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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 21, 2024 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 21, 2024 6:07 am

Which is the best of the Final 4 series remaining? Which has the most buzz? | Is this finally the year for Connor McDavid? | All the pressure is on the Boston Celtics.


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Good morning to you. It is Tuesday, May 21st. How is that possible? Goodness. And why is it that when you're on vacation, time always passes so much more quickly? That's how we got to May 21st because I checked out of all times and dates and clocks for two weeks and it was amazing.

Some guy wrote to me on social media last night. I forgot to tell you this, Jay. And welcome to be back from the honeymoon.

Oh, okay. Thank you. Welcome back.

Welcome back. A week and a half later, actually it's a week later this morning that we returned to JFK, a direct flight from Honolulu, only to then sit in an hour and 45 minutes of traffic for 37 miles. 37 miles, an hour and 45 minutes.

Oh yeah, welcome back to reality. You know, sometimes I'll look when I get home from work at how long it would take me to come back in and like the morning rush commute. And at night when I drive in, it takes me about, I don't know, 35, 40 minutes or so. Hour 30 to hour 40 it was yesterday morning.

Same drive. That's just how many people are more driving. Right. And now we're going up on a holiday weekend, Memorial Day weekend. There's graduations. There's people getting away. Obviously kids of school age, even if they're not done with school, my mom is actually done. But even if kids aren't done with school, they have a long weekend.

People go away. Everyone's got plans. It's the unofficial start to summer.

I'll be here by the way. No more time off for me and a couple of long weekends in June, but that's pretty much it until July 4th. And so with that, you've got a ton of people on the roads and traveling until the traffic's only going to be worse the rest of the week in major metros like New York, which is where our studios are located. I know you're jealous when I tell you I'm flying on Friday.

Uh huh. Can't wait. Oh my gosh. What a good day to fly.

I'm really looking forward to that. And I'm not flying Friday morning first thing where the chances that the plane has already been parked overnight and is theirs. You don't have to worry about that part of it. Oh no, I'm flying. I have a flight to catch at 830 on Friday evening.

That's going to be awesome. Right. So driving to the airport would be murder. Instead I'll be taking a train just because I'm likely to have to sit in traffic for double the time it would normally take to get to the airport. And so taking a train, but what are the chances that the flight's actually on time?

I don't want to answer that. After a day of people trying to get out of town and flights being delayed or delayed, you know what I mean? Like generally they're flipping flights. It's kind of like going to the doctor's office and you're one of the last appointments of the day. You might as well bargain to be an hour behind schedule.

You're waiting in that waiting room. Right. So I'm thinking that I might end up being behind schedule. Let's think positive though. It's going to be fine. It's going to be fine. Totally fine. It's a direct flight. It's going to Austin, Texas. It's going to be totally fine.

It's totally fine. The poor guy who I married though has to come pick me up at the airport at 11 o'clock on Friday night. I told him I'll figure it out. I can rent a car. But Memorial Day weekend, car rentals, no bueno.

Another nightmare. Yeah, no bueno. We're going to a wedding so we don't really have a choice and we want to be at the wedding. I didn't mean to make it sound like we don't have a choice. Of course we do.

But we want to be at the wedding. It's just that he's leaving early Wednesday. I can't. I just took two weeks off.

I didn't think the bosses would look so kindly at me taking another holiday weekend off. And now there's bunnies to take care of. Got a lot going on.

Right. Bunnies and peonies in the yard. Bunnies and peonies. In the front yard the peonies have opened. I'll take a photo when a few more of them open just so you can see how brilliant they are.

Brilliant Pink to mark my anniversary of becoming a homeowner. And then when I was mowing on Monday afternoon I heard crying, little plaintive cries. And the dog, I mean she's our dog, but Daisy, my husband's dog, was rooting around in the ground and I quickly realized the noise was coming from a hole that was in the ground. And of course, like a really bold, brave soul that I am, I called my husband and said, here, go check and see what's in the hole. I was worried it might be a snake.

