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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 23, 2024 6:11 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 23, 2024 6:11 am

Anthony Edwards says the Timberwolves are tired | Are other WNBA players jealous of Caitlin Clark? | Dak Prescott welcomes any added pressure.

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Amy Lawrence Show
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Kick off your summer and shop in-store or online at Whole Foods Market today. Good morning to you. It's a Thursday. Judging by the traffic in and out of New York City, which is our headquarters here at the network, a few hours ago as we were coming into the office, a few goodness, hours ago when we were coming into the office, man, they go quickly because we're having so much fun. It was a madhouse on the roads, and I heard the traffic reporter on the news indicate it's a getaway day.

And I'm thinking, how did that become a thing? It used to be a baseball term, and now it's a thing around major metros before holiday weekends. And this one, I think, is particularly active because you've got graduations and people who are taking kind of their first break on a holiday weekend.

Break, unofficial start to summer. There's, yeah, there's opportunities for people to turn it into not just a three-day weekend, but a little bit longer, especially for, yeah, again, for people who are maybe traveling home from college or they've got families that are just finishing up college graduations this time of the year. It's active, it's busy, and the traffic was insane. And so, yeah, it was a little bit harder to get into work last night.

I'm hoping that it's not going to be as challenging to get home like it was on Wednesday morning. There was a highway closed near New York City, and so it took me an hour and 20 minutes to go. What's my 26 miles? An hour and 20 minutes to go 26 miles. It was tremendous. Oh, my gosh. I know, Jay, you were dealing with traffic on Wednesday morning as well.

Any chance? See, I never check the traffic on my phone before I leave in the morning, just generally. I mean, there's congestion, but it's just typical, right?

There's not any way around it that's faster. But this was an actual major interstate closed because of an accident the night before, which, by the way, I had just passed. It was a semi and a box truck and another fuel spill, and so it was a mess.

But I had actually heard about that. I came upon the accident when this box truck was fully engulfed in flames. So it had just happened minutes before I got there. Do you know they closed the highway for obvious reasons?

They couldn't get any traffic pass there. But as I was going home in the morning, so this is let's see, the accident happened just before midnight Eastern time. I was driving home six plus hours later. Apparently, there had been people sitting in their cars all night long because they never reopen the highway. So the people who had come on the accident, like literally had it happen right in front of them.

And I was there maybe five minutes later. The highway was already backed up a couple miles by the time I got there. But that's how quickly those people had been sitting in their cars all night long and they never reopen the highway. In fact, I don't know what time they reopen the highway.

I just know that it was at least six hours later and people have been sitting there all freaking night. Could you imagine? Would you lose your mind? Forget having to go to work. What if you're on your way home from work or I don't know, you were out seeing a show or I don't know, you're just traveling. You're maybe just this happens to be your route where you're traveling from one place to another long distance. Well, even a long distance. You just get stuck in it and you sit there all night long. I wish I could do it.

What are your options? Because you can't leave the car on for those six hours, right? Or you can't listen to the radio. What about people who have to go to the bathroom? What about people who, I don't know, just fall asleep? I hope you have some snacks in there or some water.

That's a thing too now. I mean, I was annoyed that it took so long because the highway was closed. So as I say, it took an hour and 20 minutes to go 26 miles, but that's nothing compared to being stuck in your car and being unable to move. Just not moving. Gosh, that's a horrible scenario. But what else could you do? You can't get out and leave your car and walk.

People do. Do you not remember what hurricane was it? Was it Ida? Ida, two summers ago when there were flooded roads. And I mean flooded roads all over the area. And people who were in the south who deal with hurricanes on a regular basis.

I mean, you all understand. There were people, there were entire roads that were flooded out. And so there were vehicles that were floating in the roadways, right? Because people tried to drive through standing water and their cars flooded. Anyway, I do remember that same thing, that there were so many vehicles. There were hundreds of vehicles that were stranded around the New York metro area because people just gave up.

