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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 27, 2024 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 27, 2024 6:08 am

Happy Memorial Day here on After Hours | Reigning NL MVP Ronald Acuna Jr out for the season with a torn ACL | Rangers beat the Panthers in OT again.

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AutoTrader. Good morning to you. It is Memorial Day Monday. For many people, it's the unofficial start to summer.

A lot of parades, barbecues, beach trips, day trips, family gatherings, and get-togethers. I daresay that there are still plenty of places in the U.S. who are dealing with weather, if not severe weather, just rain that's been all over the place. Affected both the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 in racing on Sunday, not to mention people all over the upper Midwest, the Midwest, the Gulf Coast, I know in Texas, without power. So it's been a couple of weeks of severe weather, tornadoes taking the lives of a couple dozen people.

Maybe there is an updated number, but on Sunday in the Midwest. So it's been a couple of weeks of just weather turmoil and tragedy. So maybe people don't feel like celebrating the start of summer, but I know that for a lot of people, they're on the move. 44 million Americans on the move this weekend, the most since the AAA started keeping track going back to the turn of the century. And the airports definitely reflected that. It was crazy getting to the airport on Friday afternoon. It's a good thing I left and took the earlier train when I did because things were backed up and slow and missed connections and just wall-to-wall bodies in Newark Airport. And it wasn't any different in Austin on Sunday morning when my husband and I were flying back to New Jersey after a wedding on Saturday night. And then because of tornadoes that had gone through Temple, Texas on Wednesday, his mom did not have power for three and a half days.

And the power and the AC only came on an hour before we left for the airport on Sunday morning. Anyway, we were more worried about her. We just kind of assumed we were going to be hot and sweaty.

So guess what, Jay? My favorite moniker, my favorite, well, it's not really a cliche if I'm the only one who uses it, right? But my favorite saying was in effect for the summertime, muggy buggy, no huggy. How many times? Oh, many times. In fact, my husband was saying it. It's contagious.

He usually doesn't even care, right? But it was, yeah. We got home from the wedding, home to mom's house from the wedding around, I guess, 10 o'clock on Saturday night. And inside the house, it was in the mid-80s and just the still air. That's hot. Outside, it was actually cooler. Just the house was collecting that heat and humidity. And so we had all the windows open, only one fan in the entire house.

His mom swear she didn't want a fan. She left lights on because the electric crews were in the neighborhood. And she thought, well, if they turn the power on middle of the night, then I'll know and I can get up and shut windows or whatever. I heard the air condition go on. I heard it running around 10 minutes of three. And my husband had gotten up anyway. He said he realized the power was back on because there was a nightlight on in the bathroom. And so we then at 10 minutes to three in the morning had to go around the house and shut all of the windows because all the windows were open. And so then the AC ran for a full hour to get it down from at that time it was 82 degrees in the house to 72 degrees in the house.

Full hour. Yeah. So Friday and Saturday nights, we slept not at all, as you can imagine, because it's one of those things where you just you don't want any of your own skin touching even your own skin stuck to the bed.

Oh, yeah. It was awful. And so and we couldn't cook anything. They were running the generator to keep the refrigerator going. But even so she's going to have to go through the fridge and probably get rid of a lot of stuff.

Same thing with the freezer out in the garage. And I know this is a problem that a lot of other people even in her town were dealing with forget around the country. So, yeah, we we made the best of it. The wedding was beautiful.

We had a lot of fun, lots of dancing. And what I've now found out is what my nieces tell me all the time. It's been confirmed the 80s and 90s are back on to Amy because the majority of the music was not present day music. The majority. And this is a couple that's 22 and 23 years old. They're they're young. They're definitely a younger generation. I guess you could say there would they be Gen Z?

Yeah, Gen Z. And yet the majority of the music at the reception was from pre 2000 because that's the best genre. Oh, yeah, it was awesome. Now they had a lot of country, which was fun. It was a Texas wedding, lots of two stepping. But they also did a bunch of just the popular wedding songs. We did the chicken dance.

My mother in law at 81 years old is out there doing the chicken dance, which is really funny. And then someone taught at the Macarena. It had to be a 10 minute Macarena. It was the longest Macarena in the history of weddings. But a lot of the music was. Yeah, it was 80s and 90s. It was amazing.

