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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 24, 2024 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 24, 2024 6:08 am

Jaylen Brown says put some respect on my name! | Paul Pierce says Luka/Kyrie is the BEST offensive duo of all-time | Sean Payton has a strange new name for his QB room.


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That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all new season of the Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu. And it's why we break up. We kiss.

We make love. You don't really wanna stay. No. You don't. You don't really wanna go.

Oh. Lots of staying. Lot more going this holiday weekend. 44 million Americans. Does that include you?

44 million Americans on the move this Memorial Day weekend. That definitely includes me. I was just saying to producer Jay, it's a little bit astounding that between now and Sunday night when I'll be back with you here on the Infinity Sports Network almost ruined the perfect show. And I would say this has been the perfect show. Just kidding.

I tell my students there's no such thing as a perfect show. Anyway, Infinity Sports Network is now our home and we will be back here on Sunday night, despite the fact that it's a holiday weekend. We're also with you on Monday night. Big time of the year in sports. Obviously there's a lot going on from NBA and NHL conference finals. So big time hoops and hockey games to what I consider one of my favorite race days of the year. And we now have Kyle Larson who will attempt to drive both the Indy 500. Whether you win it or not is irrelevant just to complete the 500 miles in an Indy car at the brickyard and then get on a plane or helicopter.

Plane, helicopter. And head to Charlotte where he will get behind the wheel of a very different vehicle and try to drive 600 miles. Think about it. Have you ever done 1100 miles in one day?

Maybe some of you have. And I don't mean riding. So it's different if you are with another driver, and you guys decide we're going to power through we're just going to switch off every four or five hours and you go 1100 miles. No, have you ever driven 1100 miles in a single day? It's exhausting. If you've done anywhere close to it, it's exhausting. And so Kyle Larson will attempt to complete the historic double double between Indy, which is actually an Indy, and the Coca Cola 600.

So it's 1100 miles if he does it. Think about the pressure, obviously the speed, the quick reaction time that's required, and when you're tired. What happens when you're in a vehicle?

Now we're different of course, but your reaction time is different. This is why there's all kinds of warnings about driving tired. Now I'm not saying he's going to be sleepy. I no doubt he's in top physical shape. He's a world class athlete. He's been training for this, but it's a lot of pressure. And the idea is to complete all 1100 miles with the travel in between. It's why so few people have done it.

So that's something to watch on Sunday. But anyway, between Friday night and Sunday around midday, Sunday afternoon, early afternoon, I'm not going 1100 miles by car, but I'm flying to and from Austin, Texas. And I know a lot of people are doing the exact same thing.

I'm not alone. So 44 million Americans expected to be on the move this weekend, the most for any Memorial Day weekend going back to before the year 2000, which apparently is when AAA started keeping track. So we're talking a good 25 years of travel building up to this point.

And still, you know, it's interesting too. You ask travel experts, I heard an interview with one on the news, and he still points back to 2020. And the fact that people are still just now exercising that itch and going all out in travel, which is why they're taking advantage of every single opportunity, even if it's a shorter holiday weekend. But you've got a lot of college students that are out moving around.

It's getting into wedding season to high school kids or just school kids in general. They've got a longer weekend, families, they'll take off and it's kind of the unofficial start to summer. So we'll be here starting summer with you from our studios. But we're glad to keep you company. Lots of people out of their regular routines during holiday weekends.

We always, almost always get listeners who've either never heard the show before or haven't heard the show in a really long time. Now we try to take time each hour while we're on the air Memorial Day weekend to really speak about, honor those for whom the holiday is intended. It's a holiday for us.

Maybe it's a chance to get away. But most importantly, it's an opportunity for us to take dedicated time and space and honor those people who gave their life as the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. And every year we invite people, if you would like to share the name or the photo of a loved one that you lost in military service, maybe someone who meant a lot to you as a father, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, brother, friend. Some of the stories that you share with us every year on Memorial Day, we're honored that you choose to share them with us because they're powerful.

