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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 22, 2024 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 22, 2024 6:07 am

The Celtics have everything to lose | How can the Pacers rebound after a Game 1 debacle? | Walk-off night across MLB!

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Kick off your summer and shop in store or online at Whole Foods Market today. Good morning. It's Wednesday. It's your hump day. It's our hump show. After Hours with Amy Lawrence means so much to so many different people. And I especially love it when you listen the entire show. I know that doesn't apply to the majority of listeners, but I think some of my favorite posts on our social media sites, whether Twitter or Facebook, are meant to be critical and yet they make me so happy.

Like when people tell me I spent an entire show talking about my dog or my grandmother or my wedding or my honeymoon, which doesn't happen, but they tell me I spent the entire show talking about topics that were unrelated to sports. And my first thought is, wow, I love that you listen to the entire show. Thank you for sticking with us for four hours, no matter what I talked about.

Right? Or the more recent one that we got on our Facebook page, which again cracked me up. A man wrote in to criticize the bunny conversation and his comment on Facebook was, I really love your show, but three and a half hours about bunnies is too much. Now, that's a gross exaggeration. We did not talk about bunnies for three and a half hours. However, we did get more calls about bunnies than anything else we've done in sports over, say, the last month, probably since the Super Bowl. Oh no, since Shohei Ohtani, since Ipe Mitsuhara. That's the last time we got that many phone calls. So it's Ipe and then it's bunnies, right?

That's what you're all excited about. Anyway, I couldn't resist having a little fun with him, just telling him thank you for being such a devoted listener that no matter if we talk bunnies for three and a half hours, he still listens to the entire show. It's quite the compliment. Yeah, that's a huge compliment. I couldn't ask for a better compliment. So here we are navigating our way through Tuesday night into a Wednesday morning, and while it's not all of you, some of you, you insist on listening to the entire show just so you can bitch. It's tremendous.

Thank you so much. Here's a little clue. Those machines, those computer programs that keep track of ratings, they actually don't know if you love or hate the show. They just know you're listening.

Well, see, that makes my Wednesday brighter. Hello! My own little bunny rabbit. I will love him and squeeze him and call him George. Come on, I need to hear that part. That's the other part, Jay.

I will name him George and I will hug him and squeeze him. Right. Except I'm a little bit nervous now. People have asked, Jay, you know, because you saw both the posts on Twitter and Facebook, how many times do people ask about the bunnies? What's the bunny update?

Right. Well, I'm a little bit nervous because my husband saw a chipmunk darting out of the grass sanctuary that we have around them. And then when I was looking on Tuesday evening, now granted, I did not move the fur or move, now there's tall grass that's been kind of folded over. It's like Mama Bunny was running around in the grass and folding it down over the nest, but I couldn't see them moving. So I'm a little bit worried. After Jay Googled it, because you know the internet is never wrong, after Jay Googled it and indicated that chipmunks do in fact eat small animals, I'm a little bit nervous. I'm going to have to go poke around and make sure they're still. Well, did he look mischievous?

Hello, are you awake down there? Well, I didn't see him. The husband saw the chipmunk.

Because that's important here. Like if he looked like he was up to no good or if he was just trying to get out of the way. Maybe he saw the bunnies and was like, oh, clearly that spot's taken. Or maybe Bob scared him enough that he darted into the tall grass to try to get out of the way or to hide, and then he darted out the other direction.

That's what I'm thinking maybe happened. I might have to build a fence around the nest. It's turning into a huge project. But the bunnies- They're your pets now. No, no one's naming bunnies. No one's keeping bunnies. We're not turning into a bunny sanctuary. I just want them to survive long enough for Mama to take them off to another yard. Sounds like a sanctuary.

Just go explore. All right, so good morning to you. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You know, we try to keep it fresh if you are listening for all four hours. We generally don't ever say the same thing more than say six times.

But you would know that if you're listening for all four hours. Eastern Conference Finals underway, and boy, if we get six more games of what we got from Celtics and Pacers last night. I daresay there's some Celtics fans that might have heart palpitations become a fairly regular thing, especially considering the history with the Celtics the last couple years. This is their third straight Eastern Conference Finals. Last year running into the buzzsaw that was Miami. The year before that, of course, getting to the finals, but then losing to the Golden State Warriors. I mean, they've had a bunch of disappointment. It was actually kind of jarring. Not sure who I was listening to.