They left their cars and started walking. Yeah, but this one's like a little different because it could open up any minute, right? Like you're just sitting there. You're just at the mercy of someone else telling you you can go.

Yeah, I don't know. Nightmare. And if you're in the middle lane and you're trapped and you have no place to go. It's like being stuck on the tarmac in the plane. And you can't get out. And you can't get out. You can't get out. Nothing you can do about it. Nothing you can do.

You're stuck there. Is there anything worse than that feeling? No, that's the worst feeling.

It's the absolute worst feeling. I think of it for six hours. Well, I'm sure people have. I mean, I've been on a plane before for four hours. I've done three on the tarmac before. Awful. I've done four waiting for a fog to clear so that we could take off. Mine was lightning. Yeah, they didn't want to let us get out because at any point they could be given a window where they could take off.

I remember it was in Chicago. Not fun. Not fun at all. All right, on that note, all of that to say it could be fun this holiday weekend to be on the roads. If it makes you feel any better, I have to fly this weekend. I'm flying on Friday afternoon or Friday night. So, yeah, I'm fully prepared for my plane to not go on time. I'm already banking on the fact. I got no place to go.

Once I'm in the airport, I'm just stuck there. So, yeah. Oh, man. I know, I sound pessimistic.

Maybe it'll be tremendous. It'll be the best holiday weekend travel that you've ever had. In and out of the airport. Up and down.

Let's go. Right, so it was already crazy. It was already busy. I know a lot of people around the country are dealing with weather, too, right? Like bad weather.

Whether it's, oh, that sounded funny. Weather. W-E-A-T-H-E-R. Weather. W-H-E-T-H-E-R. You're dealing with weather. Whether it's tornadoes. Whether it's just really nasty thunderstorms and rain. I know there's a lot of people in the South and the Midwest who are already inundated with rain and now there are more thunderstorms coming through. And there are a lot of places that are still without power from last week's storms. I know a lot of people in Texas, Houston area, don't have power back yet. And last night, my husband, he was home back in Texas yesterday, and he is at his mom's house. His brothers are around. They live in the Temple, Texas area, which is a relatively small town.

About 65,000 customers, electric customers, power company customers. And the news is indicating after this really nasty storm went through, there was a tornado that touched down not that far away from him. And tornado sirens were going off.

At first he didn't take them seriously because he's from Texas, so they hear him a lot. But yeah, an actual tornado touched down. So apparently of the 65,000 customers, there were 60,000 of them without power. So the entire city was in the dark.

And that's just one example. I know my mom was without power for 24 hours last week. A lot of people that these storms and the severe weather are impacting over the last couple of weeks. So I hope that you've stayed safe and that we can keep you company when you need it.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Again, good morning to you. It's a Thursday heading into that holiday weekend. We will be here tonight and we'll also be here Sunday night and Monday night, so not taking any of these days off. We will keep you company if you are stuck somehow behind an accident scene for six hours. Well, I'm not staying on the air for six hours, but we'll keep you company for four of those six hours.

Just go back and get one of the old broadcasts if you want. Oh, that made it sound awful. I was trying to be so generous and empathetic.

Like, I get it. If you're stuck in your car, we're with you, but only for four hours. That's our limit.

Oh, what a meanie I am. Network rules. It's like a pilot or a bus driver. You can only be behind the wheel or in the cockpit for so long. Yeah, we're not allowed. Once four hours hits, we're kicked out of the studio.

Somebody else's responsibility. The formula for the Dallas Mavericks in the opener of the Western Conference Finals. Kyrie Irving early and Luka Doncic late. Yeah, Minnesota got some really impressive three-point shooting early in this game, especially Jaden McDaniels.

He had five triples in the first half, but Kyrie Irving, he was forced in the issue. He's content. He's happy.

