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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST Hour 3

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June 10, 2024 5:02 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 10, 2024 5:02 am

HOUR 3: The Dan Hurley coaching pursuit is heating up. The Panthers are carried by Bob? Amy’s sight seeing adventure in NYC.


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Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. Do you know by this time tomorrow, meaning 24 hours from now, so it would be early on Tuesday morning for the majority of our audience. Sorry Hawaii, I was there. It's a it's a drastic time difference goodness from the east coast which of course is where our headquarters are located. You're talking about a six hour time difference and so when we would wake up even if we slept in a little bit we'd wake up and gosh the rest of our families were already well toward dinner time.

So it was just so weird to get adjusted to and now that I've been there and I recognize that I'm trying to be even more cognizant. I'm always careful with time zones here on the show but and that's something that's been ingrained in me now doing network radio for goodness almost 20 years not full-time that whole juncture but I've gotten so used to it now that I'm pretty careful. I have alarms that go off in my head when I'm not considering all the time zones but by this time except for you Hawaiians by this time on Tuesday morning we could have a new coach of the Lakers.

I'm blown away by this. I did not see the Dan Hurley piece coming and I wonder whether or not his players did specifically Alex Karabhan who we had on the show here selection Sunday night. It was great to talk to him a big part of their back-to-back championships just a sophomore but older so he was going to head to the NBA and then chose to return to UConn believing they could run it back and chase a three-peat but I wonder if he would have made a different decision although timing didn't really work out great but wonder if he would have made a different decision if he'd known his coach might be leaving for the NBA.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Dan Hurley has told Adrian Wojnarowski who spoke to him on the phone this is the great now ESPN NBA insider that he plans to make a decision on Monday. Whoa that's quick but I can understand why right because you need you need to inform the Lakers because they're waiting and and this coaching search quote unquote has gone on long enough they need a coach we were nearly to the end of the finals and so they've already missed out on time scouting and putting his staff together getting ready for the draft which comes up later this month and if it's the Lakers there are other larger pieces at play here right because of LeBron James and his intent to declare free agency and then what happens with his son and will he return to the Lakers even if the Lakers don't have his son in the draft there's a lot it's even I think more drastic decision making for the Lakers than for most other franchises and while Hurley would probably like to surround himself with some veteran NBA guys meaning his coaching staff doesn't mean that he's got all of those names lined up I mean he just met with the Lakers on Friday and according to the reports they gave him a fairly hefty offer and so right now he's torn and these are the quotes from Woge Hurley told him the Lakers made a quote compelling case and presented a compelling vision for him to become the next coach but he loves what he's doing at UConn and what he's built there in stores and so he'll make a decision about his future Monday again that's according to Adrian Wojnarowski Hurley also said he was extremely impressed with Rob Palenka who is one half of the Lakers brain trust along with owner Jeannie Buss and that he was spending Sunday going over pros and cons think about it and I know it's a lot more money Ryan shaking his head we'll get you in a second I know it's a lot more money it's monopoly money right I've heard a hundred million dollar contract is possible and if it's the Lakers of course they can do it but if you are Dan Hurley you have a family to consider maybe you feel like you don't necessarily want to leave because yet because you like what you've got at UConn but also there's some cons to it as well think about the western conference and how tough it is right now the Lakers are a lot like the Warriors they're kind of stuck in that eight nine ten seed purgatory at this point are they going to get better next season not likely if they're bringing back Lebron James and that's not a knock on Lebron it's only about the money and what he would want presumably his son to get drafted now Hurley's developed college age talent and that's one of his strengths but you're walking into a situation where there's been a ton of turnover you got Frank Vogel was the coach that that won the first game of the season Vogel was the coach that that won the championship in 2020 in the bubble they fired him after the next season they bring in Darvin Ham that lasts for two years there's a ton of turnover there with the Lakers and they clearly have made the decision