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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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June 12, 2024 5:49 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 12, 2024 5:49 am

Should Joey Chestnut be allowed to compete in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest? | A WILD fact about Gen Z you won't believe | Your phone calls.


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These hours, I'm sure many of you feel the same. So it's our hump show, and there's also this headline. Joey Chestnut barred from the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest because he signed an endorsement deal with fake foods.

Oh, I'm sorry. Impossible Foods. He is welcome back to the competition if he drops his deal with the plant-based food brand. So apparently, Major League Eating doesn't want there to be even the hint of impropriety or the suggestion that what their competitors are eating is anything other than meat. These are not vegans, even though, have you noticed how thin many of the professional eaters are? That makes me nervous.

I wonder what they have to go through to remain that thin. I've watched things before. Yeah, I can't.

It has to do with upchucking, no doubt. No, it's like train their stomachs. Oh, no, no! Okay, sorry, go ahead. Yeah, you remember Kobayashi? Yes, of course.

The real champion, but anyway. He used to eat these noodles, a lot of them, unfathomable amount of noodles. And they would go into his stomach and expand from the inside and that would make his stomach bigger, but didn't actually affect his weight. It was really scientific and weird, but that's how he was able to hold more food. How do you know there were noodles and not worms?

They could have been anything. Disgusting. So Joey Chestnut says that he is gutted.

He's gutted. He's known as Jaws, by the way. Did you know that's his nickname?

He's the biggest star in competitive eating, so they say. I am not watching it either way, but I do think it's a little bit petty of Major League eating to bar him because he is signed with another hot dog brand, when actually it's not a hot dog. You can't call it a hot dog if it's plants. It can be called something else, but it's not a hot dog. It's like calling a hamburger a hamburger when it's not a burger.

I'm sorry, this is one of my pet peeves. This is nothing against vegans. It's nothing against people who choose to eat tofu for a living. Whatever that is, you're welcome to do.

It's a free country. If you feel like you're healthier, some people have allergies, some people they have other types of reactions to red meat. I totally get it. I'm not knocking vegans or vegetarians or there's other categories that I'm not covering, but you can't call it a burger if it's not a burger.

No, you can't. I agree with you. It shouldn't technically be called a hot dog, but I get Nathan's here where the Impossible Dog is trying to replace the Nathan's hot dog. They're saying this is a better option, this is a healthier option.

They don't want to be associated with that. I'm actually pro-Nathan's here. I feel like it seems a little petty because, well first of all, I don't know what Joey Chestnut is thinking, unless maybe that's what he eats in his spare time, the Impossible Dog. You have one job is to eat Nathan's hot dogs on the 4th of July entertainment. And you gotta go sign with a competing hot dog brand?

Really? I'm outraged by this. This is what Major League Eating said. It would be like Michael Jordan saying to Nike, I'm going to represent Adidas too.

I agree. Okay, so the only thing I was thinking is that since it's not a real hot dog, and the two target audiences slash target markets for these products are completely different. People who love Nathan's hot dogs are not eating plant-based dogs. They're trying to get the Nathan's hot dog people to eat their plant-based dogs because it's the healthier option, the better option. But people who love Nathan's hot dogs are not freaking caring about whether or not they're eating healthy. Nathan's hot dog, we all know what are in hot dogs. You don't want to watch how the hot dog is made. Everybody knows what's in a hot dog. If you eat a hot dog, you know what you're getting. You're getting a compilation of meat that's left over from other, you know, animals. Sometimes it can be different animals. So the only time, and I don't eat hot dogs, but the only time I would eat one would be if it's all beef. That's the only time.

But even then, you're getting scraps that are smushed into a casing. If you're eating a hot dog, you're not about whether or not it's healthy. You're just eating a hot dog. So that's the only thing as I'm saying. I don't think the people who buy impossible hot dogs and the people who buy Nathan's or eat Nathan's or watch this competitive eating on July 4th for Nathan's are the same people.

I think they're, this is, we're talking about parted by the Red Sea. I agree. But I think if two people, if that's it, say, oh, you know what, actually, maybe I do want to switch to the impossible hot dog now. That's more than Nathan's wants to go switch over to the impossible hot dogs and they can't have it. Okay, we're gonna have to put this out there. Anybody, anybody at all who loves Nathan's hot dogs, who's interested now in eating an impossible food plant-based hot dog.

