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The Apostle Tells Us Why - 35

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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February 14, 2021 6:00 pm

The Apostle Tells Us Why - 35

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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February 14, 2021 6:00 pm

In this message by Pastor Greg Barkman, we learn from the Apostle Paul the reasons behind some of his actions relating to the church at Corinth.

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Well, we are no rapidly approaching the conclusion of our study through second Corinthians, although not quite to the after today, we still have chapter 13 which is filled with very important truth, but it is obvious that Paul is now winding down his instructions and appeals to the Corinthian church. He is as we have learned addressing a weak church that has had every opportunity to be stronger but has instead lagged behind in their spiritual development and he's also dealing with false teachers who are undermining Paul's God-given authority as an apostle and are misleading the church in our section for today versus 11 to 21.

The last half of chapter 12 Paul explains himself more clearly in three areas.

Number one he gives the reasons for his unwelcome boasting number two he tells us the reason for his impending visit to Corinth.

Number three. The reason for his present delay why he has not already arrived in Corinth for his third visit first of the three will take more time than the other two, but all of them are important. So today, the apostle tells us why Paul explains the reasons behind some of his actions relating to the church at Corinth. The first one is the reason for his unwelcome boasting it is already addressed this before but it goes a little bit deeper into the reasons in this section telling some things that he has not disclosed before. So we have in verse 11. The comprehensive explanation for his unwelcome boasting, boasting that he does not like boasting that he considers to be unprofitable, boasting that he puts into the realm of the flesh and the yet nevertheless he doesn't. Why will he says in verse 11. I become a fool in boasting he's mentioned that before. This is not new language. I have become a fool and boasting you have compelled me, for I ought to have been commended by you for nothing. Was I behind the most eminent apostles, though I am nothing. So what is a comprehensive explanation for why Paul engaged in this boasting that is listing his credentials and accomplishments as an apostle white.

Why does he do that and the explanation is because you the church at Corinth compelled me. You forced me to how they do that well. As previously stated in chapter 11. It is by giving here to the false teachers they should not have done that of the false teachers were listing their accomplishments and were suggesting that Paul falls short in his accomplishments compared to layers and soak since they were not listening to Paul as they should, and they were instead listing the false teachers and they were evaluating them in this way than Paul list. His accomplishments so that they can compare them with the false teachers so by giving here to false teachers, and by failing to value his ministry, which is the general tone of chapters 10, 11 and 12, Paul says you have forced me into doing something that I would prefer not to do.

Secondly, he tells us in here. He is very explicit in this particular text. Something is not mentioned before, you have forced me because you, the church of Corinth have failed to defend me for I ought to have been commended by you instead of listening to the pretenders. They should have been paying more attention to the things that Paul had taught them in continues to teach them in his epistle instead of remaining neutral in this back and forth between the false teachers and their demeaning the apostle Paul and Paul standing for truth and saying nothing for a long time but instead of remaining neutral and watching this like a spectator in a sports arena. Let's see how this turns out.

This team is doing this. This team is doing that these other guys are saying these things.

What's Paul going to do their standing by in neutrality likes like spectators when instead they should have been speaking up to defend the apostle Paul. Instead of speaking up in Paul's defense as they should have. They are acting like children who failure failed to appreciate what a parent has done for them. How often we see that just somehow can't say all of the sacrifices. All of the benefits all of the day laborers. All of the love that a parent has bestowed upon a child while they can see is maybe a few little bit. 50 criticisms which may not even be valid, but there may be some validity to them in looking over this mountain of evidence of their parents love for them. They focus instead upon a few little failures on their part, and they failed to appreciate them and to express it and act like it and that's what's going on here with the Corinthian church, and Paul Matthew Henry has a very applicable quotation that I'm going to read at this point. He says it is a debt we owe to good men to stand up in defense of their reputation and we are under special obligation to those who we have received benefit by especially spiritual benefit to own them as instruments in God's hand of good to us and to vindicate them when they are illuminated by others. That's a word we don't use very much anymore, but when they are criticized and are falsely accused by other should every pastor has experienced things like this throughout the course of his ministry. I'm happy to say that though I have experienced my share of this like everyone has. I've also two great joy and blessing experience people coming to my defense. Paul however in this situation was experiencing those who ought to have come to his defense.

