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Learning In God’s School - Trouble - Pat 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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July 5, 2020 12:00 am

Learning In God’s School - Trouble - Pat 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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July 5, 2020 12:00 am

“It is good for me that I Have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes” (Psalm 119:71).

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About this Bible lower known comes to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior, pastor of the Cincinnati primitive Baptist Church will I and this share. Bradley Junior inviting you to stay tuned for another message of God's sovereign grace and the message we bring you today was preached. Cincinnati primitive Baptist Church on May 31. It was the first Sunday we were able to assemble after not being able to meet for several weeks spent a very difficult week for our country. The death toll from the 19 scholar past 100,000 been a struggling effort across the country to reopen businesses. Thousands are still without work, many are still waiting in long lines to receive food for their daily assessments to add to that picture seen the video played and replayed the Minneapolis policeman killing a black man. It was a horrible sight and brings deep grief think that such a thing would happen in America.

But then, in addition we've seen, privately owned display when riders destroyed over 170 businesses in Minneapolis and cause major damage in many cities including Cincinnati and with all the chaos and destruction really been very few strong words from governmental leaders to condemn this blatant violation of the law. So these are trying difficult times. The question for us to consider is how are we responding to the troubles which are touching our lives through trouble God teaches us it teaches us the true use of his word and how to apply the so we want to be sure to think biblically about our trouble. So let us look at Psalm 119, 471 it is good for me that I have been afflicted that I might learn by statutes good for me to be afflicted afflicted is not pleasant. Generally, it is it is difficult, but the psalmist says it is good for me purpose being that I might learn the aspects something to be learned in the time of trouble.

It's been several weeks since we been able to meet so I would ask what you learned during this time of worldwide trouble spin a trial for all of us. Basically every human being on the earth has been touched in some way by this pandemic. So what if you learned under these difficult circumstances. First of all, I trust that you have learned something about the importance of the church, God's plan that his people should meet together with thankful for the live streaming, but that's not a substitute it's important that we meet to sing the Pre-together worship together. Here, the preaching of the gospel together in acts chapter 2, verse 42 says that they, continuing daily with one accord in that time of the early church that not only on a weekly basis, but even on a daily basis and then in Hebrews chapter 10 verse 24 says and let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, is the manner of some is, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together. Course, it's been necessary to discontinue services for a time. The various opinions and ideas about people that we have been concerned that in some parts of the country that regulations have overstepped their bounds and infringed on religious liberty and that gives us concern, but the same time we are to respect authority government didn't come about. Just by man's ingenuity. It came about by divine decree is the purpose of God that there should become, and that we should respect those that have the rule over us ever want to do that as long as our liberty to serve God and honor humans not infringed upon. So God would have us to meet together and it's notable that it says we are to consider one another to the matter of coming together.

The assembly of saints is not just something for your own personal well-being might say on a given Sunday.

That is still quite feel up to on Monday you would let that stand in the way about going to work but on Sunday shed.

It's unthinkable to go today or maybe even course pharmacy. I don't think I need to go but they says to consider one another. Your presence means something mean something to your pastor that means something to other members of the congregation let us consider one another to provoke how the word provoke is generally gaze with a negative connotation today. But this simply means to inspire, to encourage, to motivate, to love and good works. You want to be actively involved in encouraging others, encouraging them in a loving way. Love one another, encouraging them in the matter of good works, so we must not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, need to be together. It's God's plan for us.

The church is a body and we are therefore connected with each other. First Corinthians chapter 12, again reading in the 24th verse, first Corinthians 1224 but God had to put the body together that there should be no schism in the body, but that the members should have the same care one for another, is a member of the church were not to be selfish, not just me thinking about our own problem. Harold leaves her own circumstances, we should have the same care one for another, and whether one member suffer all the members suffer with it. So if there is one who is sick with concern for that person want to pray for the if one is going through a difficult time. We want to be sympathetic with that. Want to be concern for them in such a way that we can help them administer to that we want to do that all the members suffer. If one suffers and one be honored. All members should rejoice that can be a little difficult for some people the person as the attitude have Been left out on so many things in life, other people and had it much easier not have see somebody honored somebody bless about a favorite stud rejoicing and if you feel a little envious says I don't talk to be that if one member is honored, all members should rejoice with it. Now he are the body of Christ, and members in particular. So you see, where are not on the do-it-yourself plan where part of the body, and since we been scattered for these past few weeks. It may have been a little more difficult to remember your part of this body is a part of this body, you need to be concerned about what is going on as far as the direction of this church were interacting with each other. We are part of the body. The body of Christ, and each member has a responsibility to the other slack I trust that being separated for these weeks may do evermore aware of what a blessing the church use.