Because I kind of feel like they're parallel roads as opposed to roads that intersect. I agree. But if, say, Joey Chestnut, when he would have won the contest again this year probably because no one even comes close to him. He's going to go up there and hold this mustard belt and say, I'm the face of Nathan's, eat these hot dogs, then go do a commercial for the healthier alternative to the one he just ate 64 of. But just because you're in the contest, does that mean you're endorsing the dog? I think it does. I think if you're Joey Chestnut, especially it does. So you mean to tell me that nobody who's ever participated in any of these professional eating competitions would sometimes choose a healthier option when they're not actually competing?

No, I think they could and they totally have that option, but you can't sign a sponsorship and endorsement with that brand. Alright, I kind of feel like it's completely different because the vegan market, the vegan audience is not eating Nathan's hot dogs. If you're vegan or you're looking for something healthy, hot dogs are probably not your first choice. No, yeah, I get what you're saying.

I just think it's too close. Would you try it? Would you eat an impossible hot dog given that you actually like hot dogs?

I do, I had one earlier tonight. See, perfect. Would you eat an impossible dog? A plant-based hot dog is not a hot dog.

It does not entice me at all, to be honest. No, it's not a hot dog. But it's trying to be.

And that's too much. But it's not. An elephant can try to be a rhinoceros.

It doesn't mean that the elephant's actually a rhinoceros. Well, if Joey Chestnut is an elephant keeper, he can't go sponsor rhinoceroses who are trying to be elephants. Again, if he doesn't have a deal with Nathan's and he's just participating in the competition, then I guess I don't see the issue.

But I understand. He does all these photo shoots and stuff after with the mustard belt. He's the mustard king. He's the champ.

He is Nathan's hot dog. So in other words, he can't rep any contest. He can't participate in any contest in which he doesn't endorse the product? Not any other contest associated with hot dogs. Oh, now he's free to do it. He can go do an impossible hot dog eating contest now. Be free.

Go ahead. Gross. That's disgusting. People were saying that he should do a live stream or something during at the exact same time and just eat all the impossible hot dogs.

Do we know if he actually eats them, though? That's the thing. A lot of times, celebrity endorsers, it begs the question. For instance, do you remember when Shaq endorsed Kia?

Yeah, absolutely. And I don't know if he drove a Kia. Now, I'm assuming they gave him a Kia, but I don't know whether or not he actually drove a Kia on his own. I wouldn't imagine Joey Chestnut when he's barbecuing makes an impossible hot dog, right? But I don't know.

I could be wrong. He's trying to be healthy now, turning a new leaf. Joey Chestnut issued his own statement on Twix.

We're paraphrasing here. He issued his own statement on Twix. I was gutted to learn from the media that after 19 years, I'm banned from the Nathan's July 4th hot dog eating contest. I love competing in that event. I love celebrating America with my fans all over this great country on the 4th, and I've been training to defend my title. To set the record straight, I do not have a contract with MLE, Major League Eating, just that.

I love that. Major League Eating or Nathan's, so I do not have a contract with MLE or Nathan's, and they are looking to change the rules from past years as it relates to other partners I can work with. This is apparently the basis on which I'm being banned, and it does not impact the July 4th event. Sadly, this is the decision Nathan's and Major League Eating are making. It will deprive the great fans of the holiday's usual joy and entertainment.

To my fans, I love you, and I appreciate you. Rest assured that you'll see me eat again. I mean, he does a ton of other competitions for different foods.

How about that? Rest assured that you'll see me eat again. And are you ready for his tagline? This is Joey Chestnut's version of boom. Are you ready?

In all caps, stay hungry! Shouldn't he have known that this could have been... No, he says they changed the rules. Whose side are you on?

I'm on Nathan's side. What if they changed the rules over Impossible Foods? That's like Michael Jordan being nervous about Rex Chapman taking over his title of best player of all time. You see, this more stems from where I was an original Kobayashi guy, and Major League Eating kicked him out of the sport unceremoniously about 13 years ago. That's where Joey Chestnut was able to step in and gain all this notoriety in the sport.

