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Timothy Guess Interviews Lasserre Bradley, Jr. - Part 1 of 1

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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April 5, 2020 12:00 am

Timothy Guess Interviews Lasserre Bradley, Jr. - Part 1 of 1

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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April 5, 2020 12:00 am

In this episode of the Baptist Bible Hour Timothy Guess interviews Lasserre Bradley, Jr. about current events and how Christians should respond to the coronavirus.

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The Baptist Bible Lord known comes to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior, pastor of the Cincinnati primitive Baptist Church will and no I know is in the job is so one leaves no love in one and see the hello and welcome to this edition of the Baptist Bible.

Our aunt Timothy guess and I'm here today by phone with the director and speaker of the Baptist Bible. Our Lucero Bradley Junior for the brightly, welcome to your own program. Good to talk with you today were a little different format today as our listeners are used to hearing your Bible teaching ministry. But today we wanted to spend some time in a Q&A format and talk about the current crisis. That's our nation in the world. Frankly, is facing with the coronavirus are coded 19 brother Bradley your initial faults on just the scope of this crisis that's that's facing the world demanded everybody's attention. There had been some tried to ignore the warning scoffed at the whole situation. In fact, I was sure rather appalled at an interview that was done on a local TV station and the man was saying that although we were not worried about the virus were still having our meetings were still shaking hands, and that we get sick. That brings to mind the words of Jesus. When Satan tempted him to cast himself down from the Temple Jesus quoted the Old Testament Scripture shows that the Lord our God. We have to be respectful and obey the restrictions that are depression will lead into that next question I wanted to mention is that one of the most difficult things in delicious and we know that there is physical suffering from those who are sick from those who've already lost their lives and loved ones who are morning the loss of loved ones, the economic consequences that are being very much felt across the world, but for us as believers most difficult things is that we've not been able to meet together as a church to worship the Lord which is in so many ways art our meat and drink, and part of the great blessed routine of our daily lives so heavy you ever remember a time when churches were not able to meet like were facing right now. Now I don't course I read about it in history knowing, Charles Spurgeon first came to pastor a church in London England that they were not able to meet.

And that also happened in our country in Washington DC in 1918 in my life, well it does remind us. I think that it's it's a bittersweet saying it's it's sweet in the fact that we missed the meeting's in it sweet that we can use technology to help us stay connected is churches and I know that you're doing a live stream sermon for for your church and many many other pastors were doing the same but it's better in the fact that something that we love so much and that the Lord values we are unable to engage in at this time but what one question that that some have have had enough wondered with the government restrictions on meetings is this is this government interference.

Is this an infringement on our religious liberties.

I don't really look at it like that could have that potential and we have a biblical example in the book of acts upon our response would be that I would just shut us down so we could circulate the gospel because of possible threatened and told a preacher more Jesus name.

And I posed the question, is it right first obey God or man, and shortening those circumstances, we would have to continue meeting doing what God would have us to do even with the threat of imprisonment. But I think there's a legitimate reason for this you concerned for the health and well-being of other human beings actually have to be considered that pray that this thing will not last that long and short layer thankful for the opportunity you have to pay doing the live streaming, we have a website for church which I'm now doing a blog couple times a week to try to stay in touch with her people and also emphasizes to know some people, slothful in their church attendance and reengineering worship God in all regulations of the gospel on the radio opportunities but it doesn't take the place of meeting in the assembly of sites is something that is a special blessing with the Holy Spirit and we sing together and pray together word is preached in America's response to actually look forward to pray for that time and will soon be able to be back together meeting as we know the Scriptures admonish us to do well said well said the thing that we might mention as well. On the question of whether this is government interference or not is that the government is not just singling out churches so the fact that they are asking businesses and many others to hinder their activities or reduce their activities is lets us know that this is not seem to be government interference. But just as you mentioned also that it's it's God's idea that we have churches in it somewhere admonish the assembling of ourselves together something that there's a special blessing and all the churches called out body to the assembly of saints were still at church treatment that were not able to meet regularly at this time but have the full blessing what church mean the blessing of the particular spirit of God in admixture church obviously needs to be assembled well. I like that you brought the point that hopefully this the Lord will use this to help us to be reminded of how precious a blessing it is to gather regularly on the Lord's day to worship with with the church. There's kind of become a trend in recent years of actually making lifestream church church and that is not God's design is no good for people who are sick and unable to map the service or maybe handicap for people able to be a member of the church means you have responsibility in the rare court services be supported and preferably possible to The pastor say during all this time to heartily agree that just the anticipation of when we can meet again. I bet the singing is in the sand good looking at were to be really excited to be able to worship the Lord not together again. Let's let's talk about just some of the human responses to this crisis that were facing panic hoarding of toilet paper and other goods. Why do human beings react this way it's it's it's something that we all face fears and anxieties but talk about this human response to this and and how I responses Christian should be to difficult times like this sense of greediness, which is grounded in the grips of human nature, by the grace of God is to be overcome. Know that we are to love her neighbor as ourselves be concerned about others, but we have to be reminded of the work of Jesus in the sermon on the mount that were not to be worried about. Things that Amanda were relieved.