He's productive. He likes his teammates. I don't know how long it'll last, but this is the Kyrie Irving that helped the Cavaliers win the NBA championship against the Warriors. Remember, he was the one that hit the, gosh, was it the only shot that was made the last two minutes or three minutes of that game? That Game 7 at Golden State. Anyway, this is the Kyrie Irving that we've seen only flashes of the last couple years in his journeys, his travels, time off for mental health and just disappearing where his coaches and his teammates don't know, are honestly telling us that basketball wasn't that important to him, right? Oh, Kyrie, what are you doing at home? From Boston to Brooklyn to Dallas.

Wait, what else was in there? Oh, he wanted to go to L.A. and he never quite got to L.A. Yeah, he's left a trail of tears behind him, but now he's content. He and Luca have a not just a good relationship, but they make each other better on the court. So, yes, his 24 points in the first half, him forcing the issue, being aggressive. He didn't have any made shots from beyond the arc. All of his points came from inside the three point arc. So he was taking it to the rim or he's pulling up for five footers or he was hitting mid range jumpers. This was a Kyrie Irving who was creative and aggressive and who was hurting the defense. Well, Anthony Edwards specifically, but was hurting the defense that Timberwolves backcourt in a variety of ways. But then when the Mavericks were behind by a couple of points, about three and a half minutes to go, when this game is hanging in the balance, it's Luca to the rescue.

And Washington again, a late game quarter three. Standing on business. When it counts, he hits them.

One oh four, one oh two. Against McDaniels. Besasum puts it on the floor to his left.

It announces that between his legs right, had it knocked away, but he got it back. Seven to shoot on the drive. Little 12 footer right in the lane.

Good. Big basket for Doncic. Monster fourth quarter for Luca. He's got 15 in the quarter and the Mavericks by four with 45 seconds remaining.

Luca Doncic. He turned into the big bad and the Wolves had no answer for him. And as you hear with Chuck Cooperstein on Mavericks radio, he was everywhere. He was shooting threes. He was setting up his teammates. He was drawing defense.

He was forcing the issue. And so that one two punch was more than enough for the Wolves to handle. And Anthony Edwards says there's one specific reason why they lost. But I think that the Mavericks and their formula deserve a ton of credit. So 33 points. Eight assists for Luca. Handful of rebounds. Some steals.

A blocked shot in there as well. And fourth quarter is where he really tuned him. I was going to say he really turned it up. He really tuned in. He really tuned up. Is tuned up like a hip phrase or something? He really... Tuned up means like you're drunk actually. Oh, whoops.

Not that. Okay, let's go back to the boringness. Let's go back to being old and uncool because that's me. He really turned up the heat. I just said to myself, you know, we got to win this game. I got to be way better because three quarters, I didn't play good. So I just came in the fourth, get to my spot and led the team to win. He definitely did that. And I don't know what he means about not playing well.

He always draws so much attention. I know he didn't love the shots that weren't dropping. But this is huge for them. The Mavericks have eight consecutive points late in the fourth quarter. They're able to withstand the Wolves. And the Wolves, their offense, you know, they're the best defensive team in the NBA this season. So a lot of times their defense sparks the offense. But Anthony Edwards goes scoreless in the third quarter. I know Karl Anthony Towns had some big buckets late.

And he also was setting up Rudy Gobert. They just didn't have enough balance in their offense in the fourth quarter. And they also weren't as aggressive, right? They weren't fast break. They weren't taking advantage of their fast break opportunities. They felt like even after the three pointers weren't dropping or they'd cooled off from the outside, they still were kind of settling for the easier shot, not necessarily the higher percentage shot.

And yeah, Anthony Edwards, he said this was on them. This wasn't really about the Mavericks. We came out flat today. I mean, and then we found our energy, then we went back to being flat. So I think it was just on us. Everything was on us today.

I didn't get downhill as much. Yeah, just stuff like that. We was just a little tired, probably. Terrible offense down the stretch, bad shots, turnovers, no composure, you know, and thought for the same at the end of the first half. You know, it's kind of funny. And it happened in both the NBA and the WNBA last night where there were shades of the end of Celtics pacers.

