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Return Unto The Lord - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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May 7, 2022 8:00 pm

Return Unto The Lord - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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The Baptist Bible lowered no comes to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior will and Sharon Bradley Junior inviting you to stray too far. The message of God's sovereign grace and in all be in the beauty of the will and a BA will be on this Mother's Day.

We certainly should give thanks for godly mothers who are guiding their children bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord face many challenges in the day in which we living we need to pray for them and express our appreciation to the now encourage you to write and send letter so that you listen to the broadcast. We depend on our listeners for support. Our mailing address is the Baptist Bible power box 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217. This is a five Sunday month and so we especially need your help. At this time all you will be in a will will will be in oh a will be bringing a message from our series on the book of Hosea Old Testament prophecies have so much practical instruction for center beneficial will they were written so long ago the message will be a blessing to come to a theme today that is prominent in the book of Hosea. In fact, in many of these Old Testament prophecies are subject return to the Lord to come to Hosea chapter 6 reading the first verse, let us return of the Lord have to learn and he will heal us he have smitten and he will bind us after two days will he revive us in the third day he will raise us up and we shall live in his sight, then, shall we know if we follow along the know the Lord is going forth as prepared as the morning, and he shall come under us as the rain has that letter and former rain on to the curb and the last verse of the preceding chapter, the Lord has set. I will go and return to my place until they acknowledge their offense until they seek my face in their affliction, they will seek me early Lord says I withdraw my comforts, I will hide my face. My people because of their great sin, we bring in detail some of the sins that plagued the people in this day not only had the people, straighten, but the priests were corrupted as well until the nation was in terrible state.

Hosea comes on the scene to call them back.

God had prescribed the unique object lesson for the people to see how dreadful their condition lots. He told Hosea to marry a harlot.

Hosea love this woman because God told him he was the love she eventually was sold into slavery. He goes and buys her back. All of this to depict the fact that Israel and Judah had been unfaithful the God to whom they were married on one of the people to see the anguish of this godly man, how deeply he heard when his wife continued to use the things that he had given her the gift to her lovers and pursue her sinful lifestyle. So God is saying this is exactly what you're doing. I am married to you, but you are unfaithful, so Lawrence and I were returned to my place. I might hide my face until you repent. So as we then come to these words in the first three verses of chapter 6. Some believe these are the exact words of Hosea that he is speaking to encourage the people and leaving them as to what they should say, as they now approach the Lord now. Some take the position that these words were not sincere because we do learn that the people as a nation had not completely come back to God.

Many of the things we'll see as we go along with this book about their sin. Their continued disobedience and rebellion. So some draw the conclusion that the words here were not sincere.

Some the believe that they were the words of a faithful remnant in spite of the fact that the nation as a whole was not in the proper frame of mind. Her attitude in serving God. Others believe that these are the words it will be spoken by Israel in the latter days when there will be returning to the Lord and darkness lifted from them but anyway we can certainly know that these words are valuable words for us to consider today if these words are spoken. Sincerely, as I trust they would leave from our hearts. It is appropriate that we come before our God as these people came. The three things we will note in the text. First, that God smites. Secondly, God heals. And thirdly, God hears God smites his people. That's exactly what the text tells us he has torn. He has smitten them. He has afflicted them. He has dealt with now because of their sin, but just noticed some of the things that are said right here in this book itself. There many other examples of it in the Old Testament, but Hosea chapter 2 verse nine. Therefore, when I return and take away my corn in the time that and my wind of the season. There and will recover my wool and my flax given to cover her nakedness. I want to take these things away from my judgment is coming because of your sin. Chapter 2 verse 12 and I will destroy her vines and her figtree. Chapter 4 verse three therefore sell the land more. Everyone that dwell therein shall languish with the beast of the field and the fowls of heaven gave the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away severe judgments being meted out upon the people God smiting his own chapter 5 verse 10 the princes of Judah were like them that remove the bound. Therefore, I will pour out my wrath on them like I will pour out my wrath upon chapter 5 verse 14 for I will be on to Ephraim as a lion, and as a young lion to the house of Judah.

Hi, even I will tear and go away.

I will take away and none shall rescue him, that if you just look to the Old Testament reading many of the other prophets you find that what happened here in the time of Hosea was not unique and unusual over and over again on the people turn from worshiping the true and living God, worshiping idols wallowing in all kinds of sins.

God did not ignore the sent judgment upon them. So it is to be recognize that trials difficulties may come from God for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the Lord deals with his people in affliction simply to bring them to the places they will completely dependent upon him.

He's going to take them into the fiery furnace at the cross might be concerned. At other times he is sending difficulties because of their departure and their sin. But it's important for us that no matter what the situation may be, no matter what the cause of the trial that we must recognize the hand of God Joe that you know was a wealthy man. In short order already had was taken away from his flocks and herds.

The general Job was not lashing out against the robbers. He wasn't sitting there complaining about his miserable state he wasn't trying to gather up some of his friends to say let's go after those who have harmed me so terribly soon said, the Lord giveth and the Lord taken the way.

