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Unto Us a Child is Born

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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December 5, 2021 7:00 am

Unto Us a Child is Born

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Read your Bibles and let's go to the old part of the book. The prophet of Isaiah chapter 9. If you been around a while you know that I love the preach on the biblical text narratives that deal with the incarnation have a lot of messages. 20 maybe maybe more probably more because of for instance many times but even though I've dealt with this section.

That is the prophecy of the menu well child. Many times this is a brand-new message. I just started meditating on sections of it.

Some weeks ago and put this together they could take two installments to cover this together. I've entitled this unto us a child is born, unto us a child is born. Isaiah chapter 9 beginning in verse six just two versus verses six and seven, the prophet writes to Judah, the godly remnant King Ahaz their king, and he says for the child will be born to us, a son will be given to us and the government will rest on his shoulders's name will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal Father, Prince of peace and there will be no end to the increase of his government or of peace on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and uphold it with justice and righteousness from then on and forevermore the seal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this now when contemplating the Old Testament prophecies we must not take that narrative that prophecy and run off with it with no consideration for what it meant to the original audience.

It was given to something I learned in graduate school was that when looking at Old Testament prophecies of Christ, you must know there was a meaning for the people of that day even though the ultimate meaning is in Christ, so will talk about in this introduction and not given the introduction, the title, the godly remnant is terrified and the Emmanuelle child prophecy unfold's the godly reminisce terrified in the Emmanuelle prophecy unfold. So there's almost always a temporal partial fulfillment of the prophecy for the time it was written even though there's always the ultimate full fulfillment in Christ and you need to see both understand and get all that God has for us nine Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14 in this three chapter so text that deals with the Emmanuelle child. God said to King Ahaz and Judah. Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, a virgin will be with child, and bear son, and she will call his name Emmanuelle will have time to unpack everything that could be unpacked, but the word for virgin is a word that in Hebrew usage throughout antiquity almost always submit a young girl of non-marrying age but in historical documents. Occasionally it would be used for a woman who was married to could have children but did not.

Just like God because Isaiah's wife had children and they fit this prophecy by the fallen ultimate fulfillment could only be in Christ.

So God in his wisdom through the Godhead person of the Holy Spirit gave us the word, the one Hebrew word that could give us both. Only God can do stuff like that.

So there is a temporal practical fulfillment of this prophecy for the people to whom it was originally written list talk about that for a moment let's get a broad sweep of the historical context. At this point Israel is divided there is the northern kingdom which represents the apostasy it represents the counterfeit church. Those who have some religious observance, but are not the real thing in our day and I got this term from Dr. John MacArthur. I believe I greet them fully.

A lot of congregation today that are so far from the biblical truth of being a church. We have to call them non-churches will that's that's what the northern kingdom represents. It has split off and it represents the counter fits the apostate the nonchurch and then of course there's the southern kingdom called Judah, headed by King Ahab's. It represents the godly remnant if you will the true church now not having arrived as the text points out still needing to grow. Still needing repentance still struggle with her faith, but nevertheless it was God's godly remnant that what has happened is there's great enmity between the northern kingdom which is called Israel. At this point in the southern kingdom of Judah, the godly remnant and the northern kingdom has formed an alliance with Syria not Syria, but was Syria to invade Judah, the godly remnant and they want to conquer Judah occupied Judah and take King Ahaz off the throne. He put a puppet king in his place. Well, the people have learned about King Ahaz knows well about this alliance between the northern kingdom and Syria and he knows one of their armies are sufficient to conquer them.

But now combined together in alliance he feels like they're doing so King Ahaz is terrified and is people with it is Isaiah's chapter 7 verse two tells us when it was reported to the house of David. That's another way of saying Judah.

The Aramaeans have Capt. Ephraim's heart and the hearts of his people shook as the trees of the forest shake with the William just shaking shaking with fear and anxiety which S is two armies earned Literally at the gate will over the weeks and months maybe even years leading up to this inevitable invasion of the northern kingdom and Syria into Judah. Two very important things have been transpiring to very opposing things to very antagonistic thing's polar opposites will talk about one of the things have been going on as a hazardous. It is people are terrified about this invasion will talk about the second one thing is what God's been up to God through the prophet Isaiah has been strongly I could say continually and strongly encouraging and warning Judah to not fear those Army's. I am with you. Emmanuelle God is with you. Trust me. Just trust me I am the God of this remnant and I am with you and I'm with you not to judge you.

