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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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May 24, 2024 5:50 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 24, 2024 5:50 am

Boston Celtics insider Noa Dalzell joins the show | Time to say goodbye to one of America's favorite sports shows | Bill Belichick set to join the Monday Night Mannings.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
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It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. The playoffs continue the Final Four in hoops and hockey, and it was Eastern Conference in the spotlight on Thursday. Friday is back to Mavericks and Timberwolves, and we'll preview that game. Apparently it was quite a rough film session for Chris Finch and the Timberwolves following game number one when Anthony Edwards informed us that he was exhausted and that they were tired as a team. On Twitter, A Law Radio, what's your reaction to athletes getting paid? College athletes are about to get paid a lot of money with a complicated series of formulas from an economist employed by the NCAA and the power five schools. These are monumental landmark decisions in court that will reshape the landscape in a drastic way for college athletes. For those of you who have students in high school who are good at sports or thinking about playing sports in college, this completely changes the options. There are a lot of college scholarships out there available for athletes, women especially when it comes to sports like golf. There are so many college scholarships available in sports and now it will come with a salary of sorts. Man, that changes everything. So we talk more about it, of course.

I'd love to hear from you on Twitter and Facebook and then our phone number 855-212-4227. But the guys who've been getting paid to play for quite a while, they were in the spotlight in Boston. Game two between the Pacers and the Celtics and Jalen Brown takes over. Okay, the middle of the front court, floats it into Holliday, throws it back to the trailer, Jalen Brown, who lays it up and in. Great athletic play by Jalen Brown to recover in mid-air off an unusual pass and create another shot. You want to keep Jalen off the all NBA team?

Be my guest. Jalen drives, scoops to the right hand and scores, beating them hard to the rim. Celtics have their largest lead up by 18. Shot clock down to three. How fitting would this be for Jalen to finish his perfect night with a three.

Man, put the catch up on the french fries. And Jalen drops 40 in game two. Matching his career playoff high and you hear Sean Grandy along with Cedric Maxwell refer to the all NBA team. Jalen Brown was not a part of it, so what does he think about being left off of that prestigious roster?

We took games from the finals so you know honestly I don't got the time to give a ****. All right, how about we ask your coach then, Joe Mazzola, how has Jalen handled being left off that roster? I think he cares about it in a way that motivates him and I think he doesn't really care about it at all because he understands that winning is the most important thing. He has a growth mindset and wants to get better. I really enjoy coaching him and really watching him work. We didn't talk about that today you know during shoot around we just focused on winning the game tonight.

You know we all felt like internally that he should have you know made one all NBA teams so it was a shame to see that that he didn't. Jason Tatum, Joe Mazzola, maybe not quite as salty as Jalen Brown and honestly I don't think Jalen cares. I believe what his teammate and his coach are saying but I think just the idea that he has to answer the question hey we're two games away from getting back to the NBA finals that's where my focus is. We're pleased to welcome Noah Dalzell who covers the Celtics for the SB Nation group of blogs.

Celtics blog is where you can find her work. Let's talk about the differences between game one and game two Noah because the game one required overtime and the Pacers speaking of game they were ready for anything that the Celtics threw at them so what was the biggest difference in game two? The defensive intensity was a lot better tonight. There was a 20-0 run there. It was kind of a quiet 20-0 run. I almost didn't even notice it until we looked up and realized that the Pacers just hadn't scored for a large stretch of time so I think that made a huge difference and then Jalen Brown was just instrumental in this game. 25 points in the first half, 40 overall on the night.

Probably could have had more but it kind of kept making the right path. I thought he had a huge part of this win and just making sure that this wasn't another crunch time win where they would need his heroic. He really put the game away for them. Instead of having the big three at the end of the game in the final few seconds of regulation he just hit big shot after big shot. For a while there it seemed like it could be a duel between he and Pascal Siakam. Yeah if it wasn't for Siakam this would have been a blowout because there was a point there where the Celtics were starting to run away with it and we've seen the Celtics team blow out so many teams this year that it's such a familiar feeling to be sitting in the garden and realize you're actually not going to watch a meaningful fourth quarter and then Siakam just couldn't miss. I mean he was 13 for 17 tonight. I thought the fact that the Celtics were able to kind of get past his performance with relative ease was a good sign but for the Pacers he was instrumental. I mean without him tonight this would have been a completely different ball game and then obviously Tyrese Halliburton going down that changed everything for them and that's really the big question moving forward but it certainly was a little bit of back and forth between Jalen and Siakam and it was funny because he hit the first three-pointer of the night and the crowd went wild and it just felt like a continuation of the three-pointer from the other night like just kind of one clean motion I guess. What did we find out about Halliburton after the game?

