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God is Our Help - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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April 1, 2020 12:00 am

God is Our Help - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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April 1, 2020 12:00 am

“Our soul waiteth for the Lord: he is our help and our shield” (Psalm 33:20).

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The plan, this is Michelle Bradley Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible and in a in a a and in will and I'm glad that you are with us today and hope you can be helped by telling others about the broadcast chart at the same time.

At this station Monday through Friday. We pray that the Lord will use the preaching of his word to bring comfort to people in this time of difficulty in stress will continue the message today entitled God is our help text is Psalm 33 verse 20. Our soul waited for the Lord hears our help and our shield so first recognize your need for help. Secondly, regularly for help.

Psalm 38 verse 22.

Make me Lord, my salvation, recognize it Lord is the one who does not deliver my salvation and praying for you can sense the urgency of this sincerity may haste to help the situation is urgent make it without me. I need to now this is not a demand which is inappropriate. Somebody trying to control God just an admission by media so great thou alone are the source of help and I need it now and then some 109 verse 26. Help me Lord my God will save me according to thy mercy, that they may know that this is thy hand, that thou, Lord has statement delivery. According to the mercy encompassing that is an acknowledgment. I'm not coming Lord asking for anything that I feel I deserve it may be that one of the reasons you're in trouble is because you have failed to do something you should you have complicated life by trying to untangle some of your difficulties on your own without prayer without consulting your troubles help me Lord I pray deserve it, but according to your mercy, I need your mercy. The hymn writer expressed like this by with me.

Fast falsely even time the darkness deepened Lord with me about when other helpers and comforts fully help all the helpless. Oh, by with me is not an appropriate prayer that we all should pray, and as with much of these Old Testament prayers are God's help is being sought is think about one of the New Testament one that I refer to frequently because it just round out the whole spectrum of what our needs are our help comes from Hebrews chapter 16 let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of come boldly come with confidence coming to the throne of grace to the bar of justice, but to the throne of grace. You coming there to obtain mercy. That's what you need not looking far something that you deserve because you know if you see yourself like you deserve nothing. You coming there to mercy and grace to help us collect to the versus preceding this and see how powerfully the setting contributes to putting such wonderful emphasis upon the verse itself. Verse 14 seeing then that we have a great high priest that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the son of God, let us hold fast our profession.

Throughout the book of Hebrews, the writer is encouraging people who are facing difficulty discouragements and might be tempted to go to the Jewish religion for which they have come to hold fast the profession have reason to hold on the way, for we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities but was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin. Let us therefore in view of this in view of the great high priest that you have come boldly to the throne and New Testament order.

The people were not able to come in to the holy place, and certainly not into the holy of holies over the great high priests could go into the holy of holies, where the mercy rested upon the top of the net only on an annual basis anywhere in the proper garment had to come with the blood that had been poured out from the sacrificial lamb now we have a great high priest who invites us to come boldly come boldly to the throne of grace.

Those priests could only serve for a limited period of time, but our great high priest, Jesus Christ lives forever and what's it say about for success is the son of God, what a wonderful intercessor to have the right hand of the Majesty on high, the son of God who intercedes for his people. He is passed into the heavens. So after his resurrection. The disciples stood out on the mountain so I met today with his feet lifted off the ground and ascended through the clouds out of sight. He went to heaven.

This same Jesus walked upon this earth and died at Calvary is ascended into heaven, and furthermore says he is touched with the feeling of our firm's were talking to them intercessor to this great high priest who did himself live here on this earth. He knows from personal experience what it was like he can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities.

Many times that you are struggling and you'd like to share some of your innermost feelings for somebody else but you conclude they wouldn't understand anyway. One who understands Jesus Christ knows more about you than you know about yourself and you can pour out your innermost struggles to and he's sympathetic he can be touched with the feeling of your infirmities, and says he was tempted in all points, yet without sinning some time to make struggle a bit with that he didn't have the sinful nature that I have but think about the fact because he was not sinful.

Being in the presence of centers and then having Satan tempted him in the wilderness. He no doubt saw things that you and I do not see that there were issues that would've offended him the last thing was tempted in all points, yet without sin, and so look what he gives you see the high priest, the son of God passing the heavens touched with the feeling of our infirmities able to sympathize with us tempted without sinning once again encouragement come boldly and confidently confidence in yourself, but confident because he has written you, that you can come in his name and expect to receive the help that he is promise gives help.

No trial is so great, but that Jesus Christ gives what the text describes mercy and grace to help some special occasion. I think not. If we're truly mindful of our own weakness in our need that something that's real every day to get up in the morning and start a new day.

Lord I need help for this day. I need help to use my time properly. I need help to be always in the spirit of prayer I need help that when some unexpected situation arises that I will be able to handle it in a way that by my example there will be a testimony that will be an encouragement to others.

Help number three refused to seek help from the wrong source. Let's the sad mistake of multitudes today. Even those who profess to be believers in Jesus Christ and will say yes. I respect his word, but an emergency comes I need help and where they go.

Don't turn to the Lord himself. Psalm 60 verse 11 give us help from trouble for conveying is the help of man, it's true that when the Lord blesses the effort. A man can be a help, brother or sister in Christ through agitation, through words of encouragement can be assistance to you, but the ultimate deliverance from whatever trouble we encounter is from the Lord himself. In particular, if you're leaning on the place of scripted orders of the arm of flesh will fail you. Are you depending upon man's wisdom. This passage says vein is the help of man returned to popular opinion, the philosophers of the day are saying what seems to be the prevailing idea about how to deal with certain problems with the marital problems are problems of depression digging with straps for some of these things are so commonplace in our day. Follow somebody's 12 step program, the word of God which is given us the divine inspiration follow the instruction that God has given us. Isaiah chapter 30 versus 1 to 3 speak to this issue will hold to the written Vegas children. Saith the Lord that take counsel, but not of me outside that so many take counsel today receiving counsel has become much more popular in this country, but the source to which multitudes go is not that which honors God nor presents his truth because it carries the name Christian doesn't mean that it's biblically correct.