I mix with you, not to condemn you. I am with you to save you. Trust me, well, King Ahaz though has fallen off the cliff. King Ahaz has fallen into fearful unbelief. But God keeps telling Hammond's throughout the text here Ahaz and this is that the prophet Isaiah, why are you worried about the King of the northern kingdom, Israel and the king of Syria this for Bill like to destroy you. Don't you know the heads of those countries are mere men, don't you know God uses figurative know to me that just up a couple of smoldering firebrands, that's it. That's a lot of this been on the fire for many many hours it is diminished almost nothing. There's no flame, no heat left in them just a little smoke coming. God says, I have been told they are to me there's nothing to update God is with you. Trust will be free to those King's. Oh God does something very unusual. He takes a very unusual approach to encouraging Ahaz and Judah instead of God, showing Ahaz and Judah something of an outward display of his might. In his power and his wisdom, he shows them aside of seemingly weakness and vulnerability. Isaiah 72. His future son of virgin will be with child.

I'm sure King Ahaz baby son good me I need I need about 300,000 man army, God's prophet tells me this baby is my son that I have salvation and deliverance in our text is reiterated. The child is born does Isaiah 96 son is given to us.

King Ahaz and the little remnant Judah is terrified because these two mighty armies are literally encamped at the gate to destroy them to occupy them to remove the king in God's choice of assigned is that he will save them. He will protect them, he will deliver them.

The sign is. It's a paradox, is it not as powerful. I'll unpack a lot more. This is we get to the actual text.

Next week, if God did say my ways are higher than your ways, my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. And in the New Testament letter to the Corinthians.

If you take man's best wisdom that's awful The God when he says that the opposite way. If you could even say part of God's wisdom is foolish, even that would be wiser than the wisest man's wisdom baby that your salvation, so we have this temporal practical fulfillment of the prophecy the child prophecy that a child will be born into these children. God will be expressing to you.

God is with you and I'm with you not to judge you not to continue. I'm with you to save you. So here King Ahaz is he's he's pacing the palace grounds.

He's he's wringing his hands.

The it can't be still and he goes out across Judah and checked his garrisons and soldiers in this fortress isn't particularly he's watching his water supply because in those days. The quickest way to destroy people to cut off the water making churches security could be he's just worried and anxious and he everywhere Ahaz goes he keeps running into the preacher Isaiah, God's prophet and Isaiah would let you know I bumped the unfeeling inns of the visit and the text. I'm feeling it okay Isaiah would say has had you seen my baby boy's. I'm sure Ahaz yes yes preacher appreciate you not thinking for what you're doing but would buy but I got a lot of them on here Noto King had you seen my boys, here's my first boy's name is Shira Tatian here takes it means a remnant will remain as his name and everywhere Isaiah goes, he's got this baby boy and the baby. That's it.

What's his name. Isaiah, a remnant shall remain the child God saying I'm with you will be stored on will keep a remnant Isaiah had another child you remember him.

His name is May her shell out but you have a son would unite him make her shell has been so everywhere. Ahaz goes his legend Isaiah does is it that you say mother baby boy he just been born. His name is May. Her shell has been swept to the plunder speedy to the spoil.

That's what that translates swift to the plunder speedy to the spoil. Here's the message the written it's going to remain and speedily and swiftly God's going to destroy those armies and makes full of them will that's what's going on so these babies are.

If you will symbols children but symbols to the nation and the king God is with us, save us if we trust him with us. One thing that's going on okay are you with me.

No member of the testis get the gist of it. God's been telling him what he meant to remind them. Trust me, I'm with you and not for judgment or condemnation.

I'm with you to save you figure something else. As Bingle called those in the text. This been going on probably quite a while. We don't hello with that is that King Ahaz of Judah, the godly remnant has already compromised. He's not trusting in God, he's decided he will put his trust in Assyria, not Syria.

