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The Song of the Steadfast – Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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November 19, 2020 12:00 am

The Song of the Steadfast – Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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November 19, 2020 12:00 am

“For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright” (Psalm 11:7).

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Will , and this should ensure Brady Junior welcoming you to another broadcast from the Baptist Bible. Our shipment thankfully you are with us today. I would ask an interest in your prayers of the Lord will use the messages to his glory going to be looking at one of the Psalms today for the next few days. In fact, so I would appreciate it if you will write in the snow that you listen to the program. Our address is the Baptist Bible. Our box 17 old, 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 as we continue our series sermons from the Psalms returned to Psalm 11 in the Lord put I my trust house say he to my soul flee as a burden to your mountain for low. The wicked been there about they make their arrow upon the strain that they may prettily shoot upright in heart. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do Lord is in his holy temple. The Lord's throne is in heaven.

His eyes behold his eyelids tried the children of men. The Lord triumph. The righteous, but the wicked and human that loveth violence his soul upon the wicked, he shall reign, snares, fire and brimstone, and a horrible tempest.

This shall be the portion of their for the righteous Lord loveth recklessness. His countenance a hold upright in his commentary on the Psalms Charles Spurgeon entitles this the song of the steadfast, and I was unable to come up with any title licked would be any more suitable than that. And so will use that as our subject. The song of the steadfast many different opinions about the circumstances under which David wrote this song. Some believe that he will be during that period of his life.

When Saul was in constant pursuit in seeking to killing others believe that it was during the time that Absalom his own son was trying to overtake the kingdom letter quickly particular situation may have been the lessons to be learned here are certainly of great value. This Psalm differs from many of the other Psalms of David in that often there is a prayer incorporated into his writings. This one is more of a theological declaration giving us some facts giving us some basic information about the righteous about God and about the wicked, so first of all, we look what we see in this Psalm concerning the rectus. According to verse one. They trust in the Lord. These were righteous, trust in the Lord. That means I do not trust in themselves and elects a concept that is diametrically opposed to the thinking that is popular in our culture today. People are constantly being taught.

They must believe in themselves. They must have self-confidence and need to esteem themselves highly if they're going to succeed and get ahead of the righteous, rather than trusting himself trust in the Lord is notice the words of the apostle Paul in writing to the church at Corinth second Corinthians chapter 1 verse nine he says but we had the sentence of death in ourselves that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God which raises the dead. Now, if God was so working in the life of this great apostle, a man of deep knowledge and outstanding experience to teach him not to trust in himself but to trust in God, the one which raises the dead you not think then it is tremendously important for us today to get that point. I'm sure everybody here would readily agree. I talked to trust in God and not trust in myself, but must do not admit that there are times and seasons that you're doing. Just exactly that your trusting in yourself. You're trying to pull yourself together, you're trying to dig your heels into stand firm.

You're trying to convince yourself that with a more positive outlook.

You can get ahead you're trying to convince yourself that you're tough enough that one challenges, you can get through it and you forget that you are to trust in the Lord righteous trust not in self righteousness that very familiar lesson that Jesus gave contrasting the Pharisee and the publican talks about this self-righteous religious leader who is thanking God. I'm not as other men boasting about what he does.

I fast twice in the week and give tithes of all that I possess. What was he depending on what he perceived to be righteousness his own righteousness. But God was not pleased with that prayer. The publican on the other hand, smote upon the threshing God be merciful to him of the center went down to his house justified the Pharisees prayer.

The Pharisees pretended righteousness were not acceptable in God's sight is sometimes try to make a case obvious of all, you know your center but you decide I want a certain blessing and maybe if I can review some sacrifices that made some good decisions sometimes and I have resisted temptation, remind Laura that the Lord may feel somewhat obligated imitated. We cannot come before God on the basis of our righteousness, saying, Lord, look at me, look what I have done.

We must plead alone the righteousness of Jesus Christ. We asked that he would forgive our sins and that he would bless us alone for Jesus sake and Psalm 20 verse seven it says some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God, the righteous man do not trust in horses and chariots. I know where living in a another era were living in the day of airplanes and bombs and well-equipped armies with all kinds of technical equipment, but the fact the principle that your talk is still the same. We must not trust in that which is made of man.

We cannot trust in man's inventions. We cannot trust in that which appears to be strong horses that were used in battle in the long-ago were beast of great strength and great ability in great endurance, but the psalmist said, not trusting in horses were not trusting in chariots we going to remember the name of the Lord our God.