Don't ask me why. I didn't know what sound that was. I thought maybe it was a bird. Maybe it's a chipmunk. Maybe it's a snake. Do you think snakes make that kind of noise?

Or maybe they're eating whatever was making that kind of noise? I mean, if I hear a noise coming from the grass and I can't see it, I'm probably not going to be the one to go over there either. And I was wearing gloves. He just walks out with his bare hands and starts rooting around. No, I need a hazmat suit, gloves. Speaking of that, how is your backyard? Oh, it's a disaster zone.

Anyway, so he gets in there and realizes it's baby bunnies. Now, we were out there for a couple hours on Saturday. We know that they were not there. We didn't hear them. I was running the mower.

The dog didn't smell anything. So they were not there Saturday. Instead, Mama Bunny decided when we weren't looking, and here's why it's in this particular part of the yard. I didn't take a photo. Well, I did actually. You know what, Jay? I did.

I lied. I took a photo to show my mom how absurd the grass was in this part of the yard because it was really wet. We were gone for two weeks.

We came back. It rained for four days straight. And this particular part of the yard is the low corner, so all the water drains there, which means it needs a little extra time to dry out.

So I did the rest of the yard, and as a joke, took a photo to show my mom the discrepancy between the yard I just cut and the grass. And that was two days beforehand. So then it has two more days to grow, at least nine inches tall, and I'm not exaggerating. So I'm hearing these babies, and he then takes a cinder block and puts it over the hole, swears they can't get out, although they're tiny. But I don't think they can move yet because their eyes aren't even open.

They only really responded to noise, not anything else. And so he puts a cinder block over the hole just to protect them. I mowed a perimeter around them. So now it's a fort. It's a fort of grass around these baby bunnies. Fort Rabbit.

Yes. Or Fort Hare. Fort Hare, that works. Anyway, it looks really funny in the middle of the yard. Maybe I'll take another picture when I get home. I was able to get close enough to take a photo of their tiny little faces. So we went out again right before dark, and it looked as though Mama had returned because the fur was kind of spread over the hole. But as they hear us talking, they kind of surge toward the surface, and their little faces.

We saw at least four up top, and we think there were a couple of others squirming around underneath. So yeah, we've now become a bunny haven. We're a bunny sanctuary in the backyard. And we're keeping the dog away, but we're not really sure what to do with them. We're hoping Mama hasn't abandoned them.

Some of you have said on social media, and you can go and check out the photos at ALawRadio, and then also on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Some of you have said they'll be gone in two weeks. But is that gone out of the hole, or is that gone from the yard? It's morbid. No, no, I mean, will they have moved on is what I meant. Initially, the Hub suggested calling Animal Control, but I don't think that's a good idea because I don't think they'd care much about a hole full of baby bunnies.

I think they would maybe quietly just allow them to cross the rainbow bridge, if you will. I just did a Google search. Oh no.

Good things do not happen when you search on Google. I just put it, I was going to find out how long maybe do rabbit moms, newborn rabbit moms go away and come back? How long do they get food? Do they leave their babies there for how long?

And I start typing. I go, do rabbit moms. Rabbit moms?

You know the first thing it suggests, like it fills in? It says, do rabbit moms eat their babies? Why is that a question that's number one asked on Google for when you start to do rabbit moms? Because it's the internet!

Oh my gosh. They'll very rarely eat their young by choice. This is like answers to this. This is a real question people want to know.

Why are you reading that? No, I don't want to know what's going to happen to the baby bunnies unless it's mama's going to take care of them. That's what I thought was going to happen, but this seems to be the number one question with rabbit moms is delete their children. Okay, that's gross.

And never do that again to me. Alright, so here's the thing. Some of you are suggesting put a little fence or a barrier around them, but the grass is already there.

So they are protected from, especially from predators in the air. Daniel says, I need to name them. Oh, no, no. We're not adopting the baby bunnies.

Then they're yours. I had hamsters when I was a kid and the hamsters quickly had other hamsters. 13 babies. Stop it.

I swear. It was a lot of hamsters. What do you do with all those?

