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True Godly Contentment

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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August 30, 2020 1:00 am

True Godly Contentment

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Mistake our Bibles and go to first Timothy's were talking about beautifying the Bratislava mentioned earlier in the service. This is Paul's letter to Timothy's functioning as the pastor of the local church in Ephesus and he's doing something I hope we will be a whole lot of in the future. That is, he's appointed Timothy, a church, and while Timothy is actually planting the church in building up the church. Paul continues his equipping and training of him and here's the writing a letter of instruction.

So the letters written to Timothy but is written for the whole church in God and his providence has preserved it for the church today we come to first Timothy chapter 6 today versus six through TN message Diane toddled true godly contentment.

True godly contentment beginning in verse six, but godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment. We have brought nothing into the world so we cannot take anything out of it either. If we have food and clothing with these we shall be content with those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs of the flow of the context is false teachers and here Paul is bringing up things that are consistent with character traits consistent with false teachers and very tight space steams if you will, of the false teacher and he breaks them apart and finds application for Timothy and us in our pursuit of true godliness. Pretty amazing what balled up what keen insight. Paul has as he takes the false teacher who claims to know the truth and who claims to teach others the way though. It's all a lie and he takes that false teacher in those false teachings and turns them around to teach Timothy and us that their desire for gain is evil.

But there is a righteous desire for gay. He shows how they deny the truth of mortality, but we can use the truth in mortality to be a blessing and helped and how they are called in the curse of money, idolatry, and how we can enjoy the blessings God give us but avoid money idolatry. So, he illustrates from their false teaching the truth, and the True Way, Paul exposes the false teachers error and yet uses their error to unfold. God's truth. He takes the false teacher and his teaching and turns it right side out and unveils God's truth. Now everything in this section, centers on true godly contentment, which is something false teachers do not have as good contrast that make a play on that if you will, as he goes through so in verses six through TN every lesson here hinges all of the truth of true godly contentment.

I'm going to say four things about it from the text today. First of all true godly contentment is the key to great gain.

Secondly, true godly tip contentment has two helpers, Burke and death.

Thirdly, will see that true godly contentment is the secret to maximum living on minimum means and lastly will see that true godly contentment is the protection from the curse of money, idolatry are number one this morning and that is that true godly contentment is the key to great gain is the key to great gain of their verse six again that not that you got to remind yourself of the floor. The context he's been pointing out and exposing false teachers and what they're all about pieces.

Here's what's interesting about them for six but godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment.

What's context will look up at verse five, these are those who suppose that godliness is means a great gain apostolate. There's an irony here.

These false teachers are wrong, but in a sense they are right and they can teach us something that is a false teacher abuse godliness. This fašade godliness.

This cosmetic godliness because I don't have really true godliness.

They view this godliness. They put on the outside as a means of great gain, but there actually using the wrong godliness and are seeking the wrong kind again. Words like twisted things inside out and Paul says I'm going to twist them back out right side out.

So Paul is saying in verse six.

Godliness is a means of great gain. If it's true godliness in the heart has been changed and that's where true godly contentment resides.

Also, choices. These false teachers thought will put on this show will I like were godly Christians, and will get ahead will gain a lot out of this for ourselves and pulses will you know that right even though the wrong. The right.

If you look at it the right way and understand the right things you see true godliness, not with the false teachers had a false presentation truth a lot of people would in real but true godliness find so much in Christ that they could have a true commitment in Whatever Pl., Christ puts them. That's a great key right there true godliness find so much in Christ that they can be at peace enough contentment no matter where God puts another word contentment that Paul uses here when he makes that expression godliness is actually means a great game. If it has also with the contentment that word contentment. There is the idea of sufficiency independent of others are other things that means you got all you need just the way you are. That's what that word contentment means you save Christ alone is all we need Christ is true contentment the other stuff spot and well in good fun maybe but it's not our true contentment than last to follow Christ is our sufficiency. Christ gives me righteousness and true godliness that makes me acceptable before God the father and Christ gives me the grace to live out this true godliness that he's placed within me. Then he throws in contentment under the balance. Also, so Christ gives me righteousness before God. Christ gives me the enablement, the capacity to live in godliness use old word piety.

