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The Priority of Prayer

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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March 1, 2020 7:00 am

The Priority of Prayer

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Grab your Bible.

So let's go to James tonight will finish James tonight. I don't know what I'll do without James on Sunday night's been enjoyable to me in the enlightening to me to go through this book again and as I come to these last verses. I'll have to confess to you that I'm totally change my opinion on what they mean.

Let me preface it by saying this section of James where he talks about your sick was that the translation of the word we have in the text, and the elders will know what them with oil and pray over them and the prayer faithful.

He only knows, things are just completely changed my viewpoint on that understand that this is the text of Scripture that good men who are conservative God-fearing scholars could have differences of opinion here. Okay, we still love each of the BRI. I do know what what our staff's opinion is I don't have any idea. Anyway here we go.

James chapter 5 as he closes out. He emphasizes prayer emphasizes praying for one another and helping one another through difficulties. As you might expect a pastor would speak to his people and closing out his letter to the verse 13 James chapter 5 is anyone among you sick that he must call for the elders of the church and they are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer offered in faith which restore the one who is sick and the Lord will raise him up if he's committed since they will be forgiven him. Never confess your sins one to another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed.

Effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. Elijah was a man with a nature like ours and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months that he prayed again in the sky poured rain and the earth produced its fruit of brethren, if any of you strays from the truth and one turns him back, let him know that he turns a sinner from the Erebus way will save his soul from death will cover a multitude of sins.

Now also talking about prayer I notice. First of all, the supplication mentioned here and how we all ought to bring our supplication before the Lord. That is a humble and earnest entreaty before God. Verse 15 he talks about Zetia, if any among you is suffering. I think that's a very broad application there any and every burden or difficulty or trial or heartache. What is causing your suffering and casted upon the Lord, met Frank keep your Bible ribbon her finger in James five liquid at the Psalms with the right quick Psalm 57 Psalm 57.

Beginning in verse one. Be gracious to me.

Oh God, be gracious to me for my soul takes refuge and in you and in the shadow of your ring wings.

I will take refuge until destruction passes by I will cry out to God.

Most the God who accomplishes all things for me. He will sent from heaven and save me. He reproaches him who tramples upon me.

God will send forth his lovingkindness and his truth.

My soul is among the liens I must lie among those who breathe forth fire. Even the sons of men whose teeth are spears and arrows and their tongue a sharp sword be exalted above the heavens of God and let your glory be above all the earth. They have prepared a net for my steps.

My soul is bowed down, they dug a pit before me. They themselves has fallen into the midst of it. One thing that I learned early in my Christian pilgrimage that the Psalms is a great thing to pray through go to the book of Psalms in May when you're suffering and when you're going through difficult, especially unjust mistreatment or unkind situations or unfair things praying for the Psalms to me is a great protection from the sin of bitterness and resentment and anger, and retaliation. Take your suffering, take your heartache to the Lord and take it to the Psalms you might just do like three Psalms a morning or you might find the songs of of of suffering in their scholars and continue which bozos are and pray those out before the Lord, some 46 verse one. Since God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble.

Jeremiah 1619, Lord, my strength and my stronghold and my refuge in the day of distress. So take it to the Lord poured out to him.

Don't grumble about those who do not have the hardship you have.

Don't complain about those who may have a better place than you have.

At least it appears be careful, the careful judging something you don't know much about. Sometimes the veil is pulled back and you realize say they had issues.

I never dreamed that they have troubles. I never understood that they don't grumble about someone who may have it better and don't blame God for it. Don't accuse God of unjustly or unfairly treating he's accomplishing something in your life for his glory and for your good. He knows what he's doing.

James 15. Early in my and my Christian pilgrimage.

I clung to this verse and it is an active part. I don't think of these eggs I drink and say my everyday life. If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of God gives to all men generously without approach reproach you come to situation.

It's troubling and it's discouraging and it's difficult just go to God. God give me wisdom. Here's what I mean by that God let me see this the way you see it give me the capacity to see this as you see it. I don't just look at it through my motions. I want to look at it through the lens of divine wisdom. So, bring our supplications are humble and earnest entreaties before the Lord. Now, as we look at this and they were to he begins by talking about suffering these about the sick, and I will talk about what that word means. In a moment, but some they were going through lots of difficult trials singularly persecutions for their faith. And on top of that they got to biting and devouring one another they got to the hardened hearts.