Not much. I saw from other reporters that he was kind of limping onto the team bus so obviously that's not a great sign but I mean this is the same hamstring that he hurt against Boston earlier this year and it really really impacted him and it's not just that he missed time for it but also when he was back he just wasn't the same player. Hopefully for Indiana hopefully just for basketball and for him that he's able to come back but I also wouldn't be shocked if he did end up missing some time just based off the fact this has been an injury that has has really impacted him in the past and hamstrings are just tough in general. Jason Tatum finally locked in there in the third quarter.

What did he have to say about his performance? Yeah you know I think Tatum has struggled from the three-point line this entire postseason. They were around 30 percent for a while.

They're even below that and that's continued. He was one for seven from three tonight. He didn't stand out the way that the guard play really stood out that Jalen really stood out. Even Peyton Pritchard or Shaper Setbo stood out but he's been able to find ways to impact the game even when the three-point shot is not following. That's been such a hallmark of his play this postseason and really this entire year. Even when he's not shooting well he does everything else well and so he's able to kind of make up for that. I think when he's you know if he's able to get out of his funk and start hitting threes at a high clip we're going to be seeing him play at like an MVP level. That's just been where he's really struggled but he finds a way to get involved and next thing you know you look up and he has 25 points, six assists, five rebounds. Like he has these stat lines even when it feels like he's really struggling. We're excited to spend a few minutes with Noah Dalzell, an NBA writer covering the Celtics for SB Nation, the Celtics blog.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. A lot less tension but what was the atmosphere like inside the garden knowing how well the Pacers can't shoot and how often they're able to pull themselves back into games? This is an awesome atmosphere. I would say both of these games felt a lot more like playoff games than earlier in the year, earlier in this postseason. The one thing I will say and I get it because I've been around Boston, I grew up in Boston, I've been here my whole life, is that there's an anxiety to the fan base and you feel it. That the Celtics are doing well, they're on a run, they're on a roll, this place is going wild, it could not be louder. Then things go wrong for a couple of minutes and the place is like, here we go again, we're not going to win the championship. You could feel that anxiety in the building and I don't think other fan bases are like that because they haven't come so close to success so many years in a row. There's some teams, this is their first time in the conference finals for a long time now.

Other teams, they're just happy to be here I guess. So you do definitely feel that anxiety. I notice that every game in the playoffs where all of a sudden the Celtics are down by two or even they're still up by two and suddenly there's kind of this hush around the arena and I think that's part of why the Celtics haven't been, you know, spectacular at home because sometimes the crowd kind of gets into a funk when the Celtics get into a funk and it becomes this kind of revolving thing. So this is exacerbated by the last few years, not just the NBA Finals loss to the Warriors but of course last year against the Heat.

Exactly, yeah. I think, you know, 2022 everybody, I mean game seven I was here before, I actually wasn't covering the team then, but I was here with the most electric atmosphere you could possibly imagine. 12 minutes later it's like somber, right? And so I think sometimes the fan base needs to be a little bit more resilient to keep the team in it but obviously, you know, easy to say. I think people are anxious and want to see this team get over the hump. I would imagine in the finals there's going to be an even higher level of intensity and excitement just because everybody's kind of like we need to get to the finals, the Eastern Conference, there's a cakewalk.

