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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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May 24, 2024 5:56 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 24, 2024 5:56 am

Amy adopts a new philosophy. + the Oilers take game 1 in 2OT | Paul Skenes sharp again, but bullpen fails him | QB News.

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Visit or call 562-314-4603 for more details. Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. I never considered the song and the words before I take a flight. Let's hope that this is not heading into a danger zone, though I can't even tell you how impactful that scene from Top Gun, the original, of course it was in Maverick too, but that scene and that music has been on my life. It's one of those moments, those movie scenes slash songs that I will never ever ever forget. I didn't even need to watch it 1500 times like I have Karate Kid.

I know that soundtrack down as well. I'm due for a Maverick re-watch. Are you?

I am. I've watched it three times now. I watched it originally in the theaters, then I watched it with my college roommate when she came to visit. That was last year though and then I think that was in July we watched it and then the Hubs and I watched it, gosh, earlier this year I think we, maybe January, one of those movie nights that we did on the weekends when we were procrastinating fixing the house and getting it more organized.

He loved it too and he's actually said, man I would watch that again. So we nearly watched it on the flight to Hawaii but ended up not, we watched, I'm trying to think what else we watched, we watched something else. It was a movie actually that I had never heard of before that I knew the premise.

It's a true story. I didn't know this particular family's story but it was based on the tsunami in Thailand. I think I saw that movie. And a family that they did lose one of their family members I believe but they were they were reunited um over like distance and and the tragedy separating them, the waters, taking them different places um and so yeah they're they lost one.

I feel like they lost one family member but anyway. The Impossible, was that the name of it? Oh yeah actually that was that was the name, who was in it? Was it Naomi Watts and Ian McGregor and Ewan McGregor? It was Naomi Watts, yes Ewan McGregor.

I'm sorry how did you say that? McGregor? Tom Holland was the kid in it. Yeah I don't recall, I didn't know the kids. He's Spider-Man.

Oh is he? Yeah so that was the movie that we watched on the flight out there and it was really incredible. Actually I guess they all survived right? The family of five. I think the family they all met yeah.

They all survived. It was like a crazy chaotic, they had all were split up in different camps and yeah. Yeah so it was it was a really good movie all uh yeah all that to say that we didn't watch Maverick uh but we definitely would watch it again and I know it's maybe cheesy and more like a remake than it is. It kind of uses that same formula and yet it was so damn good. Why ruin a good thing?

Especially at IMAX. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Happy almost Friday to you, couple of hours from our weekend beginning. It's a holiday weekend so many people are already on their way out of town. They're already headed, you're already headed to Parts Unknown. Just kidding I hope they're known but then the stat I heard from AAA on Thursday is that for the first time since before the turn of the century, so we're talking about first time since before 2000 when they started keeping track of these numbers, 44 million Americans will be on the move this weekend. So if there are travel issues you're probably not alone. It's because it's a mass of people who are headed out and I do know that in major metros people have already gotten out of town. So twice in the last two nights I got caught in crazy traffic in New York City. Some coming in because it's a holiday weekend destination, some going out and I'm a dummy.

I didn't leave time for it. I just get so annoyed at it sometime. No I should not have to budget 90 minutes to drive 26 miles.

It gets that's insane but my my stubbornness comes and bites me in the rear. So yeah the last couple nights I've gotten caught in both in and out and there's construction and the Hudson River. There's only a couple ways in and out of the city so it's a however we're not dealing with some of the other natural disasters that have plagued a lot of the country. So the south along the Gulf Coast and then also up into the Midwest. I know there's a lot of places that don't have power still.

That includes my husband's family and he's there too in the Temple Texas area where an EF-2 tornado landed on Wednesday evening and tore up a bunch of the town. They haven't had power since Wednesday evening so he's trying to figure out how they're going to get ready for a wedding this weekend and also how he's going to work on Friday. He had an unintended day off on Thursday and now needs to figure out a way to work.

So honestly this is kind of funny. I'm sure other people are doing the same but he's going to find a Starbucks. I was just going to say there's a Starbucks nearby. Right he's going to drive to a Starbucks that's outside of town and they allow wi-fi.