What a blessing it is to be together or blessing it is to be able to know the where concerned about each other and praying for each other more. I'm sure that you've learned that all plans are subject to God's prophets and that amazing how God interrupted millions and millions of plans that one little virus that you can't even see James chapter 4 rating of the 13th verse go to now he that say today or tomorrow we will go into such a city and continue their year and by himself and get gain, whereas you know not actually on the morrow after nothing wrong with going to another city. There's nothing wrong with buying and selling, but he says you don't know what's going to be on tomorrow. Any plans that you might have to be made with the understanding and subject to God's will, whatever he has in store for me. You know not what shall be on the morrow. What is your life. It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. Life is short. Psalm 90 says teach us to number our days, we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. We can't know the exact number, but we know that it they are but few so we want to use the days we have the best advantage to the glory of God. Oh how fragile life is when you think that there have been 100,000 people die in this country from this virus does not bring that home forcibly that life is fragile, so you want to say if the Lord will we shall live and do this or that, but now you rejoice in your postings and all such rejoicing is vain other words, if you feel very secure and self-sufficient in yourselves and you can make your plans additional adamantly.

This is what I'm gonna do nothing possibly change and he says that kind of boasting is evil. You have it recognize that you are subject to God's providence in all things method nothing wrong with planning his many examples of good planning in Scripture. Nehemiah such a great example of it before he went back to build the walls of Jerusalem. He planned it got the approval of the King to be able to go to start with and then maybe cut down tumor out of the king's forest. When he got there, and Jesus plan as he was looking toward the Last Supper until about securing the room and getting the donkey that he would ride on when he came into Jerusalem the right to plan ahead. But when you plan you understand this whole subject to God's divine soft and I must be surrendered to kids will sometimes what our plans are disrupted brings great disappointment sometimes tremendous inconvenience, but we still have to bow even in the words of the old hymn, God moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform the plants his footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm so surely we've all learned how fragile life is, and that all plans are subject to the sovereignty of God. For the moment learned that man and money cannot fix every problem as a truth lay down in Scripture very often.

One of the big Isaiah chapter 31 the first verse woe to them that go down to Egypt for help.

Egypt has become symbolic of the world in Scripture. So it indicates you go around the world for help to depend upon the world, instead of depending upon God is a problem. Woe to them to go down to Egypt for help and staying on horses and trust in chariots because they are many that day was a large army.

There were many chariots of many horses leader that army thought secure so sometimes God's people would look down the Egypt looked down the these other pagan nations and think we go there for help because they've got what's necessary to be able to defend us so he says they looked elitist chariots and for the horses because they are many. Because they are very strong, but they are not under the holy one of Israel looking to an army looking to horses and chariots. Instead of looking to their God, neither seek the Lord they don't look dependable if they don't even seek him. Now the Egyptians are fences put this in perspective. These men look strong.

That army looks very capable of winning the battle, but that this land there not God, and the horses a flash and not spirit of the Lord shall stretch out his hand. He that shall fall and feel it is open shall fall down and they shall follow them together so he says you go around Egypt for help when the Lord stretches out his arm. Those who try to help you with all I knew who went there for help will fall you all fall down together. We've certainly learned in these recent days that the experts don't always agree with its predictions about the number of deaths for decision about whether your order wear a mask or not romance or numerous other things those to whom people are looking for advice and counsel and guidance have proven that they are frail human beings, not attempting to discredit any sincere honest people who are in those fields that are working diligently and trying to do their best and simply saying this that you cannot depend completely upon men.

Their observations their conclusions and so we can see that on one occasion, there might be some very positive information and then somebody refutes that the next day and it leaves you in the state of confusion. There can be no absolute guarantee regarding the development of the vaccine. Glad many different companies. Research laboratories are working on. We pray that there will be something that will be developed soon. Whether or not there will be one that will work or the timetable that it's all on certain and one thing that has troubled me.

We've heard very few references in all this to our need for God's help, because in many circles today just to mention God in a particular dimension, faith in Jesus Christ is greatly frowned upon, but I think what a contrast, think back when I was a young boy in the second world war was raging. We were made keenly aware of the wars going on the daily newspaper seem to care nothing but stories about what was happening on the battlefield and went to school we were asked by little books of saving stamps which will be converted to a war bond to help financial the rest go out in the fields and look for scrap iron and bring it to school, so it would be turned in to the material needed for pack. The air raid warden came to our house and gave us instructions about what we should do for a brown or black capped it go to church. There was panel up on the wall with stars one panel for the stars of men who were in the military and the other stars of those good been killed.

