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Never Alone Give Away - Part 1 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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July 6, 2020 12:00 am

Never Alone Give Away - Part 1 of 3

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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July 6, 2020 12:00 am

A collection of sermon clips and songs centered around the theme “Never Alone.”

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In a fire, and dishwasher. Bradley Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible are glad to have you with us today. I would appreciate your prayers of the Lord will use these broadcaster huge glory several months of always been particularly challenging, and certainly during this time of the pandemic. When so many lives are affected in a variety of ways need is great if you want us to continue on your local station.

We need to hear from greatly appreciate your support. Our grass is the Baptist Bible. Auerbach, 17 old, 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217. We can go to our website make a donation there at Baptist Bible our God. Today were going to begin bringing you a series entitled never alone. Our anniversary month in 2019. We made this packet available.

There are two CDs one is a sermon title never alone, and another is just a series of excerpts from sermons and songs in that theme we never use that on the air but decided to do it at the present during this challenging time. To which were living.

No doubt there are many who feel alone for variety of reasons, even if your attempting to go about life in the normal way so many things are changing that down deep inside can be. This sense of loneliness and to hear the promises that are in God's word concerning his lesson upon us in his assurance that we will never be alone can find hope so. I trust as we bring you the first part of this presentation today will be a blessing to you if you would like to get the packet with the two CDs requested by the title, never alone and we would appreciate your help in support of the program as we would send you then this packet never along the word lonely contains a pensive tone when you speak of being alone.

You may be thinking of a person who is depressed and feels deserted and may convey the idea of a person who was in a dangerous place because they have no one to protect them. It may also describe a person who through bad choices and sinful behavior is lost their family and friends, or it may describe a person who is in a dark place spiritually, the number of people living alone in the United States is increasing, it is not reported that over 27% of the population lives alone in some areas. The number reaches 67%.

Obviously many of those prefer to live alone or content but large numbers of people struggle with loneliness that can bring on a variety of challenges, concern for those struggling with loneliness has been the catalyst for the formation of a number of government programs to reach those who have developed emotional and health problem, it's possible to experience loneliness even when in a crowd of people. You may feel that others do not understand you do not really care about you do not desire your company. You can feel lonely when traveling a long distance from home, or even waking up in the night, when it seems that the morning will never come. I remember when I was in about the fourth grade friend of mine invited me to spend the night at his house. We rode the school bus there and had a good time playing outside for a couple of hours. Then I learned the bad news. His family went to bed before sundown was part of a family that was very active during the evening hours and that went to bed a little later than most. So when at my friends house. We were told to go to bed right after supper, I was troubled to say the least.

A friend was used to going to bed early and so he was soon asleep. I could hear him snoring in his bed across the room. I periodically peered out the window to check yes it was still light. Darkness finally came in as the night wore on, I suffered from a terrible feeling of loneliness. I wondered why I had agreed to come here wondered about what a good time.

My family was having at home. I thought the morning would never come. You may have felt lonely when on the sickbed or after a loved one died. You may have felt alone and felt the Lord had forgotten you when you prayed earnestly, and there was no answer but for the child of God.

The fact is, he is never alone when the promise God has given his children. Hebrews 13 verses five and six let your conversation be without covetousness and be content with such things as you have for PF said I will never leave the norm for safety so that we may boldly say the Lord is my helper and I will not fear what man shall do unto me never alone. I see I I gave me the evening a picture of what it means to feel alone is clearly painted on the pages of Scripture. The psalmist said I was a spiral alone upon the housetop.

I think of the little spiral alone subjected to the winds, the rain and the heat of the cold face of fast is thy mercy clean gone forever. Job said he hide himself on the right hand that I cannot see him. Jeremiah said, my hope is perished from the Lord. There is no time so dark and lonely is when you feel that the Lord has hidden his face that although these men traveled in the dark difficult place for time.

They all found relief when they turn to the Lord for help. They came to realize that they were never really alone. God was supporting them. All the while, after concluding for a moment that his hope was gone. Jeremiah said this, I recall to mind therefore have I hope it is of the Lord's mercies that they are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning great is thy faithfulness never alone in a message entitled the unspeakable gift.

I spoke about how the Lord is always with his people simply were to pass someone here today. Some of you who have been walking with Jesus long time for some of you. It's been 40 years. Some of the 50% of the 60 some of you set more. He would indeed say he's a friend that sticks closer than a brother is one who is never for second have been able to rely upon him been able to claim his promises been able to say I'm satisfied with Jesus hymn number 590 in our book says the longer I know my Savior the deer. He instantly the harder I tried to please him, the better. I want to be all wonderful matchless Jesus is child.

I shall always be the longer I know and love him.

The deer he is to me is not your experience longer.

I know and love him.