They should have spoken up on his behalf. They should've pushed back toward those who were falsely misrepresenting and falsely representing them. They should have stood up for the apostle Paul and said in spite of the fact that he's got some weaknesses like everybody does. He is a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is an instrument of grace he has preached to us the gospel. He has been faithful in his ministry. This criticism of God's man who has been such a blessing to us, to whom we owe our eternal salvation and to the establishment of our church stop this carnal instead see how this turns out that see who wins. Shame on you Corinthian church you said Paul compelled me to boast in this carnal way because of your failure to do what you ought to do so because the church was listening to these false teachers, and because the church failed to defend Paula because the church lacked discernment. Paul tells us in verse 11 that in. Nothing was I behind the most eminent apostles, though I am a nobody wants to make it clear he's not saying these things because he feels himself to be great, but he's pointing out some obvious things that they have overlooked anything. Look, it's pretty clear I don't come behind anybody.

I certainly don't become combined these false teachers and their so-called accomplishments and credentials which are a bunch of but I don't even come behind the other apostles the most of the apostles like Peter and John.

Apparently the false teachers were safe.

Paul doesn't measure up to Paul, Peter, Paul doesn't measure up to John, yes I do know he hates to say these things but yes I do. The church lacked discernment. They misunderstood Paul's humility by wood and nothing was I behind the most eminent apostles, though I am a nobody. I consider myself to be a nobody. I consider myself to be the chief of sinners and Paul had conducted himself all the way through. But they under misunderstood this humility. This Christlike humility and instead evaluated Paul by carnal standards instead of by spiritual ones. They mistook his humility for inferiority false teachers with their abundance of self-promotion compared to Paul's lack of self-promotion caused them to be ground loosely impressed with the false teachers claims demonstrating their own lack of maturity and discernment they overlook Paul's true worth his humility actually manifested superior spirituality not inferior. So here we have the reason for his unwelcome boasting, but it was on a verse 12 to give us the divinely given certification of his apostleship. Verse 12 truly the signs of an apostle were accomplished among you with all perseverance and signs and wonders, and mighty deeds. The signs of an apostle, he calls them.

What are the signs will he tells us he doesn't leave us to wonder. These are signs and wonders, and mighty deeds in this language, we find elsewhere in the New Testament scattered in various places.

These all refer to miracles in one way or another signs. They are called in John's Gospel, all of Christ. Miracles are called sign signs because they are designed to call attention to something important because like a sign they give instruction to those who will pay attention to them and learn from them like signs. They guide people into truth. They are signs there wonders. They are designed to produce amazement to arouse attention to arrest people from their distractions to other things in give attention to what is going on over here where these wonders are being accomplished. These these miracles are being performed in a way that no one else has performed them and they are called mighty deeds translated in some Bibles as miracles mighty deeds because they demonstrate mighty power because they demonstrate almighty power because they demonstrate divine power. They are my TD like Jesus performed to test to his Messiah ship and like the apostles performed to attest to their apostleship, their divine appointment by Jesus Christ himself, so the signs are attesting evidences of apostolic appointment there are signs of an apostle, there signs of been given to the apostles of the people will know that they are apostles scribes.

They are the same kinds of miracles of Jesus did now performed by those whom he has appointed to found the church in his absence. Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone. The apostles and prophets in the foundation of the church.

Paul tells us in Ephesians chapter 2, and these signs these miracles that have been given to these men by the power of Christ attest to their divine appointment. This is how you can know who it apostle is this is how you can know what you're apostle is these are the marks of God's appointment of certain men to be apostles and these signs we read were performed abundantly in Corinth. They are performed.

My Bible says with all perseverance, though some take that in another direction. I think what Paul is saying is, there were an abundance of miracles performed over an extended period. They were not only performed in Corinth as they were the other churches, but they work performed extensively.