One told the other day, they were not loving and helping brothers and sisters when they were hungry sometimes. Or when they need a place to stay, or close to where they were beginning to show partiality toward the rich.

I guess thinking that would help them with their plight had a lot of difficulties with a lot of struggling and suffering and James Connor brings his the spinal admonitions in here I think to encourage them and put them on a better track. The first of all, supplication, a humble and earnest entreaty God is number two celebration IA as celebratory a praise in our worshipis a here verse 13 B gives the other side of the coin first since anyone suffering that he must pray.

Is anyone cheerful he's to sing praises scholars to list this word for singing praise includes musical instruments, along with singing and so we notice that God is good to us. He balances our lives. As someone says he gives us hours of suffering, but he gives us days of singing I really do believe if you'll think it through prayerfully, you have far far more to praise the Lord about that.

You have to complain about other stuff to complain about. If we let herself complain that are difficult seasons, but he gives us hours of suffering, but he gives us days of singing. I wonder if if you do you really praise him for the good stuff. I mean not actually as far as history is concerned. Christians habit had as well as Christians in America. The last few generations in any other time. We just done better. We've had more. We had less persecution, less difficulties, less attacks against us on her face and that's for American Christians, not the Christians in places like certainly that the Middle East or China.

And those complexes. We have a lot to praise the Lord for even during our difficult seasons.

We can go to the Lord was supplication.

Listen to me go to the Lord was supplication because were hurting and before you know it will end up in celebration supplication first then something back to the Psalm again.

Psalm 57 and let's look at the last part of that Psalm is the psalmist continues on. He says in verse seven of Psalm 57. My heart is steadfast.

Oh God, my heart is steadfast. I will sing yes I will sing praises that he's gone from being his soul is among the liens there. Those who breathing forth fire against him.

Their teeth are spears and arrows, their tongues a sharp sword. He said I got a net hidden for me and that immediately he's taken those burdens to God. Things turned to his heart, flips over and the joy and he says all God all sing praises to awake my glory away carbon lines.

Verse eight. I will awaken the dog and I will give thanks to you, oh Lord, among the peoples.

I will sing praises to you among the nation. We are loving kindness is great to the heavens and your truth to the clouds, be exalted above the heavens of God.

Let your glory be above the earth. I've mentioned this to you several times. It's just one of those things I mentioned this to you several times that there are those moments we have their sorter reference sportster markers and we net we we just never get over. They've affected us for good. Just something somebody said an experience you had. And I remember reading an article on depression and was a Christian author and he was talking about depression. What I've tasted some of that so I was interested in what he had to say.

He said you know most Christians read their Bibles and pray for about three for maybe five minutes and they don't feel any better than the quit. That said, well, I tried.

That's 90 go the doctor get some pills. I'm not saying pills are always evil, but I would encourage as a child of God. Don't don't make it a lifestyle. If you can look for ways for the Lord to to grow you out of bed and I don't know your plight and I'm not judging you. Trust me, but I believe the word way way way too quick for a sedative effect instead of finding real victory over some things and in any way not in the article. He said it will spend three or maybe five minutes digging with our depression. Then we give up we go try something else.

He said have you ever tried going into your room, closing the door opening your Bible, getting on your knees and staying there all day.

Have you ever tried 24 hours to decide.

God, it's me and you and the word of God and I'm staying here target hope again I'm staying here to find joy again. He said have you ever tried a whole day with God. I don't know just never got over that you know what is in all of my counseling, I never had anybody tell me they locked himself away for a day with the word of God and open up open Bible and in prayer and were still as discouraged as when they went in. I'm telling you genuine supplication as the lead is going to end in glorious celebration when you take it to the Lord well.

The Bible says in Job 310 he gives songs in the night in the midst of our suffering sometimes. Sometimes he doesn't remove it. He just gives you joy in the midst of it and then Paul and Silas in act 1625.

They sing praises while they were in prison in the middle of the night praying and praising and singing were very important in the early church here.

James says Christians when they suffer that are run to God with and when God has blessed them, and when the suffering and the supplication turns in the celebration not to celebrate God together.

It's a part of our pray.

But Tom I think are some searches a part of our prayer service. Based on this verse is a part of our prayer service is our prayers to God enjoying Thanksgiving and joy over the rich doctrines we sing about here, not just some thoughts on praise right quick. First of all our praise should be intelligent. I'm not really one on encouraging people to have some sort of experience with a immobile thanks to God that they don't understand. I don't judge brothers to do that in private, but my point is, when there's a whole Bible full of truths about God when you exhaust all that the Bible says about he and then you can talk and something you don't understand get I mean he right he took the trouble to give you all of this you know God loves to hear his book spoken back to him and his book is full of him.

