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Be Not Afraid - Part 2 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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November 13, 2020 12:00 am

Be Not Afraid - Part 2 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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November 13, 2020 12:00 am

“But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid” (Matthew 14:27).

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Will fire, and streamliner Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible no matter how one red you'll go and job is one means no love a one and will see these way to be dressed in the sun and was able nine so please one will see the we bring you the next part of the message entitled, be not afraid.

Shortly knowledge that there has been a lot of fear throughout this year because of the pandemic company will then leave their home with all many when they do go out our filled with fear and we should use the precautions that are appropriate. God's people do not have to be enslaved by fear. Try this message will be an encouragement than a help to you. Vince, please write us at Baptist Bible out Box 1737, Cincinnati, OH 45217 Deuteronomy tells his people not to fear, and not to be just scurrying discouragement is flaky and to fear, the fear you become discouraged as I just can't make it what you will follow Mark speaking about the people coming in the land in Deuteronomy chapter 1 of the 21st verse the whole the Lord thy God hath set the land before they go up and possess it, as the Lord God of my fathers said under the fear not, neither rediscover that he knew they were facing real challenges across the Jordan marched around the walls of Jericho thinks defeat in place many great difficulties in the way that he said don't be discouraged. What the Lord, the Lord give them the land belong to them. He said it was there because he gave it to the monies going to defend them and protect you don't have to be afraid.

I suppose one of the fear knocks that I love, especially in turn to many a time in my own experiences that one found in Isaiah chapter 35 been talking about those beautiful blessings. When the Lord is favoring his people in the wilderness. The solitary place will be glad for them in the desert should rejoice and blossom is the role. Then he says in verse three strength in either we can confirm the people please say to them that are about all that. There will be strong, strong fear is fear well enough, he says fear not fear the hold your God will come with vengeance. Even God with the recompense.

He will come and say there is your full of fear. He says I'm going to come be a risky you need help, I will come help, but then we may respond that all right Lord, make everything better. Take all my troubles white remove all of our enemies chase all the clouds out of the sky. See, want everything to be quiet and beautiful to see before we finish this that there are some reasons why we sometimes have to go through the school, but here's a wonderful promise.

Fear not because I will come and save you that we find a regular little garden.

The fear knocks over in the 41st chapter the book of Isaiah verse 10, fear not for I am with the basic simple but more how much encouragement that only give us God says I am with the fear not, I am with the be not dismayed, for I am thy God I will strengthen the eye will help me. I went up only with the right hand of my right to verse 13 for I the Lord thy God will hold my right hand saying on the fear not, I will help. Sometimes struggle with difficult portions of Scripture that they say is just so hard to understand how basic this means how simple they see horses will help lead fear not. Verse 14. Fear not allowed were company men of Israel. I will help you save the Lord thy Redeemer, the holy one is all on the Lord God of heaven says fear not, then we think of the experience of John Holcomb out of Patmos when he saw the glory of Christ, and by viewing the Lord in this exalted and glorious position. He was stricken with fear.

But what was the word of the Savior to in verse 17 of Revelation one and when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, fear not, I am the first and the last. If you know he's the Alpha and the Omega, he's the first and the last he says fear not, then there's no reason to fear. Where, then, must we focus our team to the bank to overcome fear. When looking at ourselves we see our weakness. If we looking at the conditions around us. In the circumstances in which we live and were going to be apprehensive and full of fear.

If we looking to heal, to be consoled. We are not.

Let's think about some of the specific lessons that are before us here in the passage in which our text is taken back in the 14th chapter of the book of Matthew began reading with the 22nd verse and straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, understand this work constrained indicates that Jesus commanded them Jesus was determined that they should enter the ship wasn't just a suggestion.

It was some direction from him. He constrained his disciples to get into the ship and to go before him. On the other side while he sent the multitudes away.