unless something changes right in front of our eyes some magic trick it seems like they've made the decision they'll do whatever is necessary to keep Lebron there through the end of his career now the reports indicating that the and Lebron himself is saying he's not part of this coaching search because this next coach presumably would last longer in LA than he would meaning he's going to retire so they shouldn't be making a coaching decision based on his wishes but they are including Anthony Davis and still if if what you want is to have Lebron and the only way to keep Lebron is to have his son then that also puts the team and the new head coach in a precarious position so again Dan Hurley has told Adrian Wojnarowski that he's impressed with what they told him they gave him a compelling case and made a compelling argument for why he should be the next Lakers head coach and now he has to decide and said he will make his choice on Monday I saw a bunch of your comments on both Twix and Facebook about Hurley as the next head coach I'm stunned by it the thing is there are only 30 teams right now in the NBA I say this a lot about the NFL and the 32 teams in the NFL sometimes in the case of shoot I hurry no Ryan do you remember the name of Cully David Cully the coach for the Houston Texans a couple years ago and he was their ninth choice right and they pretty much always intended him to be a sacrificial lamb he wasn't their long-term choice they wanted something different but they were not in a position to lure in a coach like Tamiko Ryans then so David Cully becomes their head coach and they fire him after one year they never intended to keep him and Cully probably knew that he probably knew this was not a long-term solution but he had waited decades to get a shot as a head coach in the NFL I have his name right don't I okay Ryan's nodding at me you do yeah it was him and then Lovey Smith yeah Lovey was on his staff that was the crazy part now Lovey had been a head coach before obviously but he was on Cully's staff so they get rid of Cully and they keep Lovey Smith as their next head coach anyway back to Cully the thing is he waited for decades to get a chance same thing with Vic Fangio when he took over as the head coach of the Broncos he'd waited 40 years to get his chance to be a head coach and even if the situation isn't optimal even if it's not perfect even if it could be dramatic now some of you are saying why would he want that headache because it's an NBA head coaching job that's why because sometimes have you ever heard this just get your foot in the freaking door and then worry about the rest I would say the same thing about a lot of us in our careers and certainly I can identify and relate in my position I want to do NBA play-by-play there's only so many jobs so even if it was the absolute worst team in the league would I take the job if it was offered to me and my husband and I agreed on it absolutely who cares if it's the worst job in the league you're still in the NBA and once you get your foot in the door you get some experience well then other teams other franchises are likely to look at you if you're Dan Hurley not that he is needs to prove anything I don't think he has anything to prove at this point he comes from coaching royalty in the college ranks to be sure but this is a guy who's got a name and a reputation who proceed that precede him but even if it blows up in his face he still got to coach the Lakers and he still got his foot his feet wet in the NBA to me that is just as important so if he ultimately does want to coach in the NBA this to me would be a step that he might not be able to turn down not to mention 100 million dollars and a lot of that would be fully guaranteed how much you want to bet in order to lure him so Ryan you were kind of laughing about it earlier what's your reaction it's just so drawn out so it is I just think that if Hurley he had to have some interest to even take the interview in the first place but the longer this plays out I just think he's more likely to go back to UConn because if they offered him enough money he already was interested to get take the interview right if it was really just the money and other things he would have taken it or it would have been signed I think he personally doesn't like the future of the team what about his family you know he has a wife right that was the reason why he wouldn't consider Kentucky she did not want to move to Lexington I just think you can have two houses with how much they're gonna pay you you can have two houses and travel they I bet the Lakers would give you private jets if they had to travel I guess you could write that into the contract you could maybe that's maybe that's the holdup maybe I don't know how old his kids are I know he's got kids too and so in college okay so they're not still in the house yeah because the one of them was on the back-to-back championship teams oh that's right yep and then I think there's another one that's got you okay so he did mention though that his wife didn't want to move again and that he you know that that was the consideration in not throwing his name into the mix for Kentucky and immediately saying no well Kentucky's only halfway not