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Reasons WE Support Missionaries

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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January 6, 2021 7:00 am

Reasons WE Support Missionaries

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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January 6, 2021 7:00 am

Pastor Greg Barkman updates church and missionary information before speaking from John's third epistle beginning at 28-00.

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Greetings and welcome once again the lifestream midweek service of beacon Baptist Church, Burlington, North Carolina coming to you from our nearly empty auditorium. How we long for the days when we can gather together as we formerly did that of course is all in God's hands and admit to his sovereign control his sovereign will is divine appointments and we continue our ministry in the best way that we can without neglecting the assembling of the saints altogether, but without assembling to frequently as we continue to keep our eye upon covert and what is going on in that realm. So we continue with our Sunday morning people present service 930 and then Sunday night at six and Wednesday night at seven. We have lifestream only. We will be conducting our monthly elders and deacons meeting this coming Tuesday night at 715 and to that end, we need all of the nomination forms returned. Hopefully they have been processing them in the office now and getting ready to have that information ready for the meeting and we are hopeful to have received all of our faith promise cards we haven't received as many cards as far as last year, but our totals have exceeded the dollar amounts from last year were very encouraged by that, as of 12. As of today as additional cards came in the mail. We have now received 88 cards. We have a missions total of hundred and 57 to 53.

That's just a little less than $9000 more than the final total last year and we have $12,808 for the building fund that's a little bit higher than last year's total last year we ended up with read it 100 cards so were short of that would like to receive some more. Don't hesitate to join us if you haven't already done so, don't hesitate to join us. Even if you are not able to commit a great deal of pastor Carnes, who does the tallying on the card showed me a card that came I think in the mail. He said it was his favorite card and when I saw that it became my favorite one to was obviously filled out by a child checked that this child committed himself or herself to tithing. Whatever income the Lord should give them throughout 20, 21, and then move down to faith promise missions a committed to $0.25 a month for a total of three dollars for the year sale. That's so small it hardly even budget is the numbers God views it entirely differently. I see that, like the widows might remember Jesus said that she gave more than all the rest and how wonderful it would be if we would receive 3040 50 cards like that children wonderful way to train our children in recognizing God is the giver of all things and are privilege and responsibility to give back to him as he has so faithfully supplied our needs. So if you are in that category. Please get your cardio would like to included with all the totals the camera that I brought to the pulpit tonight is one that we often sing during missions month by Chris Anderson entitled for the sake of his name, go to the world for the sake of his name to every nation, his glory proclaim. Pray that the spirit wise will open darkened dies granting new life to display Jesus playing love the unloved for the sake of his name like Christ.

Befriend those whose heads hiding in shame. Jesus did not condemn, but was condemned for them.

Trust gospel power, for we once were the same rescue the lost.

For the sake of his name is Christ commands snatch them out of the flame until that when Jesus died, God's wrath was satisfied urge them to flee to the Lamb who was slain look to the throne for the sake of his name. Think of the throne who will share in his reign, some for whose souls. We pray will share our joy that day joining our song for the sake of his name and Jesus power preach Christ to the lost. For Jesus glory count all else, but lost gather from every place trophies of sovereign grace, less life be wasted. Exalt Jesus cross, shall we pray heavenly father. We vowed to give you thanks that in your kindness. The gospel came to us and we know that there are people in this world who have not yet heard the glad tidings of the news that Jesus Christ died to save sinners, Jesus Christ died as a substitute for those who will trust in him and so therefore Lord, we give you thanks for the gospel came to us. We give you thanks of the Holy Spirit opened our hearts to understand it to believe it to receive it. To be born again by father we desire that that same gospel shall go forth and touch the lives of yet many many many other those who are our loved one is our children are friends or neighbors. Yes, those who live in faraway places around the world. Lord God in your gracious power send the gospel out and cause it to be effective in myriads of lives, even as by your grace. It was made effective in our lives. Father, help us to be faithful during these days of covert as this pandemic continues on and on and on. We do not know when it shall end we leave that to you. It's all according to your design.

