lord called him home. So this comes from Laverne wall dear praying friends will actually this comes I I misspoke this comes from help. Hope the director of independent faith, mission, writing on behalf of the laws and informing all of their supporters of Stewart's home-going and I'm sharing this with you for many years you have been a friend to an prayer warrior for the laws that I wanted to personally let you know that Stewart went home to be with the Lord on January 26.

Stewart, faithfully and joyfully serve the Lord until his last days and I'm so thankful to have known him. His testimony and ministry have had a personal impact on my life in the Lord greatly used him to share the truth of the gospel in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Although we are grieved by his death, we rejoice that Stewart is worshiping the Savior in his presence.

Even now, as you well know, Stewart struggled for many years with liver disease. Last year the disease along with cancer progressed quickly to the point of needing an immediate liver transplant Lord graciously allowed for Stewart to receive a transplant in September 2020 is health immediately improved and Stewart was back on the ground almost running to the ministry in Zimbabwe.

The prognosis was good. However, unexpected complications arose from an aneurysm. The developed in the main artery to his new liver while surgery was successful. To address this problem. Other complications arose a few weeks later abscesses around his liver caused infection and an additional blockage in the main artery was found with the new complications.

The doctors were unable to do anything more. Stewart returned with Laverne and all of their children to Zimbabwe to spend his remaining time together putting together this letter to you. We came across one of the last email Stewart sent to us at the beginning of January. I wanted to share his heart with you, Stewart writes. We traveled to Zimbabwe to visit the family and our people in the month of December. After two days, though I came down with a very high fever and was hospital hospital about hospitalized in Bulawayo for four days. The doctors there couldn't find what was wrong and we hired a small plane to fly back to Johannesburg where an ambulance picked me up at the airport and took me straight to the hospital here after tests they discovered that I had a number of abscesses on my new liver and I had surgery to put a drain into the largest one I was in the hospital for nine days and now I'm at home recovering with a nursing program called hospital at home. The doctors didn't want me to stay at the hospital because of the many covert cases that were coming in.

I recovering recovering well and Laverne is with me.

I may have to have further procedures to drain a second abscess, but I'm waiting on a decision from the doctors. Our plans are to remain here for a couple more weeks then head back to Zimbabwe into our work with our people. The country is in total lockdown for 30 days with no travel allowed that only grocery stores and medical facilities open our people are struggling.

I will meet with the pastors as soon as the roads are open and plan for Bible conferences and training programs for the 10 young men who feel God's call in their lives to preach also want to include the women who are interested in ministry there two more areas opening up for new churches to be planted and we are very excited about these as soon as a covered pandemic goes down we have four pastors waiting to come out in pairs from the states to help with Bible conferences. As you can see now are returning to the words of help focus.

You can see his missionary heart was steadfast and continuing to work but in his sovereignty, the Lord directed his steps differently.

Stewart passed away in his home in Zimbabwe, surrounded by his family and the funeral was held in in Gagliano Zimbabwe where he is buried. However, the work is not finished. The Lord has continued the ministry in Zimbabwe.

The churches are growing and thriving. While Stewart may be God. The ministry they established is carrying on. Laverne has repeatedly reiterated to us that the Lord has called her to continue the ministry. She will continue to provide for the physical needs of the people as well as enable pastoral training seminars with United States pastors traveling to Zimbabwe for missionary heart for the people is very apparent. And now he quotes from the communication from Laverne dear friends, thank you for your wonderful message an invitation to come and stay with you. She responding to an invitation to come to the states, I would so love to see you and stay with you.

I've explored the possibilities but it doesn't look possible in the near future. I was out of Zimbabwe for almost 11 months staying with Stewart in South Africa because I am a permanent resident here. I now have to stay in the country for at least six months to keep that status. I can leave for a week or two but that's all the school has asked me to stay on this year and I have agreed to stay on till, or at least April to strengthen my position with all these considerations and with the covert situation. August would be a better plan. Lord willing, perhaps I could come for 6 to 8 weeks and visit with you in the churches. So perhaps Laverne will be joining us here in the states in August. The pastors gave Stewart a wonderful service Joomla! Crispin society Joseph and timbre were all able to come because of the strict lockdown we couldn't get them all here.

