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Do You Have a Tender Heart? II - Part 1 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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October 30, 2020 12:00 am

Do You Have a Tender Heart? II - Part 1 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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October 30, 2020 12:00 am

“Because thine heart was tender, and thou didst humble thyself before God, when thou heardest his words against this place, and against the inhabitants thereof, and humbledst thyself before me, and didst rend thy clothes, and weep before me; I have even heard thee also, saith the Lord” (2 Chronicles 34:27).

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Will and fire, and traditional sure Bradley Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible and in an 80 G1 80 all in one G mean all T a D a continuing our series today with the question, do you have a tender heart. Of course were talking about something more than just sentimental feeling about various issues in life are talking about a heart the dish tender toward God's word heart that is receptive to his troops the heart that is tender and submissive to his will pray these messages will be a blessing to you in contrast to the many portions of Scripture which both reveal and condemn the sin of pride when looking at the subject, tenderness of heart. More particularly entitling our message and form of question. Do you have a tender heart.

The text is second Chronicles 34 verse 27 because Steinhardt was tender and Bowditch humbled ourselves before God about Curtis's words against this place and against the inhabitants thereof, and humbly/self before me and is written by Claude's and we for me. I have even heard the. Also, saith the Lord is as reference to King Josiah.

And as we noted earlier, it was certainly a great blessing in his life that this good King this man who followed the example of David was a great King and a tender heart toward God and therefore he was moving in an honorable way in leading the people according to this 34th chapter of the book of second Chronicles the second verse we read that it moved him to do that which was right before the Lord. It also says that it moved him to seek after God of David his father and that was it. Age 16 when he was very young and tender years and then at age 20, he was ready to purge the entire kingdom of all the idolatrous practices in tearing down the groves and the high places where they worship these false gods. At age 26. He was calling upon them to repair the house and it was there when they were cleaning up very temple of God and removing the rubbish and rubble that had accumulated they discovered the book of the law of the Lord, and upon finding it. King ordered that it should be ran when he heard Randy he was immediately affected by the rent is close and now the Lord is sending a word to him, saying, because Steinhardt was tender and average humbled myself that I have heard the saying then that he was convicted with the word that upon hearing it. There was immediate acknowledgment of his sin, the sin of the people. There was a genuine repentant attitude. You and I should want to follow his wonderful example also pointed out that a tender heart is obviously in evidence of God's grace is not something that would generate ourselves for not talking about.

Being sentimental or not talking about somebody and it is that while there soft hearted account of the easy touch you know there ready to respond to whatever request may be made would talk about something far deeper than that would talking about what is revealed in the 11th chapter the book of Ezekiel about the removal of the Stoneleigh heart which depicts recognition of the nature and the implantation of a new heart, a heart of flesh heart of flesh is living it can be touched and is sensitive to the touch. So it is a tender heart. And how wonderful when we read the very promises of God, that the Lord himself who is the high and holy one actually dwells in that humble heart that we've come to consider the evidences of a tender heart. As you may look in your own life and examine your own heart, your questioning my learning from such a lesson is before us here about King Josiah is with often said the historical aspect of the Old Testament is certainly greatly valuable and of tremendous importance, but it's not there just to inform you about some specific details as to what happened in the kingdom of Judah or the kingdom of Israel. It's therefore our learning scriptures were given and all these things are for our benefit, that we might profit by them and learn learn why we do recognize that this tender heart comes from God is a gift of his brain's. It also behooves us to respond if indeed God has touched our lives that we may obediently serve him and avoid that which leads to hardness of heart, which will talk about little more depth. As we go along.

But as we look within researching our own heart, we want to determine how can we see that our heart is that tender heart, which is sensitive to the things of God. Well, first we pointed out the real evidence of it is that our heart would be tender toward God himself. That means, and that we would grieve when we have offended him when we sin against God.

We don't cast it off lightly. We come in confession, even as David did when we examine the 51st Psalm, and he said, purge me with hyssop, and I should be clean, wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow against leave me only have I seen the nun this evening I did showed a sense of deep remorse.