I actually suggested you're going to laugh. The hospital apparently has power so either the power company restored it right away understanding the urgency or they have really good generators one or the other. They're certainly prepared for situations like this especially in Texas but I said to him can you go to the hospital and use their wi-fi and I was like oh never mind that's kind of morbid. Maybe a Starbucks is better.

Starbucks is a little better setting maybe. Right so yeah that's what he's planning on doing Friday and wedding this weekend and most of the family involved in the wedding is without power. Not all but most and so I know they're a little bit nervous just praying and hoping that the power comes on for the grandmothers and the moms and the wedding party itself. I know that the most important thing is that people are safe and thankfully they are safe with no major damage to the home. Just trees down everywhere, debris as you can imagine, all kinds of people not only dealing with the lack of power but also having to clear whether it's debris or I mean there's power lines down. He actually said as he was driving home from dinner that he was having to take all kinds of detours.

I'm sure a lot of you have been in this situation before. It used to happen a lot when I was in Oklahoma. There'd be power lines down and so entire sections of a neighborhood are closed and you have to find detours and ways around but it's pitch black out. There are no street lights because there's no power and again I know his story is not unique.

There's a lot of people in the U.S. dealing with that so let's hope there aren't more severe weather issues and incidents coming up this weekend that also further impact the travel and all the people on the move. I've just determined I'll get there when I get there. This is a new thing for me. That's not typical for me.

I'm much more of a chop chop let's go. I will fully and readily admit that patience is not my virtue. I'm a lot more patient than I was when I was younger but it's a lifelong pursuit for me. Patience.

I've gotten much better. You might not believe it but I get triggered by these types of delays that are the ones that are not explained or like it's different if your plane has a mechanical issue. You don't love it but hey I'd rather you fix the plane before you put a bunch of people on it.

But how about when you come across a traffic jam and you sit there and you sit there maybe you inch along you go nowhere it takes you 30 minutes to go a mile and then all of a sudden the traffic opens up and there was no issue. I can't stand it. Oh my gosh or even worse this is one of my top pet peeves in the history of the world. Rubbernecking.

What the hell? You don't know the people who are in the accident on the other side of the road. Why do you have to slow down too?

Oh my it drives me crazy. We are such voyeurs in this country like you don't know them. It's especially in New Jersey, northern New Jersey where this happens a lot.

It's a it's an area of nine million people. The chances that you know the person who's in the accident on the other side of the road is slim to none. Where is R2D2 when I need him to give me oh and then I hear Han Solo never tell me the odds. You don't know the people why are you it drives me insane. You're slowing down so you can determine whether or not you know who's over there? I feel like it stems from you're waiting that long and you're like in the car going what the hell why is there so much traffic I'm sitting here I'm sitting here then you finally get to the site and you just have to take a look for yourself. So yeah I don't I don't I get mad at rubbernecking I just get me out of here like I just want to go I don't want to see the site I just want to drink be on my way but I feel like that's where the rubbernecking stems from right.

It's like oh like well I waited this long let me get a glimpse now I've earned my look. So frustrating and then you inch by the accident and everyone speeds up again. Yeah like nothing happens.