Well, they were in a glass case. So many hamsters. Daniel wants me to name them. That's a negative ghost rider. Brian says, leave it alone.

Mama's around somewhere. Just don't cut the grass near it. Okay.

Did that. Let's see. Therese, listen to this. Are you ready?

Why is she the first person who's mentioned this? Are they chubby bunnies? Nice. No, they're not actually chubby bunnies. And I'm a little bit alarmed at the number of you who believe we should adopt them. No, I've got a dog and a cat.

Oh, no. Could you imagine my cat with baby bunnies? Do you know what she does with mice in the house? Now, I haven't had mice in this house, but the last one was a mouse trap. Anyway, she would play with them until they were so disoriented they couldn't even get up and run away anymore.

The cat loves to play with little baby things. No, she would leave them for me. I was going to say, would she bring them to you?

Yes, she would. But then they were so disoriented they couldn't even move. They just kind of stared at me and I had to pick them up.

One time, I was freaked out the first time it ever happened. And so I grabbed a shirt that was on my bed and scooped up the mouse in the shirt. And then, I'll just tell you, it was nighttime. I was worried that if I left the mouse and didn't keep it contained in the shirt and take it outside right away, that it would somehow find its way back in the house or it would escape the shirt. So I didn't have pants on, so I went outside without pants on. I had to, for the good of my home.

It was an emergency. Anyway, I did not discover the rabbits with no pants on. I had pants and the neighbors probably heard us talking to them. Anyway, I'm hoping that they're in the morning.

But we did leave a savannah, a large swath of savannah grasslands around them. Are you going to check before you go to bed? Of course I am. I need to know what's happening, but I keep the dog away from them.

Too many of you have said that the dog will not expect to hurt them, but would probably try picking them up and moving them, maybe. So, all right. It was a lot. I felt like we had to do something to protect them. That's a lot in a day.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We're not talking about bunnies the rest of the show unless you really want to. We got a bunch of calls about bunnies.

855-212-4227. For now we're going to leave them. We're also asking you about the conference finals in both hoops and hockey. They are set now.

Which of these series really floats your boat? If the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 are any indication, we are in for some more drama coming up. But man, our friend Jack Michaels is the voice of the Oilers on their radio network.

He did join us after the game. I'm surprised he still had a voice. I expected he might sound like Christy Sides.

Or maybe Christy could take vocal lessons from him. Anyway, the final 30 seconds of this game were delicious. But the second period was really when the Oilers did their damage. Is that a good face-off situation in CC? Blast one home.

Cody CC top of the right circle. Scores to open Game 7 as he did two years ago in the Los Angeles series. 1-0 for Edmonton.

Thought about a one-timer. Looked for a lane. Let it go and scored. Evan Bouchard. His fifth goal of the series. He's had a couple of game winners. And he puts Edmonton up 2-0 in Game 7. Bouchard one-timer. Rebound. Nugent Hopkins scores. Ryan Nugent Hopkins. Power play goal. 3-0 Edmonton in Game 7.

Our friend Jack Michaels on Oilers radio. Do you know my favorite part of that whole thing? The ping off the post.

If you can isolate it, it was their second goal. It was terrific. I love that sound. It gives me heart palpitations.

And the second that I hear it, it's like a spike of my heart rate. About a one-timer. Looked for a lane. Let it go and scored. Did you hear that?

That's amazing. And the clang off the post too. Now, when we get a clunk off the post, that's more a football thing and generally is associated with angst. The double doink was the best. Yeah, the double doinks. But when you hear that sharp, iron ping, it's a post ping. Thought about a one-timer. Looked for a lane. Let it go and scored.

Oh man, that is terrific. It's almost like something you'd hear in a submarine. It's a fairly high-pitched type of a ping.

It's a sonar ping off the post. Anyway, Jack was awesome. The Canucks struggled to come up with any kind of shots for a good portion of this game. However, they had a couple of goals in the third period.

I almost said they played it. They netted a couple of goals in the third period, which meant that the end of this game was fairly frenetic. 30 seconds to play in Game 7. Hughes has to hurry. Janmarck bearing down. Edmonton 3, Vancouver 2.