The point I make is that you can get away from.

There was no television. The newscast on radio was constantly focus on what's happening in the war but as a result of that, there was an overall feeling we need God's help and then take Smith's well-known song was frequently heard God bless America land that I love stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above. The people saying that without being ashamed or embarrassed be heard on the radio frequently crime God bless America is ever been a time that we need for God to bless America Dave which were living. We need his help. So surely has the problems not only linger from the virus, but these new problems with the rioting arrives, we need desperately God's intervention that I trust that during this time. You've learned to be considerate of those who disagree with you may encounter people in your own family in the workplace or church that disagree. Some people are very much committed to the idea that a mask is necessary. Other people say I heard that it's detrimental under certain circumstances and not wanting to do with some would argue that the governor has gone too far.

Some would say he hasn't gone far enough along the discussions can go. But as Christians understand always agree on it with. So it brings to mind the admonition of Ephesians chapter 4 verse 32 that you heard me quote so many times and the E kind one to another time you hear the other person that your kind you don't withdraw.

Follow because you disagree you try to talk through it graciously. Jesus said in Matthew chapter 22 verse 39,000 love thy neighbor as thyself, so that you love your neighbor even when you disagree disagreement at home can be particularly challenging disagreement at work and be difficult under certain circumstances and to get the idea at church. Everybody would agree on everything, the sorely disappointed because reading that down given in the New Testament of all those churches to whom the apostle wrote you find there were disagreements, but we have to learn to love each other.

Love your neighbor as yourself, and then hopefully you've learned how much he needs the Lord to tremble. Surely I have no net of a life or have known that very definitely for many years but I would say that this crisis surely has caused all of this to know beyond any question how desperately we need the Lord on a daily basis in every detail of life. We need the strength that he can provide. We need the courage we need the whole we need the wisdom that only he can give his promises that if any man lacked wisdom, let him ask of God, give us liberty in the brain thought and not felt during this time. Yes I do need wisdom. I'm not sure what's the best friend I don't know what to do about this issue that he is promised to give you wish and that wisdom is going to be utilized as you study his word and you learn the truth that is there.

That's a great need to understand the teaching of God's word usually have recognized the importance of prayer. That prayer has been an integral part of your life for many years since the time the Lord touched you and saved you that you pray right by this situation that's faced around the world faced in our nation and even the challenge of trying to see that our church moves forward in service God an acceptable way to all of this, we need prayer. We need to pray for one another.

Pray for those that have rule over us. Pray for our president and our governor Marion all who are in places of authority. Making decisions that have an impact on our lives be praying for Lisa some things that turn out all of us have learned to some degree, but maybe there's some other things we learn that fully or haven't learned it all and need to learn one thing is just another reminder you've heard over and over again, but God teaches us in his school of trouble. Our text said it was good for me that I was afflicted God had a purpose it. God was teaching myself. God teaches us he takes us into his school, a school of trouble and teaches us is in trouble that we truly learn to depend on the promises of God.

We say we believe his promises.

You may have memorized some of his promises, but my in these times when the burden can be so heavy. Some people really struggle with the fact that they been isolated. They feel a great sense of loneliness are not able to get out and go be with people and communicate the thing victim of the passionate extreme difficult. Well, the promises of God become even more rich than at any other time. Psalm 50 verse 15 and call unto me in the day of trouble.

I will deliver the and thou shalt glorify what we do in the day of trouble. Human nature may be to complain about the frustrated back to become depressed over but were instructed in the time of trouble with to call upon the Lord as we looked at in a text a few weeks ago with years of present help in the time of trouble. It's through trouble and affliction that we are chastened talked chastisement is discipline. It's it's working in our life by the blessing of the Holy Spirit of God to train us to teach us Psalm 94 verse 12 Blessed is the man whom thou chase this old Lord and teaches him out of hello ma'am it is chastened of God is blanched.

Remember when I was little: father would say when he was applying the rod. This hurts me worse than it does you. I am leaving for Andrew that he was inflating the play. I was feeling well. It's hard to believe that when God chastens his children it's with only love them is determined to change their outlook, their attitude, train them to be submissive and obedient to him. He he. We brought to the first part of the message entitled learning in God school of trouble you would like to get the complete message on CD requested when writing us in until next week. At the same time with the Lord richly bless you be the Baptist Bible hour is come to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior, president of the Cincinnati primitive Baptist Church address all mailed to the Baptist Bible hour Cincinnati, OH 45217.

That's the Baptist Bible hour Cincinnati, OH 45217

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