even halfway across the United States it's just south and east or south and west a bunch from Connecticut but I wonder if that's a consideration or if now see if it was me it's this is not to throw shade on their relationship I don't know I've seen his wife of course at games I don't know anything about her I don't know him personally but I would think that if it's a spouse that understands this is your ultimate dream that they wouldn't be to want to be the one who says oh you know what I'm not moving it's also Kentucky I think Kentucky you've heard to LA right it's true in just livelihood is completely different right although I gotta tell you let's just say again to put it in context in my own life if I told my husband that the Lakers or the Clippers offered me the play-by-play job it'd be a tough sell he would not be interested in LA in a hard enough time moving to New Jersey from Texas I can imagine now would he try to make it work for me I think he would and so I kind of putting it in that context but I get I don't know him and his wife I just know that you got to consider family too so maybe that's what he's doing or I think he heard what their five-year five-year plan is with LeBron James and he was like yeah I don't know if I should be here maybe I'll wait for the next one to come along what if the next one doesn't come along it will if he goes back to UConn has more success like as he's expected to have he'll get another job yeah that's probably true that's probably true in fact the last I knew Kevin Ollie was in the NBA though I don't remember what staff because remember he he was on the Nets yeah I remember he got bounced from UConn that whole well won a championship right after in the wake of in the wake of shoot I can see his face in my head Jim Calhoun and then yeah they've kind of gone Dan Hurley was the answer to all of that he was the stabilizing force I'm sure UConn is countering but a hundred million dollars UConn can't offer him that kind of money it would bankrupt the state for heaven's sakes they don't have that kind of money in the state of Connecticut eight five five two one two four two two seven on Twix a law radio and our Facebook page two our friend Chicago Johnny is listening in Vegas hi Johnny how are you good morning Amy it finally happened it's I finally hit it I can't believe it okay all right now you know I'm in tonight's basketball game in in Las Vegas the betting line was Boston minus seven all right well I finally I took Boston right and I won right and then I took Dallas and I won now if I were on how did I do this now did you ever buy the hook you ever heard of that no well when you buy a hook in in a professional sports you're buying a half a point oh okay so I bought so you're off the line I bought Boston minus six and a half and I won and then I bet Dallas plus seven and a half and I won wow okay it's like it's called the middle I finally middled again and because it landed right on seven and so I was able to win both sides of that bet finally that first said that's it in a long time so I was running up and down the uh the uh sports boat like a maniac it was funny we had a good time you were running yeah I was running believe it or not I couldn't believe I hit it how far did you run Johnny well not that far I was gonna say were you wounded pardon me were you winded no no I was too excited are you kidding me I'm too excited because I hit both ends but there was a first time in a long time where you're able to it's called middle a game because you can middle them in basketball you can middle them in football it's called buying the hook you get you get to buy a half a point so and it was really nice weather today was only 105 oh god so wait so the thing is if you hadn't of I'm going to use the term bought the hook you would have lost correct because they know you're pushed we're pushed oh it's a push okay meaning nobody wins that's right gotcha because it was seven it was a seven point spread ultimately yeah yeah thank you Johnny for explaining I I don't I don't do a lot of uh sports gambling because actually I don't do any other than fantasy football because I don't want to be talking about games based on my emotions over them I need to be objective about them I look at situations where you where is chance of where you can buy the hook where it will middle I look for middles a lot of middles and uh you know the worst kidney the worst case scenario I'm just gonna lose uh I'll lose one side and I win one side so I'll lose 50 dollars that's it is that your standard bet 50 bucks no no that's what I would have lost I won 500 I won a thousand I won a thousand because I bet 500 on each end got you wow do you have this like in your rainy day fund yeah I have a few dollars is this from your mob connections I don't know what you're talking about I know nothing producer James convinced that you are actually a member of the mob I just want you to know he's not here so I can say that I don't know what he's talking about I have no idea what he's talking about as long as I have you I'm connected so I'm good you got friends hey you got friends anytime you want them want me to entertain any one of your friends I still can't believe you did that I