And we know these types of losses, whether you admire or are inspired, whether your loved one was heroic in service, it doesn't mean it's any easier to lose that person. And so we're always mindful of that and do want to make sure we take the right spirit on Memorial Day, even though we're working and we're talking about sports. Earlier this week, I had mentioned something about how our show is entertainment. You'll never hear me saying anything about the show being important or what I do being important because it's not that.

I'm an entertainer. And the majority of time I just happen to talk about sports. I saw this post on our Facebook page and I wanted to share it, especially in light of Memorial Day weekend, but also it's probably the greatest compliment that I can ever get as a host.

I think this happens a few times a year, whether by phone call or whether by a personal message on social media. And every time it makes me emotional. Sometimes it moves me to tears, but I want to honor Jamie, who wrote to us after hearing the show and hearing me saying that what I do is not important. He said, please remember that you are important because as a military person overseas, listening to your show early in the morning over here, you remind us of all the things that are going on back home and you keep our mind occupied of the bad things that are going on back home. And he says, so again, yes, you are important to us. Thank you for all you do. It's great to listen to you and get our mind off all of the things that we cannot control.

Wow. I try not to lose sight of that when I do the shows because I know that sports have the power to heal and unify and give us a break from sometimes what can be painful real life. But to see Jamie write this, and I don't know where he is overseas, I did respond and tell him thank you for his service. It's an honor to keep him and other military service members company while they're away and try to convey pieces of home. And so I asked him to keep in touch. Just thought that was something I wanted to share with you. So even as we seemingly babble on about sports, there are people who need this, who need to hear us talk about mindless drivel and sports. So yeah, thank you, Jamie, for letting us know that. And again, we are honored to keep you company. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on Twitter, ALawRadio. And then if you would like to post on our Facebook page is named after the show, simply we changed things a little bit when the network changed.

But it's still the same page and you can Google it or search for it and you can find it without any issues. Game two of the Eastern Conference Finals last night, the Celtics and the Pacers, not quite the same as what we got in the opener. And we did hear Pascal Siakam say after the game that they were a little bit lethargic. The juice wasn't there.

They didn't have the same energy. But still, though, they're a team that you can never count out, not even when you have one of your stars, Jaylen Brown for the Celtics, go off and match his career playoff high and the Celtics themselves scored 20 points in a row in the first half. Jaylen against Obetop and steps back into a straightaway three.

Got it. Remember what happened when Golden State let Jaylen shoot open threes? 8.21 to go second quarter. Holiday lobs into Jaylen, catches in midair, pushes it off the window and in.

Incredible move, man. Still waiting on the first pacer points of his second quarter where he played nearly four minutes. It's a 17-0 Boston run. Jaylen Brown, he's the one doing all the scoring. Left-hand dribble drive, attacks, gets to the rim and scores. Pump making the last second to keep it away from the shot blocker, Isaiah Jackson. Jaylen has been brilliant.

He's got 21 in the first half. Knee spin, step back on Tatum, dribbles low, exposed to the ball, Tatum knocks it away, has the steal. Tatum into the front court, floats it into Holiday, throws it back to the trailer. Jaylen Brown, who lays it up and in. Great athletic play by Jaylen Brown to recover in midair off an unusual pass and create another shot. You want to keep Jaylen off the All-NBA team?

Be my guest. Oh, wait. What? Well, I can't imagine that came up postgame. That's Sean Grandy and Cedric Maxwell on Celtics radio. Twenty straight points in the first half. Brown had ten of them and he was everywhere. He was aggressive on both ends of the court. You can tell he takes pride in the defense as well. He was setting the tone for the Celtics even as Jason Tatum was struggling from the field.

So he had just two of his first nine shots go down. Now here's the thing about the Pacers. Somehow, some way, they come through and in the third quarter, they trim that lead back down to two. They have that ability and it was largely Siakam who was doing the dirty work. Here's Siakam for three.