So the righteous do not trust in the flesh in the arm of the flesh in man's ability and what man has made and what man they had devised in his schemes and his plan in the book of Jeremiah chapter 17 verse five writers is thus saith the Lord cursed be the man that trusted Ian man and make a flakes to his arm, and whose heart departed from the Lord of this. This makes it very clear that if your trusting in my hand. Your heart has departed from the Lord wears her trust today, including a trust in the hours of difficulty in trouble when great problems arise when you see that there's a need in your life for their sickness when there's conflict when this misunderstanding when their financial needs.

When there are a variety of problems, and you may encounter including the trust righteous trust not in the arm of the flakes not in man, but in God we must learn not to trust in our own understanding, not in our own wisdom. David said in Psalm 13 of the fifth verse, but I have trusted in thy mercy for my hearts and rejoice in by salvation. Further, as we see the righteous in this 11 song we see is David begins in the Lord put on my trust.

We see further that the righteous stand firm in difficult times.

David's advisors those were close to him and no doubt have his interest at heart are telling him flee as a word to your mountain whether it was that Saul was seeking his life or even his own son Absalom at the point was willing to kill his father that he might occupy the throne.

Those who respected David those who care for him and love for him said the best thing for you to do is run for your life.

Leave the throne leave Jerusalem go, go, the place where you can hide out in the mountains flee as a word to your mountain.

As we study David's life, we see that there were in fact times that he did run from those who were seeking his life. But whatever the situation here.

David responds negatively to their recommendations. He's willing to stand firm, because he is trusting in the Lord. Look at Psalm 56 verse three what time I am afraid I will trust in the here David is trusting.

He's depending upon God to protect him.

Then continues in the same passage same Psalm verse 10 in God will not praise his word in the Lord will not praise his word in God have I put my trust, I will not be afraid. What man can do abundantly. So even though I may degrade my fear. What time am afraid it will trust in the Lord and I'm not going to fear what man can do to me as a wonderful relief is to have such faith in such confidence in God that you don't have to be afraid of me will have to be afraid. don't have to be afraid of what he stands now, the advice that was given to David is the same advice that solvent given to people today. It seems reasonable if there is danger. If there is a problem that you cannot adequately deal with if you're frustrated if you're tense flee from the problem get away from it all. She a lot of the advertisements that encourage people to take expensive vacations present the thought that you deserve it for yourself. That doesn't mean that it's never appropriate to take a vacation to take a rest.

But if you take it with the idea that this is an escape. I want to get away from my troubles to come back and things will be fine. The big problem with that is that when you take the trip you take you with you and when you come back to bring you and the problems still continue see the Lord teaches us in his word not to run away, but to confront things and deal with things in a biblical way, how many times a day if there is problems in the marriage counselor say when you're just not compatible. You two are not suited for each other by making to the miserable go your separate ways flee around the wrong place your own hot getaway sometimes and save it. Maybe you need to separate for a while I go to fix a marriage when the husband and wife are separated, you stay together you fulfill your commitment you keep your valves together to study God's word together you work at the problem you trust in the Lord. So the idea of escaping our troubles and running away. I sound reasonable and good from the standpoint of human logic.

But it just doesn't hold up biblically, the enemies of Nehemiah approached him with the same concept, and of course the amounts all through it solvent, the very ones who were recommending this were hired by his enemies although they wanted to make it appear that they had his best interest at heart. In the sixth chapter of the book of Nehemiah verse six, where Ian was written. It is reported among the Kievan and must say if it that now the Jews think to rebel four points calls out builders the wall, he is to be their king. According to these words. Lord sees as weight we've gotten this this gossip. It's been spread around, wait, wait, wait, believe that the people in general are making the assumption that no doubt, it must be correct that your thinking about rebelling. You're going to try to become King yourself and has also appointed prophets to preach of the Jerusalem saying there is a king in Judah, and thou shall be reported to the king, according to these words come now therefore let us take counsel together that I sent to him saying there are no such things known as Las Vegas but baffling is that my little heart that my son is the charge is not that this is a false accusation you you find them out of your own heart, for they all made us afraid, saying their hand shall be weakened from their work that it not be done now. Therefore, all God's strength in my hands. Nehemiah sees the whole purpose here is to discourage this effort of building the wall but he sprang old Lord strengthen my hands.