This immediately follows the feeding of the 5000 and the multitudes of the people were still there, and Jesus said would you call you on across the sea. I stay back and send the multitudes away, and when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray and when the evening was come, he was there alone, but the ship was now in the midst of the sea with way for the win was contrary first thing we would observe about this passage. Lesson to draw from his trials often follow question time of great blessing. We lifted up we feel the presence of the Lord, we see evidence of these power indications of his work with Eli somehow now wife totally slowed. Everything will just fall up to me in pleasant places because I had this great experience with the time and time again we see it clearly indicated in the Scripture that following seasons of great blessing there.

Try what the apostle Paul was called to the third heaven saw things in her think that he could not.

What followed. He was given a thorn in the flames.

For what purpose may she be exalted above measure how prone we are to elevate ourselves to become exalted in the flesh when everything one way blessings are abundant.

We had a great day.

We forget where the blessings come from.

So, following this day of miracle when 5000 are fanned from the loaves and the fishes, Jesus directs the disciples to get on board the ship. Now the face. It was a great day when Jesus looked upon that multitude, and it's in the 14th verse. He was moved with compassion toward them and when it came to the evening time and there was nothing to eat disciples ready to send them away. But Jesus said, they need not depart DV them to eat. They say again we have here but five loaves and two fishes. He said, bring them together to me and he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass and took the five loaves and two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blasts and break and gave the loaves to his disciples and the disciples to the multitude, and they did all eat and were feel and took up of the fragments that remained 12 baskets full by the day that will hear all these people out here in the winter. This send them away so often is the human reaction we got a problem here. Let's get rid of the problem but send them away, but not so with Jesus. Jesus said, giving them to eat well and got the thing with the loaves and the fishes all but when Jesus is present in the matter how little you've got. He can turn it into an abundance and he had them sit down in companies on the green grass and I felt so many times how exciting that must be above those disciples started passing out the loaves and fish and pass about what for this group of 50 of the seven groups of 50s and hundreds in that group of the hundred most a lot more people. I want this one last but more the past that the more the got testy past that and multiply five because Jesus blessed or how many times were focused on our little fish. We see our little loaf with Amoco Mike we start being full of fear, to survive, go to get back. I'm so weak I'm so poor I'm selecting and resources. We forget what happens when he blessed by the friction material or the use of your talents and abilities, and spiritual gifts to be used because glory when he blesses whole how everything is explained and multiplies the exciting time and the crowd was excited by comparing what's written in the other Gospels concerning the same incident. We see that the multitude was ready to make Jesus Christ keying right there feet and feed us out of the wilderness give us some of the equal and were hungry for a few loaves and fishes blesses multitude 19 and the disciples would've been friends that they were already arguing about whose will be greatest in the kingdom is the purpose of Jesus Christ coming in the world to save his people from their sins. Jesus was still looking toward the cross.

I believe that's the reason he told the disciples you get on board you get on the ship you start on your journey. I'll meet you later because if they had stayed there and heard the cry of the multitude that that's making keying the disciples said they managed and Jesus just remove them from the scene sent them on their way. Well I get on board the ship and about is the start out there probably still talking about what one distant day. This all and so my time is our Savior wonderful is miraculous and every time we faced one of these difficult and impossible situations. He always has the answer. He always has the power he always has whatever it takes all the rituals and the wind begins to blow waves against possible ship around and they begin to roll in there working hard.

We understand that ordinarily this trip could only have taken about an hour but this says that it's in the fourth watch of the night. That means is between 3 AM and 6 AM. They've been out there long time whether they have veered off course or whether the wind just keeps moving them back is not clear, but they certainly were getting nowhere fast, quite where you say the harder I work the greater my problems will come. I decide to meet this challenge to the best of me.

