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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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June 10, 2024 4:02 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 10, 2024 4:02 am

HOUR 2: Caitlin Clark has to deal with more media drama. Amy reacts to baseball from across the pond. Chiefs WR Rashee Rice speaks publicly for the first time since his incidents. 


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For more details request your appointment at Producer Jay is off tonight so Ryan is working with us and I just told him there's never a bad time for Backstreet Boys. It's always a good time for BSB. I used to be a closet Backstreet Boys fan then I just decided I don't care. I'm out of the old closet. I love the Backstreet Boys.

They give me a smile every time as cheesy as they are but I'm still a big fan. The football theme is one that is a good teaser for what's to come. Rashee Rice of the Chiefs. He's speaking out for the first time since his arrest in that car racing accident. There's a lot that he's facing this offseason and at this point the Chiefs are supporting him. I would expect the NFL is watching very closely and will likely be getting involved even if it doesn't get through the court system this season or there aren't formal charges on which he's convicted. You know the NFL's behavioral policy does not have to follow the legal system. The NFL has many times in the past taken disciplinary action against a player without there being a conviction in court or even formal charges that have been pressed through the court system. All right so there's there's a bunch of different things that he's got on his plate and he's sort of acknowledging those though he obviously can't talk a whole lot about them but he was part of a youth football camp in Kansas City and so at this point in his career I was thinking about a little bit like the the Ja Morant situation where sometimes and I'd like to see more details about Rashee Rice but sometimes when you're younger people you're hanging out with maybe aren't keeping you focused on making smart decisions and not putting your career in jeopardy and how much you have to lose but a lot of times this influx of mad money and fame and obviously he's a Super Bowl champion all of that can be heavy on the shoulders of a 20-something young 20-something and then you've got people who yeah are maybe egging you on or are not putting your best interests first so he was arrested following this multiple vehicle car crash in Dallas and if I remember correctly there there he left the scene I think too was part of the issue and then there's another incident in which he's alleged to have been part of an assault at a nightclub so there are a couple of different things that he's facing legally the car crash resulted in serious bodily injury and his role was allegedly racing around 119 miles per hour before the crash and so there are a bunch of lawsuits by people who were injured who are seeking a ton of money and and legal ramifications that he has to deal with and for now as I say the the Chiefs are supporting him and kind of waiting to see how this plays out so we'll get to that coming up also after releasing a song about it Darren Waller retires from football talk about tumultuous he's had a lot on his plate for the past couple of months it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence thanks for joining us on this Sunday night into a Monday morning so starting a new work week heading into Father's Day weekend actually I know so there will be a lot of families who are planning uh maybe getaways but at the very least planning big family get-togethers for next weekend those who want to celebrate dads or maybe in some cases are missing dads and want to remember them so I know it can be a really emotional weekend for a lot of people so we've got a few days a couple of basketball games some hockey of course the Stanley Cup final will be back in the spotlight on Monday and yes a bunch of NFL mandatory OTAs our phone number is eight five five two one two four two two seven and then you can find me online either at a law radio or on our Facebook page so the big controversy over the weekend picked up by any and every media outlet whether or not that outlet generally supports doesn't seem to matter the opinions don't need to be informed it annoys me a bunch because I feel like those of us who are actually informed about this kind of stuff it we get drowned out by the hot takes and the fake outrage I understand why Kaitlyn on the U.S. Women's Basketball Olympic team would have been great and I hope that she ends up there not that I want to get injured but maybe she's an alternate I think it would be a great experience for her I think she is one of the classiest and most professional young women at her age that I've heard ever handled this kind of a firestorm every single day people are asking her about all of these different situations where she's just the center of attention and it's a lot of spotlight it what did Dawn Staley say at the final four it's a heavy load to carry heavy is the head that bears the crown and she's not won anything yet but for whatever reason I mean there's a lot of different theories about why Kaitlyn Clark is now the chosen one for women's basketball and she could not handle it with any more grace than she does I'm so impressed by her she's a great ambassador for women's basketball it's never just about her it's about the game it's about her teammates it's about winning it's about the kids who show up there to want to take pictures with her it's about how well she handles this white hot spotlight and so for that reason alone she's a great ambassador for the sport and I think she'd be terrific in red white and blue as I mentioned earlier she did rep team USA in juniors I'm not exactly sure what level maybe you 16 but she has repped the red white and blue before she will be on an Olympic team