Drives me crazy absolutely. I'm gonna drive home so and I know the sponsor happens too. Anyway I've determined though this weekend I'll get there when I get there. The airport's different because I don't have patience for you I'm a pretty patient guy I have no patience for the airport because you're paying such a premium and they just don't care and like you said the unexplained delays and the where's my plane oh like it's coming hour later where's my plane oh it's on the way like what just tell me. Or where's the crew we don't have a crew and what happened to the crew. My parents recently were on a flight they landed everything's their home their home and but they didn't have a crew I forgot what airlines was it was they didn't have a crew to take the bags off the bottom of the plane and put them to the bag carousel so they had to sit there for two and a half extra hours while the airline had to wait for someone to bring in crew people who could come deload the plane they were done they're home just sitting there waiting for their bags like I can't I don't have patience for that. Oh no that's that's incompetence and it's being understaffed and it's not being prepared no that's that's not the way you run a business so I agree with that but on this particular occasion Jay I'm just accepting that it's a holiday weekend there are a bazillion moving parts I'm one of the last flights out right so it could be a better thing maybe theoretically I don't know it's like being in a doctor's office hopefully no it's like being in a doctor's office where the chaos just stacks up and one appointment goes late and then you've got every other appointment after that that incrementally is later and later and later and that's the same thing with these flights especially if it's a flight that's going back and forth or a plane that's going back and forth through a particular city if it's late coming and then it's late going and then it's late going back and then it's late returning and you're just and then the crew needs to take a break and then the other guy on the crew is over a lot of hours well that's what I mean he's he's a mandated company break so I'm just accepting it I'm heading to the airport early because what if there are mass transit issues like a train broken down somewhere which also routinely happens in the New York City area so yes going an hour early I'm taking the dog early I'm going to the airport early I'm taking my laptop I'm almost done with a blog post on something that's very near and dear to my heart I don't want to talk about it yet it's not quite done but I'm almost done with it if I had to finish it in the airport I will most of these airports have wi-fi available now so yeah I'll just I'm gonna charging station yeah yeah I'm just gonna figure it out and I've taken two books and my laptop and I hope I can find some coffee like I'll just I'll just get in through security and find myself some coffee and park it I like the mindset it's the best way to go on this holiday weekend new thing for me it's good though because you're it is what it is kind of I know you don't like that phrase but that's kind of what you're going with I don't like it with sports I really don't but you're right in this particular case there's nothing I can do about it other than be in position when they call my name actually kind of funny I'm on now this is not my doing this was a gift from someone who had extra miles I'm on an upgrade list for first class but it's highly unlikely I'm last on the list of the family of four ahead of me I think first class only has six seats so it's not like I'm gonna make it but I actually was like who all right for my trouble maybe the holiday travel and all of the moving parts and people will cause someone to miss planes and so I'm thinking if the family of four they only have one first class seat available they're not going to split up so who's under that list they might split up wouldn't you I would that's what I'm saying like I think somebody would probably move up anyway we'll see I am not going to stress over it the dog will be taken care of the cat will be taken care of the house will be fine bob's already gone my little bag will be with me the whole time I've got plenty of material I'm just gonna hang out hang out at the airport I'm gonna be one of those people who goes and just chills I'm just gonna chill sounds peaceful actually it does right except for the mass chaos that's unfolding all around me yeah yeah speaking of mass chaos the western conference finals uh in the nhl began on thursday night how do you like that segue it didn't appear as though this was going to be chaotic but you know the stanley cup playoffs dry settle looking for mcdavid good spin move on matt douche now played it off the back of it fell down hymen in front and a swing at it couldn't get it on that quick shot rebound score breon dry settle for brent dulac and edmonton it's the first goal of the western conference final it's one nothing trying to center one timer what a shame stewart skid rowland ellen here come the others two on one mcdavid and hyman mcdavid over to hyman broken up hyman got it back second effort scores five hole on ottinger powering through chris tannen and edmundson extends to a two nothing lead on hyman's league leading 12 of the playoffs as jack michaels on euler's radio we had just talked to him about zach slash shack hyman because uh that was his nickname and shakil o'neill sent him a jersey which is kind of fun he found out about it so yeah two goal lead for these oilers the big bads dry saddle has said it's stanley cup or bust for them they have very high expectations not even five minutes into the second period they've already got the two goal lead however this is the dallas stars and this is how they do their business they also have some veterans who have a lot of playoff experience and they were steady eddie about it just kept coming robertson turns top of the right wing circle low shot score it belts to