But not only that your grieve. When you view the sin of others, not in a self-righteous critical way but your grieve deeply because you know that that sin is in effect to the Psalm 119 conveyed the thought that my eyes flowed down with rivers of tears because of the sin and disobedience that I observed around me and then we have come to consider that a further evidence of having a tender heart is that it is tender toward the word of God. Isaiah 66 to speak to that one whose spirit is broken. There heart is contrite and he says trembles at my word. So the first thing about responding to the word of God is that we would take his warnings seriously. The second thing is and that's where we concluded this morning is to say that we are indeed comforted by his promises. If you have a tender heart. You don't just read the promise of God and say well that's an interesting thought and then go on your way and derive no benefit from it. The promise of God is more than just a plaque for you to have hanging on the wall. It's more than just an inscription for you to have maybe on a card stuck in your Bible to emphasize a particular promise.

You come to rely on the promises of God. If your heart is tender. You find these promises to be sweet, even though in those days of spiritual struggle and darkness you may have doubts and fears. When you wonder can I really claim these promises. I feel so unworthy and so undone. I sometimes feel to be so cold and so barren I don't find the funding, the rock that I desire. I'm not even at this exact moment to find the sweetness of those promises when all that said and done, you come back to the realization that without the help and mercy of God, you are hopeless. There's nowhere else you can go there's no one else to whom you can turn it's only upon those promises that you can rest and they ultimately become extremely precious to you. Hebrews chapter 13 is one that I have relied on myself so many times and I find myself holding it so often when I'm visiting those who were sick or bereaved or any deep distress. Hebrews 13 verse five. Let your conversation be without covetousness and be content with such things as you have for he hath said this is the promise of God hears what he is saying I will never leave the nor forsake the is not one of consider. That means that even when you may feel for second, even when you're in the dark. Even when everything is falling apart. He says I will never leave the nor forsake me.

That means when you're sick at means when you're suffering. That means when loved ones are playing by death.

That means when you lose your job. That means when you're having financial troubles at means when you can't figure out how to get through the entanglement of circumstances that sold distress you at the moment I will never leave the nor forsake me know if that's the case why don't I need to get better. Why don't I quit hurting pattern I get a job but as my financial burden.

Be relieved by why isn't it that all of these difficulties don't go away.

Remember the promise. We looked at earlier from Isaiah 43. He didn't say that you're going to avoid the waters but he said I'm going to go with you when you pass through them in incitement to keep out of the fire, but when you're in the fire.

I want to stand with you and he says here, I will never leave the nor forsake. And look what follows, so that we may boldly say the Lord is my helper that can you think of a better situation than that. If you are undertaking a particular project and you felt overwhelmed and somebody that was an expert about this particular task comes up and said let me help you.

That would be a great sense of relief when I've never been one to want to assemble anything.

If something comes in a flat box as a take it back. It was left up to me. I've never yet been able to understand more the set of instructions.

I think there people that are particularly trying to write things in such a way that no reasonable person could understand. So I feel in despair. But if somebody would come along that there is a great together.

I'd say well this is this is wonderful. You come up with the right time because I certainly can't do this and I'll be happy to turn the project over to you.

I would be much relieved Samad knew what they were doing had come to help.

What we talk about something far beyond that. When talking about somebody who knows every situation, every circumstance in which were involved knows all about us, our weaknesses, our shortcomings or failures and he has all the power and every resource necessary to accomplish whatever is needed and he says I'm going to be your helper, the Lord is my helper. Well, I just have a hard time really claiming that because there some days it seemed like I don't have any help, but here's the plan.

Us at means that you got to claim it by faith. It seems that things are getting better, but his promises. I will not forsake you, and I will be your helper.

It may be that the help he gives is not solving the problem but helping you to bear.

Remember that when the apostle Paul prayed Lord, I need help remove the thought of the flash.

