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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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May 24, 2024 5:48 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 24, 2024 5:48 am

The calm before the Memorial Day Weekend storm | Celtics handle the Pacers in Game 2 | Are college sports as we know them dying?


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This time she's really been fired. I know that is the hope and dream of some of you. One dude recently said to me on social media, can you please just go away and have a baby or something?

Oh, all right. Because you know, if I have a baby, that means my radio career is over, right? That's how it goes. Some of you, some of you are a little bit mixed up, but don't you worry. I'm here to female-splain. I'm here to woman-splain to you. It is almost Friday.

Hallelujah to that. Although I know a lot of us are on the move. So I hope there's no stress associated with your travel, but I did hear the statistics from AAA on Thursday morning. For the first time since they started keeping track of Memorial Day travel. So that goes back to 2000.

Okay. So this is now 24 years in. Don't ask me why they only started in 2000, but according to the news report, that's when it began. Maybe somebody in the AAA office had an epiphany. This is the year we will keep track of the number of Americans on the move for Memorial Day weekend. According to AAA, according to AAA, more Americans will travel this weekend than at any other point since they started keeping track. So more Americans on the move this holiday weekend than we've seen in a quarter century.

Want to hear the number? 44 million Americans are on the move this weekend. That includes me.

Oh no. It's going to be chaotic. Guys are going to be, their head's going to be spinning.

Guys and gals heads are going to be spinning. I never do this, but I know that if I stay home and wait until a time that I think is more appropriate to head to the airport, I'll be doing nothing anyway. It's not like I'll be able to sleep.

When I have something on my mind or I have to go somewhere, I can't really sleep soundly. And so instead of budgeting the exact amount of time I need to get to the airport, I'm going to assume it's a zoo. I'm just going to assume that what waits for me on the highways, actually I'm going to use mass transit, I'm taking a train that's an hour earlier than one I would normally take. Does that mean I'm getting old? It might.

It might actually mean that. I'm turning into my grandmother. My grandmother, not Grammy Helen, my maternal grandmother, grandma Mary, she was notorious. She wanted to get to the airport four hours before you had to be there.

Don't ask me why. It just made her feel better. Now, when she got older, she got a little bit loosey goosey and it was only three hours that she had to be to the airport ahead of time.

Three hours. Oh my gosh, you can nearly pack a radio show into the amount of time that my grandmother would sit at the airport. She preferred it that way. So I will not be doing that, but maybe I'm a little more like my grandmother who was my heart.

She passed away the week after 9-11, but I had a very special relationship with her too. Maybe she's rubbing off on me. So yes, instead of taking the 6 p.m. train, I will be taking the 5 p.m. train. What's the difference, right? I've already told you I'm taking two books. I've got my laptop. If I have to, I'll camp out in the airport. Jay's already sure.

Now see, Jay is, he's being a little bit unfair. He is already laughing with me about the fact that I need three books just for the airport and he thinks it's highly amusing that I might have to spend the night in the airport, but then he says, oh, let's not speak that. Oh, okay, too late for that. No, no, it's not too late. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be fine. Just admit it.

Three books though, maybe. You are so happy that you're not the one flying on Memorial Day weekend. Yeah, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't want to fly this weekend. Right, right, well, I'll go ahead and bite the bullet for you. Well, here's the thing too, and I don't know how it's gonna go.

I just know that I need to be prepared for everything. As I told you on last night's show, if you were listening at the beginning, the town where my mother-in-law lives, where my husband is right now, got hit by a very nasty storm. In fact, they, they have video of a tornado. I saw it on Thursday morning. Wowsers. They are saying it's an EF-2, so it was an actual tornado.

An EF-2 with winds up to 120 miles per hour. He had a chance to drive around his town on Thursday. He was looking for gas for the generator, so they were able to restore power to one segment of town, but it's still more than half this town of Temple, Texas that's without power, and not only is there a ton of damage done, but right now it's hard to come by anything like gas for your generator or coffee. So I actually feel like I contributed to the marriage on Thursday, because I suggested to him, fire up the grill and warm a pot of coffee. Brew a pot of coffee that way. Great idea, he said. So that's what he ended up doing, because like me, the Hubs is unable to function fully and capably without coffee. So I feel like I did my wifely duty for the day on Thursday.