Here's the finish. Holmgrenner will chip it in from the left-hand side. And Colb reverses past him. Hyman needs a clear. Pederson all over him. 12 seconds.

Centered past one-timer blocked. Rebound loose. Miller fans, the orders clear off the right-hand side. Hyman lost it. 5 seconds. Ronick blasts it.

It was tipped into the far corner. And Edmonton has won Game 7. 3-2. The Oilers advance to the Western Conference Final.

They'll play Dallas Thursday night. This game, this series, is over. That kind of energy is phenomenal. And no one needs it more than hockey announcers because of the long shifts and the fact that it's so intense, right?

Not to mention you have sonar pings off the post. But yeah, it's the speed and power of hockey you don't really recognize or understand. Maybe you don't even understand when you're in the building, but it doesn't translate as well on TV. You don't get it until you go to an arena and you see the speed and the power of the game in person.

And I highly recommend sitting up top in maybe a halo in your local arena. It's amazing to see it from up high. Anyway, Jack is my new hero.

Wow. I mean, I know he's good. Another one of our favorites is Conor McGehee with the Colorado Avalanche. Again, the energy. I've actually had the privilege of sitting next to a few of the NHL play-by-play announcers as they do their work. Conor being one. Dan Rusanowski with the San Jose Sharks being another. These guys, you can't take your eyes off the ice for even a second. And the way that they just are able to keep that energy level up is pretty impressive.

So this right here? Thirty seconds to play in game seven. So he was, I was listening to the game on Edmonton on the Oilers radio on my drive in and he was doing that for about the last three minutes, maybe three minutes to go. Two and a half minutes to go. It was incredible.

It was so fun. Yeah, he's good. And then he joined us. Like he's already, at this point, his heart rate has come down. He's already on the team bus.

They're traveling to catch, not to catch their plane, but to get to their plane, their charter. And he was talking to us in a much different voice and we'll get to that following the break. But Tom is in Alabama and wants to give us some rabbit advice. Baby bunnies, Tom. Hey Amy, how are you doing? I'm good.

I haven't talked to you in a while. Congratulations on going to Hawaii. I got to do that and stayed in Kauai many years ago and loved every minute of it. I've heard that's also beautiful, yes.

It is. But bunnies, I get them every year. I live at the bottom of a mountain here in Huntsville and I get bunnies every year and I have to struggle to keep my dogs away when they start moving around. Because it's just natural. Dogs, you know, it's just nature.

They move around and dogs don't mean to hurt them, but they do if they see them move. Yes. A rabbit hole is about four inches deep. Four inches, okay.

Yeah, that seems right. A rabbit nest, let me say that, a rabbit nest is about four inches deep and filled with grass and mostly fur and whatnot. The mom, very rarely do you see the mom. She does come at night.

Interesting. And I try to keep, you know, just keep the dogs away and I just leave that area of the yard. I don't mow it or anything. I just let it grow until... I mean, it's already nine inches tall. It could be like two feet tall by the time they're out there. Well, it may be.

It may be. And then I get a weed eater and I chop it down and then I mow it. Gotcha. But I don't like to, I don't want to, I don't want to borrow the bunnies. You know, you did move the cinder block, right? Yes, the cinder blocks move. We just, we put it there so that they wouldn't be afraid while we were mowing. Or trying to climb out because they, they couldn't see anything.

They clearly wouldn't have any idea what they were doing. I freaked out last year because I was, I was weed eating and I had stacked some, some logs. I'd cut down a tree and stack some logs and the mom had built a nest inside there and I was weed eating some tall grass and lo and behold, there was a nest. I'm like, Oh geez, I almost, I almost hit the nest.

Oh, so it, but it was a natural barricade of the log. So I just, I just let the grass grow for the rest of the summer and just left it alone. Well, I, we know we have a lot of rabbits in our neighborhood, but a lot of the animals had left my yard because my dog Penny, you know, in the last couple of years of her life, she was out there a bunch and now we have another dog that runs around furiously in the yard. Yeah.

