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SBC Statement to Grace Life Church

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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October 21, 2019 1:00 am

SBC Statement to Grace Life Church

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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I will take back just a few minutes here this morning to share something with you this burning in my heart I trust and believe that what I'm stirred about is indeed a righteous indignation going to do what our elders have confirmed with me many many times.

And that is announced this morning that I'm going to be asking the elders in this church to finally and formally separate all connections to the southern district convention. We marched around this mountain and marched around this mountain and arched around this mountain. It is time to take it. I've been the hold back our elders within this years ago. Not that we had dissension in the ranks, but on the whole back because Southern Baptist all our churches are autonomous.

We have no hierarchy of authority over so we were free to do what you want for folks they have formally blackballed us many, many years ago, and chiefly over to the three main things never won a plurality of elder that was scoffed at and derided and we were so one biblical Nazi open your Bibles and look at Baptist history and I get strangely quiet. Scripture makes it very clear that the biblical Norman pattern for ministry and Baptist history is filled with churches that had a plurality of elders is just a foolish and silly thing for them to blackballed us over something that shouldn't be a critical thing anyway. The other thing would be biblical church discipline. As you know as far as actively practicing this Bible mandate were one of the very, very few churches that do it and that got us pushed away forcefully for many many years and then the third thing would be the doctrines of grace, sometimes nicknamed Calvinism, but these have been historic positions. If you take the first founders of the first Baptist graduate school of theology in America. They were all Calvinist, our forefathers all believe these doctrine.

We've proven it doesn't hurt evangelism we knock on more doors than any church any five churches in this area.

That's a fact we do more for missions and have done more for missions than any five churches in this area that's back, but those are the things so they truly mean southern badness have all the only thing they do with us is take our money now as I say that it's not at all unusual over about a six week period had three different people tell me that you know your church was talked about in our class that are Baptist seminary today about how you are biblical and effective sold the one hand were honored and marred on the other hand, were were pushed away.

It's kind of a strange thing but in recent days. The straw that broke the camels back for me and a few law groups have been thrown on that camel also one of those is the rise in the embracing and the affirming of Beth Moore's ministry Beth Moore is a charismatic gifted communicator whose drifted toward considering herself a preacher.

She does a lot of Internet things were. She kinda gets in the face of those about us who are conservative in our doctrine, saying that I'm preaching at so-and-so church this Sunday morning, not net Nanette a movie we will do about it.

This is a serious issue. Southern badness from all ages have hailed that the Scriptures are unequivocally clear that women do not hold the office of preaching our pastor the church. Women do not exercise authority by preaching the word in the congregational meeting. Meetings of the church. Now we have key prominent Southern Baptist leaders who are accommodating and blessing this you want to tell you why, because she has a million followers online.

She has a huge influence in the great Bible of southern badness life is pragmatism. It's working it brings in the money so hands off. We died to that a long time ago we had the chance to be something in the convention. We had the chance to be a big noise.

We were selected to be that we would not compromise our conviction to make that happen and so that is a very serious issue to me. You. You look at church history you find the churches in the individual collections of churches that begin to embrace feminism and women in authority and women preachers they went to liberalism. Last and we will be no exception. Now understand I have not had confidence in southern badness work in a long time there some good brothers and sisters out there. I don't mean there's not some bombing some fine brothers and sister. They may feel led to stay in there and try to be a light, so be it. God bless them. I appreciate their heart. But we long ago pulled back 95% of our missions work to support our omissions, involvements I mean so what I'm saying to you is, is just another little baby step. It's not some big chain is just the changes been coming for a long long time. We just never formally stated at the last Southern Baptist convention messengers from the church is voted to include critical race theory and intersection.

Alex E as tools to help us interpret the Bible.

Now, if you don't know what critical race theory and intersection out the mean just among other things, it is the notion that if you're born why you're already a racist. It doesn't matter what you feel or how you act. You're just a racist. All of this reparations talk for what's happened in generations past all of the radical liberal progressive thought is in those terms, intersection, altitude, and critical race theory in order to appease the culture and get along. They actually voted to say we will include these on biblical God hating God rejecting people and their theories help us interpret the Bible not going to happen.

