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God’s People in a Day of Crisis II - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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September 9, 2020 12:00 am

God’s People in a Day of Crisis II - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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September 9, 2020 12:00 am

“And they said unto me, The remnant that are left of the captivity there in the province are in great affliction and reproach: the wall of Jerusalem also is broken down, and the gates thereof are burned with fire” (Nehemiah 1:3).

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Will he fly, and the signature Bradley Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible.

Our will and will will and will be in unity, a fee, a today were coming to the concluding part of the series of messages God's people in a day of crisis a few days ago, we offered the little booklet things can be better today. Some of you may have intended to write for it and you didn't show were given you another opportunity you would like to get this booklet that shows how even in the darkest of times. The most difficult of times. We can have peace with our God title things can be better today. Address your request of the Baptist Bible Auerbach 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 and which is the aftershock that is the governor and drew the priest, the scribe and the Levites that all the people send all the people. This day is holy under the Lord your God more not weep for all the people wept when they heard the words of the law. So they continued teaching them.they must be instructed. Sometimes you think we go back over the ground that we covered before we dealing with very basic and elementary things I find that's actually essential.

People have to have the foundation laid, and have to be building upon that foundation, and these things have to be in place before some of the other things are going to grow. We got to have this right view this great view exalted view of God and the proper regard and respect were they need to be talked in the morning but Nehemiah saying more not a weeknight saying that there's never a time to mourn because indeed there is. But when we have more to the place that is promised repentance that we don't spend the rest of our days moping around.

Well, look at all the mistakes I made little my past sins look about her poor wretched soul. I am because we don't do anything worthwhile.

All the people wept when they heard the words that he said on the go your way and eat the fat and drink the sweet and send portions of the nothing is prepared as I thought we'd share this morning concerning the need to be ministering to others.

One reason we sometimes feel so brought up so depressed within ourselves is because we become so self-centered he's telling these people. Now that you been convicted of your sin. Now that you repent morning anymore, but here's something you can do you send portions of them for whom nothing is prepared. This is a day of feasting of the something thing to feast on so you send something to them. You think about other people quit thinking so much about yourself. It's kind of tough on us because we start out this little babies think about ourselves and we grow up thinking about ourselves and this whole concept of thinking about somebody else bear ye one another's burden's foreign to the thinking of many.

As far as flesh is concerned for the grace of God we have struck thinking of others. And yet, in the process we ourselves are often richly blessed when we have put self aside and for Christ's sake, but for sometimes people can go through the motions of being unselfish for a selfish reason, it's because they ultimately are looking for something in return. If they don't get that they're extremely frustrated. But if the services rendered, because it's on to the Lord, then you're going to be satisfied. If nobody ever thinks your brags on you. You will recognize that service was on the Lord and I feel thankful for the opportunity of having rendered.

Maybe we are reluctant to move in the direction of thinking of others, and ministering to others because we're kinda waiting for that unique opportunity where were going to do something spectacular.

And we forget the day-to-day opportunities to be doing even little things for others in the name of the Lord heard the story about Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play on a major league ball team that was sensational. It was something many had not anticipated and that many in that they were not ready to accept, and in many ballparks when he walked on the field.

He was booed, but he said that he was able to endure that until one day in his own home park. He made an error and his own fans booting and they went on with the real roar booing him because of his air and he said I stood there on that field humiliated and in my mind as it is my last game I want to quit when this game is over, but Pee Wee Reese, a southern white boy stood there, watch that situation and he left his post and walked over and stood beside Jackie Robinson put his arm around and when he did lose stopped in the stadium was quite obvious southern boy stood there with his arm around his fellow player and Jackie Robinson said that was the turning point of my life that friend reaching out to me in my most needed made a difference in my life.

Wonder how many times just putting our arm around somebody just a handshake. Just a word of encouragement.

Just the promise to pray for somebody just taking a little time for a biblical admonition could make a tremendous difference for somebody who feels like I'm on the spot for somebody who feels like life's falling apart for me just for one person to show love and kindness you see when we begin to apply the word of God in our lives we get these messages continually. We allow ourselves become bitter and resentful and frustrated because we feel less, but given that opportunity. The opportunity comes, we see the burdens lifted from them for a moment until they are reestablished and they can go on to say thank you Lord for the opportunity. Thank you for my life is been enriched and blasts the fact that I've had this privilege of ministering to somebody else.