We were staying at the top of our lungs and dancing. I've definitely married into a crazy family. But, you know, because I have a crazy family and now I have another crazy family. You know what? This is like truly my motto in life.

Find people who are your kind of crazy. And I have done it. That's it. I mean, a 10 minute Macarena. Oh, heavens. But we just kept going and going and going. Did the DJ do it on purpose?

I don't know. He did the extended cut. Oh, the DJ was from New Jersey. So when he played Bon Jovi, he mentioned that he was from New Jersey.

Of course he played Bon Jovi. Yeah, it was awesome. It was it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.

And here's what else I've determined and what I found out. You have a lot more fun when it's someone else's wedding. That was your first wedding since yours, right?

Yes. Well, and I hadn't been to a family wedding in years. Neither my nieces are engaged or married yet, so I hadn't been to a family wedding in forever. But it was just it was awesome because we could relax and fool around and have a blast and eat.

Right. With all the things that we didn't really do as much at our wedding reception. Now, we did dance at our wedding and we had a blast doing that.

But it's just different when people are constantly coming up to you and talking to you and they're leaving early. Something else I found out. I feel very validated by this because I thought it was me. I thought it was Bob and I. And we just didn't put on a good wedding and reception because and I think I had mentioned this when I was talking about the wedding. Half the people who were there were gone as soon as dinner was done, like just right away started leaving. And I honestly thought it was something was wrong with us. Like we just didn't throw a good party.

I know you could say I'm an idiot, but I was really worried. I'm like, shoot, they just didn't enjoy themselves and they left. Right. They hated it. And so and like a lot of people didn't stick around for the dancing or like we had a couple of games later. By the time we got to what we did our toast early, but we did a couple of games later. By the time we got to that point, the reception was half empty and we only had 60 people at our entire wedding.

Right. But so I'm thinking maybe we're just old and we're not fun. I mean, I know we're uncool, but we're not fun, except at this wedding reception.

Same thing happened. As soon as dinner is done, people start leaving. And by the time they get halfway through the reception. I mean, their wedding had over 120 people, but the time they get halfway through reception, it's more than half empty.

And so I feel better now. The groom said the same thing. He was like, well, we saw people leaving so early. I think it's just that people they go to the wedding, they have their food.

And then if they're not really into dancing or whatever, they they're like, peace out. Yeah. So anyway, a little rude, but I get it. Right.

It is. We stay till the bitter end. Well, that's I'm sorry.

That sounds wrong. We stay till the end. You can get up and dance like one song. Oh, no, we had a blast. We dominated the dance floor. Seriously. I had no idea that my husband could be as kooky on the dance floor as he is.

He was good again. Oh, it's amazing. Oh, my gosh. And of course, it's his son who got married. And so there's his whole family's nuts, which is awesome. Including Mom, who at 81 learned the chicken dance for the first time. That's how you know it's a great wedding. That's what I say.

If the chicken dance is successful. Right. That's it. What else is there? What's the battle of barometer? I mean, a ten minute Macarena.

Just add it to the list. I feel like I was at some point I was exercising because it went on so long. It's good cardio. So it was very quick. We got back to Jersey around noon on Sunday and I thought, oh, my gosh, I haven't even been gone 48 hours. Packed all of that in and then came right back to basketball and racing and hockey. In fact, about 10 minutes after I walked into the house and then Bob had to go get the dog. I already had to turn on the TV to watch hockey because the Rangers and the Panthers were starting.

And before we even managed food, so we had to get something to eat before we even had our egg sandwiches made. There were already. I think there were four goals in the first period, right? Yeah, there were four goals in the first period. And so there were two power play goals by the Panthers. The Rangers themselves scored two goals. So it went power play goal Panthers on the board first, then two goals for the Rangers within what, 40 seconds of each other. And then there was another power play goal by the rain or by the Panthers before that that particular period was done. So it was bang, bang, bang. There are four goals in the first period and it ended up going into OT.