I don't need radical liberal atheist and godless people to help me understand the Scripture. This seems like a small thing but brothers, I mean the cows out of the barn and I know where this is going.

I've been watching it for years. You say will pastor years ago we worked hard to get cleaned up our schools. Yes, our schools are in good shape. There's only one problem. There's not one word in the Bible dictates you schools clean up the church. The church is clean up the church and the churches don't have the moral spiritual fiber are fabric are our our courage and fortitude to do anything about. In a recent statement Southern Baptist leaders say said in our next translation of the Bible.

We need to include minorities, Latinos, and women as translator.

What about people who know the Greek and Hebrew. We don't need the tokenism of progressive legalism to interpret the Bible we need scholars to interpret the Bible. All of the city's it's happening like dominoes in the last couple weeks, Robert Jeffries, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Jack Graham, the pastor Princeton Wood Baptist Church in Dallas. Jerry Falwell Junior, president of Liberty University there now southern badness. You probably know that pastor of the Liberty Baptist Church. His father's old church. All three and understand, among others, have given their endorsement to Paula White's ministry Paula flight is a heretic-three-time married pastor who calls herself a prophet, and these men of this stature that your former presidents of the convention lease Jack Graham are saying we embrace and encourage her work. It's 100% God and the bullets all share our constituent. It's about money it's about wealth. It's about popularity. It's hard to retreat from these things.

This is this is folks, Paula. Why couldn't teach in my Sunday school. She wouldn't be allowed a member of this church. Not that I don't love the lady would reach out to her, but you gotta believe certain things to be a member of the church and be in good standing. So these the and these dominoes keep falling. I would encourage you to look at my twitter account and look at the video I just posted by Dr. John MacArthur, John MacArthur, I believe, is the leading pastor theologian in the world. He's the author of the MacArthur study Bible. We all know who John MacArthur receipt. He was very gracious to me years ago when we begin reforming this church and everybody was against us. I flew out to Los Angeles because I couldn't find a Southern Baptist encouragement. Dr. MacArthur said you're on the right track.

Keep going and the rest is history, but Dr. MacArthur has publicly now denounced the leadership in the direction of the Southern Baptist convention, so I just I'm just done with it. I'm just absolutely do not come to the place were for me and I believe you would believe to to continue to formally connect is to confirm and endorse again were not saying they're not some good people out there, but absent a million times. The machine is broken now. I agree with Dr. Jeffries at first Baptist Dallas, I agree with Jack Graham impression would that just about supporting Pres. Donald Trump. Even though we are very offended and disagree with a lot about him that his positions deserve our support over the radical liberal agenda of the Democratic Party. If your Democrat, I'm sorry absolutely no the wickedness the ungodliness killing a baby open to the moment of birth and even saying will allow them to die after their born if the mother decided she wanted to boarded all of this stuff up, applauding and pushing and affirming unnatural perverse sexual practices. All of these gender issues. All of this nonsense. This is what happens when a culture turns its back on God, I wish we had a better instrument than Donald Trump. But there is a basis in Scripture a clear basis in Scripture to disagree with a lot about him but agree with this policy.

Some icebreaking in your house. I don't think you wait for police offer to show what they can give you his baptismal certificate that he's in good standing of a Gothic church is a brother coming here to help me kill the snake coming helping fight this enemy.

And that's the way I view this logger with those minimum some things would work to cooperate together we got agree on truth. We got agree on the gospel. We got agree on what qualifies a person to be a pastor. And so even this would brother Steve is getting new calls from churches that are saying we think we want to connect with you guys. We can't go with this any further.

So it looks like God willing will start our pastor training Institute next spring.

And again it is not will requite not starting this big university thing except it can can I say this I'm taken too long this morning blocks a rocket run through the all right now I'm just telling you if you want to challenge me on some of this you may help me but you better bring open Bible about four hours, I've been studying this along long time and far and away, biblically speaking, our Baptist churches are golf.

They won't come back to health. Now there's good badness folks scattered and I don't misunderstand me something but love the Lord and I thank God for. But as a holder gone and we might as will do it. Amos didn't link up with the people who are trying to do what's right. Stay humble, stay repentant to go on for the glory of God. We got work all over the world on that. We got one more what to do for missions right now that we get to and so what this will mean is just a little bit of the money that we still give the southern that is because this would just keep it printed and anchored in truth and support our own work.