Maybe it was Grandy and Max, or maybe I was I was still listening to TV at the time. But somebody made the point that Drew Holliday is the only guy on the Celtics who has a championship. But then you think about how constant the Celtics have been over the last few years, going back to when Brad Stevens was the coach.

And now here they are in a position where they can finally capitalize. We think Kristaps Porzingis will return by Game 4. That's the report from Adrian Wojnarowski and others, which is good, considering they traded away Marcus Smart to get the dude and now he's sitting on the bench. Anyway, calf injury notwithstanding, could be back midway through the series. The Celtics have everything to lose.

As in everything. They're the best record in the NBA all season. In fact, I dare say they didn't spend more than three days outside of first place in the Eastern Conference.

Maybe it was four days. They have been the big bad in the NBA all season. The question in the East has been who will battle Boston? Who will step up and battle Boston?

And that goes back to say November, December. We had just talked about this with the Edmonton Oilers last night, but it is beyond championship or bust for the Celtics. Especially given some of the more high profile failures for their two superstars in Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown. And so going into this Game 1 to see them race out to a 12-0 lead, the Garden was fired up. Whether it was their energy, feeding off the crowd, just antsy to get back to work and pursue this next championship banner, they have the whole thing working exactly the way they want it.

First 12 points. But if you watch the Pacers, you know the Pacers, first of all, they've got guys who can shoot. Second of all, they have a lot of speed.

They're very athletic. Was it Jalen who said after the game? Maybe it was Jalen who said after the game that you don't really realize it. You can watch it on tape, but not until you're in the middle of a game with the Pacers do you understand how fast they are. So yeah, they find their footing, they reel in the Celtics, they're tied at half. Big shots by both teams. But really more about the Pacers, just the stunning nature of them being able to erase a 12-point deficit right off the top and then tied at halftime.

Then they come out of the halftime locker room, what happens? Same thing, Celtics go on a 13-0 run. So that's obviously something that Rick Carlisle will want to address. You can't always expect that you put yourself in a double-digit hole against the best team in the league and you're going to be able to come back. But they were still shooting the lights out, they were shooting better than 60% from the field into the second half. And honestly, as much as the Celtics have the potential to go on a run, if you noticed to start that second half what really was the issue, the Pacers' turnovers.

That's how the Celtics were able to build that lead again to what was the largest, which was 13 points. But it didn't take long before the Pacers were able to clean up how they were taking care of the basketball. So not so careless, they were rebounding well. There were multiple possessions in the second half where they had more than one offensive rebound. They're active, they're balanced.

I know Tyrese Halliburton's their best player, but they can hit you and hurt you a variety of ways. And that made for some very entertaining basketball in the second half. It's after hours here on, I almost said it, here on the Infinity Sports Network.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. We're just going to go with the safe phrase, the one that I've been saying now for almost 12 years. Let's get to the end of this fourth quarter because it was delicious. The type of moments that kind of make your jaw drop open.

What? What just happened? It's only game one, right? The Pacers led by five with under two minutes to go. Andrew Nembhard with, I think it was a three pointer at 157 left in regulation that put the Pacers up by five. Celtic score, but it's Nembhard again. A jumper with 46 seconds to go that leads them up by three.

So that's really the scene where we have to pick it up with these moments that, what? Pacers up three now. They're playing good defense.

As I say, they're fast, they're active, they're athletic. They're forcing the issue. It's their ball with a 117-114 lead and only 10 seconds left on the clock. Nembhard gets it into Siakam. He deflects it out of bounds. That's Boston ball. The Pacers did the unthinkable and they turned it over. That's impossible.

Impossible. The ball went right off Siakam out of bounds. And how many chances are the Pacers going to gift the Celtics to get back into Game 1? This thing was over. Not the basketball gods.

Sean Grandy and Cedric Maxwell on Celtics radio. It's one of those moments that you would expect from a high school team or that you would expect from a team that isn't used to pressure. You would not expect that from a pro basketball team.

This was not complicated. Pascal Siakam had plenty of room. He was trying to track down a leading pass. It was a pass that was leading him, right? Leading him toward an area where he was supposed to be able to catch it and corral it and they would take it on court or the Celtics would have to foul to stop the clock, which was more likely. Instead, the pass is just off his fingertips.