And thirdly, Christ rose in contentment. As a bonus, so this godliness with this contentment is great gain. But you've gained everything.

If you have Christ and his godliness and his corresponding contentment in your life you think about it. That's really all you have been all you need. The nothing can really hurt what or who could hurt Christ. This false godliness calls contrasting to the dimensions of the earlier verses this false godliness of the false teacher will always end in total loss couple insight from the apostle Paul's experience with true godly contentment. Look for solid Philippians 411 where Paul makes that powerful yet simple statement I've learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am in pulses as I've grown as a Christian and I have experience in how the white people always point out all the times false been imprisoned and that ought to be pointed out your I may spend time in prison for being a Christian. One day when the authorities finally say that we are detriment to public health when they condemn us for hate speech and breaking hate speech laws, but I could very well be coming pulses. I can be content in prison, but also Paul wrote to wealthy Philemon and said get my room ready accident.

No pious preachers who would say when you go to place you shouldn't try to stay in the nicest place will Paulding but even falling in love and knew he was welcome at Philemon's. I did move that paper chained up will have a very nice set up at wealthy fulling. Also, here's the thing I'm continued Christ with nothing and I'm continuing Christ info Lehmans guest suite. The poorness can you be content in Christ wherever you are. That's when you have a great day didn't have great gain when he it wasn't wealthy for Lehmans house. He had great gain because he was content in Christ, Paulette, great gain because he could be content in the presence of another word. Whatever the will of God puts you, you can be content if you know Christ and that my friends is great gain.

Paul again in first Thessalonians to five, showing that he did not need to manipulate and earn the praise of men and the things of this world. Chris contentment says we never came to you with flattering speech. As you know know with a pretext for greed.

That's a radical contrast, the way these false teachers game. These teaching Timothy about they always came thinking, what can I say to win their hearts.

What can I say to make them love me more. What can I say in their whole prefix or whole approach was that will get me more out of them you know a lot of the false teachers in our world today for clean America today. You see, most of them on television. Some of them bringing in excess of $100 million a year for their ministry and their modus operandi there. Pretext is what will bring in the books believed by God's grace we believe the reality here that God will adequately take care of your ministry and you yourself if you stand on the word of God will raise up enough people who supported you know how to have a pretext for greed in a manipulative approach to ministry. That's that's idolatry and that's sin. So Paul says these false teachers were opposite of the way I've been functioning these false teachers are models of discontent are not satisfied in Christ.

I don't even know Christ that I become its contentment a price as their righteousness.

They don't even fellowship with Christ. They have a fašade of godliness. A fašade of godliness is nothing but a cloak for covetousness they use their put on godliness as a means of great earthly gain there striving for earthly stuff that never produces true contentment never last thought about this for a while about the way in a worldly sense we think about contentment with all who are some types of people that I without thinking through it very much. We not just think you know they they look pretty content. The first group I thought about was the wholeness of the street beggar is glad to them as I look at that. They're just as happy as they may write their I mean I don't have hardly anything in there just at peace now thought about since this was big when I was a young man in these these Eastern mystic teachers. These gurus back in the 60s and 70s young people use default in the are someplace and they climb a mountain and find this guy meditating on a rock somewhere and ask him about the good, the keys to life and what's what's the meaning of life and what's everything all about you. Just thinking you I will. He's discontent up there just wearable that Robin leave a good morning. They need to be content in another type of person that we might think is content is the very wealthy. Sometimes I like to say, but we just got all we need. We don't make nothing work content, but you know the truth of the matter is the street beggar the homeless guy is always looking for a better place on the street. If he's not looking for the next bottle of wine or line of cocaine was my fault. He's not really content the Eastern mystic who sits up there and supposedly has nothing and just homes and meditating with something is supposed to teach us the meaning of the universe. He's not content. He lives off of the esteem and the praise he gets from his follow any more and more about. I'm a wealthy person whose seem to present I got got got all on me I'm gone on content and other not to get a million. They need another man they get 10 million they need 10 million more euros. My point, no one is truly content without Jesus Christ. No one there is no true contentment without Jesus Christ just another word on the very wealthy and I'm talking about the ungodly wealthy if a wealthy person feels he secure and content in his wealth. The Bible says he's a fool. For example, Proverbs 1810, 11 the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous runs into the safe.