seriously can't believe that uh you were kind enough to forget the tour of the mob museum you were kind enough to invite my elderly friend to come hang out of the pool with you and go to dinner you asked me to do you a favor I know but I meant the mob museum I didn't mean dinner but thank you well hey I'll be more than happy to entertain and I will take them and give them a tour of the museum anytime you want oh you're sweet well I hope I can get back out there to see the rest of it I got there's so much to see so much to see I mean trust me you'll have a ball I want to take you to this one piano bar you'll have so much fun you'll be there all night you're the best thank you for sharing your story I'm glad you were running just be careful okay oh I'm fine I'm fine so all right Johnny I'm baked down have a good night you too take care now the hook I just think he wanted to use his fancy phrases I'm feeling like that's the case you also got really lucky I bought the yeah I bought the hook one Luca Doncic free throw and he would have right how many did Luca miss he was what oh gosh don't tell I think he missed four three or four of them I'm looking right now yep four he was four of eight but that is I mean talk about making the exact right choice though where you get both ends of it because it's a seven point spread and you go up and down for each team bought it he bought the hook he was buying the hook all right never should say that ever again either uh let's see coming up what do I want to do next oh gosh he mentioned or we were talking about the mob museum so I have to tell you a little bit about my weekend which was pretty amazing it did feature a lot of Otani jerseys especially Saturday in Manhattan but also we had Saturday night the opener of the Stanley Cup final so that took place and is there anyone who can beat Scottie Scheffler or even match him he didn't even golf around under par on Sunday and he still won for the fifth time I think it's the fifth time this season he's on fire and he's a brand new dad which is fun probably tired too but at least he's not facing charges anymore for dragging a Louisville police officer on Twix a law radio every time I say it it makes me want a candy bar and then also on our Facebook page some of you with your Kaitlyn Clark U.S. Olympic team hot takes are cracking me up especially those of you who feel the need to write them in all capital letters just so I know you're passionate about it breathe let's breathe not everything around Kaitlyn needs to be a controversy I seriously just want her to be able to play basketball honestly maybe she won't mind those few weeks where she's out of the spotlight I wonder 8-5-5-2-1-2-4-2-2-7 Ryan in for producer Jay he got all fancy and went to a wedding and so we're hanging out here having a lot more fun I'm sure although he did say there was dancing I have heard that Jay dances I've never seen Jay dance I'm not not real interested in seeing what that looks like but I hope he had a good time it's after hours with a man who's been dancing for a long time it's after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast as Barkov walks it along looks to the right Ryan Hart Barkov I took one from Berhege and he scores Connor Berhege three minutes 59 seconds in and the panthers take a one nothing lead here in game one and the puck is down the final seconds will tick away three nothing the panthers take game one the cup final a 33 saves shut up for Sergei Bobrovsky the panthers take a one game ten on lead in this 2024 Stanley cup final this is after hours with Amy Lawrence on panthers radio first time in the franchise history the panthers have ever held a lead in a Stanley cup final and that's not only due to this identity they have though you'll hear from Carter Verhage he actually doesn't believe they played their style nor did he like the way that they played in the opener but there's always the last line of defense Bob as they call him as we call him Sergei Bobrovsky with 32 saves in this one and he saved he saved or racked up saves he stopped the goals potential goals in a variety of ways there were breakaways there were penalty opportunities right so he was he was along with the defense in front of him he was impeccable on penalty kills and he was able to withstand what was an initial barrage in that first period remember when the Oilers out shot the panthers almost three to one it was drastic and so that's not something you generally see from the panthers you don't usually see them giving up more shots than they take but if you've got Sergei Bobrovsky well then he can be the great equalizer so he did his job with the shutout in the opener but Carter wants something different in game two they kind of kind of out shot us had a lot more chances than us and we shut it down played good defensively but yeah there's lots of things that we can improve and we're kind of getting to know our opponent after the first game and filling them out and it's just nice to get the win after the first game we know that um Florida probably that wasn't their best game anticipate them to be much better the next one I think they probably caught it off guard just you guys talking about how how good they were and we didn't