So a couple of different examples. We'll talk about the Kaitlin Clark moment in a second. But at the end of this game, the Mavericks have the lead. It's a one possession lead and they have to inbound the basketball. And of course, you've got the Timberwolves who are guarding full court.

And so what do you hear from Reggie Miller on TNT? Well, this would be an opportunity for them to call a time out and take the ball to midcourt and then inbound from there. They managed to get the ball in, right?

They avoid losing it. They avoid the ball getting stolen. But that was one, I would say, very similar situation. And right away, the issue between, or the issue for the pacers, you know, the situation where the Celtics stole the ball. Well, they didn't steal the ball. Where the Celtics managed to disturb and interrupt the inbounds for the pacers. The pacers just kind of fumbled the ball out of bounds, right? So Reggie Miller's worried about the Mavericks doing the same exact thing. And then once they had this three point lead, there's another situation where here you have the Wolves with the possession.

They could tie with the three. And what is Miller yelling about? He's yelling about how they should foul.

They have to foul, right? This is exactly what happened last night. And then in the WNBA, it was something a little similar.

Not quite exactly. But I thought it was funny that both games and both sets of announcers mentioned what happened at the end of Pacers-Celtics as almost a cautionary tale. Like, hey, the Pacers didn't do it right.

So Dallas, what are you doing? That's what Reggie Miller mentioned right away. Like, don't you need to call a time out here and move the ball to half court? Hey, don't you need to foul right here as opposed to allowing the Wolves to try to shoot a three and tie it? It's interesting to think of the Mavericks as underdogs since they have a lot more experience.

It wasn't Kyrie, of course, but this Mavericks team, a lot of them, were in the playoffs and in the Western Conference Finals just two years ago. We're the underdogs, so we're just going to embrace that role and play and understand that's what we are. And on the road, we've got to find a way to win. It's a big time. We know how tough it is to play in this place, especially against a team like Timberwolves. They have so many weapons. So it's a big time to take this win.

I like it. I like that it's a road win in what is a hostile atmosphere. Those fans there in Minneapolis can get loud. But yeah, Anthony Edwards actually said that because of the quick turnaround from Game 7 against the Nuggets, they weren't at their best. They weren't at their peak.

I'm not sure I've ever heard an athlete admit that they were exhausted, though. Man, y'all can see it was a step behind everybody, especially myself. Because Kyrie got a transition layup from I think we scored and he just outran me and I was just exhausted, man. So yeah, for sure. But we'll be all right.

He's 22. I know that the Mavericks had an extra day, but they also went through a series where they were chasing around the Thunder for six games and a really tight final few minutes in their series with the Thunder. And I was only an extra 24 hours and they had to travel. So I kind of feel like both teams are in the same boat. I don't know. It was definitely a rock fight against the Nuggets. But the Thunder are fast. They're quick. They're athletic. So that's a different type of a challenge. Both teams are in the same situation where they've played deep into the postseason and now they've got a brand new series. And neither one really had an advantage, I didn't think, in that area. Again, because the Mavericks had to travel. But you're 22. Better find your second win quickly.

I ain't never jumped that high in my life. Anthony Edwards, his offense has been spotty. There have been stretches in this postseason where he's been great and there have been stretches where he's kind of invisible offensively. I know that the Wolves have survived. They've got to this point. So that's a credit to the team. I love their defense.

They do expend a lot of energy on defense. But kind of interesting to hear him say, I was just exhausted. Kyrie blasted by me. I was exhausted. Well, you only have another 48 hours until the next game. So what's going to change?

Kind of felt like that was a revelation that the coach maybe wouldn't have wanted you to share. We'll be all right. All right. All right.

It's not bulletin board material necessarily. Karl-Anthony Towns, he had some big buckets in the fourth quarter that made his stats look a little better. But yeah, this is a game in which the offense specifically for the Wolves faded in the late stages. Didn't play with enough energy. Just it's just the tired. And on top of that, we just didn't move that kind of approach.

I feel we just didn't move as well as we usually do. And defensively, I don't. Call from mom. Answer it.