sagan slam dunk for tyler sagan he's got both and with 323 left in the third game one is tied on the stars radio network sagan is but not only was the right place right time but i love the quick reaction and the fact that he he didn't have to hesitate he didn't wait for someone else to hop on that puck it was it was experience it's experience and it's also being ready for that moment that was as they say or as he says three and a half minutes to go and so they end up in overtime now overtime is wow you want to talk about tense it's sudden death of course on the sudden death of course so there's always that element but the best player in the world at least i think he is connor mcdavid gets assessed a four minute penalty seconds into overtime so kind of put yourself in his shoes this is not only his thing he's supposed to be one of the best scores in the world right so his team needs him out there but it's a four minute penalty it's not even your goal run of the mill two minute power play for the stars it's a four minute power play he got called for high sticking matt douchene now he says douchene was kind of holding on to his stick and that he's not sure what else he was supposed to do he was playing the puck douchene had a hold of his stick he didn't think it was high sticking but regardless he had to sit in the box for four minutes in double overtime it's bad enough i always felt like i'm sorry first overtime um but they did go into double overtime it's i always felt like it's bad enough when a player has to skate off the ice and sit there sit there and think about what you've done and watch your teammates have to figure it out being a man down they've got to defend because your ass is in the box they call it the sin bin for a reason yeah it's i mean that's painful it's one of those things where you think like ah you do it once you probably are maybe that's the whole point of the nhl they want you to sit there and watch what the situation that you created but i would just feel this extreme sense of guilt nothing worse than leaving that penalty box after the team scores on it yeah oh it's like the walk of shame or the not the walk it would be the skate of shame glide the glide of shame oh that's perfect the glide of shame it's after hours with amy lawrence and producer j so he gets this four minute penalty and yes it did go the oilers way but afterwards he's asked about those long four minutes in the what did you call it the sin bin long really long really really long um miserable um i hated every second of it but you know the guys did an amazing job you know truthfully um you know they were the penalty kill has just been amazing um and to step in there um four minutes um it's a good power play you know can't give those guys no credit on the oilers penalty kill i kind of think they enjoy this challenge they relish it i'm sure they'd prefer that it wasn't mcdavid but they are now 14 for 14 on penalty kills so going back now their last four times when they've been without an extra man on the ice when they've had a guy in the box they've been able to keep their opponents scoreless the last 14 times that they were a man down so they get through that four minute penalty connor mcdavid rejoins his team they head into double overtime and what i say about the drama nugent hopkins with the trailer connor mcdavid it was robbed by ottinger in the first ot up the board deflected home and in the 10 wins the game three two it's connor mcdavid in double overtime that's our friend jack michaels on oilers radio just joined us earlier this week i told you he's got energy for days the nhl play-by-play announcers they're incredible when it comes to their energy level here's the other wrinkle that we didn't let you hear but you should definitely see it connor mcdavid nearly ended the game in the first overtime and he's in the crease now how many times you're going to have connor mcdavid alone in the crease no other defenders in there nobody running interference it's just you and the goalie and most of you would take connor every time right because of his stick work and his uh his hand-eye coordination also his instincts his his ability to move this the puck quickly and to find a spot where he can jam it in right like i'm always so i consider it sleight of hand it's like magic sometimes where you think it's going one direction and oh no no it's not anyway he could not get it by jake ottinger and ottinger is well his body is on the other side of the crease his stick is essentially the only thing preventing connor mcdavid from ending this game in the single overtime in sudden death his stick how about that and mcdavid couldn't get it up off the ice and so it was ottinger's stick that stood as the last man standing pretty incredible if you haven't seen it so yeah he got stonewalled by ottinger in the first overtime ends up finishing the job there in the second over call from mom answer it call silenced instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make 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tough time sleeping for sure so this is the conference finals which means that it's the uh let's see four four would this be their ninth win of the postseason right right they continue to excel in these one goal games but the thing about the oilers is that it's tight so often that they're getting more comfortable in these situations they've won nine times they had a game seven obviously against vancouver they've also had they've also had nine one goal games already in this playoffs all right so you can do the math a couple of them they've been on the losing end but when you excel in games like this it gives you this otherworldly calm and poise and they are veterans and they've got some of the best players on the planet obviously but hockey is such a tight game the nature of the game is so different from any other sport the margin for error in these playoffs in the stanley cup postseason is so so teeny tiny and to have all of these various