I will work hard to get here get me all all this thing really storming out statements about were fishermen. They did a lot of experience being out of the sea, but it didn't matter how hard the road did matter how much effort and energy they put into it. Just work anywhere and know the fault may have crossed their mind. Now why did this have to happen right after a day of blessing and victory and I was so happy that oh seemed like that happens to me every time I get up I get the props knocked out from here was all along so well and I was so so lifted up, just praise the Lord and now here I'm in a life-threatening situation been made to think like that. Why is that every time there's a blessing every time I think things are smooth out house, well, have you ever know the time that was convenient to have a trial been a time of said Lord I finally got slight clear now. I got things out of the way so I'm ready just to send me some trouble because I have no issues that's that's what files are there burdens their impositions their difficulties or challenges so now the storm comes and the second thing we would learn here is that trials are for the purpose you think that Jesus knew when he put them on that ship. They want to face the storm.?

Come to mind. Why, why on this boat seat why this happy thoughts like that when you're in the mix as well here I am Lord, Lord, I'm really what I'm working on doing everything and you forsaken me. Where are you when you come to my rescue to see this storm was encountered because they were in the will of God. US many people get confused on these issues. They feel the only time you ever face the storms of life is when you're out of these wheel when you're disobedient how we talked about Jonah's experience was in the storm, but he was in it because he was God's way.

These decide to start because they were God's will.

Jesus constrained him. Jesus commanded them and told him to get on the boat and they got on the boat. They did what Jesus whatever apprehensions they might've had about going ahead. They didn't argue with him. I got on the boat. They will leave you they were doing what the Lord said see some of our trials are to correct this.

Therefore, chastening the kind of trial. Jonah had needed some correction he had to be Jason because he was disobedient. He was rebellious and God sent a storm like he had never encountered in his life and like those mariners had never encountered any transformed and after three days and three nights in the bed of the whale, he came out. Seven salvation is of the Lord, where I had a change of attitude and I think it be a good idea to go where the Lord said no. Laura has a way of tension and by chastening us, give us a hold of some of their trials are spiritual growth because we learned in our trial there for the purpose of perfecting us when we learned this when we grow.

You see, obedience does not guarantee smooth sailing. All they were obedient Dragon. Are they thought they would not survive. They were stricken with fear.

Just a moment of the book of Mark chapter 6, which is another of the accounts that is given of the same incident and often we can get a broader view and we look at what some of the other gospel writers have said Mark chapter 6 and verse 45 and straightway he constrained his disciples to get into the ship and to go to the other side before him to Visalia. While he said away the people and when he had sent them away. He departed into a mountain to pray and when even was come, the ship was in the midst of the sea and he alone on the land I get this and he saw Leon toiling in rolling now from the human standpoint they were too far out at sea, and it was too dark at night for him to see but because Jesus is God. He saw they know he was walking one all the master had just come with us. We can get this storm looks like were not home right were exhausted. We rode until we have no strength left in this storm continues to arrange but he solving he saw them as they filed all hard as they work for the wind was contrary under them. At about the fourth watch of the night. He cometh under them walking upon the sea and would've passed body.

How wonderful to know that the Lord sees us where we are in every trial we face in every storm would pass through.

He sees I've used as an example, several times the fall that when the apostle Paul prayed Lord remove the thorn in the flash.

God didn't answer that prayer. As Paul prayed, but he did answer it, in that he said my grace is sufficient for I will not remove the phone but I give you grace to bear if if the apostle Paul was living today. I would really feel wonderful to know that that the apostle Paul was praying for me and you think of anybody that you'd rather have pray for you than the apostle Paul means a lot during our times of affliction. If we are seeing if were having problems and we ask our brother play force we get the word back where praying for you church where we remember you would prefer.

That means a lot mean a lot to have a man of the spiritual caliber of the apostle Paul to pray for. I wanted to do that while those disciples were in the store. Jesus was alone praying for and I want you to know that when you are in the storms of life, not the apostle Paul, but Jesus Christ is praying for today. We have brought you the second part of the message entitled, be not afraid will be bringing the third part next time. I hope you will join us then, and until then this is for Sharon Bradley Junior bidding goodbye and may God bless you all day and all and all the all

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