Our obligation to provide for his own horse show it working very batch knowing that we sure on the Lord, not mentally, but was on the Lord, but doing that we decamp to supply our need in the very same message as Jesus was speaking in the sermon on the Mount people encourage us to pray for our daily bread but that also not to worry about the same God who pleads the birds will please send that were more important than they are so we can have confidence in him and trust not being full of anxiety and worry, and trusting that he will care for certain the midst of the most typical time delay ever encountered a sequel of the most difficult things that we probably all have experienced in cell during this time is just us the sense of uncertainty of the how long is this going to last. What are the long-term implications can be. What are the implications for society for the economy for us personally. So in in in the midst of those things where there's feelings of uncertainty explained to us that the meaning of a doctrine, the biblical doctrine even emphasized very heavily in your ministry because the Scriptures to the doctrine of the sovereignty of God, and in not only what it means, but the value of it means that God is all grown years absolutely control. There is no German is no virus there is nothing that is running while the blues but God has absolute control over all preached a sermon recently at our church on the text found in Psalm 30 1D not start in by hand and what a consoling truth that appears to understand were not left to chance or fate, but that God is ruling and reigning can how long this thing will go and so we just have to recognize that God is in control and pray that they will bless us to learn whatever lesson one big lesson we learned that man is a lot weaker that he wants to admit control of all of the plans and events that they would like to see transpire when after battling God's sovereign pleasure to know that he's working his will and to going stay at hand is to show what better place. But we made an initial hand and that's what this almost as much time sorry and by one question that some people may have when they think about the sovereignty of God's sovereignty of God is preparing this idea of God is this big architect or engineer whose impersonal up in heaven pushing buttons and in guiding human history or is the sovereignty of God more of a picture of of a loving father who yes is allowing difficult things in our lives, but it is the sovereignty of God. A whole doctrine or something else very encouraging doctrine when we think of the various ways in which God in Scripture as being the one who cares. One of these. We decided that it would be January God's hand better place.

Could we be and Deuteronomy chapter 33 speaks of the fact that the Col. God is our refuge and that underneath are the everlasting. How long they shaken our feelings during our circumstances, we can't get so low. But what still underneath are his everlasting arms.

In Psalm 91 is the fact that we are covered with his feathers only know that literary doctors have better but the language used to give us consolation under his wing shall Trust in Psalm 103 light of the father paid Lord to get them. So all of these references in Scripture there to convey the fact that God is vitally interested in us concern for us. He loves us to hear what we have to turn for our comfort and support in these trying times.

I think it's encouraging that one of the most repeated commands. It seems of the Lord Jesus to his disciples was you're not bored. Do not be afraid in the one who spoke those words was the one who himself on the cross for for the redemption of his people, so we know if he's telling us to not be afraid that it's coming from a part of great love and compassion for his people actually message that is found over and over again of the Old Testament as well as the trust with fear not obviously clear that it was stated Marie stated so many times and the encouraging thing about it sometimes restricted like Bishop parents wakes up at night, and here's a little child down the hall. I cry and mother says everything is going to be all right help, but she said I don't have all the way and that what the Lord tells us in Isaiah chapter 35 shows fear not because I'm on the way we have that source of encouragement. We can cast all your precious truth that is will you mention this moment to go about our human weakness were learning through this crisis but are there some other things that you think that we should be learning during this time one of them is to be concerned about other people. That gets back to this whole body of self the future.