It's just out of reach. He's got a defender on his hip, but not enough that the defender was going to be able to step in front and grab the ball. It's just inexplicable in that moment that pro basketball players could make that kind of mistake. But these are still human beings, which is why I always like to point out that analytics, they can tell you what might happen, but they don't measure nerves, they don't measure anxiety, they don't measure humans in a pressure cooker.

And what might happen and what could possibly go wrong? I mean, this is, what, half an inch too far out in front of Pascal Siakam. And he didn't have great position anyway. And because he's got a really long arm, he's the last one to touch the ball. It's his long arm and long fingers that give the ball back to the Boston Celtics.

A gift and a curse. Otherwise it's off the Celtics and it remains Pacers possession and they have an opportunity to do it the right way. And so it's Celtics ball now.

It just gets better. That's the part that I love about playoffs postseason really in any sport is that you get these kind of moments and it seems like everything just hangs in the balance. And so the Pacers are still up by three, but the Celtics have got the ball. Off the inbound.

Holliday's got it. No timeouts. He's got to get it in. Throws to the corner. Jalen forces it up over.

Oh! He tied it! He did it! Jalen Brown from the corner with 5.6 to go. And the Pacers have given away game one for the moment. Now can they steal it back? And Brown is saying he got fouled as he shot this basketball.

Let's see. It could have been. Jalen was done in the corner. He put it back in his pocket. Siakam put his hands behind his back so he wouldn't be called for a foul. Jalen forced it up and over him, falling to the ground with a three that has tied game one with 5.7 to go.

And it easily could have been called in. Oh my goodness. No.

No way. There are no words for how unspeakable a loss this would be for the Indiana Pacers if it gets away. Good momentum play that we was able to turn them over and get an extra possession. And that led to a great draw. Drew made a great pass.

D-White set a good screen. And the rest was it. The rest was history. This loss is totally on me. With 10 seconds in regulation, we should have just taken the time out, advanced the ball, and found a way to get it in and made a free throw or two and ended the game.

But it didn't happen. And we made some other mistakes. But our guys just need to concentrate on fighting the way they fought in this game from start to finish.

And we'll be back Thursday. You hear the voice of Rick Carlisle. So I'm kind of throwing in some postgame there just because this was such a significant moment for Jalen Brown. That game-tying three comes with mere seconds left on the clock, essentially forces overtime.

If you have not seen the aerial photo, and by aerial I mean from the roof, the ceiling of the garden, it's pretty amazing. You've got to find it because you can see not just Jalen in the far corner as he launches the three, but you can see the crowd lose its mind. It's just one of those moments in sports that gives you chills. And it always reminds me about the power of sports to unify. Now, granted, inside this home arena, the majority of these people, they have a lot more in common than, say, a group from Seattle and a group from Boston. But still, sports bring us together across party lines and socioeconomic lines and language and cultural barriers. Age doesn't matter.

Where we come from, that doesn't matter a whip. In those moments, what matters is we are unified by our team. I love that unique quality of sports. Anyway, Pacers have the inbound blunder, and then you hear Rick Carlisle say, Gosh, that's on me. I should have called a timeout. Why didn't I call a timeout? Now, his players come back and say, Hey, that's not it.

This is not on him. But there are a couple of different things that you know the Pacers could have done differently. And maybe they do one of those things, and the outcome is not what it was last night. Because not only do they turn the ball over with 10 seconds to go, and it really just felt like a little bit extra anxiety zip, if you will. It's just humans, right?

Humans make mistakes. But then, when the ball gets inbounded to Jalen Brown in the corner, it was a screen by Derek White that slows up Pascal Siakam. It's not one of those screens that you see at mid-court where a guy gets rocked.

It wasn't that. In fact, I'm not even sure that he made contact with Pascal. They're both moving, but Siakam has to step around him, get around him, follow Jalen to the corner.

Now, here's the interesting part. A lot of basketball peeps would say, Why aren't you fouling? There's a few seconds left on the clock.

You're up by three. Why are you giving up a three? Why are you allowing Jalen Brown to shoot a three? Instead, foul before he ever gets in that position. At the most, he gets two free throws. Well, that actually was the instruction by Rick Carlisle. He was supposed to foul, or they were supposed to foul.

I don't know, Siakam especially. But because Brown got the ball, it would have been Siakam's responsibility. He caught the ball, and he was faced up, so Pascal decided to lay off, which was, you know, I understand that's probably the right decision.