Does he ever miss? A dead-on three. He's got ten in the quarter. Twenty-six in the game and it's a two-point Boston lead.

It was a bit of mano a mano there between Brown and Siakam for a while. But once Tatum found his footing and once you see the number of ways that the Celtics can not just score but can limit the other team. We're talking about the Pacers who are one of the best offensive teams in the NBA this season.

But that defense was locked in in a different way from game number one. Tatum finally knocks down a three and it gives the Celtics a 19-point lead. Jaylon Brown moving to his left. McDermott slows him down. Shot clock down to three. How fitting would this be for Jaylon to finish his perfect night with a three. Man, put the catch up on the french fries.

And Jaylon drops 40 in game two. It's a blessing to step out on the floor each and every night. I don't take that for granted.

So I keep that in perspective regardless of what's being said or whatever the narrative or the discourse is around me. I just come out and try to add value on both sides of the floor. And I feel like when it comes to that there's not a lot of people better in this league. So I just come out and take it one game at a time.

And right now we got two home games and we're looking for the next one. Just making the right play. Poise, patience, discipline.

Proper actions. Getting to the right spacing. And just picking and choosing the spots really well. Whether it was in transition or in the half court.

So it just continues to get better and better. Takes a lot of pride in his ability to impact the game in different ways. And I thought he did that tonight.

He certainly did. Matching his career playoff high 40 points along with five rebounds now. What about being left off the all-NBA team? According to his coach, Joe Mazzulla, he uses that as motivation to get better. But what he cares most about is winning. He was, of course, asked about those all-NBA rosters.

We're two games from the finals. So, you know, honestly, I don't got the time to give a f**k. Okay, well would you mind if we rephrased maybe? Do you feel like you are overlooked as an NBA star? I watch guys get praised and annoyed at.

I feel like it's half as talented as me on either side of the ball. But at this point in my life, I just embrace it. You know, it comes with being who I am and what I stand for. And I ain't really changing that. So I just come out and I'm grateful to step out on the floor each and every night.

And put my best foot forward. I get better every single year. And whether people appreciate it or not, it is what it is. Something to be said about the value of getting older. It's funny sometimes in our culture how getting older is such a negative. And I know I joke about it because I am old.

Sometimes I feel that way. But honestly, I wouldn't trade the wisdom and experience. And that's one of the things I love about older athletes. They get it in a way that you just don't when you're 22 or you're 23. And it's not a knock on young guys. They have generally fresher legs, better hops. They've got a lot more energy. That's why it's so funny to hear Anthony Edwards say he's exhausted because you're 22 years old.

I don't think I was ever exhausted when I was 22. And yet, as you get to be older, what you lack may be in a step. Or the speed or the explosiveness.

I mean, these are still some of the best athletes in the world. But you're not as fast as you were. You don't recover from injuries as well when you get to be in your 30s. Or if you're blessed enough to play into your 40s. And yet you're smarter.

You're craftier. And also you take nothing for granted. Which I think you can hear with Jalen. Especially with some of the high profile disappointments and the near misses they've had in the past couple years. So he has 40 points. 20 in a row for the Celtics. And yet somehow the Pacers managed to make this a game. At least for a time there in the third quarter.

It was Pascal Siakam. But he was missing his all-star point guard Tyrese Halliburton. Who's dealing now with the re-aggravation of a hamstring injury. Obviously we need Todd. But at the end of the day it was the next man mentality. We got to be ready. And we got to play together. This team got to where we at tonight. I mean, where we at today is by having all of us. And we all got to stay together.

Continue to play together. And obviously we want Tyrese back out there. But I think obviously he wasn't feeling well.

So it's on us to continue to play and bring that energy. Right now he's a question mark. He was evaluated post-game. He was evaluated during the game and then evaluated again post-game. He was limping. And really not a lot of information from Rick Carlisle other than just it was a hamstring. And he wasn't allowed to come back in the game.