again I have zero doubt about that barring some injury and you know what Brianna Stewart she's been injured she's had a couple of different injuries that have taken her out there are others who like Brittany Greiner Brittany Greiner for instance is just coming back from an injury she's on the Olympic team Kaitlyn will represent team USA at some point again in her career they can't keep her off the team forever because she's that good but also she's new to the team and she missed their kind of pre-Olympic training camp a lot of these women know each other really well they've played together before they're they've got multiple gold medals at either the five on five or three on three level and I know three on three is is just going into its second Olympics think about the constitution guards versus forwards versus wings you're trying to put together a team that has specialists in different areas that can defend and while she can do all these things and she definitely makes people around her better I would say that there are because of the fact that there are women who've been playing at the professional level for years maybe they're stronger they're more physical there there are a lot of reasons why would I love to see her on the team absolutely was I disappointed yes but do I think it's on purpose because she's Kaitlyn Clark no I think it's an extremely competitive process like it would be for any sport at the Olympic level again I think her time is coming there are others who are left off Sabrina Inescu she was left off until now and once again Kaitlyn shines shines through when she refuses to take the bait all right people coming to her wanting to know her reaction a little bit about the process so it was good to hear she was asked first whether or not she was disappointed about being left off the roster honestly no disappointment like I think it just gives you something something to work for it's a dream you know hopefully one day I can be there and I think it's just a little more motivation you remember that and you know hopefully in four years when four years comes back around you know I can be there I like that and I quoted this on Twix and I actually put it on Facebook as well because I wanted you to see her words honestly no disappointment it just gives you something to work for it's a dream hopefully one day I can be there I think it's just a little more motivation she does say she'll be rooting for them to win gold she's really happy and excited for the women who made the team although I thought it was funny she called them girls for the girls who made the team um she expressed pride in in team USA and wants to be part of it in the future I think that's awesome I don't know what else you could expect her to say she definitely doesn't sound bitter just doesn't sound like she's upset about it I'm excited for the girls that are on the team I know it's the most competitive team in the world and I know I could have gone either way of me being on the team and not being on the team so um you know I'm excited for them I'm gonna be rooting them on to win gold I was a kid that grew up watching the Olympics so yeah it'll be fun to watch them we talked actually on the bus she got the call on the bus and she texted me to let me know and you know I just tried to keep her spirits I mean the thing she said was hey coach they woke a monster which I thought was awesome that's Kristy Sides who you can now recognize worldwide because of her voice the head coach of the Indiana Fever and so they're clearly at practice I thought it was kind of fun this is actually something that I think my family would do one of us would send a text from upstairs to downstairs so they were on the bus and she got the call and she got her call from Team USA on the bus Caitlyn did and she texted her coach to tell her that she got presumably on the same bus which is kind of funny it's after hours with Amy Lawrence so yeah what more could you ask for and I love that quote it's gone viral already now Caitlyn did not say it her coach said it that the text indicated they woke a monster that's right I like that usage of woke as opposed to how we generally hear it used in our culture today they woke a monster what are the chances that becomes a phrase that is used in a lot of other areas or a lot of other arenas I can see that becoming some kind of a phrase that people start to hook on to so good for Caitlyn now one one other thing that I think is critical and I'm glad that this was asked of Caitlyn as I listened to the interview someone said to her will you be happy for the time off or what will you do with the time off and she actually said yes I will it'll be nice to take a break to work on my own game to to have practice you know like to practice on my own shooting and some of the other skills I want to work on to be able to get away and see family and friends because the WNBA takes a three-week break for the Olympics it's part of the reason why they started the season so early and so quickly after the draft this year they take a three-week break three weeks because they assume of course that Team USA will be playing into the late stages of the Olympics right so toward the end of the games plus you have the practice you've got the run-up and with so many players coming from different teams you kind of have to shut the whole thing down I wish the NHL did that I hate that the NHL can't or doesn't allow its guys to go participate in the Olympics it doesn't shut down so that they can do that because I feel like we're missing out uh by not having the best of the best at the Olympics anyway I digress and so Caitlyn handled it well they woke a monster and they'll go on right it's to me not the huge snub that it's been made out to be for all kinds of crazy reasons I I like I said I kind of feel for the fever and Caitlyn right now because everything gets stirred into a controversy whether it's real or legit legitimate or whether it's just something new for clickbait