The exercise and operation of Paul. In performing these miracles went on persevering late over the period of the year and 1/2, which is longer than Paul ministered in any church, but emphasis so did Corinth have ample opportunity to see these signs they had more opportunity to witness them to examine them to the guided and informed by them to be assured by them that Paul was a true apostle Jesus Christ. They had more opportunity for that than any other church besides Ephesus copper for more signs and wonders, and mighty deeds in Corinth that he did in Philippi or Thessalonica or in Berea or in any of the other churches that he found except Ephesus.

They were done persevering over the whole course of his ministry there. Furthermore, from what is told us here and from the evidence we have in Scripture is clear that these signs these miracles were not performed by the false teacher. They didn't do the signs. Now they claim to have visions and revelations like Paul did and Paul took that up previously. Now we come to visions and revelations.

I know a man, whether in the body or out of the body. God knows who 14 years ago was caught up into the third heaven, and so forth. We covered that earlier the false teachers claim similar visions and revelations, but that's a little hard to certify how can I know what you saw in privacy.

You can claim it. I can believe it, or I can doubt it. But you can't prove it and I can examine it. Miracles are another story. Paul is healing people abundantly, as he did these people healing people in their community that they knew he's healing sick people, lame people that they knew he saw them they saw them when they work in their time of need and then they saw the apostle Paul healed up and he saw that they saw them afterwards and they they were well. They were told they were healed and the evidence is there, the false teachers who would have loved to make claims like this but they could do it because they they couldn't make claims like this because they couldn't do things like this because these are the signs of an apostle.

They were not apostles, not these miracles were not performed by the false teachers nor by any others generally or else they would not be called the signs of an apostle. These are not the signs of the early church. These are not the signs of spirit filled Christians. These are not the signs of anybody except apostles if there signs of anybody broader than the group called apostles that they could make Mark that attest that this person is an apostle. They are signs of the apostles, and they are clearly limited to the apostle they were performed by the apostles or by those who were under the authority and direction of the apostles ministry you do find some occasional other people performing seminal similar miracles, but there always partners with the apostles. This is all in the sphere of the ministry of an apostle, which means that unless they are still apostles today.

You should not expect to see these kinds of miracles today right you can have to decide. There are some people who make the claim that there still are apostles today. That's another subject for another time, but if you don't accept that claim that there are apostles today and reasoned forces you to say, then there must not be the signs today because they signs belong to apostles based signs identify apostles. If there are no apostles, then it isn't doing this today and by the way, this is something that God did it says these things were accomplished. Did you catch that verse 12 truly the signs of an apostle were accomplished. Paul doesn't say I did them, though he did say I accomplished though. In a sense he did in these pointing to them is something that he did in contrast with others who didn't but is making it clear I didn't do this by my own power.

I'm a nobody, but they were accomplished through me. I'm a channel they were accomplished by God using me as the instrument of accomplishment for one particular reason so that I can be attested as an authentic apostle know it is true that there are a couple of occasions in Scripture where messengers of Satan duplicate to some extent. Some of these types of miracles happened in the days of Moses when he was performing miracles first before Pharaoh and Pharaoh's magicians were able to perform several similar miracles, though they didn't seem to have the same power they they could produce some of these things.

The early miracles they did reduce the later ones.

But strangely, only Moses seem to have the power to stop them to banish them to reverse those plagues that came upon Egypt. The magicians couldn't lift one plague which makes it seem likely that they were actually performing sleight-of-hand in some way, and as the miracles got more complicated. They weren't able to keep doing it, but it any rate they did it. It may have been by the power of Satan.

It is true that the antichrist when he comes is going to be able to do something similar in his his messengers and to do something similar.

We read in second Thessalonians 29 the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with all power signs and lying wonders almost the same language power signs and wonders, but here not not authentic wonders lying wonders. They are performed by the antichrist and perhaps some of the his partners.

We really don't know for the purpose of deceiving people and got at that time is going to allow that to happen, but it's clear that God has been very restrictive in an who he allows to perform miracles because he has reserved that for Christ preeminently and a few prophets in the Old Testament days who were representatives of the one true God and the apostles were apostles of Christ and Paul tells us that here.