So, yeah, we'll get to that. But last night, game three between the Mavericks and the Timberwolves, and this one taking place in Dallas, much to the delight of one Patrick Mahomes, who is courtside with his wife on one side and his BFF Travis Kelce on the other. And because Pat is from Texas, he was all about Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic and the Mavericks and having a blast. And as this as this game played out, there was a 12 point lead for the Mavericks, except I didn't love their lack of intensity. I felt like they were just kind of out there lackadaisical, not that they weren't running up and down the court. It just it seemed like there wasn't as much of a sense of urgency until the late stages. I don't love that because you get to the NBA finals and now they're one win away and you're going to face potentially the Celtics who are quiet assassins.

I mean, they're lethal. So you can't we've seen what's happened with the Pacers. You can't expect that any lead is safe against the Celtics. Of course, the Dallas Mavericks have kind of been playing that way, too, against the Timberwolves. So in the third quarter, even though you had a double digit lead for the Mavericks, they start turning the ball over and they're really just kind of careless with it.

And Anthony Edwards, he he turns into one of the one of the superheroes in the NBA. And he doesn't do it all the time, but flashes of what we saw late in the regular season when Kat was unavailable. Back to his left, it's Mike wide open on the three and he buries it.

He was not even guarded. Mike Conley has four threes in this game, three of them have come in the second half. Ninety to eighty nine, the Timberwolves take their first lead of the fourth quarter. Ninety seven, ninety six, Nas turns the corner down the lane and slams it through with a right hand.

The feed by K.A. Nas, the flush and the wolves are up. And looking for the step back three, good pump fake. Now swings it far side. Anderson's got to run it up at the buzzer and hits it off the one foot.

Pushed it up from eighteen feet out of the right side. What a play by Kyle Anderson. One oh four, one oh two. It's a two point wolves lead. So, yeah, you had the wolves climb all the way back into it. They went back and forth.

And I didn't love the way the Mavericks were playing or how they were trending until three and a half minutes to go. Roughly the game is tied at one oh four. And, goodness, it feels like we have seen this story.

We've seen this movie before with Luca as the star closer. Able to get to Washington. He'll drive left to right. Over the top.

Tyree against Edwards. Right to left. With the left hand. Scores it to tie the game at one oh four.

They pass left. Irving extra pass. Washington left corner three. That's his spark.

Standing on business is P.J. Washington to put the Mavericks up one oh seven or one oh four. Three and a half to go. Luca to his right. Into the lane. Spinning.

Fading. For fifteen. He hits.

As he hits the floor. One oh nine, one oh five. Two fifteen remaining. Doncic with thirty three.

Ten to shoot. Gafford screen left. Luca goes that way. Luca keeps the dribble. On the stop and go. Up top for Gafford.

That throws it down. What a play by Doncic. All part of a late fourteen to three run by the Mavericks. So the P.J. Washington triple that you hear there with three and a half minutes to go.

Put them up one oh seven, one oh four. And the Wolves never recovered. Those moments. The P.J. Washington three. He got a high five from Patrick Mahomes. And then the last play in that sequence that you hear.

It was pretty incredible. It was Luca driving down the lane. Attracting the defense. As they collapse on him. He goes up awkwardly on the wrong foot. He lobs it up. And it's a humongous, loud, obnoxious alley-oop slam for Daniel Gifford. And he hits the deck.

So he falls with his effort. Kyrie and obviously Luca are celebrating. Luca's doing the ahhh with the double flex. And on the sidelines, right there on that same corner, Patrick Mahomes has got both arms up doing the double flex like he's Popeye. So it's really funny. The crowd was great into it. And I enjoyed watching Mahomes as much as I did the game.

Just because this is what people do when they watch him play. Go all day, boys. Up.

Game on. He kept guardin' you. He kept guardin' him. And he was as hype over the Mavericks as he was when it's him. So it was pretty fun.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Yeah, Anthony Edwards faded down the stretch. Had a big third quarter but only had four points in the fourth. And so the defense was huge in preventing Ant from making an impact.

From finding room to drive. From using his athleticism to take over in the fourth as well. Ant's an incredible player. He's going to put a lot of pressure on your defense. And he did that in the third.

I thought again in the fourth, the group did a good job. You know, team defense of trying to make it hard on them. Now Luca Don just doesn't want to hear anything about how the series is nearly over. Do not say that to Luca. Don't even say it, man.

But it feels great. But we got to think about next game. Got to play with the same mentality.

They're not going to go away. No way. So we need to prepare for the next game. We just got to think about next game. It means absolutely nothing right now.