The Lord is my safe place, not contentment. Verse 11 a rich man's wealth is his strong city like a high wall in his own imagination, he imagines everything's good but did a good so there's a man who claims to be content seem to seek nothing in this world there's another man who has seemingly everything of the world and he claims to be content.

Yet neither of these no true contentment verse six. Again, look at our text, but godliness is actually a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment implication in the floor. The text means in contrast to the fašade and the faucet godliness of the false teacher you want to use that to gain things of the world and by the way, what is what is the false teacher trying to gain through putting on his fašade of godliness in his fašade of true teaching with voltage three aspects and said this to you before.

First of all he wants the praise of men he wants power and control anyone's financial profit on every time. That's what they're investigating there really after, and that's wickedness and that's idolatry.

Idolatry June 11 Jude 111 through 16 zone one chapter. So what you will say, but I told you before. It's amazing how thoroughly and weighty infrequently. The New Testament speaks of false teachers in the church.

Jude does the same thing and you talk about heavy duty stuff here is what Jude says woe to them. These false teachers. These false professors who invade our churches that gone the way of Canaan and for pay. They have rush headlong into the Arab Belo. There's the there's the financial profit aspect and perished in the rebellion of Cora. That's the power and control aspect. Verse 12. These are men who are hidden reefs in your love feast, when they feast with you without fear caring for themselves clouds without water is carried along by wind autumn trees without fruit, doubly dead, and uprooted the Lord's icon view these teaching and I just throw you and astonished she would draw you anything so wonderful. But I have nothing to deliver think it's a lie would drink due to saying verse 13 wild ways of the sea, casting up their own shame like bone what metaphors, what illustration wandering stars, for whom the black darkness has been reserved for ever is also about these men that even in the seventh generation from Adam, prophesied, saying, behold, the Lord came with many thousands of his holy ones to execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly of their ungodly deeds with a gun in an ungodly way, and all of the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against him. These is God's coming against these guys. He said here's some typical attributes of theirs. Verse 16. These are grown bowlers finding fault for coming to the church I start finding fault with established leadership so they can get power control. Been there, done that a man is loud passes out there listening to me and right now they're in the middle of this fighting these guys who came to the church. You look wonderful. Should we want to help you pastor. The pastor gives them position and gives them a ear and they begin to use it to supplant the pastor God called foot due to their grumblings finding fault following after what the glory of God to go to church know their own last and they speak arrogantly flattering people for the sake of getting an advantage but with the popularity popularity power control the financial profit so the Bible in its essence is fullness of your foot told us he takes that awful approach of the false teacher. He thinks I can come in the church with their godliness and their false teaching and get great gain out of it. Here's what to policies. Here's the thing directly teaching is a good lesson if you have godliness which made you also have a true godly contentment you're satisfied in Jesus, then that is truly the great gain some other totally wrong. They can teach us a good lesson you get initially start all over.