so it bothers me because I feel like it's made it to a mockery a little bit um and what's being lost you want to know the honest to goodness truth what's being lost is the basketball it's the basketball by the way mom texted me to make sure that I knew that Caitlyn had seven threes in their game on I think it was Friday uh their game in which they won by a couple points in Washington so they pick up their third victory and she had a real good shooting game she was hitting shots from just inside the logo you know that's a kind of a trademark thing is the logo threes uh so she had a good time they won they were fired up they got a game on the road and just as significantly as there were 20,000 people there to watch the game on Friday because the wizards moved it wizards sorry the mystics I was thinking Washington they moved it to an arena where they could get more fans they knew that the demand would be huge for a game in which Caitlyn Clark is playing and the fever were in town and so because of that they moved this game to a larger arena where they could sell more tickets so she was seven of 13 from downtown tied her season high with third was it 30 points and then also had eight rebounds six assists four steals and eight turnovers rookies giveth and they take it away that's what happens but yeah she's already tying records going back to 1999 a player named Crystal Robinson had seven three-pointers and so now Caitlyn has tied that record and is among the top scorers with rookies she's also among the top assists leaders in the league like I said she will at some point represent team USA they can't afford to keep her off the team if they want to keep winning so on Twix at a law radio and then also on our Facebook page I don't even want to ask you your reaction because I don't I feel like that's just stirring up the controversy I understand why there is somewhat of a reaction I just don't think it's as controversial as what a lot of people would like to make it out to be and certainly the reasons why people want it to be controversial that's a little annoying actually all right coming up London Mets Phillies how many people actually knew that we're outside of the Mets and Phillies fan base just doesn't feel like it was promoted well I sometimes talk about this with major league baseball I wish they did a better job promoting their stars and promoting some of their big events but I I don't get that however they did play and Bryce Harper was ready also I saw a bunch of Dodgers fans walking around in Manhattan on Saturday I was here with family to do some sightseeing and there were a bunch of Otani jerseys all over the place lots of Dodgers fans loud and proud in lower Manhattan when we were down near the South Ferry Battery Park which is across from the Statue of Liberty anyway so it was fun enjoyed the sightseeing and Otani kind of like Kaitlyn Clark he's everywhere these days among fans I was gonna say good morning and then I'm thinking huh it's not really morning to a lot of you I guess at this time of the night I'm trying to appeal and relate to as many of our time zones as possible so for me though it still feels like sunny night in fact Ryan and I just had a conversation where we're a little confused because he's thinking of it as morning and I'm thinking of it as night so when you come in the building it's your morning you're starting this is a morning shift for you it's a morning oh okay see I that's tough for me when I haven't slept I don't I guess I don't think of it as a morning the one hour or two hour nap I take before I come in that's that flips it to the morning Jay went to a wedding on Sunday and so a family wedding and so he's off tonight and we always enjoy working with Ryan all right so we'll do some baseball coming up next and as I say you can find me on both Twix and Facebook and if you want to talk hoops or anything is fine but hoops I know is a big deal tonight 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7 it's after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast and Castellanos back explodes and they're gonna get the runner at home they're gonna get the double play to win the game what an end the shattered bat the runner out at home plate and the ball fired into the glove and the first baseman Peter Monzo and the New York Mets somehow withstand the phillies rally and they win game two in London since five this is after hours with Amy Lawrence well how about that a game in London it's considered the MLB world tour and the Mets and phillies were there this weekend and on TNT sports we get a British accent across the punt Darren Fletcher with the call there on TNT yeah game ending double play for the Mets to get out of a jam it's a bases loaded mess they're in and they first get the plate home and then a throw to first to get the runner and they edged the phillies six to five and also had to score three runs in the top of the ninth inning just to be in that position well what about the atmosphere there in London Jeff McNeil I thought it was a lot of fun you know I think it's pretty cool to have both sets of fans here and I feel like every pitch is there's so much going on you know between it's just loud you know it's a lot of fun and you know I think the teams you know who have came over here I've had a lot of fun and hopefully we can have it for years to come I've done a great job they treated us with class and yeah it's been a great experience and you know a tough loss today but it was a great ball game great ball game for fans to watch yeah kind of neat that both the Mets as well as the Phillies and that's Rob Thompson talked about the fans and how everywhere they went they encountered fans now some of the players were saying that they wish they'd had more games there and less downtime just because it felt like they traveled all that way just had the two games and really had a lot more free time than they needed but Taiwan Walker he actually spent some time interacting with fans