You know, that's not even something I'm thinking about. You know, going into Game 4, it's still 0-0. And that's the type of motivation and mentality we have in that locker room.

It's not just me. We feel like the job isn't finished and we're going against one of the greatest teams in the world. Both Luca and Kyrie have 33 points apiece. But it wasn't just them.

P.J. Washington was terrific. Gafford had three blocks in addition to that alley-oop. Their defense was really good. Now I don't love how they were turning the ball over in the third quarter, allowing the Timberwolves to have some new life.

But Luca also had five steals. It's kind of funny. At the end of the game, he was exhausted. He loves to say that. And Kyrie apparently told him, that's how it's supposed to feel. Sorry, I'm tired. What a weekend for Luca Doncic, right?

We didn't have a chance to talk about it after it happened. But Game 2 on Friday was just as dramatic. And here we go. Washington looking to the corner.

Still looking. And finally Luca comes and gets it out high. Swing by Lively. Show by Gobert. Luca against Gobert with seven and six and five between his legs. Stepping back for the win. He got it!

He got it! With three seconds to go. Timeout, Minnesota. Doncic, the crossover. And the Patrick step back.

And the Mavericks in front. I just saw some space. You know, decided to shoot a three. Get to my spot. Step back.

That's it. But I just decided, you know, I saw some space. The play was to get Luca the ball and let Luca do what Luca does in those moments. And that's, you know, if he has trust with his teammates that they were going to come and hit him, he knew who he was going to find to knock down a shot. We talked about taking a two.

We're only down two. But when he got to dancing with Gobert, you could see that the step back was coming and the rest was history. You could see that it was coming.

Oh yeah. But he still had to nail it. That was quite a moment. So Luca has become the closer in this series. Kyrie has been terrific early on, especially in setting the tone. And here are the Mavs with these late game runs.

Last night it was the final four minutes. And they're on the cusp of their first NBA Finals since Dirk Nowitzki was their star. We don't feel like we're underdogs to anybody. We just try to come out and play our game and just make the right decisions each and every time.

And the game will go our way. So we just try to be aggressive and just play great Mavs basketball. Meanwhile, the Timberwolves, according to Anthony Edwards, have no choice but to stay positive.

You just gotta keep trying to get to the next one. But Chris Finch has been harping on this now for the entire life of this series, but also in the previous series. They need to learn how to close. They cannot leave these opportunities out there. And similar to Celtic's Pacers, this could be a series in which the other team is up. Because both the Wolves and the Pacers have squandered leads in which they seemingly had their opponents on the ropes.

Now one of the major issues is Karl-Anthony Towns. He did not score until late in the second quarter, or didn't hit a shot until late in the second quarter. I don't remember if he had free throws. He was 0 for 8 to start, or I'm sorry, 0 for 8 from 3, 0 for 9 to start.

He did not score in the fourth quarter at all, though he did finish with a double-double. I'm playing up to 1,500 shots a day, and shots so well all playoffs, confidence extremely high. And to be having these unfortunate bounces and these looks that are just not going in, it's tough. It's tough for sure. You know, I'm good.

Confidence-wise, I just gotta keep shooting. So I feel for him. He was obviously missed a couple of months at coming off an injury. His coach even acknowledged it's been hard to watch. So he didn't score in the fourth quarter of this game. He was off the court in critical moments in game number 2 down the stretch. So rough series for Karl-Anthony Towns, and not a great series for Anthony Edwards either. He's been really spotty.

At times he's been great, but there have been times where he's flat out disappeared. So credit the Mavericks on both ends of the court. It was also a tough day in the world of sports for a couple of reasons. And I know as we head into Memorial Day, it's still a sober and sombering day of remembrance for many Americans who are missing loved ones or wish they knew the loved ones that they lost maybe generations ago who gave their lives as a sacrifice in serving our country. That's what Memorial Day is all about.

Earlier I was looking at photos of the flags at Arlington National Cemetery and reading a little bit more about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which I've been to visit multiple times, I highly recommend it. Some of you are sending your photos, maybe it's names or memories of loved ones that were lost in the line of military service. Making that sacrifice and we're asking you for them. We'd love to share them on our own social media, on Twitter.