Go through this again just just amazing what Paul does here is point number one. Point number two true godly contentment has two wonderful helpers birth and death gotchas. I've given you some helpers here to help you rest in true godly contentment in those two helpers are birth and death. So we have a truth from birth back to earth. Job told us about this in Job 121 Job exceedingly wealthy man who lost everything, lost everything. Job said well naked I came from my mother's womb and make it. I shall return there is a monument project exhibit when you die, they have close on the habitude and potable. It is up to you, you'd still be naked like about that. That's the way you come in. That's what you're going out Johnson tried to teach birth and death has lessons for us to help us not to hurt us to help us than Job says the Lord gave in the Lord is taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus is praise God. You know why because all the stuff till that great wealth and know that was a sin.this is okay, I give you great wealth and in my purposes and for my glory in your gut. Take all your wealth.

We know most of it. All of it, including your family and Joseph will praise God when I think back on birth and death. I realize I don't have nothing anyway out and bring nothing.

Anyway, so the Lord gave Lord is taken away.

Blessed be the name of the Lord must godly contentment through all this Job did not sin nor did he blame God live there don't you now verse seven we brought nothing into the world so we cannot take anything out of it either. So as far as worldly goods go as far as power are saying UK manna having possessed or established. None of this. You came in with absolutely nothing and you're gonna leave this like the exact same way. So in one sense, if in this life you live your whole life and gain nothing.

Then you will leave with nothing you've actually lost nothing like about I said this is the day when I came into the gospel ministry. I didn't have anything but a little bit of the 72 Cutlass Oldsmobile. I drove us told Church of Christ preacher had crashed in the back of and somehow was my fault.

I've never figured that out yet. My father knocked my insurance. I guess covert is within pay for mine so that's about all I had to my name and if you pairs of clothing and in some debts and some college debt like loud married into wealth and my wife take that off after we got married thereby does Clifford Miller just their load into whatever they do have they work hard to get it I get not my cheek got of his size and offerings either. Anyway, I thought, what, when I came in the minister.

You couldn't have more of nothing that I have just could have more nothing. I just had nothing but you know what I was very content already was. I was very nothing I did would like to have more stuff done this early sin, but I was content in Christ. Now you know the apostle Paul's route, the opposite of me.

Apostle Paul was converted and come to the ministry with a lot we don't know financially where you submit to be a leader. The Pharisees is highly likely he and his family had great financial means pulses it this way. In Philippians 343 although I myself not have confidence in the flesh. If anyone else is had in mind put confidence in the flesh. I far more than I have a lot circumcised the eighth day of the nation of Israel.

The tribe of Benjamin of Hebrews Hebrews is the law Pharisee eyes at the top of my people, as is a ole persecutor of the church as to the righteousness which comes in the law found blame as I was a diligent worker to keep the lollies outwardly verse seven whatever things were gain to me those things I've counted as loss for the sake of Christ. More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I may gain Christ that's godly contentment had great stuff and it wasn't required that he give up all of his stuff when he got safe just that in his case, all that stuff was against Christ. He had to abandon his allegiance to his family and to Judaism to embrace Christ in the true doctrines of the church, godly contentment with two great teachers that help remind us that Christ is our contentment of that's birth and death came in with nothing you're going out with nothing.

Ecclesiastes 515 reminds us, and he had come make it from his mother's womb, and so he will return as he came he will take nothing from the fruit of his labor that he can carry in his hand.

The ancient Egyptians had a practice of death.

They believe you went over into another realm.

And so they would literally kill all the wives the associates of the Pharaoh and bury them with the Pharaoh. So he got somebody to go with him and another realm of it all kind of golden valuables and jewels. You know were still finding those things and finding stuff today. The bill been a good is not well been choked in the ground start naked as ways born ways going out this way were going out when I was a boy when I was a young man in the South. If you really wanted it to be know that you made it in society. You got a Cadillac member ball salty drove Cadillac didn't get Cadillac. There's a southern gentleman who was quite wealthy in his area. He loved floating his wealth and every year he got a brand-new Cadillac see what he did when he died. So I will be buried in my new Cadillac. Sure enough they dubbed this bingo hall got a crane like the boy in the back of the Cadillac loaded down into the great schoolboys were standing there in one of the boys so the boys look to them, said man that's living and said no that's dying each document whole start naked, same difference parts card template you brought nothing but what you do or what you cheek take note in my notes but if you know Christ you tense in the whole lot on the handle using it for the Lord Jesus said that we ought to be done with all this stress and anxiety of wishing and working and hoping for the things of the world. This desire is the breeder of discontent. Matthew 625 reminds us for this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your like this, Jesus is what you will eat or what you will drink know your body as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothes Jesus point is not that you don't work for those things and even enjoy some of those things just that your primary motive and worry should be centered on the number three in our outline true godly contentment is the secret to maximum living on minimum means he says in the next verse, verse eight there, if we have food and covering with these we shall be content.