Timely thinking about others. It's a time to be remembering that though some of our plans been disrupted there going to be some financial losses. Some things change, but for the child of God.

No matter what the loss may be here have something glorious to look forward.

There is an inheritance that is incorruptible. On the way completely lost everything we had here materially not like the best is still ahead and little work. Scripture order, that glorious time when Jesus Christ comes back and for all people to be with him at trial, publishing his parties in heaven forever and that helps us in these difficult times to regain that outlook there. I just started preaching two years after the second world war in control the pain of those lawsuits were so many men that battle was was still very much in people's minds and hearts that are planned in those days that people responded more to the preaching about they were glad to hear about it.

They were thankful to remember this is coming up better coming through those painful years of the wartime people wanted to hear about well lately and this time of crisis will be thinking about it even more. And it's something that we are admonished to think about since he picked His critics of current pop himself even as he is. As a practical effect on our life is how we live where anticipating better things are yet how well it certainly does these times of crisis when things that we are used to just having worsening routine that were used to just keeping it goes on day after day.

It minds us of what is uncertain the things of this life that things are fading away but as you said, remind us the value of those things are most most precious in the Lord.

Next we meet we need reminders of those things frequently answer you preached a message at your church and it was broadcast. The first part was broadcast on March 22 on on the Baptist Bible hour and that you were talking about the subject of the judgment of God. Would you talk about what you mention that message here for snail. I don't think that can be ignored because it's evident from Scripture that God has at various times judgment on people they whole rice course all right except for the eight children. Those are just one account after another where God sent judgment: idolaters of those rejected and violated the law and show that the condition of the world would anybody surprise that got sent judgment bluntly see how many unborn babies are being killed. See the general attitude whichever same attitude that was expressed by Pharaoh and Moses: God happens and let people go and Pharaoh says the Lord, that I should obey and that's the attitude of teeming multitudes of got sent judgment to be surprised at the same time we have to be cautious not ourselves tried to make the determination of what God may be doing in that regard because Jesus was on their those who came to him and talking about the fact that the Moment Paula and Killed 18 People so They Must Be the Most Wicked People around Jesus Is Alive.

Except the Repairs You Shall All Likewise Perish. We Have To Recognize That God Does Sometimes Sent Judgment but It's Not Our Place Individually to Decide That This Particular Nation on This Particular Person Is Being Singled out and Judged by God. Just to Be Sensitive to Know That God Hates Evil and That Repentance Is Always in Order Think That's a Very Good Balances in Scripture Balances Is As You Just Mentioned Certainly God Has Every Reason to Bring Judgment and We Know That He Will Bring Judgment. Eventually One Day, As You Mentioned, but I Was Also Thinking about the Story of Jonah and the People of Nineveh of How That God Threatened the Judgment through Jonah, but the People Were Led to Repent and Think We All Probably Have Salt and Prayed Lord May Use This Time to Bring a Nation to Repentance an Individual to Repentance, to Not Know You. At This Time. May You and Your Sovereign Grace Bring Them to Yourself That That Would Be Wonderful to See Such Positive Spiritual Blessings Happening through This with Remarriage or Word Should Be Our Prayer. Now These Are Unique Times As We've Artie Mentioned Because Churches Are Not Currently Meeting but These Are Unique Opportunities and You Are Preaching through Live Stream Your Church. We Were to Mention Many Other Pastors Are Doing That.

How Is That Experience for You to Preach to an Empty Church House. Well, It's Not a New Experience for Me Because for Almost 50 Years out in the Live Broadcast of Our Church Sunday Nights at 1030. There Were A Few Times I Have an Audience but Most the Time at the Story Because It Was Not Unusual to Have That Experience Even Though I Couldn't See All the Attracted Visualize the Opportunity That I Just Know It's Amazing How the Lord Can Use These Strange Times to to Further the Gospel. Paul in Philippians Chapter 1, When He Was in House Arrest in Rome Told the Philippian Church That I Want to Do the Things That Have Happened to Me Have Fallen out Rather for the Furtherance of the Gospel so the Lord Is Somebody Has It Has A Lot Of Tools in His Toolbox and He Can Use Even Unusual Circumstances to to Further the Message of the Lord Jesus, and We Pray That He Will Do That after a Good Example of That.