So pray with the understanding of who he is and there the Psalms come in one of the Psalms over and over and over again will enlighten you as to be attribute in the character of God. You can pray simpletons things at those things with as you come across. Secondly, I pray should be based on the word of God. In Colossians 316 first Paul writes let the word of Christ richly dwell within you then praise him Psalms him spiritual should be biblical. We really touched on that in the first one that's a little amplification of it. And thirdly, our pray should be motivated by the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit that stirs us because he takes resident within us that stirs us with joy and a treasuring of the truths of God's will bring those praises back to God. According to the word of God inspired by the spirit of God and not with mindless gibberish, but with mine mind's full of understanding of the greatness and the glory and the wonders of our God. When I supplication a humble and earnest entreaty, then celebration in prayer and now. Thirdly, this talk about investigation. Sometimes we go to God to investigate the matter and I think that's what is talking about and here's what you get into my viewpoint on this text, which I know, argue with me about okay I think I laughed out. I've got a lot of hours in this, and there's no doubt that promising things. It could be corrected now.

If you are correct, the eyelet rep receive that, but Tom PET he's talking about these people who are going through troubles in the mid to something somewhat broad and not. I really wrestle with one the New Testament writers and translated this way. But in verse 14 he says, is anyone among you sick.

You must call for the elders of the church and they are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord so prayer is is used. I'm convinced of as an instrument to investigate the condition of the heart.

Search me oh God, and know my heart try me and see the really hurtful way in prayer is a tool to investigate the condition of the heart. Here we see this word that's translated sick. In verse 14. If anyone among you are is anyone among you sick. The word sick.

There is most often not every time, but most often translated as weary or weak, spiritually weak or weak in conscience.

One scholar points out that this word as you get some out of the Gospels into the epistles and into the book of acts. It's most often referred to as weakness. I'm convinced it means a spiritual weakness I'm spiritually weary I'm I'm spiritually down. I'm spiritually discouraged. I think that's what he's getting it can't dogmatically say it doesn't mean a physical sickness but I think you'll see as we go through why I believe this so strongly. So we need to interpret this verse in the flow of the context to try to understand it.

So let's look at it one phrase of time so that original Greek word for sick. If it does mean weakness are wariness or downtrodden, spiritually speaking, so it says eight.

Is there any among you who is discouraged or who is weaker's downtrodden. Well, you don't call for the elder of the church first about what it means.

This is a real problem in your life and your happiness struggle in your you thought your week in your faith and call for the elders of the church call us what it says in verse port of call for the elders of the church. Let me give you little side note on elders herein took touched on this in a long time. Some of you will well remember when we established elders here long long time ago that there was much, much criticism about it among the Baptist note in the bar area, but of other areas got be blackballed from a school that got a lot of things but a few thoughts here. First of all, the singular word elder is used four times in the New Testament the plural word elders is used 59 times as interesting and so unless the New Testament is constantly referring to a conference or a big meeting of this pastors probably has some significance that word elders used one time in the world form is used 59 times in acts 1423 Paul and Barnabas.

Barnabas supported appointed elders, plural, and every church singular plurality of elders and single church in acts 20 verse 17 Paul called the elders plural of the church. Singular church at Ephesus to him for counselor to give them admonition and Titus 15 Titus was instructed to appoint elders, plural, and every city singular matter fact I don't think there's much of a concept in the New Testament of multiple churches in one city one geographic region considered to have one church and 1 Meeting Pl. for that church obviously fixed up within walking distance. Then all through acts.

Elders are managing the affairs of the singular church in Jerusalem there more and more and more examples I get off that come back from an outline now so if someone is downtrodden and discouraged and weak in faith. The call for the elders of the church now calling for the elders does not mean that this is primarily the ministry the elders that that's what they do 80% of the time is not what say is not saying that this is a ministry that is a priority, even of elders, we know that preaching the word and teaching the word is clearly the priority but the elders should be available and should be ready to counsel and deal with someone if they're burdened and struggling in with their spiritual walk. And certainly we are all of us keep office hours in somebody's always 24 to 8 hours a day seven days a week is on call in cases in need or bird. So what does it mean I mean I think it means in special cases, the elders should go and minister directly now. Again, this word most of the time. Not every time. Most of time is translated as a weakness or a weariness and there to go and pray for them and to assist in verse 14 anointing with oil and I think it's a T. Robertson, the Greek magistrate scholar's is having anointed them with oil, pray for them. In other words, this is your customary way of blessing them and I believe that's what this word anointing means here and it talks about anointing them with oil. I believe it means a general honor and are a blessing is the reason why the woman poured the oil and perfume on Jesus feet. She was blessing him and honoring.