I actually went to the Phillies bar yesterday I thought it was pretty cool you know the whole tunnel with the graffiti it was all cool but just to see how many fans are here it's insane you know I've always felt like the Phillies fans traveled well but for them to you know come across all the way over to London to watch us play is you know special you know we've been getting 40 some thousand fans every game at home and for them to show it for us it's gonna be cool so then you had the Bryce Harper situation where he had planned a celebration in the first game they played in London so he hits a home run in the opener and then you hear him miked up by Fox talking about his love for their football football so that was kind of fun and it's one of those times where we can't adequately give you the well there's no video so I could describe it to you but Bryce Harper was just thrilled he ended up with a like a soccer style knee slide so he has a a home run and instead of just trotting around the bases he comes in with a a knee slide at home plate like all right kind of like what they would do after scoring a goal and he said he had planned it but that the rest of his teammates it was a surprise to them I talked about with the trainers before the game this morning just saying if you know if I hit a homer why not you know do a celebration have some fun with it didn't tell you my teammate so I was happy to see their reactions but just a lot of fun it was a no doubter by the way the ball got out out out with no issues and he tells MLB Network that he had kind of worked it out and at least got the reaction of the trainers but otherwise his teammates they didn't know about it and so I shouldn't say it was at home plate it was after he crossed his home plate then he kind of does the soccer style slide in the dirt so yeah he was saluting their favorite sport of football and and you can hear him miked up screaming about how much he he loves soccer which is cool I'm glad they were having fun with it putting on a show for the fans there in London all right 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7 Sean is in Pittsburgh Sean welcome to the show Sean hey thanks for bringing me in you're welcome number one story in all of sports right now is that the Pittsburgh Pirates have the two best rookie pitchers in all of baseball that's Jared Jones and Paul Skeene I know I've talked about them but I recommend you check these guys out I've already talked about them both here on the show I've been watching I've watched all of Paul's day uh his his uh game so far because I think he's terrific and to see Jones too is fun especially the game against the Dodgers knowing that he grew up as a Dodgers fan so yeah it's really neat and I was talking about last week hoping hoping that the Pirates would keep them but I wonder how much dread there is among Pirates fans who are used to it going the opposite way thank you for depressing me I'm sorry uh we'll probably have about four or five years with these guys and then yes they will be traded for nothing at the end of the day yeah it kind of sucks I would love for you guys to be able to invest in them and maybe by that time there's a I don't know a change in philosophy or a changing of the guard but yeah it certainly does stink and you know what Tampa Bay Rays fans have got to feel a lot like that too because they've got this incredible bullpen of pitchers or bullpen they've got incredible farm system of pitchers and they come up to the Rays and they're terrific and then they leave yeah you use your um use your mic get um Mark Cuban coming in by the Pirates we're always we're always wishing that Cuban will come in and spend some real money yes because I have that kind of power I would hope for you that it will change by then because yeah it'd be kind of cool to see those two guys as a one-two punch if they stay healthy that and they're worth going to see in person right so they put butts in the seats in what is my favorite ballpark in the majors I will admit it is the most beautiful baseball park and I've been to about 15 of them and it is the most beautiful baseball park but the reason for my call tonight Caitlin Clark absolutely was snubbed by Team USA and here's what I recommend all of your listeners do go on to the WNBA website and the website by default does not tell you how many points per for like total points for the season they tell you points per game of what players are putting up if you go by total points for the season Caitlin Clark is number eight for the entire season for total points put up if you go by that and you pull up all the other guards in Team USA you're going to find that every single other guard who made Team USA is not putting up half the points that Caitlin Clark is putting up they have less than less than the points she's putting up also you're going to find out that some of the ladies haven't even played any games they played like one or two games they put 12 points all year and they're and they're not qualified one of the ladies is over 41 years old and I'm 43 so I like older players one of the ladies is 41 years old and has 12 points all year and yes she's on Team USA so what they've done is is they've turned the Olympics into a participation trophy just to get people on the team just so they just so they can say we did not pick Caitlin Clark why well there's a million reasons why we can all look into it but at the end of the day she's getting snubbed and she's getting snubbed and it's BS. All right I appreciate your insight just so you know the player that you're talking about who's in her 40s I'm pretty sure has five Olympic gold medals Diana Taurasi is like literally one of the best players ever in in women's basketball and as much as and I understand what you're saying she's actually about to turn 42 just so you know her birthday is Tuesday I think part of why you have her on the roster is because of the experience because of the fact that she's a leader but also