I hear some of the counseling programs are on the radio.

Periodic and some of the conflicts given is certainly not biblically sound. The Lord says that it's written Vegas children take counsel, which is not my counsel, and the cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin times 11 so I believe in counseling.

I believe in counseling and leave it up to a point till they're confronted with something that they need to change then that's a different story. Leaving biblical counseling for everybody else, but not from us though like to be confronted like to be warm don't like to be rebuked walk to go down into Egypt. Egypt, often representing the world in Scripture and not stick my mouth to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh and to trust in the shadow of Egypt.

Therefore shall the strengths of Pharaoh be your shame and trust in the shadow of Egypt. Your many are confused today because they lean on the wisdom of the world that gone to the world feeling like this is respected.

This is highly esteemed to be a religious fanatic.

I want to hear what these well educated individual type say. And God says that leads to confusion, but see a New Testament passage. This is a quote from the Old Testament but the apostle incorporated as he writes to the church at Corinth first Corinthians chapter 1 verse 19 for it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the lines and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent inquiry as to why. Where is the scribe. Where is the disputer of this world hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world for after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, is God, but the foolishness of preaching to save them God's summary of the wisdom of the world are men of great intellectual abilities they have studied they receive the best education. As far as men standards of concern. But if God is left out was Scripture say the food sit in his heart there is no God for the man-made professions have to be wise may have great recognition but has nothing to offer God has already condemned the wisdom of the world refused to seek help from the wrong source number four. Recall the help that is given. When God gives you help, you need to recognize the need to think about it, you need to recall it from time to time. Psalm 27 verse nine. Hide not thy face far from me put not thy servant away in anger thou hast been my help leaving, neither forsake me a lot of my salvation. The psalmist is taking consolation in the fact that God is been his help in the past and Lord, that being the case, I pray that you will not forsake me now if you look back over the years some of your very own. But even in your young life. You can look back and see times that you had problems you had difficulties you had discouragements and you saw the Lord. Any help those of us have been around for a long time and think back over many years. Think about all kinds of difficulties with encountered understand the main text and how the Lord has helped us help God is to better help. Sometimes we get discouraged sometimes were traveling to the dark places we momentarily forget about. We need to recall the help. God has given Psalm 121 verse two says my help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth in such the source of our help. That's where it comes from.

That's where we have received the help so often that we have needed specific to thank God for it is you recall him to go back over not to say, Lord, thank you for all your past blessings.

Name some of it give you different outlook.

It's pleasing to God to be recalling them and thanking him for them. Turn the book of Lamentations looking in chapter 3. These well-known words of the prophet Jeremiah when he is looking back, recalling the mercies of God. Verse 22 of Lamentations 3. It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassion failed. They are new every morning great is thy faithfulness, but you not say amen to that that there are new every morning, not just on some rare occasion that you enjoy the mercy of God is not just when you're facing your greatest trial there every morning every morning I attended the 60th anniversary of my high school graduation on Friday night was asked to deliver the invocation and her class had 207 68 of the Lord and I know that sounded shocking to me. My wife says considering the range. That's not that unusual that many advanced but the it was a little shocking to me to think that 68 of the people have for the high school with thy but as I pray for that meal Friday night included in the prayer of thanksgiving to God for his providential watching over us to preserve our lives, and blessed us to be together on that occasion. Just the fact that we live from day to day is by God's divine providence. Life is fragile can be snuffed out so quickly so many way are we recognizing the source of our help and finally number five rejoice in the help delight in the Lord that provides the help that we need and that he regularly gives us some 116 verse one. I love the Lord because he had heard my voice and my supplication journey.

Love the Lord because he's good gracious and merciful. 11 because he is the sovereign ruler and he is the Savior of your soul, but the psalmist doesn't hesitate to say because he has heard my voice when I bought before in my supplication. She has heard me because he is inclined his ear under me.

Therefore, what I call upon him as long as I live, I'm going to continue to call verse four then called eyes upon the name of the Lord, Lord, I beseech the deliver my soul. Verse 13 I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord. Verse 17 I will offer to leave the sacrifice of Thanksgiving and will call upon the name of the Lord. So there is repeated acknowledgment first that I love the Lord because he has heard me and since he heard memo to get going on, so he saying again and again I will call upon the Lord apostle said in Philippians chapter 4 verse 19 my God shall supply all your need to leave that you much encouragement to rejoice in the one who supplies the needs of the one who is your helper to be continually thanking him for his blessing.

Finally, Hebrews chapter 13 verse 540 say that I will never leave thee, nor forsake so that we may boldly say the Lord is what my helper and I will not fear what man should do on the me you need help I need help.

We need help. Individually, we need help in our families, we need help, church. The good news is, God is our helper. Recognize that you need help regularly asked for help, refused to seek help from the wrong source recall the help that is given an rejoice in the helper. Some of these verses we read the writer referred to God as the Savior.

If you are one who is seeing yourself as a center violator of God's law under his judgment. You know you need help.

You can't rectify the situation by your own effort and where you find that help is only one source Jesus Christ who is the Savior of sinners. He's our help now. He's our help in the hour of death. He's our help forever. Hope the message today is been a source of encouragement to you will be glad to hear from you.

You can write us at the Baptist Bible.

Our box 17/37, Cincinnati, OH 45217, or you can go to our website and send us a message, but that means or make a donation there. If you would like to. We greet you next time. This is Lucero Bradley Junior beating you goodbye and may God bless you all day and the and I will be in a all

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