He said send portions onto those for whom nothing is prepared for this day is holy on to our Lord, neither be ye sorry for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Yes you see in WAP you repented. Now it's time to go on the joy of the Lord is your screen strength.

I leave the scene before us here in Nehemiah chapter 8 is a picture of revival, not as a revival come. It starts by the reading of the word preceding that were the days of prayer when Nehemiah personally was praying in the people began to pray this to repentance.

But now they're finding strength in the strength of the Lord joy of the Lord is your strength. So the Levites still all the people saying, hold your peace for the day is holy, neither be grieved all the people went their way to eat, drink, and to send portions and to make great mirth because they had understood the words that were declared under them. That's wonderful. And when the people have come with receptive hearts hungry to know we want to know what the words at and now it says they did understand the word and on the second day were gathered together, the chief of the fathers of all the people the priest in the Levites on the edge of the scribe even to understand the words. All that is likely.all in one day that back again. They want no more. That's the person being that understand the words of the law and they found written in the law, which the Lord had commanded by Moses and the children of Israel that the children of Israel should dwell in blue in the feast of the seventh. There's 1/3 thing what what we find in this lesson. First of all, they had the right view of God because they saw that God, the Lord is the great God. They had the right view of the word because that's where they turned to find the answers in the solution to their problem and then you see that they made the application of the word because when they ran they found written in the law that they were to dwell in booths had for a long time just a matter fact, the 17th verse four. Since the days of Joshua the son of nun, that is, from the days of Joshua long stretch of time that they had not observed this sitting in blues been so long that present generation coming recall when it was done on every experienced now. If, on the basis that many proceed today. We don't do it that way. Here they never would've done it again, you talk about the weakest argument. I think I ever heard in my life is when somebody wants to oppose something as I we don't do it that way. It really matter if the word God authorizes that it started doing it that way here now we need to do it God's way what he said. I thought our customers on our tradition. We don't sit in booths.

I imagine some of the promise and you know that's that's really, Dick, can you imagine going out here in the woods. It talks about cutting down various kinds of trees fetch olive branches and pine branches. Myrtle branches and palm branches and branches of the trees and make blue save by not least premiums over here on my patio and set out on that thing for seven days. 5 feet long talks and what was calling people anyway.

People get concerned about that. The world want to think of it, I don't think I'm a religious but they don't think I've lost it. But why am I behaving like this when my living like this all the world on this right on the ball well here I am booking traffic trying to going out to correct it.

I don't like that I want to fit in but you know the reason was a good idea to sit in booths.

God said, remember when Cincinnati church was constituted 1958 and the Presbytery of ministers that help establish the church turn to ask when the deacon brother and who was the spokesman. The appointed spokesman for the church at that time. What will be the position of this church concerning the matter of washing the Saints leaked and without hesitation.

It was said we know what John chapter 13 says if I your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you ought also to wash one another's feet. And since that's what the Bible says that's what we'll do. And that's been the stand of this church and that's what we want to be because if God says do it. Not a question whether somebody is going think it's out of place.

Jesus says go to doing so, we adopted and so in this case.

These people had been doing this for a long time, but they found in the word of the Lord and so they all want to chop down a tree limbs and backing they had booths everywhere says in verse 16.

So the people went forth and bought them and made themselves blues everyone up on the roof of his house and had flat roofs so they put on top of the house and in their courts usually out on the patio and in the courts of the house of God in the street of the Watergate and in the street the gate of Ephraim and all the congregation of them that will come again out of the captive out of captivity may booths inside of the blues. Why because God told them to go since the days of Joshua the son of nun, on the day they had not the children of Israel done so, and there was very pray gladness when they find this very great plans when they did what God said, I sometimes think they just gonna rip up the engines and go to work up happiness going to have this gladness.

This joy just just just by working up just getting into good positive frame of mind when talking about something more meaningful than what talk about something deeper than just a passing emotional experience when talking about the joy that comes because you doing what God said do and his blessing and presence. Is there one where obedient and submissive to him now just as this becomes an example the application can be made and sold many other areas of our life.

