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The Joy of Restoration - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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April 16, 2022 8:00 pm

The Joy of Restoration - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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April 16, 2022 8:00 pm

“And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten..."

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The Baptist Bible lowered no gums to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior will and Sir Bradley Junior inviting you to stay tuned for the message of God's sovereign and I may be a will and in so will be a will be all he so and so is all we take time to write this we can let us know the commission can help us with the expense of the program to keep in only her to be thankful for that. Her dress is Baptist Bible.

Our box 17 old 37 Cincinnati, OH 45217, well I say you you you. Today we bring you the second part of the message entitled the joy of restoration text Joel chapter 2 verse 25 and I will restore to you to use that the locust had eaten the canker worm and the caterpillar in the Palmer were my great army which I sent among hello the text speaks of the judgment that had come upon the people.

There is great joy to consider the fact that he says will restore to you the years, locust has eaten, so we first consider last time the day of trouble. I well understand that if somebody heard the title of the message. The joy of restoration, they wouldn't have felt that there was very much joy in that first section but before there can be joy restoration. There has to be an acknowledgment that we need restoration so we come before the Lord, admitting our false failures are great need of forgiveness and can then receive the joy of restoration so we secondly went on to look at the need to seek the Lord and describe some of that experience.

And then today we finally get to that which is in our subject the joy of restoration. So says when you find yourself in one of these difficult situations.

It just a matter that you are one of many who are suffering the consequences of the invasion, such as it was our answer personal experience of your own spiritual struggle and the difficulties in your own life whatever it is.

Remember that you seek the Lord turn to him with all your heart that you think of the summer, the Jesus gave in the commandment – love the Lord thy God with all my heart, with all my mind – and then we go to Psalm 51 where David is specifically seeking the Lord because of his great shin.

His terrible downfall. Psalm 51 verse one, have mercy upon me. Oh God, according to thy lovingkindness. According to the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions is acknowledge two things that are one is that God is full of love and kindness and an abundance of tender mercies, and secondly is acknowledging his transgression blot out my transgression fry acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me. It will go away. I feel the guilt of it day by day against Leavy only have I sinned another this evening last night that I might just be justified without a speaker should be clear that judges not seem that strange state when he says I've seen against the only advocacy logs are there others deeply affected by his sin that she was affected by your ride was affected by David's family was affected by the nation was affected by but the point is making years, the one whose law. I have violated the one whom I have deeply offended the one who can forgive me is the Lord and I am acknowledging that I have sin against him and I am acknowledging that the Lord would be justified to do with me whatever bleach to be clear what it just a technical complaint.

Consent say that the penalty is too severe.

Whatever God did hold. I was shaken in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me is acknowledging his depravity. The fallen nature with which he was born. The fact that it is now displayed itself in her renters see verse seven per dream at hyssop and has to be clean. Hyssop was a little bush that was used in the ceremonial services over time, dipped in blood, used to sprinkle the blood and choice as part of me with hyssop, and I shall be clean and wash me and I shall be whiter than snow or the only way I can get rid of this guilt. The only way this sin can be addressed here is that you will forgive me that you will possibly cleanse myself when you must now be whiter than snow making here joy and gladness that the bones which thou rejoice all the terms used in the software so David Lord. Pain of guilt has been like the pain of a broken bone broken bone fish old hard make me to hear joy and gladness over the Lord can do talking about a desire for restoration hi thy face from IC engine block Mine iniquities created me a clean heart, O God cc his desire was not just to be relieved of the guilt not just to be rid of the pain that was plaguing him, but he wanted more. He wanted another step they wanted not only to be forgiven and cleansed. He wanted the Lord to create any clean that he might serve him faithfully in days to come and renew a right spirit within me.

Actually not away from thy presence. Take not the Holy Spirit.

Yes, he no doubt felt that if God did testing the way it was no more than sure, but ashamed Lord cash way. Verse 12 restore under me the joy of thy salvation, and uphold me with nine free space talking about the joy of restoration and some might have looked at David's life in this dark day and considered. Basically it's all over but here's David in humility and sincerity. Lord restore me did mean that he lost his salvation struck him off the joy of and when one is walking in sin where there is no repentance weathers no confession respect are not going to be any joy. God bless you with the joy of salvation. When you turned away from him restorative of the joy of thy salvation uphold within me by freeze and it good to know that God can take a life that had been eaten up by the locust of sin and bring about restoration. Verse 17 the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit and a contrite heart.

God, thou wilt not despise children to come before the Lord especially handy weathers just one of those difficult trials were having trouble coping with Carthage sin itself that we have to come understanding that God is pleased to look upon a broken spirit and a contrite heart has Cooper so beautifully expressed struggle. We have one we feel to be apart from the Lord.

The him goes on to say when it speaks of a desire for restoration return oh Rick turn sweet messenger of rash decisions that made me more and drove the from my branch dearest I don't. I have known what hair that I be help me to carry. From thy throne and worship only the show shall not want to be close with God calm and serene. My frame so pure light show marked the road that leads me to the then we come to consider the joy of restoration. The blessings in that they have the profit are described in Joel chapter 2 verse 18.

Then with alarm be jealous for his land and PDAs. People put wonderful thing.

Even the judgment to come upon them because of their sin, but now because alarm pieces people is going to be another day the Lord will answer and say unto his people to hold. I will send you corn and wine and oil, and you shall be satisfied there with, and I will know more make you a reproach among the key devastated your crop for the shoreline but I'm going to send you corn and wine and on English side in a good to know that when the Lord restores us from the time of deep darkness, trouble to clear themselves. So many today find little satisfaction in life because are looking for the wrong places, but there is satisfaction with him other number. The references in this prophecy that are looking forward to the time of the Messiah and possibly even to the peak date beyond Jesus Christ, the Messiah, a short rock satisfaction to those that came to believe on him. In verse 21. Fear not own land.