have a chance in the series but yeah we'll there's a lot of things I liked about our game but we know that we're gonna have to get even better Chris Knoblock the Edmonton head coach remember he took over when they were what was it 12 points out of first place or something in the west in the western conference I mean he took over and they started what was a meteoric rise and here they are in the stella cup final first time for us seeing Connor McDavid on this stage and yeah he knows they had plenty of opportunities and I like what Carter Verhage had to say too I mean it's the feeling out process when you get into a series like this especially when you don't have a ton of familiarity and so here we get Connor McDavid they were able to generate a volume of shots just not getting them past Bobrovsky but yeah they are in the stella cup final and you would expect this would be a long series yeah I thought there was lots to like to be honest I thought we had lots and lots of looks and didn't give up too much what we did give up was dangerous and they capitalized that's what good teams do so three goals although one was empty netter and as I say the panthers able to win without playing their style or being able to force the Oilers to play their style at least initially but that's where a goalie who's a veteran and who is playing extremely well who has the confidence of the defense in front of him that's where you get that that piece that can seriously change a series right you could have a team that gets outplayed and still not win a series a lot of times because the goalie is quote unquote standing on his head and Paul Maurice knows he's got a good one back there that's truly the advantage for us of having a guy that's seen it all at this point in his career he's had quiet times he's had very very busy nights and he's clearly capable of operating at a high level in both he's just been unreal his preparation like you said is incredible um you know his work ethic his character like everything you want um and a teammate especially a goalie he uh he is everything um very impressed with the way he played tonight um you know especially early um but honestly throughout the whole night he was really good and um he was there for us Matthew Kuchuk after Paul Maurice one thing that I think is notable is because the Oilers are so good on the power play and have been so good through this post season to be able to go three for three the panthers with the kill uh that was a big deal and as I said he had to stay in the barrage Paul Maurice talks about how sometimes he's been really busy well in that first period he was really busy um in fact McDavid had six shots on goal right now he's leaving the post season he's got 31 points and he's always dangerous and yet Bob held the line and again the defense in front of him too right like they kind of recognized once they had the lead that their number one responsibility was going to be defense you get the lead not that a two goal lead is necessarily safe but the way they play with the forecheck a lot of times they've got some veterans who understand how to protect I don't love prevent and protect defense right in football it generally goes the exact opposite way and yet this team has got it down to a science the way that they're able to swarm guys with the puck the way that they're able to generate more takeaways than they do give up the puck and they're just a lot of veterans they're speedy they're strong they're physical and remember they've been working toward this end for a year they've been talking about it with the motivation for a year it's after hours with Amy Lawrence that motivation is now what Kaitlyn Clark says she will take forward after not getting selected for the US women's basketball team in Paris she says she's not disappointed good for her I wouldn't expect her to admit that even if she was I love how professional she is and once again I think to take away from this as much as people want to focus on a snub I won't watch the team how could they possibly leave her off blah blah blah or some other hot takes about how she's not very good all she can do is shoot threes oy I sometimes I have no idea how people are not ashamed to come up with these hot takes when they're so ill-informed but you know what on social media truth is irrelevant most of the time she didn't just shoot this season in college basketball she also led the entire NCAA in assists so that's something that no one's ever done but anyway whatever your hot take happens to be if nothing else be impressed with how she's handling this it it's not as though there have been no cracks in the armor for instance she's gotten a couple of technical fouls right because she's drawing about calls or because she and a teammate have gotten spicy or not a teammate sorry an opponent have gotten spicy and kind of been yapping back and forth and so she is fiery I know there's times when she's been frustrated but she's handled herself as professionally as some of these women who've been in the league for a decade and the way that she's handling her business with all the attention in the spotlight is very impressive so if nothing else be impressed be impressed by how she's handling yet another