she can still play so I understand your barometer but points is not the only measurement for any team you have to have players who can do other things number one number two you're you can't judge players based on how many points they scored in a vacuum what about players who are on terrific teams and there's three or four different scoring options and so for that reason they don't score as much because they've got teammates who are sharing the load similar to say a Boston Celtics team right where you've got Jason and Jalen this team that that Caitlin's on um you know she's one of the best players on the team right away they were a really bad squad and and she was brought in to score but you've got again a lot of very talented players who are on teams that are much deeper and so they're having to share the the load and the scoring and they're not doing it all by themselves there's a lot of different ways you can skew that stat I don't feel like that's a an adequate measurement of how players uh should make the team what about guards versus forwards what about experience versus not I mean there's all kinds of different ways that you put a team together okay Sean good to talk to you in Pittsburgh thank you for calling that that to me feels very like a thin a real thin argument again because first of all Diana Taurasi is one of the most decorated women's basketball players in the world at every level she's won including UConn people rave about her the shape that she's in not just that but the experience and the the talent the wisdom the distribution that she brings to the table she's got an attitude and a leadership that make her worth it but also again she's she's one of the most decorated Olympians in U.S. history I understand that it's frustrating for people who want to see Kaitlyn on the roster and I do hope that she makes it but to say that Taurasi doesn't deserve to be there simply age is I mean that's wrong she's a 10-time all-star she's she's part of three WNBA championships she won titles at UConn she's a former MVP and she's got five gold medals Kaitlyn Clark's not replacing Diana Taurasi not until Diana retires so anyway there's a there are so many different factors you have to consider when you build a team that should be the case regardless of whether it's Olympics whether it's an NFL team whether we're talking about a college team that is going to the World Series next week by the way Kentucky making it for the first time ever and Florida rallies and wins in a walk-off in the 13th against Clemson so we'll have to hear that audio we got it right Ryan we got the Kentucky okay not the Florida just because Florida is a little behind I'm posting uh so we'll get to those at some point on the show because it's really neat I love it when we have a first and Kentucky getting to the College World Series as a neat deal not a team that you would generally consider a baseball power but that is the beauty of sports all right on Twix at ALOL radio on our Facebook page there's a some interesting hot takes about Kaitlyn Clark which I find humorous I'll have to be honest I'll share a couple of them just because it kind of blows me away that people can only see this one way Robert says Kaitlyn Clark should demand demand that the WNBA clean up the mess or else she could take her talent overseas to Europe and break the bank first of all maybe she's happy where she is I kind of think she is she played at Iowa she's an Iowa girl and now she's still in the Midwest and Indiana she's making millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars in endorsements I don't think she's hurting for money maybe she doesn't want to leave the United States and play in Europe for heaven's sakes these hot takes James says the U.S. Olympic team will lose viewership feel the hate for Kaitlyn it's a lot but I don't think the U.S. selection committee should be thinking about TV ratings and viewers when putting together an Olympic roster I think it's about the team that has the best chance to win gold in Paris and to me experience matters in in that situation maybe I'm just alone on my island again I'd like to see her on the team I can't wait for her to get her opportunity but I don't think this is political I don't think it's hate I don't think it has to do with people don't people don't like Kaitlyn it's super competitive super competitive what politics are at play goodness who do you leave off this roster you tell me Mike's got a good perspective she's all around a great individual I like that so far what is there to dislike about Kaitlyn she's competitive her game is entertaining she handles herself extremely professionally even though she's been a professional for all of a month and a half so on twix alaw radio on our facebook page two and then our phone numbers eight five five two one two four two two seven by the way this time tomorrow whether it's your morning or whether it's your night we could have a new Lakers head coach whoa kind of blown away by this I did not see this coming and we'll get back to your calls too thanks so much for hanging out with us it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here's our latest sports update doors take us to summers away or winter adventures and afternoon getaways your dedicated fidelity advisor can help you open those doors by working with you on a comprehensive plan to help you reach your wealth's full potential because doors were meant to be opened visit wealth investment 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why brought to you by Merck healthy baby skin starts from the bottom pampers swaddlers diapers absorb wetness away from the skin better than the leading value brand with up to 100 leak proof protection to help keep your baby's skin dry don't forget to pair pampers diapers with new pampers free and gentle wipes they clean better and are five times stronger than huggy's natural care for easy cleanup without fear of tearing no matter the mess for trusted protection