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Do You Have a Tender Heart? II - Part 3 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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November 3, 2020 12:00 am

Do You Have a Tender Heart? II - Part 3 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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November 3, 2020 12:00 am

“Because thine heart was tender, and thou didst humble thyself before God, when thou heardest his words against this place, and against the inhabitants thereof, and humbledst thyself before me, and didst rend thy clothes, and weep before me; I have even heard thee also, saith the Lord” (2 Chronicles 34:27).

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Will now, petitioner Sharon Bradley Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible.

Our C, D and E and will and will and in and in and today we come to the concluding part of this series on the question. Do you have tender heart examination of Scripture on these printable has been helpful to you.

The Lord will bless us all to search our hearts and see if indeed there is any bitterness, hardness, resentment that keeps us from submitting tenderly true of his word in the book of Jonah chapter 3 verse 10 works that they turn from their evil way and that he had not. Chapter 4 verse one but it displeased Jonah exceedingly was very preacher would be great. Thanks. And as he talks to the Lord is Lord that's residing welcome here start with a move that you are a God of mercy, and I just was suspicious of that these people repented. That's what would happen.

You will not see John's judgment as a matter fact he didn't give up easily.

He stayed around for a while. Maybe God will judge him, and when the fire hits I want to be here. What I want to see you burn so he The City Limits.

Out There Waiting to See If God Will Finally Execute Judgment or Terrible Spirit. He Was Wanting to Dictate to God concerning the Execution of Judgment.

But God Was More Merciful Than the Prophet Now Search Your Own Heart.

Do You Have a Tender Heart. When God Spares Somebody You Look at Them and You Say That Person Is Headed for Destruction. They Are Going to Get It No and Somehow Their Spare Does That Upset You in Trouble with That If God Blesses Somebody in the Abundant Way In Spite Of Their past That Bother You. Those People at Time Had a Problem Because in the Early Part of the Day. There Were Those Attainments That Will Work for a Penny Later in the Day. There Were Those Payments. It Will Work for a Penny Later in the Day's Markings. It Will Work for an Opinion. At the End of the Day. Sometimes It Will Work for Penny. When the First Women Here All Day in the Master Said You Agreed to Work for Painting. You Got What You Do Not How Many Times You Find Yourself Somebody Else Work As Hard As Deserving As I Am Your Looking down on Somebody Else with a Tender Heart. You Rejoice in the Display of God's Mercy. Another Evidence of the Tender Heart.

Is That Not Only Is It Tender toward God. Not Only Is It Tender toward His Word.

Not Only Is It Tender from the Standpoint of Being Sensitive to His Works in the Unfolding of His Will and Purposes, but It Is Tender toward Other People. It Is Tender toward Those That You Encounter in Life with a Genuine and Sincere Concern for Their Spiritual Welfare. Let's See the Greatest Example of All Jesus Christ Himself. In Matthew Chapter 9 Matthew Chapter 9 Verse 36 but When He Saw the Multitudes, He Was Moved with Compassion on Them, Because They Fainted and Were Scattered Abroad, As Sheep Having No Shepherd.

The Response of Jesus When He Looked at the Multitude He Sees Them As People without a Shepherd Sheep without a Shepherd, Leader. He's Moved with Compassion, Verse 37 Feet onto His Disciples, the Harvest Truly Is Plenteous, but the Laborers Are Few, Praying He Therefore the Lord of the Harvest, That He Will Send Forth Laborers into His Harvest.

Respond When You See People Wandering You See People in the State of Confusion. You See People That Need Help. You Turn from Them Sometimes Look Away and Discuss This Shotgun.

The Problems Mount. I Can't Be Concerned with Their Names. Jesus Christ, the Perfect God Man Was Moved with Compassion and Instructed His Disciples to Pray the Lord of the Harvest Will Send Forth Laborers Laborers into His Harvest That to Be a Prayer That's Continued. Upon Our Heart Multitudes Today Who Are Deceived by False Doctrine Today Who in the Name of Christianity Find That the Concepts of Humanism Have a Way of Entering Much of the Letter to Her and Much of What Is Preached from Some of the Modern Pulpits and Their Nothing to Distinguish the Difference There Being Deceived Does Not Move You with Compassion to See It You Turn the Front with a Hard Heart Maybe Gloating over the Fact That You Have Greater Insight and Knowledge Should Not Hold You with Gratitude and Thanksgiving to God Has Blessed You with the Spiritual Perception That You Have Your Heart to Pray the Lord Doors Even As the Apostle past the Church Mostly Wrote to the Church in Ephesus of the Church of Colossae to Pray That Open Doors, Effectual Doors Might Be Open Are We Praying to That End, Both in This Country from Other Parts of the World God and His Divine Providence Would Open Doors of the Gospel Maybe Effectively Proclaim and Those Who Are His Sheep Having No Shepherd.

Hunter Scattered in the Plot in the Day in the Good News of the Message of God's Sovereign Grace.