They didn't feel like it was safe. So now you've got two major pieces of the series that are not available. At least in the moment. Tyrese Halliburton and Kristaps Porzinga still waiting for him to return to the playoffs. It's been over a month now. I did have a chance to catch up with Noah Dolwell who is part of SB Nation in the Celtics blog. She's a beat reporter with the team.

Actually joined us from the Garden. She was still there writing in the second hour of the show. And I asked her about KP and she said they see him a lot. He's working with the team.

He's traveling and getting closer. But they're still kind of hush-hush about whether or not he could return during the Eastern Conference Finals. The defense just as good for the Celtics as was Jalen's offense last night. Six minutes to start the second quarter. Pacer score, not a point.

Miss all nine shots. I have four turnovers there as well. Meanwhile Brown was just catching his stride. So turnovers an issue for the Pacers and that seems to be how they fall into the hole quickest against the Celtics. It happened in game number one. They had to climb out of two double figure deficits. It was turnovers that kind of got them there outside of that initial Celtics blast. And now they get to head home.

Down 2-0 or 0-2 from their perspective. But sure to be a crazy weekend in Indianapolis. I know that our building will be as loud and live as it's ever been. You know, it's race weekend and everything else going on. And so we've got to take advantage of that.

It doesn't guarantee anything. But it will be a better environment for us than playing here for sure. Saturday night is when you'll get game three between the Celtics and Pacers. And he references race weekend, which we just talked about, the brickyard, the Indy 500, one of the grandest spectacles in all of sports. And certainly an iconic event that's always on this Memorial Day weekend.

Alright, you can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page. After hours with Amy Loris. Speaking of Celtics, did you hear Hall of Famer Paul Pierce and what he had to say about Luka and Kyrie? Also, it was an uncomfortable film session for the Minnesota Timberwolves after they lost to the Mavericks in the opener of that Western Conference Finals. In addition, Sean Payton has a special name for his quarterback room in Denver. I'm not sure it's a compliment.

It actually may be offensive to dogs. I'm just saying. A lot to cram in before we set you free for your holiday weekend.

We're happy to keep you company though wherever you are on this planet of ours. It's after. Call from mom. Answer it.

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That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all new season of the Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu. Want to teach your kids financial literacy but not sure where to start? Greenlight can help. With Greenlight, parents can keep an eye on kids' spending and saving. While kids and teens use a card of their own to build money confidence. As a parent, you can send instant money transfers, set up chores, automate allowance and more.

It's a convenient way to run your household, customize to your family's needs and the easy way to raise financially smart kids. Get started with Greenlight today and get your first month free at slash odyssey. Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Mike Conley's foul shot.

Missing it on purpose. No good rebound. Take it down by Irvin and it's over. And the Mavericks break the side in Game 1. They finally win a Game 1 under Jason Kidd and only the second Game 1 victory for them in their last 14 Game 1s. They defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight 108 to 105.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The voice of Chuck Hooperstein on the Dallas Mavericks radio network. And there were some uncomfortable moments in the film session for the Minnesota Timberwolves as they were reviewing Game 1 at their leisure. Chris Finch said it was flat out awful watching that tape.

I've been this disappointed in your effort, your performance, your attitude, your application, your attention to detail. Just wasn't there. A Western Conference Finals started. I'm not sure if they got the memo.

They got it this afternoon. Yeah, I mean our approach. We just played flat. Game plan was not on point for execution. Decision making on offense was not very good. We were beat by a lot of hustle plays, transition, offensive rebounds, stuff like that. Just can't happen. So that's Chris Finch talking about how awful, uncomfortable, giving you all the reasons why it was so bad.

I suppose there is no way to go but up. Now remember Anthony Edwards said coming off of that Game 7 emotional victory against the Denver Nuggets, the defending champions, that they were pretty worn out. They didn't have a whole lot more time to turn around than did the Mavericks. The Mavericks had to travel but he said he was exhausted trying to keep up with Kyrie. So if nothing else, they certainly should have their sea legs back.

