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Two Ships - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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August 28, 2021 8:00 pm

Two Ships - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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August 28, 2021 8:00 pm

On one ship was the prophet, Jonah; On the other ship were the disciples...

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The Baptist Bible Lord know comes to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior will and Sherry Bradley Junior inviting stateroom for another message of God's sovereign will and in in want to thank all of you who have been so good to help support the program. During these challenging summer months with thankful for your prayers and for your interest in keeping the program on the air. You can contact us by writing Baptist Bible.

Auerbach 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217, or you can go to our website and make a donation there at Baptist Bible. click read in the Scriptures about two ships.

Both were in a great storm the passengers on both ships were full of fear and feeling hopeless. That's the storm right but the pastors were traveling under distinctly different circumstances. One passenger was in the storm because he was disobedient. The passengers on the other ship were obedient following the command of Jesus, but nevertheless they were in a store.

We read about the first one in Jonah chapter 1 verse three.

But Jonah rose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord, and he went down to jump up and he found a ship going to Tarsus so he paid the fare thereof and what down into the go with them to Tarsus from the presence of the Lord, the Lord sent out a great wind into the sea and there was a mighty tempest in the sea so that the ship like and that the second one. Matthew chapter 14 verse 22 and straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship and to go before him under the other side while he sent the multitude away. Mark chapter 6 verse 47 says and when he had sent them away. He departed into a mountain to pray and he saw them toiling in ruling for the wind was contrary to them talking about the same event in John chapter 6 verse eight team it says and the sea arose by reason of a great win that blue so first let's think about the experience of Jonah. He was a prophet of God and God commanded him to go deliver a message in the he didn't want to go there. They were Gentiles. He had no concern for them. No compassion for them.

They were very wicked people that he just basically didn't want to go so he decided he would move in another direction goes down to the port found that there's a ship going to Tarsus now.

He was obviously in a confused state of mind because it says he rose up to flee from the presence of the Lord, being a prophet down the he knew that was an impossibility. We know that he had correct views theologically because when the storm is raging and it was asleep down in the ship. The Other ship had awakened up save everybody is deeply concerned about her welfare. Were you doing that here sleep in the cast lots to determine that he was the problem. Passenger so they asked him to identify himself and in verse nine he said of them. I am in Hebrew and I fear the Lord, the God of heaven, which made the sea and the dry land. He knew that the God that he reportedly was serving was the true and living God, the God who is the creator are the God who had made the very CD upon which this boat was traveling to believe that the believe that God is the creator are certainly he would understand. You cannot hide from God. You cannot run away from it, but at this given moment. He was so determined to go another direction that he thought I get by with Files would he do it whiles what he paid the fare on this ship to go the opposite direction, but in the state of the confused mind he thought somehow this will work out gently. The wicked always live under that false impression course are many that deny the very existence of God but technical person is a believe in God doesn't mean that God goes away, God is still on the throne admin are still accountable to.

But then, even those who believe in God have the mistaken idea that he doesn't observe all their actions. Psalm 94 verse five they break in pieces the high people will Lord that is the wicked attacked the people of God break them in pieces and afflict the fine charity than verse seven yet they say the Lord shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard with this we can attack his people. We can break them in pieces. We can devastate the land we can do what we please and nothing is going to follow us because even the God of Jacob, the God that these people profess to worship will not regard it is I don't do anything about that even God's children can temporarily forget God.

See everything we do. He knows our actions he hears at work. She knows I thought watching the movie's we all know that but on a temporary basis, even one who is a child of God may forget it or somehow convince themselves that the situation is different, so I'm going to be able to move in the direction I want to go. It may not be great at mapping advancement under these circumstances, I think about it that way anyhow somehow the Lord will understand the present them in conversations and I hope the Lord will forgive me for saying this and then go on to say something. Anyway, you know in advance.