Jesus Was Compassionate Became the Home of Mary and Martha Were There Brother Lazarus Had Recently Died. The Shortest Verse of the Bible Is John 1135 Jesus Went Yes Jesus Was God. But Jesus Was My and the God Man Was Moved with Compassion, Verse 36 Then Said the Jews Hold How He Loved Him. When Jesus All the Grief Experienced by Mary and Martha, in Whose Home He Existed for He Love Them Dearly and He Saw the Grief of the Friends That Had Come There. He Wept, See Sometimes People Get the Mistake and I Did over Talking about Relying upon the Promises of God Are Talking about Receiving the Comforts of His Word. That Means That There's No Place for an Emotional Response. That's Not the Case at All. In the Book of First Thessalonians Chapter 420 Says Sorrow, Not Even As Others Which Have No Good. I Don't Have Any Sorrow Shed Any Tears You Say You're Not Going to Breathe but You Sorrow Not As Those That Have No Hope, and Therefore He Says in the 18th Verse of That Chapter. Wherefore Comfort One Another with These Words, the Tears Will Flow Your Heart, Sometimes Witnessing the Break. You Sometimes Will Be to Find Comfort in the Promises of God.

Jesus Himself Went in. The Jews Observe How He Loved Him with Compassion. You Have an Interest in a Concern about the Needs of Others and That Concern Is More Than Just to Express a Word of Sympathy Just to Shed a Tear or Even Play One Prayer on Their Behalf. It's Translated into a Willingness to Minister to Them. Romans Chapter 12 Romans 1215 Says Rejoice with Them but Do Rejoice and Weep with Them That We This Means There's More Than Sympathy.

There Is Empathy You Understand Where They Are to Try to Understand What Their Struggles Are When It Comes to Trying to Minister to Somebody That You in Error I Found That Those Who May Mean Well, but Have Little Understanding about How to Labor with Them How to Approach Them to Understand What Some of Their Background Is the Apostle Paul Did That, He Said, I Have Become All Things Will Abide by All Means, When He Went to Marcy Audience That He Was Addressing Their Penny Came from That Vantage Point. What Was in the Synagogue. He Understood the Background of These People, and He Started with the Scriptures and Proclaim That the Old Testament Prophets Were Talking about Jesus Christ Important to Understand Somebody's Weeping You Learn to Weep with Them about His Rejoicing.

You Learn to Rejoice with Them Understand What Their Situation Is with the Grace of God. But It's Not Just to Express a Word of Condolence in Time of Sorrow, Not Just a Matter of Being There.

I've Heard Some People Say Well That's the Most Important Thing That's a Part of General Job Had Friends That Came They Were There to Work My Tail Firstly Just Sat and Stared at a Metric I Didn't Have Anything. Then When They Open Their Mouth Got Worse and Their Perception of the Whole Thing Was Absolutely Incorrect.

There's Something for You to Say If You Feel Compassion for Somebody If You See Their Need. If You Want to Help Them. It's More Than Just a Promise to Pray for Them.

It's Learning Biblically How to Help and Assist They Must Look at Galatians Chapter 6 Verse One Brethren, If a Man Be Overtaken in a Fault, but He Supposed to Do Overtaken the Default Man's Going the Wrong Direction. Man's Error Man's Confused Man's Going down a Sinful Path. What Is Posted and E Which Are Spiritual Restore Such an One in the Spirit of Meekness at Work.

Restore Conveys the Thought of Mending a Broken Bone Power You Go to Deal with Somebody That Has a Broken Bone Very Carefully and Tenderly Talk about a Tender Heart. So Now You Have a Tender Heart toward This One That Needs Restoration, Restore Such a One, How in the Spirit of Meekness You Get Restore Somebody If Your Heart's Not Tender If You Got a Hard Heart You Become Bitter, Resentful, Critical Situation.

To Make Matters Worse, You Drive a Person like Majority Intent Here Is to Restore This Individual so You Got to Do It in the Spirit of Meekness and the Thing That Will Help You to Maintain That Meek Spirit Is Considering Thyself Less Also Be Tempted.

You Can Go with a Superior Attitude Is Old Just Can't Believe That Anybody Could Ever Have Done What You've Done or Said What You Said or Made the Mistakes That You Made and I'm Here to Tell You about You Goal with a Deep Sense of Your Own Poverty Your Own Weakness Your Own Fault in Sin and Therefore You're Trying to Labor with Them to Minister to Them and Therefore He Says in Verse Two Where He One Another's Burdens, and so Fulfill the Law of Christ. That Doesn't Mean That You Permanently Take on Somebody Else's Burden, but It Does Mean That This Person Who Is down for the Moment Seems to Be Unable to Recover and You Lift That Burden for a Moment As You Instruct Them, and God Them That They May Be Restored and Then Able to Bear Their Own Burden for If a Man Think Himself to Be Something When He Is Nothing He Deceive Himself.