Our show account is at Amy After Hours and then also on our Facebook page. So we're retweeting and you can see the thread on Facebook. We do this every year and it matters to us that you know we're thinking of you, we're supporting you. And also families make the sacrifice too.

It's not just the individual who was serving. Thanks so much for joining us on this Monday, this holiday Monday Memorial Day. Look around, you can find cars like these on Auto Trader, like that car riding your tail. Or if you're tailgating right now, all those cars doubling as kitchens and living rooms are on Auto Trader too.

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See site for details. The wait is over. That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all-new season of the Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu. And it's home run number 40. He's fired up going around the bases. Ronald touches them all. And it's a season for the ages for Ronald Acuna Jr., the fifth player in major league history with 40 homers and 40 steals.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Why do we give you a highlight from the MVP season of Ronald Acuna Jr.? Because his 2024 encore is done.

This sucks. But late last night, the Braves announced that he tore the ACL in his left knee and he'll miss the rest of the season. Of course, the ace Spencer Strider is also done for the Braves. And I know that this was the big fear going back to, was it Friday? Or was it, did he actually do it on, shoot, what day?

You're gonna have to forgive me. I don't know which day it was that he did it, but he was running between second and third base. And his knee kind of buckled. It was a steal attempt, a late one at that. And the worst is always the non-contact injuries. When it comes to ACLs, sometimes it's just a step.

It's an awkward angle. And so it can be just putting too much pressure on that knee ligament. He had just done this a few years ago.

Remember the Braves fans will remember well. On the right side, and now he's got to deal with the surgery, the recovery, the rehab on the left side. He's only 26 years old. You would expect that with the technology and all the best money that doctors, or all the best money that can buy the doctors, the medical care, the rehab facilities, all of that will help him to get back to the point where he can play. He obviously won an MVP after tearing the ACL on his right knee. And he's only 26. And actually, the Braves won their World Series without him, or after they lost him in 21.

But it does stink to your best guys, your best athletes, and also to major draws when it comes to butts in the seat. So there is audio, but it's a little dated now. This is before he was confirmed torn ACL. They saw him, looks like postgame today, and he said, they originally put him on a 10-day injured list, and they said he compared the feeling to when he left ACL sprint in 2018.

So he said it was a very similar feeling from that same time in 2018. And then he was hoping, he said it was kind of going away, the pain has been going away for a while, but I guess the worst is confirmed. It was Sunday's game. Yeah, he just did it on Sunday. And then we found out the news late last night. But yeah, according to Acuna himself, it felt similar, but not quite the same pain. So maybe there was some hope there.

But unfortunately, he's now out for the rest of the year, coming off the MVP campaign. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. On Twitter, at Amy After Hours, also on our Facebook page, we're hearing from a bunch of you, even in these overnight hours and now early morning hours heading into Memorial Day Monday, who have loved ones that will remember on this Monday, who paid the ultimate price in serving our country. So thank you.

Producer Jay is retweeting them from our show account. And then also on our Facebook page, there's a thread. Many of you go and you look at the photos of the memories from others. And I think in many cases, you recognize that you're not alone and you share some of those names, those photos, and other people see them. And you have similar stories or similar grief and loss that we remember on this day. It wasn't a story about serving in our military, but as tragic and also one that millions of Americans can identify with around the country. And I believe that Grayson Murray's parents have this in mind. They want his story to be shared. They want his memory to be kept alive for this reason so that others who struggle with mental health or who love people who struggle with depression and anxiety and mental illness, that they can be encouraged and know they're not alone.

And I know if it were me and it were my family member, I would want him or her to be remembered in a way that potentially could save lives down the road. What a difficult task for a veteran broadcaster in Jim Nantz, as he has to make this tragic announcement on Sunday on the PGA Tour broadcast. Grayson Murray, an eight-year PGA Tour veteran and a winner earlier this year in Hawaii at the Sony Open, was found dead this morning, dead at the age of 30. We've just received a statement from Commissioner Jay Monahan. He has sent this statement to his membership, and the commissioner is saying, we were devastated to learn and are heartbroken to share that Grayson Murray passed away this morning.

I am at a loss for words. The PGA Tour is a family, and when you lose a member of your family, you are never the same. There is nothing we can do but mourn Grayson and pray for comfort for his loved ones. I reached out to Grayson's parents to offer our deepest condolences, and during that conversation, they asked that we continue with tournament play. They were adamant that Grayson would want us to do so.