elements part of connor mcdavid's game one wow talk about the emotional and mental roller coaster for him so yeah big win for the oilers what a lift what a confidence boost uh and the stars fought back to force not just over time but double this couldn't come up with the goal that they needed to end it so we're now one game into each of the conference finals and i expect the rangers will battle back and we're not going to have a three goal uh loss for them or another shutout msg but that game two between panthers and rangers is coming up on friday jay is not traveling his holiday weekend for that reason that's it i'll be locked in are you and your dad watching is it pizza night it is yeah it's pizza night with the rangers okay be tuned in not going somewhere else with buddies to watch the game i'm watching my dad all right i do like that this is a tradition for jade's dad although in the conference finals it's been a while so it's been a minute yeah we started seeing a cup so okay that's 94 i was one in little maybe i'll just turn does your dad tell you about it he was watching yeah i don't know but i haven't heard much many stories i've never really asked you need your you definitely need your own i just wonder if sometimes he's like ah back in the day i was the drink on twitter alaw radio love to hear from you about some of these different broadcast shows that are becoming extinct uh ones that you miss or that you would really miss uh there's another one nfl and cbs that is drastically changing we haven't had a chance to talk about that a whole lot too good to spend this friday morning with you as we head toward the holiday weekend it's after hours with amy lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast so two outs with a man in second here is Jorge Soler watching the replay Criello he definitely was calling it here's the pitch and swung out of ground right to short Cruz has it from the outfield grass he'll throw out the first to get the final out boss gains one run through six innings very good today five to one pirates will go to the bottom half this is after hours with amy lawrence exactly what the pirates and their fans wanted from their star rookie Paul Skeens in his third major league start goes a full six innings now this time does scatter six hits but only allows one run and has three strikeouts remember last time he was pulled after six no hit innings and his manager indicated there was no way that he was going to go the distance they were not going to do that with their rookie obviously he is critical to them at this point and I hope for their future let's hope the pirates keep him around but at this juncture in his career they're not willing to take any type of risk it's after hours with amy lawrence and I suppose when he left that the pirates were feeling pretty good about the fact that they had a nice lead so he left after as I say after six innings and at that point they were up what was it five to one yeah when when he was pulled from the game each team scored in the seventh oh but then comes the bullpen for the pirates in the eighth inning and this was not the narrative although I suppose if you're a rookie you kind of have to get used to it chapman from the stretch and his o2 pitch wisely swings line drive base hit center field and the giants take the lead lucy auto scores from third brett wisely with the go-ahead hit here in the eighth and it's seven to six giants on the giants radio network and before that pirates radio paul skeins leaves the game because they need to protect their investment and promptly the giants make quick work of the bullpen a five spot on the board in the eighth inning and at that point the damage is done you can't put skeins back in the game oh dear so the giants get the win pirates fans get to see the star rookie but they don't get the victory and he's still working his way through the early stages of his major league career didn't have the best stuff but um made do i mean that's their game uh what they did today they're not gonna punch out a whole lot and put the ball in play um so overall pretty happy with it i thought he did really good obviously it wasn't what he it wasn't his best you know what i mean but if you if you can go out there and put that kind of performance out um but without your best stuff then there's definitely something to build on his catcher joey bart and yeah at this point it's grady i mean he's already exceeded maybe not his own expectations or those of the pirates but i think when you're talking about a rookie especially uh one who kind of pulling up and throwing out there and let's see what happens and he starts like this you're thrilled now the key is to stretch him out a little bit stretch him out a little bit get him used to it the scout the the job the the routine all of that certainly um wanting to bring him along easily so that you prevent him from getting hurt especially in this age where there's so many starting pitchers and aces especially that we feel like we've lost good for them baby him he's not a baby but he is your baby so baby him as much as you possibly can uh his fans are already all about it it's a little bit like kaitlyn clark as a rookie in the wnba where she is the attraction well right now fans including kiddos are showing up to see paul skeans so this is courtesy of sportsnet pittsburgh where a little kid in the stands at pnc park is asked his favorite thing about paul his mustache and libby done okay how old do you think that kid was no more than 11. he was a little kid do we have the video that you can put up on our show twitter at amy after hours okay you're too young to know about those kinds of things you're too young to know about relationships he had like a paper mustache taped to his face like to look like paul skeans it was amazing you are too young to get excited about boyfriend girlfriend things and libby done oh my god and he's so excited to say that too loved it could you imagine i hope she saw it i mean i hope