Didn't have to travel. The turnaround where they now know what they're in for and all Chris Finch asked is that you have to watch this tape. Draymond Green, you know he's part of the TNT crew and the coverage for these conference finals and he wasn't taking Anthony Edwards comment about being exhausted without a reaction of his own. I thought he showed weakness in the interview last night for the first time.

The moment a great leader shows weakness, what does Kat follow up with in his press conference? Didn't play with enough energy. Just looked tired. You don't want to give guys an out because guess what? If I'm the Dallas Mavericks, I'm watching that and I'm like, oh, they tired.

Get greedy. Draymond Green on his own show so he's not only doing analysis with the playoff crews but he's also got his Draymond Green show and you can tell he's working out his chops. I feel a little bit like Tom Brady after he retired.

Now Draymond's not retired but he also doesn't have a V chip for those of you who know the reference. But Tom Brady once he was done or once he realized he would have a broadcasting job in his future, he started practicing his analysis on his radio show on Sirius XM NFL radio. I can tell that Draymond is angling for a broadcasting job when he's done. He obviously loves to talk.

I have issued an open invitation for Dray to join us. He would be my number one athlete co-host that I would want at this point in my career because I think it would be highly entertaining. Not just that but I don't agree with a lot of what he says and I think it could be a spirited debate and really interesting to learn from his perspective and he mine. Not that he would think that of course. At least he didn't drop something like Paul Pierce did on Undisputed on Thursday. Listen to this.

He got roasted for this by the way. This is the best offensive duel, not backcourt, offensive duel in NBA history. What? When we talk about the skill set of Kyrie, we already know probably, I mean I've heard a number of NBA players says, I mean he's the most skilled player we've ever seen. Luca, he just led the league in scoring. You got two guys capable of really going off for 60 points. Kyrie and Luca averaged 54.7 this season. You know Shaq and Kobe averaged in 2002, 57.4 difference.

Katie and Steph, 52. Lebron and Wade, 51. There's one other duel that averaged more and that was Hard and Westbrook but if you say Hard and Luca, who you have offensively, they're equal. What about Kyrie and Westbrook?

You're taking Kyrie offensively, right? Yep. So I truly believe this is the best scoring duel that's ever been assembled. Alright, let's forget the fact that he says duel more than once.

It's duo, I'm sure is what he means. I truly believe this is the best scoring duel. But did he say history of the league though? Oh yeah, all time.

You see, I'm gonna need a little more of a sample size. I'm gonna need a little more than one year together. And you can't count the year before when Kyrie was traded there because he was injured most of the time and they really didn't play a lot together. And when they did play together, it actually didn't look that good. I specifically remember that producer Jay and I joked about how the Mavericks got Kyrie and they got worse. I mean it got worse before it got better.

It was bad early, yeah. In one year, you can't give me that this is the best offensive duo in one year. No way. History of the league. Now they may be the best offensive duo in 23-24. I'll give you that.

That's a good debate. But how are you eclipsing, even more recent memory, eclipsing KD and Steph Curry? Or KD and Russell Westbrook? Because that was the prime of Russ' career. They were extremely prolific. The Splash Brothers going back.

So I'm gonna need more than one year. But that's the opinion of Paul Pierce, who's a Hall of Famer himself, on Undisputed. And he certainly got lambasted for it. Such a good word. Every time I play with other great players, we become better. Lambasted. Lambasted for it.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. And we were talking a little bit about the NBA earlier because it appears, according to Sports Business Journal, that TNT cannot compete with the current bids that are out there for this next round of NBA broadcast rights. Okay, so TNT is going to have college football moving forward, but not likely to have the NBA unless there's some 11th hour save with Warner Brothers, who's billions of dollars in debt, and TNT, who in its last rights deal paid $1.2 billion for the NBA package.