It's very clear in the language of Paul that these miracles performed by him that were the signs of an apostle were not performed by the false teachers in Corinth. In Paul's day, nor were they performed, but anybody else in Corinth.

In Paul's day, they were unique to Paul and perhaps the other apostles when they came through to visit as Peter did positively the signs of an apostle were performed among you, I did.

I don't fall behind any of the other eminent apostles who also have the power of the signs of an apostle.

I have them do in abundance and use of so when people today are claiming similar signs and wonders, it is likely, it is likely that they are actually counterfeits.

It is more likely that they are counterfeited and duplicated.

Again, I'm not claiming that Satan is never given the power. None of his messengers are ever given the power to perform miracles.

I think sometimes they are even today, most of the time there counterfeits. I probably told you the story teller quickly of my pastor friend in another city. This pastor is been long with the Lord, but he told me that there was a crusade by so-called divine healer that came to his city before the time that I came here so this goes way that probably into the 60s and he happened to have as a member of his church. A man who managed the staging operations of whatever was going on in the Coliseum and so he had inside information and he called Pastor he said come up you want to look at what what we've had to we put together on the stage. They brought him in their truck that we had help them put together here on the stage in one of the stage and he pulled back the carpet and there was a metal plate that was attached to a electric cord and had a switch on it when people stood on that particular carpet they would feel some something going through the was a mild electric shock counterfeiting. How many stories we heard about people who were truly lame, truly in need of healing who tried to get up on the stage and in a meeting like that and the guards would let them spoil our show. The other people I could come up. There are people who actually don't need it but I pretending to they come up on crutches. They go to and through other crutches away buddies as well as that wonders pulses. Truly the signs of an apostle were done by me also talks about the uniquely Corinthian immaturity.

In verse 13 for what is it, in which you were inferior to the other churches.

Certainly there were inferior in the display of miracles which they sought are in the preaching of God's word so what were you inferior to other churches, except that I myself was not burdensome to you.

Forgive me this wrong know if you're just dropping in in the series right now and have been with us before you may not understand this language, but what is Paul talking about this this son got a get back to the language here this not being burdensome to the end that speaks about financial matters, financial support, the Paul refused to take from the Corinthian church is dealt with that before and he talked about that in this language of this is a burden, and what he says is the only way you differed from the other churches is that I did not allow you to support me financially ever.

That's what's different in the other churches.

Paul didn't take support from them while he was establishing them. But when he left he allowed them to support him as he went on to another place. We talked about that principle of of missionary operation missionary financial support.

The missionary comes into a new place, new people, immature people unsay people to start with and he does not depend upon them for his financial support he depends upon Christians in established immature churches and they support him. But when the church gets established well-established defense table and he moves on down the road to another location to start over again. Help generally be happy to receive financial support from that now established church, and that's the way it was with Paul didn't take money at Philippi until he left and then he received a lot of support from the Philippian church. He didn't take money in Thessalonica while he was establishing the church but he took money from them when he left an embryo. Likewise, he allowed them to support and they wanted to. That's an interesting aspect to fold and go to Philippi and begged for money. Paul to go to set this Thessalonica and ask for support, but if they wanted to support him. He didn't turn of the way didn't say no I'm not gonna take it from but in Corinth that's exactly what he did.

Why he said that made you inferior to the other churches as the only difference why well because of their immaturity because of their weakness because of their their listening to the insinuations of the false teachers who are saying the only reason Paul is ministering here is to take advantage of you financially and to prove that that's not so Paul won't take a penny from them until they become much more mature than they are now.

They are weak and therefore not ready to support the apostle financially unwillingness to support those in gospel ministry or reluctance to do so is actually a manifestation of spiritual weakness and it was a mark of the Corinthian church. They were spiritually weak. The question is, did Paul's unwillingness to take money from them do more than simply manifest their weakness.