they both saw it she saw it realize that there's an 11 year old who has a crush on her that's a lot of people well true but an 11 year old and that's if he's 11 no right we don't even know if he was 11 but i'm thinking he could have been a third or fourth grader yeah for heaven's sakes amazing well and if you don't know uh libby dunn is also from lsu she's a top like gymnast olivia dunn is her name a top like gymnast she's been on the cover of sports illustrated of course she's beautiful and she should be she takes good care of her body she's an athlete i mean she deserves all the accolades for the work that she's put in uh and yeah she also is dating paul skeans i don't know if they're engaged i just know that they're just dating they're an item and apparently third and fourth graders know all about libby dunn his mustache and libby dunn the way he says it too the emphasis is dramatic it's even funnier when you watch it though because he he's so happy i wouldn't be surprised if like he was i don't know somehow got the tv people to recognize um hey i've got like something that's really gonna make you laugh i just maybe or maybe they just saw the mustache and that's what they thought they were gonna get i thought he was an innocent kid with the mustache anything like that so much for innocent kids no longer i teach fourth and fifth graders every sunday at my church and i'll just say to you that they come up with stuff and you're like how in the world did they ever like where did that come from but the thing is with access to the internet you can find and see anything and you know what if you're googling paul skeans what's one of the first things that comes up libby dunn we'll be right there right it's going to be one of the first things you see on the internet now i'm seeing this young boy again i'm thinking 11 might even be too old it might be it might be i was being generous oh my gosh he's got his hat on he's dressed up in a jersey uh i yeah i he's so proud of himself too he's got the fake mustache because he's not even thinking about any sort of facial hair yet that's how young this kid is yet he's thinking about libby dunn and libby dunn kids these days all right on twitter alaw radio on our facebook page too and actually if you want to see the video with the pirates fan who is very proud of himself and just adorbs despite the fact that it's a little disturbing at that age uh it's on our show twitter at amy after hours coming up oh cubie news what what selling a little or a lot shopify helps you do your thing however you cha-ching shopify is the global commerce platform that helps you sell at every stage of your business from the launcher online shop stage to the first real life store stage all the way to the did we just hit a million orders stage shopify is here to help you grow whether you're selling scented soap or offering outdoor outfits shopify helps you sell everywhere from their all-in-one e-commerce platform to their in-person pos 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oh my goodness it's on the andre hopkins calling steps back throws the faith cooper touchdown l.a burrow back to throw looking firing deep for chase in the end zone oh herbert keeps it in so touchdown charges herbert with his second of the day here's the snap john going to keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone touchdown buffalo it's time for qb news on after hours it's may it's late may teams are just wrapping up their voluntary workouts but it's still a good time for qb news why not and honestly i think before we even get to our quarterbacks let's just start with a little dan campbell to whet your appetite because the lions are all the rage detroit is all the rage the hype train after 700 000 people show up for the draft in the motor city uh as he was meeting the media on thursday i think it was thursday when's your thursday he was asked about this whole idea of super bowl or bust for detroit i don't see bust i see super bowl i don't know what the bust is so it's you know here's what i know man we all know what the every team ought to have that right every team ought to be like man what are you playing for you're playing for a super bowl so we're no different than that but i think yeah we know that now you we work backwards from there and so you got to set yourself up no different than last year certain things you got to do uh to really make that valid you know make that a reality so um and and um and so that's yeah ultimately that's what we want to do my favorite part of that whole thing same thing for producer j is how the reporter actually tries to explain to dan campbell what the phrase super bowler bust means so it's he actually tries to explain it to him you can't hear it over the music but it's hysterical like as if campbell really didn't know thank you thank you for the intel so super bowler bust lions fans do you agree with that on the heels of jared goff's huge extension they know exactly who's coming they are definitely one of the bells of the ball heading into 2024 for a lot of reasons staying in the nfc north they are the team to beat right the bears they cleaned house they sent justin fields to pittsburgh they've got new people that are calling the shots now similar uh voices that we've listened to the last couple years when we're talking front office and coaching staff but they're they're tweaking different parts they brought in some more pieces that they think will fit well around their number one overall draft pick caleb williams but the reports out there are that his first couple of practices voluntary practices have been tough that he struggled what about it dj more we're gonna ride through he ll and back with him so uh i'm just looking forward to seeing what you put out you can see the natural leadership is there the natural arm town is there um everything about him it's just always a positive thing and uh even when he has a bad like play he's looking to learn real fast right after and i mean