It's the wrong thing. How can you perceive the thought that somehow it's going to turn out all right. Psalm 11 verse four the Lord is in his holy temple. The Lord's throne is in heaven. His eyes told his eyelids, try the children there that is a plain fact, the Lord's initial attempt, but is not ignoring what's going on here on earth's throne is in the heaven, but his eyes the whole is eyelids try the children of man when there's a temptation to sin.

At that moment, the desire to do what a person wants to do is so intense that they forget about this truth that God sees David was a member of God describe as a man after God's own heart, he wrote so many beautiful songs expressed in detail how quickly he love the Lord and yet when he was overcome by lust. He saw Bathsheba. He had her brought to the palace he committed adultery with her. He arranged to have her husband died on the battlefield. When the troops withdrew from him to think in that terrible ordeal that David was mindful that God is watching that God sees what's going on.

God knows about this lust that has taken over and control this land, God sees the details of all of his action. Shortly there may have been something down deep inside some still small voice speaking to them. Some deep conviction that I am on the wrong path.

He proceeded think about your own experience.

Your sin may not have been as great as David's, but what ever your sin at the time your sinning about the fact that God is watching that his eyes are open. In fact, there may be things that you do or have done things that you would say new young people would want your parents to know about our things that you've done. If a family member or friend were to observe, be horrified to keep it secret. I don't know about no God sees God's just reveals we don't really have the fear of God that will have the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom is the fear of loss of respect because of who God is so they suffer forgiving, but there is a disruption in his family. One of his sons turned against him and tried to take over the kingdom. The little baby was born with Bathsheba died all kinds of troubles ensued because he was overtaken with the lust of the flesh and forgot the God was observing when Peter denied the Lord. He certainly wasn't thinking about what would follow it been with Jesus.

Throughout the years of his ministry. He had some marvelous remarkable experiences with Jesus. Even with him on the Mount of Transfiguration. He had seen that the site has the glory of Jesus was displayed even in his humanity. He had heard him preach he had personal interaction with him on a daily basis, but obviously when he denied Jesus. He wasn't think, wasn't thinking about the implication was thinking about what this meant. Luke chapter 22 verse 60. This makes the third person that has said to Peter, I believe you're a follower of Jesus. Jesus have been arrested in Gunnison because of time Peter was stricken with fear.

If I'm identified with Jesus now so so he says man I know not how science this third person says I am confident you are a follower of Jesus, Peter said, man. I know not what now say yes denying Jesus publicly declaring either not know this man and immediately while he spake the cup crew and the Lord turned and looked upon Peter when Peter was so vividly declaring this man is not thinking about what the fourth, Jesus stood looking in the wasn't thinking about the heartbreak that he would endure as results of this this great sin.

The Lord turned and looked upon Peter and Peter remembered the word of the Lord is sending him before the cop pronoun shall deny me thrice.

Peter went out and went 11 times in your life when you said things you've done things just were not thinking about the consequences you work thinking about convicting power the Holy Spirit you work thinking about the fact that you are grieving the Holy Spirit at the time but when you came to your senses and you saw what you done, you went out and with their how many times have you denied the site, never to say to somebody, a lot of believing him anymore.

I don't think Jesus is who he claimed to be. He's not my Savior.

You haven't done but by your actions. By the way you live. By the way you conduct yourself with somebody really say that person is a follower of Jesus. I know that person is a Christian because I can see the quality I can see the fruit of the spirit. I can see the evidence in them, but you lived in such a way you deny so is convinced himself in some fashion that he can partnership going the opposite direction and I is God refuse to do what God tells them to do my work just shows you how confused the person can become thinking with her not listening to what God says and doing what God insisted this point to quit his work. He was designated for profit, but his attitude was if this new one have to undertake this task.

Nineveh was a big city. It was a three day journey to get there very wicked city, he may well have been intimidated by the thought of even going there. If my assignment is to go to the city and call those people to repent. One of the thousands of wicked people in that city seemed useless to go go.