So if Kobayashi was still a thing, I don't know if Joey Chestnut's even a big name anymore. Didn't Kobayashi also run amok of the law? Yes, he got in a lot of trouble. He did get in a lot of trouble. He's banned from Major League Eating.

Say what I mean? He tried to rush the stage. Maybe like kick them out, and then he, Joey Chestnut won. He tried to bum rush the stage and like challenge them right there. A little bit like Will Smith with, oh no, not quite that.

Who was it? Kanye with Taylor Swift? Or, I don't, he doesn't go by Kanye anymore, does he? Ye?

Ye, yeah. But I think he went by Kanye back then. That's when he went up to her at the video awards. Right, and tried to steal her thunder.

Yeah, oh he did. A little bit like that. So, I, every now and then, not all the time, because a lot of the comments will annoy me, but sometimes on posts like this on Twix, I will read some of the comments. This is just one response.

Not a single Nathan's hot dog will touch my grill from now on. Oh my gosh, why are people so serious about this? It's kind of crazy. I think they're standing on business. You do?

I do. Okay, so when Jay and I are on opposite sides of the Joey Chestnut decision, if they change the rules now, that's underhanded and dirty. But I am of the mindset that if you eat impossible, plant-based, fake hot dogs, you're not also eating Nathan's.

So I feel like this is, Nathan's getting a little bit nervous for no reason. You know that the impossible brand, also plant-based, I don't know how you can call it meat, plant-based imitation meat, that market is dying. It actually had a surge a couple years ago, and now a lot of those companies are going belly up because the market's not there anymore. That's more expensive. It is. It's always more expensive to eat, quote-unquote, healthier, right? So I kind of feel like this is Nathan's paying too much attention to a mosquito.

I hear the footsteps, for sure. I'm telling you, there's no way that an American company who sells actual meat products ever has to worry about losing the vast majority of their business to a plant-based company. Maybe they just don't even want to associate with that at all. Maybe. Get that out of here.

I mean, you're cutting off your nose to spite your face. You've banned Kobayashi. Now you're banning Joey Chestnut.

This is Matt Stonie's chance to step back in and take his belt back. Who's left? Jay, a little bit concerns me that you know so much about this.

I know a few. I just want to know. Let's put up a poll.

Whose side are you on? Nathan's or Joey Chestnut? Jay's. The smile on Jay's face. Ear to ear.

We're talking huge grin. This might be his favorite poll of all time. It's a good one. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

It is the hump show. We are so weird. That's Jay and I, not you guys.

Although I guess some of you could come be on our island if you want to. Our phone number is 855-212-4227. You can find us on Twix at Amy After Hours.

Send your questions for Ask Amy Anything. And also on our Facebook page, we're just going to put a simple poll up. Who you got? Or whose side are you on? You've got to pick a side. Nathan's or Joey Chestnut? And no, we're not endorsing the fake hot dogs. We're endorsing, I'm endorsing Joey Chestnut because I think this is a little bit petty of Nathan's. Are you actually worried about a piece of food that looks like a hot dog but is not a hot dog?

I don't think they want to be associated with it at all. Dan is in San Diego. Dan, welcome to After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Amy, good to talk to you. You know, first of all, I've got to say I'm on your team. Joey Chestnut, I'm with you.

Okay, they're treating him unfairly. But before, the reason I called tonight, I first of all just want to remind you the last time that we spoke. Do you remember in 2021 when- Wait, I'm sorry.

Stop right there. Do I remember in 2021? Is that what you said? Yes. Oh, no, I don't.

But okay, go ahead. Well, this was when the Giants played the Dodgers in the NLDS and then at the very end of the game, it was a deciding moment of the game. And I called in because I was upset because the Giants lost because at the very end of the game, there was a check swing. Do you remember that?

No. Do you know how many baseball games I've watched since then? I do remember the series. I remember it going down to a game five. I remember it being a very tight finish. Was it Chris Taylor who came up with the game winner?