The gospel was clearly presented to the many staff members who came in they were all moved. I pray that a harvest of souls. I pray for a harvest of souls. It is hard to think of life without my precious to.

I'm struggling with the loss and feeling down and tearful. Keeping busy focusing on his eternal glory and taking care of those around me helps a lot.

The Scriptures are even more precious than salvation in Christ means everything. I love you precious friends so very much and long to see you again thanks for your love and uplifting care which is meant so much these past months you have been an anchor in these turbulent times, and then back to the words of the IFA board director. The fields in Zimbabwe are truly white and ready to harvest the churches. The laws established are pastored by solid national man and we are looking forward to seeing what the Lord will continue to do through this ministry. I hope you will join me in continuing to pray and to support this ongoing ministry. Please pray for strength and comfort for Laverne and the pastors. Please pray for guidance and God's blessing for this ministry. If you have any questions about the laws ministry would like to send personal condolences or a memorial gift, please contact our office wanted to share that entire letter. Our church family.

Well I have another letter here, but it may be longer than I have time for now, it's from the Bixby's in France. I was shorter one here from the Rudolph's in South Africa who have just been able to return to the field.

I think because of time. I will share that look shorter one and here's what they right after being grounded for nine months in the United States we made it home to to South Africa in November.

We returned to have a small outdoor memorial service for Dave's mother who went to heaven early in September. We also had the joy participating in our son Jared's marriage to Judy. We returned to our ministry team into our ministries.

The reunions have been sweet, just as we were settling into life back in and sauna coven hit our household.

Julie may have had a mild infection, but David was very ill for most of December. We are both well now and strong as we attempt to catch up with responsibilities of life added to our demanding ministry responsibilities are the varying levels of lockdown rules by the South African government.

Things change depending on the current infection rates so like the rest of the world we live under the constant threat of lockdown's then finally short communication from David Anderson of Capitol commission in Virginia.

Working with state legislators. The rights we appreciate much your prayers for Bible studies. This legislative session, through the generosity of a Christian businessman, the Lord opened the spacious conference room within a block of the Gen. assembly building where the legislators offices are located. Additionally, we been able to meet with them at the same time to resume though we are not able to access them in their offices.

Personally, or use a room for Bible study in the Gen. assembly building. We thank the Lord for providing both the space and technology to continue to minister to our leaders and we are grateful for all who have participated.

It has been difficult for them to come this year because many have committee meeting so early that prohibits them from attending the Bible studies. So, we request your prayers for an easing of their schedules after the midsession crossover. So the more can attend. Also pray that the Lord will use a new resource now for Virginia leaders entitled alone with God about the Lord's prayer, so that they may be motivated to turn to God personally in prayer. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, in partnership with us these challenging times we are amazed and thankful for the opportunities Lord continues to provide rejoicing in his grace. Dr. David Anderson Virginia state minister.

Now the next fee letter that I cannot read because of its length.

I can tell you also tells about how their ministering in these days of lockdown in France and most of it is taking place by zoom in their finding that very effective more effective than they anticipated it would be and I wish I could read all this is very encouraging but the Lord willing. Perhaps I will do that next time I will, however, just read the section that has the praises and the prayer request the right praise the Lord for the individual discipleship meetings and other ministries that have been able to continue in spite of over the restriction. Praise the Lord for a favorable report from Zachary's homeschool inspection.