It was Paul's judgment that he could not safely take money from them without being misunderstood and maligned and misrepresented so we wouldn't do it. Does this indicate more than simply spiritual weakness on their part. Did he has unwillingness to take money from them also contribute to their weakness in his language here seems indicate yes it does. But I can't help it because of the situation. I'm still not going to take in what ways were you for inferior to the other churches in this way only that I have not been and will not be a financial burden to you that I will accept finances from other churches. Please forgive me for this wrong now by suggesting here that this actually contributed to their ongoing spiritual weakness all depends on how you understand that phrase. Forgive me for this wrong was that a witch realizing that a straightforward statement or is that sarcasm is been using a lot of sarcasm if it sarcasm that it doesn't prove what I'm saying the same. Forgive me for this wrong and you know good well it's not wrong, forgive me for this wrong is a false teachers would pounce on it and use it as evidence of my wrong. But if it's a straightforward statement. Where were you familiar art where you inferior to the other churches, only that I would take money from you.

I'm sorry that that's what I did because it left you more weak than the others, but again you compelled me the situation demands it. Please forgive me this wrong but it also leaves you weaker than you would otherwise be because it would strengthen you to take your responsibility to support ministers of the gospel, like the apostle Paul. So that is the reason for his unwelcome posting and that we must hurry on more quickly to the other two. Secondly, what is the reason for his impending visit. Verses 14 to 18. The intended visit is first announced in verse 14. For now, for the third time I'm ready to come to you and I will not be burdensome to you. Still not going to take a penny from you even though I've established this church and I've gone on to other places I take from this that when Paul revisited churches like Philippi and was willing for them to take up an offering and help him on his ministry effect. Paul indicates that he said done even the church of Rome that he had established but it's a mature church and he said when I come and visit you. I hope that you will help me on my way to Spain talking about financial help. I rather expect you want to do that is your mature church deposit.

When I come to you, even the third time you're not ready for this. I will not be burdensome to you, for I do not seek yours, but you the false teachers were saying all Paul wants is to get his hands on your money. Paul says, not true I do not seek yours that that which belongs to you. I seek you, your souls and your fruitful lives as Christians. I seek your maturity. I seek what's good for you, for he says the children ought not to lay up for the parents with the parents of the children, so he is intended visit. His announced preparations are being made. Finances will still be refused.

Paul's motive is clear it's for their welfare. Not he is. That's why he continues the company's own expense or the expense of other churches, and then he employs this little truism to set to support his decision that in the normal course of things the children don't support the parents but the parents support the children that we know that there are times when that's not possible, we know that Jesus commanded that children ought to support their parents when they're in need and that's part of what it means to honor your father and mother, but if things are working in the best way parents will generally be able to not only support themselves but make preparation for their retirement years for their elderly years and have some extra that they can use to help their children. They can lay up for their children and often leave an inheritance for their children when they die. Parents aren't living shouldn't be.

Most of Mark living with the expectation that what I'm counting on what I desire is that my kids support me. Parents are living with the expectation what I'm working toward an desiring and help hoping that God will help me with is that I cannot only support myself and not be a burden to my children, but also the blessing and benefit to them. And Paul said that's the way I'm doing it in in your relationship.

I'm the father near the children and I'm gonna help and bless you and I'm going to labor in your midst at my expense. Not at labor in your midst at your expense. I'm going to give to you.

I'm not expecting you to give to me again as we have seen 20 is dealing with a more mature church than this little maxim about the children not laying up for the parents with the parents of the children that goes out the window because there he has a different principle in mind that the laborer is worthy of his hire, and you ought to support those who preach the gospel, that is the general principle of Scripture. But here it's not going to happen that way because, as Paul expresses his love in verse 15, I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls. Though here's a tragic thing. The more abundantly. I love you, the less I am loved. Paul loves them greatly is strong.

Love is expressed. It is a sacrificial love is agape love. I love you, expecting nothing in return but I makes me sad that my love to you as an unrequited love you not living me in return is you ought to. In fact, it looks like in many ways, you loving the less because of how much I love you and how much I've done for you.

Any parents felt that way at times. The more I do for my children, the less they love make the less they expect that Leslie appreciated. It does happen that way sometimes when it does happen that way. It's not only immaturity but it's actually evidence of sin present working lives because that's not the God honoring response and then Paul goes on.