It's pretty brilliant. Since I can't be there to help, right? Anyway, so they don't have power still. He actually went out and found gas and did have dinner in the next town over with his son who's getting married, and mom was able to go too. So they had air condition for a little bit, but they are currently in a home where it's extremely humid, no air condition. He's got, get this, I told him this means he's a redneck, because he's jerry-rigged one generator to run on another generator.

So he can have a fan in the bedroom. Poor guy. He's like me.

We do not sleep well. You know my phrase, Jay. Huggy, no, wait, hold on.

I haven't said it yet this year, so I got to remember it. Muggy buggy, no huggy. That's it. As in don't get anywhere close to me. So right, so I'm feeling terrible for him.

They have no power. So here I am, and I'm just going to the wedding. I'm not the bride and groom, obviously. Right now they are trying to find something different for the reception food, because the place that's supposed to cater doesn't have power. And even though the wedding is until Saturday evening, they called the restaurant and the restaurant indicated they have no idea when they'll get power back or if they're going to be able to provide the food for 130 people. And so what they're thinking about doing is on Friday going to Sam's or Costco or something and seeing what they can do about food, which, you know, for me it was flowers. My flowers didn't show up till three days before the wedding.

It's always something, right? Yeah, and so now, and he had to go to, the groom had to go to a town over about 30 miles away to get his tie and vest because the place where he's supposed to get his rentals is without power and shut down. So yeah, thankfully the wedding venue is fine and it escaped any real damage, but right now they don't have food. They're kind of dealing with most of the family members who are part of the wedding and the rehearsal is coming up on Friday don't have power.

So the venue does, but most of the people who are part of the wedding do not have power. And so it's a, yeah, it's a little bit of a stressful situation. So I've been praying for them just to have peace and that the power would come back on or they'd find another plan. So yeah, that's what I'm flying into. And I said to my hubs, it's like, I guess I should make sure I'm showered right before I leave for the airport because right now they don't have hot water. He's planning on taking a cold shower on Friday morning. Oh my gosh. Right. His mom, apparently this is hardcore.

This is hardcore Texas. She took a cold bath on Thursday evening because it was really hot in the house and sticky. So she thought a cold bath will help her feel better and help her sleep. Now. I don't know how it went.

I just know that Bob said, mom took a cold bath and went to bed. Oh, would you, would you ever? No, no, I couldn't do that. I'd rather take a cold shower real quick, but the problem is I have long thick hair. I can't just hop in and hop out. I actually have to stand in the shower and freeze to death. The last time I took an ice bath and that's really what I liken this to.

The last time I took an ice bath, an ice bath was in college when I had to ice after a game or something. They're not something like people do voluntarily. Well, apparently my mother-in-law is far tougher than both of us. Wow.

Kind of impressive. Yeah. So I'm not doing that. I'm just going to take a bunch of extra body spray and perfume with me so that if we can't shower before the wedding, at least the wedding's outdoors. There's that, right? This is the way to ingratiate yourself to your brand new family. Smell, you know, not great at their first big family wedding.

That's not funny. Anyway, lots of prayers. I know that there are so many people in Texas and in other parts of the country, Iowa and parts of the Midwest, the upper Midwest, who have dealt with really terrible weather, severe weather, and has left a lot of people in some extreme cases out of their homes trying to find temporary places to live.

In other cases, you're without power. So I'm, I am thinking about you and just know that I can empathize because it has hit home this holiday weekend. 44 million Americans on the move this weekend. That's a lot of people on the roads, a lot of people on trains, a lot of people who will be taking to the airwaves.

Oh, I mean the airlines. That was on purpose. I don't know if I pulled it off. Jay, did you think that was a mistake? Oh, was this okay?