You don't want to give up a four-point play. Now, there was time, but I can understand him being really wary of fouling Jalen in that moment. I mean, there was time, though, because Jalen kind of gathered the ball, almost double-clutched, not quite, but gathered the ball, brought it down, and then shot it.

And so Pascal did have time. But because he was running late, because Derek White ran interference and set that screen, Pascal didn't get there as quickly as Jalen did, right? So Jalen got to the corner, Pascal was trailing, and, yeah, he got nervous, thinking that of course he's going to take a three. He has to take a three, they're down by three, and just tucked his arms behind his back and almost turned his shoulder away from Jalen Brown, anything but hearing the whistle. And, man, Jalen, worthy of that moment.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. On into overtime, still a bit of a back and forth until, well, it was Jason Tatum's turn to shine. Big boy step up at the right time, man. Tatum, yes, yes, yes. Tatum's got it. It's in sync with the Drew Holliday.

Finds White, gets back door, cut, lays it in. Celtics by six. Still working them. They're done now. It really just felt like we had a second chance, right? We didn't, at the end of the third and fourth quarter, we didn't necessarily play well enough where we, like, may have deserved the win, and obviously made some plays at the end. JB gave us a second chance by hitting that shot, and we just talked about it in the huddle, right? We got a second chance.

Like, let's take advantage of it. Let's not mess around and, you know, let's figure out a way to win this game. Jason Tatum with 10 points in overtime. In fact, six points in 30 seconds.

They're in that final minute. He had a three-point play the traditional way, and then he hit that huge three from the top of the key. And he actually said in another quote that he would have been really upset if they'd lost the game because he felt like he didn't shoot well, and it would have been a lot harder to stomach. So for Jalen Brown, for Jason Tatum, they've been in so many of these big moments, but they've also had some very notable failures. They came through in this game one, and the Pacers, obviously, they fumbled away.

A very, very critical opportunity for them. Just the fact that it was so close, I'm sure, can give them confidence, but you've got to get over that loss first. We'll hear a little bit from the Pacers, as well as a little bit more from the Celtics.

Drew Holliday, they say a champion in his past, a season-high 28 for him. Yeah, we're off and running in the Eastern Conference Finals. The West Finals tip off later on Wednesday. We've also got the start of the Stanley Cup Conference Finals with the East Game 1, and that's Rangers hosting the Panthers. A lot of fresh blood in the NHL as well, so it'll be kind of fun to see how these series wind down toward, let's hope, Game 7s, all of them. Rack them up.

Better phrase in sports than Game 7? I don't know. On Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page.

Good morning to you. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast.

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See new home specialists for details. Ball will come in from the baseline, far side. Holliday will get it in. He'll get it to the corner. A three on the way.

Brown, and we're tied. And that was not an easy shot. No, it was not. He does a great job of contesting. Stays down without fouling. I don't know how he could have played it any better than that. He couldn't have. He's dang near inside of Jalen Brown's jersey. So the Celtics have used a 7-2 run to tie the game.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. It was quite the tug of war in Boston for the opener of the Eastern Conference Finals. And you can imagine the Pacers feel like they let this one slip away. Actually, I was listening to Sean Grandy, as many people were, and he used the phrase Grand Theft Celtics. A play on the video game Grand Theft Auto, which is, of course, extremely popular. Another one that, I don't know if he used this on the air or not, but another phrase he texted to me personally was heist of the century. When I told him we were using his cuts and that, as always, he nailed it.

He wrote back heist of the century. I mean, it is tough to do. You have to really work hard to lose a game when you're up three with ten seconds to play and you have the ball, right? So it's different if the Celtics have the ball. That's not all that odd if they would tie the game. But if you're down three, in fact, I'm looking at it right now. It's re-airing on the studio TV in front of me, and they're about 39 seconds to go, and the Pacers are sitting on that three-point lead.

Oh, so much happened, right? It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Drew Holliday, huge piece of last night's game, a season-high 28 points for him, along with eight assists, and he'll do whatever the Celtics need him to do. Just continually being aggressive, continually working on my game, continually having the coaches and my teammates in my ear telling me that they're going to need me. They definitely do need him for a lot of things, defense, handling the ball, that championship poise and presence, obviously, but the way that he was aggressive in attacking the hoop, some really big shots for Drew Holliday in this opener. As for the Pacers, well, you heard Rick Carlisle take the blame for Game 1, saying, I should have called a timeout with 10 seconds to go. We could have had the ball at mid-court. I didn't hear his explanation for why he didn't, maybe just feeling like there's no way they aren't going to be able to inbound the ball, but of course there's always a chance.