I don't think it's true but I think the fans feel this way a little bit that, you know, everything to get there is just kind of hurdles to overcome that are just kind of like going through the motions. Obviously the Celtics themselves cannot feel that way or else they won't get there but I think that's sometimes reflected in the crowd being a little bit more inconsistent. Jalen has obviously had some high profile failures, some high profile games in which the Celtics had opportunities, both he and Jason. He wears them hard and when you look at the guy that we saw a year ago in the playoffs, criticized so royally to the player he is today, how has he how has he changed? I don't want to harp on the All-NBA thing because I think it's not the most important storyline right now but last year he was on the All-NBA team, this year he's not. He's absolutely playing the best basketball of his career right now so it's kind of remarkable that that wasn't reflected in those awards but we're seeing a guy who is most of the time picking up the opposing team's best player who's improved tremendously defensively and then offensively he's always been extremely talented, you know, that's never been a question. There's still points of weakness in his games like the free throws have been a little bit of a struggle but you're seeing him process the game at such a better and faster pace than he used to that he's pretty much always making the right play. I mean either he's pulling up for a mid-range which is right in his bread and butter and he's pretty unstoppable there or you know even tonight when he had it going there was you know a play in the third quarter that really struck me he had two back-to-back midway jumpers probably could have got into that exact same spot three more times and instead he drove kicked it out to Derek White got him going and that's been a kind of a constant theme all year that not only it's getting points but he's not forcing things and I think that's not because he used to be selfish I think he's just become a lot better at reading the game and we see and I noticed that every shoot around every practice he's the last person on the court he's working with six or seven assistant coaches and they're not just practicing like getting up your shots they're actually practicing him making reads in different offensive you know situations and Joe Mazzola brought that up today in the post game it was the first time he's actually commented on that phenomenon that we've been watching as reporters that Jalen goes out of his way to do that to improve his ability to make reads and I think that's why he's had so much success on the court offensively this year. Noah Dalzell is with us from the Garden after the Celtics close out the Pacers after hours with Amy Lawrence. So Noah when the Celtics run into an opponent that gives them some trouble what are the potential weaknesses? We're looking at two opponents right now right Minnesota and we're looking at potentially Dallas and to me the thing with Minnesota is the defense. Minnesota has had the best defense in the league all year and when they faced off in Minneapolis and they lost I think there was this question around like they're getting out of their offensive where the Minnesotans have so much talent on their you know on their team that they really should be able to overcome good defense and sometimes they just get a little bit stagnant they go to iso ball and they sort of hunt mismatches and stop kind of moving and playing as a team and looking for one another and looking at the fact that they usually have five guys in the court that can shoot three-pointers and so to me it's all about not getting bogged down offensively because their offense fuels their defense and I think that's one of the things that I didn't really realize at the beginning of the season and we've kind of been studying and watching this when their offense starts to go down their defense starts to go down because it's all transition and it becomes this kind of self-fulfilling thing and so the key is to not get bogged down offensively for them and I think Minnesota is going to pose a challenge just because I just watched them shut out Denver for a series right or at least multiple games in that series and that was an offense that seemed pretty impossible to shut down that's where they're going to have to stay stay solid and not drive to the lane and force things or you know Tatum and Brown they have so much talent they usually have an advantage over whoever's guarding them right so it can be easy to not make the pass or find Derek White in the corner or find Drew Holliday or start to feel like I you know we're panicking we're starting we have to you know get something quick right now that's what we saw in Miami last year at points against that zone the other thing that I think is a little bit of a question mark is just Porzingis and if he's going to be ready to go and um how he's going to be able to contribute because you don't want a guy who's not a hundred percent or is not in a good rhythm on the court either but obviously he's been instrumental and important to what they've done this year well you read my mind I was going there next Brad Stevens made this move and sacrificed Marcus Smart a guy who was really the heart and soul of their defense and their team and had been there for so long to get Kristaps Porzingis to add a little height right to add a little uh a bulk inside the lane and now he's not available so what's the latest we haven't heard much every time we ask about it on the beat you know normally we're told you know no update not sure how he's doing by Joe Mazzola um so I think the woes latest was that he said that he's eyeing a game four return which would put him in on Monday um and obviously that would be great because to me the biggest thing is not coming back the series I don't think the public will lose the series without him and I feel even stronger about that take now when they're up 2-0 but it's just you don't want his first game back to the game one of the finals against Minnesota for example going against their really tall front court and physical and you know an effective front court I would probably guess game four is right or somewhere around that but also this is an injury that you