Did I manage to pull it off? Anyway, airwaves, airlines, whatever the case, if you're already on the road, if you're trying to get a head start, we are happy to keep you company. Thank you for taking us with you. I know that it's Memorial Day weekend and as much as we all enjoy the fact that it's a holiday and it's a longer weekend and people take vacations and, as I say, a lot of people on the move. When we're here on Sunday night and again on Monday night, I do want to make sure we take time to recognize the reason for the Monday off, that we take time to recognize those for whom Memorial Day is significant. And we will do that like we always do. We invite you as listeners to share a photo or the names of a family member or a loved one who served and who was lost in the line of duty that we'll remember on Memorial Day.

So we will do that. Jay and I will both be here on Sunday night and Monday night, so we will spend the holiday with you as much as you would like us to. And lots of people out of their regular routines, so we're always excited. Oh, I won't speak for Jay. I'm always excited to work holidays.

I'm excited. Just because we do tend to connect with a different audience. There's a lot of people that, you know, in the course of their typical routines may not hear us or hear us again, or maybe they've never heard of us at all. And so the holiday weekends and working holiday nights especially allows us to reach a different audience. Sometimes we have affiliates that we don't generally have. So we'll be looking forward to connecting with you, and we do want to hear from you.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, and you can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, and then on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I'll have to give you an update on the flowers because we had massive thunderstorms and hail, small hail for a short time come through my neighborhood. And now many of you have been following the peonies, the pink peonies.

Well, they were hammered pretty hard. But let's not start on a negative note. Let's start on a positive note. We're going into a weekend in which many of you will spend time with family and friends. It's also a big weekend for sports. You may remember those of you who are race fans certainly do. The Indy 500 is held on Memorial Day weekend, and this year you've also got a driver who will try to do the Coca-Cola 600 after completing the Indy 500. Hasn't happened in a few years, but we do have one driver that will try to go 1100 miles with travel from Indianapolis to Charlotte in between.

So that's a major feat. We'll track that of course when we get back on Sunday night. These are two iconic races, not just the Indy 500, but also the Coca-Cola 600, which is the longest on the NASCAR circuit. It's a big weekend for racing. I always look forward to it, especially when I know I'm working and not going to be out. Of course, the conference finals will continue in both hoops and hockey, and let's hope that we get more of what we got between the Oilers and the Stars on this Thursday night.

Amazing, right? As for football, the majority of teams will shut down for the weekend. I really hope none of these teams make their players or ask their players, because it's voluntary, ask their players to stick around through a holiday weekend. That seems unnecessary. In May, it seems unnecessary. In May, like predicting win totals.

In May, also unnecessary. So the football, we'll kind of do a bunch tonight just because there's so much out there. Dan Campbell. Dan Campbell. I don't even need to say more. I'll even have to tell you what he's talking about. It's just Dan Campbell. Also, Sean Payton has a new nickname for his quarterback room, and I'm not sure it's a compliment.

Also, it might be an insult to dogs. Let's see, what else? In the WNBA, there's an expansion team going north of the border. Our friends to the north. Wondering how you feel about that. And I'm not sure if you saw this, one of the most iconic broadcast teams in my lifetime.

In fact, in my memory, I'm not sure there's been one that's had as much chemistry, controversy, cohesion, but also prominence, and has made more headlines than this particular group, and they are on borrowed time now. So we'll explain. I want to throw out a show question too. Our phone number is 855-212-4227.

855-212-4227. On Twitter, our show Twitter is at Amy after hours. I'm still trying to remember that when it's not quite as comfortable coming out of my mind and out of my mouth. And then also on our Facebook page, always good to connect with you.

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Plus keep an eye on spending with real-time notifications. Join more than 6 million families building healthy financial habits together on Greenlight. Get your first month free at slash odyssey. That's slash odyssey. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on the Infinity Sports Network. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Jaylen against Obetop and steps back into a straightaway three.