He says these were coming, trying to reason with him, save let us meet together in the house of God within the temple and let us shut the doors of the temple, for they will come to sway the gate in the night, will they come to slightly see the effort to intimidate Nehemiah. Your life is in danger flee to the temple, commanding counsel with us. Close the doors behind us notices response verse 11 and I said, should such a man as I flee. Who is there being as I am would go into the temple to save his life will not go as is. It's totally inappropriate that a man in a position of leadership for God's place template flee for his life will not you're trying to distract me. You're trying to keep me from the work at hand.

We going to proceed with the building of the wall next to the job God has given me. And I'm not going to be discourage the how to apply that in your own life.

My civil I'm not a position like Nehemiah was. I'm not. I'm not a great leader. That doesn't necessarily apply to me all yes it does. How many times in your own life, the sick and try to use some set of circumstances to discourage you say you need to run the need to hide just give up nothing to be gained by standing firm. So the best thing to do is just give up on this marriage order give up on my effort to serve God in this particular capacity to too many challenges too many problems. David says in the Lord put on my trust.

So how is it that you say to my soul for use of our going anywhere and standing firm. See, it's the song of the steadfast and then as we further look at the righteous. We see in verse five that they are tried or tested the Lord triumph the right to some of the wicked in him that love of violence his soul hated election of the Lord's people have difficulty understanding why is it. If God loves me that he tries me that he text me that nonsense afflictions in the I would've thought that if God really cared for me he would exempt me from all these great troubles of other people encounter. I want my kid. I have a smoother path, but the Lord tries us or test his people because he loves them country and to human reasoning, whom the Lord loveth dictations and scourges every son whom he received an inch of his love that he cares for you. Just leave it alone to go your own way.

You continue to make mistakes. You continually see and come short of the Lord will correct to and even when you're walking in an obedient pathway. He still going to send trials from time to time to phone you to bring you into closer fellowship and communion with him. He purifies us through afflictions, so we get an interesting view here of the righteous. Then we also see in this song God himself. We learn about him.

Verse four the Lord is in his holy temple. The Lord's throne is in heaven. First thing we see is that he is on the throne is on the throne. God is sovereign wonderful truths to know somebody might say what we've heard it many times we need to hear it again, I think so. I think we have to be reminded. I don't ever get tired of talking about it. How marvelous to recognize who God is his exalted position is position of authority, his position of power is absolute right to work his will in the Army of heaven. God is on the throne. Some 93 verses one and two, the Lord rained he is clothed with majesty. The Lord is clothed with strength. Where would he have girded himself the world also establish that it cannot be moved by throne is established of old and thou art from everlasting to something reassuring about reading those words the Lord rained, things may appear to be chaotic. It may seem that there is great confusion in the world which were living today. It may seem at times. There's great confusion in your own life, but is it good to know God still reigns nothing it out of his control.

The Lord is on the throne in another reference Psalm 135 reading in the fifth verse four. I know that the Lord is great and that our Lord is above all God's whatsoever the Lord please that DDT in heaven and in earth in the seas and all the places because of the vapors to ascend from the end of their team make up the lightnings for the rain the wind out of his treasure. God is in control.

Whatever, he's been pleased to do. He is done it, whether in heaven and the earth in the seas and all the places he's not lacking in power if it's his will. If it's his purpose. He's going to accomplish that which he designs a backup using expression very similar to what we find in the song, the book of Habakkuk chapter 2 the 20th verse. He said the Lord is in his holy temple in all the earth. Keep silence before him. Your call that a backup was perplexed. He first was distressed because he saw all the evil that existed among God's own people and that he was further disturbed when they learn that God was raising up the Chaldeans to invade the land and to inflict great suffering upon them had to go to the watchtower and given a lot of thought and deep meditation, but it ultimately came to this conclusion, the Lord is in his holy temple, God is able to run his own business. I may not understand I don't understand what he's doing understand why doing it that way, but he's God and he has a right to operate as he pleases that only earth keep silence before I'm not complaining but one reply I'm going to close my mouth and bow in humble submission, we see that he is sovereign because he rules overall. We certainly find much comfort and instruction in the Psalms with the often that the Psalms were quoted in the New Testament, giving further confirmation of their value to us today. I encourage you to write this letter so you listen today if you can help us with the support of the program will shortly be grateful for that. Our grass is the Baptist Bible.

Our box 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 two. We greet you next time. This is Sarah Bradley Junior bidding you goodbye and may God bless you and I will and I and I in no and no and I and and

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