kind of faux controversy I don't think it should be a real controversy I know a lot of you don't agree and that's okay life will be boring if we all agreed all right coming up a couple of stories excited to tell you a little bit about my weekend for not just reasons of like hey guess what I did but just a couple of other things as I was going through the weekend I'm thinking I gotta bring this up I gotta bring this up yep that's what I do how sad am I that when I'm not working I'm thinking about ways that I can entertain you with my stories oh would this make a good story absolutely Bob just knows now and and he thinks it's pretty humorous actually he enjoys listening to me tell stories about our somewhat crazy life and almost six months being married it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on Facebook on twix a law radio here's our latest sports update doors take us to summers away or winter adventures and afternoon getaways your dedicated fidelity advisor can help you open those doors by working with you on a comprehensive plan to help you reach your wealth's full potential because doors were meant to be opened visit slash wealth investment minimum supply fidelity brokerage services llc member nyse s i p c this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law listen as selenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter i definitely felt like the pros far outweighed the cons the diseases that i am 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spanish language radio uh for the yankees uh radio network he's been doing that for years but he's also slid over a few times to to work on our new york affiliate uh and to get the the yankees english language broadcast too which is kind of fun to hear him go back and forth he's great at what he does so ricky ricardo and the yankees radio network as they're able to salvage a game in their weekend series with the dodgers i saw otani and dodgers jerseys all over the place in new york on saturday i'm normally not in new york on saturday so i live in new jersey for those of you who don't know our headquarters are in lower manhattan um and so we're actually just about 10 blocks north of the freedom tower ground zero the 9 11 memorial and museum and some of the other construction that's going on there we're maybe 15 blocks north of wall street and then you go another couple blocks farther south and you're in battery park and you're right there at the at the southern tip of manhattan and you can see the statue of liberty out in the hudson river so it's a big area for tourists obviously um i have my mother-in-law visiting for a week it was a surprise for my husband's birthday last week he's uh he's over the moon happy to see her she's our first visitor from texas which is cool but also uh he had no idea and i we pulled a fast one i invited his mom months ago and we managed to keep it a secret so it's been a lot of fun to have her on saturday i had asked him previously what he wanted to do for his birthday and then as he's telling me and i'm buying tickets he thinks i'm buying two tickets i was actually buying three tickets since i knew she was going to be with us good thing that he doesn't check the bank account anyway or the credit card anyway so we were able to take her and and he'd not done any sightseeing in manhattan either he just moved here in january but uh the one kind of sightseeing touristy thing that we did last year when he came to visit was the statue of liberty but we took the ferry from new jersey so we didn't actually come into manhattan to do that part so this was his first sightseeing exhibition as well uh and also her first adventure she'd only been in new york i think in the airport i don't think that she had uh done any she actually said to me new york is very different than what you read about or see on tv yes parts of it parts of it in a good way right in a good way she i won't tell you what she thought about new york but safe to say that the media paints a picture that is not always accurate or that's accurate in parts of the five boroughs but not accurate everywhere so she was really blown away by how some of the greenery for instance she had no idea that there were trees anywhere in new york which is i understand it right if you've never been here then you you don't get it or if you didn't grow up in the northeast which she did not then you don't understand that in the northeast there are trees everywhere there's no part of the northeast that doesn't have trees anyway so people say that to me about new jersey all the time when they visit for the first time i had no idea it was so green well it is called the garden state for a reason and anyway i tease them all the time so so they're not hearing anything when they hear this that they haven't heard before but she was blown away she loved lower manhattan even though we were visiting for a somber occasion and i really appreciate the job that's been done at the 9-11 memorial and the museum this is my fourth time going to the museum i think it cost twenty dollars it is well worth the admission price and it keeps the museum running right they're not making money off of ticket sales um and and as usual on a saturday the whole ground zero