Got it. Remember what happened when Golden State let Jaylen shoot open threes? 8.21 to go second quarter. Holliday lobs into Jaylen, catches in mid-air, pushes it off the window and in. Still waiting on the first patient points of his second quarter where he played nearly four minutes.

It's a 17-0 Boston run. Jaylen Brown, he's the one doing all the scoring. Left hand dribble, drive, attacks, gets to the rim and scores. Pump making the last second to keep it away from the shot blocker Isaiah Jackson. Jaylen has been brilliant.

He's got 21 in the first half. Kneesmith step back on Tatum, dribbles low, explodes the ball. Tatum knocks it away, has the steal. Tatum into the front court, floats it into Holliday, throws it back to the trailer. Jaylen Brown who lays it up and in. Great athletic play by Jaylen Brown to recover in mid-air off an unusual pass and create another shot. You want to keep Jaylen off the All-NBA team, be my guest.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Thanks for joining us. Happy almost Friday. Happy almost holiday weekend Friday.

I know many of you have reached out already and said you're on your way. Well the Celtics are now halfway to another NBA Finals appearance. Well on their way following game two and a career playoff high matching career playoff high tying 40 points from one Jaylen Brown. It was a significant run in the second quarter. Not that it won the game for the Celtics but 20 points in a row and in that run Jaylen had half of them and so he was aggressive. He was taking charge. He was scoring from all different sections of the court and playing defense as well. Really intense and business-like and determined that this game would be a different field than what they had on was it Tuesday? Tuesday when his three-pointer at the end of regulation helped the Celtics snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

So this was a stretch again. It did not doom the Pacers but it just makes it so much more difficult when you have to climb out of a hole like this. Indiana started the second quarter. Six full minutes without a point.

0 for 9 from the field. Four turnovers along the way watching the Celtics score 20 straight points. Now credit the Pacers.

They were able to rally even as Jaylen Brown was doing his thing. Pascal Siakam and in one stretch was matching him bucket for bucket. Here's Siakam for three.

Does he ever miss? A dead-on three. He's got 10 in the quarter. 26 in the game and it's a two-point Boston lead.

That's the Pacers radio network and before that of course the Celtics radio network Sean Grandy. They definitely pull within a couple but their hopes for a rally, their hopes for stealing game two were vastly diminished by the absence of their all-star point guard Tyrese Halliburton. Didn't really know when he got hurt. We just started to hear the reports that he wasn't going to return and so this was a tough one for Rick Carlisle. Left hamstring.

We'll know more tomorrow and then probably even more Saturday. He was sore at halftime. He was getting worked on through the entire halftime. Came out and you know gave it a shot and you know was given all the effort that he could but I haven't talked to him about it directly so I can't you know read minds but it wasn't it wasn't going well. So the trainers determined that you know he needed to go to the back and get worked on and he was ruled out.

Yeah that's tough and now he's a question mark moving forward. That's Rick Carlisle post game and didn't really give much of an update about what happens for game number three. Looking at the playoff schedule they do get to travel to Indianapolis but it's the same type of turnaround 48 hours between games two and three.

Of course you got the western conference finals game two coming up on Friday. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence while Jaylen Brown was pouring in a cool 40. Jason Tatum was struggling to start. He actually was two for nine from the floor and at one point I was listening to Sean Grandy and Cedric Maxwell because we'll have a guest from Boston join us here in a little bit. I wanted to hear the Boston perspective and and Maxwell Cedric actually said that Jason Tatum was serving as a decoy. One of the best players in the NBA serving as a decoy.

It's not as though he can't do anything else when he's scoring but the shots weren't dropping until midway through the third quarter. Backs it out of the wing starts his drive on McConnell gets in deep moves it back to Houser and his three no good again rebound Pritchard to flex into Tatum. Tatum stop and start blows by McDermott muscles it up and in scoring a foul and Jason Tatum flexes with the right bicep. Jaylen drives groups to the right hand and scores beating them hard to the rim Celtics had their largest lead up by 18. Jaylen steps to his right now takes a three no good offensive rebound Drew Holliday kick out open Tatum three good night.