For example, if you are a guest in someone's household. They would commonly place a little oil on your head. Just a blessing and a welcome safe. We honor you and we bless you, and you're welcome here, and those who fasted Jesus said, should not just make them support likely been fast and they should clean themselves up and anoint themselves with oil. I believe that's what say now there's arguments that have some legitimacy.

That's is no this is the anointing to heal the sick, that we see, primarily in the Gospels.

You don't see a normative practice in the epistles is chronology goes on to doing this is just not there. I don't think it's speaking that others say that the word anointing here and this is true. The word anointing here is not the Greek word for a spiritual anointing.

It's not what you look like when it says Jesus is the anointed one. This is not the word. The word for anointing.

Here is a common great word you would use if you rubbing oil on your horse is just a common word.

This means rubbing or applying oil and ended in likely the idea usually I should say was when there was an ailment or sickness.

Oil was very commonly applied. I don't believe it's a medical application here could be. I don't believe it is I don't believe it means a special spiritual anointing. I believe it just means they blessed them with this customary anointing oil when they came it was it was it was it's a token of the way the elders could say were one with you and we we identify with you and we're here to love you and help you.

You're welcome. All right again it's a cultural aspect, but I believe that's where it's coming from now. The investigative part of this begins to come out as we look at verse 15 and the prayer not really faith. The prayer offered in faith will restore the one who sick and Lord will raise him up, and if these committed sins, they will be forgiven him. Now the word sick is used again here in verse 15. Interestingly, the word for six sick here in verse 15 is a very different word from the word used for sick. In verse 14. That's interesting been interesting because while the word in verse 14 can be used for physical sickness, but most often is used for just weariness or weakness the week, but with word translated six in verse 15 is all used for weakness or weariness is only used one of the time that's in Hebrews 12, three words clearly translated growing weary. Only one of the time this word is used to New Testament, it literally can only mean to grow weary so someone comes there downtrodden there weary or hurting their spiritually lackluster to say the least. They want some help. They go to the elders of the church and they are to pray a prayer offered in faith stop there for just a moment. What does that mean I prayer offered in faith and sisters New Testament faith is not you believing something hard enough that you might God act on your behalf to say that again New Testament faith. The New Testament belief is not you believing something hard enough putting enough vigor and it matter fact and I know this and dear people of God that I love and I believe love Jesus who believed this and is not a personal attack on them. Okay, I strongly disagree that no seraphic if you go to the bush of Africa where we went for like 11 years in a row to plant church are you you go to any third word world culture. You note your fonts you'll find in all their stupid super superstitions. God forgive me. I am brain dead as my fields on to preach in 10 days of the two conferences on this brain dead anyway, so my words don't come out but to front sometime but yet any of those cultures operate in India any of those cultures, you will find the unrelenting chanting of verbal incantations to their spirits to their gods, to whatever because they believe it for strong, but nothing for firm enough will get what were asking for.

That is a mark of pagan superstition. It is not a mark of Christian faith. So what is faith faith in the New Testament idea is understanding and accepting God's truth. Listen to me and enjoying understanding and accepting God's will and embracing it with a genuine heart of hallelujah.

This is best.

Husbands, love your wives takes faith but God just me if I decide that's the best way to live as a husband I joy in wives, submit to your husbands and all things that's difficult minutes today for women are tacked on that every other breath they take but a woman of God's is no that's God's wisdom that's God's will. I embrace that God's give me the faith to say yes to that, and on and on and on and on we could go Jesus Christ.

Having faith in Jesus Christ is what it means.

I believe the same things about Jesus that the father believes about Jesus that he is the only Savior, the only atoning sacrifice for my sin.