have to be really careful with the sole of strain there's risk for an Achilles pair you know you want to make sure he's able to be really agile and kind of at his best and so we've seen him shoot around a little bit do a little bit of defensive drills in Cleveland um I I bet when we're on the road in Indianapolis we'll see a little bit more I feel like the road shoot around you get a little bit more access and visibility um and he looks pretty good he definitely looks better than he's a couple weeks ago but you know the difference between that and actually gameplay and NBA finals gameplay is significant and I just I don't know that we know exactly where he's at. Noah Dalzell is with us from Boston following game number two Drew Holliday's a guy who has championship experience what does he bring to the locker room? Drew Holliday's been instrumental he has given them a sense of calm and kind of this veteran presence uh that was really needed and also he has won a championship right and if I went back before the season and looked at all the last previous championship winners and there's just been a couple of examples over the last 25 years where a team was able to win a championship without someone on the roster that had already won and so it's really unusual and then the Celtics went ahead and added Sam Cassell who obviously is one of the player and then Drew Holliday who obviously one of the player as well and I think that their perspective it's not that they bring it up all the time but I think it's been really valuable to know that someone here has done this and someone here has been in this position these last few games he's just been incredible offensively defensively assist you know hitting the open three and I think he missed one shot tonight he was huge on offense and then obviously defensively I mean I think sometimes people are a little bit underrating him because the advanced analytics on his defense aren't as high as some of the other guard defenders in the league but every time you ask the player who do you hate guarding you they always say Drew Holliday Kyrie Talbert just the other night said he's the best defender in the league so that's what happened to me tonight just really what this team needed and if they are able to get it done this year I think a lot of the credit will go to him and that acquisition are they having fun Noah because it seems like they're so locked in and they're so business-like and professional which is huge of course they've got a major task in front of them sometimes I'm not sure they're having fun yeah I think they are and I think some of the business piece of it all is a little bit more like to the media because they you know they've been here before they've done this lots of times they're not going to be goofy like OKC or you know they also don't do joint pressers which I think is a little bit of a a little bit of a loss as far as just like being able to put their camaraderie on display the way that so many other like duos across the league have done I always watch like the bench reactions I have a really good seat to be able to watch everybody on the bench and I'm always yeah and I think everybody's always kind of laughing cheering each other on I don't think there's been any conflict or egos on this team everybody's really committed to winning a championship but I do think that there's a little bit of a downside to a season where the whole year you're thinking about winning a championship versus a team like Indiana that is like winning the first round was huge that was a huge milestone right winning the second round was huge you're able to really celebrate each of those steps I don't think they really are celebrating each of those steps the way that other teams are and part of that comes from the media and expectations around them I mean I think they're not going to get any credit for any of this until they win a championship and they feel that and I think it does have an impact but just as a unit and as a group I think they have a lot of fun well it's certainly fun to win and they are up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals great to connect with Noah who's still at the Garden working on her stories and her material for tonight so make sure you find her on Twitter at Noah Dalzell NBA for SB Nation Celtic's blog it was good to connect with you I hope we can do it again Noah thank you absolutely thanks for having me always enjoy it when we can connect with a new guest that we've never had on the show before and Noah is another one of those it feels like the industry is shrinking a lot of the times because you hear every day almost about another news outlet that's shutting down or a website that didn't make it or people who are losing their jobs and I mean long time iconic names in the broadcast industry like my friend Ed Werder he and ESPN parted ways after 26 years I believe he was a colleague of mine for a long time he's very supportive of young broadcasters he does his job the right way with ethics and values and of course professionalism and objectivity and it's not just him it's another day another broadcaster who's losing his or her job and yet we still manage to connect with new people all the time which is cool now into our 12th year here on the show and we've got first-timers I would say at least several times a month always good to get perspectives from around the country I think that keeps our show fresh and relevant for a national audience something I'm definitely committed to now speaking of changes in the broadcast industry did you hear what's happening to one of your favorite NBA pre and post game shows and I'm not being facetious I'm not exaggerating no it is one of the most popular sports shows on the planet well Charles Barkley because he's on it 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podcast get him kidded hey hey i'm waiting on you big fella i'm waiting okay okay this is after hours with amy lawrence man one of my all-time favorite inside the nba moments this tv show that we've come to associate with the nba and we've come to expect cutting edge and humor and debate but also the calm and the poise of long-time broadcasters and ernie johnson specifically the way that he manages these crazy personalities and large egos and debates and