Guys it's a show guys it's a look. Tatum finally knocks down a three and it gives the Celtics a 19 point lead. Jaylen Brown moving to his left McDermott slows him down shot locked out of three how fitting would this be for Jaylen to finish his perfect night with a three.

Man put the catch up on the french fries. And Jaylen drops 40 in game two. It's a blessing to step out on the floor each and every night I don't take that for granted um so I keep that in perspective regardless of you know what's being said or whatever the narrative or the discourse is around me I just come out and try to add value on both sides of the floor and I feel like you know after when it comes to that there's not a lot of people better in this league so I just come out and take it one game at a time and right now we uh we got two home games and we looking for the next one. Just making the right play uh poise patience discipline uh you know the proper actions getting the right spacing and just picking and choosing the spots really well whether it was in transition or in the half court so it just continues to get better and better. Takes a lot of pride in his ability to impact the game in different ways and I thought he did that tonight.

Joe Mazzulla, Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum there's a lot of J's uh in fact I heard Mike Breen call them the J's I think on the broadcast on Thursday evening so yes this is why I wasn't Jay today. Jay today this is oh that was pretty good actually this is one in which the Celtics and their fans did not have to sweat it out at the end but with the Pacers being one of the highest scoring teams in the league and their ability to come back I know that confidence is eroded a bit is eroded a bit or dampened a bit by not having Halliburton still though they're an accomplished team and you can't give them an opening to be able to shock you. Now for Siakam um you know he obviously was able to carry them for quite a while he had 28 points only missed four shots all night but said they were still missing something something. Not everything wasn't what it was supposed to be and um yeah like I mean they had more rebounds like everything like you know so they just played better than us like and um yeah we gotta look ourselves in the mirror and and move move on and and um think about it the next game. The Celtics were able to get both games at home in this series not something that they've done uh all the way through now so maybe there's some relief in that I actually wonder if they're having fun they're very business-like the crowd gets fired up um but when Noah Dalzell joins us uh from Boston actually she's writing so we'll get her when she has a break from the Garden um I gotta ask her whether or not they're having fun because they're very professional they've got high expectations there isn't a team in sports right now that has more pressure than this team these Celtics because of the fact that they lost in the the NBA Finals in 22 with all that promise the way that they were they were beaten to a pulp and embarrassed by the Miami Heat last year and that's before they got to game seven uh there's such high expectations they had the best record in the NBA for most of the season they pace the field or lap the field I should say in the Eastern Conference and so I wonder if they have the joy or if it's just heavy expectations at least though for the Celtics they're not going into Indianapolis without still having that home court advantage winning is hard winning the playoffs is is as tough as it never goes I guess how you expect it to uh you know each game is is different in its own right uh it did feel good to finally win a game too especially at home so uh but we understand that New York was up 2-0 and ended up losing that series so uh you know far from relaxed but uh you know you take a win whenever you get it that's Jason Tatum and after starting two for nine uh was able to finish with 23 so much better second half shooting wise remember he had said after game one it's a good thing that we won this game because I would I would have been more upset I didn't shoot well I don't think I played well high expectations for this team and when you meet those expectations when you mentally and physically stare down the pressure and every other challenge that you'll face along the way obviously the relief and the release makes the championship and and reaching the pinnacle of the mountain uh so much sweeter but in their case because they've had some high profile failures they've had some high profile disappointments it seems a little different under that microscope so again we'll ask Noah when she joins us taking a break from her writing at the garden these guys work really hard these are reporters and insiders also coming up we'll talk about that opener of the western conference finals in hockey already those two words that some of you say are better than a game seven remember I asked you last week I think it was last week better phrase in sports than a game seven some of you responded with sudden death all right all right I'll give you that they're 1a and 1b and we got that to open the west finals but straight ahead a monumental day for college athletes if you haven't heard this we'll explain you are listening to the after up imagine the softest 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most iconic family on television the all-new season of the kardashians