Finally, in the section to expose the lives of the critics verses 1673 and 18.

Be that as it may, I did not burden you nevertheless been crafty. I caught you by cutting that I take advantage of you by any of those whom I sent to you by arch Titus and set our brother with him did Titus take advantage of you. Did we not walk in the same spirit, did we not walk in the same steps now this is definitely sarcasm in verse 16.

There is no question about this been crafty. I caught you by cutting, I did not burden you but nevertheless been crafty at caught you by cutting begin reading between the lines.

We think that this is answering criticism of the false teachers and they must've been saying something like this. Yeah, Paul's not taking anything from you now so he can lull you into complacency and even get more from you in the long run from his partners that he sends he will take anything from you directly in order to trick you into thinking that his motives are pure, but he'll end up getting more from others who will give him a big cut crafty fellow that I have my caught you by cutting, but then he goes on to correct that notion.

He says well take a look at the facts when Titus calmed came to you, did he take anything from you know he operated the same way I did same principles and practice. He took came at his own expense or the expense of other churches, he received no money from you or the brother that came with Titus. We don't know his name is also referred to in chapter 8 verses 16 to 18 but again unnamed the brother who came with Titus did he take anything from you know know Paul's partners demonstrated the same practice as Paul because they'd been instructed to by Paul. We got a unique situation in Corinth.

This church is immature. This church has unique problems. This church is not one that we can take finances from so don't take a penny from them. God will supply our needs through other way's, but finally, Paul gives his reason. 1/3 explanation he gives his reason for his present delay in coming. Remember what were talking about number one. The reason for his unwelcome boasting number two. The reason for his impending visit.

He's got work that needs to be done, but number three. The reason for his present delay and, in short, he's giving them time to get some things in order before he comes. Verse 19.

Again, do you think we excuse ourselves to you. We speak before God in Christ, but we do all things, beloved for your edification. What's he saying there. Well, he says I'm giving you time and this this translation is the best and I meant to bring another one. It's a little clearer and I failed to do it.

Basically what he saying is I'm giving you time to come around and properly properly accept my apostolic authority thing you're having trouble with now the thing the false teachers are are troubling you about.

I'm giving you time to get this straightened out. Not because I needed for my sake, for my purposes. I am happy to be judged by God and the only judgment that really matters is the judgment that I have before God.

It really doesn't matter. In one sense from for my sake. It really doesn't matter how you judge me, but for your sake, it matters a lot.

Their spiritual health requires giving Paul his rightful place why because he is a true apostle of Christ has been said by God. He has preach them the word of God. He is doing what God called him to do. He does have God-given authority to establish the church.

He does have God-given authority to correct what's wrong in the church, and though he doesn't need any of that for himself, doesn't really matter for their sake, it matters a great deal. Their spiritual health depends upon their recognizing this, and responding to a properly so I'm coming. But before I get there, why don't you do a little attitude adjustment in regard to how you view my apostleship and why don't you grow a little bit immaturity strengthen your development. He says in verse 19 we do all things, beloved for your edification to get you strengthened and stronger and he says I'm giving you time to deal with your sins. Verse 24.

I fear less when I come, I shall not find you as I wish that I shall be found by you, such as you do not wish lest there be contentions, divisions, jealousies, jealous toward one another, outbursts of wrath.

That's angry fights going on in the church, selfish ambitions, people trying to elevate themselves in the church in carnal ways, backbiters whisperers, gossip going on in the church conceits deceitful things tumult process that's likely to be found there. He kind of puts it in the hypothetical, knowing full well that it is in the actual but he's been kind of the way he says it but he says when I come I don't want to find these sins of carnal thinking that result in conflict, carnal behavior, the kinds of sins that I addressed in my first epistle. Do you remember the divisions I will, Paul. I'm of the policy.

I'm Cephas the anger brother taking brother to court in angry disputes and on and on. He said I was also the first epistle, they should be dealt with.

They should be God. They should be behind you.