Scholars tell us that when he says Putin then the word covering the word covering the scholar say likely includes a roof over your head. The point here is not that these are exacting principles are are exacting law that Christians must live by. I've run into a few Christians along the way that would like to dictate the exact amount of money you spent on the car exact amount of money you spent on close exec about the money you spent on the house. When the Bible and giving it Jesus and the apostle Paul ministered with fellowship with and commended exceedingly wealthy people. But the point is if that's where you find yourself you can be content there. If you have true godly contentment. If you tried your best and worst your best to monitor the Lord but at the end of it all. You have much more than some clothes on your back a roof over your head in adequate food. The Bible says you can be content right there maximum maximum living yet with minimal maintenance. Again, the apostle Paul writing this live this out in his own life and actually learned how to grasp it. If you will, in his own life. Philippians 410 through 12 pulses, but I rejoice in the Lord greatly, that now at last you provide your concern for me is what he means is now at last he started financially giving to my ministry again that me Susan did your concern before, but you lacked opportunity to know that means what he says. I believe it was in your heart the whole time but I'm just now getting the money houses but by the way, verse 11. Not that I speak from what, here's the phrase I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I'm in.

I know how to get along with humble means when I don't have hardly anything. I don't know how to live in prosperity to the Greek word for prosperity means superabundant means excess parting run from. That's a key man seems like life place nice when it was God's will and God allowed it.

He enjoyed it but his contentment was still Jesus.

That's what I've learned last part of verse 12 and eating every circumstance I have learned the secret secret of being filled and going hungry of both having an abundance same Greek word again means superabundance and Ian suffering the pulses my mud changing material circumstances did not affect my content.

Somebody said Christians often pass the poverty test, but it's the prosperity test they fail to teach some of you God may need to put you in wealth. Richard learned that wealth can't make you happy or content, and you learn that Christ is your contentment where ever he puts you know that's victory as you can enjoy the staff is longest is not your joy. Did you get that Paul say he learned contentment true godly contentment stays with you despite your outward circumstances. Ladies, even if you never get your house looking like Joanna Gaines's house, you can still be content men, even if you never go deer hunting and do the things get the bass boat you think you all have, you can still have true contentment. Nothing wrong with either one of those challenges in your heart where's your content number four last one true godly contentment is the protection from the curse of money, idolatry, protection from the curse of money, idolatry. In verse 10, he words this the love of money and will talk more about that in just a moment, but we come to verse nine and uses this phrase. Those who wish to be written. The idea of wishing to be rich is more than willing to be. It means this total resolve this earnest desire. This means I gotta get rich at any cost. That's the answer that's the go to those of the kinds of people who have really really bad problems down the road. This is this is a fatal attraction begins to unfold. All this going to happen if that's your heart that's the primary drive of your heart pieces. Here's what's happening. First of all, you fall into temptation senior Texas. The next part you fall into temptation. Now the idea here is not that you're exposed to temptation. It means you're already in the temptation you're already there.

Your beyond exposed to fallen into it already, like a fiery pit. It is near impossible to get out of being wealthy again is not the CN loving wealth and longing for it is the sin that brings along with it the temptations you've now fallen into. He goes further, he says, and it's a snare verse nine, it's another step downward. Paul also speaks of the snare of the devil. Snares in a trap stronghold and hold you.

