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Come Back - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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October 22, 2020 12:00 am

Come Back - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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October 22, 2020 12:00 am

“They say, If a man put away his wife, and she go from him, and become another man's, shall he return unto her again? shall not that land be greatly polluted? but thou hast played the harlot with many lovers; yet return again to me, saith the Lord” (Jeremiah 3:1).


Will fly, and Commissioner Sherry Bailey Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible.

Our he will and will will and will will will will will will and you and you will we continue with the message today entitled come back repeatedly in the book of Jeremiah, the messages return return return. You've strayed you wondered what cut back come back for an encouraging message made to realize there been faltering, and failure, but the messages come back right to left slope. The message is a blessing to you. The address is the Baptist Bible. Our box 17/37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 God's people sliding back, turning their back to the Lord and not their face and then when trouble comes on the stock market falls but economies in trouble when the financial problems mumbling the war in some part of the world.

All the sudden decide we need the Lord. I remember the time of the last conflict in the Mideast, but are soldiers for going to war and that we can the churches across America had tremendous upsurge in attendance. But isn't it sad they wait until the hour of crisis to turn God's messages to you today. How is it that you can turn from him, ignore him so often and yet asked for his help in the moment of difficulty generation CE the word of the Lord, the wilderness, to Israel, a land of darkness while forcing my people. We are lords we will come to you say we want to do more can a maid forget her attire yet my people have forgotten me days without number. How many times does a day go by and you have not prayed you've not meditate not consulted the word of God is not given thought to how you might please him and honor him and serve him and that day passes and another day passes another day passes another day passes that happens as far some of the public worship services you missed one weekend and you feel just a little bit out of pocket you missed two in a row. You feel totally disconnected.

I'm not really a part of what went on over there. I'm here, I'm there elsewhere.

Days pass and they refuse to be ashamed.

Chapter 3 verse three says. Therefore, the showers have been withholding there have been no rain for head now refuses to be ashamed. There was a time that if a young woman would be exposed for having been involved in central sin, it would be revealed. That woman had betrayed her husband would be terrible humiliation was looked on with disdain by society itself. Now it's accepted for people to live together without the benefit of marriage. Totally acceptable in the eyes of many to be involved intimately without the marriage commitment. Given the sin being an affront to God right about holding the thinking lifestyle about you, always a preacher not hit me. I am not involved in these things. Have you forgotten what he's talking about. Essentially, here, that boredom is idolatry. Having something in your heart that means more to you. It's bigger to you than the audience more interested in will commit into it, whether it's self or whatever else God says it's idolatry. And he calls on you to return. So there is to be a confession and acknowledgment of sin. But when you see this you are to come reach that point that there convicted the word of God has come upon you like broken into pieces.

You see, I have sand and no longer go all the excuses to satisfy you might come to listen, you shouldn't be upset about those things.

I went went well. That way today satisfy you anymore because you understand you have offended God. It's not just a matter of being found out it's not just a matter of having your sin exposed. Nobody else knows God does and your heart is broken with the deep sense of sin.

He says you to come back, but is at the end of verse one chapter 3 yet return again to me, saith the Lord. Verse 12 proclaim these words toward the north and say retired backsliding usual, saith the Lord that I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you for merciful. That's good news. You can't preach mercy to somebody done think what a person is defending their sand.

Is anybody else.

Mercy, justice, just as you don't understand your center yet, but will show you what you are, you missed the mark you violated as well center you are. You can't tell me about Mercy that I won't Mercy Grace, that's what I need and that's what the Lord is promising here. I merciful, saith the Lord that I will not keep anger forever. Some people are very skilled at keeping anger mean they get mad they stay mad they can tell you for 20 years. Many of us have a memory that's that team that we can remember what happened 20 years ago, much less to get mad at some people are skill having there really is only inside there still, this is one reason we have such difficulty understanding this mercy of God, because all of us have at least something to that in our nature where we tend to hold on anger talk to me about forgiveness but you don't understand how great their offensive look, look how they harming those that begin to compare with how big your sin is against God.

You see when you understand God's mercy.

You realize you must be merciful to others, but he says only acknowledge thine iniquity. This retiring to the Lord is not coming back well you know I done such a bad job after all. I might slip that little bit more but know everybody does not. Big deal. No sir this coming back to the Lord's instrument with genuine confession that you cannot see all my heart. I didn't see time I didn't see Mount Simon self-love try to excuse ourselves a particular person.

All this is justified. I got to do this and this and this because we say when I got up and provide for my family and therefore it's all right to make an idol out of a job. You do have to provide for your family but you don't have to make an idol job if they would try to excuse and justify what we really want to do acknowledge that iniquity has transgressed against the Lord my God has scattered byways to the strangers under Greentree didn't just sit on the one trait you send under every tree and you have not obeyed my voice saith the Lord turn old backsliding children. Saith the Lord, for I am married on the first why you have spray you have turned your back on the human figure lovers, but I married to you, now retired and I will take you one of the city until the family and I will bring you design and I would give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding that that's the kind of pastor that God gives.

If you're not learning something if you're not gaining understanding and knowing more the word of God not being properly shepherded, but God sends shepherds or pastors that will feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Look at the 22nd verse return E backsliding children and I will keel your backsliding's before we come under the for thou art the Lord our God, return return return come back come back that's good to hear his come back if you say, and I haven't been anywhere that's another problem. But if you understand I've gone astray I've seen in God says come back. That's good news. Lord says return return but acknowledge that iniquity yet I'm merciful I merciful.

Oh are our hard hearts judgmental spirit our attitude toward somebody else that's done wrong.