I say you take the mid-court inbound if you can get it. Why not maybe saving that timeout for another purpose? It just seems like now, in retrospect, that was a no-brainer. That was the game.

What are you saving it for, right? Yeah, exactly. Or, again, if you're Pascal Siakam, why not quickly foul Jalen Brown? There was time, although maybe in his mind he just assumed it was better to be safe than sorry.

He should have just hugged him. Yeah, well, he couldn't assume that Jalen was going to make the shot, but yeah, the whole hindsight is 20-20, ifs and buts type of thing. Well, you could see in Jalen Brown's face, it looks like he thinks that Pascal's going to foul him. He has that second where Brown goes, oh, is he going to foul him? Oh, no, and he shoots it. I wonder if that went through his mind. Well, he's not going to foul me.

I might as well take the shot. Tyrese Halliburton says no way this is on coach. That's not on him. That's not on him. Us as players, we've got to do a better job. I had two bad turnovers that I feel like cost us the game, one in fourth and one in overtime. So, you know, I know I understand he's protecting us, protecting me as well, but I'll take that more than he should. I've got to be better, and I will be better in game two, and we'll respond the right way. We know we can play with these guys. I mean, that's for you all to say that there's a lot of people out here saying we don't belong here. We don't really care.

We know we belong. I think it's discouraging just because of the plays that happened down the stretch. We feel like we were in a position to win the game and just didn't win the game.

They have confidence, and in their minds, if they can mentally kind of wrap their brains around being so close, well, hey, can we go glass half full? We didn't win, but we rallied from two double-figure deficits. We had the right where we wanted them. Meanwhile, the Celtics snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. So tonight, Western Conference Finals and then East in hockey. It's all happening, peeps. It's all happening. This has nothing to do with either hoops or hockey, but during the last commercial break, I was just kind of going through the headlines and the different topics to make sure we hadn't missed anything that I'd talked about, and I see Aaron Rodgers' name, and I did my CBS Sports Minute about him saying it was a real thing, that he was considering a vice presidential candidacy, but did you also see the other quote that he had when he was facing the media?

I almost said facing the music. When he was facing the media on Tuesday after practice, his quote was, I don't want to go out as a bum. We need that. We're going to need that, right? Because I can imagine the Pacers could say the same thing, or even the Celtics. With everything on the line here, I don't want to go out as a bum.

It's fair, right? You've got to find that. I will find that. All right. I know you love your Aaron Rodgers quips, bums. You can't cancel me. You don't have my number. You're not going to have my number. It's totally fine.

It's totally fine. It's really actually disturbing that you and I have these memorized. Let's move on, shall we? You didn't even play last year.

That's a whole year without using them, honestly. Hey, he played for snaps. You're right, he played.

Let's be accurate about it, please. And he almost retired to run for vice president. The thing is, Aaron Rodgers can't handle losing. He's not a good loser. And so I would think he would only do something like that if he was sure he could win. Absolutely.

I'd agree. He wouldn't want to be embarrassed by a loss. He wouldn't want to be a bum. He wouldn't want to go out as a bum. I don't want to go out as a bum.

Alright, coming up. Hey, it was walk-off central. Kind of fun. Also, Jay and I decided we have a favorite rookie in Major League Baseball. And he's back on Wednesday, right?

We checked it out. Wait, is it Thursday or Wednesday? I think it's Thursday.

Or Thursday? Oh, no. I was all excited. I built it up. I was ready, man.

I was ready to pay off on the tees. Don't give it away. Oh, no. I think it's Thursday, though, because it was a day game, I remember.

Oh, that's right. Dang it. Alright. Hey, hit pause 24 hours from now. I'll start the countdown. We'll talk about our favorite rookie.

But we've got other stuff. Divert you with shiny objects. Nothing to see here.

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See site for details. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. ...out with some food to try to catch that, and there's debris now along the warning track in right field. The umpires are going to discuss this, and Seager may be awarded a home run here. I want to see the replay. I didn't think it was close. I thought it was easily a home run based on the fact it looked like it touched fans.

And look at the replay, Hicksy. Yeah, that hit of fans' nachos. Well over the wall. It was a nacho or a hot dog or something. A poor girl reaching to try and make a play, but it got to the people and then put her in back. That is easily a home run.