We recognize that if we submit to your will.

We pray that he will make us faithful and fervent and that we will be good examples of Christians who live by faith, and who are surrendered to the sovereign will of our create or save your father we pray for our nation. We are grieved by the unrest that took place in our nation's capital today we pray Lord that in your kindness you will bring our nation to stability and to peace. Father we pray that you will hold back forces of darkness. You will keep those who are determined enemies of the gospel of Jesus Christ from carrying out their desires will father we pray for revival. We pray that your spirit may sweep through our land and may touch the hearts of believers and stir them up to greater faithfulness and obedience to your word and all Lord, that you might open the hearts of unbelievers and cause them to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Father, bless our time together by lifestream. We pray in Jesus name. Thank you for joining us tonight by lifestream since that's the way that we can gather in these days we are grateful that you have joined us.

I'm looking at our prayer request sheet that I begin with the praises which at the top says Pastor Barkman and Marty are doing well from covert that is true.

Thank you for your prayers. Neither of us would claim to be 100%, but we are certainly better than we were a week or two ago and we thank the Lord for that. Marcy Councilman is doing well from her recent eye surgery Larry Hunter's cancer procedure went well and he's now waiting the biopsy report. David Moxley is making good progress from his chemo treatments and Isaiah Slawson is doing well following surgery or government official. The week is Gibson Bill Ald. Shannon O'Toole. Please pray for Shannon. Pray for Tracy areas. He continues to recover from foot surgery for Marcy. Councilman shall be undergoing a second eye surgery on February 2 from a counselor. She continues to battle Copeland. She's better than she was, but she still has a ways to go. Still having fevers on in the afternoons. I do believe in. We are praying for her. Pray for Drew Guthrie.

She battles cancer and covert pray for our pope, who was scheduled to have an MRI, but that was scheduled to have a breathing test rather but that was postponed is waiting on the results of an MRI were also praying for Brenda Kramer, the sister of Steve Gagnon on and Kayden Hammond who is having oral surgery on tomorrow.

That's a grandson of Eddie and Clara driver. We are praying for Mary Hicks who is in Carolina Pines rehabilitation that Sue Elliott's aunt and for Todd Noris who had a stroke that John Jack Petrie's son-in-law were praying for Jack Petrie who is an assisted living in Pittsboro also for Geraldine Smith. Most of us know her a dinky Jerry Holt's mother, who is battling covert. I have an update on Stuart while he is doing better but he still needs our prayers will give you that update in the moment. I will also give you an update on Mike Webster missionary Mike Webster and Francis, who is battling colon cancer and we have a pretty recent and detailed report of that that I will read to you a little bit later.

We are praying for the family of Cliff Gagnon and Steve Gagnon's father passed away in Indiana. Steve and Lori were up there for Christmas and able to visit with him, but he became infected with Copeland and got pneumonia and he died. So the funeral will be on Friday. Steve and Lori are returning to Indiana for the second visit in a short while. Please pray for that family. Pray for Nancy Bingham recovering from surgery and is very weak friend Denise Marley for Janet Miller Cheryl Ingalls neighbor who is under hospice care occurred to me that I did mention Alice Marley but she's not home recovering from a fractured pelvis is in need. However, someone to stay with her basically shooting somebody can stay with her during the day. Somebody can stay with her at night over the next 2 to 3 weeks, which is the doctor's recommendation I were praying for Pat Betty Duncan that is having severe back pain and also for Ruth Patterson in high-growth long-term care in Reidsville and she has covert.

Pray that the Lord will strengthen her.