Well, it was Wilmer Flores that was at the plate and it was the most controversial check swing, I think, in the history of baseball, at least if you're talking to Giants fans. Okay, got you. And anyways, I just wanted to remind you because that was the last time we talked and I've always been a big fan of yours. But the reason I wanted to call in tonight was because I was at the Padres game tonight and I saw Kyle Higashioka hit the walk-off home run. Sorry to change the subject from hot dogs to sports.

They go together. So we're on sports radio, right? But I just wanted to say, because I got in my car and everything was about Dodgers, Dodgers, Dodgers, and it's like, you know. What? All I did was talk about their home runs.

Four home runs in an inning is pretty impressive. You're right. I agree with you. I agree with you.

At least the Padres are above 500 now. There's that. You're right. You're right about that. And they are also, if you didn't know, the number one team in all of Major League Baseball when it comes to percentage of capacity attendance.

That's very exciting. I'm glad to hear that considering last season and the fact that it was very disappointing and the fact that once again, they started out relatively slowly and they've got some ground to make up at the top of the NL West. I won't mention the team that you hate. But to be fair, I did not spend that much time on the Dodgers.

I was just talking about their home runs and the fact that it's a formidable lineup. I know, I know, I know. And again, thanks for taking the call, Amy. You've always got a great show.

Every time I tune in, I always enjoy it. But I just wanted to say, I mean, as a Giants and Padres fan that really doesn't like the Dodgers, you know, when I heard that, I was like, I gotta call in and I gotta set the record straight. And just tell you that 43,000 fans on a Tuesday night, you know, it's here in San Diego.

Here's my question for you. Have you ever been to Petco Park? I have been to San Diego. I've not, but it wasn't baseball season, so I've not been to Petco Park. Well, it's got to be on your bucket list. I know you went to Hawaii for your honeymoon, which is awesome, but you've got to go to a Padres game. I would love to.

The atmosphere is absolutely epic. You should, maybe you should come see a Dodgers game. You know, the giant, the Padres have won like more than half of the games against the Dodgers. Anyways, thanks for taking the call.

Appreciate it. All I was, all I wanted to say was the atmosphere at Petco Park tonight for that walk off home run in the night with Kyle Higashioka was absolutely electric. And the vibe in San Diego is something that's hard to describe.

Anyone that's listening here in San Diego knows what I'm talking about. We're itching. I mean, we're, we're in that wild card position.

You know, we could get hot. It's June. It's June. It's June.

It's June. But I like your fierce competitiveness. I can imagine the most important thing is taking down the big bad Dodgers. If it makes you feel any better, I've not been to a game at Chavez Ravine either.

So it's not like I went to one where the Dodgers were the home team. I, my favorite thing about San Diego, sorry, is the zoo. I did like the city. I went to a great diner in the city while I was there. So I enjoyed my visit there.

That was probably going back now 10 years. But yeah. All I'm going to say and then I'll let you go. Thanks again. All I'm going to say is if you, if you make it out here, I work for Odyssey. So I've got the suite. I've got tickets. I'll definitely show you a good time.

And the thing is that if we, if we can get hard at the right time, we're going to, we're going to, I mean, here's the thing. I was born in 1990. The Dodgers still have not won a World Series ever since I was born. That was longer than a 60 game season. So that's what I'm going to leave it at that. And when did the Padres win last?

If you come to see, what's that? When did the Padres win last? Well, the Giants won in 2014, which is my number one team. Oh, but I was asking about the Padres. When did they win last? They have never won a World Series. OK.

I just want to set the record straight. Anyway, Amy, great talking to you. But you got to see a game of Petco. You got to see the game of Petco. I would love to. I would love to. Thank you, Dan. I appreciate it. I love the use of the word we.

It's a dead giveaway every time. Now, he said the Giants are his number one team, but for some reason he was describing the Padres as we. I think they're in the same division. And also about how I went on and on about the Dodgers. I feel like I've talked at least twice as long about Joey Chestnut and Nathan's hot dogs as I did. I even forgot what we were talking about with the Dodgers. That was the first hour. That's it. That's all we want to know. Are you Team Joey Chestnut or Team Nathan's?

This to me feels like petty, petty business. And you're cutting off your nose to spite your face. You keep Joey Chestnut out.