is now streaming on hulu where's podcast i'm gonna address the portal in il what i kind of call disaster that we're in and i'm not complaining about it because we take advantage obviously of free agency but at the same time i don't think that's really good for college football these massive overhauls rosters every year really is not in the best interest of college football this is after hours with amy lawrence lane kiffin echoes the sentiments of a lot of coaches including some hall of famers who are now retired nil pay to play and for for years for a couple years now i've been saying it's a thinly veiled formula for pay to play there's no way to distinguish between nil and pay to play and i don't in any way oppose the athletes making some money on endorsements we've seen how popular some of these athletes can get and if local businesses or even national companies and partners want to use a college player's name image or likeness the player should benefit however i think we're all pretty comfortable in seeing how this has turned into a way to pay to pay athletes without technically running a muck or a foul of the rules but those rules drastically changed in a court ruling on thursday it's after hours with amy lawrence you can find me on twitter a law radio this has been brewing for a while but now we've got an actual framework between the ncaa and the power five conferences weirdly enough it's still the power five even though the pac-12 is no longer a power conference but that's a story for another day it's convoluted and complicated as you can imagine but the ncaa and the power five conferences have agreed to allow their member schools to directly pay players for the first time in the history of college sports again i think we're all comfortably assuming or comfortably believing now without a whole lot of resistance that many of these boosters or schools are luring the best athletes with the promise of paying them and while it can be under the heading of nil it's still paying them to come play football baseball basketball softball whatever it is i mean i was i'm i was so blown away i guess i'm naive when i heard college football insider josh pate tell me last year that the going rate for a quarterback a top flight quarterback in college is seven to eight million dollars that's what the schools have to come up with to lure a top flight quarterback and maybe not every high school cubie or every high school phenom chooses based on money but what is the popular phrase about pro athletes it's always about the money in many case it is just about the money and so yeah you're talking about now taking it from okay we'll pretend like it's nil or we'll pretend like it's nil or we'll figure out some way to make the nil rules applied to the payments to just flat out paying teams by by putting teams together in which athletes can make money directly you're paying to put the best team on the court the field the ice and while maybe it was going this way and a lot of you agree with it i still believe it's stunning so i'd love to hear from you on twitter or facebook and our phone number is eight five five two one two four two two seven so you've got the ncaa and the leagues and they've come up with this multi-billion dollar agreement that will accomplish several purposes for them number one it will settle three pending antitrust cases now it's not every challenge for the ncaa but it reminds me a little bit of the pga and liv right there were some court cases that were outstanding that the pga didn't want to deal with that they didn't want to drag out in court it was going to cost money and it was going to make a mess a bigger mess and so what do they do they agree to a merger with liv that i still believe is a sham in order to get those lawsuits tossed well this is similar in that respect as part of the agreement the ncaa is saying these other cases they've got to be settled they've got to be gone the ncaa for its part has agreed to pay more than 2.7 billion dollars in damages that's what it's being called over 10 years to past and current athletes who should have been eligible for money based on the schools using their names image and likeness so it's almost like you're using nil retroactive to athletes as far back as 2016 how about that all d1 athletes dating back to 2016 are eligible to receive part of this settlement and again there's some legal stuff in there some of these cases are thrown out these athletes agree not to sue for more money but that's not the only thing that's part of it but this extra 2.7 well the 2.7 billion dollars is to kind of retroactively pay but now you also have them agreeing moving forward that athletes should be paid just by virtue of their participation and don't necessarily have to earn it quote unquote based on nil it's a revenue sharing plan man that sounds a lot like pro sports doesn't it paying your athletes sounds a lot like pro sports doesn't it the thing is college football at the power five schools they make billions of dollars when these schools get to the college football playoff you want to know why it's expanding because there's more money in it when these schools get to the college football playoff their athletic departments they make bank they make so much money we've had this conversation about pro sports owners and pro teams for years if the owners are making money hand over fist because of the success of the athletes that they employ would you rather