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Be Not Afraid - Part 3 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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November 16, 2020 12:00 am

Be Not Afraid - Part 3 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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November 16, 2020 12:00 am

“But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid” (Matthew 14:27).

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Will the fire, and pushing Sherry Bradley Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible is a I yesterday, so I mean braving the baby.

He was a star policy are demons, the now mate says yes yeah well I must also saw sound asleep okay. He's feasting. He's also sleepy all day Utes he's seen in master when I ran my mom, my mind remained there not dams on my side molding all all right saucy We not all so star policy demons, he now while this Master Is Sensibly Obey These Sensibly Obey Utes. He's Master (Yes, All the Misleading Assignment. Now, I Have My Name. She Gave Me, All Shall Make the Best Rest, He Said That the Strong Policy Are Demons, Ever Be How Long This Has a Share Master Suite. He's Utes All Shall Sweetly Obey Utes, Utes, Today We Come to Park Free Messaging Title.

Be Not Afraid. There Are Many Circumstances in the Troubled World in Which We Live in Today That Can Stir Fear over and over Again in Scripture Were Told the Not Afraid to Pray the Lord Will Use the Message to Be a Comfort to You Today. Would Love to Hear from You If You Walk the Program to Continue on Your Local Stations Are Dress Is Baptist Bible Auerbach 17 Oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217, Suppose I Could Tell You This Morning That Jesus Was in the Next Room, Praying for That Make You Feel Better about What You Got to Face in Life This Next Week. He's Not Here on This Earth. He's Not in the Mountain Praying As He Was 20. Praying for These Disciples. But I Continued on the Authority the Word of God.

Jesus Is in Heaven Praying for You Right at Those Moments When You Think You Forgot about Me Must Not Care Because the Storm Is Raging and He Has Come to My Rescue.

He Is Praying for You. Romans Chapter 8 Verse 34 Who Is He That Condemns with It Is Christ That Died, He Whether That Is Risen Again, Who Is Even at the Right Hand of God, Who Also Maketh Intercession for Jesus Christ Is Not for Us PCs. Every Trial, Storm, Difficulty to Place in Line and He's Interceding for You As Much As He Said for Peter.

He Prayed That His Faith Might Not Think He's Praying for You. Yes, Peter Had Those Times of Failure in the Flesh, but I Believe the Savior's Prayer Was Answered Because Peter Was Restored and Used Mightily of God. I Want to Know That We Can Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace to Ask Help in the Time of Me of the Storms of Life Been Particularly Difficult for You. In Recent Days.

The Winds of Adversity Blowing You Sometimes Ask the Question. Like the Disciples Did on the Ship.

On the Other Occasion Where Jesus Was Asleep and You Said Paris Thou Not That We Perish, Lord, Are Not Mindful of My Circumstances Where Rest Shoe. You Need Not Be Afraid Because He Seek, He Knows All about. He's Thinking about These Praying for for the More We Can See a Lesson Here from the Standpoint That We Often Misunderstand in the Midst of Our Trial Back to the 14 Q, Matthew Said That in the Fourth Watch of the Night Jesus Went on to Them Walking on the Sea, the Disciples Saw Him Walking on the Sea They Were Trying to Hold at Last Thinking about Wishing What They're Trying to Hold Her Fear Was in the Mix of Such a Terrible Storm Very Exhausted from You Your out of Body Water and There's a Storm Raging Together. Here Comes a Figure Moving across the Water in the Darkness of All Was Any Reason to Be Troubled. Hello, This Is the Best Thing That Jesus Is Gone. What I Know Never Fallen Apart Squealing Fear That There but They Misjudged They Haven't Seen the Reality of the Situation Is so Here One Thing Thing the Wrong Way When I Was Happily Just Let It Start. One Thing after Another Good Friend Pick up the Telephone Going Man like That Them Storm Comes a Worn out There Full of Fear and Here Comes the Spirit Moving across. How Many Times Do We Look at Situations in Which Everything Is against Me Is Just like Jacob Talking a Little Time to Set Everything to Get One Thing against Jake. It Was All Foreign Because God's Sovereignty Was at Work Bringing about in Jacob's Life Purpose and Design That He Had Which Would Be to God's Glory and Good for Jake Jacob Quincy, the Disciples Could Clearly See Jesus Here so They Were Troubled Many Times Were Troubled Because We Don't See Clearly and We Need to Be in the Word of God so We Can Think Right, Having Our Minds Renewed by the Truth of God's Word so That We Can Look at Things in the Proper Manner. They Feared That His Coming. And yet There Was No Reason to Be Alarmed. Next Lesson We Would Draw from This Is That Jesus Does Come to Us in Our Trials, Although They Misjudged His Coming. At First, and Cried out for Fear.