That's another country working with the northern kingdom but a Syria. He's made an alliance with Assyria. The mightiest nation in the world that they read the Chronicles of history, including the Scriptures, the Syrians were bloodthirsty violent conquerors. There's no one they took all that they didn't marks right through like a hot knife through butter. King Ahaz instead of trusting God he was with them, but I'm going to make an alliance with pagan Assyria to protect Judah is what he did.

So every time King Ahaz goes out there and shaking the water supplied the fortresses in the garrisons and whatever it might be in full of terror and anxiety. He sees Isaiah's voice again remnant shall remain swift will be the plunder. Speedy will be the small of those enemies believe in God, trust in him. He's with us he's convicted deep in his heart as he knows he's already compromised. Sorry, put his faith in Assyria not in God. So with Isaiah. The dominoes are falling but there falling in the wrong direction. One things building upon another King Ahaz through the facet Isaiah King Ahaz's is in a hole digging a ditch.

It just keeps asking for more shovels outback up in a brief overview God's continuing to give his remnant Judah through the prophet words of assurance that he is with them and then we come to chapter 9 and here in chapter 9 verses six and seven. The particular the prophet makes an amplification and expansion of this prophecy about a child, a virgin shall and will be guitar. Isaiah 96 and he gives this expanded version. This expanded explanation of this salvation child. He lays out a description of this great saving person this coming that can only be fulfilled by divine person a divine being. He gives a descriptive of this child now I can only have one possible interpretation of that is this fat points to Jesus. So not only does Judah have a message through Isaiah's boys relevant for their day. The prophet says. And beyond that, there's coming another child who is really God incarnate, he's the ultimate fulfillment of the Immanuel child prophecies.

He's the final fulfillment of the menu well child prophecies and this one spoke of love in Isaiah chapter 9 verses six and seven is that child who will come who will give encouragement and assurance and security to all of God's people in all of God's church of all the ages because he is the son of God, not the sons of Isaiah. We look at there again that shares for child will be born to us, a son given to us and the government will rest on his shoulders's name will be called wonderful Counselor body God the eternal Father, Prince of peace, no end of the increase of his government or peace becomes on the throne of David Phillips to uphold it and establish it with justice and righteousness and is going to last forever more. And the zeal of the Lord of the hosts will accomplish is only Jesus was that props now the others you can see how Isaiah's boys could fit but here it makes it clear there's another one coming essay due church this morning. There's another one coming. There's another one coming, he's just not a king among kings. He's the king of all kings.

He is not just the Lord of lords. Here's the Lord of lords getting in the next weeks. Part of the message.

Well, we come to that final amplified part of the text where the Immanuel child prophecy can only point to Jesus Christ and listen to me church and the one extremely glorious truth of the manual. Prophecy is this God is with us. But don't stop there. God is with us and not to judge us not to condemn us, but save us is when I have some thought about because you say throughout the ages, particularly among the Jews of antiquity just to say God was with us wasn't necessarily good news because right now the justice of God, they know the law of God and the ordinances of God and they all knew they fell short little God may be with us to judge us. But that's not what this message is know for context. When Christ returns at the end of time. You know what the world will have God with us is going to come back God will be with us but on that day he will be with mankind in wrath and retribution against all of those who spurned his name and rejected his free offer of salvation brothers and sisters, is it not amazing that when men are offered the free gift God came among the city as a free gift that when men are all for that free gift of salvation.

So many will spurned that offer would not embrace that free gift, but turn to embrace sin that will enslave and destroy them the powerful parallel in our narrative of that because King Ahaz and Judah again. Instead of believing in God's free offer of deliverance and salvation. They instead did not believe and trust in God but trusted in the Syria and as the Bible narrative points out the Assyria that they trusted him to defend them will turn on them and almost completely destroyed them.

The biblical text says that the muddy Euphrates waters. And that's the great river in the Syria and that those waters were known during the wet season the flood and spread everywhere and God's prophet takes that analogy brings it over and says the muddy Euphrates Assyria that you trusted the waters go to flow is going to come all boy up to the net of you Emmanuelle can come almost completely smother you out if you trusted in them. That's what you get member builds illustration of the little girl that was on the path heading toward home.

She lived on Donna narrow mountain passage back to her cottage and the temperature is falling rapidly and she looks down and she sees a snake.

