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I Must Tell Jesus - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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August 20, 2020 12:00 am

I Must Tell Jesus - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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August 20, 2020 12:00 am

I must tell Jesus All of my trials

I cannot bear these burdens alone

In my distress He kindly will help me

He ever cares and loves His own

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This is La Cher, Bradley Junior, welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible Hour. I'm glad you're with us today. A reminder that the need is especially great at the present time. If you would like to help keep the program on your local station and can contribute to this work at present. We'll certainly be thankful for it. Our mailing address is the Baptist Bible, our box 17 037. Cincinnati, Ohio, four five two one seven. Or you can go to our Web site and make a donation match. Baptist Bible. Our dot org.

Earnings are. And you might just say, well, we.

I was down south. I.

I know. I'm just devastated. It's time to start seeing those changes. He he's my son.

I want to be like me. Oh, not at my age.

This sentence extended to me. I'm starting to get excited. Well.

We don't know exactly when.

I just don't see any sign this country is ours. I can not. I don't know.

I just don't see any signs of slowing us down to a science teachers. We have over.

Sometimes when my heart is heavy. Feel great, Martin. An old song that I've known since childhood comes to my mind. I must tell Jesus. A reminder of where to take our troubles and find comfort. It's an expression of Bible truth.

First, Peter, chapter five, verse seven says testing all your care on him for he, Karith, for you.

The song was written by Alicia Hofmann, a Presbyterian minister. Those who knew him said that he truly loved the Lord and showed it by working to help people who others would call the down and out. One day he was visiting a woman who was in great pain and very discouraged. Hoffman reminded the woman that she needed to tell Jesus about her problems.

Or the moment she had forgotten that simple truth that started repeating the words. Yes, I must tell Jesus on his way home.

Those words rang in his ears and would not go away.

He promptly wrote the words and the tune to the hand. I must tell Jesus it was first published in eighteen ninety four. I must tell. Jesus, all of my troubles, I cannot bear these burdens alone. In my distress, he kindly will help me. He ever loves and cares for his own.

I was told, Jesus, all of my troubles.

He is a kind, compassionate for in. If I would ask him, he will deliver. Make up my troubles quickly and end.

Tempted and tried. I need a great savior, one who can help my burdens to bear. I was told, Jesus, I must tell Jesus he. All my cares and sorrows will share. Or how the world to evil lures me. Oh, how my heart is tempted to say. I must tell Jesus and he will help me.

Over the world, the victory to win. Ashton, call your care upon him, for he kerith for you. The word care means anxiety.

The state of being pulled apart. The word can include discontentment. Discouragement.

Despair and suffering. Casting all your care upon him.

We think about the Texas. We're going to consider four things. First, both times Kindred's. Secondly, sometimes a question. Thirdly, always a promise. And fourthly, never a failure.

Ofttimes there is a hindrance when it comes to this admonition to cached our care upon Kim. And the hindrance is that pride gets in the way. God hates private. According to Proverbs, Chapter six versus 16 and 17, he hates even a proud look. These six things God hates. And one of them is a proud look. A proud look may indicate that the heart is lifted up full of pride.

We're not able to read another man's heart, but God surely knows what's in the heart.

God hates pride. In order to cash our care upon the Lord. We must put pride away. We must come in humility. First, Peter, Chapter five, the verses that precede our text, say on the fifth verse.

Likewise, younger. Submit yourselves under the elder day, all of you be subject one to another and be clothed with humility.

Covered with it. Like putting on a metal, putting on a garment.

It's not just to be something that is of little significance and importance in your mind, but to be clothed with humility for God. Resist the proud and give with grace to the humble. Life is indeed challenging. The problems are often great. Would any of us want to go forward dealing with our difficulties with the understanding that God is resisting us? God is not for us. If we walk in pride, he resists us. But in contrast, he gives grace to the humble, humble yourselves.

Therefore, under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due time.

And then the text is part of that sentence.

Testing all your care upon Akiem for key Karith for you.

God requires humble submission, a humble, submissive spirit.

And we must meet that condition here in order to claim the promise of verse seven.

What does it mean then, that pride gets in the way? We get the idea that we're strong enough to handle whatever comes our way. We forget that there is a warning.

Take heed that one who thinks he stands. Take key, less default. We can be filled with pride because we think we deserve more than what we have. We become critical of others. We want to put other people down. So to make us look better. Pride. Is the very heart of most every shed. It will show with Eve in the Garden of Eden.