that's why you can ask him for him to quickly forget but also learn at the same time i like that dj more spelled out agll i would have gone with ag double hockey sticks i mean it is stanley cup playoff season but i do appreciate that he was sensitive enough for all the kids out there who were listening i mean that might include caleb williams kevin buyer is another new piece of the chicago bears joining them in free agency and actually went up to caleb williams after thursday's practice and just said keep it going we're going to keep going we're going to keep getting better um you know days like this according to buyer this is how you get better right when you have a day when you struggle that's how you learn a lot of buzz around caleb williams who will be the starter for the bears uh to begin the season in early september now in the nfc north the buzz around the the green bay packers after they made the playoffs last year as a wild card jordan love and a contract extension but don't tell jordan don't tell jordan i don't really know what's going on but we'll see um but yeah i'm not gonna get into too much contract stuff good absolutely that's the way to handle it if you nip it in the butt immediately you won't have to keep fielding questions and also he's there he's there at practice despite what people believe which is maybe he shouldn't be without a new contract extension it's after hours here on cbs sports radio daniel jones he heard a lot of different rumors that the giants might draft a quarterback in that that april draft that first round it was so widely anticipated instead they go with malik neighbors a wide receiver daniel finally speaking out about what that time was like i wasn't fired up about it but um you know i think that uh you know it's part of it at this at this level and like i said but you know what i can do is focus on on myself and getting healthy play the best football i can play and that i know i'm capable of playing so that's my job and that's what i'm gonna do he's six months host torn acl and says he will be ready for week number one for the new york giants i guess it remains to be seen whether or not he's the quarterback that they choose we also know that dashaun watson is throwing and working out with the team and he's at ota's trying to get healthy himself he looked like himself to me i've been able to watch him the last couple weeks now that we've gotten into phase two so i've seen him throw uh he's making great progress and we will we will continue to just follow the medical team on this uh but he he looks like himself kevin stefanski also added jerry judy to these practices a new wide receiver and he got a big extension so a lot of motivation there for a team that made the playoffs last year of course in that same season it was the baltimore ravens who won the north and earned another mvp for their quarterback lamar jackson but he's not satisfied making changes this off season i don't really know how many pounds i lost my two something right now but i just say it was important enough i can be able to move around a little bit extra that's all could you share how you did it diet exercise mediterranean i'm gonna charge i'm gonna charge for that you know because people be doing these little plans and stuff and they still be you know having their weight on them no not not to offend anyone nothing like that but uh yeah you have to pay for that just just under 230. uh just so i can be more agile be able to move more all right so lamar jackson and being a champion he's not giving you any of his secrets but he is dropping weight and he's becoming more agile whoa watch out bread and butter the rest of the nfl buffaloes got a new wide receiver what's got some new wide receivers marquez valdez scantling on his first impressions of josh allen josh is just super normal man um i think that's the most exciting thing about it um you know because obviously when you're one of the better quarterbacks in the league some guys have egos and all the quarterbacks that i've played with have not had those and so that was the most exciting thing um about just having a guy you know to that caliber just be a normal dude a normal dude that's what people say about brock purty he's just a normal dude he takes care of his business well nick boza believes that brock purty reminds him of another famous athlete i think he's definitely getting a little more vocal within the building and um yeah i mean i don't think he's ever gonna change i don't think he's somebody that's gonna change i don't think he's somebody that's gonna change even when he gets paid next year um so he's he's a man of faith and uh he kind of reminds me of scotty scheffler but except for um just super humble and um a really good kid he reminds me of scotty scheffler except for the part about getting arrested uh you know what i bet scotty scheffler wasn't expecting to add that to his 2024 resume either and you may have heard by now that the arraignment for him has been pushed so it's not until much later in the year i think late summer maybe early fall um but the latest development in that case is that detective gillis the one that is accusing scheffler of dragging him with his vehicle after he ordered him to stop uh he is been reprimanded and punished by the louisville police department for not turning on his body cam and so they actually have had to deal with that internal issue on their side i'm not sure how it affects the court case but i dare say the whole thing might get thrown out it's after hours with amy lawrence dive into the start of summer at whole foods market check out their summer splash event with sales on fresh organic produce organic strawberries and a fan favorite sale on ben and jerry's and talenti explore deals on grill friendly meats like organic air-chilled chicken breast beef and chicken kebabs all with no antibiotics ever from our meat department plus grab easy sides from prepared foods 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