trust pampers the number one pediatrician recommended brand you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with Amy Lawrence Kevin Harlan boy do I miss his voice on westwood one yeah the Kansas City Chiefs they feel like they found the next great compliment to Patrick Mahomes though I understand it's been a revolving door he makes everyone around him great but yeah Rashee Rice coming off of what was an incredible rookie season and now at this juncture as he's supposed to be heading into year number two he's dealing with lawsuits criminal charges potentially multiple arrests this off season and so he was part of a multi-vehicle car crash in Dallas in April and then suspected in a separate alleged assault in a Dallas nightclub last month he was participating in a youth football camp in Kansas City along with some other Chiefs wide outs over the weekend and so these were his first comments that he's made since all of this became public can't say a whole lot obviously about the circumstances and the lawsuits that he's facing not to mention as I say charges but he does want people to know he is trying to take this as an opportunity to mature an opportunity to learn from the mistakes that he's made I've learned so much from that all I could do was you know mature and continue to grow from that and this is you know a step in you know a better direction for me the team has indicated that it's supporting him Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, no doubt the NFL is monitoring but he has been part of practices with the Chiefs this offseason and he says he's leaning on them as well I don't love what he said about how accidents and stuff like that happen we don't have that sound bite and that's okay because that bothers me accidents are more likely to happen when you're racing at 119 miles per hour and it blows me away that any professional athlete but certainly an NFL player a wide receiver for heaven's sakes would engage in that would engage in that considering a couple of the tragedies that have taken place in the last couple years regard or involving NFL players the last year's rookie that was coming out of Georgia remember he was part of racing with some I think it was members of the athletic training staff members members of the Georgia football staff and multiple people died I know he still got drafted by the Eagles I know that he's saying all the right things but that was also an incident in which they were racing vehicles at high speeds and then to think about what happened with the Raiders a couple years ago with Henry Ruggs who's whether he was racing or not he was speeding well into the triple digits in Las Vegas and rams into a young woman's car and it burst into flames she and her dog both die almost instantly well not instantly but on the scene they couldn't get him out his career is over he goes to jail as he should he wrecked a family forever I just I can't get over the fact that Rashee Rice or any athlete would not keep that in mind but at the same time he's 24 and a lot of times when you're in your 20s you think I'm invincible and that's not never going to happen to me so I do hope that he takes what I consider to be a second chance if you will a reprieve that something that drastic and that tragic did not happen though there were people who were injured and he's now facing lawsuits because there were people who were injured he's being sued in Texas for more than a million dollars in actual damages and get this 10 million dollars in punitive damages by two people who say they were injured in the crash you've also got a man who said he was injured in an assault at a nightclub he doesn't want to file charges but the investigation is still ongoing that's a lot that could have been avoided potentially been avoided but the big thing is the 119 miles per hour even if you're not racing and these people are not people you know and and this wasn't intentional or planned again 119 miles per hour there's a real good chance you're going to lose control of your vehicle you're not a professional driver you're a professional football player even professional drivers on streets we're not talking about a racetrack we're just talking about a street that's dangerous because you can't control what everybody else is doing even if you can't control what you're doing at that speed and so i hope that he learns from it but it could cost him however it's better than losing your career ending up in jail and i hope that he takes responsibility and makes restitution if that's required on twix a law radio and also on our facebook page getting some of your reaction to uh my well to me talking about kaitlyn clark and the olympic team i i don't think it's as big a snub or as much of an outrage as what a lot of people make it to be and here's the thing i know that there are people out there who will be more inclined to watch the olympic team if kaitlyn clark is on it but that's not the responsibility of the selection committee are you kidding that would be political if the selection committee is making its choices based on who's going to get them the best ratings why would they even care about that their number one goal is to win the gold and to extend the us streak i do believe kaitlyn would make the team better but i'm not the one who's choosing right so there are a lot of really good players that were left off this team players who have more experience than she does at the professional level she will get a shot she told her coach christie sides they woke a monster which means she now has extra motivation to prove to them they can't afford to leave her off i can't wait to see it it's after hours with amy lawrence this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law listen as selenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter i definitely felt like the pros far outweighed the cons the diseases that i am protecting my child against they're still here 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