Getting you to the good half of your week, it's the Hump Show on After Hours. Okay, it's one of those moments in sports, it happens periodically, where the radio call just doesn't do it justice. And honestly, the TV call probably wouldn't either, but there's pictures, there's images to go along with it. The ball hit by Corey Seager lands right directly in this lady's nacho. So she is running a wall over center field. And for some inexplicable reason, instead of protecting and guarding her nachos, turning away from the ball, maybe holding them up in the air or putting them behind her. No, she reaches her container of nachos out to try to catch the ball. And when she does that, and it is a home run for Corey Seager after review, when she does that, it's a nacho explosion. So it's a great catch if what you're trying to do is secure the ball with your nachos. That's not really the name of the game, but the nachos go flying everywhere. They explode.

Stuff flies up in the air, you've got stuff that hits the field down below her. It's a nacho disaster. Like one of those nuclear plant type of accidents that have happened in our past.

There's no recovery. There's radioactivity everywhere. Nachos everywhere. It's Chernobyl. Oh, they certainly know well.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. So the Phillies ultimately do end up with a win. But this moment on Rangers Radio, we thought that was highly entertaining.

But again, if you watch the video, Jave, I don't know if you want to use MLB Twitter, and you can retweet it from our show account at Amy After Hours. Until they zoom in, you don't exactly know what happened. You just know stuff is flying everywhere. And then when you realize it's her nachos, well, then it just adds a whole different entertainment value. It's cheese. The right fielder could have got doused in cheese. It's a cheese explosion. And we're not talking about cheese heads.

Like in Green Bay, it'd be a little bit different. No, she reached out. She sacrificed her nachos for this purpose. I wouldn't do that. The nachos cost more than a foul ball would. Exactly. In fact, the nachos probably cost as much as your ticket does.

So protect them at all costs. Yeah, this game between the Phillies and the Rangers was interesting for other reasons. It was Ranger Suarez who struck out 10 Rangers. Ranger versus the Rangers. He's now 9-0, and the Phillies are pacing the field in baseball. 35 wins now, and so this was over the world champs in Philadelphia. The Corey Seeger moment was probably my favorite, but I know for the Phillies, this is a dream come true.

The start like this. I mean, they don't have to dig out of a hole, right? This time, you're actually just going to set the pace and maybe, just maybe, not have to worry about making up games or rallying from farther down in the NL East when you get to about midseason or even to the late stages. Starting to think they like doing that. Yeah, they enjoy the higher degree of difficulty. I like the fight.

Well, in this particular case, yeah, how about don't take the toughest road. Bryce Harper with a smash of a home run as well. And I mentioned walk-offs. Oh, yeah.

Well, here's the thing. I know you all love the Houston Astros, so why not? 1-2. Hit down the right field line. That's a base hit, and we're going home. Tucker scores. Jeremy Pena the hero. Astros win it in the bottom of the 10th.

6-5. Jay, are you one of those people that believes when you mention how a game is going quickly or you mention that the game should be over in a particular amount of time or, hey, it seems like we're going to wrap this up easily. And then it always turns into either extra innings or something happens that slows down the game drastically. Are you one of those people who believes that if you speak it into existence, there's such a thing as jinx? I am. Not particularly with that maybe scenario, but say the perfect game, the no-hitter.

I miss. I don't like the pitch clock, so I miss longer baseball games, to be honest with you. But in terms of a guy's pitch or no-hitter, I'm not going to be the one to say it, no.

The thing is you mentioning the words no and hitter in secession has zero impact on a guy who's in another state on the mound actually throwing the pitches. Oh yeah, I know that. But I'm not going to be the one to say it. I'm not going to be the mush.

No way. The what? The mush. The mush.

All right. The mush. I don't even know how to explain that. Mushy? Like an old banana? Like the jinx.

The bad guy. But what's mush have to do with it? It's just a term. Smush. Mush. Cush. Tush. Bush. I was trying to think of another one. That was good. A mush. The Astros are getting plenty of firepower from Kyle Tucker.

Been there, done that. But yeah, this was Jeremy Pena's RBI in the 10th. So the Astros get a victory over the Angels. I'm not even sure that's a fair fight anymore. Goodness.

Without Chay Ohtani and Mike Trout. He's unhealthy more than he's healthy. It's actually kind of sad. It's becoming one of those tales. One of those reasons why you don't give a guy a half a billion dollar contract.