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That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster.

They're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Courtney, Kim, Chloe, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all new season of the Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu. You know, we got to get even more fast break points. You know, there's something that we depend on and obviously as well just didn't do enough. We didn't do enough today.

All right. Game one in the books. They did what the Pacers could not do. I think that's significant. You grab that game against a team that's favored and the whole series just feels different. I'm not saying they're going to win it only that that first game, especially that you take advantage of the opportunity when the Pacers could not. It stings because that first one can really be a determinant.

Also, Kyrie Irving. Jay found this audio. And I want to use it. We won't use it here.

Maybe we'll try to use it before the end of the hour. But not since Cleveland has he been in a conference finals. And he was talking about how much he's grown over that time and how how much his perspective has changed from being a young kid about Anthony Edwards age. And of course, winning the title with Cleveland to where he is now and how the journey has has impacted him. Wisdom from Kyrie Irving. Also, some wisdom from LeBron James about the reaction Kaitlyn Clark is getting in the reception that she's getting in the WNBA. That's significant as well.

Fever were on the road at the storm. We had a chance to catch up with a Seattle area TV anchor. And it was interesting to hear what she had to say about other women in the WNBA not welcoming Kaitlyn with open arms.

But again, she's not the only one. LeBron's talking about it. Charles Barkley. Oh, oh, dear, Charles.

He says it like no one else can. Anyway, we'll we'll get into a little of that coming up. You can find me on Twitter, a law radio, also on our Facebook page. It's always good to connect with you on social media. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

You are listening to the After Hours podcast. It's pretty incredible that crowd and the environment was great. Like just looking around like just like a sea of people on both sides behind the baskets. It was a great game. Obviously, I would have loved if we would have won. But, you know, I hope these fans continue to still show up for Seattle. They've got a great team.

You know, hopefully when we come back here, they'll be here. And it's so fun playing in front of those environments. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Kaitlyn Clark familiar with Seattle because that was where she played her first final four. So as a junior or I guess her her junior what is now her junior year when the Iowa Hawkeyes knocked off South Carolina and then played against LSU in the championship. So she certainly is familiar with the area and knows how loud the arena can get. But last night, a sold out crowd, one of the largest in Seattle storm history, more than eighteen thousand three hundred fans. The atmosphere was pretty cool, even just hearing some of the highlights. And she was talking about it after the fact. We were really excited to welcome what was a well, former college basketball player herself, but also a young woman who is in the business for Fox 13 Seattle and is covering the WNBA and the storm and has been able to track kind of this meteoric rise in the popularity, even though the storm do generally get good support there in Seattle. She she was right in the middle of everything, which was fun. So Alyssa Charleston joined us live from Seattle in the second hour of the show.

Oh, my goodness. Well, first of all, thanks for having me on to talk about it, because I'm so wired. Such a crazy atmosphere. They just kept showing more and more Seattle celebs that were in attendance. And that's not completely abnormal. Honestly, if you're in Seattle and you follow the sports there, a lot of people show up for their teams.

But it was just electric from start to finish. I mean, from long before intros, people were excited once Caitlin Clark ran out onto the floor. I didn't know what kind of reaction there would be just because I heard at Connecticut that there was like obviously a ton of fever fans that showed up for her and cheered for her. But there were also Connecticut fans that were like cheering for her mistakes. And that's why she's changing the game.

She's making people care one way or the other. So the storm fans went crazy when she was announced. And there's so many young girls and young boys that were going nuts.

I talked to a bunch of different people that have kids and some have teenage boys and they were trying to do anything they could do to get into the game. And it was sold out two hours before there were a bunch of Seahawks that were like representing and they threw out late. They were like throwing T-shirts across. It felt like Seattle had been waiting really 25 years for something like this. And I think we all recognize that Caitlin Clark is behind it. But it's also the investment that's gone into her and her career and what she's done. But like she's one of only two rookies.