How many things ought we to be doing and survive isolate a manager, you might be tired of timber one more thing I need to do, but maybe the fact that it's such a challenge for us indicates that the things that are already on our list are not the God honoring things too many times were just like Martha careful and cumbered about many things but Mary has chosen the good part. The Lord doesn't impose duties upon his children just to make life tough forth the things of the Lord enjoins us to do will not only honor his name, but bring us real joy if we're doing the things he has been listed.

Now this this great event here turned into a full-fledged festive day of triumphant blessing and joy because the wall had been completed and in the 12th chapter and the 27th verse we read about the dedication of the wall and it says at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem. They saw the Levites out of all their places to bring them to Jerusalem to keep the dedication with gladness, both with thanksgiving and with singing with simple assault, reason with hearts of the people are called upon to come from all the land come from all the places within the city and those living the city that time to come to the dedication to come with gladness to come with singing and praising the sons of the singers gather themselves together, both out of the plain country about Jerusalem and the 31st verse says that I brought up the princes of Judah upon the wall and appointed two great companies of them gave thanks where one went on the right hand upon the wall toward the dung gate and verse 38 says, on the other company of them gave thanks, went over against them, and I after them, and half of the people upon the wall from the tower from beyond the tire. The furnaces even on to the broad wall. The wall was completed with the ridicule of the so-called discouragement had they have stood before the scribe they've heard the reading of the law.

They been convicted exceeding their CM they found forgiveness is for second and people who had been discourage people upon the desolation of the CDP the wall see the city's all things possible.

It was time to thank God it was time to praise him it was time to rejoice in all this while I got on the top of about one company to go around this direction to meet each other in the middle saying I want you to praise God in verse 42, said the singer sang out in verse 43 says, and that day they offer great sacrifices and rejoice for God had made them rejoice in all races his people to rejoice and three meals a that's on some this worked out.

That's a good sit down to reveal the children of rejoice, so John Jerusalem was racking place.a long time ago would sing and praising the jaw, even a far off you talk about the greatest testimony in church can give is when God's people in that church began to praise the Lord one in their lives.

There's an instant. God is at work that they're rejoicing. They're not buying the setbacks and files and devastate them the leg seeing the difficulties away the struggles they know that with God. There is there is a solution they're willing to build the wall and the wall needs to be built to stand guard stand against the enemy.

They were willing to trust God when it looks like all is dark.

They know that with him all things as possible.

It's one thing for us to claim that we believe in a big God, believe in a great God, but we need to live that way, but just give a lot of lip service not just have it in our articles of faith and in our confession but to have it as a part of our life every day that we prove that we believe God is great and we focus on his greatness on the wonderful value and benefit of his word and then remaking the application of that in our life. And if God says do it that's good enough for us.

We can do it. I say when I don't I don't feel up to it. That's not the question. I don't feel worthy of it.

That's not the question.

I don't know if it's going to succeed. I soft question on what the outcomes will be asked not to?

Did God say do it and do it every every category comes to your marriage bringing the children how you react on the job. How you deal with suffering, heartache, disappointment, financial setback, personal differences, whatever it is God's way and the joy of Jerusalem will be heard far off little trembling weary souls out there that are looking for something, say I will go see what a [I want to validity what Mikesell speak so happy they come to hear and understand and know that God is sovereign see the greatness and glory of such a God. They too want to travel with us upon the wall. March around to give glory to his name in the wonderful truth of all is to understand the whatever seasons of triumphant joy we have on top the wall just a little foretaste of what's coming behind if if the days we have lived in victory here to the Lord are wonderful. What'll be in heaven itself.

All the battles are over final victories. 1 Ultimate Pl. is lifted up to Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, we apply these principles so beautifully laid out in the book of Nehemiah book concerns and experience long ago but is fresh in up to date very applicable to us today so that we can then understand how God's people should react in the day of crisis not allowing themselves to be dismally defeated but knowing they can become the Torres in the great God in whom we trust. Today we brought to the concluding part of the message entitled God's people in the day of crisis. I hope the series has been a blessing to you. If it has right and let us know if you can help with the support of the program will shortly be thankful for our address is the Baptist Bible Auerbach 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 two agree to next time this it was Sherry Bradley Junior bidding you goodbye and may God bless you all day and all you all and all the and all will and all

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