As difficult as it will be, we want to respect their wishes, the commissioner went on to add. He had battled some troubling times and had been sober since last summer. And early this year, he triumphed in Hawaii at the Sony Open. He was playing some great golf recently, including 10th just a couple weeks ago at the Wells Fargo, making the cut last Sunday and last weekend in Valhalla, shooting 67 on Sunday.

Really sad, 30 years old, and he had just played on Thursday and Friday with Drew early, indicated he wasn't feeling well, and went back to his hotel room in Fort Worth, and then was found dead on Saturday. And he was seemingly in a much better place. He won back in January, and he said at the time that he had been sober for eight months. So the demon of alcohol that he battled over and over throughout his life and his career.

He was engaged, but it's so hard because on the outside, many of us looking at his story or hearing him talk about his own struggles, you would think the worst is behind him. Not that he would ever be completely free of dealing with these challenges, but that he had gotten the best of them, and they'd figured out how to manage them, and they'd found the right people around him. And so there was a moment of silence there at the golf course, at the Colonial, but guys like Scottie Scheffler really struggled.

There's video of Scottie, who was battling for the lead at the Colonial, battling for the win, wiping a tear from his eye. Pretty difficult day to come out to the golf course with news of Grayson yesterday. We spent that moment of silence today really just thinking about him and praying for his family and his fiancée. Obviously it was pretty difficult to come play golf, but like his parents said, he would have wanted the tournament to continue, and I got to know him fairly well over the last few months. I shared a couple of meals with him, played a couple of practice rounds. I was with him for a few hours. He was at our rental house last week, and it's a tough day for all of us out here on tour, and we're thinking about his family, and we're praying hard for them for sure.

The last man to golf with him was Peter Malnati, who played Thursday and Friday alongside Grayson, and he did an interview on CBS and really broke down. We get so worked up out here about a bad break here or a good break there. Keep looking. We're so competitive. It's so competitive out here.

We all want to beat each other. And then something like this happens, and you realize that we're all just humans. It's just a really hard day. Peter Malnati, again on CBS, he broke down, but he makes such a worthy point.

It bears repeating. Some of the priorities that we have, they seemingly don't matter in the face of a tragedy like this or recognizing that a man who, even as a pro athlete, who had money, was getting married, had a family who loved him, had made such great progress. Even someone like that, who from the outside seems on top of the world, or at least on the way up. Mental illness, mental health, these are all challenges that we're talking about more and more in our society. Coming out of the pandemic, I mentioned this earlier, the statistics show that young people, teenagers, early 20s, were having suicidal thoughts at an alarming rate.

25% of young people that age. And I appreciate that Grayson's family is speaking out. They wrote a letter, it was read on CBS, in order that if there's any way Grayson's death is not in vain, him taking his own life can be a warning, can be a catalyst for people to have a conversation, for people to maybe check on or intercede with their own loved ones who might be struggling. Or even just to let people know they're not alone. As Grayson said, he himself has addressed it publicly and said he hears from people all the time on social media, and those people would reach out to him and tell him how grateful they were that he was open and candid about what he was going through. That, I'm certain, can help the family feel like his death was not completely in vain, as much as they miss him. We'd love to hear from you on this Memorial Day, the loved ones that you honor, at Amy After Hours or on our Facebook page.

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This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The Florida Panthers were able to rally with a pair of goals in the third period on their own ice. So this was a bit of a seesaw affair. Talked about it earlier, but game three of the Eastern Conference Finals in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Started with a power play goal by the Panthers who got the crowd all fired up. Then two goals by the Rangers within 40 seconds of each other. Followed by, later in the first period, another power play goal by the Panthers. So they finish up the first period and they're knotted at two apiece. The Rangers promptly charge into the lead with a pair of goals in the second, only to see the Panthers come back with a pair of goals in the third, including that one that you hear on Panthers radio. I love when we get to use the play-by-play. It puts you in the arena in that moment and I should have mentioned this earlier, but my thanks to Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks radio for their expertise.