Reminder Calls Outlook Was in the Times That God Makes Even the Wrath of Mandatory Turn the Darkness of Situations around Bring Something out Good People. Gordon's Name Talk Also about the Importance of Us Praying for Our Our Governmental Leaders. Scriptures Are Very Explicit in That and I Think It's Easy to Let Things Slide Them Really Be Diligent in Our Prayers for Admonished God Will Give Them Wisdom to Know the Decisions That Need to Be Made That He Will Be Honored and Respected. It's Reassuring to Know the Heart of the Lord Is God Water from God Correct Some Who Might Not Have Regard for God Personally.

Nevertheless, James Ehrhardt Moved Them in Whatever Direction the Site, but We Are Thankful for Those in Opposition to Believe in God and Are Christian and Shaking like the Best Decision, Lord All That They're Doing Just A Few Days Ago. During All This Time There Was a Cistern or Church You Stumble across a Copy of the Booklet That You Have Written and It Was a Comfort to Her Six Things to Remember in a Time of Crisis Would You Comment on That Booklet and Then Tell Folks How They Can Order a Copy Use That over the Years Time When There Have Been Tornadoes, Various Issues That Were Clouds Who Were Driven from Their Homes That Go to Other Places. Some Chocolate Order Large Number of Copies and Distributed Them Anyway.

You Know It It Should Christians Know They Should Think Them How They Should Act in the Time of Crisis, but All of the Crisis, Was Startling Upsetting Thing That Can Generally Cover Some Basic Points in This Booklet Just to Talk about Things That Need to Be. Remember God Is in Control and That Person Primary Concern.

Mostly, However, We React Whatever We Do Whatever We Say Should Be Is Going to Get a Copy of That Paragraph Is the Baptist Bible Hour, 1707, Cincinnati, OH 45217 Six Things to Remember, Questions in the One 800 Number for the Offices Will One 800-4734 BVH and There Also Resources As You Mentioned a Number of Resources, Blogs and Articles in Different Settings Are Available on Ministry its Baptist Bible. and we would encourage listeners to take advantage of those resources and to support the ministry of the Baptist Bible are with your generous donation and with your prayers. Thankful for how the Lord is used his ministry over the years and even now it's can be heard across the world through the Internet and there are stations in the Philippines and Northern Ireland that there the broadcast on local stations there and there's the podcast in which the daily broadcast can be heard. So were thankful for the ways Lord is used his ministry and encourage you to continue to pray for and support tell a friend or family member about how to even blessed by the ministry. Another way that the word goes out to this ministry is the publication, the print publication Baptist witness, so we would encourage you if you're not a subscriber to that publication to once again call one 800-4734 BVH and you can participate in receiving that booklet for the rally before we close if you give a word on how churches and church members can be loving each other and trying to stay connected as well as possible. During this time. It's so strange for us because as a church we gather and we shake hands and we hug and we talk and we get close to each other physically and rightfully so. So this is strange that we have to stay away from each other but talk about how the church is good and church members can be ministering to each other in this time member protocol, at least one person every weekend and cases it might be able to go way beyond that. Some information on our website conduct that would be helpful after then I remembered that some of our older people don't have computers. I can't go to the website that welcomes everything are able to go there and you know some of the computers call them up and read on the website, so just in any way that we can remain in contact. Be aware of each other's burdens, I requested they made everyone think you can listen to this Q&A addition of the Baptist Bible out trying to guess with Cecile Bradley Junior thank you for listening. May God give grace to our nation to our churches.

During this time. Until next time. God bless you all and in the Baptist Bible hour has come to you under the direction of elderly sale. Bradley Junior, pastor of the Cincinnati primitive Baptist Church address all mailed to the Baptist Bible are Cincinnati, OH 45217. That's the Baptist Bible Lord Cincinnati, OH 45217 and in and in

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