How much star power do you actually have? All right. Poll is up. It's a perfect hump show poll.

Whose side are you on? Also, Jay, it's w h o s e not w h o apostrophe. Spell check. Yeah, you're good. Well, w h o apostrophe s is a different usage of the word. But you know how much I am a stickler for grammar and syntax.

I'm thinking you're going to have to redo it. No. Yeah, I agree. OK. All right. Try to explain that one to me, though. So the apostrophe represents a letter or a couple letters, right? So shouldn't is should not.

Couldn't is could not. Whose with the apostrophe is who is or who was. Whose w h o s e refers to possession. A possession. Excuse me. So whose side are you on? Not who is side.

Are you on? Trying to learn out here. You think I should teach English instead of radio at Syracuse? That was a good quick lesson. I mean, I got it. Yeah. So the issue is, of course, that half the time I can't talk myself. So these hours make it challenging. All right. Coming up, Celtics have a new problem.

Is it a big problem? Remains to be remains. See what I mean? Remains to be seen with game three. Coming up on Wednesday night in Dallas. Also, Kyrie Irving. He tells his hermano that he's got to play better. Who's his hermano? Oh, we'll explain.

Are you team Joey Chestnut or team Nathan's? Also, Impossible Foods does not actually make hot dogs. That's the final word. Look around. You can buy cars like these on Auto Trader. New cars, used cars, electric cars, maybe even flying cars. OK, no flying cars. But as soon as they get invented, they'll be on Auto Trader.

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Download Thumbtack and start a project today. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. 40 days and 40 nights he's been away from the Celtics. He's been back on the floor for 10 minutes. He's got 15 points. The Celtics have a 21 point lead and Jason Kidd needs another time out.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Kristaps Porzingis listed as questionable for game number three, but that may actually be generous. What impact could that have on Boston as the NBA final shift to Dallas?

We will get to that coming up following the update. That's our friend Sean Grandy on Celtics radio. Now Marco Belletti is here in studio because we're having a lively debate and we did put the poll up on both Twitter and Facebook.

It's very spirited so far in the early returns. Whose side are you on? Nathan's or Joey Chestnut? And as I was saying, just for Marco's, what am I thinking? Marco's perspective. No, no, no. There's a word for it.

Just for Marco's information, you know, just so you're up to speed. Wow, it's the hump show and my brain is not completely operational. It's like the Death Star.

It's not fully operational. Anyway, I'm saying that I don't think the audience for Nathan's hot dogs or the target market for Nathan's hot dogs is the same as fake meat. I feel like those are two parallel tracks that never cross. So two trains running parallel but they're never going to cross.

But I just had this epiphany. If he is actually endorsing impossible plant-based hot dogs or whatever, does that give them legitimacy because it's Joey Chestnut? And if Joey Chestnut eats real hot dogs and real food for a living, then by him endorsing impossible foods, does that also bring a few carnivores with him over to eat impossible foods?

Now the thing is, Jay is a carnivore. That's really all he eats. Carnivores and potatoes of some sort. Fries. That's all he eats. Bread.

It's either starches or meat for producer Jay. Would you be tempted, because of Joey Chestnut's endorsement, to eat an impossible fake meat? Me, no. But I could see why someone would. And as I was saying earlier, if one or two people go from Nathan's to impossible hot dogs, that's too much for Nathan's. That's too many.

It's two people. They want no one. They want none.

They can't have any association with impossible... I'm so Team Nathan's here. I can't even be any more Team Nathan's. You know what? I'm totally on Batcha's side here.

Completely 100% for this simple... It's the idea that we only hear about this hot dog eating contest once a year, the 4th of July. Nathan's a big thing. We know all about it. And any shine that comes off that to talk about anything other than Nathan's hot dogs cannot happen.

Cannot happen from their perspective. I feel like we hear about Nathan's hot dogs all summer long. As Americans, we consume billions of pounds of hot dogs in the summertime.

Billions! They own that day. That is the only true... Did they pay for it? You know what I mean?

