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I Am Continually With You - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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April 17, 2020 12:00 am

I Am Continually With You - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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April 17, 2020 12:00 am

“Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand” (Psalm 73:23).

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Solution baby Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible are, it is important that we hear from our listeners. Frankly, we need your support. I know that there are those who cannot support at the present, because they're struggling with their own financial difficulties.

But if you're in a position to help. We do need help are going to remain on all of the stations are grass is the Baptist Bible box 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217, or you can go to our website and make a donation there that's Baptist we continue the message today entitled, I am continually with you. The text is Psalm 73 verse 23. Nevertheless, I am continually with the thou has holding me by thy right hand.

What a wonderful promise. How meaningful. In this time under so much uncertainty there so much trouble world over to know that God has promised to be with us the Asus was consumed with people before he went to the sanctuary, consumed with these people that were ignoring God, prospering in some of these people that he because they had a better easier life than he had, but now he goes to the sanctuary. He worships he worships God and so his focus and center is now on God's all the wicked in a different light to begin with. He said that Hess put them in slippery places. They may look secure. Now everything may look fine. It looks like it's all going their way. Yes there prospering. But as the book of Deuteronomy says their foot show slide in due season, and here he says they're standing in slippery places there standing but there ready to go down. Payday is coming. It may not be tomorrow may not be next week.

It may not be where you will be able to observe it but payday is coming, the wicked will ultimately suffer the consequences of their actions. God will be with them. Those who are not his children shall finally be cast away. Not to be annihilated but to suffer his wrath forever. I gave him a different outlook on the parish, so why should I envy somebody that's about to go down if there standing on slippery places of what they've got. May seem very inviting and intriguing today, and it's something that I would have. I would like to have a what what difference does it make of their own solution as a matter fact remember the lesson Jesus capably was the 12th chapter. The book of Luke when he talked about the man that had a great harvest and he says I would have to tear down my barns and build greater barns and save old towel. Well things are now, how prosperous I've been in the Lord said, thou fool, this night that supposedly required. It didn't matter how many barns a man may have and how full they all are is God's get ready to knock him down and that man's get ready to depart this life and he's losing everything in the meaninglessness that mean much. Well, he saw himself differently. Also he sees that he really has no right to question God brings it's a whole different outlook when you come to grips with the truth of God's sovereignty that God is on the throne. God is holy God is just. God is perfect and God has a right to run his business. The way he pleases and is not left demand to try to challenge it. To suggest that God will operate in a different fashion to suggest that God is a not using the best of judgment and what he does. Whether the something that God suffers to happen, something that God orders to happen, something that is occurring because God believes in executing wrath and vengeance. All of that is in his hand.

The question is are we willing to trust in. I was willing to believe God said, Lord, I don't have to understand it all.

New know that I have to trust you.

He's recognizing that he had no right to complain because he said this is like a dream when one awake everything looks fine in this dream but but it's it's it's not real.

One awakes out of the dream and despise the image so he saying that that's all that these wicked that I've been envious of our experiencing their they're experiencing something that it really is not real it's it's it's short-lived. It's temporary. It's it it it soon going to be gone shortly over bus. My heart was grieved and I was picked in my rain so foolish was I an ignorant I was as a beast before the I buy what I was going farther than just human reasoning. I was no more than an animal that shows no gratitude toward the sovereign God who provides its needs. I was as a beast before the nevertheless, this is our tax. I am continually with the bow has holding me by my right hand. I'm sure you remember the sermon on the harder preached here on the subject. Never the less they talked about a lady with whom he was appointed there in the Atlanta area that was a writer for guidepost magazine and her husband was dying of a brain tumor and ultimately did die and she describes in her book the anguish of mine. The surge of emotion. See difficulties in coping with his whole issue until God impressed upon her Scriptures that speak just as this one, nevertheless, and she talks about the nevertheless principal so says in spite of all that we talked about, though I was foolish and I'm grieved around foolish foolishness. Nevertheless, what he saying is in spite of the fact that I haven't been where I should've been.

I haven't been viewing things like I should view them. Nevertheless, I am continually with things that has holding me by my right hand born when I was faltering when I was staggering and stumbling when my feet had almost slipped one when I was ready to give up. You were still holding my hand. I didn't perceive it at the moment. The Lord sometimes hides himself. Psalm speaks of that number places and praise Lord hide not thy face from me by the Lord that sometimes is to remind us that what we need so desperately and what we have comes from him. It's not something that we generate manufacturer ourselves is that which comes from human if we get careless and independent and forget that he may hide himself for a time to we have to come humbly back before him, acknowledging our failure to trust you with a walk by faith and seek his face once more.