Pray with us regarding the login separatism currently being considered that threatens to impose crippling restrictions on homeschooling as well as the functioning of religious organizations. Praise the Lord for the number of recent gifts toward our building fund and the way he is opening doors for us to officially enter into a purchase contract. We are little more than two thirds of the way towards our final goal. Please continue to pray for the Lord's provision for the remaining funds by April 2022. That's actually a little bit further out than what they originally were anticipating through the Lord's blessing. The been able to negotiate an extension on the time when the final final love deposit of funds has to be made for the completion of the purchase. So I guess a little more than a year now to raise the remainder of the funds so I'm just trying to calculate my mind. I I'm guessing they have something in the neighborhood of $200,000 or more for you to raise so please pray with them that come along ways of raised over $400,000, but the Lord has said it without. I now opened my Bible to the gospel of John chapter 1.

If you have your Bible with you as you are viewing this then please open your Bible to the same to the same text were going to be focusing upon verses nine through 12, but I want to read the verses that lead up to it. This is one of the outstanding sections of God's word and of course I say that advisedly because every word of the Bible is outstanding. Every word is the word of God.

But this opening prelude to the gospel of John. This section about the log us in the beginning was the word the log us and the Word was with God the Word was God is so rich, so powerful that it deserves our repeated attention. We need to return to it again and again.

Now just to summarize the verses leading up to our text tonight, but we have verses one through five. We could call the nature of the Redeemer followed in verses 60 rate with the identity of the Redeemer, the nature of the Redeemer.

Now I read verses one through five. In the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. I pause a course on sure you know that when you we get to verse 14 we find out who this one called the word is with there's any question immediately because we read in verse 14 and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory to glory as of the only begotten full of forgot begotten of the father full of grace and truth.

And then it goes on and tells of the ministry of John the Baptist in his introduction of Jesus the Christ. So we know that the word is, is the son of God the eternal son of God, the one who came to earth and was incarnate was born of a virgin whose name was called Jesus, but nevertheless before he came to earth as a babe in the manger.

He was eternally with the father in the beginning he had no beginning, so that I go back in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.

And then this statement of verse three. All things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made pause again reading the verses a talk about the nature of the Redeemer. But if this doesn't nail it down that I don't know what does. If these words are so clear and plain as to who this one is this one is God's nature is divine. He is Almighty God. He is eternal God. In this nails it down when it says all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made in the tells me a couple of things number one of tells me that he was not made because all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made, which is another way of saying everything that is created was created by him or is this verse says very technically was made through him, because were talking about the cooperative working of the triune Godhead.

God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit, one God three persons in Selmer talking about the person of the son.

All things were made through him, or by him as it is a also an accurate translation that it could also be said that all things were made by the Spirit of God of the gospel.

He said all things were made by the father, but this much is clear that he was there in creation making everything that was created. He was not created. He is eternal. He made everything that was made not as some insert everything except himself that he was first made and then through him God made everything else that's not what the text says here or anywhere that is a false doctrine, a libelous insertion into the sacred text. It is a heresy. It is a damnable doctrine. This one is not a created being, is not the first one that was created by the eternal God. He is the eternal God, and he made everything that was made. Talking about his nature goes on to say in him was life and the life was the light of men in the light shines in darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. And so what is the nature of the Redeemer. He is eternal deity and then the identity of the Redeemer. Verses six through eight. There was a man sent from God whose name was John. We call him John the Baptist. This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the light, that all through him might believe he was not that light was sent to bear witness of that light.

The identity of the Redeemer is revealed by the forerunner John the Baptist who was not that eternal light that is the Messiah and he is eternal light because he is God who is light but he was sent to bear witness of the light and so John identifies Jesus as this one. This eternal light of which John was a small reflection.

John was a light but the word was or is the light the source of light. The eternal light. That's who he is by identity. Now we come to some more things about the Redeemer. And so we are going to look in verse nine, at the preeminence of the Redeemer were going to look in verse.

It looked verses 10 and 11. At the rate revelation of the Redeemer were going to see in verse 12. The right of son ship through the Redeemer will have to hurry to do all of that first of all, the preeminence verse nine that was the true light. Of course we have to back up to the verses before that, we just read, but he was not that light, John was not that light that eternal light was sent to bear witness of that light. That was the true light which gives light to every man coming into the world. This is the true light, the divine light and this light, this divine light is attested to by lesser lights. John was not as I've already said was not the light, but he was a light pointing man to the light. Some evidently wondered if John was the promised Messiah was question along those lines argue the Christ, and he made it very clear. No, I'm not.