But the going rate right now is more than double that. ESPN, the reports are, plans to shell out $2.8 billion to remain the primary rights holder for the NBA. NBC is getting back in the basketball biz and plans to spend $2.6 billion. Amazon will be part of the package as well. I know you all are maybe sick of sports and their migration to streaming, but I guess for those of you who have Amazon for the NFL, now you all have access to the NBA. They're expected to fork over $1.8 to $2 billion, so their number not quite set in stone. All of this according to Sports Business Journal. And that means the inside, well that means TNT, the TNT coverage is going away, and inside the NBA on TNT, a beloved show that goes back to the late 80s. You're talking about a crew that has morphed a few times, right? This isn't the original crew, but right now they're unique, they're charismatic, they have great chemistry, they're perfect together, and they move the needles.

People love this show. Charles Barkley, there's no one like him. Shaq and Kenny, they've got a great report. And then you have the professionalism and the incredible humor, the quick wit of Ernie Johnson, who's a Hall of Famer.

And so it's a great mix. And now we're finding out that they potentially could be going into their last year. So inside the NBA would be a lame duck in the 24-25 season. And Charles Barkley spoke with Dan Patrick about how they're receiving this news. Morale sucks, plain and simple. You know, I just feel so bad for the people I work with, Dan. You know, these people have families, and I just really feel bad for them right now.

You know, these people I work with, they screwed this thing up clearly, and we don't have zero idea what's going to happen. I don't feel good, I'm not going to lie, especially when they came out yesterday and said we bought college football. I was like, well damn, they could have used that money to buy the NBA. We've never had college football, never been involved with college football. And I'm like, wait a minute, shouldn't we be spending every dime we got to keep the NBA so morale sucks.

Well, Charles Barkley repeating that to Dan Patrick. Morale sucks around their company, their crew. It feels bad for those people who have families, they're going to lose their jobs. I mean, it's happening a lot in our business, and these rights deals are, I mean, they're the type of money that most of us can't even wrap our brains around. Especially when you've got media companies that are in debt, and yet somehow they find money. And I've been in this business for a long time. Trust me when I say they're robbing Peter to pay Paul.

If you've ever heard that reference before, it's just a matter of moving money around. There's revenue in it for sure. But interestingly enough about the NBA, the ratings are tanking right now. It's, I think, a product of several different factors, but one that Adam Silver has acknowledged, which is that young people, so younger NBA fans, not only cutting the cord, but they just don't watch games, they watch highlight packages. It's a little bit of the ADD, right? Immediate gratification.

What have you done for me lately? Let's go, let's go. So it's TikTok, it's Insta, certainly YouTube. That's how younger fans are consuming the NBA, and Silver acknowledges that it's a major problem. And yet you've got these three media companies who are planning on shelling out billions of dollars.

Something's got to give, right? If you're losing viewership, that means you're losing advertising dollars, because the ratings and the viewership numbers, they set the advertising dollars for the next season. So if you're losing viewers, then you can't charge as much for your advertisers. Maybe TNT is dodging a bullet.

I don't know. I just know the NBA ratings are not quite as bad as what we've seen from golf viewership, which is down 20 to 30%. But the playoffs are down across the board.

11% was what I last saw. Maybe going into these later rounds, that will change. Especially if the Celtics are in it, they've got some high profile players and superstars you've got on both Dallas and Minneapolis, or Minnesota, excuse me. We'll see.

We'll see. It's expensive business, and I would miss inside the NBA. Now we're asking you, what's another broadcast team or another show that you miss, or one that if it went away, you would miss it severely?

Because this is one that a lot of fans are trying to save inside the NBA. So you can find me on Twitter at Amy After Hours. That's our show account, and then also on our Facebook page. Some interesting answers from you. I always expect and receive diversity. That's what I love. The wondrous... Plus, 15% off your first order at code ODYSSEY.