I think Diana Taurasi is the only other one that's averaged 17 points in her rookie year. And so if Caitlin continues to do that, she deserves all the praise in the world. She's handling it so gracefully, too. I have to ask you Alyssa, it seems to be a theme right now. Charles Barkley's talking about it.

LeBron's talking about it. Where there is criticism or maybe tepid support inside the league for Caitlin. I know some have phrased it as jealousy or envy and I certainly understand that. Maybe some insecurity. But what have you heard from storm players about this new phenomenon that's gripping the league?

Well, I think that there is some credence to it. And I don't know if I mean outright like jealousy feels like the word for it. But it's also like so many players have put so many years into this league and their blood, sweat and tears.

Yes. And they've been told that they don't matter and that people don't care. Who cares about women's basketball next? Like, it's not cool to do that anymore. It's cool to show up to games. And that's what's honestly changed my mindset, too, because, like, I played college basketball, I played overseas. But I've always kind of accepted that, you know, certain demographics, you know, primarily older males aren't really going to care about my sport.

And that's OK. Like, I got my school paid for and there's, you know, like especially with players now, like they're making money and NIL. And I think there's just a little bit of like, well, where have you guys been? Yes, Caitlin Clark is awesome. But you do sense that.

I can't lie for a single second. Even tonight, there are people that are kind of being careful with their questioning around giving her too much attention. And even, you know, there's a question like Caitlin scored, I think, 15 points in the final, I don't know, like quarter and a half. Like she really came on second half and made it a game.

And someone asked about like the defensive adjustments, like how do you stop someone like that? And it's like, well, we always have that kind of tough defense that we doesn't matter the opponent, doesn't matter who wouldn't even name the Caitlin Clark. So it's like I think they're kind of getting used to it a little bit, but no one has more pressure on them right now than Caitlin Clark. And I think it's hard to anyone who's been on the team with kind of like a not saying Caitlin Clark is a ball hog, but she's someone who commands attention.

Right. Anyone who's been on a team with that kind of player, you have mixed feelings because you're like, OK, you're helping us win. But also it's like you're getting all the glory.

And it's just it's a little hard, I think, to wrestle with. But I do think the more people talk about it and like say, you know, like Noel Quinn was happy to sing Caitlin Clark's praises, the head coach of Seattle Storm. So coaches get it. I think players are like still coming along, but it's personal for them and I don't blame them. I think it will change over time, though. I certainly hope so, because the attention that Caitlin's bringing to the league is good for everyone. Think about the charter flights.

I don't know whether or not the WNBA would have instituted the charter flights for all teams in the league right away to start the 24th season. And maybe it's not Caitlin Clark. I mean, they certainly have been talking about it for a couple of years.

But guess what? It's now done. And you've got these TV viewership numbers and the increase, as Alyssa mentioned, and you can catch the rest of that conversation on our podcast that we've got the link up every weekday morning on both Twitter and Facebook. Or you can just tell Alexa or what's the other one? Alexa and Siri. Tell Siri. Yeah.

Just tell them to find the podcast After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Anyway, it's better for the league because the league is getting more attention, which means then that administrators of the league, they're going to have to spend some money, right? They're going to they're going to see, hey, we're going to have to step up our game in order to match what is the interest in order to match what is now ticket sales. And we know that multiple teams have moved the games against the fever to larger arenas because they want to accommodate and obviously make more revenue on the ticket sales.

I mean, I say this with a big smile on my face because it blows me away. Believe it or not, my mother is now a WNBA league pass subscriber that happened last night. The game wasn't on national TV and my mom wanted to watch it that badly that she and her husband found a way to secure a free trial to the WNBA league pass.