She's Talking about the Spirit That You Must Have If a Man Thinks Himself to Be Something You're Going to Talk to Somebody in Drug Treatment Because You Think You're Something That in Reality Nothing You Deceive Yourself and You're Not Going to Be Able to Accomplish What Is Desired. But Let Every Man Prove His Old Work and Benjamin Rejoicing in Himself Alone and Not in Another. For Every Man Shall Bear His Own Burden Is a Habit to Not Fit Together.

Verse Two Says Bear You One Another's Burdens Verse Five Says Every Man Shall Bear His Own Burden When You're Ministering to Somebody Who's down the Needs Help You Take Their Burden from the Moment You Lifted That They Might Recover Extended They Are to Be Instructed As to How the Other Burden Tender Heart Causes You to Be Deeply Concerned about Others As Jesus Was Moved with Compassion When He Saw the Multitudes, and You See One Going Astray Rather Than to Ignore It Rather Than to Turn Aside with No Interest at All You Are Concerned and You Understand According to Romans Chapter 15 the Grace of God Are Full of Goodness That Is the Knowledge of His Truth so That You Are Able Also to Mr. to to Exhort the Arctic Council Told Me All on the Basis of the Scriptures Which Referred to in the First Part of the Chapter As Being Our Resource Containing the Information That We so Desperately Need. As I Concludes the Message This Morning, I Made Reference to the Experience of Lydia. Paul Had Received That Call He Been Forbidden of the Holy Spirit to Preach in Asia, but in Acts 16 Nine It Said of the Lesion Appeared to Paul in the Night There so the Man of Macedonia, and Prayed Saying Come over to Macedonia and Help, and Immediately He Had Seen the Vision and after He Had Seen the Vision, Immediately We Endeavor to Go into Macedonia Shortly Gathering That the Lord Had Called Us Forth to Preach the Gospel under the Soonest, Paul Receives This Vision, This Call He Doesn't Wait. He Doesn't Try to Look for Some Better Opportune Time.

He Immediately Goes and She Goes There. The First Convert Is a Woman Named Lydia Says That Verse 13 on the Sabbath Day. We Went Out Of the City by Riverside Where Prayer Was Want to Be Made, and We Sat down and Speak of the Women Which Resorted Thither. Must've Been a Lovely Place to Be on the Sabbath Day Coming to Visit a Place Where Prayer Was Want to Be Made Here Were Women Resulting There Living up to Such Light As They Had but Standing in Need of Much More Uncertain Woman Named Lydia, a Seller of Purple of the City of Firepower Which Worship God Heard Us Whose Heart the Lord Opened That She Attended under the Things Which Were Spoken of Paul and When She Was Baptized in Her Household. She Was Shoulder Saying If You Have Judged Me to Be Faithful to the Lord Coming to My House and Abide There and She Constrained This Woman Responded to the Gospel. It Was Good News to Her. She Didn't Object to and She Didn't Argue against It. She Didn't Postpone the Matter. She Received the Lord Opened Her Heart and She Believed the Message and Then She Displayed Her Commitment to the Savior by a Willingness to Be Baptized and Further Said Want You to Come Stay at My House. She Was One Who Extended Hospitality Serve the Lord Wasn't Just Lip Service to Her. It Went into Action Immediately.

There Was Clear Evidence That This Woman Had a Tender Heart Because the Lord Opened Her Heart and She Was Willing to Be Baptized and Then to Minister to His Servants. Following This, You See That Paul Cast the Demon Out Of the Young Woman Who Was Possessed of an Evil Spirit Done As a Result, He Was Put in Prison but Even There, God Had a Place for the Minister Because It Was There That the Philippian Jailer Was Converted and His Household Was Baptized. God Is at Work. Sometimes When We Are Not Able to Understand All That Is Doing Lydia's Heart Was a Tender Heart Because the Lord Had Opened. Do You Have a Tender Heart. If You See Some Evidence That You Take Courage to Say Shirley In Spite Of the Fact That I Know Nature to Be Calloused, Hardhearted, Indifferent to the Things of God. I Can Truly Say That I See Some Sign That God Has Dealt with Because I Do Agree When I See Miles.

I Do Agree. I Am Sensitive to His Word, When His Word Is Preached to Give Attention to It. I Want to Make a Difference in My Life. If You See That Evidence of a Tender Heart. It Should Further Humble You to Thank God That He Is Not Left You with the Stony Heart of Nature but Blessed You with a Heart of Flesh, Tender Heart Given You by His Grace. You Will Will You Will and in Will Will You and Will You Would like Information about How to Obtain This Series. Do You Have a Tender Heart on CD Get That Information When You Requested by Writing Us at This Bible, Our Box 17 Oh 37, Cincinnati, Ohio and Request the Information That You Can Help Us with the Support of the Program to We Greet You Next Time. This Is Lucero Bradley Junior Bidding You Goodbye and May God Bless You All Day and All and in Be and Will and in All

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