Your green with God is what faith is. So the investigative part comes out here as the elders come together and open the word of God and discern what's the basis was the reason for your difficulty. This weakness, this is weariness. This lackluster your spirituality and then you get the wisdom from the word of God is Waverley what the Bible says about the situation and working to base our prayer on God's word for you. Well, what is pray. What Jesus said when he gave us the model prayer, sometimes called the Lord's prayer our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

What's the point here. We want to be lined up with God. We wanted that we will we will not we will earth to be like heaven. We want to be agree with God. So the point is you find out God's will in this thing you find out God's wisdom as best you can. First John 514 and 15 says and this is the confidence that we have been him that if we ask anything here with us. No, if we ask anything according to his wheel, not according to my fervency in the depth of my belief but according to his wheel he hears, because you might be like the apostle Paul phosphonic thorn in the flesh some debate about exactly what that was but Paul entreated the Lord. I don't know if there's anybody on earth got more faith in Paul Lord remove a large movement and maybe the Lord showed Paul know this is my will. Paul this keeps you from exalting yourself. I have a purpose in this.

And so Paul turned around and learn to embrace that that he asked to be removed. Once he saw God's will and the look folks, if you don't know God's will and you don't know God's purposes. Ask God to remove it, played with God removed.

I played with you, but when God's Word tells us he's got a reason for it in a purpose than our heart enabled by the spirit of God is able to turn all the way around and embrace that which we might've asked to be removed well in this case obviously there is a sin issue and it's it doesn't not flow perfectly in the flow. This context, if you're weary. If you're weak if you're struggling your faith.

There's probably a sin issue.

There's probably unconfessed unrepented FCM and that's where your elders can come in then have to mail this could be brothers and sisters all throughout the church were all to be doing this but this is probably a case that I got to seven trouble getting version wants to go to church elders and so together they discern. Is there a sin issue.

Well, what is the text say in verse 15.

The last part and if he has committed sins through this investigative prep process. I finally sins he commences them.

They will be forgiven and he's on his way to mending becoming whole set of staying in this spiritually sick weekend weary condition.

Now notice the flow here.

Verse 16. Therefore, on the basis of this flowing in context. Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

So now we can understand in the perfect flow the context that this prayer of faith in verse 15. Maintenance of the word and through prayer, the weaker weary person discerns God will for them is to repent of sin and most likely they come to the elders because it has a public connotation to it and God as they were confess their sin and repent of their sin lifts their spirits and brings them out of the doldrums of discouragement and weariness. You can never be right with God. You can never have joy with unrepented sin are some of you draw are some of you bearing spiritually is your spiritual walk. Dusty right now and lackluster, you got sent. You're not dating with others and sisters listen to me your your whole Christian feel your either actively repenting or you're actively backsliding every moment of every day.

Did you hear me your either actively repenting are your actively backsliding every moment of every day there there there is no just kinda neutral zone out there.

Well, not repenting today, but praise God not sending you know there's no such thing. So this fits I think my interpretation very very well. Instead of doing this only as a physical sick because, by the way, if you view this is a physical sickness to thoughts here you come up with a an approach to that physical sickness that has no real balanced or systematic weight biblically's kinda out here by itself be careful forming a a normative practice for your life or for the church based on one area of Scripture and secondly, I've been a part of a lot of the services were we anointed someone with all and I'm not against doing it again. By the way, I would not in any way discourage you if you feel like you want to do that cannot be real honest, they were healed, many of them are in heaven right now so is the text doesn't work I were missing it somewhat the course are our brothers and sisters who are out, not charismatics may tell us we didn't have enough faith, but I believe if I could record all of the times they did this in the person didn't get healed. They had to say well we send it have a lot to I don't think that's what sin but if I ask you to raise your hands if you've experienced a severe Chrissy tent all you disputed you raise your hands. And that is after you got something right with God that you had got right with God when you really repetitive and confess it to God, was not your spirit lifted was not the spiritual weirdness pushed away was not the spiritual doldrums, rolled out of the way that I think that's what the text to say the same care for one another that way in the church. If you have a special situations he's really got you down.

Then you go to the elders of the church, let them try to help you through it and we would love to do that through well. Summary some summary thoughts now on investigative pray, seek God's face. As for the purpose of your difficulty is God pointing something out to you by the way, this certainly would include sickness. The Bible teaches that many are sick because of him that was sin in their lives can vary will include sickness the nap to big bear women included.

If God reveals that your sins based on the word of God in prayer.