perspectives it not only is it fun but it's insightful and you also have guys who are not afraid to say what they think and so it does move the needles in that respect as well but we now know that inside the nba on tnt with ernie and kenny and shack and charles sir charles will end next season because it's a different group of companies taking over the tv rights to the association and this has kind of been thrown out there talked about debated was it worth it to tnt to spend the money the the broadcast rights for nfl nba i don't know about nhl college football there's skyrocketing even march madness a few years ago cbs had to pay through the nose to keep those broadcast rights and so with the tnt loss what about the show well now we find out that it will run for one more season and that's the end of it which is a bummer caught kind of in the crossfire or caught in these negotiations for billions and billions and billions of dollars not because they haven't done their job well not because they aren't good at what they do and people don't love the show that's not it nah just victims of a rights deal changing hands it's a little bit like the employees of a team that moves i mean how often do we hear when a team is purchased by a new owner and they move them to a different city a lot of the employees just carte blanche get wiped out they lose their jobs it's not because they haven't done their jobs well it's because there's a new boss in town and that's the case for the nba and its broadcasting rights now it's not a done deal yet there's lots of reports and lots of speculation it should be done sometime very soon but the formal written contracts with disney nbc and amazon are now in their final stages okay so they are negotiating that's according to the sports business journal which means that inside the nba on tnt will be no more but it's been on the air since 1989 it's known for goofy laughs and crazy moments and entertaining it's known for charm i think depending upon who you like people take sides i mean they really do have a unique quality and a unique sound and style and that's i think what makes it stand out in a very crowded field charles barkley was a guest on the dan patrick show on thursday and yeah he's pretty down about the end of their broadcast uh morale sucks plain and simple you know i just feel so bad for the people i work with dan you know you know these people have families and i just really feel bad for them right now you know these people i work with they screwed this thing up clearly and uh we don't have zero idea what's gonna happen i don't feel good i'm not gonna lie especially when they came out yesterday and said we bought college football i was like well damn they could have used that money to buy the nba so charles is referring to tnt jumping into the college football market and it is lucrative if you get the right games but it's not going to be produced in house if you will they're actually going to carry games that are produced by other companies which i think is interesting we're talking about a lot of money though um the okay so here's some of the numbers again according to the sports business journal the networks that i just mentioned all have to fork over a ton of money and this is for the nba media rights now espn is still is already a rights holder they're already part of the current package they'll pay around 2.8 billion dollars for their piece of that nba coverage pie nbc 2.6 billion dollars and then amazon 1.8 to 2 billion dollars and apparently amazon is in line to broadcast the in-season tournament this weird wrinkle that's supposed to be a lot more like soccer in-season tournament the play-in tournament the first round playoff games the wnba and international rights amazon will have at least some of those games and so if you're and here's the crazy thing is we know that nba tv rights have plummeted they're down so drastically a lot like golf on tv for heaven's sakes and we've heard adam silver talk about how we know that young people these days are not watching games they're watching highlight packages on youtube they're going to social media to tik tok that's how they get their nba product and that's how they get their nba fix but they're not watching actual games and yet you've got these three companies who are forking over more than two million dollars each so that they can have these nba rights and warner brothers who owns tnt tnt sports they can't match according to the reports right now they're paying only ready 1.2 billion dollars for their current deal which is about to expire so you're talking about other than amazon nbc espn will pay double what tnt is paying and amazon will be paying even more amazon a streaming service will be paying even more than tnt now as is the case for many media companies including ours warner brothers is in debt 40 billion dollars in debt and so right now they just don't have the ability to match and they've they've got some other problems that they have to to deal with and so the reports have come out 24 25 officially the last for ernie kenny charles and shack and yeah charles is still pretty upset about the fact that college football is taking their place we've never had college football that never been involved with college football and i'm like wait a minute shouldn't we be spending every dime we got to keep the nba so morale sucks now the the option would be for another network to hire them all right and to bring them over and recreate the show somewhere else could they do that now could they do that could they just go as a group as a unit and it was not quite the same but when the money night football gig was available it was offered to joe buck troy aikman aaron andrews remember they were on fox doing the game of the week and doing the highest profile games and they were offered jobs now to my understanding it was individual but joe and troy wanted to remain together as a team aaron chose to stay with fox even though it was you know it was hard for her she said to not make that jump with these uh these guys that she'd worked with for so many years but could that be a possibility for this group on the inside the nba set i'm sure not everyone's broken up about it because there are some people that don't like them but i don't think it's the majority