Daisy. Right. So we don't really have a lot of animals in the backyard, you know, a six foot high fence to keep out deer. But the rest of the animals have kind of moved on except for a stray squirrel and now this rabbit nest that we found. Right. But it's a, it's a neat thing and you'll see the little, when they do start hopping around, you'll see them hop around.

It's very, very cute. Um, uh, but it's just a natural thing. Daisy will because it's, it's, you know, it's, it's, it's their instinct. Yeah.

They're curious. So I'll definitely have to keep her away. Although I'm hoping that we don't become a rabbit sanctuary. So I'm okay if this is the only nest.

Well, if you got one this year, you'll probably have one next year. All right. Maybe if I don't let my grass get to nine inches tall, we won't have to worry about that. Well, that would be, that is key.

You know, I have monkey grass and they love to build nest and monkey grass. Oh no. All right. Keeping that in mind. Thank you, Tom. All right.

All right. Oh, so funny how engaged people get. I can say the most brilliant thing about sports. I could have the best analysis, the funniest quip.

I could be, yeah, locked in and have the best sports show of my life. And what people care much more about is baby bunnies, my dog, uh, any type of animal story. We've got candy.

Candy is a big one. Oh my goodness. All right. We're seeing all of your posts on Twitter at a law radio is where you can find the photos of the baby bunnies. I didn't touch them, but I did get down close enough to get some photos.

There are so cute little bitty ears. Uh, and then also on our Facebook page, we're asking you if you need to win a game seven, which way are you going? Who do you take?

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Try their sheets with a 30-night guarantee, plus 15% off your first order at code ODYSSEY. Exclusions apply. See site for details. Thanks for joining us. Good morning to you. It's a Tuesday After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Music If we have a chance to beat the Dallas Stars, we're going to need everybody to contribute. We can't rely on one or two lines, one or two pairs of defenseman or just our goaltender. It's going to be a solid team effort if we want an opportunity to do that.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The boys have Chris Knoblauch as the Edmonton Oilers advance through a Game 7. Despite a late charge from the upstart Canucks, it's the Oilers with the expectations of winning the Stanley Cup. They're able to put the three goals on the board in the second period and then withstand the charge. Man, it was all kinds of traumatic.

The type you can feel, the tension you can feel in your gut even if you have no rooting interest. The defense was really impressive and of course our friend Jack Michaels, he did eventually calm down. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence and I don't mean that to be disrespectful.

Jack and I are friends. I didn't mean calm down as in relax. I just mean he was able to eventually have that heart rate kind of subside. I admire him and other NHL announcers so much for the energy level they have to keep up. I asked him when he joined us in the first hour from Vancouver why the series was so tight with so little margin for error. Vancouver had to change its approach over the final 20 games of the season. They lost their number one goaltender and a couple of their top players went into deep offensive slumps. So they shut it down and started winning games by making the most of what opportunities they had and playing lockdown defense. They've got a big strong defense on the back end and they were willing to play a lot of 2-1 and 3-2 games to insulate what turned out to be a rookie goaltender from Latvia.

23 years old who has now played more playoff games than he has regular season games. As you know in hockey, goal tending is 90% of the game except when you don't have it and then it's everything. With the young rookie, they wanted to lock it down and as a result, they were able to get past Nashville scoring 13 goals in a six game series. That's a hard way to live and they had to score more against Edmonton.

They did, but the Oilers proved to be a better defensive club than maybe even Vancouver was expecting. They had 50 wins and 109 points. They won the division. They were in first place from December 21st on. They earned the right to host a game seven in the second round. Edmonton is a club that got off to a dreadful start.

They won two of their first 12 games. The Oilers are a resilient bunch too and when they needed to play their two best games of the year, especially at the defensive end, they did it. Jack Michaels is the play-by-play voice of the Oilers radio network as he says back into the West Finals for the second time in three years waiting for them, the Dallas Stars. He's with us here after game seven. Hopefully his heart rate has calmed down a bit.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. They've got some leadership that keeps them stable, keeps them resilient. Is this an achievement that they'll celebrate or is this still taking it in stride because of expectations? I think they're taking it in stride. I mean you've got Connor McDavid, you've got Leondri Settle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins who arguably just played the two best games of his career in game six and seven.