It got revisit your sins are the reason for your weakness and weariness than that requires repentance and maybe even public repentance. And certainly that would require calling the elders of the church, you can't come for the church without the blessing of Churchill not run and zoom around here. So if the elders confirm with your discernment, then they will pray the prayer of faith with you. That is all we see, so we have faith in what God is telling you that this is because you have an air of your life is not right with God. That's why you're having these difficulties and the struggles and by the way, if you are a brother sister with you finds out there's a pattern not talking about something you repenting about a pattern of something in your life that sinful you're not humbled about it. You're not repented about it then you need to get it right with you feel better not what it lifts the weariness off of you are not you need to get right about it 9×10 it lifts us back up and God will heal us, and that word heal verse 16. Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed.

That word has the idea of making whole doesn't necessary have to mean a physical healing. None of these terms are our strong really at all in that direction of interpretation and effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much in the motivation. The last thing here. The rest of the chapter.

The motivation he throws in here was a large Elijah was a man with like nature of hours as ours and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain not know the word pregnant that the original four prayed earnestly means he prayed in his praying, he prayed that you heard somebody sit in the window. They prayed when they prayed, what I would like to amplify that outfit. I think what it means is a lot you discern the will of God. So he prayed a prayer of faith is what he prayed. According to the will of God… He prayed with worship old joy in his praying as he asked God to reign for your glory.

Jehovah don't let it rain, judge these people for their idolatry because I discern that your wealth so I agree with you.

God would joyous worship. I say God don't let it right, prayer, faith, the faith means in harmony with God's revealed will. Elijah then they had the show down. It at where they had met, and the prophets of bail put up their altar, and God did not look up there altered the got answer from heaven and devoured Elijah's altar and said no you think serves the true God is the true God Jehovah bail and then he prayed again that it would rain with joyous worship. He prays believing because God revealed to him that was God's will to reign and the rains came again now when when it when the Bible says here he prayed earnestly never Satan.

He prayed again. I know I will suggest that you can pray too much, but I believe there some types of praying we pray too much if you if you're drifting over into the carnal natural man's view of prayer. I do say this enough. I just repeated enough, may I beg I get got over my side brothers and sisters is not the dumbest thing in the world peace of God, of infinite wisdom you can improve on his ideas and he loves you more than you can love you so if you try to twist God over to your opinion. You're asking God do.

It's not best for me.function by my wisdom, not yours.

Now the prayer of faith. This thank you God for showing me your wisdom. I embrace it with worshipful joy accident, praying about what I pray for our church to be a biblical model God might use for his glory to the nations of the world for the church is all about Paxton because I know that's God's will. I know the church is a centerpiece of God's purposes and of God's glory.

I know he wants church to be truly a map of the church to be tried not to wonder about that. So I just quit with joyous worship.

I embrace that and ask God that you can be real confident you don't get it because it's God.anyway prayer for your prayer of faith is get your heart aligned with God's predetermined preestablished all wise will and purpose for your life. That's what Elijah did well then he continues on verse 19. My prayer for you one of you strays from the truth and one turns them back. Turning back would imply they're not right with God, which implies there are no weary week and spiritual condition goes with the context well. This is not verse 20 know that he turns a sinner from the Erebus way will save his soul from death will cover a multitude of sins.

Goodness really mean physical death, save him from ruling in his life, ruining it, is it ruining his influence for God and all sins metastasize. If left un-dealt with and will end up multiplying and divorcing. So prayer is to be taken to God in earnest supplication when were hurting started, we ought to pray to God in celebration for the blessings and the good things he brings even our suffering. If you go to God with it to bring celebration out of it. And then there's investigative pray. God give me wisdom or show me what you're trying to teach me. What's behind this in my missing your will. Somewhere in this is to get me to go somewhere else or say something else will have many times of all ridiculous illustrations as it is and if I give you this.

You go home and sing it all night long side.

I hate to give it to is it Garth Brooks that has a song about unanswered prayer of some you just lighten up a couple that God's God's greatest blessings, sometimes unanswered prayer. Pam and I just heard on the radio. Turn right on it was playing, we listen to it. I slotted no Garth Brooks and gospel music. But there's good truth and that's all. And aren't you nothing back. Aren't you glad God didn't say yes to a lot of your request, but he showed you wisdom in producing and faith. You could embrace his will.

Instead, what you first wanted some of you if you'd married her ball you been F you'd married him. God knew what investigative praying helps us find the will of heaven and get in line with and rejoice in it, and if getting in line with God's will means we have to confess and repent of sin is all for his glory and for our good

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