Did they pay for it? Well, my point is, it's July 4th, and Nathan's hot dog has made this a thing, an event on July 4th, but now they're cutting off their nose to spite their face because their top star has been banned. So now what is their... It's like taking the Kentucky Derby winner out of the Preakness. Arguably, the competition will be better with him out of it.

You know what? As much as I get it, and the idea of we want to see if Joey Chestnut's gonna break his own record, but my rebuttal would be the true star is the hot dog. And nothing can overshadow the true star, which is the hot dog. And this would overshadow the hot dog. We had this hot dog eating contest before Joey Chestnut. We'll have it after Joey Chestnut.

That mustard belt will be on someone's waist, whether he is there or not. The star is the hot dog. Do you know what overshadows the hot dogs and the actual eating contest? Is when the bread comes out their noses. It is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. It makes me want to up-chuck. I've never watched an eating contest of this magnitude or any magnitude, really, and I would be less inclined to watch now because there's no Joey Chestnut. You banned your biggest star. Yeah, again, we thought this when Kobayashi was winning what?

However many did he win in a row? Eleven, twelve. Yeah, there's always someone else. There will always be someone else. Kobayashi was a rebel. And you know what? Maybe he comes out of retirement to be able to retain or regain his... No, I think he retired.

I think he was the one that said, you know what? I don't know what this is doing to my body. I think I need to step away.

But if he wants to, he can come out of retirement and regain his belt. I don't know. But I do know...

I'm team Joey. You cannot have, on the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, have any conversation about hot dogs that are not Nathan's and that are not actual beef hot dogs. You just can't.

Not unless Nathan puts out their own impossible hot dogs. Then it's different. Then it's different.

That's cannibalizing your market. That's their own one. I mean, they've got different ones.

Bun size, non-bun size. Don't they have like the cheddar inside and all that kind of... Natural casing. Yeah, see? You can have variety as long as it's under the Nathan umbrella. If they do not have impossible hot dogs, then they cannot be at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. We just got a response to the poll and to the debate. Nathan's is now the equivalent of bar S or armor to me. They've been knocked out a peg. You're just bar S hot dogs from this point on. Alright, so we'll take more of your questions slash responses. I'm team Joey.

I feel like this is something that Nathan's is doing at the last second. He says that they changed the rules on him. And I just don't think... It's a little bit like banning someone because they eat salad. It's a plant-based hot dog.

You're banning... It's not even a hot dog. In fact, it's false advertising to call it a hot dog. It says hot dog. But it's false advertising.

That's not the point. You know the whole debate about is a hot dog a sandwich? Forget that one.

That one's tougher. Is a plant-based impossible food product a hot dog? No.

You know what? Do people order it as a hot dog? Is it sold as a hot dog?

Is it packaged as a hot dog? I don't care. That's got nothing to do with Nathan's.

They've got to make sure. You could say all you want of whether this soda product is really a soda product because it doesn't have any color and you can make it at home. If it says soda on the thing, I can't have Coke going up against that or Pepsi going up against that. I can't have it.

If he's in a Coke drinking contest, he can't go indoor soda stream. I can't do it. Same idea.

I can't do it. But that's different. If it's a Coke drinking contest, which would be kind of fun actually. Think about the belches. If it was a Coke drinking contest and someone comes up with a fake sugar and it's not even a soda, then that'd be completely different. You're drinking sugar-free lemonade.

They're trying to get you off of that into theirs. But meanwhile, he's eating Nathan's hot dog. But then he's going to go after it and say, actually, I don't like these which I just ate 70 of. Go try these hot dogs, actually.

70! So disgusting. So gross. And they wet the buns.

Have you ever seen that? Oh yeah. Oh no, I can't. Splash zone tickets.

Ew! That's it. Just go to our social media and vote. Are you team Joey or team Nathan's? Jay's been cut off.

From now on, I'm only bringing you plant-based food to eat here to share with you. You're not buying that. No, I'm not.

So Marco's here in studio. And before we get to our update, I promised you that this is something I don't know how parents should feel about this. But you're the only parent of the three of us at this particular moment, so I'm going to ask you. According to a new study, one in four Gen Z job interviews include their parents. One in four Gen Z-ers have taken a parent to a job interview. Wait a minute, because I just need a little bit of clarity. Gen Z is exactly like what age group? Isn't Gen Z the current age of teenagers and college students? I'll get the exact one.