It goes another level down and many foolish and harmful desires, foolish means you're rational when you begin to think thoughts that are just absolutely stupid weird virus terribly unhealthy, foolish, harmful it's it's a deception that overcomes you with many harmful things attached with it many foolish and horrible. The word desires. These desires are warped and perverse like I just said and they lead to harm verse nine.

They plunge men into ruin and destruction. You know the paradox here is, I've met quite a number of these through the years is is a man who have significant wealth and they had their millions put away. They got it all planned out their bulletproof and are blinded because God says you're already in the Maori multitudes of temptation you're already in a snare and a stronghold.

You already have your rational foolish thinking you desiring it is harmful. Plunge into ruin and destruction is hard to find anything stronger than this.

In the New Testament true godly contentment is the protection from this money, idolatry. It is the only protection that last phrase there plunge men into ruin and destruction. In verse nine we just never going to Ian well both temporal and eternal destruction is emphasized here, but I'm 100% convinced though the saved me in my struggle with the idolatry of money he never ends here. He never ends up there being plunge to ruin and destruction.

Now Paul said to him, him out there with this verse 10 he amplifies it more and says for the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil. They did not say the possession of money. He did not say the obtaining of money. He said the love of money he said is the heart noted that's key here is like the sermon on the Mount that the Pharisees he could rise up and say we've never killed anybody said what time out of your writing by your heart is the motive of the heart that God's going to judge you for your murder. Already Jesus as if you paid in your way. A man I've never committed adultery. The Pharisees of the day might say believe nobody knows it decent what time not have you ever lusted in your heart, which got everyone about vineyard adulterer already. That's the truth. Here is the heart. It's the love from the heart. That is the CN of the love of money and this is the sea end of the rich and this is the CN of the poor.

Matter fact in my 40 years of ministry have seen a lot more poor people with the CN of the love of money that I've seen rich people with the seal of the love of money your life because as more poor people that are rich people. As far as the heart attitude in the heart capacity. You can before the Senate have nothing materially speaking and you can have lots of stuff to be walking in good victory over this seems idolatry will be caught up in this un-biblical false doctrine of some groups moment Roman Catholic Church. In particular, which teaches that material impoverishment somehow holiness is not holiness is knowing Jesus Christ not to know what your lot in life will be something wrong with working hard and getting ahead. You must not fall into the idolatry of the love of money. It's a root. The Bible says all sorts of evil here then meat is the only route, but it's a prominent route that brings many evils along with it's it's it's it's a it's a root that springs forth many evil fruit's pieces in verse 10, he continues by logging for many wonder away from the faith interest. Matthew 2236 through 38 teacher, which is the great commandment in the law. Jesus said to them, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment that no pulse for second sleep ohmmeter check out on me.

You're also nicely social distance. This should be normal it should be that every human being made in the image of God. The first moment the first thought of the day. Every morning should be loved by God with everything that's in me and I will honor him and serve him 100% all day long today but if nobody lifts like that is because were all abnormal were all created by this pre-HR told him soon as Morris corrected us, this is no longer normal.

That's what we ought to be and were more so.

Therefore, in contrast to loving God with all your heart's.

We should not love money at all. But Satan has worked these inverted and now it's very very natural to love the world and love, money, and not love God all, unless God gives us a heart transplant. He begins lipolysis to teach us gear that posted. I've learned to just happen overnight. As Christian. I've learned to find my true contentment in God. You don't even have the capacity listen to me you will have the capacity to even begin to learn godly contentment until your born-again when you begin learning I motive God can teach it to you. I am since college days I've had a very bad lower back. The first orthopedic and have hips and maybe I'll flip hip many orthopedic and neurologists and their kids to college of these last 40 years. The first orthopedic said you know you got a congenital defect in your lower back is just not made which most wizards weakness.