area is completely packed it's really wall-to-wall bodies by the time we got down there around noon it was packed and people flock to the site still even though it's been 20 plus years so we were able to get right into the museum it was pretty busy too but what always impresses me and actually compared this to being at pearl harbor when we were on our honeymoon it was really somber and quiet you wouldn't think that thousands of people in one building now there are multiple floors but for the most part the exhibits are in one general area you wouldn't think it was possible for thousands of people all at the same time to be that quiet and yet it was a really somber serious obviously respectful atmosphere uh at pearl harbor that i think there was only a couple dozen of us that were on the memorial at any given time and so it's it's a little easier to imagine that number of people being quiet but always when i'm at the museum i am blown away by again how somber and respectful people are when they want to be uh when they understand the magnitude of of what's happening and if you don't know about the 911 museum it's literally built underneath the pools that are now in the footprints of the two buildings the two towers that were attacked and that collapsed so when you when you realize that as you get down into the lower levels of the museum where again most of the exhibits are down at the lower level you get down there you realize you're standing at the base of where these buildings were first constructed and you're down there below ground level i think they go seven stories down and you're looking at the bedrock the base of the buildings they left them there um and and they built the pools above the two the two buildings where the two buildings stood so they built the built the pools in the same footprint as where the building stood and then as you get underneath you realize the pools are above your head and you're looking at the very bedrock and and they've got a lot of the excavation is still there from where they cleared out ground zero it's really powerful um and one of the exhibits that i'd not been in is actually it's closed up closed enclosed would be the right way to say it's enclosed it's not closed but it's enclosed with doors and with warnings because what they do is they walk you through the actual attack now i'm someone that every year on 9 11 i watch documentaries some of them i've seen before some of them are new i usually see one or two new ones every year uh on the 20th anniversary there were several new ones so i do that because that's how i remember put myself back in that situation i remember what that day was like it's how i choose to never forget so i'm familiar with a lot of the footage and the videos but even going into and again they warn you it's a they've got doors you've got to go through and you've got to see the warning signs that you know there's disturbing images there's disturbing pictures uh and and what you find in there is yes it's the story of the attack and it goes minute by minute but there's also the story of heroism there's also uh stories of people who gave their lives to save others their stories and eyewitness accounts of people who helped them that they never saw again so it's a really powerful exhibit in that way and there are a lot of artifacts that they have that they pulled from ground zero now some are available out in the general hallways but there are far more artifacts that are inside this enclosed exhibit or this enclosed area where they tell the story of the actual day september 11th 2001 i highly recommend it i've said this before if you're in new york that should be one of your top destinations so after we walked around the memorial in the museum we went up on top of the freedom tower which is a hundred well you're at the observation deck which is uh floors 100 and 101 ryan have you been up there i haven't been up there oh it's amazing it's absolutely amazing and if you get a clear day our visibility was 40 miles in every direction so it was it was phenomenal i've been up there four times of every single time i enjoy seeing new york from that perspective you understand why it's called a concrete jungle but you can also see the atlantic ocean the bay the harbor the rivers the bridges it's a really neat perspective of new york so if you haven't checked out my twitter today you can check it out at a law radio because i do have a couple of pictures one from street level it's really neat it's the freedom tower reflecting off a nearby building so on the left side of the photo is the actual freedom tower on the right side is its reflection in another building it's really neat it almost looks like there are two of them like they're the twin towers and then up on top of the the freedom tower on the observation deck i managed to get a photo of one of the pools so you can't get the north one because it's literally right next to the freedom tower 100 stories down but you can get the south pool and then you can also see the oculus which is a new transportation hub they built to replace the old one that was destroyed underground the subways and the trains that were destroyed in 911 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