Alright, he'll get the exact one. Alright, so if we're talking about one in four job interviews, if we're talking about a 16, 17, 18-year-old and they're doing an after-school work at the whatever local deli, it's not ideal, but it's not the worst thing in the world if you have a 16-year-old that brings their parent. I thought it was college students more. Eleven to 26, so it's anyone born between 97 and 2012.

Alright, so if you're- Look, 26? No. What if they're still living at home? No, no, no.

I don't care where you live. You could live in a tent. You're an adult. But if you're like 16, so that's why that could be skewed.

Alright. That could be skewed. 16's pushing it. What?

Look, I get it, but I mean 16, you need some sort of a guardian to be able to sign something to allow you to work anyway. Marco makes a good point. I didn't think about that. I thought Gen Z was referring to college age and then early 20s.

That's what I first thought too. That type of thing. Yeah, no, no, no. If you're in college, if you're 21, if you're 20- like, no, you're an adult. I don't care where you are and what stage you are, whether you're going to school or not. You're an adult. Act as such. But if you're 16, 17, even 17, depending on where it is, you may need guardian's signature to allow you to do this.

This is why Marco makes the big bucks. Oh, yeah. You know, I remember even when I was 16, a lot of jobs that I couldn't get, they wouldn't hire me.

Yes. Even with what didn't matter signature or not, they just wouldn't hire you unless you were at least 18 because you couldn't operate, you know, whether it was the garbage, the compactor or whatever. Like, there was a lot of things you couldn't do unless you were 18. How old were you when you got your first job?

Real. Like, I was working at like 14, 15 and doing stuff. Yeah, like a part-time job, your first job.

Yeah, but that was under the table stuff. So like a real, real job. Oh, no, an actual job. Real, real 17. I was 12. I was 12. That's not real though.

Well, I got- That's what I mean under table. Like, you weren't paying taxes at 12. No, but it was- Well, you pay taxes only after you make a certain amount of money. So you could have a part-time job and not make tax- or not pay taxes. Yeah, but that's what I mean when real. Like, they are taking the taxes out. You're getting an actual physical real check as opposed to like, you work for Joe Schmo and he's giving you some money.

Joe Schmo. Yeah, yeah. Ooh, I was- That's under the table.

That's illegal. Yes, my first job at 12. This is when I say my mom took me, because I couldn't drive obviously, to a local hair salon on a Saturday after he closed and I cleaned it. That was what I did for four hours. She- I had to lock the door in the front.

I had to lock the door in the back and I had to sweep and Windex and wash mirrors and clean the bathroom. And he gave you cash. And he gave me cash. Which is under the table. That's why I said that doesn't count. Okay, fine.

I was all proud of myself. No, you should be proud of yourself and be a work ethic in 12. But technically, that's not a legitimate real job.

Okay. So anyway, at 17 though, you might have to take your parent to a job interview is what you're saying. I was thinking more college and early 20s. Not necessarily even to the interview. Like Jay. I was thinking Jay taking his dad to a job interview. No, no, no. That cannot happen. Did you bring your dad here for your job interview?

He drove me. No, I'm kidding. But yeah, at 16, you might need a signature. At 15, you definitely need a signature. At 15, depending on where you are, at 16, you might. 17 is pushing it, but it's possible.

It's possible. That would explain why 14% of Gen Z'ers say that their parent has actually been in the job interview with them. Well, again, like an interview is strong, but I don't know how much- I mean, did anybody- when I like, you know, when you had a job at like 16, 17, did you interview? You filled out an application. They called you in, but like you didn't really interview. That doesn't happen anymore.

Everything's online. Right, but it's still an application, whatever it is. Like, I don't know if that's an interview, but again, if you're under a certain age, you need someone to sign to allow you to work. All right. You can't, you know, just waltz in.

It doesn't work like that legally. I was a little bit worried about the Gen Z generation even more. I think you should be in general worried about all the generations, especially that, but at 20-something, once you hit like, look, once you hit 18, you're now on your own, whether you like it or not. Out. Just get out. No, no, you can live at home.