I am here to identify the Christ.

I am here to cast my reflected light upon his reflected light to cast my derived light upon his underived light is light is eternal.

It is underived. It flows forth from himself or God is light, my light is derived from him, but I am given the mission of pointing him out to others and so John was not that light, in spite of the fact that some thought that he was, and it is clear as you read the opening account about John in his ministry that there were some who so highly esteemed John that they missed Christ, and I think that's important to reflect on for a moment. The early Disciples of Christ there were few more along the way. Both of the first several apostles of Christ were originally disciples of John.

They were following John and then John pointed his followers to Jesus Christ. In fact, there came a day when he was preaching by the Jordan River and here came Jesus out to be baptized by him. John objected and he said I need to be baptized by you, if you're asking me to baptize you know know know know I need to be baptized by you, and Jesus said no I need to be baptized. Please accommodate that. And there are mysteries there the job and even didn't fully understand, but I think we can understand them, at least in part, namely that in this baptism, Jesus was identifying himself with those he had come to say it is true that Jesus as the preeminent one as the most honorable one should have baptized John should have had the honor of baptizing John rather than John having the honor baptizing him that would be true as to his eternal deity that will be true as to his divine nature, but in his humanity. He came to identify himself with center of those who were baptized by John came to be baptized by way of a confession of their sin by way of act of repentance of acknowledging their sinfulness. In fact, when some came to be baptized by John requesting baptism who had given no evidence of repentance. John said I will baptize you very start about that generation of vipers, why are you coming to be baptized without repentance. First, he said, go do works suitable for repentance and then come and I will baptize you for his baptism. Emphasize the need of repentance and the reality of repentance. How does that apply to the symbols one Jesus Christ had nothing to repent. He had no need of repentance. And yet he came to be baptized by John. How do we understand that already told you, he identified himself with sinners because he was here to take upon him the sins of others in his life.

He was sinless, make no mistake about that. It's tragic that polls demonstrate that a large percentage of people who consider themselves to be born-again Christians do not know how to answer the question was Jesus sinless. A large percentage of them. Maybe the question is more like Jesus ever sin. A large percentage of them answer yes he did.

Obviously, these are people who have absolutely no understanding of the gospel. They have no understanding of who Jesus Christ is. They have no understanding that of Jesus Christ and they are not saved if Jesus Christ said there is no Savior Jesus Christ said that he could not bear the punishment for our sins because he would have to bear the punishment for his own, for he would bear he would carry the guilt of his own sins upon him. He was in his humanity sinless in his deity. Of course it was sinless, but in his humanity. He was sinless. He lived a sinless life, so that when he went to the cross to die a vicarious death that is a substitutionary death. He was not bearing the penalty of his own sins. What is the penalty for sin.

The wages of sin is dry here at death. Nobody here to respond except Ryan Cardwell is so faithful to take care of our of our lifestream equipment on Wednesday nights, but the wages of sin is death.

The soul that said, if it shall die. Both physical and spiritual death separation from the body.

In death and separation from God. Spiritual death. Well, Jesus had no sin, so why does he hang upon the cross to give up his physical life for his spirit to be separated from his body and to say to the father, into thy hands I commit my spirit why and when he was saying on the cross he cried out my God my God, why hast thou forsaken me, separated from the father.

We you are. Sinners deserve to be separated from God and are separated from God. Until we are reconciled through the work of Jesus Christ.

But Jesus Christ lived a sinless life, died on the cross.