of fans it's a really popular show and barkley has his own idea about the has his own idea about how they can keep the group together i've talked to the guys about everybody signing with my production company because i have my own production company and uh i want to i i would love to do that if if we lose it but i have definitely had actually somebody suggested that to me to be honest with you on the internet so why don't charles barkley sign these three guys four guys total this his production company and sell it i'm like that's a great idea yeah but like i say you know we're just sitting back waiting on these people to figure out what they're gonna do honestly i feel like that show with all of its clout and and name and face and just pop culture recognition they could easily do a streaming show of their own now i don't know if it's worth it who would pay them right somebody would have to pay them to do the show i don't think they would do it out of the goodness of their hearts but maybe anyway they they they should have options you would think there would be a company out there that would offer them but it's unfortunate um and i don't necessarily agree with the phrase that all good things must come to an end but it certainly does feel that way in broadcasting and so the question that jay and i were talking about before the shows how many of these types of shows when they end they leave a void like how many of these types of either pre and post shows or maybe it's a particular broadcast team when you don't have them anymore or when they take a hiatus which ones do you actually miss now i'm determined in 2024 to get back to money night mannings i did not watch even one of their broadcasts last year it was more personal than it was them i really wanted to but now knowing that bill belicheck will be a part of it every single week but also just the in general just the rapport between payton and eli and the format of the show that i really love i did actually miss it last year i just i didn't have the ability to watch it so i might go money night mannings when those guys are on i do watch my football aaron rogers would definitely go money night mannings is there a broadcast team or a broadcast show like a tv radio i guess it could be internet uh show about a particular sport that you would miss if it was gone or that when it was gone you actually did really miss it love to hear from you on twitter a law radio and then also on our facebook page and no this is not your opportunity or your invitation to trash joe buck every time i ask about broadcasters of any sort it doesn't matter if it has nothing to do with football or baseball people take the chance to trash joe buck i think he's terrific at what he does myself he is he's just been around for so long and for some reason he becomes the poster for everybody going after whatever fan base and everybody seems to think that he did have a little bit of a lull there that even he admitted where he maybe got a little monotone in some of his and then realized that you know he almost kind of looked back and was like yeah i need to get a little bit more back into the energy of the fun of this and i mean he's as good as he's ever been right now so the idea that um a lot of people for some reason get on him i don't know why maybe it's just the idea that he did world series he did the super bowl it was almost like any big game he's on your tv yeah maybe that's why didn't he do a golf too for oh at one point where they had they had the golf rights was it yeah it didn't go well it wasn't us open was it i don't remember but that did not go well for fox it didn't it just didn't go well have you ever watched eastbound and down the hbo show i haven't i know it but i never saw he's on the show a couple times he's absolutely hilarious and that show is an actor he's really funny if you find him on social media he is sarcastic as heck and he's really funny uh again which could be some of the things that rubs sometimes people the wrong way because he is he is tongue in cheek and he's sarcastic and sometimes it's you know a little where it's like all right joe take it easy and just do the game i get it but that's part of his personality but when it comes to the game itself if you don't have the big game feel when you hear joe buck and troy eichmann i don't know what to tell you right because that's that's a big game feel and there's some crews and it's not against them maybe it's because they're not part of our lives enough we haven't heard them enough it doesn't feel like a big game back in the day you heard john madden and pat summerall you know it's a big game i don't care what's going on it's a big game buck and eichmann have that feel and that's a lot of credit it goes to him is it terrible that i don't remember summer all and madden oh that's it's that's just a shame it was before i was watching it's just a shame that was i mean again it was there was nothing just to hear pat summerall start the thing you'd most like you got the chills you don't know who's playing doesn't matter you got the chills because it was this was the game this was the game to watch today now i feel the same way about kevin harland i think he's brilliant i think when you hear kevin harland you know you've got the best of the best on the broadcast uh we were privileged to have had him here on the show multiple times um and you know he's been through different iterations but i wonder what he does because he's with tnt you've got he and is it who does it is it joe no joe davis is baseball who it's brian anderson right who does the other tnt games yes with reggie miller i think yeah right and so you well kevin works with reggie oh so bring brian answers with stan van gundy i'm sorry so you have yeah just some really good broadcasters but kevin's one of my favorites and we know that he alternates among college basketball he does football obviously not just on tv but also on radio monday night football he's been doing tnt games for years so i wonder now what happens with him because i think he's amazing i don't know and everybody's contract is a little different but i mean like he also does when he does football he does it for a different network so is he allowed to you know float in and out i mean i don't i don't know everybody's