There and play in football and all the stuff you did just kind of grounded up crusted up and I said a middle and I know a lot of you can sympathize with Bactrim to discover cycles. I have good weeks and bad weeks.

Good once bad month. I have had some bad months lately just just grinding aching pain and I said Lord say this is prerequisite solvable to doctors in the last month or two they said you understand pastor that tough men with backs like yours don't climb trees and cheap beer. I don't ride was called all day long. They don't work on pharmacy muscles just quit set on think is hurting you.

But you know it is making it hurt sometimes.

So I talked to the Lord about it and I said, Lord, you know I enjoy getting away on my fight. I wrote this outline in a deer blind. I enjoy getting away. I enjoy doing those things. I'm an outdoor guy, but it's getting really hard with this pain and ache in my legs and the Lord spoke to me since past was an audible voice note was louder than that Lisa did not pray and say Lord. All I ask is just to be effective for you and your life in my letter days they said you know if it had you discovered that this didn't affect your study that you prayer that affect your preaching benefactor leadership of my work so shut up that's what I felt like I was a and I said hallelujah I'm learning to be content if you've Artie learned it.

Microphone sleep this week get me own over the bell curve little bit.

I think I'm cut over the age, but I will keep going. Amen. And so honestly not mounted to try and blow smoke up just saying I just I have a peace about it and I went and had those injections in my back and I will do all of the insurance company limited and it helped quite a bit. It helped quite a bit and it was like God said to me, see if you get content and what I want you to do and me personally and I might give you some of that other stuff to so my back felt better and I went hunting twice this past but I might not get to go again. That's okay. No lockers. I'm learning to be content in my lettuce. The cosmic killjoy he let you enjoy and have a lot of stuff that you like to have if you don't have to have it learning to be content in him will this impact the rest of this were almost through the said these people who have this love of money is the driving force of their existence. They pierced themselves self-inflicted wounds they bring on themselves with many grace. It can be transcended pains or sorrow/starburst if they have these many graves. I'm convinced this includes may primarily include with this includes the gnawing griefs of their latter year did you hear that everybody thought they had the world by the tail.

They were so powerful and wealthy and had it all going in God's is there is an activity been created by my divine providence in their soul that will bring them to their latter years with gnawing griefs gnawing griefs of rebellious children and rebellious grandchildren because you taught them to love the world and not love God, the gnawing grief of a broken marriage is your love of stuff outweighed the love of your spouse. The gnawing grief of destroyed relationships that your love for stuff broke relationships down through the years and maybe worst of all the gnawing grief of loneliness and loveless this in your letter days because when a man loves himself and loves the world he puts himself at enmity with everyone. People pick up on that goes into those letter days with no proof for Warren Buffett has been one of the wealthiest men in the world for a long long time. Warren Buffett said that the day he said to be honest with you. The only thing it really matters now is being loved by the people you want to be loved by all half the world, but the you not love the people you want to be loved by and I thought what a gift to churches.

I'm loved by all of you replace. Amen.

I love all of you, and you have to let me what you want to or not. In Christ, and if I haven't heard I need you know about it so maybe write notes and cards and blessing in just just quick Christianity wonderful. What great game that is so true godly contentment is the key to great game. God's given us two wonderful helpers birth and death is the secret to maximum living on minimum aims and is the protection from the curse of money, idolatry three words repent, remind remind yourself he's my contentment. Repent of whatever idolatry and whatever staff your discontent. You got too much focus on something other than you repent, remind yourself that your joy is your contentment. Thirdly, repeat it again. Amen. There, I mean times about told you I'd literally the only way I can keep my heart halfway right is a God, your car is your truck. This is your full weight of this is your house is your bank account. I relaxing that your debt know that works much most of you I got insights on eight years is all here's thank you for let me enjoy some of this but is not my joy joy so repent, remind yourself he's your true contentment and repeat this is not set me doing something you really have no why you keep slipping back traceable, we can't lose in Jesus Christ

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