I hope when I come I don't find these things still going on the should of been taken care of. I'm dragging my feet a little bit in coming to you, but I'm sending you a letter to give you notice that it's time to clean these things up so they won't be going on when I get there.

Word to the wise. That's why he's delaying his coming, and then it gets even worse. In addition to this kind of carnal behavior.

Verse 20 he says I'm afraid I may even find something worse. Sexual misconduct was 21. Less when I come again, my God, will humble me among you, and I shall mourn for many who have sinned before and have not repented of the uncleanness, fornication and lewdness, which they practiced uncleanness, fornication and lewdness.

Those are all sins of a sexual nature which as we know, was rife in Corinthian society and unfortunately is becoming rife in American society is one of things that those of us who could who have lent several decades and can remember back so he can remember back further than I can, but my grade school years were in the 50 remember people they have their work concerned about this or that, but I tell you what things are a whole lot different than there were was that there was no fornication, no sexual immorality, but there wasn't much I only knew of my friends.

I only knew one who had a divorced parent one of my friends that I can remember had two-parent homes. I could go on and on.

Things have really changed in America. America is getting more like Corinth every day in the level of sexual promiscuity which we have going on in our land and so Corinth was rife with this kind of sexual misconduct deposited shouldn't be so among you, and I dealt with that. My first epistle. Remember about the brother was living in immorality with his stepmother and how we dealt with that and I thought we had that behind us, but he said I'm afraid there may be some of you who are still involved in this kind of immorality and haven't repented so I'm I'm giving you a little bit advance notice before I arrive on delaying my coming just long enough for you to deal with this because if you don't I will. You don't think I'm bald you'll find out if you don't I will got one processes afraid to God, will humble him among them.

It's humbling to see his converts living in immorality is very humbling is humble to have to deal again was sensitive already been dealt with, and should have been gone so he says I don't want to come and to mourn for you. Verse 21. Did you see that language less when I come again, my God, will humble me among you, and I shall warned for many who have sinned before and have not repented mourn is a term for great grief that can be applied in several areas but the most common place where we use that word is in regard to somebody who's died. That brings on morning Paul says I don't want to mourn when I come for you as if there are dead people among you, and I think what Paul is saying the little oblique is clear enough. If we think about it when you see these sins. It is mentioned verse 21 of them we think about what he wrote in Galatians 5 of the works of the flesh are evident, which are adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, same things we just written verse 21 he goes on to say, I have told you in times past that those who practice such things. Listen to me now will not inherit the kingdom of God. He is talking about mourning for the dead spiritually dead, who claim to be Christians but are not in evidence, it by their continuing in immorality of which they have professed to repent of and to root out, and yet they've gone right back to it like a dog to its vomit and a south to its wallowing in the mire. As Peter talks about and pulses when I come in I find people who are still living this way and have not repented and will not repent and continue want is only one conclusion I can draw.

They are dead spiritually and we shouldn't have any, did people in the church will have to deal with this. So what we learn here regarding sexual immorality number one that is not acceptable among believers. Truly believers may fall into such tenant do from time to time, but if they are true believers. They will repent.

They will acknowledge they will confess they will forsake they will mourn over their own sin. They will grieve over their failure of the damage that has caused to others. They will be humbled by their sin that will be true of all those who truly repent but lack of repentance lack of humility lack of grief, lack of honesty, lack of being willing to acknowledge the sins that you have done is an indication of an absence of saving grace is in evidence of an empty profession of faith, it will not take you to heaven, in which Paul says those who honor that category shall not inherit the kingdom of God. This is serious folks.

We live in a day when not only society rife with immorality. The churches are rife with immorality and wink at it covered over with. We gotta be loving will will you be loving and parts being loving buddy saying folks could you a notice. I lovingly appeal to you to deal with this yourself. Get it done get gone repent of it so that when I come it's not there because if it's still there to deal with it. That'll be loving to seem quite as loving but it's the most loving thing to do, shall we pray father, help us to know your words help us to understand that help us to apply it for the honor and glory of Christ into the good of our soul. Pray

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