Now I'm ready for some missionary communications and I'll begin with Stuart Waugh. We generally get our news from texts come to us forwarded to us, generally from Eric Johnson and I will see my phone is not cooperating so will have to turn it sideways so let's see, here's what it says this came yesterday and it said Stuart had a scan yesterday which showed that another abscess had grown a bit and might need to be drained is a Pat hepatic artery is still blocked, but little blood is getting through. There's nothing that they can do for that. I can see that I have inadvertently somehow put this on picking up my words and transmitting them for an email or text to go back. I need to erase that right now, which I'm doing and okay back to that little blood is getting through the hepatic artery that is to his liver. There is nothing says Laverne that they can do for that.

Please pray for these abscesses to clear up one of them is blocking a bile duct so stew is very yellow nauseous.

Thank you for your continued prayers and then as a follow-up on that I can get my phone to cooperate, which so far is not cooperating very well wish I could make it turn around like it's like it's there we go. Got it going the other way.

I know I think I can get to the bottom. Somehow, coming coming coming the last communication Laverne says he is so brave and is forging on getting material and plans organized for our return to Zimbabwe he feels awful but is determined to get on with the Lord's work and leave the outcomes to him. We are resting in the Lord's perfect plan and trusting him for much fruit in Zimbabwe. Love you all Laverne the latest from Stuart. Give my clumsiness with my phone couple of missionaries wrote thank you notes, this one from Tony and Kathy Payne in South Africa to Pastor Barkman, friends, a deacon want to thank you for your generous Christmas gift of $275 that you sent to Gospel Fellowship Association in December were very thankful for the way God cares for us. We were able to help to needy families during the season. Please pray especially for Fernando and his wife Sue net who attended our Christmas Day service along with their three children, we will share more about them in our January prayer letter Kathy and I are paying a second visit to Fernando's mother and stepfather this afternoon. Please pray for Jeanette and Freddie. They wanted to come to church on Christmas Day with Bernardo and Sue net but had no transportation. Pray that we can find a place to meet in the community where they live.

God bless you all and 20 2111 Christ Tony and Kathy Payne, this one from missionary Herb Taylor your brother Greg and Mike, I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the opportunity this month to present God's word to the brothers of the tri-state meeting as well. As for the deer Foltz of beacon Baptist really appreciate her coming up and preaching the Sunday before Christmas when I was out battling covert best regards, was out battling covert pass of the tour was badly covert, though he was.

He was more on the mend and we were we were pretty shorthanded appreciate missionary Herb Taylor coming up from South Carolina and ministry at that time. He says I trust the both of you, your families, and others have tested positive for covert are doing better. I'm sure that it is not been an easy thing for anyone I've sought to pray for you often, but especially more during this time we also want to thank you for the gracious honorarium from beacon which you received this past week. Beacon has been so very kind to us over the years and we are indeed grateful to God for you all. May the Lord continue to strengthen you physically as you continue the spiritual battle grace signed.

Herb and Wanda Taylor. Mike mentioned also that pastor Mike Carnes had a recent telephone conversation with a friend, Don Theobald, who lives in Canada who was scheduled to be at our spring Bible conference last April we had cancel that because of covert.

We were hoping he might be able to come to our spring Bible conference this April, which we are planning to conduct had our fall one and it went well in spite of covert and were planning to go ahead with our spring one, but Don Theobald tells us that he is not been able to do that because of the type travel restrictions between Canada and the United States, and he has no no one assurance at this time that he would be able to travel to the United States fact that today he could not and he has no certainty that he would be able to do that in April so reluctantly. We are not going to be able to have him in April will work on other arrangements and will let you know the Lord supplies for our spring Bible conference the first week in April. I can also report, however, that Don Theobald and his wife Marlene are doing well. They don't have covert he does. He said nobody in their church there in Canada has covert none of his friends or any of his acquaintances had covert been virtually covert free. You know anybody personally with covert that's really strikes us as remarkable because our experience here has been very different. Rejoice in God's protection for the Theobald's and we hope to see them back. Perhaps we'll just have to see what the Lord works out for us. Perhaps in in the future Bible conference. We trust now, the letter from Mike and Melanie Webster in France and told you I would read them tell us more. The details of what's going on with Mike's cancer.