That's Panthers radio. Now remember, Panthers had lost to the Rangers at Madison Square Garden in overtime, sudden death overtime to wrap game two. So they tie it up in the third period and on into overtime they go to settle game three. Rodriguez will take it for the Panthers off the possession. Kulikoff has it up the near wall, but the Rangers have it. They heave on and score! It may have went off to something in front, but the Rangers score in overtime and they take a 2-1 series lead with a 5-4 win.

I'll tell you folks, in all honesty, call the cops. There was a robbery here lately and the Rangers win the hockey game 5-4 in overtime. It's amazing. I mean obviously it's an intense game. It goes back and forth, but I mean obviously you've seen the puck go to the net.

It's just bursts of energy, bursts of all kinds of feelings. So it's great obviously. We had been in this situation in overtime quite a few times already in the postseason and our guys have responded and handled it really well. And so the message was go back to work, let's get on the attack and be comfortable in what we're doing. Peter Lavelette called a timeout to talk things over during overtime and it really seemed to settle the team down and put them on the same page getting back out there on the ice. Igor Shostakin, he was terrific in overtime especially, well third period on into overtime. And it was kind of neat to see when they got the sudden death goal, of course part of the team right away celebrating there on the ice at the offensive end, well in the Panthers zone.

But then two other guys heading to Igor to let him know that they appreciate what he had to do and how much his performance mattered in them getting a second consecutive overtime win. So now they're up 2-1 and we talked about this with the Pacers and the Timberwolves. These are conference finals here that easily could be led by the other team.

And yet, they're not. I mean this is sudden death and gosh, anything can happen then. Lavelette went on to say that third period was probably our toughest in the series so far. So the Panthers are right there, but that's a bit demoralizing to lose back to back in sudden death. So now here they are, they've got this one more game at home and do not want to go to MSG trailing 3-1. Some perspective on to the final score in the last two overtime games and one very tight.

Tonight there was a little more action, certainly by us. So count it for what it is and make sure we understand the accounting of the series is 2-1 and get after it. Right, well that's the thing. No matter how close you were or the fact that you forced sudden death again in game number three, still end up on the wrong end of it. And man, there were Rangers fans that were there in Florida.

As you can imagine, they're more than happy to do that on a holiday weekend. And so coming up on Tuesday, it's game four. Meanwhile, on this Memorial Day, it's the Stars and the Oilers and that series is tied at one. And it's after hours with Amy Lawrence. There's so much more to get to that we really were unable to work into this edition of the show.

But I did tease it so I want to make sure before we hit the top of the hour. Jay and his family were on their way to MetLife Stadium where the Rolling Stones were playing a concert. They get stuck in traffic on their way to the stadium and that's how they had to watch overtime.

So go ahead, angst in the vehicle. So the third period we did on the radio and it was fine. That's when the Panthers were coming back.

So we couldn't see the goals but we did tell that the Panthers were buzzing and that things weren't going too well. And then the overtime came on and I was like, let me see if I can get it on my phone. So I put in my credentials for optimum of the cable, got the game on my phone and watched it in traffic. Wait, who was driving? My mom was driving.

Me and my dad were watching the game. And then we're proceeding to scream at the traffic because we're going up to the bridge and all these cars keep coming into the intersection and cutting us off. Cutting everybody off, leaving them more traffic. So we're sitting there, stop it, what are you doing? As we're screaming at the cars, the rangers score. So it turns into a ahh, ahh, ahh. It's just multiple yelling and then it just turned into a scream fest and we were happy. Oh my gosh. Instant anger to instant joy. Crazy, right.

That'll help with the traffic jam at the George Washington Bridge. Notorious going across the Hudson River. But also just the way that the puck was redirected. It was like a little shoulder bump. He just got, Alex, it's a guy who got traded for at the deadline and Wennberg really hasn't been a big... One goal.

Yeah, really hasn't been a major impact and fans are ticked at him or have been ticked at him. So he's in the way of this snipe shot. It comes from what was like center ice it came from and he just kind of redirects it almost like... I don't know if he's trying to get out of the way or just... Yeah, he did like a shimmy.

Oh, he did a Steph Curry shimmy and shimmied it right into the back of the net. All right, please send us your names, photos to our show Twitter at Amy After Hours or our Facebook page. On this Memorial Day, we're here again with you tonight After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Boom! The wait is over.

That's right. Season five of The Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

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