Darnell Nurse, Matias Eckle. These are guys that have been down the road in the postseason before. You know it's funny Amy, when you and I first started chatting years back, the Oilers were one of the youngest clubs in the NHL. Now they're the oldest.

They're battle-tested. They're one of three teams that have been to at least the second round in each of the last three years and now they're to the Final Four for the second time in three years. They've been knocking on the door a while now so winning a second round series is not cause for total celebration. I think Vancouver was in a different frame of mind. The Canucks have not been anywhere near contention for the last three or four years.

Their season was not going to be a failure or success based on tonight's result. For Edmonton and especially its top players and its core that have been at this for a number of years right now. You know, Leon Driesuttle said it best before the end of the year and really in the aftermath of the loss to Vegas in last year's Stanley Cup playoffs.

It's cup or bust. For this team, their expectations is that they're going to be competing for the Stanley Cup. And that means while winning a second round series and showing that resilience in game six and seven is nice, it's not their ultimate goal, not even close to it.

Before I let you go, how do they match up with the Stars? Well the Stars are an exceptional team. They're a deep team. They finish with a slightly better record than the Edmonton Oilers during the regular season. And they beat Edmonton two out of three.

Now two of those games were in Dallas and one of the games the Oilers went down to Lone Star State and win. But they are a balanced club. They've got a real good goaltender named Jake Ottinger. They've got a nice blend of youth and experience. Great young players like Wyatt Johnson and Jason Robertson and then old war horses like Matt Duchene who eliminated Colorado with an overtime goal and Jamie Ben, their longtime captain.

I mean they're loaded for bear. When you get down to the Final Four, Amy, the margins are so slim. And Edmonton and Dallas have basically been alternating wins and losses head to head against one another for years now. It's the series that everyone has been waiting for. I mean Edmonton and Dallas have played some great games against each other in the regular season but for whatever reason one or the other has been eliminated before a potential playoff matchup.

That's no longer the case. They're finally meeting Collision Course West Final. Amy, I would not be surprised if we were looking at another seven game series.

Well bring it on. What better phrase in sports than a game seven. Actually right now it might be Kaitlyn Clark.

I know it's a proper name but that's a phrase that is certainly moving the needle so they say. Actually, wait until I tell you what was happening at my mom's house while Kaitlyn and the Indiana Fever were playing last night. Not to mention she packed a whole lot of action into that game against the Connecticut Sun in front of a sold out crowd. Everything but the kitchen sink and the win for the Fever.

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That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all new season of the Kardashians premieres May 23rd streaming on Hulu. Listening to the After Hours Podcast. Obviously there's a jump from college to WK. This is the best league in the world and we wouldn't be here being our best.

You know, if it wasn't that. So just, I don't know, keep learning, keep paying attention, keep watching film and create a good schedule. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The voice of two time WNBA MVP Brianna Stewart, who herself was a very highly touted, high profile number one draft pick out of Connecticut, had championships in college and coming out of the best program, not just in terms of championships and everything else, but in terms of generating pro players with the likes of Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi beforehand. For her, she understands what it's like to have all that pressure because of the expectations. And so she's been asked multiple times because the Liberty, for whom she plays now, have beaten the Fever twice to start the year. It's kind of crazy. They played four games and they've only played two different teams. But she was giving her advice to Kaitlyn about how to continue to improve and get adjusted to the pro level. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Now speaking of the pro level, Kaitlyn Clark, you've got to wonder if the Pacers have any issue with being second fiddled to Kaitlyn Clark in the Fever right now, even though they're into the Eastern Conference Finals.

Can't really answer that question. I hope they're happy for her and just happy for Indiana basketball. But I can tell you that my mom continues to be an example of how Kaitlyn Clark is drawing the most unlikely fans to women's basketball and the WNBA. So my mom sends me a text now every time the Fever play. Are you watching the game?