He says so, here's a quick update on my health situation were sorry that we have not yet been able to answer all of your messages individually. You cannot know how much every single one of them has meant to us.

As I enter the sixth and last week of complying combined radio and chemotherapy. I want to testify to God's goodness. First of all, we've had much support from our church family here in spite of covert in spite of covert restrictions imagine the special reassurance that comes when the prayer meeting. Prayers offered by a Christian oncologist who is see my file has a good relationship with my doctor. A home care nurse has risen differently once a week to my appointment and has offered to do my weekly blood work. Secondly, Melanie has managed to say relatively rested in spite of all the this is put on her. Her sister came for a long weekend from Belgium and that was a tremendous encouragement.

I've actually been able to do some of the driving to and from the daily treatments which is also helped to her, especially since our car, like most in Europe has a manual transmission that intrigued me. I knew that was true in the past I have been to Europe now for several years so I do know if that was still true or not but it is here in America it's hard to find a manual transmission and many people in America couldn't drive one if they had one fact, I happen to have a car that has a manual transmission second car more of a recreational vehicle and I have four sons in law and two of them can drive it two of them can't.

That's kind of the way it is. I can remember quite a few years ago. Now we had a used car that are girls of been using it was time to sell it is getting old and needed to be replaced. We had already purchased a replacement and we put the car out front of our house with the for sale sign on it is many times over the years successfully sold a lot vehicles that way and so one day there came a knock at the door and there was a man there and he said I see your car out here and thinking about the possibility of purchasing it for my grandson.

I said, let's great. Here's the keys go check it out. So he walked back out to the car. I stayed in the house doing something, but I kept my eye out the window. After a while I thought it strange she has an he hasn't turned on the motor driven it. I told him to go ahead and take a drive so I walked out and I said to Casey and Casey hadn't understood me. I want to make sure you're welcome to drive it. Go ahead and take it for a drive and he said manual transmission. I can drive that's America read in the Reader's Digest.

I'm getting off trailer I know rid of the Reader's Digest many years ago now about a bank probably planned by a a well organized gang of bandits. They had all worked out who was going to go with them. Take the money and who was going to drop them off and who was going to park the getaway vehicle in front of the bank and leave the motor running, so they could run outside and jump in the vehicle.

Take off everything went perfectly according to plan until the thieves had the money right out of the bank, jumped in the getaway vehicle with the motor running and sat there because it was a manual transmission, and neither of them could drive it got well that's neither here or there but anyway that's the way it is in France so Mike says there car has a manual transmission, and lastly delay have been several side effects, particularly fatigue. I have managed to remain active, including some preaching and teaching.

This is been a blessing since with the covert situation we were called upon lately to help assess each week whether church can meet in person or not and adequately communicate the conclusions. This is because the churches can meet again with restrictions.

The virus finally made its way into our congregation a month ago. Several were infected we think we will be able to meet again in person in January and the somewhat readjusted and belated Christmas program. The next big step for me is surgery. That should take place sometime in late February whether or not more chemo and radiotherapy is necessary, will be determined by the surgeon's findings, but God knows we will continue trusting him knowing that he does all things well. Thank you for your continued prayers for wisdom, strength and healing through this new adventure. God has chosen to bring our way and will thankful for your prayerful support Mike and Melanie Webster also reminds me of a person is battling cancer that I keep up with the Facebook who actually attended church with her parents several decades ago and she's had quite a battle and it's not over yet could go either way. She's been brave, but I was so encouraged by her post today in which she said if I could do it over again I would not change a thing I have learned so much. I've grown so much.

I've benefited so much from this battle with cancer.

The Lord is good. What a testimony.

That's what we do like to hear now if you will open your Bibles to the third epistle of John there are three epistles of John there easy to identify because they are identified as first John second John and third John three epistles of John, first John is five chapters 2nd John is one chapter 13 versus third John is one chapter 14 versus and we are looking at third John one of the shortest epistles in the New Testament. I think perhaps it is the shortest when it comes to word count, but I'm looking at a particularly with the subject of missions in mind, that is, in many ways our primary focus on Wednesday night.