My mother, she's in her mid 70s. She couldn't have named three WNBA players a week and a half ago. Well, before the season started, she couldn't have named anybody. And now here she is. And she's all excited about it, which makes me happy because she hasn't been this excited about sports or basketball since Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were the legit splash brothers for the Warriors. So I'm glad that she's so excited about it, but that's what is happening. If my mom can become a WNBA league pass subscriber, the power and the reach and the draw of Kaitlyn Clark is good for everyone. LeBron James, actually, I don't know if he was asked about it or if it was just on his mind and he felt like he should weigh in. But the Mind the Game podcast is when he kind of got into this whole idea of, hey, Kaitlyn Clark, she deserves credit for what she's doing with the league. More people want to watch.

More people want to tune in. Don't get it twisted. Don't get it done. Kaitlyn Clark is the reason why a lot of great things is going to happen for the WNBA. But for her individually, I don't think she should get involved on nothing that's being said. Just go have fun. Enjoy. You know, but I'm rooting for Kaitlyn because I've been in that seat before.

I've walked that road before. I hope she kills. I hope Aaliyah Boston does amazing. Aaliyah Boston being the reigning rookie of the year in the WNBA, who is Kaitlyn's teammate. Yeah, I remember he was branded the chosen one by Sports Illustrated when he was, I think, a junior in high school. And so, of course, he carried that same mantle. And really, there are a lot of people that looked at him as kind of taking the baton in a way from the greats that came before him, like a Michael Jordan, you know, like the Larry Bird Magic Johnson era that was considered the golden era of the NBA. And Michael kind of carried that mantle after them.

And then it hit a downturn. And LeBron was the one who was supposed to save the league. And certainly he did all that and then something. Now, you may not appreciate his methods or think that he, whatever, you may think that he's not good for the league.

He moved all over, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever. LeBron has transcended the sport and there's a lot of people that love the NBA again or love it for the first time because of LeBron. So I appreciate him speaking out. He and his potentially future coach of the Lakers, J.J. Redick and LeBron James on Mind the Game podcast. Charles Barkley said it a different way. I haven't decided whether or not I want people to hear what Charles Barkley had to say or that I want to play it here on the show.

He's completely different in the way that he tells women to get on board with Kaitlyn Clark. So maybe we do that after the break. I was a little Kyrie Irving, a little football we want to mix in. So we'll see.

I'll think about it. You can always Google it. I'm just not sure I want my show to be a platform for what Charles had to say. Jason Taylor.

He is a he is a guy who can get away with pretty much anything. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Here's our latest sports update.

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This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Chuck Cooperstein on the Dallas Mavericks radio network, and it was certainly something that had been well documented, right? How they perform or don't perform in Game ones, so it's a big deal for the Mavericks, especially considering what Jason Kidd said. They are the underdog underdog.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence Dak Prescott is paying attention to the fact that two of the other pro sports teams that represent the DFW are into conference finals and not the Cowboys. They haven't gotten to that point, understanding what winning means here, not getting it done and then watching your brothers, you say your brothers across the city going, making things happen. Nobody I want it. I want it for him.

Trust me, I want it because it only as I said, it only raises stakes and makes makes it tougher on me and I'm for that. So go win it. Go win it. Rangers did it. Other two go do it. Put more pressure on us.

That's true. Rangers, the defending World Series champions from twenty twenty three, their first title in franchise history. Then you've got the Mavericks back into the conference finals for the second time in three years. The stars who have a really experienced lineup and some great star power, too. And now here they are getting set to open up the Western Conference finals.

And there's the Cowboys who got blown out at home by Jordan Love and the Packers. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on Facebook, also on Twitter at a law radio. You would like to hear more from Jack Prescott. I know it right. He's he's not playing football for the money.

I'm pretty sure that's what I heard. Being paid is not why he plays football. I don't play for money.

Never have never cared for it, to be honest with you. Yeah, we'd give it up just to just to play this game. So I. Yeah. So so I allow that to the business people to to say say what it's worth, what they're supposed to give a quarterback of my play person, my play leader of my play, I guess you could say.

And for me, it's about, as I said, control I can control and handle that part and the rest will take care of itself. OK, in theory, I understand what he's saying because I have not in here shot of the bosses. But I have said before, if I could do this job for free, I would if I could live this way and do the job for free, I would. It's not possible without my salary, I wouldn't be able to work in this area.