But Straightway Jesus Make Them Say, Be of Good Cheer Is I Be Not Afraid, Boldly Recognizes Voice Is Jesus's Who Was Moved across the Water Come to Isn't It Interesting That the Thing That They Were Fearing Right Then Was Water. They Feared the Possibility of Drowning in the Deep and Jesus Walked on the Water. He Used What They Feared As a Pathway to Travel in the He's in Control of All Things. He Is the Sovereign God of Glory Has All and Jesus Says, Be of Good Cheer Asked the Gospel Were the First Gospel Means Good News. It's a Cheerful Message. It's Glad Tidings of Good Cheer Made the Not Afraid It Comes to Us in Our Trials Think There's No Place We Can Be What He Can Find Us.

We Sometimes like I'm Out Of the Lord's Vision. I'm Out Of His Care. He's Not Mindful of Me. This Doesn't Respond to My Praying Is Nowhere I Know Where You Can Go Find the Darkness of the Night Didn't Keep Jesus from Going Right Where They Were and There's No Storm What He Can Overpower and Overcome It Because the Storms Are. He Comes to Us in Our Trials Isaiah Chapter 43 Verse Two When Thou Passes through the Waters, I Will Be with the through the Rivers, They Shall Not Overflow the One That Will Cost of the Fire That Shall Not Be Burned, Neither Shall the Flame upon the More I Am the Lord Thy God, the Holy One of Israel Old Promise When Thou Passes through the Waters, I Will You Be with. He Comes to Us Comes to Us in Our Trial and What Was His Word.

The Word of Cheer. It Is Now from the Human Standpoint We Would Think in Terms That We Got a Problem Here on the Sea. What We Needed Some Advice Rolling Obviously in Getting Us in a Place in What We Need Some Information about Some Techniques of New Approach to Take Part. We Need a More Positive Mental Attitude.

We Need to Feel Better about the Situation. What Did Jesus Did. He Pointed Them to Himself. Word of Cheer. It Is, I Will.

What a Lesson. What a Tremendously Important Lesson. Our Focus Must Be on Jesus Christ As Reason We Sometimes Are Full of Fear.

We Looking for Some of the Methods Technique Some Other Friends Help with Some New Philosophy Looking Jesus the Author and Finisher of Our Faith.

The Word Cheer. The Good News That He Brought It Is a I'm Here All Is Well. It Is What They Lets Observe A Few Lessons. Also, from Peter's Experience, Which Immediately Follows Here.

Verse 28 and Peter Answered Him and Said, Lord, If It Be That Bid Me Come under the Water and He Said, That We Know Peter Is Impetuous and He Sometimes Does Things. It Seemed to Be a Little Rash, Peter Was Willing to Get Out Of the Boat. That's More the Rest of More Think That Peter Was Trying to Show All. I Believe That Peter, from What We Learn of Him throughout the Scriptures Really Love Jesus Christ In Spite Of His Weaknesses In Spite Of His Failures He Truly Love to Say at This Point Peter Is so Stressed, so Full of Anxiety so Physically Exhausted and so Full of Fear That When He Hears the Voice of Jesus Is Coming to an Jesus Says, When Jesus Says Come Friends. It's All Right for a Moment like It. One Will Be All Right When Jesus Says, It's All Right.

He Said, and When Peter Was Come down Out Of the Ship, He Will on the Water. I Don't How Many Steps He Took with Friends. He Walked on to Go to Jesus Trying to Make a Show Trying to Establish a Reputation so We Can Go on to Her Salamander Walked on Water. They Just Want to Get to Jesus. I Saw He Wanted to Be Close to Safe Is That Not What We Desire When the Storms of Life Have Tossed Us about When We're Weary. We Warned We've Tried so Hard with Miserably Fail You Were Totally Exhausted with the End of Our Resources. We Just Want to Be near G Order Can't Bear My Burdens without the I Can't Go on with Life without the Beautiful Song We Use the How to Go Because He Leave. I Can Face the Truth Because He Leave If I Can Just Be with Him near Him in His Presence and Communion and Fellowship with Him Whatever I Got to Face. I Can Face the Truly Desired to Be with the Savior. Verse 30 but When He Saw All the Wind Boisterous, He Was Afraid, Here Comes Fear Again. Now the Serpent Wasn't Any Need to Be Afraid with Jesus Right There. Jesus Had Already Said, Peter. It's All Right. Come on YOUR Tummy and If Jesus Said, Everything's on the Control, but Peter Got His Eyes off Jesus and That We Was Still Flipping around the with Tremendous Force. The Customer Walking on Water, but Was Suddenly Thanks One Coming down Was 18 and He Began Sinking and He Cried, Saying, Lord, Save Me That He Didn't Start One of These Fancy Prayers.

We Went Back before the Foundation of the World Tribe Inform the Lord about Everything Been Going on since the Creation of Time Friends He Was.