He reveals that, certainly by his determination not to go and go in another direction he wanted to quit. What about you, your profit, but if you're a believer of your professed Christian you have a task in front of you. You have a responsibility to live a life you have an obligation to be a witness in the hole for the word of life you have an obligation to think about others pray for others, minister to others, but you can reach a point that the way is so difficult is I give up on I'm ready to quit what, what's the use of the task is to great. Maybe you tried to minister to somebody tried to help them. You prayed for them. You prayed with them, you admonish them even instructed them, but as time goes on. You've seen no evidence of change you say what's the use but it's only I'm ineffective.

I don't say the right things. My prayers are just not heard may be laboring with a wayward child.

Parents often struggle with that problem. How long do we hang on. When we reached the point that we tell a rebellious child you got a pack up and leave. You can stay here for not deliver the rules of the house. How often do we reach out to support them when they have disappointed assuming the time's. Those struggles can bring to the place of such great discouragement. You could say with ready to quit. Perhaps are struggling with their own sinful nature. I've had people say a counseling situation.

I've tried over and over again to overcome the sin I pray for God to take the desire away from continue to fail. I just know is wrong with me but not a Christian, but not a true believer but had experienced grace person is a true Christian better than I do about the fact that this is warfare. This is, of which were engaged Satan as our adversary. A roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Trees were told in Ephesians chapter 6 to put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. One is born of the Holy Spirit, and I have a new nature in Christ dwells in you the hope of glory.

The old nature is not eradicated. It's still there, it raises its ugly head still that tendency to go in the wrong direction.

So it is a battle battle that you cannot successfully winnow your own, you must turn to the Lord for grace to help in mercy and turned to his word for guidance.

Praying the spirit of God will make live within you, and apply in your life that was lacking in compassion. Yes, the people of the world.

Very wicked. They were Gentiles, which this Jewish prophet had no compassion for start with, but he would rather see them suffer the justice of God and enjoys mercy and is my these people deserve to die deserve the wrath of God, and he wanted to see judgment.

Jonah chapter 4 verse one after he did arrive after you deliver the message called upon them to repent. The remarkable thing that the whole city will be effective this message on this. It had to be the working of God to bring this about, but it displeased Jonah exceedingly and he was very angry and afraid of the Lord and said, I pray the Lord was not this my saying when I was yet in my country therefore fled before him to Tarsus for I knew that thou art a gracious God and merciful and slow to anger, and of great kindness and repentance the of the evil. Therefore, now Lord, take the seeds lead my life from me part is better for me to die than the live about somebody's's Eagles in said about like this outcome number of factors in which this study did not want to see mercy bestowed upon these guilty notable centers have also been little concern about his reputation. What can happen if I go up there and say it's coming judgments coming in, because he been repaired say that what you thought for whatever reason he is extremely upset. He is very angry and is about how angry he is Lord for came here to my concern. I know that your gracious God that you're merciful you're slow to anger. When this whole thing started out I am upset.

I am angry and is better for me to largest take will one get to that plight. Obviously extremely dark little place not long ago we wrote the message about life when he was in the same vision when he had run from Queen Jezebel. When she had threatened to kill her get chapter of the juniper tree lay thousand old Lord take me on how confuses that thinking running right, a distance of 17 miles running for his life because he didn't want Jezebel to kill him and then when he gets out of the wood Lord to New Year's Joan Senghor. I will hopefully you've never been quite at that low place.

Maybe some of the many. Some of you to say what's the use might stress full of trouble. Nothing works out for me. I'm a big nothing, just take a when we seen that there were two prophets reached a very low place in their life, yet in that time, doctors eventually hope to be found in the Lord speak to someone today who struggling the very dark place point you to the one who can help and invite you to call me will greet you at the same time next week for the Lord richly bless you and be in the Baptist Bible Lord is come to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior rose all mail to the Baptist Bible Lord Cincinnati, OH 45217. That's the Baptist Bible Lord Cincinnati, OH 45217

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