Are you watching the game? And at some point, they trailed a couple of different times last night to the Connecticut Sun by nine points. It was never double digits, but it was nine points a couple times and they rallied. They had gotten blown out the first time they played them in the season opener.

And so this was obvious progress. They allowed the Sun to get out to a pretty hot start, weren't rebounding well, but then started to play better on defense and started to rebound the basketball and pursue the basketball. So they make it exciting the fourth quarter. My mom's husband, Mike, is sending me texts about how my mom is having him look up player bios now and she considers herself an expert on the Indiana Fever. I think he was teasing, but she's all into it. So he was sending me links to Kaitlyn Clark jerseys online to see if I thought mom would like them.

And he says to me, so she could have a jersey to wear while she watches the games. It's Fever Fever. It is. It's Fever Fever.

I've dubbed it. I've dubbed it Fever Fever. Anyway, mom then sends me a text in the fourth quarter. I really like watching the Fever play. I'm so glad she didn't miss an Iowa women's basketball game the second half of the season because they were all on national TV.

And now she's hooked up with the Fever and is very excited. Well, it's nice that they were in the game at the end there because I like watching Kaitlyn Clark play. I wasn't so sure how much I liked watching the Fever play after those first three games. Right, so they're clearly figuring it out because this is a team they just played a couple of days ago and the brutal schedule to start the season is part of the issue for the Fever.

They're a very young team and they've got seven games in their first 12 days, so it's a lot. But yes, they did take the lead multiple times in the fourth quarter, including on one logo three by Kaitlyn Clark and she had everything but the kitchen sink in this game. Her fourth game in the pros, she goes down with a rolled ankle, an ankle injury in the second quarter, could not stand up on her own so had to get helped up by her teammates. As she's limping to the locker room, she slams her hand down on the bench, so clearly frustrated, gets re-taped and then is antsy on the bench. You can see it on her face, a little bit like Klay Thompson when he couldn't play for those months when he was rehabbing the two injuries. Yeah, she's on the bench just itching to get back in the game. They decided to keep her out until and through halftime. She started again there in the third quarter. So they pull into a tie back and forth in the fourth quarter with the sun.

The crowd's going crazy. I'm telling you the atmosphere was electric when she hit the deep three. I think they decided it was 33 feet. That was the official measurement on ESPN that was broadcasting this game. So after she hits the logo three and she had 17 points, also five assists, all of them in the fourth quarter if I remember correctly, she gets called for a foul and doesn't agree with your ref.

I'm going to be consistent here. Stop yap yap yapping to officials. She says to the ref, that wasn't a bleeping foul.

You can very clearly see it on the replay and gets teed up. So her first ankle injury, her first logo three, her first fourth quarter comeback with the fever, her first technical foul in the WNBA, and then just the first time the sold out crowd at Gamebridge Fieldhouse had something real to cheer for late in the game. A sold out crowd. They were nutso.

Aliyah Boston missed a layup in the final few seconds that would have tied the game. So I know it's disappointing, but they did come closer than they have been and the fans were amazing. I thought our crowd was great. They rallied behind us. They gave us some great energy and I hope they continue to come back because it's going to be a fun season. You've got to remember we played two of the top teams in the league and we were right there with the sun tonight and really had a few opportunities to take the lead and give ourselves a chance.

Yeah, so she as well as Kristi Sides and others with the fever are saying the same things. We're getting close. We're young. We've got to defend better. We've got to rebound better. But I do love the fact that there were stretches and this is important for the fans to see that they're making progress, that the fans can see there's something there to cheer for.

It's not just about Kaitlyn. As Jay says, this is a team that's on the rise and if they can start winning or even just throw some breadcrumbs out there for their fans, get a couple victories here, a couple victories there, the fans will remain invested. Because I believe they recognize it's a project. This is a team that had back to back number one draft picks so there's a reason for that. You just give them something little to cheer for, a little bit of hope. We as sports fans, we take hope and we run with it. If we really want to believe, we do. Any little evidence that the team is moving forward and is going to reward us for our loyalty, we'll take it.