have the athletes getting a bigger piece of the pie bigger piece of the pie i mean that's what collective bargaining agreements are all about somehow giving the athletes more of the money more of that revenue well now that same idea is filtering down to the ncaa it's a revenue sharing plan among these power five schools and remember the big 10 has just expanded the sec is expanding again i know the pac-12 is diminished but at some point they're going to add schools back so each school in these power five conferences are you ready will share up to roughly 20 million dollars per year with the athletes again so you've got a retroactive payment for all d1 athletes going back now eight seasons eight years that includes covet by the way which is interesting because so many of the sports were cancelled i wonder if athletes who were on rosters in 2020 will also be making money despite the fact that there were not a lot of games for a good stretch there so all d1 athletes dating back to 2016 will receive a share of the settlement and then this revenue sharing plan begins i think i heard or i saw 2025 and they're going to implement it obviously but each school we're not talking about each conference each school will have 20 million dollars to share among its d1 athletes now it's a complicated process and a complicated formula that will be required this part is fascinating to me maybe because i'm a nerd and my mom is a math teacher a series of formulas will be used when the ncaa employs a sports economist wow there are programs out there being devised as we speak colleges and universities adding sports economy programs because it's big business a sports economy economist excuse me will be used to find formulas that can divvy up the money because going back to 2016 there are more than 10,000 former athletes current athletes so from 2016 to now more than 10,000 young people and theoretically you wouldn't pay your star quarterback the same amount of money as you would pay your ninth offensive lineman you wouldn't pay kaitlyn clark and i'm just using her as an example because she played a ton of minutes you wouldn't pay kaitlyn clark the same amount of money as you would pay i would pay kaitlyn clark because you wouldn't pay kaitlyn clark because i was 13th member of its roster it doesn't mean those athletes aren't important or they don't do the same work but i i'm sure that's part of it if you're going to pay them to play well then minutes probably has something to do with it it's a slippery slope though because don't you got to assume that everyone has the same right to gain the same amount of money while they were there like if you were the ninth lineman or whatever what have you made an amazing play in one game in one game and became got viral you know and then your name blew up it's always this is about playing it's not about the the nil is still a completely different thing so i'm assuming that athletes will not only get paid to play but nil will also still apply for those who like kaitlyn clark or like angel reese or like gosh i mean think of brawny james like these athletes who still are popular enough that they can partner with corporate sponsors corporate sponsors want to pay them but that's in addition to them getting paid just to be on rosters right so i i there's probably two pieces to this okay so revenue sharing is one part of it and then the other part of it is going back with formulas math formulas how nerdy i love that part uh with a sports economist i wonder who that person will be do you think we'll get to know his name or her name no i don't dang too bad that'd be a great interview i'm probably the only person who would think that'd be a really interesting interview why do i not feel like jerry palm should be eligible for that job i think he should be yeah he absolutely should be i want to put it out there in the twitterverse and see what kind of traction we can gain for jerry anyway sports economist they're gonna hire one or two or a team or a hundred and they'll figure out how to split this money among 10,000 plus current and former athletes so yeah there's a lot of moving parts here but this agreement opens the door with the ncaa for athletes to get paid essentially essentially and when you talk about revenue sharing and you talk about endorsements to me it sounds just like pro sports it's i don't want to say it's stunning in that it came out of nowhere so it's not the shock value it's just the wow man that changed quickly once they started down that slope and you can decide whether or not you think it's slippery or deserved or not deserved but whether once they started down that slope with nil and the endorsements and then it became hey this is how you bid for athletes to come to your schools through the transfer portal it was only a matter of time before it was flat out pay for play it's a lot of money that athletes stand to make now it's after hours with amy lawrence dive into the start of summer at whole foods market check out their summer splash event with sales on fresh organic produce organic strawberries and a fan favorite sale on bit and jerry's and talenti explore deals on grill friendly meats like organic air-chilled chicken breast beef and chicken kebabs all with no antibiotics ever from our meat department plus grab easy sides from prepared foods and cool off with refreshing drinks kick off your summer and 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