Always the ministry of God's word always prayer requests and a time before the Lord in prayer. But beyond that, missionary communications and focus upon the work of missions and having been through missions month in November is very much on our minds and we are still collecting faith promise cards for missions from our congregations. All of this is very much on our mind and so I'm going to be looking instant in third John and with this question in mind.

Why should we support missionaries that question is answered very clearly in this little epistle, and there are five reasons given know I'm going to read verses one through eight.

The elder to the beloved Gaius, whom I love and truth.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers for. I rejoiced when brethren came and testified of the truth that is in you, just as you walk in the truth.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth, I stop before I go on and read a couple more verses John the apostle well-known beloved apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ is writing to a man named Gaius who he considers one of his children.

Of course the spiritual sense.

I would take it there for the Gaius probably came to a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to the ministry of the apostle John, who at this time in his life is living in the city of Ephesus in Asia minor, but his ministry all throughout the region of Asia and is writing to Gaius who is in some other town which is not identified for us some other church besides the church at Ephesus and who it has a leading role in that church. We don't know exactly what his position leadership may be and was cooperating with the missionaries that were set out from the church in Ephesus and that's where we get this emphasis upon missions and the answer to the question why support missionaries. Now I continue reading the next four versus beloved you do faithfully whatever you do for the brethren, and for strange who have borne witness of your love before the church.

If you send them forward on their journey in a manner worthy of God. You will do well because they went forth for his namesake, taking nothing from the Gentiles. We therefore ought to receive such that we may become fellow workers for the truth. Five reasons why we should support missionaries are given to us in those last two verses versus seven and eight.

Reason number one.

Why should we support missionaries because of their personal sacrifices. We should recognize that we should help and encourage them in the face of that because of their personal sacrifices because verse seven says because they went forth prior to that he said if you send them forward on their journey in a manner worthy of God. You will do well because they went forth, who are the day. Well, they are the brethren who are strangers that he mentioned in verse five, beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the brethren in my translation says, and for strangers, but it could just as accurately be translated and probably would better be translated even for strangers. So he's talking about those who are brethren in Christ and yet they are strangers to Gaius. Another words he didn't know them personally. They are believers in Christ who, though unknown personally to Gaius.

Nevertheless had a reason to come to where Gaius was and John is commending Gaius for helping them in their work, even though they were not personally known by Gaius Gaius recognized that they were people who ought to be helped.

The ought to be supported. These brethren who are strangers there strangers in the sense that they are not part of the church, of which Gaius is a member.

They traveled to that church, but they are brethren, even though they are strangers to Gaius and furthermore, John tells us of these these brethren are strangers in verse six, who have borne witness of your love before the church. They had come back from there journey which turns out to be missionary journey evangelistic journey they've been traveling throughout the regions of Asia they had received encouragement and tangible help and expressions of love from Gaius and from the church of which he was part and they went back to their home church which was Ephesus church where John was now ministry and they testified they bore witness before the church. They were members of that church. They had a standing and that church they returned to that church. They gave a report to the church of their travels and their labors and what they had experienced in the course of that they bore testimony to the loving support that was given to them by Gaius and his church so he says now in verse six. If you send them forward on their journey in a manner worthy of God. You will do well.

Apparently they were coming back again. These were people who were given to itinerant ministry. Having traveled before. We don't know where all they went but they had stopped in the church where Gaius was a leader and had been helped on their way by him and now they had gone back ordered on their labors, and now they're starting to get pattern is very similar to that we see in the apostle Paul. He went out on a night generation traveled preached the gospel planted churches came back to the church in Antioch and reported also. Many times came back to the church in Jerusalem reported their and then after a while went out again. Let's exactly what these people are doing sound very much like missionaries and so if you send them forward. If you help them on their way. Send them forward on their journey, you will do well. They were traveling on assignment. They had an itinerary they had a particular particular route that they were taking for their labors and that took them through the city where Gaius was. They stayed there no doubt got lodging and help and encouragement, financial support to help them on their way.