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Kick off your summer and shop in-store or online at Whole Foods Market today. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. I played as a rookie. That was not a fun year. It was well-documented how many interceptions that I threw. I mean, if any one of these rookies wanted to break my interception record, I'd be for it. I don't want Bo to break it, but I'd like to get that one off my resume. You'd think with 17 games that they'd be able to do it.

It's 28. It shouldn't be that hard. Anyway, I'm over it. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Yeah, right.

Definitely not over it. Also, they're about to expand to 18th game, so now we're really talking. There's a real possibility that this last record that Peyton owns, it falls.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We were talking about broadcasters and broadcast teams, and I am really excited about Bill Belichick joining the Monday Night Manings. This is something that he's announced. He recruited Bill Belichick. I don't know how long Bill will do it, but as we're talking about broadcast teams that really float my boat or float your boat, ones that you think left an impact, you still miss them, or you're so glad we still have them. The Manings together are terrific, and then you add Belichick, and he does have a sense of humor. We don't always see it, but he does have a sense of humor, and I am quite sure that between his analysis where he's forgotten more football than most of us will ever know. I mean, even former NFL head coaches will say it's embarrassing to hear him talk about football because he knows so much more than I do. Wasn't that Matt Rule, right, who's back in Nebraska now and had Bill Belichick in to speak to his students or his staff maybe, and he said it was embarrassing. He embarrassed me with how much football he knows.

Anyway, that's going to be awesome, so I'm really looking forward to it. I would say Kevin Harlan, too. As long as we have Kevin Harlan, and I don't know what happens with TNT losing basketball, we're in for a treat. Kevin is a national treasure. Jim Nance is another one of those guys that I think is amazing. I know he doesn't do college basketball anymore, but I also love Jim.

Pull up your pants, take off the bra, and be a man. I mean, that's when he captured my heart, really, was that one moment. He actually promised us here on After Hours, right after that broadcast, he would never do it again. I haven't heard it since. I'm never doing play-by-play for a streaker or a black cat or any other animal again, although I think those are some of his finest moments.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We're thinking broadcasters, men and women losing their jobs or not having their contracts renewed or getting moved. It's just an ever-changing network.

It definitely is not solid ground. There's no job security in it, really. You're just kind of beholden to not only subjectivity of your bosses, and gosh, our bosses change all the time, but certainly companies that are trying to save money now and tighten their belts, and that's a very real possibility.

And I know it's a reality for many other industries, too. It's not just ours. So I'm grateful for every show that we have, and that will include both Sunday and Monday nights. We will be here.

You're taking off for the holiday weekend. It's After Hours on the Infinity Sports Network, on Facebook, and then on Twitter, at Amy After Hours, if you want to weigh in on some of your favorite broadcasters. Not telling me how much you hate Joe Buck. That's not the question.

Thank you. And I don't think he actually cares. I think he finds it amusing, so whatevs. But this is a positive question.

The groups that you like. For instance, the NFL and CBS is changing next year. No more Boomer Esiason, no more Phil Simms. Now they're bringing in Matt Ryan.

It's fresh blood. It's amazing that Boomer and Phil lasted as long as they did, because there's an entire generation of sports fans who never saw the two of them play quarterback. So Jay didn't, even though he grew up in the New York area and is a Giants fan. I remember watching Boomer. I remember his bleach blonde hair. I remember when he had his son Gunner, and that was such a big deal, because Gunner had cystic fibrosis. I remember him winning an MVP and playing in a Super Bowl in which the Bengals nearly won.

That was kind of the beginning of when I started watching the NFL, but I certainly do remember. Anyway, it's an industry, as I say, that models sports. And so just as quickly as the sports landscape changes with free agency and just guys losing jobs. You know, the average career in the NFL, NBA and NHL isn't even five years.

Isn't that crazy? The average career, I know that we focus on the big dollars and the free agent deals. No, the average career is a rank and file career. Most guys don't get one free agent deal. Forget two if they're drafted or they have one free agent deal.