When Satan tempted her that you partake of this fruit and you become as God as. It was pride. I'm not satisfied with the position I occupy.

I want one that is greater, even though in submitting to that temptation, she was rebelling against God. James, Chapter four versus six in 10 say. But he give us more grace. Wherefore he say if God resisted the proud, but give a grace to the humble, humble yourselves in the side of the Lord and He shall lift you up.

So ofttimes that can be a hindrance in casting our care upon him because of pride.

Secondly, there can be a hindrance because the care that presses down are sinful.

It may be a desire for riches, a desire for popularity, a desire for some better position in life. It all stems from a greedy spirit. And because your care that which is burdening you is a sinful desire.

You can't expect to catch that upon the Lord and say, Lord, relieve the disappointment, the stress, the burden that I carry, because the very source of the very base of your care is a sinful, selfish desire.

It may be that you are envious of others. You see what they possess. You see their position would like to be where they are.

Some 73 three. The song stands for. I was envious at The Foolish when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. Have you ever looked around, as the Psalmist did, and change some who?

By every indication are wicked. They don't acknowledge God. They don't love God. They don't serve God, and they're precious. It just doesn't seem fair. I try to serve God. I go to church. I worship him. I work hard. But I have such difficulty getting ahead. So this becomes a sense of discontent with anxiety. It's a burden. But can you take that to the Lord? I'm not happy where I am. I'm discontented. Indeed, you can go to the Lord and confess that is a sin.

But you can't take that to the Lord as a care that you want him to listen for you. Thirdly. There is sometimes a hindrance because your solutions. The problems are sinful. Person wants to get ahead. They're not making it. So to begin to do some things that are dishonest. They cut corners in their business daily.


Not perfect. Straightforward on their income tax report. Began to do things that dish on her. God. Because of their greed. They're now resorting to methods. That is sinful. You can't take that care to the Lord.

You become guilty of making a system while you have left the fountain of living waters.

I read in the Book of Jeremiah, Chapter two in the 13th, verse four, my people have committed two evils.

They have forsaken me. The fountain of living waters and of hue them out systems, broken systems that can hold no water.

Why would anybody leave a fountain of living water? Water that satisfied, water, that refractions. Over can't begin to dig a hole, dig down into the mud. And the system is broken. It can't retain the water that's poured into it. Oh, how some worked so diligently on the system. That they have chosen. They decide that. I'm going to get rid of this empty feeling in my heart. I'm going to get rid of this frustrating sadness that I feel. And so they turn the worldly pleasures. They turned to some vice. That certainly never satisfies. It's a sinful activity that puts a barrier between him and God and dragged them down. The consequences of their sinful actions. How often I see that? As I shop every week, the people who are suffering because of a drug addiction. Man, the other evening. Was describing. The terrible, terrible circumstances of his life. It's just been out of prison a short time. His two brothers had recently been killed. He was accused of killing one of them and was in prison. For some period of time. But rather than. Receiving readily the capsule that was being given, he'll. He was blaming all of his problems on his parole officer. David Wessel, who is part of that ministry in Cleveland. Said later.

It's not the parole officer. Parole officer is very cooperative, very willing to help the man. This man, although he was hearing the gospel and hearing what help and hope. There he is in Jesus Christ. He was focusing on the system to which he had resorted.

And admitted that he had been high just a couple of days prior to this meeting because in desperation, I've got to got to turn somewhere I can't stand life like it is to try to drown out the sharks.

And while it may give somebody. A momentary relief. The long term effects are indeed devastating. And then sometimes the question. Person says, I care what the tax conveyance. I hear the admonition cashed in all your care upon Kim. But it seems he doesn't really care for me. My troubles are so great.

Jeremiah said in Lamentations Chapter three in the 12th verse, he hath bent his bow and set me as a mark for the.

It felt like God was sending the arrows of affliction to him. And when God bends his bow, he struck, it will hit the target. But the afflictions were so great. The burden was so heavy that time was so dark. Obviously, Jeremiah is expressing the thought that. God must not care. And when you reach that place in life. But it seems everything is going wrong. One trouble follows another that people say. I don't know how much worse it can get. And then somebody will say, well, if God really loves me. Why did you let this happen? Why did not God protect me? Why did not God give me a smoother path to travel? And so a person drops back. I don't think God really cares. How can I go to Keel and unburden my heart?