And that's what they need. A couple of good wins here or there in this first month or so and the fans will remain all in. We just came up with big buckets and even when the sun went on a run, we never hung our head, we never let it get out of reach. We just found a way to continue to come back. Their biggest lead was only ever nine and we never got to double digits. We always continued to claw and fight back and we got a lead there.

I think it was 76-72 at one point. We put ourselves in a position to be successful and we'll continue to learn. We're young and we got a road trip where we have opportunities to go and win some games. So yeah, the Pacers right now may be dwarfed by talk of Kaitlyn Clark. I am hopeful that the rest of the WNBA will not be jealous about it but will be supportive because it's good for all of them. So yeah, as the Pacers are on the road to take on the Celtics to start the Eastern Conference Finals, it was the Fever and their fans who were rocking the field house there in Indianapolis.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Speaking of Eastern Conference Finals, the Celtics will host Game 1 on Tuesday. And even though it's their third straight East Finals, you can imagine they're not going to be overconfident. That's not going to be the case with them considering what happened last year.

There's no way you can look past some of their pretty, should we call them loud, pretty drastic failures with all the expectations in the last couple years. Both are important. You have to get proper time for rest but you also have to ramp up and re-enter the fight and create your own intensity and your own toughness. So that was the theme of today and I feel like we're taking advantage of both. We're getting a proper rest. We're as healthy as we can be and we're re-entering the fight starting today.

So you have to be able to do both. Except Kristops for Zingas and that's been the major question because they're taking on a Pacers team that likes to take the ball inside. Yes, they'll shoot threes but Myles Turner is one issue inside there that could be a problem if you don't have Kristops.

And then just thinking ahead. I don't know who's going to make it out of the West and I can't tell you for sure that the Celtics are going to win the East. But if they would get to the point where they would have to take on the Wolves, let's say, without Kristops for Zingas, then you're talking about a real mismatch inside. And it would have been the case probably with Nikola Jokic too.

But if you have to deal with Karl-Anthony Towns and you have to deal with Rudy Gobert and you don't have KP, well that's a challenge. And so it's been now, what, three plus weeks as he's been trying to recover from the calf muscle. He's working hard every single day to make as fast of a recovery as he can.

So he's there for everything and can't go underestimated how hard he works trying to come back in a timely fashion. This was a move that Brad Stevens made. It cost them Marcus Smart who was toughness and was really the Celtics kind of personified their heart and soul.

And they got rid of him. They sacrificed him to bring in some size. They wanted more rebounding. They wanted more rim protection. They wanted more length and reach in the paint. And it's worked out really well for them when he's healthy.

But he has been ruled out officially for game number one. That's Joe Missoula, head coach of the Celtics. One more and the reason I leave you with Jalen Brown is because he's had some pretty miserable games in which everything was on the line for the Celtics. And there's a lot of pressure, a lot of expectations, but also the chatter about how they've really missed on some major opportunities and have failed miserably. It's easy to get distracted or eluded from what the overall goal and the target is when you start to entertain kind of everything else that's going around you.

And it just makes you less focused on the actual goal. So for me personally, you see it, you know, you try not to, but anytime you cut on the television for anything sports, they're always talking about the Celtics. So it's hard to get away from anybody talking about the Celtics, but for the most part, you know, I do my best to stay away from it and just focus on what's in front of you because I think everything else kind of distracts from what the overall team mission is. He's had some forgettable performances in closeout games recently. I remember two years ago it was Jason Tatum who led the entire playoffs in turnovers. Yeah, so the two of them have each had their own kind of brush with this failure and this disappointment and feeling like they let the team down. And generally, you can see how personal redemption would be a huge thing, but for the Celtics, they're built to withstand this now, to withstand any challenge.

It's supposed to be more versatile. So that game one of the East Finals is tonight. We'll be back after. Make sure you check out the bunny photos on Twitter and Facebook.

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