They hook on for a bit and then they're gone. So it's really not the norm that we have careers that last well into their 30s and 40s. Those are the aberrations, not the rule. So yeah, I guess if you go into broadcasting after working in sports and serving as a professional athlete or a coach, will you certainly understand the uncertainty and the volatility of the business that we do in covering sports?

All that to say, very blessed to be here. Sean Payton, you know, he did the broadcast thing, then he decided that is not for me. And he went back to coaching with the Denver Broncos and starting fresh with his quarterback room, which is what he wanted. Right.

He chased Russell Wilson out of town. So here you go. It's kind of the orphan group. You know, all of them. They're all orphan dogs.

You know, they they've come from somewhere, but they're doing good and it's a good room. Husky guy like Huskies. We've got a couple Huskies at home. Tender, tender loving. In all of my life, I don't ever hear need to hear Zach Wilson say that the phrase tender loving Husky guy like Huskies. I like Huskies too, but the whole tender loving, tender, tender, loving, tender, tender, loving, tender, tender love.

Okay. Jay, I'm just going to ask this one time as we head up toward the top of the hour. What is an orphan dog? Have you ever heard that term before in your entire life? A stray dog? A stray or a rescue. Yes. But an orphan dog?

Never heard of orphan dog. No. Right. I guess the idea would be that they don't have homes. Right. So they've lost their parents and they're homeless.

That's the idea. Yeah, but yeah, but that would be again, it'd be more common to use the phrase rescue or stray dog or shelter dog or orphan dogs, orphan dogs. What the hell is an orphan dog? And also is that an insult to dogs to describe your quarterback room as orphan dogs? Zach Wilson, Jared Stidham, it might be. Bo Nix. Don't forget Bo Nix. The jury's still out on Bo Nix. I'm not going to call him bad yet.

All right. Anyway, Jared Stidham didn't have much of a response to that. He's like, I don't know. I just kind of take it in stride. Zach tried to throw in the husky thing with the tender, tender, tender, tender, tender, tender, tender love.

Nope, I'm good. Though Zach didn't use tender, tender love to describe his relationship with the Broncos, but he is thankful that he's got a job. We've gone through it right. I mean, you can see why it's been three years of tough challenges, but at the end, that's what makes you stronger.

And you just need somebody to believe in you and believe in yourself and be able to keep working hard and getting better. He's feeling the tender, tender love. I'm a husky guy.

I like huskies. Tender, tender love. Tyler Love. Oh, that's so funny. Wait, do you think he just changed his name on Twitter to Love because of his quarterback? His handle is Packers fan. So wonder if he changed his last name on his Twitter.

Not, I hope not legally. Changed his last name to Love because he's in love, tender, tender love with his quarterback, Jordan Love. It'd be a cool coincidence if that was just his name. Yeah, it would be cool.

Get a jersey. Or maybe it's his brother. He says, what about Mike and Mike? Used to listen to them every morning my entire school career.

Oh, I agree. So Mike and Mike are my former colleagues and Mike Golick is one of the greatest guys I've ever met. He was always so good to me when I was a young broadcaster. They had a great rapport until they didn't and it went horribly off the rails and then all of a sudden they weren't speaking to each other and the radio show reflected it.

But they both gone on to do other things. Let's see, another tweet from the Colonel. I miss Frank Caliendo doing his impressions on Fox.

He was spectacular. Let's see. Oh, Angela misses the DA show here on the now Infinity Sports Network. I agree.

We missed the DA show as well. Oh, and then Scott wants to answer our question about driving eleven hundred miles in a day. So that's what's happening with Kyle Larson if he's successful on Sunday.

He says, I'll be driving close to twelve hundred miles today, although it won't be at two hundred miles per hour. One last thing, Jay, you're going to love this. According to the schoolteacher of the young Pirates fan who loves Paul Skeens and his girlfriend, Livy Dunn, he's in fifth grade, which means he is ten, eleven tops. His mustache and Livy Dunn. Livy Dunn. On that note, it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Boom.
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