It is just kinda stiff there in the cold and snakes little girl pick me up and just pick me up put me on your cloak you just warming up.

That's all morning she picked him up to put him under her cloak 58 minutes passed. She felt the piercing pain the veins of that poisonous viper in her side. She think that snake off and put on the ground as I trusted you told me just want me to warm you up in the sexy little girl. You know what I was when you pick me up King Ahaz knows what he's doing when he got out his iPhone and rang up so macro been Assyria. I will make an alliance, you protect us and he turns to destroy them. That's what happens if you're here today and you're not trusting Christ you're not settling your faith in Christ you're pushing the free gift away in Europe by embracing Assyria and only destruction can follow that was reminder since God has not come among us for wrath and retribution. But in the fullness of grace. He comes to us in the fullness of love. He comes to us flying to us on the wings of redemption is the Christmas story. The old songwriter wrote he saw me plunged in deep despair and flew to my relief for me. He bore the shameful cross and carried all my grief godly Simeon was at the temple and Jesus is been born a little while, but he still small input and they bring Jesus to the temple for his dedication godly Simeon takes baby Jesus in his arms. He looks at Jesus and as Luke chapter 2 verse 30 says he says for my eyes have seen your salvation, that baby is the salvation of God and that baby is God with us early on in my ministry. We talk a lot about the plan of salvation and the not saying that's totally wrong. He does mostly is brothers and sisters. Our hearts and our focus does not need to be on the plan of salvation.

It needs to be on the man of salvation. Simeon did look at Jesus and say all the one that will teach us how to get there he set off the one that gets us there. I have seen the salvation of God out. So the wondrous glorious Christmas messages. This God is with us, wondrous, glorious message God is with us, not for judgment, not for condemnation but for salvation. It will just receive no some conclusions for practical application about that some CPA's those to you and God okay for you and God moment here right now. What is your Assyria.

What is your Assyria.

I think in improper topology. Here we I don't mean we struggle with bear stands and I did have the right attitude my wife yesterday and I should've done this with the teachers who whatever and that's true. You got there with those things. But Assyria means that one big thing that's taking the place in your life of God are too many of you parents your Syrians your children one day that will disappoint you once said when our babies are little they stand on our toes when they're older they stop on our hearts. Sure we love our babies with all our hearts, but our joy is God and our purpose is God and our hope is God, not her children so maybe think that you got where you are to be financially and you're just really had a good spot. That's wonderful.

Nothing wrong with that unless it becomes Assyria just a God, thank you for that bank account.

Thank you that safe.

Again, thank you for those investments. Lord, I want to tell you I'm grateful for that.

But you are my security and you are my hope and you are my joy. On and on we could go.

What is that thing that you're looking to other God is, it will pass from we live in a real world and is hard. No snow hard for you that is anybody else strengthens 1013 says no temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man is always common things. God is faithful will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able with the temptation of Herat, a way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it. That is not give yourself fully over to it.

You might step toward it which are to be every country get back out of it along your journey businessman why student whoever God gave you little shaking. To remind you these things can be all taken away. Don't trust him.

Syria Boston God child of God. Number two is that your fear and anxiety due to misplaced trust. Once at one time that anxiety and fear just indicates your assuming responsibilities. God didn't give you your saving take care of something and that's not what God's assignment for you.

So many of you take the clear teachings of Scripture for your place in life, and without even thinking about or knowing it.

You just cut a check a few boxes also known as snowmobile here for my energies and what I like the Syria trust, trusting God is for your heart in energies and centering what God sees your calling and religious husband-wife mother, father, student, employer employee is clear teachings it if you trust God you get excited about what God says to do in your energies in your heart and your emphasis is there but if talking. If you just to get that I a wink and I'm not in then you go to things you're interested in what you're saying is I don't trust you, God, you're not smart enough know what I need to give my heart Assyria, not our fears and anxieties because of misplaced trust brothers and sisters balance.

We all have some fears we all have some anxieties but we all must be repentance let something become a stronghold. I got a do you like he had to do. King Ahaz of the text tells us text tells us that God did to score the northern kingdom God to destroy Syria.