Or maybe it's just me. Anyway, I know you all love the Astros. Had to make sure I included that. Our whole focus is going to be to run the West down.

And you can take that to the bank and deposit it. That was Ron Washington before the season. Uh huh.

Not working out so well. Yeah. I mean, he knew where he was going, right? He knew what franchise he'd signed up to manage. He thought he was going to the Dodgers for some reason? Oh no.

Why are we so disrespectful? I don't know. People ask me sometimes, including my class at Syracuse. We do this exercise where I want them to describe the type of style they would like to have as a host. And I tell them sometimes it takes you a while to get to that point. You may start in one place and you kind of, over the course of, this could apply to any athlete too, over the course of a month or a year, five years, ten years of doing the same thing over and over again, you naturally hone your style and maybe it changes.

It's a little bit like Josh Allen, apparently that he's changed his throwing mechanics drastically in the off season. That's the word on the street anyway. And so I tell them, you want to pick a style. If it works for you, great. You keep working on it. But sometimes it'll change. Mine definitely changed.

It took me years to decide what kind of style I wanted as a host or who I wanted to be on the air. Now when people ask me, I say, Irreverent. It's sports for heaven's sakes.

This is not life or death. People get mad at me sometimes when I make jokes about their team or I joke about a particular athlete. It's because I do not take anything that we do seriously. Okay, very little of what we do is serious and none of it's important. You will never catch me calling this job important or treating myself as though I have some role of vast importance.

Nope. I talk about sports and pets and food and relatives and all that kind of stuff. I talk about dumb stuff for a living, really.

But sports do bring us together, as I said, and so it's kind of fun to tap into the entertainment. But Irreverent for sure. Now, we didn't get to it tonight, but Jay and I have a few things we'd like to say about Joe Burrow's new hairstyle. Only because I kind of like it. It's summertime, man. He looks good, I gotta say.

He should be allowed to do whatever he wants with his hair. It's real? That's confirmed? I don't know. See, that's the thing.

We actually haven't done our own research. I suppose the only way to do that would be either to pull his hair ourselves, which we probably would get arrested for, at the very least a restraining order, or see someone else do it. Or maybe see Joe do it.

Yeah, we need Joe to run his fingers through his hair at a press conference. I mean, I can understand why having a...shoot, I forgot what his injury was last year. It wasn't ACL. That was the first year.

What'd he do? Elbow? He started the season with the ankle, right? But he missed. Didn't he miss most of training camp?

Yes, he did. Elbow. I'm going with elbow.

Oh, wait. Shoulder? Shoulder? Elbow? Uh-oh. Knee? Corn ligament.

That's where I'm lost. Yeah, it doesn't tell me. Okay.

I feel like it's not football season, so these things we shouldn't be required to know. Wrist? Does that sound familiar? Oh!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it does. Okay. I mean, we had at least the top half of his body. Something was wrong. Anyway, I can understand why having a wrist injury of sorts would prevent you from spending a lot of time on your hair. I can understand that, right? Can you understand that? No.

Having an injury would stop spending hair? Yeah, I can understand that. No? All right.

I can understand that. All right, one more walk-off, because, you know, it's hump day. Michael A. Taylor pinch running at second. The pitch to Nick Gonzalez. Grounded up the middle and through. Base hit. Taylor tags third.

He's on his way home. Matos' throw is laid, and the Pirates win it. They came all the way back from down four in the ninth. And on the first pitch of the tenth inning, they are walking off winners in Pittsburgh.

Eek! You know, we're talking about one of the elite closers in the game, and we just had quality of bat. After quality of bat, and I think the biggest thing is you put pressure when you, you know, you put the ball in play. You know, you put the ball in play and you run hard. That's my favorite.

My favorite synopsis. You put the ball in play and you run like the friggin' Dickens. Just run. You know, you put the ball in play and you run hard. Run like you're a little leaguer until someone tells you to stop.

Just keep running. You ever go to a little league game or played a little league game where the kiddos, they just keep running? Even if the kid runs to third when he hits the ball in play?

I don't recall that I ever did that, but maybe. Anyway, the kids just keep running. The play's over. It's done. The team's going off the field. It's there at bat.

The kid's just still running. By the way, I'm going to go fake for the Joe Burrow hair, and we'll discuss later on. Enjoy your hump day. We'll be back tonight. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Boom!
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