A vicarious death. So in his life. He he earned the right, you might say to to lay down his life vicariously as a substitute because of he had not lived a sinless life, he could not for his life in in a substitutionary way for someone else. He wouldn't have a sinless life without guilt without without his own judgment in order to offer anyone else. He had to live a sinless life in order to do that. So he lived a sinless life, and then he voluntarily died. He was the only one who did not deserve to die. He voluntarily died in order to bear the guilt for those who trust in him and he rose bodily from the dead and ascended back to heaven. Others also another reason why he lived a sinless life he lived a sinless life, so that he could earn righteousness say that sounds strange. He was righteous he was perfectly righteous. He is God he is. He can't be anything but righteous God cannot be guilty of any unrighteousness. So how is it that he earned righteousness. Well, he became a man and earned righteousness in the sense of living a perfect life in the same world that we live in. Confronted with the same kinds of temptations that we are confronted with and yet living a perfectly righteous life without any sin, so that in the mysterious design of God in the mysterious workings of God and the mysterious grace of God. He could not only qualify to die as a payment for the sins of others, but he could also offer his righteousness to us is earned righteousness.

We have a responsibility to live a righteous life, and if anyone would live did live a righteous life. They would thereby earn eternal life but nobody has done that nobody can do that there is none righteous, no not one, except one exception, Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ earned a perfect righteousness.

And then there is in the design of God. A double imputation that takes place in imputation means something that is that is placed to the account of someone else.

So I am justified before the judgment bar of God by trusting in Jesus Christ and him alone and trusting in Christ is what happens God the father on the one hand it imputes to me the payment the Jesus made upon the cross so that payment for my sins is now been made. I don't bear the judgment any longer. I'm the guilty one. I deserve the judgment, but I no longer bear the judgment because he bore it in God reckons God imputes that to my account in the records of my life in the judgment bar of God in heaven.

My record says the guilt of Greg Barkman which is great by sins which are many, have all been atoned for.

They've all been paid for. The penalty has been paid. But there's a second aspect that is the righteousness of Christ is also imputed to me to my account so that when God opens the books in heaven and looks of my life. Instead of that ledger of sins which is which is just goes on and on and on and on. We can't even calculate how many sins we have committed sins of thought sins of of of words sins of deed we send constantly and if if we could see a record of our sins. I think it would sink us into despair. We don't even understand how much we have sent but the more we are saved in the closer we draw to God. There is this this paradox. On the one hand, the closer we draw to God the more we enjoy the righteousness which has been imputed to us and yet at the same type. The more we become conscious of the great sinfulness that is ours and so we feel more the weight of our sin were more conscious of the greatness of our sin. And yet we are more amazed at the grace of God in the righteousness which we enjoy in Christ. So God in his design takes that perfect righteousness which Jesus earned and he credits that to the account of the believing sinner saw that and I know I'm getting a bit away from the text here in all of this, but I'm explaining what's going on here when were talking about Jesus being the Redeemer and how was that he came to be baptized by John and so forth.

But it turns out that the salvation which God has designed is one in which Jesus Christ earned it, but it is freely given to me and to those who believe we talk about salvation being free and it is by the grace of God. It is freely bestowed on those who believe but it is also earned but not by the center because the center can't. It's not an and this is something I think it's important for us to understand we don't tell people all you gotta do is believe because that sort of puts it into in a shallow framework that I think people misunderstand and it sounds to them like we are say all you gotta do is pray and ask Jesus into your heart, you'll be be say that's all you gotta do it's true. All you have to do is believe what is is more accurate I think is a better way to put it is all that you can do is believe you can't do anything else you can earn salvation. You can't qualify for heaven. You cannot merit the righteousness which is required to get there you meaning me and all of us. You can't earn the required righteousness. But Jesus did. It's not that this righteousness is does not need to be earned.

It does therefore what can we know this righteousness does need to be earned, but we are incapable of running it.

Is there any hope. Yes, Jesus Christ the righteous one.