I was reading the biography of Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, one of the premier expositional preacher pastors of the last hundred 50 years.

He also lived in London and it struck me. This is to three years ago. My study break I'm reading and praying and thinking, and he made a statement and they are fit toward the end of this life. He had to separate with ministers and ministries he'd worked with for decades because they finally caved in and went with the world brothers and sisters listen to me I will die when at work were not going to be legalistic about things that don't matter were not going be hard and legalistic about things.

The Scriptures are not clear on but there are things that matter that are being radically compromised, all to the end of numbers and money and popularity. It might be 12 or 27 of us, but were not going down that road and went to chase a few moms and dads out there. You better raise your children in a place that belief something belief something more than if it's a good time and it's a party near buddies having fun that's all that matters.

Churches admit to be like the world it's meant to enjoy the deep, wondrous, glorious pleasures of our God who reveals himself in Scripture. So unless there's some sort of radical miracle we will probably around the first of the year formally and finally consider ourselves no longer in fellowship with the Southern Baptist convention now. I don't mind sending some money to the Baptist children's home some good stuff like that can get a minute on that. But to say that Tom we want to project out into the world consider us a part of this group.

I'm done and I just told you the tip of the iceberg. I just thought there was hope. As long as our top leaders are top voices were steady and strong, but they're not strange their capitulating since the end of the day. Listen, if you're running a graduate school seminary in the Southern Baptist convention's given you $20 million a year, $20 million and you think you're going to stand on something that makes those people mad at you, and that's what's happening they go with the money so lost my good friend of John LCM's dear dear good friend. He and I been together for decades now. He's basically told his church the exact same thing and here's what he thinks he brother Jeff I'm 1/5 generation southern badness. That's all I've known.

That's all my people of no but he said even my daddy is now eight years old is told me so and you're doing the right thing. So when our leadership was 20 and 30 years ago, reclaiming the inerrancy of Scripture, and all we felt good about that process. The whole Thomas. It is not the last change all the schools. You won't until the local churches embrace it and really walk in it is just a matter time and that we have the most atrocious, unsound preaching and teaching and so many of these places will have seven. Let me belabor the point. One moment longer to remind you what I point out to you several times.

The present president of the Southern Baptist convention is the one who stated that this remind ourselves that in the Bible, God only whispers about the sin of homosexuality, which is totally wrong. I'm sick and tired of these guys saying well I is a sin, but then they go 20 minutes explaining hats really kind and not a scene anymore. I know where this is going in brother Matt's lifetime will be homosexual preachers and Southern Baptist churches.

Mark my words, I been watching this for decades. Everything I've said was going happens that once you start correcting those doors open, that the Bible didn't really mean what the last 2000 years of scholarships. Is it me, Beth Moore, as I mentioned earlier. Hey ladies, I would ask you that your pastor, there's a lot better ladies out there listen to them.

Beth Moore she's driven by emotionalism and promoting herself.

You don't need Beth Moore's teaching. She's been pointedly asked several times what your position on homosexuality and she is she will not answer the question. Folks, this is these are Baptist churches. What has happened to us if you think there's some wisdom in going down this road, let me say something to you. You're in the wrong local church back up not wanting. We are not moving on what God says is sin were not moving or moral absolutes. We have compassion for all sinners. Amen. Including me, your lyre, we have compassion on you God forgive you your adulterer. We have compassion on you God will forgive you if you're homosexual. We have compassion on you God will forgive you, but they're all sin. We don't make one account of the exception because the culture now says it's exception and you're going get persecuted and loose numbers in your church if you don't go along with the culture how far we go to go with this culture straight to hell.

That's what's going on and here's the great travesty of these men hold to a statement of Orthodox faith and doctrine then they practice something different over here, it's nothing new.

Jeroboam and ancient Israel kept all the laws of Israel, but he brought the bail, KFC and all the sensual immoralities and entertainment that went with it. Been happening for thousands of years folks are God's holy holy. How dare we bring the field for the world in makes him up with the holy things of our God, the look where were sinners around our God told will fully embrace is just sure blasphemy. It's apostasy

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