If you send them forward on their journey in a manner worthy of God. You will do well.

John says you should help them generously help them in a manner worthy of God will be stingy about it recognize that these are servants of God, messengers of God, help them in a way that is worthy of God because he says they went forth, going on. Verse seven. They went forth, or they went out they were sent out out from their homes and families in Ephesus out from their home church in Ephesus with a commission to go on this journey out into the world to represent Jesus Christ out to extended ministry, and therefore you should help them because they went out they went forth, these who are qualified ministers endorsed by their home church who have been asked to undergo itinerant ministry for the sake of Christ left their home and their former means of support. Whatever jobs they had to support themselves when they were living in Ephesus and they have gone out gospel work and John is saying Christian should recognize their sacrifices value their work and support their endeavor. Some go go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Others help those who go help them and in various ways, not the least of which is to help them financially. In both of those matters are necessary. Some must go. The gospel is going to be proclaimed.

Some must support those who go if they're going to be able to travel and proclaim the gospel. May God increase. Those who go may God increase. Those who support those who go but the reason why we should support missionaries number one is because of their personal sacrifices.

These are people who went out and recognizing that they have been willing to leave behind the comforts of home, and the security of a job. We should encourage and help them because of their personal sacrifices.

Why support missionaries number two because they represent Christ again verse seven because they went forth for his name's sake. His namesake, not for their own sake, not for personal advantage. Surely not for personal glory or even for adventure. I'm sure there are times when people go on a mission trip because they are excited about the adventure of going to a foreign country and experiencing new new experiences that they haven't had before, but that was pretty thin pretty quickly. Those who are committed to the work of the gospel. Go forth and are willing to endure hardship sake of Jesus Christ and there's always hardship involved when you leave your home you leave the familiar leave your family you leave your friends you leave your support group your home church and you go, but they are doing so to represent Jesus Christ. They went forth for his name's sake. They went forth for this name of Jesus Christ, which means they went forth for Christ, the one who bears the name because of who he is because of what he did in coming to earth and living out righteous life and dying a vicarious death upon the cross and because of that they went forth for his namesake, not their own, and therefore they represent Christ who he is and if they represent Christ in a secondary sense. They represent everyone else who belongs to Christ, which is Gaius send his church and similar fashion. There are people like this that we know and support who represent Christ, and they represent us and those who belong to Christ, therefore, ought to help them go to the world for the sake of his name.

That's what he's talking about here.

They went forth for his namesake to every nation, his glory proclaim.

Pray that the spirit winds will open darkened eyes granting new life to display Jesus say so why should we support missionaries number one because of the personal sacrifices which they make number two because they represent Jesus Christ.

Number three because the world does not support them again verse seven because they went forth for his namesake, taking nothing from the Gentiles taking nothing from the Gentiles where the Gentiles is a Gentiles or non-Jews. That's not the way John uses it here, taking nothing from the Gentiles. We, therefore, he says in verse eight ought to receive such. So there's the contrast here between the Gentiles.

On the one hand, and way John says he who was by birth a Jew, but not I but we including Gaius who was a Gentile by birth, but you see, John is contrasting the people of God.

On the one hand with those who are not the people of God. The Old Testament context. The people of God were Jews from the bloodline of Abraham, and those who were not of that bloodline were Gentile of God on the one hand, those who were not the people of God on the other hand clearly in the New Testament.

These concepts are spiritualized so that now when John says they went forth for his namesake, taking nothing from the Gentiles. What he clearly means is they take nothing those who are not the people of God.

We, therefore, who are the people of God ought to help such so because the world does not support that they take nothing from the Gentiles, nothing from non-Christians. Nothing from unconverted people.