He by a righteous life a perfect life, a sinless life earned the righteousness that is required of us, so that righteousness must be earned. But I can't earn it, but he could earn it. He did earn it and therefore God in his grace imputes it to the account of every believing center so that it is true in the sense of justification and, in the sense that is most important that the believing center is in the judgment of God at the judgment bar of God as righteous as Jesus Christ himself. You can't get any more righteous than that. And that'll get you to heaven are penalty paid for Christ upon the cross but the required righteousness earned by Jesus Christ in his perfect life and so that's why Jesus was back sized by John. He was identifying as a center. He is going to take upon him the sins of other God takes mine sand and places it upon Christ.

He who had no sin, and he bears the penalty, the judgment for upon the cross and pays the judgment. God takes my penalty. The death penalty and he places that upon Christ and he takes Christ's righteousness and applies that to me and he takes Christ's life and gives that to me and here I stand before the throne of God in the perfection of Christ in the life of Christ. You can give me better than that.

I am just as perfect in the eyes of God is his own perfect son I'm just as righteous as his own perfect son. I am beloved.

I don't know if I can say beloved just as much as his own son and I I think that may be going one step too far. But I am loved with an everlasting love that has been earned for me. Also by the righteousness of Christ. I mean everything about my salvation is owing to Christ. That's why we made reference to that him on to him who loved us long ago before we came to be, who left his throne for earth below to save a wretch like me all praise to Christ from grateful men forevermore. Men that's what we love to say because we are debtors to literacy alone show eval and prayer father, thank you for making us aware of our sinfulness are great sinfulness, showing us the awfulness of it showing us the penalty of it showing us the judgment that we deserved because of it and then bring us to see the glory of Christ, the beauty of Christ. The redemptive work of Christ upon the cross and bringing us into union with him that we might receive the benefits of what he has done for hell deserving centers. Father want to thank you for bringing Marcy Councilman successfully through second surgery we pray now that you will bring healing of the she will enjoy a good use of both of her eyes for many years to come. We thank you that Alice Marley is so much greatly improved. We pray that you will continue to strengthen her. We thank you for the good report from Robert Sweet that he has had cause to praise you for two different reasons.

And we rejoice in that give you praise. We pray today for our government officials a week who is Hall River Mayor Kelly Allen that you might make him aware of his accountability to you and give you a desire to be guided by your word and to be led by your spirit. We pray for Drew Guthrie that she might help her as she battles with cancer and for Scott Kay's literacies recovering from his back surgery. We pray for our dear sister Shirley Watkins associate continues to struggle with her weakened health and yet we thank you that she's home and doing well.

We pray for Mary Shaw she's recovering from shoulder surgery long, slow recovery in pray for our Polk as he continues to battle with COPD and other issues in his life. We pray for David Bachman's she's recovering from hip surgery and for Jean Ferris and she also is recovering from hip surgery. We thank you for the good report from Keith Schleyer Muskie and Canada. We pray that you might continue to work in his life, both in his body and in the inner man we pray for our dear sister Laverne Waugh that you might comfort and strengthen her. We pray for the work in Zimbabwe that it may go on.

We are amazed at how much is accomplished by the work of your spirit in those places that seem to have the most obstacles the most difficulties. The most unlikely places for your work to prosper and gentle Lord to show us over and over again how your strength is made perfect in weakness. We pray for missionary Mike Webster and Francis. He's dealing with colon cancer. We pray for Bob Bixby in France and forth this enormous building project and we pray Lord that you might supply the funds that are necessary to secure that building and to establish firmly that testimony to the gospel of Jesus Christ and that that strategic location we pray Lord that you will allow churches there to continue to function freely without government interference. Pray that you might allow the Bixby's to continue to homeschool Zachary as they have determined that this is the best type of schooling for him, even as the others enter into the schools in France and Lord. We also pray for a number of our people who are struggling with health issues and especially those who are unable to get out.

Pray for Gina Boswell and for Kenna Maryellen Crumpton had an Betty Duncan and Francis Easley and for Hazel Garcia and Ruth Patterson and Mary Sue right we pray Lord that your presence will be known to them and will strengthen and encourage them. Father, help us to serve the Lord Jesus Christ faithfully and fruitfully as we ask these things in Jesus name on

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