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Be Not Afraid - Part 1 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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November 12, 2020 12:00 am

Be Not Afraid - Part 1 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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November 12, 2020 12:00 am

“But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid” (Matthew 14:27).

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Will fly, and this machine ready Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible will will will will will will be in will and will will will will will will be bringing a message today entitled you not afraid to be a blessing to you would like to hear from you can write us at Baptist Bible power Box 1737, Cincinnati, OH 4521 shop and you remember times when you were little child and you were gripped with fear, but he had a bad dream baby something disturbed your thoughts and caused anxiety and your very much in need of having your mother common that everything's all right. Don't be afraid.

But as we grow older we find that fears may come to us from other directions, but fear is still a reality in our lives we sometimes are afraid because we've imagined that there is a danger ahead. Sometimes we are legitimately afraid when there is some reason to be concerned but are quite many things that can cause us to fear.

I want us to look at the text in Matthew chapter 14 the 27th verse in which Jesus spoke to his disciples, telling them, be not afraid and that is the subject for my message but straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, be of good cheer. It is the not afraid child cries out in the night means a lot when mother Betty comes in, puts her arm around him and says don't be afraid means a lot when we're facing difficulties in life to have a friend say I want to build a help to you can believe afraid of these things at your function because I'll stand with you, but you may be facing something that the friend was unable to really provide the resources that you need as much as they want to console you there really unable to help them make a different but when Jesus Christ says be not afraid.

We've got solid ground upon which to cast fear side to look at this textile first struck with the reality of fear. Sometimes people say you are about your need not be afraid, yet from your standpoint, what your viewing things you feel the fear is real well found somebody say don't be afraid, is not enough doesn't make anything better. You're still full of anxiety. The fact that Jesus says be not afraid. I think confirms the fact that he is saying here is his real it's not just imaginary. There's there's reality to fear there so many kinds of fear. People fear sickness going for some test, all while you're waiting for the results. The days pass by the time comes to go back to the doctor and get the results. Maybe your heart beats a little faster is your waiting for him to take what the results are the sphere and if he says I got bad news story. You have a serious problem will require surgery or you don't have to take prolonged treatments or I just have to be very straightforward and tell you that unless there's a miracle you only have six months to live. The fear of sickness is a very real fear. Fear of losing a job with the many changes and transitions we've seen in the business world in recent years, people do not have the sense of security that they once enjoyed in the workplace is always the possibility of accompanying ball wrapped possibility of downsizing people being laid off about his work to the place for a long time.

They've built up seniority they're expecting to retire there but there's this underlying fear in my going to be able to hold on this job. Some people have an inordinate fear of poverty stories about those that had money in the bank but basically lived in poverty. They were afraid to spend what they have because they thought that they would ultimately be without any resources at all. Some people have a terrible dread of criticism are constantly afraid that somebody is going to challenge them going to disagree with them going to criticize what they say after what they're doing. Fear of rejection.

More people to like me. I want to be accepted but II fear being rejected more more we see the reality of fear in response to the violence that is perpetually growing in our country and around the world about their places that you might've been comfortable to visit after dark. Some years ago in our city that you be reluctant to go to today. There is a real fear of being harmed, becoming a victim of violence that goes into the fear of war always been wonderfully favored in this country a long time since a war was fought on American soil. But when you read continually of the uprising and wars of various kinds around the world. You are struck with the fact that potentially such conflict could one day come to our own country that can become a terrible fear.

Fear of the future.

Some people fear things at their facing today. Some people really are slaves to fear they fear the wind. They fear the rain.

They fear storms. They fear hot weather and cold weather and they fear the present and they fear the future, and they just constantly fearful, but in particular as people begin to look down the way and try to anticipate the future home can be very much gripped with fear is the fear of old age. What's gonna happen to me when I get old to difficult time initial body begins to wire out person is not as active as they once were. Don't think as quickly as they once did.

Individuals been very independent never depending on other people always able to make their own arrangements and plans and I know that Saturday comes when family members say will have to take the khaki gate Drive and people fear that stage of life where they lost their independence totally dependent upon other people and is stealthily continued to decline. The fear being institutionalized, being separated from family loved one suffering as death approaches, and then the greatest fear of all is the fear of death. Scriptures acknowledge that speaking of those who for their lifetime working in Long Beach to the fear of X constantly. The back of her mind.

Why do you say to your children when they leave home to go to school in the morning. Be careful you're afraid they might get hurt you afraid they could be killed by is it when somebody leaves on the trip. You're anxious to get the phone call when they tell you we got here. Everything is fine where all right as you read every day about accidents on the highway which people are not is that fear of death. Real fear.

Not only are we made to recognize the reality of fear by the fact that Jesus addresses the issue and the fact that we observe many fears. When we look at ourselves and look at others about us are great many biblical examples to cite just a few we find in Genesis chapter 3 in the 10th verse that after Adam sinned on the Lord team calling for him, saying, Adam, where art thou, Adam said I was afraid and I give myself. Understandably, he was afraid because he had CN he had violated the law of God and one of the great fears that can rip an individual is the realization that I have seen one that I am now have to face the consequences of my actions fear punishment, fear of having to answer to God for our sinful behavior is a very dreadful fear, let me hasten to add here that there is an appropriate fear. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. And in that respect, we are to fear, but when talking about the dreadful slave he should fear the inappropriate fears that control us from time to time that must be dealt with Joseph's brethren in Genesis chapter 43 in the 18th verse were afraid when they were called back and it was revealed that the money was in the mountain there sign they knew they had not placed the money there, but they felt that this was part of the punishment being meted out because of the way they treated their brother and the man were afraid because they were brought into Joseph's house and they said because of the money that was returned in our science. At the first time are we brought in that he may seek occasion against us and fall upon us and take us for bondsman and are asked these brothers were afraid they knew they had done wrong. They had discussed the possibility of killing their brother. They had sold him into slavery.