Or someone else says, it seems that God doesn't answer my prayer. I pray. I call on his name. I pray in sincerity. I pray zealously, but it just doesn't hear. And Jeremiah said in Lamentations three eight. Also, when I cry and shout, he shut us out my prayer. What a difficult time. When the person is pressed down, feel that they're being pulled apart. Anxiety, stress, disappointment, frustration. And they try to call upon God, but it seems that he doesn't hear. Prayed, But my heart is empty and I see no answer to my prayer. He shuts them out.

And then somebody else may say. The question they raise is, how could God care for me? It seems you couldn't possibly care for me when I'm so unworthy. I've failed so many times. I've been back to him repeatedly confessing a sin and admitting my wrongs, and yet I fall back once more. I see myself so full of shame, such a wretched soul. How could I cast my care current point? I can't imagine that God cares for me. Joe, Chapter 42 versus five and six, after all of his suffering, after all of the extended time when the friends came and only agitated the matter by giving him unsound capsule.

He then said, I have heard of the. But the hearing of the ear, but now mine. I see if the. Careful. I'm horror myself and repent in dust and ashes. So that I heard about God, I knew some things about him, but I have a different perspective now. I see him. I see the Lord. I see his greatness. And consequently, I abhor myself. I am a sinner undone.

And I repeat, industrial Mattias. But when you read the verses that follow, you find that God rebuked those friends that came and spoke words that were not sound and correct. And the Lord accepted Jobe. He did hear his prayer. And when Joe prayed for his friends. God bless him and restored to him. What he had lost.

The point is then, that though we recognize our unworthiness and have to say with the patriarch, Jacob, I'm not worthy of the least of that mercies. We're still encouraged to come as unworthy sinners would come acknowledging. Lord, I don't deserve a blessing, but I desperately need it. I don't deserve your help, but I can't carry this burden.

And I come testing my care upon you.

And then always a promise. His promises are true. Checking quintets kept it one of the 20th verst for all the promises of God in him.

Ah, yay. And in him. Amen. Under the glory of God.

All of his promises are Yei and a man, which means they are yes. Yes. God cannot lie.

So when he makes a promise, you can count on it to always be fulfilled.

It may not come to pass at the time that you would like to see it fulfilled in your life. It may not be in the manner that you'd expected.

But God will keep his promise always a promise.

The Bible is full of promises to encourage us to trust him, to depend upon him, to test our care upon Kim. Some nine and verse 10.

And they that know by name will put their trust in the four thou Lord has not forsaken them.

That see? Is that not an encouragement to come to him to cast your care upon him? He will not forsake those that seek him. Song with which you're very familiar.

Some twenty three in the fourth verse. Yay! Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me.

It may be a dark time. The Vereb Valley of the shadow of death. But I'm not going to fear no evil for thou art with me by Rod and staff.

They comfort me. Always a promise. Some 50 verse. Fifteen.

And call upon me on the day of trouble, I will deliver the.

Thou shalt not revive me. Noticed so often the end result is that God will be glorified. Anytime I request our selfish self promoting. And we've lost sight of a desire for God to be glorified. We can't expect him to respond to our request.

We pray as we cashed out care upon him, Lord has, I trust the to get me through this valley, through this dark time, through this difficult place, helped me by my attitude, by the things I say, the things I do to give a testimony to others that that your name will be glorified.

Isaiah, chapter 26 and verse four, trust me, in the Lord for ever. The Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.

His promises. Are always true and can be relied upon. And if record confirms that, he cares.

The Bible is full of examples that display God's love and care for his people.

The children of Israel. Groaned under the whip of the task master as slaves in Egypt.

And God by divine providence spared the life of a little baby whose name was Moses and raised him up to lead them out from this place of suffering.

Soon they came to the Red Sea.

The people were fearful. The sea was in front of them. They could hear the rumbling of the chariot wheels as Pharaoh set his host in hot pursuit after them.

But God cared.

He rolled back the waters of the sea and the people marched across dry shod and they sang the horse centage rider. Has he thrown into the sea? They had of great victory. But it wasn't by their scheme. Their plan, their ingenuity. It was by the power of God who cared for them.

What a wonderful comfort to know that we can go to Jesus and tell him about all of the heavy burden shit we carry and know that he can give us and will give us the strength that we so desperately need. I hope that you will write us and let us know that you have listened to the program. Our address is the Baptist Bible, our box 17 037. Cincinnati, Ohio, four five to one show to reach you next time. This is to share Bradlee Junior bidding you goodbye. And may God bless you.

And watching and waiting to be murky.

And there's just not a student news. That's right. I mean, this is my song praising my about.

Oh, yes.

Oh, really? They is my son raising my stand. Oh, crazy, crazy eyes. Oh.

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