Why do missionaries take no support from Gentiles, from the on unconverted well the first place because the unconverted would have very little interest in supporting them.

They probably wouldn't get much but that's not the main reason but it's obvious that the unconverted have no obligation to support the gospel. In fact, the Gentiles says he calls the mere are the very ones. These people are going to the gospel.

That's where they're going from we who are the people of God.

John Gaius and others. They are going to the Gentiles, so they don't take support from the Gentiles, ones that they are taking the gospel to because that violates an important principle. We can see this in the ministry. The apostle Paul, how that when he went into a town to preach the gospel establish a church. He didn't take any financial support from the church while he was there establishing it. I could show you that in Scripture. If I had more time tonight but I will take time to do that now.

Later, when he left that city leaving the church behind and went on to another location to establish another church that he was happy to receive financial support missionaries.

Support from the church that had been established with while he was there he didn't do that.

He wanted to minister without charge to those to whom he first proclaim the gospel in two who were who were first established into a church when they were young and immature for the sake of the gospel that there be no misunderstanding of what was taking place here no confusion as to why Paul is labor in this way in establishing the church. He wasn't doing it for his own financial advantage. He was doing it for their souls advantage the same principles being followed here. Among these people.

John says to Gaius, we ought to support them because they don't take anything from the unconverted, that's a principle of missions work they don't do that. That's why it is my conviction of the conviction of many Christians that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ does not seek to raise support from which the community in general.

We don't have bake sales and carwashes and Brunswick stew sales and who knows what else in order to raise money in the community for the work of the church. It's not the responsibility of the community to support the church. It is the Christian's responsibility to support the church.

It is the church member's responsibility to support the church. Likewise, it's not the world's responsibility to support the missionaries. It's the church's responsibility to support the missionaries.

So why do we support missionaries number three because the world is not support them. Why do we support missionaries number four because it is a Christian obligation verse eight. We therefore ought to receive such have to read altogether.

If you send them forward on their journey, you help them on their itinerant ministry if you send them forward on their journey in a manner worthy of God.

You will do well because they went forth for his namesake, taking nothing from the Gentiles.

We therefore we who are God's people ought to receive such and the receiving here is the idea of receiving them to encourage them to help them provide hospitality to the rest for them in their itinerary should and we have a general obligation to do this we job and all believers ought to do this at present tense is a standing obligation wasn't just in John's day and in Gaius's day, but in our day as well is a Christian obligation God's work ought to be supported by God's people. If you are not a Christian you have no obligation to support the work of the gospel. But if you are Christian, you do have an obligation to support the work of the gospel.

In fact, that's one way that you manifest that you are a true Christian by your financial support of the work of the gospel. Your support of the church or support of the work of missionaries. That's why we have a strong emphasis upon missions at beacon Baptist Church and we are so thrilled by the generous commitment and sacrificial giving of our people to missions but that's the way it ought to be when you have been saved by the grace of God ought to help people like this.

Then there's reason number five because doing so produces a fruitful partnership.

Let me go over these again. Why should we support missionaries number one because of their personal sacrifices number two because they represent Christ.

Number three because the world does not support them.

Number four because it is the Christians obligation to support them in number five because it produces a fruitful partnership between those who support missionaries and those who do the work of the missionary back to verse eight. We therefore ought to support such that we may become fellow workers for the truth. We ought to support such that we may become fellow workers, fellow workers, literally, that we may work alongside and that's an important principle. Those who encourage, help support missionaries are working with in partnership working alongside that are involved in the work that they do.

What a wonderful truth. What a wonderful opportunity produces a fruitful partnership, don't you want to be involved in the work of missions.

If you're Christian you do the last command. The great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ was golf therefore into all the world and preach the gospel to everyone.