Now there being called though it was before Joseph a at this time did not recognize that you would want to not reveal himself but at any rate they were in great fear facing the consequences of their action per se in the chapter 17. The 11th verse indicates that the whole Israelite army was stricken with fear because the giant Goliath stood out there and challenge them call for somebody to meet him. They after day they listen to his challenges. He defied the armies of the most high God but no one is willing to go song himself, who was a man of war.

A powerful man was willing to go the people were afraid for the tragedy to see God's own people trembling in the presence of their enemies.

If God be for us, who can be against us. It will make you recognize, as David did when he went followed and met the giant Dan Fielding. The battle is the Lord's, and there's no reason for fear but how many times have you and eyes stood before our enemies are spiritual enemies are opponents in this world.

The ungodly of our time. Those would've done us harm and we have fear because we have forgotten the Lord in Psalm 18 expression is used in the fourth verse, the sorrows of death compassed me the flood of ungodly man made me afraid. The front man made me afraid. When you see the wickedness is in the world, all the ungodly men around you up on this earth and you know the potential danger.

You know the harm they can do it.doesn't want to we can sustain you and protect you and therefore you made to fear Nebuchadnezzar king in the time of Daniel was made to fear.

In chapter 4 of the book of Daniel and verse five he says I saw a dream which made me afraid. The faults upon my demand in the visions of my head and only he was made afraid because of his dream that this was a dream that God had given me your been troubled by dream may not of been one the Lord gave you you had too much sleep the night before and you had all kinds of dreams and visions and some people get terribly confused by the man try to read things into their dreams when they're not of God at all but this mighty king was greatly troubled because he had this dream and was afraid of the faults them that were in his mind, and further, any called it all. The wise man of the magicians that they might interpret the was afraid that we think of experience of Jonah. Remember, as see boarding the ship. The Lord had told him to go to Nineveh and he bought passes on the ship go down to Tarsus and God sent a great storm and the ship was being tossed about the Mariners on board had never seen a storm like that they no doubt consider the fact that they were capable men at their job they made been able to get through many a difficult time but this one was beyond anything that encountered they began to throw overboard everything that they thought might wake the ship down there using all their skills to the limit, but it said that these men of the sea were afraid were afraid and when it ultimately was made manifest They didn't.

Jonah chapter 1, the fifth verse when you get to the 10th verse it's revealed that Jonah their passenger is the problem that this is the storm that God has sent, and God is dealing with this runaway preacher who are afraid that using some people who like to present themselves with an image that there never afraid of anything else on me and feel like maybe they've got to let everybody know just how tough they are.

You can't scare me there. Is there nothing that can alarm me. I want to tell your friends that God can send the storm into your life that can scare you. Within the into your life no matter how tough you are numb about how bold you are, how courageous you are. How many muscles you have. How many tough places you've been doing the past I needs work strong, powerful, knowledgeable men, but they encounter the storm that was beyond anything that replaced before they could handle it and they were afraid.

Fear is real then you see the lesson in the case of the disciples who were in the ship with Jesus and Jesus was asleep in the back of the ship and the storm was positive about and they come in and awaken the same task bear the followers of Jesus in the ship where Jesus himself was present, though it was asleep but instead of by faith, saying as long as the Masters on board of things all right. They were stricken with fear to even care about us were out here doing everything we can to try to keep the day with Jesus on board. There was no cause for fear but they feared. Nevertheless, so the reality of fear may be observed in the fact that there are so many examples we cited just a few of the Scripture where it is evident that human beings are prone to fear. I think the reality of fear is addressed further in the Scripture from the standpoint that there are so many admonitions given to fear Charles Spurgeon referred to the little expression.

Fear not as a plant which grows plentifully in the garden of God is the Lord planned a lot of those little for your knots over the Bible everywhere you go find one here and one their little clump of your little cloak there beautiful little flowers of his grace. Fear not, fear not, fear not, what is Moosehead, which made them in their because we are prone fear you think, well, if the Lord tells you one time. Fear not the issue, but it doesn't PS tell us again.

Genesis chapter 15 the first verse he told Abraham. Fear not, I am thy shield don't be afraid I will protect you. I'm going with you. If the Lords are sealed. Are there any errors it can hit us. Can anybody hurt many fiery darts of the saddest consent can be successful in hurting fiery darts and strikers. That is our field. You tell me what can possibly penetrate that kind of shield with the Lord is your future in great shape like that they would have fear not me, afraid I am your shield and will will and if you would like to help keep this program on the air they could make a donation by going to our website at Baptist Bible power appreciate your prayers to their needs will be supplied that we can continue on all the station preaching next time to sit with chair Bradley Junior bidding goodbye and may God bless you and and will and in and in and in all

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