He Was in a Hurry Just in Florida and Forget the Preliminaries and Just Save Me, Save Me Sometimes in Our Deep Troubles That's a Kind of Prayer You Gotta Play Me No Time for Comments. I'm in Deep Trouble. Quick, It's All over, Lord, Save Me See He Was Gripped with Fear When He Took His Eyes off Jesus You Look at Your Own Experience and Travel in the Times That You Been Most Stricken with the Time to Been Full of Anxiety to Time Him in Front of the Time You Woke up in the Night You Can Go Back to Sleep You Pace the Floor and Could Lay down to Rest at Night Is When You Haven't Had Your Eyes on Jesus, You Were Looking at the Water You Were Listening to the Wing You Were Looking at the Circumstances You Were Thinking about Your Trouble You with Thinking about Yourself When You Look to Jesus, That's Where You Found Help Verse 31 and Immediately Jesus Stretched Forth His Hand That There Are Times That I Believe Jesus Purposely Delays Deliverance. Remember When the Word Was Sent to Jesus That Lazarus Was Sick, He Could've Gone Right Away, but He Didn't He Delay, and When He Got There, Even Master Sisters, Mary and Martha Were a Little Perturbed and Said Master. If You'd Been Here, He Would Die like We Just Don't Understand Why You Didn't Call Right Away. Obviously, Jesus Had a Purpose and That Because Now Is Going to Raise Lazarus from the Day Jesus Had a Purpose in Delaying His Visit to These Disciples out on the Sea. He Saw Them out There Talking but He Let Them Talk for A While. Sometimes God Has a Purpose and That We Have To Struggle so That We Are Made to Realize How Weak We Are and How Dependent We Must Be upon Him. He Delay Just Coming It Was the Fourth Watch of the Night before Jesus Came Walking on the Water Friends When There Was an Emergency When Help Was Needed Immediately. Jesus Gave Immediate Help. We Sometimes Think We Needed Immediately and He Says You Need to Wait a Little Bit but When He Knows We Needed Immediately Faxed What He Does. He Gives Us Immediate Help Immediately.

Jesus Christ Forth His Hand and Call Him and Send Him Old out of Little Faith, Wherefore Ditch That Now Understand the Sequence of Events. Here Jesus First Told about the Water and Then Admonished Him about His Lack of Faith. Have You Mothers Ever Had a Time When Your Child Is Crying and Screaming and Hurt and Instead of Going to Him and Find out What's Wrong with Him and Start Trying to Take Care Of His Problem Is Coming to You If the Kids Got His Arm Broken Lecture Right Now. I Need Help and Aren't You Glad When We Got in Trouble and We're Her Bleeding and Suffering. Lord and Lectures Right Thing.

He Delivers Us First and Then Teaches Us Later before School Peter Out Of the Water and Then He Says All about Little Faith, Wherefore Ditch That If You Just Can't Drown Me Everything Will Be All Right and When They Were Come into the Ship, the Wind Cease about Murder Having This This Weekend Has Been Atrocious. It's Just Been beyond Anything They've Ever Experience. But When Jesus Came into the Ship When Ceased. Call Sometimes It Seems to Us That the Women Will Never Quit Blowing the Storm Will Never Cease to Write the Truth Is That Even without Changing Our Circumstances When the Lord Comes into Our Little Ship He Can Give Us That Peace within the Assured It's All Right Because He's Here with Jesus Present.

I Can Be Comforted and Satisfied in Another of the Gospel Account Says That When Jesus Got in the Ship. Not Only Did the Wind Cease, but They Immediately Arrived at Their Destination Been Rolling for Hours and Get Nowhere Fast and When Jesus Got on Board They Were There. Oh, What a Difference When He Is Present Then They That Were in the Ship Came and Worshiped Him, Saying of the Truth, Thou Art Son of God, the Wonder They Worshiped Page Scene the Day of Miracle the Day before Feeding the 5000 Sure That to Them. This Topic What They Had Seen the Feeding with the Loaves and the Fishes Seen Jesus Enter the Boat When Ceased and They Worshiped Old Way We Worship Our Site. Praise Him and Adore Him When We See His Power See His Might See His Sovereignty See That He's in Control.

May We Never Forget When We Are out There on the Sea of Life and Article Shims Being Tossed about Much Longer. Jesus Is My Piece All Them from the Mountain Place and Prayed for Church Of God Sailing on the Sea of Time Here, and Sometimes She Has Great Suffering in Trouble and Persecution, Just like on the Day of Pentecost 3000 Souls Were Converting Persecution Troubles Follow What He Sees No That He Makes Intercession for Us and We Not Say Then, Be of Good Cheer, Be Not Afraid You Desire. It's Jesus.

Today We Brought to the Concluding Part of the Message.

Be Not Afraid to Get the Complete Message on CD Requested When Writing This That's Baptist Bible Auerbach 17 Old 37th Cincinnati, OH 45217. We Greet You Next Time. This Will Share Bradley Junior Bidding Goodbye and May God Bless You All Day and Will All and All the and Will and You and You Will and All

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