Every creature, baptizing them in the name of the father, the son of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. That's a commission was given to all of us but all of us are not involved in exactly the same way. Some are singled out by the spirit of God to go to leave home to make sacrifices to travel to preach to plant churches. It's arduous work. Sacrificial work. Some are called to do that but all are called to encourage and help those who do that to pray for them, encourage them to support them financially and when we do we are fellow workers working alongside them. That's why we do it, that we may become fellow workers for the truth were not automatically fellow workers of the truth really become fellow workers of the truth when we get involved is why we encourage you to get involved in Faith promise missions.

We want to help make you partners with those who are involved in this labor. It is for your blessing. It is for your benefit.

It is for your opportunity to be involved in such a fruitful partnership. We become joint workers with those whom we support in that way everyone can be involved in the work of missions say I have trouble preaching what I can do that but you can give even if it's $0.25 a month you can get you be involved in some way, in partnership with missionaries that is what we are doing and that's why we support missionaries wonderful plan designed by God to involve his people in the work of missions that will now spout together in prayer, Lord God Almighty, the more we learn about your plans and designs send what you have laid out for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the more we marvel with the more we are amazed more. We are privileged. The more we see the wisdom of your design the more we want to be involved father we pray that all who are you two people will become partners in the work of gospel mission. We pray Lord that our church will continue to strongly involved in the work of missions around the world. We thank you that we been able to do that these many years's father we come tonight to pray for all of those who have positions of civil leadership in our nation local level, state level national level, old Lord God. We pray we pray for President-elect Joe Biden.

I pray Lord that you will guide him and guard him use in for your glory.

We pray for Gibson Phil Ald. Shannon O'Toole you will guide this one with your wisdom father want to praise you that Marty and I are gaining strength from covert I think is a Marcie Councilman is doing well from her recent eye surgery and I pray that you will prepare her for her second surgery in February is true might be successful. We thank you that Larry Hunter's cancer procedure went well and we commit them into your care. We thank you to David Moxley showing good progress from chemo treatments. We pray that he may continue to enjoy progress. We thank you that Isaias Lawson is doing well from this recent surgery said so many of them. We thank you that you have given him such excellent medical treatment.

We pray that you might continue to minister to his knee's pray for Tracy areas he recovers from foot surgery and Fort may counsel she's battling covert and Drew cut Guthrie.

She battled cancer and covert pray for our pope as he waits on the results of his MRI and is he needs this breathing treatment that has been postponed. Pray you might grant that treatment to him soon.

We pray for Alice Marley as she continues to recover from her broken pelvis.

We pray you might supply the right persons to stay with her to help her.

At this time that she needs help from others. We pray for Brenda Kramer battling covert. We pray for Kayden Hammond who has oral surgery tomorrow. Pray for Mary Hicks at the rehabilitation center Sue Elliott sent we pray for Todd Noris whose had a stroke who is Jack Petrie son-in-law.

We pray for Jack to UC continues to battle various healthy thank you that he's out of the hospital and doing much better.

We pray for Dinky Smith is battling covert pray for Stuart Lawton thank you for this good report. Father, we realize there are still many needs, and we commit them into your care. We also pray for Mike Webster in France. We thank you for this report on his condition treatment, we commit him to you. Pray that you will bring him successfully through these treatments we pray for the family of Cliff Gagnon is the gather for a memorial service on Friday.

He will minister much grace to him and his family at this time to Stephen to his family and we pray for Josh Boyd who has a serious medical issue and also needs the saving grace that only you can give the pray for Nancy Bingham. She's recovering from surgery and from Janet Miller. She's in hospice care.

Pray for Betty Duncan and for Ruth Patterson and for a number of others of our shy dudes who are facing various knee, some who are in pain.

Nearly all of the time. Lord, we commit them on to you that you might strengthen and encourage them. Each one now father turn our hearts towards things eternal.

Help us to live whatever days you give us upon the earth with eternities value. In view with the work of the gospel in mind, giving ourselves to that which last forever, rather than only those things which pertain to this life here in this world. Help us oh Lord to be good soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ and whose name we pray

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