So in spite of the fact that I had well-nigh slipped in spite of the fact that my thinking was not right. Nevertheless, I am continually with the that has holding me by my right hand. Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory. So now we see the psalmist praising the first observed that he was faltering and then we noted that he was changing and now we see that is praising is praising the Lord saying that God is with me.

I'm I'm I'm continue with him.

He's continually with me reminds us of the passage in Hebrews 13 verse five. I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee that we may boldly say the Lord is our helper and I will not fear what man something to ask God's promise I will never leave the office safety accident. Mr. big knowledge that our experience is often an up-and-down situation. You have seasons where you come to church and hear a message that you feel like you just designed for you to the Lord knew what I needed today that that message was for me. It describe for me some of my innermost struggles and thoughts and pointed me away from myself to Jesus Christ and I rejoice. The singing was uplifting. The fellowship was good. It was a wonderful place to be. I thank God for the day, then there may be other seasons when you've had a challenging week may have had problems at work you may have had some tension in your home. You may have had some financial problems and you come to church and you just cannot get into the message. Your mind wanders you drift off to sleep during part of it. You gotta wake up and feel frustrated that you haven't really gotten on with the message to know what it's about and you don't get that much out of it and is and where is the Lord. I don't know if it does me to go to go to church or not.

I just I just didn't didn't get anything there today and it doesn't matter whether it's going to church or try to have fellowship with God and home there many times you pick up the Bible and as you read my stress sweet and precious and promises that are comforting to you in there things open up that you had previously understood. Or maybe you read a passage that you purred preach from the pulpit recently and all of a sudden you see how it fits into its context and mean something to you and you're learning something and then you have other times that sticking with reading the Bible is absolutely hard work have a hard time getting to start with Buzz as the daily newspapers have a lot in on certain want to read it while it's newsletter read it today get that read that as at magazine. I have read well and I want to watch the TV news on Skip get up-to-date on that and then I got this little chore that little task and before long, reading the Bible to put weight out the end of the day and if you even make the effort falsely for get very far. Or if you if you are reading you safe. I don't know what good it does me to read the Bible I just I just don't understand much of periodically. I'll have somebody call and say what I have trouble particularly reading the King James translation you got any recommendations what what can I do to to find some it's easier to understand. You just pray that God will bless you with the book you've got to just stay at it you keep listen to the preaching. You keep coming regularly to keep studying that and asking God's help and he will feel good bless unit well during those seasons when you're having difficulty in your own study are difficult in your own prayer life or difficulty in getting something out of the services begin to wonder is the board with me is a forgotten about me. Has he ever been with me have been deceived, but the promises he is continually with his people. Jeremiah 29 this is talking about the return of the people after the 70 years of the Babylonia's captivity Jeremiah 2911 says for I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil to TVU and expect in a you think about that that the thoughts God has toward his people are good thoughts. Thoughts of peace. How often do you even consider the fact that God is thinking about you. How many times have you thought about God today. Do you know when you're not thinking about him. He still thinking about you. I know you say I believe God's in the heavens. I believe God, the creator of the gods on the throne of God's in control, but God thinking about me. He's got more than think about me. But see, it shows the limited concept we have about God because he so greatly can think about all of his people at once and think about them in intimate detail is thinking about us. He knows your needs and your circumstances. His eyes are upon us. He sees us wherever we are, whatever our conditions he doesn't sleep so there's no.

Of the day or night when the Lord's office that he would have to wonder what may happen until the morning dawns. Psalm 121 verse three he will not suffer thy foot to be moved to key that keep with the will not slumber the hold he that keep the Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is thy keeper.

The Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand Lord is not sleep. He sees you his eyes are upon you.

He knows all about and then his hand is holding you so these things are stated directly on the Psalm. Some of them are implied but his hand is holding you. Deuteronomy chapter 33 verse 27 the eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms and he shall thrust out enemy from before the and shall say destroy refuge when a hiding place.

What a secure place. The eternal God is our refuge. If he is our refuge there is no enemy that can destroy us.

We are secure in him and underneath are the everlasting arms.

So I feel my love I been been going through some dark days.

I feel really, really doubt it doesn't matter how far down you may feel and how far down you may fall.

There's some steel underneath you and actually everlasting is still there to support you and hold you up and then were thinking about the hand of God supporting us. Think about that wonderful expression in Psalm 31. How often this is come to my own mind have had to quote it to myself to give me some courage and hope. Psalm 31 verse 15.