You can rely on your parents for whatever it is, moral, financial. You do you. But when you go out and actually have to work, you do that alone. All right.

That's different. Agreed. So James wants us to consider this as we go to a break. This is all a publicity stunt, he says on Twix. We are talking about Nathan's in early June.

By July 4th, Chestnut will be back in. Oh, what if they're doing this as a ploy? Okay. I would applaud you.

That would be smart. Okay. We walked right into it. Still though, are you team Joey or are you team Nathan's?

Team fake hot dog or team real hot dog? See, that has nothing to do with it. That has nothing to do with it. On Twix at ALaw Radio and then also on our Facebook page. Plus, you can send your questions for Ask Amy anything. And don't ask me if I've ever tried plant-based foods. I've already seen it three times. Okay.

Here's our list. Here's why April chose to vaccinate her child. I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children.

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It's not real. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Hot dogs, hot dogs. Watch them eat a mob. Hot dogs, hot dogs. It's great with soda pop.

Ever since Nathan's came to go to Coney Island. No one can resist the taste you should to keep from smiling. Hot dogs, it's great with soda pop.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Hot dog is great with soda pop. That's a nice tune. It's pretty cute. It's catchy. Notice Nathan's is in there. Because Nathan's is the iconic, I know I'm using that tongue in cheek, hot dog maker, endorser, producer, seller of all time. And some of your comments in response to our debate over Team Joey or Team Nathan's, they're actually kind of funny. So we'll get to those.

But KP, Top of the Hour, this is far more impactful and I think far more, we're far more passionate about this than we are about anything to do with the NBA Finals, sadly. Let's talk to Bob who's in Chicago. Bob, what do you think? Which are you? Team Joey, Team Nathan?

I am Team Nathan's for a couple reasons. You used, a few minutes ago you said that not letting him in the contest would be like not letting the Kentucky Derby winner run the Preakness. You know what else you don't do? You don't let a zebra run in the Preakness because a zebra isn't a horse. A hot dog is, it's a hot dog eating contest. It's not a, the other thing that bothered me a little was there was an article in the New York Post. Right, so your point though is it's not a contest for anything other than hot dogs, which means impossible foods, vegan, they may look like them, they may be in the same casing, but they're not actually hot dogs.

Kind of like a zebra, it's got a similar shape to a horse, it can run, but it's not a horse. Yes, that's my point. Yeah, the point is that there are no impossible, fake, imposter hot dogs in the competition, so I don't know.

I think Joey should be allowed to compete because these two are completely separate. I hear you, I just think that it's, he's the rival brand, Nathan's is the brand name, plus there was something in the New York Post today where someone referred to him as an American hero, I'm sorry the man's not an American hero. No, that's taking it too far.

Someone from Major League Eating said he's an American hero, that person has problems. Right, let's hope that that was being done sarcastically, maybe irreverently. That was tongue in cheek. Yes, let's hope that is the case. Alright Bob, I appreciate your phone call, thank you for listening in Chicago.

Alright, take care, bye bye. I understand what he's saying about zebras and all manner of animals that are not horses, donkeys for instance, there'd be no reason to put them in the Kentucky Derby, but at the same time, I feel like he's making my point for me a little bit too. Because there are no impossible imitations in the Nathan's hot dog eating contest, therefore they're two completely different planes. Essentially Joey Chestnut is endorsing a salad, it just happens to be in the same shape as a hot dog, but it's a salad, or it's beans, aren't these imitation meats actual beans? Like tofu, isn't that made from beans? But they're trying to tell you that it's a hot dog. It's a little bit like saying that almond milk is competition for actual milk. I think it is. You do?

Yes, very much so actually. But almond milk is really supposed to be about people who can't drink dairy. I get that, but they've kind of rebranded into this healthier alternative now. But you can't milk an almond. No you cannot. Just like you can't claim that your tofu food... You can't slaughter a bean.

In the form of a sausage or a hot dog, is it actually a sausage or a hot dog? Oh dear. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Here's why April chose to vaccinate her child. I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children.

Talk to your pediatrician or visit Brought to you by Merck. This episode is brought to you by Progressive Insurance.

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