Blessed be the name of the Lord. He recognize the sovereignty of God and in the 19th chapter of the book of Job, verse 21 is as the hand of God hath touched me. He recognized God was still in shock.

This wasn't just a happenstance. This was just one of those things. This all came about under the direction of the God that he served and so, although he faced terrible difficulties and had questions that he could not find the answer to me was in great distress at times, but he said, though he slay me when I trust see if you recognize God's hand in your trial.

You won't have to be fuming about the situation from the standpoint of thinking. I've got to get even with some not going to be spending all your time fuming over those that have harmed you recognize God's hand the matter.

This doesn't excuse somebody for wrongdoing for sinful behavior. But if you recognize God in his providence has allowed this trial to touch your life at this time of the change and change your whole life. Your phone is one of the Lord help me to learn whatever lesson you have for whatever it maybe this is a difficult time but I know you're in talks your hands touch help me in humility, we think about that attitude in the experience of error rates in the book of Leviticus Leviticus chapter 10 beginning with the first verse and they them and by few the sons of Aaron, took either of them can censor and put fire variant and put incense there on and offered strange fire before the Lord, which he commanded them not notice the offense, the sons of Aaron, are attempting to offer the proper sacrifice before God. God has obviously designated. There is a particular fire that they are to you, but they selected strange fire and there went out fire from the Lord and devoured them and they die of the Lord. Now somebody might say I don't understand that God is a God of love. Why would God kill two men simply because they didn't use the right fire presenting for sacrifice, is the reason people are to think that way is because we are all fallen centers and it's hard for us to perceive that God in his holiness does not tolerate sin. He didn't leave it up to them to make their choices about how they would present a sacrifice or bring this incense before God.

God had a specific pattern that they were to follow when they decided they would do it another way, and God kill them. Then Moses said to Aaron, this is it that the Lord spake, saying, I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me and before all the people I will be glorified. God says it's my purpose that my name will be glorified. I'm going to be honored in the presence of all the people and therefore it was necessary that I destroy these two men who had failed to follow my direction in presenting sacrifice. Here's the key point to emphasize and Aaron held his peace, Harry did not complain. Aaron did not say, oh Lord's could not been some better way to resolve the matter. He didn't interject any of his own thoughts. If indeed he had some to the contrary, he was quite he held his peace.

May we indeed learned that lesson that when trials come our way.

When there are situations and circumstances around us that we cannot understand or explain that we never fall into the sin of complaining against but that we hold our peace even in the most difficult of circumstances that God does Jason his own Hebrews chapter 12 verse six for whom the Lord loveth the chase sniff and scourges every son whom he received I will you read over that text you heard it many many times you've read it in your own devotions that the Lord chastens those that he loves and that he scourges every son whom he received an impression over you may not give a thought to what this text to say what does it mean to scourge it means the flaw it means to equip it means to beat God is going to deal with the ladylove's in such a manner is what is God says I love my children enough that I will correct them.

I will put the rod up and fix necessary I will scourge them to get their attention.

I'm going to deal with them in such a way that there is a change. What's the purpose of it.

If you love someone.

Is this because he wants them to check. He wants them to grow in hopes in the fact is, God chastens us and we may be problems by 5,000,005 now and follow this we need to file and pray Lord, teach me in this time of chastisement in the book of Amos chapter 3 verse two says you only have unknown of all the families of the earth.

Therefore, I will punish you for your iniquities says you only have unknown doesn't mean that God was only acquainted with the fact that the Israelites not he knew there were Hittites, Jebusites highlights all the rest of them he was acquainted with them, but you only have I know I have known you intimately. I have known you in love. I've known you by choice.

You are my people. Therefore, because I have known you, I will for all your equities.

Well, that sounds hard.

That makes us appreciate what he says in Psalm 103 verse 10 he had not dealt with us after our sins not rewarded us according to our iniquities. Must we not all say thank God that you think about the sins that you have committed. Think about the angry words that you have spoken, the lustful thoughts that you have had the gossip of which you have been guilty, the lives that you told titles of your heart.

Your pride in the on on the list could go that God is holy and demands perfection. A sedative offended in one point you're guilty of it all's budget had to stand in the presence of God today and every sin that you have ever committed all of your actions. All of your thoughts. All of your movies would be named off one by one, that cannot be an unbelievably horrendous experience. But God's mercy is not dealt with you, according to your city's if he dealt with Thomas strictly on the basis of our sin we being held today.

It's not grace with you. It's five grace that we have the hope of heaven, it's only through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. The shedding of his blood that the sin can be blotted out, put away separated as far as the east is from the West and that we would never have to stand in the presence of God in that guilty Richard state, because presence close with the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ and GABA be a pain in this book of Hosea. Their descriptions of the terrible sin which God's people fall warnings with great judgments but there's also a message of hope. How wonderful to know when the Lord has dealt to bring them down and show them their sin is to bring them to the places they see. Appreciate programs like to get this complete message on CD requested when writing until next week.

At the same time. May the Lord richly bless you all. The Baptist Bible hour is come to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior address all mailed to the Baptist Bible hour Cincinnati, OH 45217.

That's the Baptist Bible hour Cincinnati, OH 45217 and in the

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