That's right. When such a difficult time understanding the ways of God has committed a great sin, you might be so indignant about their sand course is a tendency to excuse and justify your own but you you're indignant about somebody else to see and understand everything just right about that person would always be somewhat aloof on whatever receive them see how God handles a matter look at Ezekiel chapter 18 Ezekiel chapter 18, but the wicked will turn from all his sins. This is verse 21 Ezekiel 1821, but if the wicked will turn from all sins that he had committed, and keep all my statutes and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, he shall not use transgressions that he had committed, they shall not be under him as righteousness that he hath done, he shall leave you your sin, you mentioned whatever you bring it up constantly beat yourself with your own sense of recognition on come short sometimes and have preached on various topics of godly living. Come to me so I'm deeply convicted and I'm thank God every time there's conviction.

The sound of the preaching of his word, but particularly in the messages we delivered here and elsewhere on the Christian whole people, I wish I had heard those messages 30 years ago. I see I have come so far short so many things I should have done is apparent that I did not, but I wouldn't want you to hear those messages and just left it off as though it was a significant but here's the good news. You look back at your life. You see so many failures. If you really not clear vision you see a lot of you see wasted time you see sinful actions you see things that you did at this moment with the attitude you have with the heart ditch sensitive to sin, desiring fellowship with God you say I can't believe I ever did that. How could have done how good I've allowed myself to soak into that. See, how could I have allowed anger, malice to be in my heart that's been there so self righteous judgment of others so full of pride focused thinking about thinking about others in these messages are preached about parenting and I see miserably fail. Many of those areas that I'm wasting so much time diligent student of the word of God on your life where you might be today in your spiritual maturity. If you spent as much time reading the Bible and you spent reading novels and magazines looking at television and doing other things I want to be a strength that we have in this church. If all of us had been as diligent in serving God, praying, reading his word committed to give Willoughby is a sometimes when that conviction is exceptionally strong sense of God's holiness is so great in the view of our own sinfulness is so vivid that almost almost driven to despair say Lord I am such a center. I guess I'll just throw up my hands in despair. Give it all up. There is nothing for me but look what God says all his transgressions that he is committed, they shall not be mentioned that some of your enemies may sometimes bring up your past and you sometimes your worst enemy because you bring it up frequently and you go down in the pit of despair, thinking about what's been done, but God says I'm not going mentioned to because unforgiving, unforgiving, and not one of you know we talked to the beginning about the experience of Hosea, even after his wife had taken all that he had given her and used. To purchase lovers and had reached the point that she was sold into slavery. She is she's lived such a wretched life. She sunk to such a low degree. Time is past.

Now nobody wants her beauty because they did. She's on the auction block.

She's getting ready to be so guess who shows up Hosea better eyes back home is your mind. I still love you say that's too much for me. Friends that depicts how marvelous the grace of God's hand in spite of the fact that we on the auction block is says if we confess our sin.

She's all just get most of the pieces all all the blood of Jesus Christ covers everything that gives the centers main thing the Pharisees varices a lot.

I don't mean that I'm doing pretty good job about you bankrupt centers love this message of grace. Nothing else reach their case. Nothing else will do many good in the 103rd Psalm. This is brought before so beautifully when he says in the eighth verse, the Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and mercy.

The Lord is gracious and mercy not just a little bit of small degrees here and there, and mercy.

He will not always try to keep his anger forever not dealt with us after our sins are rewarded us according to what you doing I don't have to say that the Lord with the first thing we need to live immediately been meted out and implement a shambles. What I likely in the day all good the Lord is so human, so many areas, but oh how I thank God that he's given me a hearts desire to be here today and was worship service made many mistakes and failed as a parent it whatever consequences might have been suffered are not nearly as bad as the economy and the five been dealt with according my own failure. How good is the Lord when you stop to think about the fact that if God dealt with, you according to your sin, you would be in hell right now just stand in amazement of his sovereign mercy. You see there's no reason to complain. There's no reason to murmur just thank God and praise him every day for his mercy and grace. For as the heavens above the earth. So as mercy toward them as I can explain that is the heaven above their song last night.

You measure that far is leased from the West is not going to just keep on going and you never get to just keep all the lease. You never get to your destination the least forever present as far as the east is from the last song bar he removed our transgressions from us like as a father. His children, so the Lord to give them that fear working with our frame. You remember we are dust he doesn't overlook sin.

He doesn't excuse, but he forgives sin through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is talking about all the marbles of his grace, and what always done for some it always given us in Christ. In Ephesians chapter 1. Speaking of our position in Christ.

He says in verse seven, in whom we have redemption through his blood before even though some sin according to the riches of his grace, the forgiveness of sins come back come back Satan attacks you, to the point did you say there's no need to come up straight. So far, God never take back my sin is so black. My feelings are so many my heart is so hard. I need not, he says, come that product was far from home and set out arise and go to my father and say I sin no doubt there was great apprehension, wondering what my father take back. I don't deserve it didn't come back and say father on the loan payday comebacks and just running a little temporary trouble here. Can you pull me out. He said I've sinned against heaven, and I decided I'm not worthy to be called us and to just make you hard service, but he could hardly get out the confession because the father was so delighted to come back he was having servants with his robe on the boys back. He was in the kitchen going friends were going to have a feast tonight to surpass everything that I've had on this bike shoes on a ring on his finger. Let's remind us of our relationship, putting down my table all the time that father the product you welcome you as a wandering product of the day come back come home. Return return is the message of his work with much of the concluding part of the message come back and appreciate it if you let us know if the message been a blessing to you. Howard rash is the Baptist Bible. Auerbach, 17 old 37th Cincinnati, OH 45217 like to make a donation can also go to our website at just 522 next time.

This is Sherry Bradley Junior beating you goodbye and make on and all in all, all

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