So it's it's a necessity. But I yeah, I don't play for money or play. I don't do radio for money.

That's never been my motivation. Dear God, if you want to get rich, radio is the wrong place to do it. Jay, Jay's getting rich. The rest of us are. I think I do it for free basically now.

Yeah, right. The number of the number of years of my career that I've spent living paycheck to paycheck, I've just at this point, I just assume it's never going to change. And that's OK with me. If I wanted to make money as an accountant, I could have done that.

Made a lot more money than what I'm making in radio. So I appreciate what Dak Prescott is saying in theory. Now, here's the deal.

The NFLPA will never, nor will his agents ever allow him to take less than market value or right around market value, because it's not good for the rest of the quarterbacks. Right. Watch me while I roll my eyes. But I understand the point. You may have rolled your eyes when you heard Dak say that, but I get it. That's not his motivation. And I'm glad.

Also, it's nice when you don't have to worry about it. So at this point, he's he's not thinking about a new contract, nor is Jordan Love, who's also an OTA. So we'll try to hear from him on the last show of the workweek. You know that the NFL is eventually going to 18 games, right? That's always the plan now that Brock Purdy is, you know, a veteran quarterback in the NFL and no longer Mr.

Irrelevant. He was asked his reaction to 18 regular season games. If that is the case, I think two buys would be nice. Me too! That kind of thing. It's a long season and you go through so much physically and mentally everything. But, you know, if we're going to extend it another game, I think another buy would be pretty nice. But at the same time, it's longer. So I don't know how everyone around the league feels about it.

But I know that, you know, we're going through it every single week, week in and week out to get back for the next game. So I don't know. There's pros and cons to it. I don't really know how I feel 100% on it yet. OK, I'll just be honest. The reason I want you to hear Brock Purdy is because I think the same thing. I said it earlier on the show, the podcast is proof, but I've been seeing it for years. When they go to an 18 game regular season schedule, it's not enough to just chop the preseason.

No, you need to add a second buy. All right, we'll leave you with one more, which is a crossover between the NFL and the NBA. Because Josh Allen, he may be leaving the Bills behind very soon. I think I can give some good minutes. And 3 and D guy, like I'm going to bust my tail on defense and chuck up a shot or two and pray that it goes in. But I'm going to box out and go get some rebounds.

I think I have the tools to do that. But I can give you a good six, seven minutes off the bench. I think so.

Six, seven minutes? He doesn't mind riding the bench. And then when he gets in there, well, don't worry about giving me the ball. I'm just going to use my skills, the body that God gave me.

Josh Allen, the beast, has been released. It's not that different than a LeBron James body type. Now granted, football and basketball. Big daddy, long leg.

Alright, stop yelling. Football and basketball, they use different muscles, right? And so he'd have to train those muscles.

But LeBron James, I'm going to go do this really quick because I'm pretty sure they're not that different. He's 6'9", so he's a little taller than Josh. And he's 250 pounds.

What? There's no way he's 250 pounds. 6'9", I always thought he was 6'8", but who'd he get that extra inch from? Okay, I told you that Josh is a little bit shorter.

He's 6'5", listed as, but 238. And that's without the pads on. Although I guess he wouldn't get those in basketball.

But I mean, he's not that far off from LeBron James, so maybe he's onto something. He can just dive through the huddle. I don't see it. Dive toward the hoop. Alright, we're back tonight to wrap up the work week.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We'll be right back. Boom! Dive into the start of summer at Whole Foods Market. Check out their summer splash event with sales on fresh organic produce, organic strawberries, and a fan favorite sale on Ben & Jerry's and Tlenti. Explore deals on grill-friendly meats like organic air-chilled chicken breast, beef and chicken kebabs, all with no antibiotics ever from our meat department. Plus, grab easy sides from prepared foods and cool off with refreshing drinks. Kick off your summer and shop in-store or online at Whole Foods Market today.
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