got a little bit of a different feel some guys are are connected to their network and some of them are connected to whatever the sport it is in their network and they can float around so i i don't know what his situation is uh i don't i mean there's a lot of guys that are in that spot and that's why they were talking about even just this crew the kenny smith shack in barkley it's ernie johnson that it throws the wrinkle in this is because he's not leaving tnt he's made that clear everybody else has made it clear for him he's not leaving so even if you want to take the crew and move it to another network it sounds like the other guys might be willing to do it yeah let's just take the show on the road but ernie johnson's not going anywhere he's the straight man he's either going he's either going to be tnt or he's going to be retired that's that sounds like this is not because he's been there forever that's where he wants to be i don't i don't blame him he doesn't want to move to something else from what it sounds like and from what he's also kind of said alluded to as well so that's again i don't know what happens to individual broadcasters i don't know we'll see uh if you want to weigh in you can do it on twitter alaw radio also on our facebook page eight five five two one two four two two seven yeah payton manning actually weighing in on bill belicheck joining the monday night dive into the start of summer at whole foods market check out their summer splash event with sales on fresh organic produce organic strawberries and a fan favorite sale on bit and jerry's and talenti explore deals on grill friendly meats like organic air-chilled chicken breast beef and chicken kabobs all with no antibiotics ever from our meat department plus grab easy sides from prepared foods and cool off with 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essentially sit on couches and watch games on big screens break it down for us and then bring back old highlights and photos of each other and their guests it's a good show and i missed it last year i'm really excited the money nine mannings not only are returning to football in 2024 but they'll have a brand new superstar guest that will be with them every single week so even as we're asking you about pre and post game shows broadcast teams what particular sports product out there maybe it's it's real sports on hbo which i believe is just ending now maybe it's already done it's one thing to have a real good run it's amazing but i still think there is a place for inside the nba whether it's on tnt or something else who knows we may never have another nba pre and post game show quite like this one i will personally say subjectively this is just my own opinion it dwarfs any other nba broadcast out there regardless of network amazon spends a lot of money maybe they will they can just put it on youtube for free and then that's true but they makes a channel really wouldn't be able to have ernie is kind of what marco is saying all right so paton manning he's already fired up for the upcoming season especially since they managed to recruit the greatest coach of all time i was kind of wondering if i've you know been hitting the head too many times that i was recruiting a guy you know he was being courted by the other networks and i was recruiting a guy that pretty much made a lot of my football life miserable and i was asking him no we really want you to come work with us hey i think that'd be great right to bring a whole different uh kind of insight to the game on the defensive side bill belicheck is a you know knows all things football and i just remember tom brady used to tell me how he used to sit with coach belicheck on tuesdays and belicheck would just kind of tell them what we need to do to win this game tom this is what the defense is going to try to do to you tony dungey did that with me so to have that different perspective uh on every uh game that eli and i are doing this year i think would be awesome oh me too and what we found out in just the limited time we've seen him in a new broadcast role is that he's completely different than when he's standing in front of a microphone addressing questions from the media he understands the job and while i don't believe he'll be in a chair at a desk for very long i do think there's a place for him in coaching again good for him he was at the celtics game last night smiling away so i guess he's not been banned from new england yet no they can't do that right bob craft hasn't managed to do that yet man people sour on their relationship now after that documentary and just some of the things that bob craft said about him and i think even some fans now kind of maybe some of the same fans who blamed belicheck for brady leaving and for brady wanting to go and play somewhere else because of their relationship that was soured whatever else bill belicheck not so touchy feeling when it comes to football of course he's always been frank about the fact that i have to do what's best for the team regardless of relationships so he was always doing what was best for bob craft's team but with the documentary it now seems like fans after kind of hearing and seeing some of craft's interactions and his comments about belicheck that now you've got fans who were blaming belicheck and saying that brady was the only reason that he actually won all those rings to now swinging back the other way like a pendulum oh belicheck may we miss you it's after hours with amy lawrence okay picture this it's friday afternoon when a thought hits you i can waste another weekend doing the same old whatever or i can conquer it i can hop into my all-new hunday santa fe and hit the road any road the steeper the better because my all-new santa fe is available with h-track all-wheel drive so i can hit the trail without a worry 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over that's right season five of the kardashians is here just when you thought life couldn't get any faster they're punching it into overdrive chris courtney kim chloe kendall and kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors so get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television the all-new season of the kardashians is now streaming on hulu
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