My times are in thy hand deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from them that persecute me. My times are in thy hand that's marvelous thing to realize our times, not left to chance or fate, some unknown force, or entity my times good times. My bad times. My present times my future times all my times are in thy hand. And he promises that he will guide us.

We need guidance we so quickly can be led in the wrong direction so easily.

According to our human nature can go straight. We need guidance and he promises to provide that Psalm 48 verse 14 says for this God is our God for ever and ever. He will be our guide even on the death Lord will be our guide cleared of the end of the journey of the Lord is not giving new revelation. Yes, I promise to speak to us in an audible voice, but he speaks to us through his word and if wearing his word word of Christ dwells in us richly at home in us. We've hidden his word in our hearts we might not sin against God's Holy Spirit will bring it to our understanding and apply to our hearts as we need direction as we need guidance. How should I proceed. How should I spend my time and my resources. What I need to do to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness he's promised to give us guidance is provinces are working for our good.

We may not understand them.

They may be as perplexing to us as some of the things that the fellow Joe but to know that God is at work doesn't mean that everything that happens thus is good sometimes our evil and wicked things imposed upon us. Sometimes we ourselves have strayed and send them there some consequences to be suffered, but how good to know that in all the perplexities of life that God is at work, not as some of implied when we talk about that, as though God and the devil are working together, the body would ever suggest such a thing. The devil is the enemy of God. He hates God he hates the truth he hates righteousness.

I want to do God's bigger than the devil, and God is able to overrule all of the devil's schemes and all that he's about to try to bring havoc in the lives of God's people and things.

It can seem so difficult at the time and so hard to understand God is teaching his people and working in their lives to conform the more to the image of his son Isaiah chapter 49 tells us that he loves us.

One of the psalmist now has turned from questioning and complaining and ready to throw up his hands in despair. He's not praising because he sees that God is with him continually and that God's love is a continuous love verse 14 of Isaiah 49, but Zion said the Lord forsaken me, and my Lord forgot me and that's just about where ace of laws was that the Lord is good, but as for me, my situation is not so good.

My situation is difficult right now I'm traveling a dark place.

Zion said the Lord forsaken Leavitt that make it a fact though, he says, can a woman forget her sucking child that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb. Again, they might forget, yet will I not forget the were always startled Paul when we read of a mother throwing her baby away, leaving it on someone's doorstep or particularly in some instances where they been found in the trash.

How can a mother everything and God raises. That is a preposterous thing.

How can a mother forget her nursing child not to have compassion on the son of her womb was it even though lately I will not forget the hold.

I have greatly upon the palms of my hands walls are continually so another confirmation that God thinks about you because your name is, as it were, on the palms of his hand and he thinks about you and he remembers you and he's interested in you and he loves you and he cares for you even though you at a time may feel unloved and feel that you're so unworthy and undeserving of his love that you would stand amazed that God could or would love you, yet he reassured you of that love. And then the psalmist speaks of God being his strength and this is confirmed in Psalm 27 verse 14 wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart weight. I say all the Lord our hearts sometimes are ready to famously the growing week.

We've we've lost courage with lost part but he says he will strengthen our heart. When we wait upon him coming before God, acknowledging our need our weakness. Acknowledging that we desperately need him and he will strengthen our heart back in the 73rd Psalm, but Asus has acknowledged his error and say I was deeply grieved, says verse 23. Nevertheless, I am continually with the thought has holding me my right hand.

Thou shalt guide me with my counsel, and afterward receive me to glory want to guide your loyalty and when life is over. The journey is finished and would take you to glory, whom have I in heaven but believe there is not upon the earth that I desire besides eat my flesh in my heart failure, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever low they that are far from the usual parish has destroyed all them that go a whoring from the butt.

It is good for me to draw near to God.

I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare by works interesting to notice the progress in this Psalm in the first part of it. The pronoun that is most frequently used is the day he is talking about the wicked.

Here's what they do. Here's how they prosper in the second part of the Psalm.

The most frequently used pronoun is he's looking at himself. Here's how I perceive it. Here's how I feel about it. Here's how I am affected by the circumstances, but in the third part of the Psalm. He's talking about you that is God talking about God.

He stopped thinking about others he stop looking at himself and looked at God and said that all shout guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory, but we learned some practical lessons from this to be helpful in our walk from day to day and be comforted and encouraged by the 23rd verse. Nevertheless, I am continually with the hope this message entitled, I'm continually with you has been a blessing.

Remember that anytime you'd like to get a CD of a complete message that you hear on the broadcast we can get that by writing to us. Our address is the Baptist Bible. Our box 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 down to we greet you next time. This is share Bradley Junior bidding goodbye and may God bless you see all day and the D and all

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