They didn't get them, but Assyria turned on him and ruined. Keep embracing Assyria Ruland is in your future. Here's the good thing about God are you listening God's the God of the second chance and the third chance in the fourth chance chance is not too late, you're not too old tired) hoping and Assyria is a God back to you. In fact, that's the pattern of the Christian life. I just want some of you to quit being way way way way over here in the Syria. I want to catch you about right here.

Did you repeat it back under God. I was going to spend some time in Philippians 467874 Samuel 1522, but time is kind of short. But let me suffice it this way, all rights to the Philippians, and he says rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice when you saying dwell on God look to God and what God has prescribed for you through his word for your energies there and rejoice in God's roles for you and God's will for you, so was God's will is what's in the Bible. Rejoice in that you won't have time to dwell on the stove that ultimately is going to ruin you. You understand child of God. He picked you up before eternity started. He wants you to be happy no way to keep you happy is to keep you holy rejoice in him dwell on him, not on the Syria. By the way Syria was a filthy place filthy and vile and immoral and perverse. Does like United States of I hope to not out there are homes, not out there are securities not out there looking for six reminds us to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Be dangerous. Nothing means. I am through with this worry and fear. I'm going to throw my faith on God and recommit myself to get out of my life. The second, it may be nave off their evil because I made him first secondary think I'm pushing on the side. I will commit again to rejoice and and trust what God called me to be into and then I'm going to push things audio way and then if something is troubling me steel and will say God would you remove it by prayer was supplication. He says in Philippians 4.would you remove it.

But if you do not all rejoice in you through it is for seven good but that what up guys and the peace of God, which surpasses comprehension. So guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, if you will walk in that pattern. God will give you the peace that the resources it surpasses comprehension because the people who don't know Christ and don't walk with him think you're crazy. How could you be happy when he's doing that to you. How could you be happy when she's done that to you. How could you be happy we are bosses.

This is not because you're not looking to him or her. The boss you're looking to God. There Syria look to God and he gives you been using the stimulus stimulus and timing to me if you have never got to the point where God could unleash on you. The piece which surpasses comprehension to you so I don't have it you never known for not getting you got salvation, but you don't have the peace of God that goes with it. Ahaz had to believe the prophet and not trust the Syria number three stop this honoring God by trusting in the Syria are you walking the on billboard that God has failed you. Are you a walking flashing sign that God has not taken care of you because your whining and your fearful your grumbling and your anxious to start saying to the world. Christian and Johnny what he said he was switching to balance the times and brothers and sisters, one of the troubled and hurting.

We need somebody praying with us and just encourages a man some of you might lifestyle pattern out of embracing Assyria in my lifestyle pattern and of Isaiah and for anxiety and fear and worry and you are the billboard pronouncing God's inadequacies for you. Think about that child of God preaching her brother Jeff this morning to preach to the little preach to me saying at 1214 is a good illustration of this. David's committed the public scandalously and in the provinces. However, because by this deed you've given an occasion for the enemies of the Lord, to blaspheme the people who don't know God are now scoffing and laughing at our God because of your public display that God is what you been living out and he's not. Number four last one.

Are you in the northern kingdom. You've got the label Christian some external religious habits and motions your apostate your counterfeit not lit yet truly saved and God send you the door of grace. God send you the Christmas message. This childish godliness, God with us. There is with us, not to condemn, not to judge but to save you earned him if you will not embrace the Christmas gift.

The child given to you for salvation, then you must endure the wrath of the sun at his return. Revelation 615 through 17 is the same child that first came not to judge or condemn, but give us a free gift. He comes again, and here's what the text says Revelation 615 and the kings of the earth and the great men in the commanders. Your great man you're going be there for not saved the commanders in the ranch and the strong, and every slave and free man. What did they do they get themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains and they said to the mountains and the rocks following us and hide us from the presence of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb great day of the wrath is come, and who is able.

On this day he's not God with us as a little baby given to say on this day he returns on a cradle but don't throw crush all those who rejected his free Salvation. Remember the Christmas message God is with us not to judge not to condemn, can I get a man right there, but to save us. If you turn to him, earned him and say, oh, you sinners seek his grace is wrath. You cannot bear lead to the shelter of the cross, and find salvation. There

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