The theater he is yes you can say he has never for second when I stumbled, sometimes falling down when I've sometimes been sinking in the mire. He has lifted me up and as he gave me a non-he needed me encounter many trials and difficulties in life and we can have struggles with doubts, all of which can cause us to feel alone and wonder if God really cares psalmist David reached the conclusion that is a Psalm 142 no man cared for myself. You may have been in that plight somewhere along the way you are greatly discouraged your heart was heavy. He felt that no one understood basically no one cared for yourself that it had people say to me when they were talking about their extreme difficulties. I really think God cares never the person is extremely depressed. They reached the point where the say I don't care. Everything is in such a mess. I've been so disheartened friends and family. The marriage is in the mass. I've tried.

I've reached the point I don't care that obviously to be in that frame of mind is terminally detrimental and dishonoring to God, but David said no man cared for my soul. He then said, thou art my place. Sometimes it may be assumed that no one cares when that's not really the fact the case.

But if it were to be true. You're not without a hiding place, thou art my refuge and my portion in the land of the living in an easy and be in the E and D Psalm 55 verse 22 says cash time burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain.

He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved to the Lord encourages us to catch whatever that may be, no matter how heavy it is, no matter how long we have tried to carry it by ourselves. He says to cash the burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain but sometimes there is a question when a person is been traveling in the dark for a good while.

When the problems of life. It continued to mount. The question is does God care is a sense that God has forgotten me, but if you have travel background or if you're traveling it at the moment you're not clinching new territory.

Let's look at Psalm 77 of the seventh verse, will the Lord cast off forever and will he be faithful no more is his mercy clean gone forever.this promise fail forevermore have forgotten to be gracious, happy, and anger shut his tender mercies here that is the question, looking at my situation. Looking at how bleak the scene really is, don't see anything changing in a positive direction as the forecast off really never be faithful again is his mercy clean gone, gone, forgotten, to be gracious, but then verse 10 and I said this is my infirmity but I will remember the years of the right hand of the most high.

I will remember the works of the Lord, surely I will remember thy wonders of I will meditate.

Also all my work and talk all that I do so ASAP recognizes that as he has raised these questions, he could not possibly come to the conclusion Vincent fact God has forgotten to be gracious yet she has set up his tender mercies admit I sent this in infirmity in my haste I had thought through the hadn't considered every aspect of the matter, and so we have to recognize that when we raise these questions when we're in our seasons down feeling to be overwhelmed by the burdens of life that to draw the conclusion that God has forgotten and God doesn't care is absolutely incorrect and will you and you is you cash down when were trouble because we have drawn the wrong conclusion. It is a blessing to go to God's word and read the experiences of saints from long ago.

Sometimes that question is raise just because we do not know what God is doing. The way seems dark. Our circumstances are so entangled.

How could God be in this we go to the promise that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord of the called according to his purpose as I know that's what it says but I can't see it but just think of the experience of Jacob. Genesis chapter 42 verse 36 this is a difficult time. Jacob is under the impression that his well love son Joseph has been killed by wild beast, and Jacob, their father set of them may have the Marie of my children. Joseph is not an semen is not and he will take Benjamin away all these things are against certainly according to what he could see and understand, conclusion. Joseph is not dead city and is not been left back as a hostage in the take Benjamin always things are against how many times have you reach that conclusion. This is going wrong at school wrong right all these things are against what about the fact of the matter.

All of these things against Jake of us are not the first place. According to his best observation.

Joseph was dead. Joseph was timid wasn't in any danger he was in the safekeeping of Joseph. Nothing was falling apart.

Although it appeared to be content something in store for Jacob on the move down to Egypt where Joseph is, as the prime minister he's in charge of seeing to it that during the years of plenty that the grain restored up and he will administer the famine, one of blessed experience. What a happy reunion on that family was gathered together once more. See Jacob was making the statement that all these things are against me just because he didn't have all the facts. Haven't we sometimes made that mistake. Why did God let this situation touch my life. If God really love me. It looked like he would've spared me with them. Let this happen to me and all the while, God is at work bringing about something that is beyond our expectation. Unable to imagine what God has in store and what he intends to accomplish in a in a in and in and in in a message entitled an anchor of the soul. I spoke about the fact that the purpose of God is unchanging is purpose is unchanging.

No believer means to doubt that this salvation is sure it's because it relies on God's grace, not our works on his promise, not our effort on his not some agreement that we might attempt to make blessed assurance, Jesus is mine for states fully divine salvation, purchase of God's spirit walks out wonderful to have that assurance later that message I spoke about the uniqueness of our anchor anchor. This anchor of the soul certainly differs from those great ships anchor on the ship is let down so that the ship can be stabilized goes down deep and catches sometimes of rock or something in the debt totals the ship in place when the storms arranging in the Windsor back, but the unique thing about this so called within the veil. It secures us anchor of the soul gives us stability in the storms of life and the many storms that we encounter in the mind and the LED he is and believe me, today we brought you the first part of the presentation entitled never alone. If you would like to get the packet with two CDs a message with this title and also this presentation pressure letter to the Baptist Bible out Box 1737, Cincinnati, OH 45217 certainly appreciate your support quest. This special treat you at the same time tomorrow.

This is what Sharon Bradley Junior beating you goodbye and let God and all

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