Three times acid in the Lord says on him. I'm not going to remove the thorn but my grace is sufficient for the I'll give you the grace necessary to be able to bear up under because the farms went up there for a purpose. It's going to have a homely effect on you all you as a human being has the potential of being elevated, exalted in pride because you, the third heaven and had the unique experience giving of the thorn in the flesh, which therefore purpose is to fumble you but I will give you the grace to bear so we can say the Lord is my helper and look at the rest of and I will not fear what man shall do on the me many people have become slaves to human opinion. In fact, when we were talking in a recent message about some of the evidences of pride. One of those was that you become controlled by what other people think, say, that means that you're concerned about self, about how you appear in somebody else's eyes and you're more concerned about pleasing man than you about pleasing God. But when you come to be satisfied in your heart that this promise is one that you could rely upon the close of the promise of God and that he will never leave you nor forsake you. So you can boldly say timidly, not reluctantly but still apprehension but boldly say the Lord is my helper that you can further say I will not fear what man doing to me that's a tremendous relief because many times people are enslaved with a deep concern about what somebody wanted. What somebody gonna say about me Alice about the harm he put me down gently against and rejection. But if you're busy in the Lord and teacher helper then you're not fear what man does you see a tender heart is indeed tender toward the word of God. That means that you take his warnings seriously. It means that you find his promises to be comforting. The third thing in this connection is if your heart is tender toward the word of God you yield to its direction. That is, if God's word command something if you are bitten specifically in the Scriptures to do this particular thing move in that direction have this Outlook with ice attitude. You respond to it. You yield to the direction that's given in the word of God.

We referred frequently to the experience of King Uzziah when he saw the Lord sitting upon the throne, high and lifted up his train filled the temple. But after he had fallen down before the Lord confessing I am undone. I'm a man of unclean lips. He then says in Isaiah chapter 6 and verse eight, after he had been purchased that coal from off the altar been laid upon his lips under the set not iniquity is taken away, and by sea and purged. Now verse eight. Also, I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I ascend and who will go for us then said, I hereby send me when the Lord speaks of the Lord asked the question who will go for us. Once Isaiah's response here in my send me he was attentive to the word of God. He made an immediate response know it's difficult for me to understand how some people can sit under the gospel for years, seemingly have an appreciation for it to some degree and never really take up their cross to follow the master old that we might see more today with the response that is displayed here by the prophet Isaiah that when the gospel call is given when the message is declared, that we may all say here at my send me.

What about you having been in the church, perhaps for many years. Having confessed your faith in Christ and follow him in baptism. How many times when the practical lessons of Scripture are taught when instruction is given as to how you want to live and how you want to commit yourself to Christ. How many times are you saying in your heart hear my send me to the contrary. How many times are you making excuses. I many times are you literally saying but I know that's right.

And I certainly hope that we have some people in our church who can do those things but I can't. For this reason or the other. Excuses are made whole, may we respond positively to the word of God yielding to its direction. See another reference of the same connection in the 27th Psalm Psalm 27 of verse eight.

When thou set us seek ye my face. My heart said unto the five face, Lord, will I seek the Lord says seek my face and what is David's response five face long-lasting tests given the message given instruction on following whatever it is, it may mean sacrifice it maiming great inconvenience as far as my own plans and purposes are concerned with the face of the glory of God is something that he commands that I do like to elect because I love him. I'm grateful to him for all that is done forming out of gratitude.

I want to commit my life in every detail to serve and honor him. Remember when Samuel was with Eli heard a voice speaking to him and assume that it was Eli and those in respond saying you call me in. Eli said finally that know it must've been the Lord spoken to you and in first Samuel 39 says.

Therefore Eli said unto Samuel, go lie down, and it shall be if he called the that thou shalt say, speak, Lord, for thy servant here so Samuel went and laid down in his place.

What an attitude is that your response speak Lord for last servant here that the Lord was speaking audibly to young Samuel Lord speaks to you today through his word, a tender heart means you are sensitive to his word. The will and if you would like to help keep this broadcast from here you can go to our website to make a donation that's Baptist Bible, our dark Lord, we greet you next time. This is Michelle Bradley Junior bidding goodbye and may God bless you see all day and will be all and all the all

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