Be glad and rejoice for the Lord will do great things. That's good news when there has been trouble when there's been an these vicious insects. But now the Lord will do great things being on the fraidy beast of the field for the pastors in the wilderness to spring for the tree bear fruit. The fig tree and the vine, you their strength. Just complete from what's described in the first part of the book verse 23 the glad any children of Zion.

I remember we ran earlier. Joy was whether there was no joy. But now he says, be glad and rejoice in the Lord your God, for he had given you the former rain moderately and he will cause the come down from two former rain and the latter reign of the first month you going to get the rain necessary to have a harvest to have a successful crop and the floors shall be full of sweet facts shall overflow with wine and then the words of our text in verse 25 and I will restore to you the years, locust happy the canker worm in the Caterpillar problem were my great army which I said about I'm going to restore to you what not to bring back the years but restore what you lost in those years where you have been devastated and now going to supply with you receive the same joy on the part of David as he acknowledges sin praying for restoration, and then said in Psalm 5113. Then when I teach transgressors the highways, and sinners shall be converted under the not only as a desiring restoration desires to be restored and you might serve God because of my testimony because of what I'm going to say about your goodness gracious mercy and will be sinners converted constantly. I've often been encouragement I with counseling somebody who been struggling with a great problem and I knew they were making progress you got the point. They would say do you think once really got my feet on the ground in God I believe is already working but when he brought me to a stronger place. Do you think I'll be able to help other people who might struggle with the same problem. I said, I certainly believe can and so part of our desire should be what we've gone to dark and difficult time that we come into the light and had joint restored that we can minister to others, comfort others with the same comfort wherewith we ourselves have been comforted of God said in verse 15, Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall show forth).

That's another thing when God delivers us from God restores our joy.

Be sure mouth is open and were praising him and acknowledging his goodness and greatness telling others about his love and mercy and then the deliverance of one sinking in the lyre Psalm 40 verse one. I waited patiently for the Lord and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.

He brought me out of horrible. Read about the psalmist and was in the pit sinking in the mire.

But here is what, horrible pit, miry clay and shut my feet upon a rock and established my going and put a new song in my mouth even praise into our God. Many shall see and fear and trust in the here's the desired end being delivered to praise his name is put a new song in my mouth. Sometimes God and many will say they will observe what God has done here my song of praise and gratitude and they show fear and trust in the lower ID that is restoration. Think about the restoration of Joe Job lost everything very dark and bleak like should want to give up… It's all over. Job had his dark day's unanswered question. Ultimately, in Job 4210 it says and the Lord turned the captivity of Joe when he prayed for his friends. Also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before and not saying that God is always that every time you launch document given twice as much at some future date. But he did it for two children lost everything but congregating twice as much as before, oh the joy of restoration we think about the restorations brought about by Jesus. He ran in the temple one day from Lou chapter 418 he was reading the book of Isaiah and the passage says the spirit of the Lord is upon me, because it's anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor have sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives in the recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are this talks about restoration restoring the prisoner restoring the brokenhearted, so that the first and primary meaning would be one that is brokenhearted with sepsis, one who might've been part hard but as the gospel is been preach the Holy Spirit as applied to Shelf fractures.

Individualists come to see I have a great center.

I need a great Savior as part of its contract. He came to bind up the broken hearts. Not only that, but hearts that are broken because the calamities of life. One feels like I can never be restored.

I could never have joy again he binds up broken hearts. God is called the God of all comfort. And certainly, Jesus comforted many while he was here on their man approached Jesus and said, my son is possessed of an evil spirit throws him down positive in the fire. I think I need help.

Jesus restoring that your manhood suffered much from an evil spirit was restored to a normal life. Jesus met with a man of unclean spirit to his dwelling among the tombs and tried to bind them without success. Jesus cast out the evil spirit and restored Jesus the great restore Mark chapter 5 verse 15 says that they came to Jesus and see him that was possessed with the devil and had the legion that is a legion of evil spirits. They saw him sitting and clothed and in his right mind.

That's what happened with the Lord restore somebody restore them to their right mind, and they were trying in that strange when they saw all this work of restoration, this miracle of grace, a roof right now how good it is to know why we can't literally call back the years of the past change things we might like to change things. Vitamin loss and seems it seems hopeless can be rectified because he is the great restore. I will restore to you the year that the locust mechanical from the caterpillar of the problem or not. Great army which I sent them if you today have a broken heart, they can ask. Feeling like Joy's loss things of change so much different.

How can I ever have joy again turned to God is able to restore give you the peace and joy fellowship with him that you so much desire. I most gracious heavenly father we thank the for the truth of thy word as we read these words recorded by the prophet so many years ago that you were promising to restore what had been lost by your chosen people during a time of devastation. We know that you're still able to bring about restoration. You can restore broken hearts. You can restore broken marriages, you can restore that center was troubled even to the depths as was David. Oh how we pray that blessings upon all today who may struggle. May they find their strength and their hope in Jesus Christ, the great restore the plan's name.

A man in that you've been with us today and hope the message is been a help to you. As we read the descriptions of the day of trouble and then go on and talk about the need of seeking God and finding we've concluded with joy of restoration like a copy of this message on CD and request when writing this encourage you to go to our website at his Bible. Howard.or error articles. Other information, their trust will be helpful to you and if you like you can make a donation there at the website now to the same time next week. May the Lord richly bless you all and in and the Baptist Bible hour has come to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior address all mailed to the Baptist Bible Lord Cincinnati, OH 45217.

That's the Baptist Bible Lord Cincinnati, OH 45217 and

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